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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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will talk with gabe gabriel gomez. keep it here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, paula deen's empire in jeopardy. she admits she used the "n" word and now the multimillionaire queen of comfort food has been pushed out of the food network. plus, the nfl player in the middle of a murder mystery. cops pay another visit to the home of the new england patriots' tight end aaron hernandez. now we are learning more about the security system at the house. the system somebody reportedly destroyed. plus, word of a near disaster in the sky. the feds say two planes got dangerously close to each other over one of the nation's busiest airports. and bleach. it's what's for dinner.
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>> the government isn't going to save you from these ingredients. >> scientists lots of food we eat is filled with chemicals outlawed in other countries. >> shepard: we begin this friday night with breaking news federal prosecutors have now charged ed snow den with espionage. ed snow den is the former national security agency contractor who leaked documents about top secret surveillance programs. he is also facing charges of theft and conversion of government property. the leak sparked national and international debates about the secret powers of the nsa to infringe on the privacy of both americans and foreigners. our chief judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is on the line with us now. judge, does this come as a surprise to you? >> no. it doesn't come as a surprise at all, shep. in fact, it's necessary for the government in order to start extradition wherever he is. he may still be in hong kong or he may be in another country to have a criminal charges filed.
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these are preliminary criminal charges. this is not a grand jury indictment but this is sufficient to start the ball rolling to authorize agents of the country, whatever country he is in to arrest him and begin the process of getting him back here. >> shepard: as it always does when the government vale -- veil of secrecy is lift. government screaming he has caused problems and endangered lives in this country. while the other side says it's about time that the government knows what we are doing to us. what's your position here. >> our own view is that he has done the right thing by exposing to the american public that it's popularly elected government has been spying on nearly every voter and every person in the country. the issue for him is whether or not a court will permit him to make that argument which is essentially a moral and constitutional argument. it's not a legal defense. he has essentially admitted to having done what the government has charged him with. but he wants to be able to
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tell a jury. i'm guessing this, shep, obviously i haven't spoken with him. he wants to be able to tell a jury that he served a higher good, which was his oath to uphold the constitution and for that reason he did the right thing. the question is will the judge, whoever this case is assigned to permit tim to make that argument? >> judge, this obviously breaking in on short notice and the rest but espionage? what can happen to him. >> well, espionage is a charge that basically means doing something to help the country's enemies. it's not treason so he can't get the death penalty but he could serve a life sentence, depending upon the harm that the government can show he caused the country and the help the government can show he provided to the country's enemies. this is a high bar for the government to meet. apparently it's going to attempt to do so. >> shepard: judge napolitano, stay with
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you would. i want to bring in jennifer griffin. our national security correspondent. live with us tonight from the pentagon. jennifer, what do you know? >> what we know is officials have told ed henry at the white house that in fact federal prosecutors have in fact filed a sealed criminal complaint against nsa leaker edward snow den, the u.s. is going to be asking for snowden to be detained on provisional arrest warrant. this is the first step in requesting extradition from hong kong as the judge was just describing. snow den was charged as we have learned with espionage, theft and conversion of government property, and what we do know is that the case has been sealed in the eastern district court of virginia. that's important because that's where his employer bruce alan is located. it's also a court that has dealt with a lot of national security cases over the years. so, it will be very interesting to see if the hong kong government, which again will have to get permission from china if i understand correctly whether they will proceed with an extradition of
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edward snowden if, in fact, they know where he is located at this time, shep. >> shepard: we have been led to it believe, jennifer, that more leaks are coming, that we are going to learn more about how the government operates in the shadows. what is your sense of things here? >> well, it's very interesting that today there was another leak, presumably from snowden, too. because it appeared in both the "the washington post" and the guardian newspaper, which has been his outlet up until now. that classified document dealt with the nsa's rules for listening in on americans' telephone conversations and email communications overseas with foreigners. it raised certain interesting issues that until now had been discussed but we have not seen in black and white. so, edward snow den has said repeatedly that more leaks are coming and so there is a little bit of a cat and mouse game at this point in time. >> shepard: judge knap, if more leaks come, could more charges come? >> yes, absolutely, shep.
