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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> she is not laughing and i am chris wallace in washington. and keep it here, more news is on the way. this is the fox report. tonight murder mystery, the police ramp up the search near the home of a new england football star. and the dow's biggest drop in two years and plus, e-mails reveal how wall street watch dog helped to cause the financial meltdown. the people in charge of preccing our money, apparently admit they cooked the books for cash. so are the watch dogs still in wall street's pockets?
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plus jodi arias back in court in a new outfit and in a lifetime movie. >> you look good travis. >> you want to get some of this? >> in real life the story of the convicted killer who stabbed her by friend 20 times is not over yet. and he is one of a kind and he will be remembered as one of a kind. >> he nailed it. no one can come close to him. new details about the death of james begandaolfini. tonight paying tribute to tony soprano. but first from fox news. lawyers seated the jury in the george zimmerman murder trial and among the six jurorors, not
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a single man. they asked six women to decide the fate of the neighborhood watch volunteer who claims he shot the unarmed black teenager in self defense. phil? >> no blacks on the jury either and the partners of martin said they put the faith in the justice system and it is color mrind. the judge deborah nelson dismissed the zimmerman jurorors for a much- needed three day weekend. here is a short background on the six. hispanic female and a nurse. white female middle aged and she would keep a open mind. and a white female whose hobby is rescuing pets. another white female unmarried and no kids. and one married and used this
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case to warn your young kids about how an appearance can lead to trouble. and the zimmerman claimed his life was in danger that night in february of last year. >> waiting 15 or 16 months to clear his name and now he gets to start. tomorrow, an enormous ruling by judge nelson if she will announce expert audio testimony will be allowed as to who zimmerman or martin was screaming for help in the infamous nine len call. >> a nfl star left the bar with three friends and came home with two. hours later the other friend turned up dead with a gun shot wound to the head.
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aaron hernandez, hernandez appears to be directly tied to the killing. new tonight, fox 25 reports that there is surveillance video of hernandez himself and two others in hooded sweatshirts and shows them walking in hernandez homes within minutes when neighbors heard forensic evidence proved that hernandez' car was at the scene, the place where somebody shot and killed this man. a semipro football player and reportedly a friend of the football star. the family of the victim spoke to reporters outside of their home. >> he wouldn't hurt anyone. >> a jogger found the body a mile from the home. cops shed up to search the home. hernandez claimed up and hired
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a lawyer. he will not talk to reporters either. watch as they swarmed him at a gas station today. >> can you just talk to us? >> are you involved in the murder at all. tell us anything that you want to say. what happened on monday night? >> are you being arrested. >> and news choppers followed his every move in boston today as he headed to and from headquarters. and the boston herald newspaper, they have no idea why hernandez went to the stadium today. training is over and no coaches are there. molly lines is live in the boston newsroom today. >> hi, shep. after that stop at the stadium and gas station aaron hernandez went to boston where a press helicopter witnessed him pulling in a garbage near the law firm which is representing hernandez. police are calling for the
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public's help in this situation're investigation. they are looking for a silver mirror cover which is believed to have been broken off of the vehicle of interest in the homicide case. the mirror may be visible in the route of travel near dorchester where the victim odim lloyd lived and where his body was found and fourth day investigators are combing the scene. >> molly, abc news is reporting that hernandez home security system is suddenly destroyed. they cite investigators who say that somebody intentionally smashed that alarm system that included video surveillance. the sources say when hernandez's attorney turned over the cell phone, it was in multiple pieces. the police are questioning why hernandez had a team of house cleaners at his home monday to scrub it down.
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>> on wall street, wow, a major selloff that stretched over the global financial markets today. it tanked the dow, and tanked bonds, the price of gold. the u.s. stock market down two and half percent. investors blame china on one hand with the slow down in manufacturing. it started yesterday. here's the key. the fed may end the economic stimulus program. that set wall street a twitter. the markets dropped in the open and fell more and more from there. by the closing bell, the dow was off more than 350 and today's losses wiped out two month was gains and the dow is once again below 15,000. but look at the big picture. the index is still up 13 percent for the year and most economic measures, are very good. adam is in the newsroom with more on what happened in wall street today.
