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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 19, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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turtleneck. greg has worn a sweater the past six weeks when it is warm. he keeps it 62 degrees in here so we freeze. so we need peer pressure to help us get him out of the sweaters, warmer in here. we have to go. thank you, bye! president obama walks a tight rope between hope and change and the harsh realities a leader facing plenty of challenges. this is "special report." good evening, i am chris wallace in for bret baier. berlin was the site of one of his most triumphant moments. five years later it was a very different barack obama getting a different reception. he addressed a smaller crowd today at brand enberg gate. brian bowler is in berlin. >> reporter: it was his first
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speech as the german president, problems followed him to berlin. the president defended the nsa's data mining and said it had diverted dozens of threats. >> not just from the united states but in some cases threats here in germany. >> reporter: with memories of her native east germany fresh, even the chancellor was a bit uncomfortable. >> people have concerns, precisely concerns that there may be some kind of blanket across the board gathering of information. >> reporter: reporters raised hamid karzai's outrage over talks with the taliban and threat to break off talks on a post 2014 u.s. military presence in that country. mr. obama essentially said we'll work it out. he suggested karzai's frustration is understandable. >> afghans are still being killed and by the way, members of the international forces there are still being killed, and that's not abating as we
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speak. >> reporter: all in all, the tone of the trip was very different from his 2008 speech as a candidate for president, when more than 200,000 berliners gave him a rock star welcome. this day, he spoke to an invitation only crowd of about 4500, referenced some of the 2008 promises he still hasn't fulfilled. >> our generation must move toward a global compact to confront a changing climate before it is too late. >> reporter: he spoke of moving beyond the mindset of perpetual war. >> in america, that means redoubling efforts to close the prison at guantanamo. >> reporter: he announced plans to negotiate further cuts in nuclear ars analysis for the u.s. and russia. >> i determined we can ensure the security of america and our allies and maintain a strong, credible strategic deterrent, reducing the deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third. >> reporter: nuclear disarmament is popular in europe.
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president obama was preaching to the choir, when he said so long as nuclear weapons exist, we are not truly safe. but there was quick criticism on capitol hill. house armed services committee become mckeen said in a written statement, the president's desire to negotiate a new round of arms control with the russians while russia is cheating on an existing nuclear control treaty strains kred ulity. president putin would only consider it if other countries agree to reduce their arsenals. >> reporter: mr. putin's cool reception to the idea of new talks may be a sign of a new phase in u.s., russian relations. chris? the president is off that g-8 summit with heavy focus on syria. i understand we have breaking news on an operation in turkey
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linked to rebels in syria. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are hearing that turkey is allowing muslim extremists access to syria to go after president bashar al-assad. they have their own issues with turkey. if true, it is likely to frustrate u.s. officials that are concerned that turkey is allowing muslim extremist groups to get stronger. chris? >> wendell goler , thanks. we are waiting to hear about the 50 terror plots thwarted with controversial surveillance programs. today, questions about the surveillance followed president obama halfway around the world. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest from the pentagon. >> reporter: facing accusations his nsa surveillance programs amounted to domestic spying on millions of u.s. citizens not accused of any crime, the
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symbolism was not lost on the president as he stood in front of remains of the berlin wall. >> government exists to serve the power of the individual and not the other way around. that's what makes us who we are, that's what makes us different from those on the other side of a wall. >> reporter: the nsa director promised to deliver to select members of congress details of up to 50 classified cases where the controversial nsa phone records and internet surveillance programs had helped stop alleged terror attacks. at least ten of the plots would have occurred in the u.s. >> does the technology exist at the nsa to flip a switch by some analyst to listen to americans' phone calls or read their e-mails? >> no. >> reporter: some critics suggest the nsa director's answers were less than truthful and the current system relies too much on an analyst obeying an honor system. >> i don't know what's in his head, i don't know if it is a lie, but it is a material misleading, it is giving the impression that they don't have
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the ability. >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee suggested this program might have stopped 9/11. >> the intelligence community is always trying to find a needle in a hay stack. to find a needle in a hay stack, you have to have the hay stack there. if we have information about a terrorist making contact somewhere in the united states then we have the ability to go in the hay stack and get two things, phone number, length of call. nobody's name is there, there's no address or any issue like that. >> reporter: the fbi director explained dangers of eliminating this surveillance. >> may make that decision, that it is not worth it, but let there be no mistake, there will be those fewer dots out there to connect if you do not have that ability to go back and identify that particular person in the united states who is in communication with the terrorist member overseas. >> reporter: at the same hearing, the fbi director
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dropped another bombshell about another instance of domestic spying. >> does the fbi use drones for surveillance on u.s. soil? >> yes. let me put it in context, though, in a very minimal way, very seldom. >> reporter: as for 50 classified cases, the nsa committed to deliver today, congress has yet to receive them as far as we know. >> jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thanks. during today's testimony, mueller also said the fbi knew fort hood shooter nadil hasan was communicating with and war al-awlaki. in the case of boston bombings, mueller admitted the fbi was alerted by russians to the tsarnaev brothers. they talked to tamerlan and his parents. mueller said nothing limited the investigation, but added he did
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not think the attack could have been prevented. stocks took a big hit today, dow tumbled 206 points. s lost 23, nasdaq fell 13. here is a big reason for drop in stock prices. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke may be about to tap the brakes on the feds' bond buying program designed to lower interest rates and spur the economy. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barns has an update. >> good evening. the fed says the central bank could be getting ready to wind down the easy money policies it has been using for the last five years to help the economy recover from the great recession, the first to slow and then to go, the controversial bond buying program, known as quantitative easing, which helped keep interest rates low. so far, the fed purchased $2.5 trillion in bonds to help flood the financial system with cash, basically printing new money.