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it would be more counts of the same charge. the charge would be espionage but there would be x counts of them depending upon how many leaks -- how many leaks the government says -- how many leaks he admits to. >> shepard: jennifer, he has indicated that he had access or could get access to just about any one's anything. he said even the president. >> well, you know, i had a very interesting conversation teed with somebody that has the top security clearance in the government who works closely with the nsa and i'm told that, in fact, those are exaggerations that edward snowden could not have done that the way this works, shep, is that there are six levels of top security clearance and each program has, even if you have the top security clearance, it's divided into six groups. even if you have that clearance, you are only read on to certain programs. edward snow den has been exsal gear rating to some
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degree about the access that he would have had given his level of security clearance and that is what has made u.s. officials and people we have heard this from congressman mike rogers who heads the intel committee in the house that they are concerned that he was not working alone and that he may, in fact, have some connections to the chinese government, may have been spying for a foreign enemy. that's why you might be seeing these espionage charges. >> shepard: judge, it was that very chairman mike rogers who was questioning the government witness about exactly what these -- this information that they have derived from terrorist sources, exactly what they have been able to liberal. so far the examples they have put up there, including this potential plot to bomb the new york stock exchange they don't seem credible. >> government's argument thus far to the congressional committees before whom very high ranking government officials have testified has turned out to be weak
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and contradicted by some of the government's own evidence. admiral clapper, the director of national intelligence two months ago told the senator widen, that the government was not, in fact, gathering large amounts of information about americans contrary to the truth. general alexander just two or three days ago told congressman rogers of whom you spoke when congressman rogers said to him does the nsa have the ability to listen to phone calls? he responded no, we don't have the authority to do so. now, of course, a lot of people in the media, including you and me, jumped on that because it was not a truthful and accurate answer to the question. and congressman rogers himself a former fbi agent did not follow up on this. perhaps he was happy with the impression that the general left. but the impression was not a truthful one. in fact, the government, according to nsa folks with whom fox news has spoken,
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former nsa folks does have the ability to listen in on phone calls. the question is will they do so or will they respect the constitution? >> shepard: it is a very good question. judge napolitano, jennifer griffin, more on these new charges against ed snow den the nsa leaker as they come in during this hour. first, a stunning series of developments today and now paula deen's past has cost her her job. the celebrity chef who made $17 million last year alone snader in a scandal involving her use of the "n" word. plans for plantation style wedding and frankly bizarre apology videos that appear to be too little too late. we will show you those videos in a minute. food network has just announced it is dropping her cooking shows. did so about two hours ago. dropping cooking shows in a recorded deposition. it stems from harassment suit that a worker at one of her restaurants filed against her. that restaurant uncle bubba's oyster house. in the deposition an
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attorney asked paula deen have you ever used the "n" word yourself? her response yes, of course. she added it was a long time ago and that's just not a word that we use as time has gone on. she went on to say things have changed since the 60's in the south. but the allegations of racism do not end there. the lawsuit claims paula deen planned a civil war era wedding. one that would have all black servers wearing all white suits. she told attorneys that she got the idea from a restaurant she had visited. the attorney asked those black men and women who were waiting on white people were slaves, right? she responded, yes. i would say that they were slaves. that didn't go over well. neither did the response she posted this afternoon to youtube. it vanished from the web site just a few minutes later but not before it played on televisions across the country. >> i want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that i have done.
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i want to learn and grow from this inappropriate hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable. i have made plenty of mistakes along the way, but i beg you my children, my team, my fans, my partners, i beg for your forgiveness. please forgive me for the mistakes that i have made. >> shepard: did you notice all those white flashes in the video? we didn't do that. paula deen's team edited it like that. notice she never mentioned what her mistakes might be. well, the pundits tore it apart and quickly. team deen took that video down and later posted take two. >> the color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter to me, but it's what in the heart. what's in the heart and my
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family and i try to live by that. and i am here to say i am so sorry. >> well, it appears sorry is not enough because within minutes of its posting paula deen was without a job. food network done. will her fan base go away as well? dominic di-natale is on it tonight. any word from the food network. >> i will tell you what, shep, the food network very swift and temperatures in terse. in dumping dean. will not renew her contract when it expires. earlier stated that the food network does not tolerate any form of discrimination and strong proponent of diversity and inclusion. deen who is 66 two shows with them. one of the most longest running recognizable stars. she made a third grabbling video. this day started very weird for her when she was a no show for candid interview
