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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> doesn't like me. >> don't say that, my kids think you love him. >> you still love obama even everything is a mess. >> sean, the irs thing, they couldn't tie that to president obama. >> we're out of time. velma, you came late. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you for being with us. tonight, is the party over for the irs? the tea party has had enough. >> i'm ready to shut the irs down. i'm all for abolishing the irs and doing something different. >> so far from being solved. >> it's insane what's happening in the country. >> i don't think they deserve any bonuses, i think they should all be fired. we should abolish the irs, it's not a fair system. >> you should only be eligible for a bonus if you significantly exceed expectations. >> a few weeks ago, congressman elijah cumming said the irs
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controversy was solved. it is not solved. >> we're seeing arrogance and abuse of big government. >> this is indicative of all the bureaucracies, not just the irs. gsa, we had millions on conferences and stricktrinkets. >> and they will give millions in bonuses at a time when we're doing furloughs and other places. it's outrageous. >> yet another reason we need to abolish the irs or diminish its size and importance where it won't really resemble what it is right now. >> no, they are not line dancing, but is the tea party picking up steam from the irs outrage. pat buchanan joins us. nice to see you, pat. >> good to see you, greta. >> the irs is slated to give $70
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million in bonuses. >> $70 million in bonuses, las vegas trips and line dancing and systemic abuse of the tea party and other folks. what they have done, they have basically proven the indictment of the tea party of the obama administration and big government that's too instrutive, so big, too hostile to the average individual, they made the case, and what they have done, also, barack obama val aprilized these folks in 2011, 2012, and 2013, it turns out they have been victimized by the obama regime. this is an ideal position for the tea party and election of 2014 and the republicans and the conservatives. the case has been made. a big, intrusive government, irs, nsa, you name it. >> interesting how people have gone after the tea party. not into the social issues which divide us and create such passion, they just don't like big government, don't like the irs and frankly they have proven
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to not like the irs. a little suspicious of the nsa spying on them and question immigration. that's all, and for some reason, some people that are totally unglued both in the republican and democrat party in them. >> the tea party was tremendously instrumental in a 60-vote pickup or something like that back in 2010. demonized, their approval rating went down i guess from 50% or so, went down, down, down, tied them to the republicans and hope it will sink the republicans, what happened? hey, these guys were telling the truth when they talked about the irs, talked about big government. the indictment by the tea party of big government has been validated by the way they've been treated. >> and as far as we know, they don't advocate bombing police
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stations or targeting politicians. >> remember 2009, camera after camera going around and found one guy, apparently had a holstered gun who showed up with a rally. with due respect, some of the media went out to demonize them and paint them -- what is that phrase they use on -- in great britain on the right wing. these guys are all swivel-eyed loons. that's what they tried to do to the tea party. the tea party was in the cat bird seat. they were right. >> when i come here at night, what do you do when you are not -- coming here as a tea party representative. i'm a lawyer, accountant, a pilot for american airlines. these are lawful citizens who just had enough. >> this is what makes what the irs did very malevolent and
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malicious. we'll get into towns, four and five people, send documents over to the irs and to have them systematically slow walked, withheld, questioned, and harassed as they were a bunch of nazis and destroy the enthusiasm and basically deprive them of their right to participate in democratic government is really inherently outrageous, what that irs did. and it -- you know, greta, it makes another point. barack obama found out his cincinnati office of 80 people were hassling and harassing these people, three years and three months after it started going on. his whole washington office, we didn't know anything. what does that tell you? it tells you that the government has gotten so big, that it really is out of control. it doesn't know what itself is dog. >> you know this administration, others, and people don't want to profile. we don't profile by race, we
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don't profile by religious, and when anyone gets caught profiling, everybody has a stroke about it, as they should, but u.s. okay to profile the tea party. they aren't profiling them, the irs, but yet it's open season. >> they come to rallies, bring all these flags, keep an eye out those guys. >> who has more to fear from the tea party, president, republicans, or democrats? >> i think the republican party -- i think the tea party is in the cat seat as mr. nixon used to say, and the republican party is for 2014. what is their issue? party of private sector, government too big and intrusive, what do they got? nsa, whatever you say about it. some things have to be done, they will get everybody's e-mails and everybody's phone calls to get access to that, the irs is out of control, the
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attorney general is going after journalists and doesn't tell the president, and have you a commander in chief or chief executive who doesn't know what is going on. if he were the head of a corporation, he would be that same place today where that guy is that says you will like the way you look. out of a job today. seriously. a board of directors, mr. executive, you didn't know this, this, this, this? like the fellow at enron. he didn't know what was going on. out he went. >> pat, disturbing new information tonight in the nsa scandal. turns out the contractor that did the background check on nsa leaker edward snowden is now itself your honor crimin itself under criminal investigation. >> criminal investigation by the office of personnel management inspector general and received information this investigation is related to uses, systematic failure to adequately conduct