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purchases help keep rates low for auto loans, mortgages and business loans. the fed chairman had cars on his mind when he said his team could start reducing purchases later this year, if the economy keeps growing and unemployment keeps dropping. >> if incoming data support that the economy can sustain a reasonable cruising speed, we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing pace of purchases. however, any need to consider applying the brakes by raising short term rates is still far in the future. >> but just the idea that easing, that the easy money could be ending soon spooked investors, tanked stocks, sent interest rates up anyway. the rate on benchmark ten year treasury bond used to set interest on many mortgages jumped to the highest level in more than a year today. but chairman bernanke made it clear the fed could change its plans if the economy suffers any setbacks. home buyers might not like
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today's fed news, but for savers that suffered with low rates the last couple years, it could come as welcome relief. chris? >> thank you, peter. there was plenty for the tea party to be mad at today. more than a thousand tea partiers gathered outside washington. a republican senator said the irs is set to pay $70 million in bonuses in defiance of a presidential order. mike emanuel tells us some people want to turn the tables on the tax man. >> reporter: on the west lawn of the capitol, more than a thousand tea party supporters and allies in congress called for the irs to be audited after conservative groups seeking tax exempt status received extra scrutiny. >> for targets of the irs, time to reverse it and target the irs. we're going to do it by dismantling the irs piece by piece. we are going to throw it
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overboard like a box of british tea. >> reporter: lois lerner, the irs official on paid leave after refusing to resign took heat for her role in targeting. >> turns out that the government employee at the irs who will not testify, who will not help with the hearings, turns out she has been doing this for decades! >> reporter: inside the capitol, tea party favorite senator ted cruz pressed the fbi director to get to the bottom of the irs mess. >> do you know if the scope has included whether there was targeting of individuals for political activity by the irs? >> because it is an on-going investigation, i am leery about delving into much more about what's happening in the course of the investigation. all i can do is assure you, you know me, i will push it wherever it goes. >> reporter: chuck grassley blasted the irs for always claiming to be short on money, yet preparing to hand out millions in bonuses. in this letter to the acting commissioner daniel werfel, he said does the irs intend to
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execute an agreement to preserve approximately $70 million for union bonuses during sequestration? if so, please explain why and how that is consistent with omb guidance. in response, the agency acknowledged the guidance, but said quote, irs is under a legal obligation to comply with the collective bargaining agreement which specifies terms by which awards are paid to bargaining unit employees. after playing nicely in televised hearings, the chairman and top democrat have a spat over irs employee interview transcripts. he defied him by releasing scrutiny of a manager in cincinnati. schaefer was asked do you have reason to believe anyone in the white house was involved in the decision to screen tea party cases? schaefer responded i have no reason to believe that. >> issa says the concern is they would like to give a road map of
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what to say. he said he didn't know of rogue agents in cincinnati. >> mike emanuel, thanks for that. some super power stubbornness, you won't believe what it is over later on the grapevine. up next, would immigration reform really boost the economy? ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. ♪ ♪
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. anti-government protest resumed today in brazil. tens of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets, upset about taxes and government services. started with a hike in bus fare that is being rescinded. the president hailed the protest for strengthening democracy. back home, reaction to news we brought you tuesday, that the congressional budget office is painting an optimistic picture for what immigration reform would mean to our national deficit. chief national correspondent jim angle looks at the numbers and
