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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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family of james fwand old tiny. greta is next to go on the record. see you back here tomorrow night. fox news alert, the actor best known as tony soprano has died. james gand old finney died, 51 years old. master of the stage, screen, and television, but it was the "sopranos" that made him a star. on. >> $40 for a piece of fish that they just flew in first class. we're more than lucky. >> 200 soldiers in this family. [ bleep ]. i can't touch this [ bleep ]. >> what was your mother like? ever let you down, hurt your feelings? think you ought to turn around
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and go back to miami. >> a stuptman, huh? >> yeah. >> any good? >> am i any good? >> oh! >> the fine hotel. >> yeah. >> how do you know that? have you been over there? >> what do you want from me? i am depressed. wh . >> commander, zero injury assaultses, zero fatalities. ♪ don't stop believing hold on to that feeling streetlights people oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ don't stop >> now to the latest on the death of actor james beggandol
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finch gandolfini. >> hey, greta. >> we get our news. thoughts tonight about the death. >> finally, the crisis. it's a shock, sudden. he appeared in no less than four movies in the last year alone. in fact, at the time of his death, rome attending a film festival. working hard, not slowed down whatsoever. we, of course, saw him in "zero: dark thirty." major roles. wasn't something that people expected. wasn't any hospitalizations that we knew about it, as and you reported it appears it was a heart attack, and everyone that i have spoken to so far was completely stunned. we actually reached out to david chafe, the creator of "the
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sopranos." he's out of country and may not even know this, until just in the last few minutes. and we're awaiting a statement from him. >> one of the statements that david chafe did issue. he said he was one of the greatest actors, he was a genius is the term he used to describe him. >> i would say that's an accurate assessment. the interesting thing about the character, james gand old finney, and tony soprano in a lot of people's eyes is the same person. james was interviewed and asked how much he was similar to tony soprano. he says tony soprano is an italian lunatic. and i'm an italian lunatic. it was interesting, when someone like that has so much success, it can court of be a shadow.
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a burden on them. he tried to move on and he did. he had some great roles and many, many movies and tv shows, but people, when you look at his body of work, is he always going to be known principally as the guy who brought to life tony soprano. >> ken, thank you. and co-star with gandolfini, joe joins us. imagine it's particularly sad for you, working so closely with him so many years. >> i just found out the news about an hour ago, so i'm -- i'm still in shock. but he was an extraordinary actor and incredible generous to so many people. i'll never forget the first day that i worked with him, because i -- i only did two seasons, seasons three and four, and he
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went out of his way to make me comfortable. and he was sensitive to other people's feelings, and i think that's one of the gifts that he had. he was such a diverse character actor. he played so many different wonderful parts, and -- and he has tremendous empathy. we could feel him, when you watch his work, no matter what character he played. you would feel him, and that's -- only a handful of actors are able to do that. >> do you think that -- you know, so many people identify him as tony soprano. he did so many diverse roles, but so many thought of him as tony soprano. is it a curse of a role, that
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some people really identify you with a role. did he like that? >> i can't speak for jimmy, i can only speak for himself. i don't like it, because i was in 14 episodes of the sopranos ten years ago, and people for some reason -- this in particular, they don't even know your name. they call you by your character name. and you know, he had the passion, and -- he knew how to handle it. he was a very special guy. and his age, eight months ago, tragic loss for a very young man. >> why was "the sopranos" so successful? >> i could tell you that, i
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would be not in a rent-a-car. >> you think he would want us to talk about manyther roles or about him as a father. what would he want us to be saying tonight? >> i -- i don't want to -- i can't -- i can't even talk to you this anymore. it's too hard. i'm sorry. i've got to go. >> that, of course, was joe pantilono who worked two seasons on the hbo successful "the sopranos." tv host larry king was friends with james gandolfini. did james make "the sopranos, or did "the sopranos" make him?
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>> that's a great question. there is a little bit of both. this guy went from being a character actor, being in television and film, not someone you stop on the street. he embarks on this role that suddenly makes him a major star, one of the great stars in the history of television, aren't great scripts and great characters. i'd say 6 one-half a dozen the other. i'm in vegas now to make a speech. i was with him. he was in a great mood, jovial, really feeling on top of the world. a baby daughter in a second marriage and seemed so happy and he had done a pilot for hbo, did another show. a successful broadway play. so sad, really sad. >> you know, i would expect since i never met him, that he is tony soprano. when you are with him, is he so different than tony soprano?
