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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 20, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> do you think barack obama should be put on trial for war crimes? >> absolutely. every president in this century should be put on trial. >> the far left running wild with the nsa snooping story and president obama's continuation of the war on terror. but is the left's posture putting all of us in danger? we'll have a special report. a st. louis teacher has been arrested after a classroom confrontation with his students. as we have told you student-teacher violence is becoming a national epidemic. we'll have a follow-up report. >> whoever did it to come into a private citizen's home, whether i'm a
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journalist or not and look in my family's computer and look in my work computer and go through it like they did. >> you sue their butt off. >> it's outrageous. >> and dennis miller is also outraged that hackers are apparently attacking news reporters. the d-man will be here. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone from the nation's capital. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from washington. president obama and national security that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no matter what you think about government snooping, the cataloging of phone calls and emails, the intent is to protect us from terrorism. >> in recent years, these programs together with other intelligence have protected the u.s. and our
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allies from terrorist threats across the globe to include helping prevent the terrorist -- the potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11. >> bill: so here is the question: should the u.s. government be more open about what it is doing to we the people in the name of national security? that question should be debated vigorously. today, president obama spoke at the brandenberg gate in berlin, germany. he is not nearly as popular in europe as he once was because of all the national security stuff. you may remember that 50 years ago president kennedy visited the brandenburg gate confronting the soviet union about its horrendous oppression of freedom in eastern europe. today of course germany is unified in a free nation. the german press is basically liberal and in a press conference there were questions like this. >> there were a number of hopes in the world that
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were in a way shattered because of your -- for example the closing down of guantanamo. madam chancellor the nobel prize winner, obama is waging drone war also via germany and is he allowed to do that according to german law? >> bill: absurd question. the u.s.a. launches drones. no other nation is involved. that dopey reporter may be objecting to shared intelligence but when her family gets blown up by jihadists, believe me, her attitude would be different. it's clear that clear thinking americans that the u.s.a. is continuing to wage aggressive war against terrorism and that strategy is a good one. it has saved thousands of lives. you will never convince the far left loons of that. >> do you think barack obama should be put on trial for war crimes? >> absolutely. every president in this century should be put on trial. every one of them. >> for war crimes. >> for war crimes, absolutely.
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>> in the hague? >> absolutely. every one of them goes into office, an office dripping with blood and then adds to it and, yes, i think that these are war crimes. i think they are acts of terror. >> bill: i wonder what barack obama thinks about his old pal bill ayers now? the question for all americans is: are you willing to pay a privacy price to be safer i definitely want to know what my government is doing regarding snooping around the private communication of americans. we the people have a right to know that. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. two controversial situations. first, more accusations against hillary clinton state department that it covered up bad stuff and second, the huge corporation google challenging the federal government over privacy. with us now here in washington james rosen and carl cameron both fox news correspondents.
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cammeron, keep it pithy, what is google doing exactly? >> they say they want to be able to report more to the public about what they have been required to do by the government because in their words to filing in the spy court in d.c. that overseas nsa and fisa court they say their reputation has been damaged and their business has been hurt because of false and misleading reports by the media so, what they want to do is report exactly how many times requests for information under -- by the fisa court were approved and that they have provided information on and they want to be able to tell the public exactly how many users would be affected by that right now, what these companies yahoo, google, apple, microsoft, can report, is the total number of requests of information from all levels of government. state, local, federal, it doesn't break them out by specifics. so this one particular program that the nsa has, it allows them to kind of surveil broadly internet traffic. they want to be able to get people more information to defend their reputation. >> bill: that's the prism program, right? >> that's prim.
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>> google's to tell its customers i'm sure it's flooded with bill ayers type mail here is what the government wants from us. here is what we are required by the -- they aren't required by law to too it. that comes under the patriot act, right? >> they want to have the gag order that prevents them from talking about secret program so they can talk more about it. >> bill: never get the gag order lifted because that would put the surveillance into the public eye and help the terrorists. >> which is being argued in defense of it now. >> bill: i do feel a little sorry for google and they should have a little room to calm their customers down. for example, i think all these of us would like to know if google is sending out individual emails to people or individual facebook stuff that is not made public. >> there was a moment a couple weeks ago where all of these big telco and internet providers said they were not providing direct access from servers to the nsa. >> a lot of people don't understand what that means. >> they are defending what they're required to do and say it's limited.