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what's behind them. >> reporter: a report from the nonpartisan congressional budget office reduced at least one obstacle to immigration reform, reporting it will reduce the deficit, cheering its supporters. cbo estimates if we pass this bill, we will reduce the deficit by almost $200 million in the first decade, almost 700 billion in the second decade. >> all that new record, $2 trillion over 20 years, is a result of faster economic growth. that's the message of the report. this immigration reform raises democratic growth. >> reporter: the cbo reports immigration reform would expand the economy by 3.3% in 2023, by 5.4% in 2033, which led to an odd occurrence, a democratic senator quoting the conservative activist, grover norquist, saying immigration reform is the key to economic growth. >> immigration reform will jump start america's economy and reduce our national debt. he went on to say i urge
3:18 pm
congress to fix our broken immigration system for the sake of the american economy. >> reporter: opponents were not comforted, senator sessions argues it will hurt american workers still struggling to find jobs themselves, and pointed to a cbo finding that wages fall one-tenth of a percent in the first years. >> it will pull down unemployment and wages. that is exactly the wrong thing that ought to be happening at this time. >> reporter: another conservative says u.s. workers are already competing with foreign workers overseas, better to have them here he says paying taxes. >> right now, we're competing with low skilled labor around the globe. the fact they come across the sea, across a state or street to compete doesn't change it one bit. >> reporter: others argue there's lack of border security which is needed to keep another flow of illegal immigrants happening again in the future. senator ted cruz talked about tragedy of women and children left to die in the desert by
3:19 pm
corrupt human smugglers. >> this is a system that produces human tragedy. the most heart breaking thing about the gang of eight bill, it will perpetuate this tragedy, will not fix the problem and secure the borders. >> reporter: the senate aims to finish the bill by july 4th is working through 130 amendments, including compromise efforts on boarder security, without which many believe the bill can't pass. chris? >> thank you. still ahead, is what we have been told about one of the worst air disasters ever part of a government cover up? first, what did the attorney general know about government investigations. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
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we're still waiting to hear
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from attorney general eric holder about targeting of journalists, including chief washington correspondent james rosen. holder missed today's deadline to provide some answers to congress. correspondent shannon bream has the latest. >> no one in this country should ever be prosecuted for committing journalism. >> reporter: associated press ceo gary pru it says he has plenty of questions about aggressive leaks from justice department, including getting reporters phone records with the blessing of attorney general eric holder. >> the doj's actions could not have been more tailor made for authoritarian regimes that want to suppress their own news media. the united states does it too, they can say. >> reporter: gop leaders have questions for holder as well, following his testimony that he had never even heard of the potential prosecution of a journalist for releasing sensitive material, followed by
3:24 pm
the justice department admission that holder approved efforts to successfully seek a search warrant, giving the government access to fox's chief washington correspondent james rosen's personal e-mail, based on allegations that rosen engaged in criminal activity. letters volleying back and forth between the committee and justice department over demands that holder explain what gop committee leaders see as a direct conflict. the justice department maintains holder's testimony was both accurate and consistent. though the committee summoned him to testify again on the hill this week, the two sides reached an agreement in which holder was to provide written answers to the committee's questions by end of business today, as well as meet in person with committee members. wisconsin republican senator says he looks forward to listening to the attorney general's explanation, he says they could subpoena holder or consider second contempt of congress vote against him if he refuses to provide answers to the committee. chris?
3:25 pm
>> shannon, thanks. the abortion bill just passed in the house faces a shaky future. sponsors are trying a new strategy they hope will yield results. molly henneberg is here to explain. good evening. >> reporter: hi, chris, this is a different approach to limiting abortion in the u.s. instead of viability, this legislation is based on when the baby can feel pain in utero. abortion came to the forefront of national politics after philadelphia abortion dr. kermit gosnell was convicted of murdering babies that survived late term abortions. many states ban abortions after an age where the baby could survive outside the mother. the republican controlled house voted mostly on party lines to pass legislation banning abortion after the developing baby has enough pain receptors to feel the pain of the procedure. >> unborn children at 20 weeks and older can feel pain.