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or just a little in him? >> just a little. he is a regular guy. a bartendbartender, a truck dri. would you have loved him, greta. if he would have do show he would finish and say let's go have a pizza. he was cut right out of new york, just really so sad to see someone at age 51, who is suddenly becomes everything he dream off to be an actor and then go like this. we don't know the reason yet, but he was overweight. >> do you think he missed "the sopranos?" was that a heart break or was he ready to move on? >> he was definitely ready to move on. sometimes enough is enough. i tell you, that night at the dinner, there was a big auction, and the guy sitting next to us, in between me and him, bid $250,000 for a cruise of the
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rivera, and when he won the bid, he turned to james and said you want to go with me and gandolfini said i'm there, when? >> if he hadn't been an actor, what would he have been? or was this a life-long dream? >> he always wanted to be an actor. probably he would have been a bus driver, truck driver, fireman, he was -- he was cut of the earth. he was salt of the earth. he was a -- he would have been a regular -- a classic blue collar worker, definitely blue collar? >> i sit here night after night and when people die, why did i not interview that person? why did i miss that opportunity? >> i have done this so many years, when people die, people call me. >> you have interviewed everybody. if you are interviewing him tonight, what questions would
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you ask him? >> what happened? james, what the hell happened? why did you leave us? you didn't want to know. i know you didn't want to go. and then i would ask the news, the pilot for hbo, had been bought and i don't know what the show is about. ian it was completely different from "the sopranos" role. >> look at the pictures of him, he was overweight, we don't know why he died, but, boy, that heart, when you are dragging around that extra weight, you yourself had heart trouble years ago, you took care of yourself after him. >> i was 53 when i had mine, quite a while ago. i take care of myself, greta. i miss you, greta. >> i miss you too. go do your speech and i'll see you next week. thank you, larry. >> love you, baby. >> later in the show, more on the breaking news, death of
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actor james gandolfini. but line dancing on your dime and they deserve $70 million in bonuses lately? new questions about the irs, the agency getting set to pay out $7 mi0 million in bonuses t union leaders. senator chuck grassley makes the case against the bonuses. "the office of management and budget directs that discretionary monetary awards should not be issued while sequestration is in place, unless issue rans of such awards is legally required." >> the irs says it has a legal obligation to comply with the collective party agreement. >> a massive rally on capitol hill, demanding the irs be held accountable for targeting the
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tea party. >> as targets of the irs, it's time for america to reverse it and target the irs themselves. >> and we're going to do it by dismantling the irs, piece by piece. >> the irs is not there to pick on us. they are there to serve us, and they better know that, and we need to get rid of those that don't understand it. >> what's happened with the irs an absolute outrage. an abuse of power that fits into the pattern of the obama administration of abusing government power and misleading the american people about it. >> the irs investigation should not be handled by eric holder. you don't let the fox guard the henhouse. >> and congressman trey gogr ene
10:14 pm
gowdey calling the idea ridiculous. >> i don't like the idea of bonuses for judges and attorneys. i don't like irs employees being eligible for anything other than remedial training. >> we go from the sadness of a major actor dying to the most incredible outrage. how in the world does anyone at the irs -- i realize not everybody is involved in the line dancing or the $20,000 in squirt toys or the $50 million in two years' worth of parties. we didn't audit the other years or the targeting of conservative groups, but, still, $70 million in bonuses, how does this happen? >> it happens when you have collective bargaining agreements, and nobody on the table in behalf of the taxpayer, the irs negotiating with employees, and i'm not justifying it. this is how it happened.
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>> if you kin of mind numbingly stupid, you are not in favor in any way. >> i'm currently drafting legislation to rescind the collective bargaining. and so is chuck grassley, senator from iowa. it is impossible to understand -- in the best of budget circumstances, you should only be eligible for a bonus if you do something that's significant exceeds the expectations. if you do far beyond what was expected, perhaps you need to be eligible for a bone us in. i don't give them in my office, but i understand that some offices do. to take $70 million and set it apart because of a collective bargaining agreement. in the agreement, a budget shortfall, they are not eligible for it. so you would think that the irs would say we have a budget shortfall, sequestration, we're not going to give bonuses out. that's not what they are doing.
10:16 pm
they are using this as a negotiating ploy in the next collective bargaining agreement. >> a directive from the white house in april that says that they would stop sort of these extra payments. but this one -- is there a way this one doesn't get stopped? >> yes. the directive that was issued said no more bonuses based on performance unless there is a legal requirement. that covers all collective bargaining agreements. that's a contract. have you agreed to these agreements. if they were drafted by anyone other than a third grader you could get out of it. one of the clauss is if there is a budget shortfall, we won't give bonuses. >> no merit justifying the bonuses, maybe you can't provide receipts for two years of parties on the taxpayer's dime.