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they haven't been able to describe that they are taking a hit. google, notorious big data company critics for whether or not it can protect our information in using their search engine, et cetera now has a lot of egg on its face because of prism and they want to be able to explain what they have been doing. >> bill: a time line when a decision is made and who makes the decision anyway. >> the court makes the decision. >> federal judge. >> look at the motion, as of now, it's a broad number that doesn't allow a breakout for any of these particular programs. >> bill: all right, rosen, let's get to you. set the table here. hillary clinton no longer secretary of state. but under her administration, we have benghazi, libya still don't know really who screwed that up. i mean who sent out the ambassador rice to say things that weren't true. why they didn't have a rapid deployment force going -- we don't know any of that still. now there are allegations made by whistle blowers within the state department that there was terrible behavior by some ambassadors and other people associated with hillary clinton's staff. pick it up from there. >> what we have here bill is we are at the dawn of the second term of the
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obama administration. and he we are starting to get a very clear and troubling picture of the state department under the first term of the obama administration and under the stewardship of hillary clinton. some of these allegations and evidence go directly to her door steps. some of it doesn't. we are hearing about, for example, state department employees accused of sex crimes, using a drug ring in baghdad, whistle blowers from the auditors at state. the office of inspector general being bullied into silence by personal visits to their house and that sorts of thing. testimony by senior officials at the diplomatic security part of state department. that's a federal law enforcement agency that supposedly was false and appeared to be false and evasive at best. as i say, some aides to director loyalists of hillary clinton have been alleged to have interfered in some of these cases and blocked. >> bill: so the evidence is mounting one of the whistleblowers who say that she is being hectored by the federal government. her lawyer appeared with megyn kelly today. >> right. and this woman, you know, is now in a place where the
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federal government is persecuting her simply for doing her job, investigating and telling the truth about the investigation. if that's true, that's going to hurt not only hillary clinton but the entire obama administration because hillary clinton is out of there now. >> and this woman, who was part of the inspection team at the office of inspector general, that reviewed the operations that federal law enforcement agency, diplomatic security, she has now been debriefed at link by darrell issa's committee, the house oversight committee. >> bill: darrell issa's committee has no law enforcement power at all. >> has subpoena power. >> bill: that doesn't matter. you know, if the federal government is persecuting someone. >> congress is a place where whistle blowers go as well as the media. i can tell it you, bill, we promised to talk about this last week on the factor. we have been breaking this news on fox news this week. i am hearing directly from a number of state department whistle blowers and what they have to say about allegations of lavish spending and other improprietors and the kind of documents they supply
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could prove decisive in shaping this changing face of the hillary clinton state department. >> bill: all right. so you think it's going to damage hillary clinton? >> i think it could be. >> bill: as it all comes out. >> if skillfully used, yeah. >> bill: all going do okay out and not good fuss for mrs. clinton who wants to run for president in '16. kirsten powers will react to the far left apparently not wanting any security at all. and, later, some conservatives very angry that president obama is now talking with the taliban. and that's upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story, president obama and national security. with us, fox news analyst kirsten powers. i moved you up on the lineup in the program today. >> oh, really? >> for one reason only. these far left loons like hirst, they are scared of me. they literally run when i
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go in the upper west side of manhattan. >> we all do. >> bill: people run away. so i don't get their -- i don't get to ask them in a casual setting why are you so crazy? like that german reporter? is she kidding me? she doesn't want drones, she doesn't want guantanamo, ayers think they are all war criminals. how do you stop people who want to kill you? >> only crazy people don't want drones, bill? is that what you are saying? >> bill: if you don't want drones or guantanamo orrin addition or coerce interrogation, you don't want any of that, how do you protect yourself against people who not only blow you up but themselves. how do you do that? >> where is evidence of the drone wars protecting us from anything? >> where is the evidence? i think the evidence is the al qaeda leadership from all accounts, not just the united states is just in disarray and their leadership has been destroyed and killed. i think that's pretty strong evidence. >> well, is it coincidence or causation? where is evidence where they have come out and said
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that just constantly droning middle eastern countries are going to make us safe? >> bill: are you going it make a statement on the factor that the drones have not badly damaged our enemies. >> they have badly damaged the united states actually. >> bill: not our opposition. >> every time we kill the number one person there is another number one person. >> bill: that's what you do in the war there is attrition. >> you are creating more terrorists by w. these wars. >> bill: who? >> the people that are being bombed and watching their families being blown up. that's who. it drats more -- creates more terrorism. >> bill: let me get this straight on a war on terror you are not supposed to attack the enemy because they might get mad. >> we are not just attacking the enemy we bomb civilians. >> bill: how many civilians? >> i don't know. >> bill: how you can make a statement because you don't know how many civilians how you can satans of them? how. >> let's back up. are you saying civilians are not being drond.