3:26 pm
these are babies. they can feel pain. >> after this kermit gosnell trial and some of the horrific acts that were going on, vast majority of the american people believe in the substance of the bill and so do i. >> reporter: house democrats say the bill doesn't give a woman and her doctor enough latitude to make decisions about the pregnancy, and say the bill is not going anywhere. >> it is yet another republican attempt to endanger women. >> it is dead on arrival in the senate. the white house and the president will veto it. >> reporter: supporters say they're looking long term, suggesting that connecting abortion to fetal pain could reframe future federal and state abortion legislation and could end up in the supreme court. chris? >> thanks, molly. we'll follow this. sharing god's love with one of his special children, that's next on the grapevine. and the presidents of the u.s. and russia in a tense
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a powerplay at the g-8 summit pitted president obama against russia's vladimir putin in a battle over the hotel gym. the sun newspaper reports both leaders put in a request for exclusive use of the fitness room at the northern ireland resort where the summit was held, but apparently the
3:31 pm
presidents did not want to compromise and work out together. ultimately, obama camp won since it turned in the request first and through putin style, the russian president then decided to take a chilchilly swim outsi apparently the nsa director keith alexander thought yesterday's testimony by the fbi deputy director went well after the hearing, but before microphone were turned off, alexander expressed appreciation. >> good to see you. tell your boss. i owe him another fricking beer. >> joyce repeatedly backed alexander's claims to congress, the surveillance programs are essential to prevent terror attacks. finally, a special ride for a teenager with down's syndrome.
3:32 pm
the 17-year-old was in vatican city, at the end of pope francis's general audience, he hugged the boy, invited him to take a spin around st. peter's square in his open top car as tens of thousands looked on. the boy's father said it brought him to tears. well, it has been the stuff of conspiracy theories for almost 20 years. there was a new effort to get people to entertain the possibility that the biggest crash in american history didn't happen as told. here is rick will he have and that will. >> reporter: it was one of the worst aviation disasters. all died when it exploded over the atlantic, soon after takeoff in july, 1996. because of the possibility of it being a terror attack, the fbi joined the ntsb to investigate.
3:33 pm
they determined it was not a criminal act, four years after the accident, ntsb released its conclusion, flight 800 blew up because of faulty wires sparking vapors in the center fuel tank. >> there was gross mismanagement of the evidence, of witness statements, and other scientific facts that should have been appropriately considered and they weren't by either the fbi or ntsb. >> reporter: hank hughes is one of four investigators taking part in a new documentary, calling the initial findings flawed and driven by an agenda, a massive coverup for unknown reasons. the evidence shows external explosion, likely caused by a missile. >> this provides facts that disprove the initial theory, proves beyond any reasonable doubt, a detonation, not fuel air explosion, caused this crash. hard evidence proving that. >> there's no reason to cover up
3:34 pm
anything. >> reporter: jim kolstrom who led the investigation says the documentary is preposterous. he says the fbi exhaustively examined the possibility of a missile with the sole agenda of finding the truth. >> we had a full court press for months and months and months on that theory, but the reality was there's no evidence of a missile hitting the plane, either outside the plane, inside the plane, penetrating the plane, concussion from missile, no evidence of it. >> reporter: film makers filed a petition with ntsb to reopen the investigation. the agency says they will review the petition to see if this is truly new evidence. chris? >> rick, thanks. jury selection in george zimmerman, trayvon martin case, entered a second faphase. today, the judge read the formal charge to a group of 40 potential jurors that made the first cut. zimmerman maintains he killed the unarmed african-american teenager in self defense. president obama in berlin on
3:35 pm
nukes, the nsa, and gitmo. we will talk about it with the panel when we come right back.
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today's threats are not as stark as they were a half century ago, but the struggle for freedom and security and human dignity, that struggle goes on. >> president obama speaking
3:39 pm
today at the brand enburg gate before 4,000, a far cry from a speech as candidate obama in 2008 when he attracted a crowd of 200,000. time to bring in the panel, joan a goldberg from national review online, juan williams, columnist with the hill, syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. couple of reactions, looks like i was looking at a guy at another building the way that was. let's start with sharp contrast, whether you like it or not, extraordinary scene in 2008, quarter million people, and this today. >> it was almost sad. you don't even have to compare it to 2008, compare to reagan's trip to berlin, crowds something like five times the size. there was something deflated about this entire performance. someone on another network blamed it on the fact that president obama had sun in his eyes. but i think the reality of it is
3:40 pm
that the act of the sort of redeemer president is going to save the world doesn't play very well any more, and when he does it, it seems a little tired at this point. >> charles, the focus of president obama's speech was a new call for arms reduction, one-third reduction of arsenals for the united states and russia. what did you think of that? >> the president is continually amazing, of all the issues on earth, syria ablaze, jordan is reeling, iran going nuclear, egypt is under the sway of the brotherhood, you've got, you know, all of these crises in the world, and what is the least important issue on the planet? nuclear arms reduction. there's zero chance nuclear war between the united states and russia, it is not even an issue. we are already in a nuclear balance. the idea that we could be any safer if we have a thousand rather than 1500 war heads is absurd.