10:17 pm
maybe you even looked the other way when you saw targeting and you said that's not my department. >> we're going to take the money and put it in a fun for people who had been victimized. either the groups targeted or potential criminal conduct. fwreta, today, in my hometown, there is a trial going on. police officer shot in the face in the line of duty. he's not eligible for a bonus, and the prosecutor, working at 10:00 at night, not eligible for a bonus. when you go into public service, you understand you are trading something. you want to feel good about what you do, but you won't make what people in the private sector make. so have as dysfunction alan entity as the uirs, to have broken trust of the american people and be eligible for a bonus shows a level of disconnect staggering, even for this town. >> can the president do
10:18 pm
anything? >> yes, he could. public service employees don't need to negotiate contracts that are not in the public's best interests. >> how about merit? the $70 million, even though they may be eligible, can he say there isn't merit and block it? >> i don't know that he can. but he can direct the irs director, mr. werfel, no more collective bargaining agreements. if you don't like it and take to us court and try to convince 12 people you deserved it. >> should irs employees get the bonuses or president obama figure out how to stop this one? go to greta wire and vote in our poll. straight ahead, the tea party protesting the irs. senator mike leigh at te here, . if you have a small business, work for one or know someone who does, special news
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tonight about obama care. chris collins here to talk about that. and breaking news, "sopranos" star james
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today, tea party protesters storming capitol hill. railing against the irs and the obama administration. firing up the crowd? republican senator mike lee. >> when we work together, we can form a powerful movement that in 2014 will make 2010 look like a sunday picnic for the democrat. >> author of the brand new book "why john roberts was wrong about health care." he joins us. you probably won't be invited to the supreme court for lunch by the chief justice? >> not counting on it. >> you want it abolished? >> i would love to see us get rid of it. the irs, too big, too powerful. a tax code that takes up tens of thousands of pages, that makes these people enormous powerful, and that's a problem. >> the truth is, i bet there
10:24 pm
isn't one member of congress, the house or senate, that can do his own taxes because the complexity of the tax code and many of them -- but for years, might have income from other sources. no one does his own taxes anymore. >> not just one member of congress. we recently had in front of one of my committees, a gentleman with a ph.d. in the taxation system. i said do you do your own taxe ? he said no way. i said why? he said that is no way i could be certain i was getting right. >> why do people demonize the tea party? what do they have against them? >> they are afraid of a movement that is as popular as this one, says washington is too big and too expensive. that scares them to death. liberals hate it. that's why the irs is targeting the tea party for years. >> what about the turnout today? 1,000, 2,000 turnout? >> no, probably more like
10:25 pm
20,000, 25,000. >> what about the enthusiasm in the house and senate for the tea party? waning or trying to -- republican party trying to put the lid on it? wheat the reaction? >> look, the tea party isn't a monolithic organization. not any one organization. a grass-roots political phenomenon. most of the people elected as republicans in the last four years, have been elected with tea party support, the support of this big movement, so it's on the increase, by no means diminishing. >> what is going to happen to the irs with this investigation? what's your prediction? >> i think we'll continue to see a lot of cause for reform, we'll see a lot of reform effort start to gain momentum, and as a result of the fact that people can't trust the irs, because our tax code is too complicated, too long and the irs agents are too powerful. >> when this will happen? the right and left hear the tax
10:26 pm
code needs to be reformed. hear it from all side and it doesn't happen. what is the problem? >> too many people benefit from it too much. big corporate interests benefit, if you are a big company and can afford to employ an army of tax lawyers to protect you, it's a competitive advantage. a restriction on entry. makes it harder for someone else to come along to compete with you. that's one of the reasons it's hard to do. the thing is, enough people are realizing how bad this is. and will start to demand it. sooner or later it will happen. won't give you an exact time frame for that. but it is going to happen. >> i don't the american people are too happy about the $70 million that will be rolled out to the irs? >> this is an agency not behaving well and i don't think people will take kindly to that. another reason we need to abolish the irs, or diminish its size and importance, where it
10:27 pm
won't resemble what it is right now. >> astonishing, no one blew the whistle on the parties for $50 million, and now there is no outcry with the bonuses. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. new problems for obama care. is the administration about to miss a big health care deadline? nfl fans, pay attention. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off.