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>> bill: i'm saying they don't launch the drones unless there is a likelihood that civilians will not be killed. >> that's what president obama said flat out. >> must be true if president obama said it. are you seriously saying because president obama said something it's true? >> bill: no. i say you give him the benefit of the doubt. >> why? >> bill: because you don't have any facts to say -- >> -- i have facts. there is no person who knows about what is going on in the middle east that thinks that the innocent civilians are not being killed by the drones. >> bill: some? but it's not a policy to do it. >> of course it's not a policy. >> bill: what war in history have innocent civilians not been killed. >> that's not what happens. when you have drones flying over the house. innocent people on off chance we think they are maybe in there with a terrorist and we are just going to kill them and then act like it's no big deal the way the president's press secretary did when he was asked about an wall al awlaki's son being killed in that exact type of situation we are talking about. i guess he should have had a better father. that is not seriously trying to avoid killing innocent people. >> bill: if you are a student of history, you
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have to look at what war and what warren tails. it entails protecting yourself number one that's why you go to war and industrying the enemy. when you destroy the enemy, you destroy civilians around the enemy. that happens in every war. >> do you want bill ayers and the german reporter in charge of your security? do you want that mentality? >> i don't know what you mean by that mentality. >> bill: you don't? >> no. >> bill: that all the presidents are war criminals and that we shouldn't be doing drones or guantanamo or anything like that? >> i don't identify with bill ayers. >> bill: you don't want those people. >> i don't think bill ayers is who i think of when i think what i want to be like. >> bill: he represents a mind set. >> i don't actually know the inner workings of bill ayers' mind. i do agree we need to defend our country. i agree with closing gitmo.
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you are putting he in the loon category. >> bill: hey, i'm not putting you there. >> you think of somebody who believes that people deserve to have a trial. >> bill: here is what we're going to do, next week -- i'm on vacation next week. but when i get back, i want you to give me the kirsten powers national security strategy. >> okay. all right. >> bill: all right. everybody ready? i think people would be very anxious to hear that directly ahead conservatives are angry that president obama set up talks with the taliban. later, dennis miller really angry that the government allegedly continues to spy on reporters. we are coming right back from d.c.
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>> bill: obama administration has announced it will talk with the taliban to try to reach detente in afghanistan. that's not going down very well with conservatives. >> while many americans will likely oppose the idea of negotiating with a group that supported al qaeda prior to 9/11, fear not because president obama says that he has a plan to make sure that will never happen again. oh, really? >> i think a lot of what has gone on from the president's speech about how he is basically declaring that the war is over without having to do the hard work to end it in a positive way to what we are seeing now is -- they are trying to dress this up into something other than a humiliating defeat. the fact is, the hard fact, the unpleasant fact is that the taliban and others need to be defeated militarily. >> bill: joining us now from new york with analysis, the very famous bob beckel. before we get to the taliban, you just heard my little debate with kirsten powers. >> i did. >> you are a liberal guy, powers is a liberal woman.
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do you understand that when you oppose all of the national security measures, that both president bush and president obama continue to embrace, folks like me are going to say well, what are you going to put in its place to protect americans? isn't that a legitimate question? >> well, it's a legitimate question if you are saying that all what they have got in place should be done away with that's not what he would are saying. certain things they are doing particularly intercepting people's records and using drones are simply not in our view constitutional. >> bill: they don't use drones over the united states. >> yes, they do use drones. >> bill: use drones to kill the enemy. >> no, i'm talking -- >> bill: apart from the privacy business because obviously i don't want emails read and calls listened to on domestic -- on the domestic front without a warrant, drones, rendition, tough interrogation, guantanamo bay on and on, sitting there going like what would you do to kill them?