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>> as you pointed out, shep. it was not only what federal chairman ben bernanke said about the tapering of the easy money and monetary policy that spurred the rally and what is happening in china. it is the world's second largest economy. it is a fact and this sounds familiar for all of us in the united states, they have a shadow banking system there. just thinks of trillions of dollars of loans, that are shams built on a foundation of lies. the central bank has essentially created a liquidity crunch. it is hard to borrow money in china and that has investors worried about keeping growth in china is difficult. that's the reason you saw the selloff here in the united states. >> we reported on the volatileitty. it was the 10th day in the past month in which the dow moved
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more than 200 points in one session. prior to that it happen four times in one year. >> the bank and lenders and uncle sam were not the only players in the stock market collapse. bombshell e-mails reportedly she how two credit rating agency exchanged cash in green lights for risky practices that got us in this mess. it is a report in rolling stone magazine. they rate the credit of the big cooper rayings of the country and united states and anything that takes on debt. according to moody, triple a investor -- investments should survive. but some consphired with bankers in morgan stanley to give high ratings for ricky investments. let's hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time the
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house of cards faulters. and another quote. lord help our exmretative scam this is the stupidest place i have worked at. >> controversy came to light after plaintiffs sued moody's and standard and poors. a court ruling made most of those documents public including the e-mails. we are waiting a response from moody and s&p 500 issued a statement. cherry picked e-mails were taken out of context and confrom dicted and do not reflect our culture or integrity or do business. the state department put up a fight of the release of photos of the aftermath in benghazi, libia. we are now seeing the photos for the first time. and remembering tony soprano, more tributes coming in for james from friends and
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colleagues and a politician he portrayed on screen. this is on the thursday fox report. @>g74/w?xoóçpnooowvúéñi/ñ
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>> friends reacting with shock and sorrow with the death of james gandolfini. an emergency doctor in rome said the 51-year-old actor was pronounced dead after suffering from cardiac arrest. he was there on vacation. the new jersey native was a character actor in numerous films. but he will be remembered as tony soprano, the troubled mob boss. >> i was going to call you. you are not going to be happy. i am out. this is bad for business. >> eddie falcoissued a statement, my heart goes out to his family as those of us in
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the pretend one hold on to the memories together. the love between tony and carmelo was one of the greatest i have known. he was called a againuous and even though the store tore line didn't reflect well on his home state new jersey governor chris christy said it is a shock to lose the actor. i was a fan of his. it was echoed in countless tweets and facebook posts. someone left baked ziti outside of the home. and the diner where the final scene took place, the booth in which the fictional family was empty and reserved today. managers placed the sign on the table. trace in our la newsroom. what more have we learned, trace? >> we learned that he spent yesterday touring rome for his
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13-year-old son. it was a by's trip to italy. and when he got back to the room, something happen inside of the bathroom, because that is where his son found him and called the front desk. here now is a family spokesperson. >> notifying the emergency crews that responded and first aid was administered before he was taken to the hospital where he died of an apparent heart attack. >> he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. the trip from the hotel to the hospital was only eight minutes and the hospital will perform an autopsy on james gandolfini, shep. >> and the tributes keep rolling in. >> oh, yeah. brad pitt said it was a crushing bloechlt john travolta vowed to take care of his kids and even the actors who didn't know gandolfini felt compelled to weigh in. he played defense secretary
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panetta in the film 0 dark 30. panetta said i was glad an italian played me and tough guys can have a heart of gold. and he did and we will miss him. the most fitting quote came from the tv daughter jamie, jim had the ability unbeknown to him to make you feel like everything would be all right if he was around. he was a very powerful impactful man on a lot of people in hollywood, shep. >> he was as was the next man. according to an expert heart attacks in the united states is uncommon among people younger than 55. here at fox news we know that too well. former senior producer of the newscast and executive wsroom allen, almost died. he is then. he said he woke up with chest pain the morning of
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february 21st and wanted to drive to the hospital and his wife rachel called 911. she saved his life. allen blacked out and suffered cardiac arrest six times. that means his heart stopped or beating so fast it was about to stop six separate times. four times at home and twice in the hospital. allen spoke on the ordeal today. >> i had been warned by my daughter high cholesteral and family history and i was a ticking time bomb is what my doctor told me at one point. i always thought there was time and another year or two to quit smoking and get on a diet and lose weight. there wasn't. the second you feel something call 911, if i drove i wouldn't be here today. that's the take away. >> doctors kept allen under look and key for five days and four
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months later he's doing great. he lost 35 pounds and a strict low fat and low salt diet and quit smoking and continuing to save his life on a daily basis. thank god for you, rachel. it is more than a decade since america went to war against the taliban. and the group that sheltered osama bin laden may have made a peace offering of sorts. if true, what should the united states do about it? we are live in the pentagon. and one of the men accused of bombing the boston marathon is listed as a victim of gun violence. how did that happen? coming up. it's important to get away from everything once in awhile.