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so you can capture your receipts, ink for all business purchases. and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. uh-oh. the obama administration may blow a deadline. october 1 is the deadline to set up the health care exchanges. a new government accountability office report has grim news for president obama, it may not happen. "wall street journal" sarah
10:32 pm
needleman joins us with more. welcome. where does the government stand on building these exchanges by october 1st. >> the government, the report you saw has said that the exchanges are not meeting the deedlines they are supposed to meet order to open on time in october. >> what does that mean? first of all, not every state. some states are setting their own state exchanges. a number of said they won't do it. so the fed has to do it? >> 17 states will set up their own exchanges. others will have government assistance. some exchanges are expected to only have one carrier, which is not what the law intended. the affordable care act expected a multitude of carriers to give consumers and small businesses choice. and in new hampshire, only one
10:33 pm
carrier has expressed interest and in washington, only one carrier came forward, and won't cover the whole state. >> the monopolies can set their own rates, because they can't compete to keep them down. what happens if we get to october 1st and exchanges aren't set up in a particular state. what happens to people in those states? >> they simply won't have that option available to them. but keep in mind, the enrollment was supposed to begin october 1st. the plans would not go in effect until january 1, 2014. so if there is a delay, they could open up in november, december, and still possible for people to register at that time -- i'm sorry, to enroll at that point. but it's unclear. we don't know what will happen, how long it will take them to open, and how they will function when they open. >> only 30 seconds left. but tell me, is the federal government agreeing they may not miss the mark or saying everything is fine? >> saying everything is fine.
10:34 pm
that is what the report told us. believe it will start on time and everything will go on fine. the gao report indicates that they are way behind on certain deadlines, we'll have to see. >> if they are fine setting up the exchanges, good for them. the problem, new hampshire, washington, where they have a monopoly, no competitive pricing, the people that live in the states, good luck to they. sarah, thank you. >> my pleasure. obama care is supposed to be the small busy li-- business elixer. chris collins joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to join you. >> small businesses, that is -- you told me beforehand, a small business is 500 people or less, but mandate kicks in at 50 employees or more. is this obama care, will it hurt or help small business?
10:35 pm
give me an example. >> we had a hearing today with small businesses. simple question today, would you vote to repeal obama care today, yes or no? nine out of ten, repeal it today. the only one who didn't repeal it, said i'm so uncertain about what it means for me. i don't say repeal it, but i don't like it. employers are cutting the size of their workforce. today, a constituent called my office. in tears, working for the same fast-food restaurant for 19 years, 37.5 hours per week. today, she was called in, her hours are being permanently cut to 29. she doesn't know how she will make ends meet. >> why would they do that to her? what is the significance of 29? >> if you have over 50 employees, are you subject to the mandate unless your workers are 30 hours. they redefined partunder 30.
10:36 pm
a lot of businesses are cutting hours for workers. >> fast food, 52 employees, and i don't want to be covered by the employee, i will take two or three employees and cut them und under the 30 hours? >> with the turnover, hours, open 24/7, over 50 hours, full-time equivalent employees. divide by 130 hours a month. >> what if i'm a small business and have 49 employees, and thinking of expanding. >> why? if i hit the magic number, suddenly what happens? >> subject to the mandate and tax. that's what we're seeing. companies are looking to shift jobs overseas. one company in the medical device trying to hit two things,
10:37 pm
don't want to be subject to the medical device tax, but also have 12 employees working now on a product that could be shifted to china that pushes them under 50. we know that obama care is a drag on the economy, been a train wreck, drag on economy, and we need jobs, don't need people cutting back on hours. >> let me tell you something about the medical device. a lot of democrats want to rescind that medical device. a lot of medical device manufacturers are in their jurisdiction. if they real estate the law in the beginning, they have to be back pedaling. it's my rub that nobody bothers to read the statutes, just votes yes. >> this was passed in the middle of the night, passed in a hurry, not ready for prime time. the medical device tax, trying to get money everywhere they can to expand medicaid, including a
10:38 pm
10% excise tax on tanning salons. >> thank you very much. is it the new cold war? president obama with a frosty reception in germany. what ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance, a new ride comes along and changes everything. ♪ the 2013 lexus gs, with a dynamically tuned suspension and adjustable drive modes. because the ultimate expression of power is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ here in washington, president obama mired in scandal. he is losing trust. is he more popular in berlin? today, just 4,500 people attended his speech at the brandenburg gate. back in 2008, 200,000 people turned out to see then-senator obama. is the world giving president obama the cold shoulder? john boulton joins us. what did he get out of germany? >> i think it the more of a publicity stunt for obama,
10:44 pm