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invade pakistan? go in there with armored divisions? you think civilians are being killed now? typical o'reilly usually you do your homework not today. i'm not against using drones in a theater of war where i think they have done a very good job in targeting and getting rid of our enemies. i'm talking about drones being used against people in the united states by flying them in u.s. airspace. we are talking about two different things. let's talk about the drones overseas. i don't have any problem with it. >> bill: i don't know anything about drones in u.s. airspace. i guess that's a spy play. we will get into that some other time. the taliban peace talks, you know, bolden says you have got to defeat the taliban. that's not going to happen. there are too many of them. you know, we would have to go in and blow up the entire country of pakistan in order to do that. so, that's another pie in the sky business. would you talk to the taliban? >> of course. i mean, what is bolton and these guys figure we are going to do commit another 500,000 american troops to
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a country that has historically done away with big super powers including the british and the russians? of course not. look, better having talks with them than shooting at us. >> bill: you wouldn't believe a word they said, would you, beckel. >> i think there are words from certain segments of the taliban, yes. the taliban is a broad based word. >> bill: you would believe certain segments of them. >> i think there would be certain things that i would listen to and certain markers i would put down to ensure that they do what they say they are going to do. do i think they probably will? no. do i hurt that it will talk to them? of course not. >> bill: my conversation would be a little bit different. i would look at them in the eye and i would say, you know, we have got to get out of there but we are going to keep some people in there, cia people, bagram air force base and if you guys keep it it up we're going to blow the hell out of you with our drones and if you ever do succeed in taking over afghanistan, we will mr. you up with drones, wherever you live, we will blow you up. so let's make a deal now
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that you will stop and then we don't have to blow you up. that would be good. wouldn't that be a good negotiating attack. >> i think that's a good negotiation to tell them in negotiations. if you are going to bomb them -- people say stone age. you have to bomb them up to the stone age. >> bill: you know what else i would have in my table sitting across from me in my table i would have a little drone next to me. little model drone. pick it up and fly it around a little bit. >> yeah. that's very diplomatic of you, bill. i think that's why don't we send you over there just to do that by the way you are on vacation next week. a lot of us are very thankful for that. >> bill: i couldn't do any worse, could i? maybe that will work. >> i think you could be a potentially good deputy secretary of state. >> bill: you and i could go. good cop, bad cop. take them out for burgers and i could take them out with the drones. >> perfect team. >> bill: vicious fight in the st. louis classroom results in the arrest of a
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teacher. we will report on what could be a national epidemic and it's shameful. then, miller on putin allegedly stealing a super bowl ring. is -- did that really happen? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: factor follow up seeing want tonight. as we have been reporting there are increasing number of physical confrontations between teachers and students in public school
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classrooms around the country. in st. louis last week, a high school teacher and a 16-year-old girl got into it. >> >> bill: the teacher 36-year-old peter shepard has been charged with a misdemeanor. the student has not yet been charged as far as we know. joining us now from davey, florida. dr. daniel bubler a psychiatrist treating teachers stressed in the classroom. do you think this situation is getting worse, doctor? we have been reporting on it for months now. there hasn't really been a study that we could point to. but, in your opinion, is it getting worse? >> i do think it's getting worse. i also think we are looking at it more because of technology and social media. i do think that kids overall behave differently now than they did a generation ago because of several factors. i think teachers are somewhat under siege in
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this country. smaller budgets, larger classroom sizes. and not feeling supported by administration. but, in this particular case i think the teacher was pretty over the top although we didn't see what happened before that part of the video so we don't know what was leading up to it. >> bill: the girl was cursing at him. she wanted to leave the classroom. and she pushed him to the edge. and i think you are right, people with the telephone cameras are getting it to us and we are bringing it and it's being reported more. in los angeles the school board says now that you can say fu to the teacher, curse the teacher out, that's not a suspension worthy discipline. >> right. >> bill: it's not. the message that the hierarchy public school system yeah you can disrespect the teachers and create chaos and we are not going to suspend you for it that's insane as somebody who taught school right down the street from where you are right now a tough suburb of miami at pace high school. can i tell you those kids
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don't fear expulsion, the police, or suspension they will go run wild and that's exactly what's happening now. >> i agree. i think there has been a sense of entitlement and i think they feel emboldened by the system. i think the key to improving behavior in the classroom starts at home and it's the example that the parents set for these kids in terms of respecting authority and respecting teachers which unfortunately in today's society are under valued asset? that's pie in the sky, doctor. you know there are terrible parents and most of these children who do this are from terrible homes. you can't say that's the thing because the parents don't care. now, the toll on teachers: i had 40, 45 students in my class so is i'm not sympathetic to the rising school sizes now. i controlled the class. i never hit a kid, ever. but i was tough. but i did have backup from the administration. the toll that it takes on teachers it wears you down and that's why teachers snap, correct? >> correct.