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with matt lauer on "the today show." then this afternoon this appeared online. >> the last 48 hours have been very, very hard. and, you know, i'm a strong woman, but today i wasn't. this morning i was not. >> well, reaction tonight across social networks is that this is going to be a hard one from her to bounce back from, shep. >> shepard: not her first controversy, dom. >> absolutely not. january last year, the very same day that she announced she had type two diabetes she endorsed a drug in lucrative deal with manufacturing. this is from a woman who made a cheeseburger patty sandwich between two donuts. it didn't go down well. >> shepard: dominic dethat tall la in los angeles. major developments in shooting death surrounding the football star aaron hernandez for the new england patriots. what the new england patriots said or did not
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only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> shepard: a new england patriots tight end is at the center of the media at least of a homicide investigation. investigators are working to figure out just who shot and killed a young man who reportedly had connection to the patriots aaron hernandez. just hours ago he showed his face for the first time all day when he returned to his-million-dollar mansion in a white suv, didn't say a thing. >> no. >> aaron, do you have anything to say? aaron? >> shepard: clearly he didn't. he walked into his home and that was that remember earlier this week a jogger found the body of 27-year-old oden lloyd not far from that station. fox 25 from boston and new england reports surveillance video shows
4:18 pm
aaron hernandez and two friends entering his home right around the same time, that neighbors there say they heard gunshots. this morning we again saw state police enter and leave the mansion southwest of boston. in fact, several visitors stopped by. watch that guy in the red shirt there delivering an edible arrangement. a fruit basket. we don't know who sent it. somebody answered the door and took the delivery. bob ward of fox 25 is live in boston. what's the latest on the investigation as you know it, bob? >> well, the latest we're hearing is that an arrest warrant was issued today for the arrest of aaron hernandez on obstruction from justice charges. and we believe the root of that is that his home surveillance system, the hard drive to that system was damaged when police arrived. police also wanted to go through his cell phone but when the lawyer handed over the cell phone it was damaged. we understand aaron hernandez has not been forth coming with state police. this arrest warned was issued. but, shepard, it's a little
4:19 pm
bit mysterious because we understand it's a paper warrant. it's not online. it's not in the court system. so it may be something that the state police are holding back as they try to negotiate with him to try to talk to him about what actually happened back early monday morning. >> shepard: bob, any word on what police were doing at his house today? >> no official word, but talking to some experts today, they may have been stopping by to issue subpoenas, possibly for a grand jury. they were not handing out -- they were not issuing any kind of search warrants because the state police only stayed in that house for about a minute or so and then they left. and if you look at the video, can you see them walking in there with papers and notebooks and then they took off. just before that about a half dozen state troopers in their cars spread out. they left the police station. we saw the one cruiser going there to his house. we don't know where the others went. we tend to think that they may have been issuing subpoenas, delivering subpoenas for possibly a grand jury next week. >> shepard: bob ward the
4:20 pm
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prosecutors and defense attorneys say it it makes their case. george zimmerman was the neighborhood watchman in central florida when he shot and killed an unarmed teenager named travon martin last year. you know the story. zimmerman says it was self-defense. prosecutors charged him with murder in the second degree. judge could rule at any time whether to allow expert analysis of audio captured on that cell phone.
4:24 pm
the state's experts say it's likely travon martin screaming for help in the background. the defense says it's george zimmerman. here it is. >> 911, do you need police, fire or medical? >> maybe both, i'm not sure. there is just someone screaming outside. >> shepard: the judge left court this morning to work on her ruling at home and phil keating is following the news from our florida newsroom. >> the defense wanted to inprogram inflammatory language recommendation debra nelson refused to except when it came to the term racial profiling. she will not allow prosecutors to use that term monday morning. he wanted judge debra nelson to prohibit prosecutors from using six inflammatory terms. the most contentious dealing with the racial component. >> there are a number of avenues that someone can be profiled at any one or in combination. so, but we don't intend to say that he was solely
4:25 pm
profiled because of race. >> ruling in favor of the state, the judge is allowing these terms to be used monday, profiled, vigilante, wanna be cop and the phrase he confronted travon martin declaring essentially that is the state's case. the parents of travon martin was not in court today nor was zimmerman. the martin did address five whites, one hispanic and no blacks. this case has always been about equal justice. equal justice under the law is not a black value or a white value. it's an american value. this jury as you may know will be sequestered for the buyer trial estimated to take 2 to 4 weeks. and the four alternates on this panel will never learn that they are just alternates until the day deliberations begin. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live for us. phil, thanks. we have new information on our top story. the feds have now filed criminal espionage charges against this man ed snowden in connection with with the leaks of that top secret surveillance information.