looking to give a speech about reduction of nuclear capabilities in a historic venue. speech pretty thin on substance, and the crowd wasn't wildly interested. it caps a bad trip for the president, starting with the g8, where president putin told him to take a hike on syria. >> what is it with russia? >> i think it's continuation of the last ten years. the obama administration came, members of the jurying to press the reset button. relations were frosty because of things the russians were doing at the end of the bush administration. after making concession, after concession, the russian reaction was you haven't given us enough. and syria, the administration
10:45 pm
has had this wrong for the last two years. our interests in russia and syria are fundamentally different. >> the u.s. is in the process of buying a bunch of helicopters from russia to arm people in afghanistan. supplying money to buy russian helicopters, russia takes the money and supplies the opposition in syria. we are sending light arms to the rebels, and they are funding syria. >> this is what you have. put you know kn putin knows what russia needs, and our president gives speeches, what he's best at. >> the trip to europe, did it help advance the united states? >> no, i think it shows the decline of obama personally in
10:46 pm
the world from -- from where he stood when he took office, but also reflects more importantly, the decline in american influence, which he has very much helped to orchestrate, because the obama view of the world is america is part of the problem, not part of the solution, as he reduces american power, our opinions matter less. >> i don't get why he spoke today at the brandenburg gate. this huge crowd of over 200,000, different time and group, and this is by special invitation, all sort of explanations versus the 200,000 and 4,500 today, but the vision looks like 200,000 before and 4,500 before. that's the visual. >> it contrasts very unfavorably with ronald reagan and jack kennedy in berlin. it's not quite the same today historically, no kidding. if he wanted to give a speech
10:47 pm
about unilateral he should have gone to geneva, not berlin. >> it's stunning to me he picked that. they have shrewder and smarter. >> benghazi. >> no, i'm talking about the visual. >> inevitable it would draw comparison on what happened four years ago. four years ago, sandwiched between two rock concerts. they should have taken that into account. advancemen didn't do their homework. >> basic 101. but anyway. but anyway. am oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪
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aaron hernandez is the center of a homicide investigation. boston globe nfl reporter joins us. ben, is there any connection? i know we've been interviewed but any news tonight? >> you know we're still in wait and see mode at this point. as far as hernandez's role in this murder, greta. we know he's a person interest of and they have come to his house two days and searched his house tuesday and interviewed him, came back again, today, knocked on the door no one was home. they have also looked into a rental car rented under aaron's name. and police have officially ruled it a homicide. the body found a mile from his house and we're reporting that the victim was friends with aaron and several patriots players seen often hanging with the players driving various cars with patriots decals so it's very early in
10:53 pm
the investigation i don't want to jump too far ahead but it's not looking good for aaron hernandez now this is if nothing else not looking good. >> when did they think the victim was murdered? when did they find his body? >> i believe they found it monday evening. i don't believe they've pin pointed a time. it he is a semi pro football player playing in a game saturday night that. is the last time coaches and teammates have seen him. his body found about 5:30 on monday b a mile from hernandez home in north attleboro. so there is still a lot unknown in this case. still unwinding still evolving but this isn't just a case where maybe he had a second cousin who rented the car. i'm pretty sure aaron hernandez is a person of interest right now, for the
10:54 pm
police. >> greta: let me just change topics on you. big news tim tebow is going to patriots what. is reaction in boston? >> more curiosity than a total meana. especially down in the south. he had plan fans in college. up here in the north it's not a big college football town they have tom brady so seems like a curiosity. let's see what this kid is b everyone knows he's not going to play. you don't take tom brady off the field even for a snap. so he's just going to go underground and work with his coach asks tom brady they're go thog try to develop him into a respectable number two quarterback if they can't there is no guaranteed money. so they can cut him, no harm, no foul. >> greta: ben, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up the death ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
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breaking news tonight the death of actor james gandolfini, stunning fans all over the world and nation. he was a star of stage, screen and ttv best known for the role as tony soprano tonight his friends and former co-stars lighting up twitter, jeff daniels tweets all right, a great friend. rob lowe says he gives the greatest performance in the history of television and he was a kind man z michael j fox writes shocked and saddened by the passing my deepest sympathyes to family and friends. governor chris christie tweeting it's an awful shock he was a fine actor a rutgers alum and a true jersey guy. senator john mccain writes rip, one of the nicest guys i've met. stay with fox news channel
11:00 pm
with the latest on the death and share your favorite james gandolfini moments. thanks for watching. o with the fed, has everything to do with life, tonight, 8:00 p.m. be there. i am dana perino, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the tea party movement roaring back to life with the largest gathering in washington, d.c. since 2010. thousands of supporters gathered outside the capitol to stand up from targeting from the irs and push back on big government. several republican lawmakers were there, including ted cruz, rand paul, steve king. >> what's happening with the irs is an absolute outrage. >> we're stick and tired of government bullies, we need to send them home. >> if broad


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