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i mean, i think teachers are are under siege. you look at tragedies like sandy hook. people our teachers are in fear for their life now going to work. i do think in a lot of cases they don't feel like they are being backed up for the administration for even fear of litigation at times. >> bill: that's right. they are held accountable. they are called out if the kid does something bad. teach something a noble profession. they are not well-paid for what they do. you know, i think that we're just going to get a lot of teachers say you know what? i'm not going to do this anymore. and i don't blame them. i will give you the last word. >> and i think that's the real tragedy. i think teachers remain an under valued asset in society. when you really think that they're the back ben of our future, we need to be sending the message that what they do is important and that they deserve respect. >> bill: that's right. and we need to get principles in there who are tough and will demand discipline and school boards to stop the nonsense and impose discipline in those classrooms, especially in the tough
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schools in the poor neighborhoods where they need it the most. it's not happening now. which is why we are doing the report. >> absolutely. >> doctor, thanks very much. when we come right back, it will be miller time. did putin steal a super bowl ring? the d-man also angry about more allegations of snooping on reporters. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm boiler reporting from washington tonight. and in the miller time segment we begin. with allegations that cbs news correspondent cheryl at kiln kiss son's business and personal computers were hacked into. >> this is not as ordinary as someone asked me old boyfriend trying to look through my files. >> bill: this is big. >> yeah. >> bill: but in order to go after somebody, you have got to have a suspicion. and i assume you have a suspicion. you don't have to tell me, i don't want to get your lawyers mad. but i assume you have a
1:38 am
suspicion. >> well, i think i know. but i am just not prepared to go into that. >> bill: and joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. and you say? >> well, i admire her. i think she is a real gamer. it's nice to see there is still reporters out there who don't need volunteers to share their hard drive with the white house. a lot of people sharing a hard drive seems they at least have to hack her. admire cbs to some degree. if she worked at nbc they probably would have let her go by now. they can't get scott pelley out of the weight room and she is going to stay there. i think she understands from cbs's past that you have to build this pyramid on facts up to the point which the accusation or the name whereas you know rather used to build it here is what it is and he would build out from there. and they got caught out in
1:39 am
that. build the pyramid. i think sharyl attkisson figuratively speaking she better have the the blue dress in her closet when they come for her. >> bill: you know, the amount of evidence that you would have to have to accuse the federal government or the obama administration re-election campaign or whatever it might be of doing something like that would have to be substantial, you are are absolutely right. if it did happen and if it was generated by powerful people in washington or chicago or whatever, that will become an enormous story because you have got rosen and the a.p., you know, billing the stairs. so i think she is doing it the right way. i believe her. i believe it happened. i think i know who did it. but i'm not going to go any further than that. >> i will tell you who didn't do it. biden. because have you ever seen him with a computer? i have seen biden almost self-emulate using that little thing to get the pellets into the dog's eyes. they're not going to let him hack the computer.
1:40 am
he might blow up the planet. >> bill: i can't join in mocking him on that because i have trouble turning the blue berry on. i mean, it's -- i can't do anything. >> yeah, billy, the billing difference i work for you. [ laughter ] >> bill: putin, our favorite guy, miller and i love putin. we love him when he is topless on the horse. we love him when he is chasing tigers. we love him when he is broading, which is all the time. and now the president and owner of the new england patriots, robert kraft, good guy, there he is on the left in the salmon tie says that putin stole craft's super bowl ring. do you believe it, miller? >> i think putin thought it was a nipple ring. he has got those big catcher mitt pectoral muscles. i think craft thought he was laying a nipple ring on him. listen, here is the thing. look at that chest. i'm moving over there
1:41 am
tomorrow. i'm on the moscow factor later today. but, i think as an old kgb guy kraft had to know that that stood for keep guy's bling. once you give that to putin you are never going to give it back. when he heard it was a super bowl thing, do you know what the definition of super bowl is in russia? it's any toilet that has toilet paper with it. that's a super bowl in russia. so he thought he was honoring it. >> bill: i thought it was invading countries that can't stand up for themselves like bulgaria. >> that too. that's the b story. >> bill: we won another one great you beat romania, very good. the way it happened was that putin and craft were schmoozing, you know how that happens and putin said oh, look at that ring and craft took to have and said yeah, here it is. take a look at it putin took a look at it and put it in his pocket and then be a sconded with it absconded, word of the day. ran out. i think craft should have tackled him being the owner of the patriots. he should have put a body block on him, miller.