3:41 pm
so why is he doing this. number one, he has been obsessed with nuclear weapons and reducing them ever since he was student at columbia, thought the freeze, which was the stupidest strategic idea of the '80s wasn't enough of a reduction. second, because i think that's all he's got. he has the famous reset with russia, which has been a disaster. russia is helping iran, it is helping assad, working against us on all of the fronts. and so he thinks he can actually distract the world, perhaps produce a treaty, which will mean nothing as a way to say i did something. i find it rather amazing that he would even try it because it is not going to work. >> juan? was talking about nuclear disarmament or reductions silly, absurd? >> no, not at all, i think it is a very important issue, one of the more critical issues in the age of terrorism. the country that is proliferating most quickly is pakistan, and of course they
3:42 pm
have the most terrorists per acre of any spot in the world. so the idea that you could have someone obtain a nuclear device and use it, coming out of pakistan, out of al qaeda, and some of these now states like iran that are speaking nuclear capability is a direct threat to us all, and in fact this is interesting. the last pact the president negotiated was with former soviet president, russian president medicine i can't did he have. it wasn't to poo poo it, but i want to see other countries join the idea of reducing nuclear stock piles. that comment directly aims at pakistan. >> it is precisely because of other countries like pakistan with weapons that makes reduction in the u.s. and russia alone, all we're talking about
3:43 pm
not only useless but dangerous. the reason putin is reluctant is because he said there are other countries in the world, if we reduce arsenals and russians and pakistanis and indians and others increase it and iran, then our deterrent won't work, it will be low. the deterrent is russia is now irrelevant, not an adversary in that sense, it is the other adversaries that are dangerous. that's precisely why you don't want reduction. >> you want the united states and russia as leading holders of nuclear arma ments. they're saying why should you tell us not to have nukes when you have nukes. >> russians look at the numbers, saying we want to reduce ours as well. it is preposterous. >> i love when he says
3:44 pm
preposterous. let me bring up another aspect of this. it was a compliment. before the speech, the president held a news conference that was fascinating because the savior of 2008 was getting bombarded with questions. one of the things he had to defend was the nsa surveillance program. look at what he had to say about that. >> this is not a situation in which we are rifling through the ordinary e-mails of german citizens or american citizens or french citizens or anybody else. >> but that was a tough sell in a country that for decades had to deal with the east germans listening in, in east germany, to all their conversations, visions of the east german secret police, the east germans didn't seem comfortable with the idea of nsa surveillance. >> i think it sort of ties into,
3:45 pm
it was interesting, first of all, this is not the trip to europe president obama wanted. normally second term presidents turn to foreign policy to have more maneuverability. the photo op with he and putin, it was like they were waiting for a physical they didn't want to go to. wasn't great body language. >> found out they were fighting over the gym. >> and the same with murkel. the relationship with all of the european leaders is frosty. the "the new york times" had a piece saying george w. bush was better at personal diplomacy than president obama is. the cumulative effect, you have a guy going to europe, trying to bolster his credentials as president and seemed more diminished by it. part of it has to do with the fact he spent so little time pushing the necessity for the war on terror that when the mechanics of the war on terror, like the nsa program and so
3:46 pm
forth come forward, he doesn't have goodwill or rhetoric or rhetorical record to defend any of these. >> we have to take a break. next up, the tea party and the irs.
3:47 pm
test test test. test test.
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3:49 pm
i am like most americans horrified that my government has gotten out of control and is persecuting people for their religious and political beliefs, and it needs to end and it needs to end now. >> do we trust the irs with obama care and our health care? we need to abolish the irs and together we can get it done!
3:50 pm
>> a taste of the tea party rally outside the capitol, protesting irs targeting of conservative groups. conservative groups. the state of the tea party now as compared to back when it became a force in national politics in 2009 and 2010? charles? >> it tells you the harassment persecution as with historically religious secs increases the fervour. this is going to help to revive the tea party. it never went away but it was at its peak in the 2010 election, 2009 and 2010. but i think it tells the world, americans that it's alive and well. and, you know, it's interesting the history of how the elite media and, you know, elite has looked at them ridiculed the tea party as a bunch of yahoos and then it demonized them, guys out to shoot you.