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well, everything but palm trees, sunshine and fruity drinks, that is.
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>> huge protest in brazil fired up in a big way. this video came in. a new wave of demonstrators setting fires and railing against the government. happens of thousands of people are flooding the streets in recent days. it started over a protest over hiked bus fares. demonstrators angerred over theentious vents coming and the demonstrations are a general uproar over brazil's government including poor public service and accusations of government corruption. >> we see new pictures on the aftermath of the attack on the benghazi. there is a freedom of information request filed back in january. the state department did not respond but released the photos after judicial watch filed a lawsuit. analyst say that the pictures are not much different than the
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images seen from benghazi. the attack killed the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stephens and three others. the taliban is offering to release an american soldier, if the united states releases five taliban leaders from guantanamo bay. the taliban calling it a good will gesture in the possible peace talks with the united states. the military report shows the sergeant vanished and he's 20 from ida ho and the only american prisoner in all of the afghan war. they believe he is in pakistan. his partners say he had a letter is not to them through the red cross. he believes that bierdal is in good condition. jennifer? >> shep, the state department is
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not ruling out a prisoner swap. it could take placine though the taliban is a terrorist organization. >> certainly, the issue of the sergeant on the fact that he's gone too long will be a part of the discussion. we anticipate that the taliban will bring up as they stated publicly their own issues with detainees. among those that the taliban wants released is the deputy defense more thans and deputy minister of intelligence and top taliban commander sharif and chief of security. there are 25 afghan prisoners among the 166 prisoners still in gitmo, the state department would have to get permission from congress to make the trade. it is not faction of the taliban that has the sergeant. they thought he was being held
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in pakistan. >> thank you, jennifer. the feds might have missed something when they did ed nowden's background check. when they talked to congress about the leaker. we learned that 4 million workers have security clearance and thou thorough were their background checks. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for dad's first job as dad. nissan tests hundreds of child seats to give you a better fit and a safer trip. snug kids, only from nissan. ♪
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an update and breaking news out
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of boston, according to bob ward, the investigative reporter for fox station in boston, there is surveillance video of nfl tar aaron hernandez from the very night one of his friends died shot in the head. police say hernandez is directly linked to the crime. let's bring in the investigative reporter bob ward live outside of the nfl star's house near boston. bob, somebody destroyed the surveillance system? >> yeah, we understand that when the police came to aaron hernandez's home they noticed that the hard drive was heavily damaged that connects to the home surveillance system. there is home surveillance video of aaron hernandez walking into his home with two men wears hooded sweatshirts a short time after people in massachusetts reported to hearing gunshots.
4:31 pm
this is put together. the gunshots were not reported at the time. police are going back together and put together the time line, did that surveillance come from his home or a neighbor's home? we are trying to get to the bottom of that, shep. >> from your reporting, it is your understanding that aaron hernandez and a dead football player and two others went out to a bar that night right? >> 2:30 on the morning on monday, aaron hernandez was in dorchester, a neighborhood of boston and he picked up the victim here. then everything else happens within an hour, so dorchester is roughly an hour or 45 minutes away. gunshots heard 45 minutes after that, and then he is seen, caught on surveillance just a short time, 15 or 20 minutes later coming back to his home in
4:32 pm
north a d elboro. >> the vehicle is tied to the crime scene; is that right? >> that's where it gets dicey, shep. there are a couple of vehicles that were rentals here and we are trying to sort that all out. one of the pieces here. one of the vehicles that he was renting was found near the body of the man who was shot. it was found a mile away from here. we don't know if he was dumped there or killed somewhere else. but the car was found in the vicinity, that's what we understand. >> we saw the video of aaron hernandez in the gas station and i saw your helicopter following him around. he didn't talk to police and he didn't talk to the reporters. he is no longer cooperating with the authorities? >> we don't know. and we don't know if he is cooperated at all, or in any depth at all. i am hearing that he hasn't.