1:42 am
>> well, i think that you re-think that when you understand that putin put the ring on and the first thing he said is "i could kill somebody with this. that might make you back that away from tackling him. >> bill: all right. talking about being killed, your pal and mine jimmy hoffa, we're both big fans not only of putin but of jimmy hoffa. there he is. he disappears, hoffa does, and nobody has ever found him. but now they think he might be in a dirt lot in michigan. is that what's going on here? >> well, you know, he holds sway over our imagination. he is like the loch ness mobster. and it seems to me that this is the only shovel-ready job that's left in america is digging up old lots to find hoffa. now, under a sequester for god's sake, you are telling me that we're spending money to dig a guy up so that we can then bury him. what the hell are we doing? can't we eliminate the middle man? if he is out there, just leaf him there. he is buried right now.
1:43 am
they always say he is buried in a suspicion concrete slab. and you know i saw suspicious concrete slab opened for iron butterfly in '65 and they were amazing, billy, simply amazing. >> bill: they might want to find out maybe who killed hoffa. don't you want to know that? >> well, listen, i think it was putin because hoffa wouldn't give his teamster's ring. >> bill: blame it on putin. dennis miller, everybody. the d-man would like you to know that he will be appearing solo rockford, illinois october 4th. check that out on dennis miller also the last three bolder fresher shows of the year have been announced. we will see you in nashville, tennessee october 11th. more ran theater in jacksonville, florida october 12th. and in vegas at caesar's palace on november 15th. bill o' has all the details. in a moment, some big time hollywood stars want to do away with nuclear weapons.
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juliet huddy will tell us all about that when we come right back.
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>> back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we begin with a bunch of celebrities protesting against nuclear weapons. >> a world without nuclear weapons. >> a world without nuclear weapons. >> this matters to people everywhere. >> some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be stopped, cannot be checked. deadly adversary. >> for if we believe that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable. >> then in some way we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable. >> bill: joining us now from new york city juliet
1:48 am
huddy. huddy, i guess that's to convince the iranians not to develop a nuclear weapon it should be in farsi. we should tell the audience we called all of those people and said, you know, what do you really want? what are you asking for? shockingly, huddy, none of them will appear on the factor, so we have to go to you. >> i don't understand why this would be -- this is an interesting video because it's actually coming from global zero which is a movement, it's an organization that aims to eliminate nuclear weapons across the board, kind of move past this 20th century ideal of national security through mutually assured destruction rather than they just want to eliminate nuclear weapons across the board. they were hoping that the president would talk security through mutual shared deconstruction. >> bill: both you and i because we are sophisticated news people know this is a total waste of time. >> why do you say that?
1:49 am
>> bill: because there are bad people that will not eliminate nuclear weapons. >> the president said at the g-8 summit, he said he spoke with vladimir putin and aiming to reduce some weapons if the russians agree to do it as well. >> bill: if the russians agree to do it and that will happen after putin gives back the super bowl ring and the chinese will agree and the israelis will agree and iran -- because whoopi goldberg says you better stop it. >> are you annoyed by this because they are left leaning celebrities? this is a nonpartisan organization. >> bill: it's a waste of time. it's not going to happen. >> but at least -- we don't know that. at least these people are out there and trying to do something. it's a nonpartisan organization. you have people from both sides of the aisle. >> bill: say hello to the tin man for me. >> i'll do that.