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investigations into its contract. and usus conducted a background check in 2011 for edward snowden. we are limited what we can say about the investigation, clearly it's an ongoing investigation and we cannot comment. it's a reminder that background investigations have real consequences for national security. >> you know, pat, this one sort of borders something is messed up. usus. 2/3 of the back fwroground chec. why do we outsource? the fbi used to do it. they themselves are under criminal investigation and last year, the taxpayers paid them $200 mullion plus. >> this to me was a revelation. have you this usus organization doing 2/3 of the security checks for two years your honor investigation for systematic failure to do the security checks of people like snowden, and they are getting all of this
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money, and the outsourcing of this to private contractors and -- i mean, another figure, you know, where the federal government has 2.7 million employees, there are 7.8 million contractors working in various capacities for the u.s. government, 500,000 of them have security clearances, and those clearances i guess were done by this organization, which we've heard from senator mccaskill is being charged with system at uk failure to do the investigations on the national security background and background of the people they are passing on. >> senator claire mccaskill sounds like a tea party person. >> i mean, she ought to be outraged and does a good job on some of these things, doing a good job here. the enormous size what's being done by private contractors, i
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have to say, i was utterly unaware of that. >> talk about the size of it. how about the pure insanity of it, we're outsourcing it, paying an enormous amount of money, and what are we getting in return? a product that's pathetic. >> and this group has been passed from one of these investment groups to others, even the carlyle group had control of it at one point and they are the people who clearing the individuals who can see top-secret documents and higher clearance than that. and these are the folks that let snowden get the kind of clearance, which one fellow said, only 40 people can see what came out of the fisa court. and he has the access? they cleared him? this is the beginning of a very, very large scandal. it goes back to the point we're making this government is gigantic. >> but where is -- it's gigantic, but where is the outrage? i tip my hat to claire mccaski l
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mccaskill. who everybody vilifying the tea party? what are they doing with our money? >> isn't the tea party the ones saying what's happening in government. the tea party professiven right. eric holder testified may 15th about the snooping on journalists, republicans were not satisfied with his answers, one in particular and demanded more answers from the attorney general, and holder sent a letter to the house judiciary committee. did he answer all the questions? republicans now satisfied or should be expect more trouble on the horizon. ron did nice to see you, congressman. >> good evening. >> you got your letter from the attorney general, a little late, past the deadline, but nonetheless, you got it. satisfied he has explained his answer on may 15th about whether or not he knew about the
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potential prosecution? >> i'm not at all. i mean, i think the attorney general, he just doesn't appreciate congress' oversight function, stent think we should be getting involved in his business and basically he said we had to allege that rosen was a co-conspirator to satisfy the statute and get the warrant, so he kin of dances around about whether they actually considered him to be a criminal suspect. he did acknowledge he approve the warrant. but he responded about why they sought a protective order to keep this secret which is usually not the case, and he cited things such as he thought rosen would flee or destroy evidence or obstruct justice. to me that opens up more questions. what basis did they have to suspect that? so i think that he's going to have more questions that we're going to have for him. >> the thing is, if he said they had to exaggerate it to get the
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warrant, what is so extraordinary is that in other words he had to fudge the facts for a federal judge. that's usually called being deceitful or deceptive. fudge it about james rosen to get the warrant. not particularly attractive response. >> right. they want to have it -- he wants to have it both ways. he wants to say, what i told your employee committee is abso true. he was never under any threat of prosecution, but yet they had to allege the court this person at the very least is an aider, abettor, co-conspirator, is he still in this untenable position, which is why i have called for him to resign. interesting, fwreta, over the month, we have gotten a number of people in the house who have called for him to resign, up to 122, and that list is growing. >> i let also, sort of the word
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that's lost in translation. he spoke, testified on may 15th, he didn't say they didn't intend to prosecute much he talked about the potential, an even broader standard. that's what he needs to splaun. he went even farther, no potential thought of prosecuting a journalist, and when you call someone a co-conspirator in an affidavit to a federal judge, it's sort of hard to explain you wouldn't think that would be a potential person to prosecute. co-conspirator? we're going to let him go? >> we didn't even know about rosen at the time. we were talking about basic subpoenas of people who work for the ap. he absolutely knew that would be something that we definitely would have been concerned with. he chose to try to answer in a way that was at best misleading to the committee, and, again, not what the american people deserve. >> all right. so what's the plan? are you going to get him to come in and to testify and further
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explain it? obviously, a letter is not exactly the best way to explain himself. maybe he has a better explanation or more complete one? >> what he has agreed to do is meet privately with the chairman of the committee, boob goodlatt and two of the ranking democrats. i'm willing to see what happens. >> why privately? we're sort of all in on this too. why are you going to do this in private? american people would like the answer too. why agree to private? bring him up, put him under oath. give him every chance to answer fully. you bring us into it by doing this publicly. we hear it, our attorney general, we'd like to hear the answer as well. not the private business. >> you are preaching to the quire on that one. this is what is going to happen. he's agreed to do that. there will be some type of meeting.