4:33 pm
we are not there nothing meaningful, that's what i was told. he left his home, and went to the gilette stadium and then he left and you can see the helicopter shots and one of our reporters approached him in a gas station and he wouldn't talk to us. he went to boston and he we believe went to meet with his attorney. >> went to gillette stadium. there is no training camp or sound no one was there. it was like a see you later gillette stadium. >> or maybe he was going to grab something from the looker or talk to someone who was not there. we have to think that aaron hernandez will have to speak to the patriots and he's talking to his lawyer and they have to work to talk to the massachusetts
4:34 pm
state police. pinpointing what you were doing and we know you were here in the middle of the night after people heard gunshots. but they have to get his store tore down. >> from authorities, they are not using the word "suspect" but they are not ruling him out, it is my understanding? >> that's right. we know we have surveillance video and they can pinpoint where he is. what ever he's going to tell him, he was here in a certain time and it was after people in north a d eleboro, heard the shot. they don't call them suspect. but the da, he plays his cards close to the vest. but just say it is under investigation and on the record, they will not tell us anything about aaron hernandez. but off of the record, we are gleaning he is a focal point. nbob ward investigative reporter
4:35 pm
from station 25 and leading that coverage. bob, we are thankful for you. attorney general eric holder is responding to questions from house republicans about prosecuting journalist as part of leak investigation. the attorney general is standing by the comment he made under oath last month here on capitol hill. >> with regard to the prosecution of the press with disclosure material, that is not something i have been involved and heard of or think would be a wise policy. my view is quite the opposite. >> oh, well, you did confirm that you approved a search warrant question that recoveried to james rosen as a possible co-conspirator in a leak investigation. doug? >> that's right, shep. in the letter to the house judiary approved the subpeona in may 28th 2010.
4:36 pm
he defended it saying it was necessary and appropriate and obtaining relevant evident from the member of the news media is not equivalent to prosecution of the news media. but the chairman told fox news that the holder letter raises questions about why doj named rosen a coconspirator. we just played it. it is dishonest at worse and evasive at best. >> he's never heard of that and unwise. we find out he's been exactly involved in that and he said well, we didn't intend to prosecute, it raises a question. is the justice department giving false information to court or congress or both. it is a serious matter and needs to be resolved. >> he shared the department of justice subpeona with a number of prosecutors to get the input and the names of rosen.
4:37 pm
some were appalled at the language used justify getting a search warrant. doug, thank you. something may have gone wrong in the background check of ed nowden when they asked for security clearance. watch dogs told law makers on capitol hill today. >> are there any concerns about the carrying out? >> we believe there may be problems. snodenies was not the only case to raise red flags. investigators are looking into the private company that conducted the background check committed any crimes. remember ed snowden was not the only person to get his hand otz top secretidate a. far from it. 1 million contractors, not
4:38 pm
people who work for the government but the contractors and three and half million government employees hold security clearances to access that information. katherine, false reports on the background checks are not unusual? >> lack of money and manpower and millions of clearance. most background investigations are incomplete. >> we could have 86 percent of the investigations incomplete and then security clearance is granted. it is probably what is happening, right? one of snowden's former colleagues said the 29 year old left the cia under a cloud after inappropriate use of the agency's computer. he resigned and later took the job with the nsa. asked about the departure, the cia passed on commenting, shep. >> it all came out in the
4:39 pm
guardian newspaper in the united kingdom. how the agency tries to limit data collection on the u.s. citizens and what circumstances data can be kept, investigators must make the case of evidence of a crime, coded xhungdz or information linked to a serious threat to people or property and while not commenting tonight on the documents or substance. the response. specifically tailored and rules in place to address the collection, handling and use and destruction of such information consistent with the fourth amendment. and the nfa director promised the list of plots disrupted by nsa programs on wednesday, congressional sources told fox nothing was handed over.
4:40 pm
asked about the apparent hold up. they had nothing for us tonight, shep. >> katherine, the private firm that conducted the background checks pocketed a huge chunk of change from uncle sam. they were paid more than $200 million last year alone. our first glimpse of convicted murderer jodi a riias. and now prosecutor can convince another jury she should die. that's next. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the so- called morning after pill is officially over the counter to women and girls of all ages. the fda approved the move. until now only 17 and older could get the plan b. last week, the obama administration dropped the legal battle. jodi a ris is back in court wearing pin stripes as the trial will determine whether she lives or dies. last month the jury convicted her of killing her by friend. she stabbed him 20 times and slit his throat and shot him. she did it she said in self defense. the jury didn't buy it. but the jury couldn't reach a decision on life in prison or
4:45 pm
the death.. the retrial will be the prosecution's last shot to put jodi arias to death. >> greg? >> we got a glimpse of jodi arias in a month. this time wearing a prison jumpsuit and shackled and surrounded by the guards. the judge delayed the.trial. we'll have to wait to learn the new trial date. defense wants to postpone it until january. prosecutors want to begin in july. the murder conviction stands and the new jury will decide life or death. because of the high profile nature of the case, it could take time to seat a new jury. >> a juror, doesn't have to have no knowledge about the case. the jushrorors have to be fair d
4:46 pm
impartial. since they would not have heard the evident in the guilt phase, the retrial will include that and a fairly long trial and something that the prosecutors could avoid if they decide not to seek death. then there could be life without parole or life with a possibility of release in 25 years. if the trial does happen, taxpayers will continue to foot the bill for her attorneys. so far costing taxpayers 1.7 million. here is a preview. >> let me see those big broad shoulders. yeah. that's it. you look good, travis.