1:50 am
>> bill: cheerios put up an ad that cause ad lot of controversy. go. >> hey mom. >> yes, honey. >> dad told me cheerios is good for your heart is that true? >> says here cheerios has whole grain oats that can remove cholesterol so that's healthy. >> bill: all right. so that ad obviously in an interracial family and what has happened? >> it went on television on may 27th, the next day it went on youtube. when it appeared on youtube in the comment section naturally you had to know this was going to happen, you have the racists and the cowards, nameless, faceless people who start posting all sorts of horrific
1:51 am
comments and youtube had to take the comment section of this ad down not youtube, cheerios took the comment section of this ad down. >> bill: did cheerios issue a statement? do they continue to run the advertisement? >> they are. they are not allowing people to make any comments. same thing happened on their facebook page. once again we talked about this many, many times on this show. you know, when you have the ability to write horrible things and to vent, but you don't have to have your name and you don't have to have your face you're going to get this kind of thing. >> bill: it's depressing so many troubled people in the world. i put the number at 15% of americans that are hateful people who will just do that and it's awful. but cheerios to its credit still running the ad, and so let's all go out and buy a box of cheerios, all right. thank you. in a moment. factor tip.
1:52 am
day causing commotion in washington. that's what i'm doing. the tip, moments away.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day me causing commotion in washington. first summer reading program underway. brand new kids' book "kennedy's last days." number one in the nation. important to tell them what happened to jfk and civil rights movement and vietnam. because this is the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination everyone will be talking about it so get the kids the book. on the adult front, it's amazing we have three nonfiction books in the top 25. if you buy any of them we'll make a donation to the fisher house in your name. you get a good book and the military families get support. now e-mail. bill, giving obama the benefit
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of the downtown once again. gee what a surprise. wake up man. this is a fact based broadcast, joe we give public people the benefit of the doubt. if there's no facts to condemn them. i believe that's fair. what's the slogan for the fox news channel, joe? fair and balanced. patty, i no longer believe anything the government says. anyone who gives them the benefit of the doubt is foolish. you have that luxury. i don't. if i come out here and say i don't believe anything the government says the whole program dissolves. i hope you understand that. joe, bill that poor young man was fired from his job to further james o'keefe's agenda. nice job. continue hurting the little people. continue hurting the little people, joe? are you insane? we protect the folks here. the guy got fired in philadelphia because he gave away a phone under fraudulent
1:56 am
circumstances. do you understand the word fraudulent, joe? he deserved to be fired. butch, fredericksburg, virginia, ironically george mason authored the first american bill of rights. to have students at george mason university signing a petition to violate the rights of fox news employees dishonors his legacy. excellent point, butch. i bet you most of the students at george mason university don't even know who george mason was. another one. bill, if everyone of the factor's 3 million viewers donated $25 towards getting track chairs for the amputees that would make 5,000 chairs available to our wounded warriors. if you want to donate to the independence fund, go to their website
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for a donation of $25 or more you get a facsimile of the signed presidential picture. 5 million people watch the factor in any given 24 period. that presidential picture you just saw, the highest eight bidders on billo' will be atward picture and that will be on july 1st, i believe. we'll close it june 30th. so help the wounded warriors, help the amputees. factor tip of the day and it all ties in my visit to washington. earlier today i opened up the points of light conference which promotes volunteerism throughout the u.s.a. it was my privilege to do this both republicans and democrats are taking part in the conference trying to encourage americans to help others. so here is the factor tip of the day. do that, help other people as much as you possibly can.
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it will make your life better. and if you're a believer, we'll set you up with things to come. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' name a town if you twoish opine. word of the day don't become a snollygoster. thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from washington. please remember the spin >> the star of the soprano james
1:59 am
gal feinney i -- gandolfini is t 51. >> are you all right? >> ya'll remember that. that is the latest. we will have details and reaction coming up next. >> another breaking story new england patrioter ran hernandez is quote directly tied to a murder investigation. he reportedly was with the victim the night he died. >> frightening new information about the head of the fbi. the government is using drones on american soil to watch you. "f ">> good morning. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. thanks for watching "fox & friends first". we begin with a fox news alert.
2:00 am
sudden death of a soprano star sending shock waves through hollywood and the nation this morning. james gandolfini the actor who played tony soprano is dead. >> he was on vacation in italy with his 13-year-old son when the situation took a terrible turn. when they got back to the hotel the actor suffered a massive heart attack in the bathroom. at this hour it is unclear whether he had been suffering from any health problems. this is a brand new photo of the actor just days before his death. it was taken at a tattoo parlor in california where he planned to get some new ink. he was apparently in great spirits. sore many people james gandolfini will be remembered as tony soprano the tough talking new jersey mob boss on the hit show "the sopr


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