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>> why do you accept that? you don't have to accept that? why do you accept that? you know, the american people -- >> i'm not accepting it. >> well, go to your chairman, ask your chairman, why are you accepting this? accused this man of lying, why not if he has an innocent explanation, let's hear it. don't all meet in private and then come out and tell us. >> i agree with you. i will definitely do that, and i know the overwhelming majority of members on our side of the committee will want this to be public. this may just be an intermediate step. >> you don't even need this. why do you need an intermediate step? say you will let him come, testimony he can explain, instead, you sneak behind closed doors and everybody says what everybody else said, and we doan know what was said. >> you're right.
7:17 pm
to me, this is not sufficient. i think that they've agreed to do this. i had nothing to do with it. most of our committee members didn't. i think that cannot be the end of it. we need to have a public hearing. absolutely. >> i hope you say we shouldn't have this sneaky behind the scenes closed while we're all good buddies, slap each other on the back and say let's just lay it out right from the get go, however the cards may fall, they may fall. no reason, in fact, a waste of time if he speaks publicly. let's lay it out to the public. >> i'm game for that let's do it. >> good. all right. congressman, thank you. good luck on your mission. if you accept it. thank you, sir. >> all righty. to tonight's "hot button issue" on attorney with attorney holder's answers? yes or no? vote in our poll. straight ahead, would you ever ask congress to subpoepend $45,f
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the u.s. department of agriculture is threatening to reduce food aid to needy women and chirp. so what are they spending the money on? if you are not sitting down now, maybe you should sit down for this. byron york joins us. by ro byron, where is this money going? >> the administration has been resisting sequestration cuts. they would have to cut women, infant children nutritional
7:23 pm
supplements to 600,000 people. tom coburn starts looking into what they are actually spending some of their money on. for example, they have value-added producer grant which help companies market and create new product. they are giving $25,000 to a kansas winery to help promote kansas wine. $300,000 to a michigan winery and $49,000 to an iowa winery. $45,000 in one of these value-added producer grant to a west virginia company to help it market its bloody mary mix. so tom coburn is looking at some of these expenses and instead of not giving food assistance to poor people, maybe you could stop spending this. >> and some money going to someplace on martha's vineyard too. >> very ritzy place.
7:24 pm
incredibly expensive island. the entire island has been labeled as a rural area and is eligible for taxpayer assists loans. >> and $100,000 for the appleton creek winery in new york. why are we -- why are we giving all this money for these wineries to market their products? >> i know, these prom programs have grown up over the years without any real scrutiny, and what -- if you look at coburn's website -- >> the tea party objection that the government has got know too big? >> i believe it is. if you look at tom coburn's website, been doing this a ltim into existence. does it with every single department. the thing is, you can do this with every single department and
7:25 pm
find spending just as cooky in other areas. >> i can't find anyone but the recipients not finding this appalling. $162,000 for this winery in maryland. i mean, families -- families sit around at night and debate whether to spend $500 to fix the washing machine that's gone down this is not the government's money to play around with. >> and programs they should be doing, got out of hands. coburn found a free lunch program for children your honor t under the age of 18. it had been expanded. it started as free lunches for poor children. now it's free lunches for everybody. many, many parents can afford to buy their children lunch. why are you buying free lunches for everybody under 18?
7:26 pm
>> why is tom coburn the only one appalled by this. why weather is everybody else? >> they express opposition to earmarks but get caught up in other things. read the letter that coburn wrote to tom vilsack, secretary of agriculture. it required a lot of work. had to devote staff to this. look into this stuff. do a fair amount of research, and also, you don't want to single out any one department and again, coburn has done it across the whole federal government. >> vilsack, the secretary of agriculture's response is what? women, infant and children or the wineries? >> the department of agriculture says they have cut a lot of other programs in an effort to preserve food assistance for low income women, infants and children as much as possible. coburn says, yes, you have, but here are these other things. these programs found after the usda said they cut a lot ofweight waste.