4:26 pm
plus, thousands of planes take off and land from new york city each day. now, the feds are investigating why one departing flight from laguardia came way too close to an arriving flight at jfk. and some more promising news for passengers. a new report suggests flight attendants could soon stop bugging us all to turn off our gadgets during takeoff and landing. they don't do anything. so maybe we will get to hear -- is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hour zero heartburn. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. yes. with new nature made vitamelts. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty new nature made vitamelts. get a sample on our facebook page
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>> shepard: pretty traumatic rescue as a toddler fell from a five story building. look at this. there you see the men there reportedly heard somebody screaming and crying, so that's why they jumped into action. they ran over to the building and saw the 2-year-old dangling from an apartment window. they positioned themselves beneath her and caught her in their arms when she let go. one rescuer reportedly hurt his neck. another his arm. the toddler said to be fine. some cuts and scrapes. this happened in china. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report" it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. updating breaking news now. the feds have filed charges of espionage against the nsa leaker ed snow den. a senior u.s. official tells fox news snow den is also facing charges of theft and conversion of government property. catherine herridge is live
4:31 pm
in our d.c. newsroom. what do these charges mean, exactly, catherine? >> well, shep, a short time ago, i spoke with a leading defense attorney who has handled a lot of these national security leak cases and he said to me the charges in some ways are very straightforward. theft, for example, conversion of government property. in this case it probably simply means that when snow den went into booze alan hamilton and he put that thumb drive into the computers and copied the documents and took them home that would have amed to the conversion of government property. he took it home for his own use. then the third is espionage. the defense attorney told me that there is something called the national defense information statute. and he believes the espionage charge is being brought under the statute. what it means in effect is that if you take information and you are not authorized to release it and that information benefits a foreign government, then that is a crime kind of like a mini treason. so you don't have to have evidence that these documents were taken at the request of a foreign government or that the
4:32 pm
individual was working for a foreign government in this case, shep. >> shepard: does this mean that they have to prosecute him for he is peabody nawj. >> it does. the way it works whatever charges are decided upon the justice department and they choose to expedite snow den on those charges, they have to prosecute him on the u.s. on the very same charges. they can't do a bait and switch. this may explain why it's taken a few weeks for this criminal complaint to be put together, shep. >> it's sealed. what's the thinking on why they sealed the complaint? >> that's sort of the interesting elements of the story. it's very traditional in these federal cases when you put a federal complaint into court that it is under seal. you see it a lot in terrorism cases simply because the government doesn't want the suspect to know what the charges are and the strength of the case because they might flee. but, of course that is kind of -- you know, the horse is out of the gate so to speak. it doesn't apply in the snowden case.
4:33 pm
is he already out of the country. this is really a standard practice, there is no specific secrecy attached to it. >> shepard: all right, catherine herridge in washington with an update for us. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: former justice department official who once stood up to the white house for surveillance is chosen by obama to be the next fbi director. job and family services comby was the fbi director under former george w. bush. praised for challenging the warrantless wiretapping program. analysts say they do not expect a confirmation battle in the senate. in 2004, he rushed to the hospital to keep two top white house aides aides from asking a very sick attorney general john ashcroft to reauthorize the wiretapping program. president obama did not mention that today when you did he praise comey for putting integrity of ahead of politics. >> he was than doing something fundamentally wrong. we know the rule of law sets this nation apart and is its foundation.
4:34 pm
>> shepard: the president thanked the fbi director robert mueller saying countless americans are alive today because of him. director mueller took over the fbi the week before 9/11 he is set to retire this september. close call in new york city. two planes got within 200 feet of each other last week. thankfully both landed safely. now investigators say they are trying to figure out how this happened. lauer ingle is in our new york newsroom. laura. >> hi, shep. there was just barely enough airspace to go around two planes came within a football field length of each other. happened june 14th at 2:40 p.m. john f. kennedy and laguardia airports. a boeing 747 arriving at jfk came dangerously close do a shuttle flight taking off from laguardia. in a statement released today the federal aviation administration says the two aircraft were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation.
4:35 pm
now, tower control audio between the controller and delta pilot there was a serious problem at hand. the transcript says the controller is heard saying delta 171 heavy, traffic 12:00, 1400 feet. in prayer, that's the small plane 1600 feet. the pilot responds okay we have got them on the fish finder here. the controller says okay he is eastbound at 1800 feet. the voices really escalate here the fish finder the pilot is referring to is slang for the equipment used to alert pilots that another plane is in the area and getting close. the delta flight coming into jfk was a missed approach. the pilot was coming around for a second attempt to land. no word on if that was the cause of the close call. shep? >> shepard: all right, laura, thank you, according to the transportation department, pilots reported 100 close calls. 90 in 2010. the faa reports there are 85,000 flights in the u.s. every day. next time you fly you might
4:36 pm
not have to turn off your ipad or pretend to. the "wall street journal" which our parent company owns easing restrictions on passengers in flight. specifically when the plane son the ground and taking off and landing. those rules are not just annoying for fliers they don't do anything to keep us safer. fed's own study 1/3 of fliers never turn their devices off when they are told to. no word on time line for potential changes. worth noting cell phone calls in flight would still thankfully be banned. ingredients in name brand foods that you have in your home right now are aroad by our government. they are banned in more than 100 other countries. wait until you hear why. imporm everything once in awhile.