3:51 pm
there is a shooting in aurora and who does abc and nbc look at? looks at the list of tea party people to see if the name will match. it's assumed it's angry white male and now all of a sudden it's been harassed. so you only harass an element as was harassed by the irs if it's important. i think it is important. i think it's a good influence on our politics. and this is a way in which it is reviving itself. >> chris: you know, juan, the rally was, of course, to protest the irs targeting of the tea party and other conservative groups. and it came on a day when fbi director robert mueller testified before congress you of course remember that recently he was asked a week or so ago about the fbi's criminal investigation of the irs and he seemed to know nothing about it including who was running it. today he got a second chance to make a first impression and he knew exactly how many agents were on the case, 12. where do you think -- not the investigation because we don't know that but
3:52 pm
where do you think the irs scandal stands at this point? >> well, i think that it is, you know, largely an effort right now to politicize it by people like the tea party and efforts to gin up some enthusiasm. the rally today was very real but in terms of numbers did not match anything that we had seen before from tea party advocates. and the kind of rhetoric that we saw at this rally, you know, the idea we are going to do away with the irs, i mean, you just have to think, is senator cruz pandering to people? does he think they are that stupid? it's just ridiculous. it's been a very crazy week on capitol hill with speaker boehner really under siege on this whole business about the hastert rule because you have people who are tea party advocates saying unless you have a majority of republicans willing to it back an immigration bill, don't do it. you have seen this vote on the abortion. last week was a vote on undoing the dream act. before that was a vote on the affordable healthcare act. this is all tea party driven. and i think it really tells
3:53 pm
a larger tale, chris, about what's going on, the divide within the republican party. when you see rand paul and ted cruz, two tea party senators out there, i think you are looking at presidential candidates and i think it really doesn't say much about the state of the tea party movement. >> chris: jonah, i'm going to give you two questions to answer. first of all, i would like to you respond if you will to brother williams' comments about the tea party but also we have got this new irs controversy. we find out now that they're going to give $70 million in bonuses to irs workers despite the fact that there was a directive from the office of management and budget in the obama administration saying hey, we have got a sequestration stop the bonuses. so have it both? >> both. first of all there are a lot of serious economists think you could have a much better tax system if you did something along the lines of abolishes the irs or income tax which is what the heart of what the irs
3:54 pm
does in american life. the tea parties have morphed. they have evolved a little bit. one of the reasons why the irs story will stay in the news precisely stories like this. we were told under the sequester puppies wouldn't have homes and we would all starve to death. give out $70 billion in bonuses to the most scandal ridden organization in america. that issue is alive. simply politics. i don't mean that in the at the pejorative sense. this is manna from heaven from the republican party as an issue. legitimate issue. the administration has deceived the public on how it's handled it and how it has unfolded. that makes it even if he didn't order the irs to do that how this came to be is a legitimate political issue. even if the investigation doesn't lead to some impeachable offense, we will be hearing about this for a very long time. >> chris: briefly, we have about 30 seconds left, what does the fact that apparently the irs is saying these are mandatory, we have to give these bonuses out.
3:55 pm
what does that tell you about the power of the irs workers' union? >> this is a national treasury union which is amazing 96 whose pac has given 96% of the money to the democratic party. and it deeply partisan gave over $1.5 million to barack obama. this also plays into the issue environment about the control of public sector unions. >> chris: that's it for the panel. much more to say about all of this. stay tuned to see what happens when a world leader is caught red handed at the g-8 summit. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day.
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>> chris: finally tonight, you most likely have heard by now that a few years ago the owner of the new england patriots robert kraft was in russia and showed his super bowl ring to that country's president, vladimir putin. putin ended up with the ring. the russians say it was a gift. kraft says putin stole it. well it looks like we found out who was telling the truth. >> did you see what happened to the g-8 summit? you know, putin, roll that tape. look at this. you know, look at german chancellor merkel. look at her necklace. like what putin does here. look at that it couldn't be more clear. could not be more clear. you don't want to leave any jewelry out. no online show tonight but we will be back next week with a new look and new feature. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in
4:00 pm
washington. keep it right here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the feds use drones to spy on people inside the united states? yep. they now admit it and the rule book, they are still writing that. plus, police reportedly questioned this nfl player about a possible connection to a homicide. cops searched the home of the new england patriots' tight end aaron hernandez after a body turns up nearby. police officers later said to us it looked like he had been shot and dumped there. >> shepard: now there is word hernandez may have known the victim.


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