7:27 pm
>> nothing to prevent this without the senator doing it. >> it's always been there. >> news developing tonight. an nfl star linked to a homicide investigation. and look closely. who is this? ron burgundy, the anchor man? #greta, post your guesses right now. we'll tell you who this really is, coming up. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. tonight, the mystery surrounding an nfl star getting stranger. aaron hernandez at the center of a homicide investigation. a semi pro football player found dead near his home. he stopped at a gas station, reporters swarmed hernandez. >> can we ask about the situation? aaron, did you have any
7:32 pm
involvement. we just want to hear your side of the story. >> involved in the murder at all? anything you want to say? what happened on monday night? can you tell us what happened on monday night? are you being arrested? >> get out of the way, get out of the way. >> also today, the mother of the homicide victim, odin lloyd, speaking to reporters. >> i would like to thank that god put him in the right place at the right time so he could spot my son's body, and my son is a wonderful child. he was a family guy. he hasn't done anything to hurt anyone. and all i can say to you guys is to please, let us be in peace.
7:33 pm
i have nothing else to say. >> "boston globe" reporter ben volen is here. good evening. is there any evidence to tie mr. hernandez with this homicide? >> you know what, greta. there is actually. the drama aftum of the day, aar hernandez, the helpa -- helicopter. aaron and the victim were together early monday morning after a night of going out. that's important. because police estimate the victim was murdered between 1:00 and 6:00 a.m. on monday morning, and now they have this video that kind of puts aaron hernandez together with the victim around early monday morning. like i said, after a night of going out. not too much of a window for this victim to have met many
7:34 pm
other people and homicide to have taken place. other report where there were four gentlemen seen in the car, including aaron hernandez and the victim, only three seen coming home and reports today that aaron hernandez smashed his cell phone and destroyed his video surveillance tapes of security system at his home beforeha handing things over to the police. police have not officially listed hernandez as a suspect, but arrows are pointing in his direction. not a good sign for the patriots star tight end. >> when you say there is a video, any information of where the video is from or wheat in the video? just a club video, or is there something much more sort of incriminating, closer to the time of the murder? >> details are still sketchy at this point. but i believe the video of the two here in dorchester, closer to boston as opposed to aaron's home, down near the rhode island
7:35 pm
border and where the homicide took place. so i believe the video puts them together in a night out in boston, the video images emerged of them together monday morning, so aaron hernandez, with the victim, right before he was killed more or less, and officials also say that the victim was actually killed in the industrial park, where he was found. we're describing his bullet-ridden body found in the industrial park and police have spent the last two days, scouring the park, looking for shell casings, any clues that could tie the victim and the suspect. >> i read it was execution style. multiple wounds? >> we're writing in "the boston globe" his bullet ridden body was found in the industrial
7:36 pm
complex. i also heard one gunshot to the head. details sketchy right now. all from unnamed police sources. police are officially being very quiet about this. hard to sort through the facts and figure out what's true and what is just rumor at this point, but we know that the victim was killed at this industrial park, a mile away from hernandez' home, it happened monday morning and there is video showing hernandez with the victim early monday morning. >> one quick question. is he cooperating with the police or not? >> actually, he's not. hernandez has not been cooperating. smashed his cell phone, destroying his surveillance tapes from his home security system, and also, reports that he brought in a cleaning crew to his house on monday during the day, and he is not -- he's doing everything he needs to do within the letter of the law, but not officially cooperating with the investigation as of now. >> ben, thank you. we look forward to seeing the globe's report tomorrow.
7:37 pm
thank you, ben. >> thank you. >> let's bring in our legal panel, defense lawyer bernie grimm and ted williams. ben will stick around us with. let me ask you first, ted. your thoughts. >> well, yeah, very suspicious activity. i mean, we know that the timeline is very significant and important in this case, and they were together from friday to monday, and i was asking bernie earlier, any nexus between saturday to monday when the body was found? and from what i understand, thy were also together according to the reporter here. you look at the suspicious activity, destroying a camera, having a cleaning crew come in that morning, destroying the security system. that's suspicious activity. but i must say, he's smart in shutting up and not saying anything at this stage. >> bernie. >> the only reason he stopped perhaps obstruction his conduct, sit still, stop talking, don't do anything. look at this for opening
7:38 pm
statement. knew the victim, seen with the victim, friday through sunday into monday. three rental cars, one found at the scene, one dropped off at a hurry and one leaving his home got pinned in by the police. security system, cell phone, cleaning crew. this guy likes to live on the edge, and we've not gotten into the gun play that he's alleged in. >> civil suit, regarding another matter unrelated to this? >> two other incidents related to this with guns that hernandez is tied too. a new lawsuit filed down in south florida. a man alleges that aaron hernandez either purposefully or negligently fired a firearm and struck his face, shattered his eye. ruined his vision. he is suing hernandez for $100,000, and alleging hernandez didn't have a license for the
7:39 pm
gun. and when he was a freshman at the university of florida in 2007, he was questioned in related to another shooting. no charges ever filed. nothing ever came of it for hernandez, but clearly a pattern is emerging of him, hanging out with the wrong people and having a lot of gun incidents. >> panel, a quick break. coming up, the new clues in the hernandez case is next. two minutes, move over jennifer aniston and katy perry. john mayer has a new woman. this could be big. two minutes away. after a workout, i had a heart attack here in this gym.