4:47 pm
>> that is the scene in reference to the pictures that she took of the victim in the shower moments before she killed him. >> president obama laying out his strategy to combat climate change. there would be an increase for customers. and honoring one of the greatest heroes, neal armstrong and legends of the space program gathered to pay tribute to the first man to walk on the moon, that's next. and the incredible rush of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. ♪ [ tires screech ] but you better get here fast. [ girl ] hey, daddy's here. here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] because a good thing like this won't last forever. mmm. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealefor an incredible offeon the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. but hurry. offers end soon.
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>> the president turning his attention to the global theft our time. that threat is climate change. the administration planning a renewed push on the environment after the issue of the back seat of other priorities in the first term.
4:51 pm
one of the advisor is laying out what the president hopes to accomplish. ed henry in the white house. the white house hasn't unveiled the plan and now there is opposition. >> that's right. the legacy item for the president. and the clock is ticking for him to get the items done. what we are told from his advisors he will unveil tough new regulation for coal, fire and power plants. republican critics like john boehner said this will result in the power companies passing on higher prices for your energy costs at home. the president said it is the last best shot of reducing pollution and climate change. >> for the sake of future generation we must confront the changing climate before it is too late. that is our job. that is our task. we have to get to work. >> i think that this is absolutely crazy. why would you want to increase
4:52 pm
the cost of energy and kill more american jobs in a time when the american people are asking the question where are the jobs? >> the other part that john boehner and republicans are upset he would take executive action and putting the regulations in place and bypassing the congress. it is not like congress is getting things done. >> the president is feeling pressure from both sides. 145 campaign aides demand hisly block the completion of the key stone pipeline. >> and one of the bombing victims who lost a leg in the deadly attacks went to the first road race since the marathon. the jp morgan chase challenge and sounded the starting horn and accepted a donation on
4:53 pm
behalf of the one fund and charity for the bombing victims. the 45-year-old had three operations and got a prosthetic leg. she talked about her plans to run again. >> i am mastering the new prosthetic leg. that is a challenge and hopefully it will go smooth over the next few weeks and i will get another leg to run on and a year from now i will be here in the corporate challenge again. >> she appreciates all of the support as boston continues to come together strong. >> a touching tribute to the first man to walk on the moon to the fellow astronauts who walked along neal armstrong's side. some of the biggest names in all of the space program were there. his crew mate buzz aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon and he neal was the best
4:54 pm
pilot and he was the epitome of the space man. armstrong died at age 82. it was the first for the nasa colleagues who knew the american hero best. >> despite the hot weather, summer doesn't start until tomorrow june 21st, but for some places it begins tonight. something very rare and special happening above earth. right now it is in the cube. details are coming. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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the sun reaches the highest point of the year and making it the longest day of the year. it is split this year and meaning for the east coast it happens early tomorrow morning and tonight on the west coast. the next split solstice will happen june 17th. and facebook instagram expanded for videos. and number four people died after an explosion in a fireworks warehouse west of montreal. and the dow plunged more than 350 points, the worst trading session of the year. and attorneys finished seating the jury in the george zimmerman trial. and six jurorors and four alternates and all women and surveillance video shows that
4:59 pm
aaron hernandez, the same night wound to the head. that is the fox report top five. >> and on this day in 1977. crude oil poured down the transatlanta pipeline. they discovered the massive supply on the northern coast. a place tanker shipscant go. and there came a plan to build a pipeline. when crews finished it spanned over 800 miles right to the port of valdez. there was a environmental disaster. and the ex-wife -- exxon spill. and oil first flowed over the american frozen tunedra 36 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news. for thursday last day of spring for 2013. i am shepherd smith. we are back tomorrow for studio b and then the fox report right before. >> the riley factor is on tonight. much to do more to secure the border. that's what we are offering here today. >> tough new sanction against the illegal aliens. it will be enough to convince the republicans to support the immigration bill. we'll tell you what is going on. new england patriots catcher aaron hernandez under suspicion in a murder case. megyn kelly is following the investigation. >> i loved that kid like i loved my son. but he's got a drug problem


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