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7:45 pm
the bullet in the body, see if it matches up from the previous shootings. whether he had the same gun he had a few months ago in miami, where he wasn't reported as being the shooter. may not have taken the gun away. the stomach contents will tell the medical examiner how long after the last meal he was shot. the information about the place of death, i'm not sure why they say he was shot in the industrial area, rather than being dumped there. they may have some information on that but it hasn't come out. how many gunshot wounds, where they were fired, has to come from the autopsy report, because misinformation come out early from what people -- police, appears to be the case, looking at the outside of the body. we have more information to come. >> i assume -- if it's at close range, might have blood on, might spatter back, done in a
7:46 pm
car, for instance, blood all over the car, or maybe on the weapon. >> if he was shot in the car or transported in the car. it's odd to have someone go to an industrial park where nobody is around, so it sound like initially he was dumped there, and he got there by some vehicle, and that vehicle may contain lots of blood, saliva, hair from the victim. >> aaron hernandez, the one who all the attention is on, the football star, the name people know. there were other people, and aaron hasn't been arrested. even if this man were killed in his house, and it was cleaned up as best it could with a cleaning service, can you really get the signs of the blood cleaned up? >> as you have seen in other cases, greta, the normal cleaning of a house doesn't
7:47 pm
destroy blood that can't be seen by the naked eye. it can be found by various chemical tests. in one newspaper articles, there were four people leaving the house, including the decedent, and three come back, so the other two people i'm sure are under intense questioning by the police, and maybe it's one of the other guys who had the gun. so there are three people the police are looking at i would think, two others besides hernandez. >> dr. baden, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> legal panel is back, bernie, if you are the lawyer, first one who get to the prosecutor, if they are guilty. who is the smartest one on this? >> you have to assess the evidence on this. it's a gut check. you don't know what the evidence is. hopefully your client is being forthright, listen if you learn the truth about this, this is
7:48 pm
what happened. and i don't like doing this at all, but you get to the prosecutor's office, first one there gets the best deal. >> you shake your head. >> well, yeah, i have to agree with bernie here, but i would have to believe that law enforcement know quite more than they are actually putting out there right now. >> i think too. i think the rental car probably has a lot of clues of some sort. >> and this is multimillion dollar homes in the neighborhood. we'll be looking at videotapes of when they left that club. i think they have a timeline, and it's only a matter of time. now, if he destroyed some of this evidence, he could be charged with obstruction of justice. >> and likelihood somebody is doing some talking. three guys, if they are involved. it looks really bad right now, somebody is talking. >> police talked to them, you know what? we talked to hernandez, we told him you shot him. we just talked to smith, he said you shot him.
7:49 pm
>> not to mention the girlfriend, the mother, and the sister. >> one more thing, michael baden, they brought him to that industrial complex, he was already dead. lloyd won't go to that complex alone at night. >> straight ahead, the year 1980. who is the guy in this photo? keep guessing. post your thoughts at #greta. my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app.
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geraldo rivera. and another viewer says senator marco rubio, and the final guess, matt lauer.
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over fifty-five billion dollars here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. >> greta: president obama needs to stand up to his advantage? >> president obama's approval rating dropped eight points
8:00 pm
down to 45% in a year and a half. but he's not letting it get him down. he's bound to found out whose approval he's lost using their e mail and phone records. he's going to win them back. yes. >> good night. before. >> the riley factor is on tonight. much to do more to secure the border. that's what we are offering here today. >> tough new sanction against the illegal aliens. it will be enough to convince the republicans to support the immigration bill. we'll tell you what is going on. new england patriots catcher aaron hernandez under suspicion in a murder case. megyn kelly is following the investigation. >> i loved that kid like i loved my son. but he's got a drug problem and


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