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>> shepard: some of america's most popular packaged foods and soft drinks contain ingredients so bad for you they are actually banned in many other countries. in some cases most other countries. that's according to a recent book called rich food, poor food. a doctor and nutritionist wrote it mountain dew one of many soft drinks containing brominated vegetable oil. die stick to the liquid. chemical used to disenfecket swimming pools and linked to major organ damage. that's one of the reasons it's banned in more than
4:41 pm
100 countries. here in the united states it's f.d.a. approved. next, take foods with artificial food coloring pretty much fruit loops to mac and cheese. author says certain dyes in the food cause diseases including cancer in lab rats. f.d.a. approved banned in france and norway to name just a couple. fox news reached out to companies for reaction from these claims. we haven't heard back from any of them yet. the f.d.a. which approves these foods for our consumption says it uses extensive science based process to evaluate the safety of food additives. will carr with the news from our west coast news hub this afternoon. will. >> shep, i know you are from the south. you might be like me i love hot sauce on just about everything. what about putting hot sauce on your yoga mat. that doesn't sound good. how about on the bottom of this tennis shoes. so ingredients that were in these are the same ingredients in popular foods just like hungry man frozen dinners. if that sounds bad trust me
4:42 pm
it gets a little bit worse there are ingredients in gator aid, checks mix things like bubble yum oldy but goody. author says those ingredients are linked to cancers. they have been banned in other countries but right here in the united states, they are perfectly legal. here is what he says. >> i don't necessarily think this is going to be an issue where we will be able to get the f.d.a. to ban these ingredients. we much would rather empower the consumer. we want to give them the education that they need to so they can do something in the grocery store today. i think if americans start to look at food quality and really focus on that, i think we can prevent and reverse many of today's lifestyle health conditions and diseases that we're plagued by. >> we reached out to all the companies that actually make these products. so far we have not gotten any responses back. we also reached out to the f.d.a., they did give us a statement. it says, quote: that the agency continues to monitor the science on food additives and is prepared to take appropriate action
4:43 pm
if there are any safety concerns. we have that entire statement on our web site, which is shepard, can i tell you if there is any silver lining here it came from my mom who told me earlier today this story just proves i need to eat more vegetables. back to you. bill. >> shepard: that's it. will carr newest member of the fair and balanced team we welcome him. chemical found in frozen dinners may be f.d.a. approved over here in singapore if you use that same additives be prepared to serve up to 15 years in prison and pay a fine of up to $500,000. researchers are also warning of another new health risk, third hand smoke. third hand. that's the harmful residue that sticks around after a smoke from a cigarette has disappeared. it clings to surfaces like clothes and carpets. new study from university of california found third hand smoke can damage d.n.a. and lead to gene mutation. and that it becomes more dangerous over time. third hand smoke is also
4:44 pm
stubborn. some studies have determined owe-detected if in apartments more than two months after the smokers moved out. some of the worst flooding in decades is swamping a major city in canada. and the mayor of calgary alberta is warning the worst of it is yet to come. more than 4 inches of rain has reportedly fallen in two days. first alert forecasters say it won't let up until at least tomorrow. officials today evacuated the entire downtown section of the city as the waters continue to rise and the rivers burst their banks. more than a dozen towns have declared states of emergency in canada. pollution is hitting record high levels in singapore. experts say the smog has gone well beyond hazardous levels and could cause an increase in respiratory disease. many folks forced to cover their faces with masks or handkerchiefs or something. take a look at this. left of the screen capitol clear conditions 2011. photo on the right same area taken today. officials blame it on massive forest fires on an
4:45 pm
island in neighboring indonesia. they say farmers there are setting fire to their land as a cheap way of clearing it. singapore's prime minister says the smog could last four weeks. -- for weeks. bug big push on capitol hill to pass immigration reform before the fourth of july. some republican lawmakers say a bills that would cost tens of billions and does not secure a border does not do enough for them. drama over supposedly super bowl ring. oh, vladimir. the russian president has a proposal to end the cold war with new england. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go!
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♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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>> shepard: here is one for you. a couple who is about to say i do ordered online a banana republic tie and pocket square to match the navy blue suit. what did they get?
4:49 pm
confidential files on about 20 former employees including social security numbers, w 4 forms and doctor's notes. a spokeswoman for gap incorporated which owns banana republic said we are taking emuch immediate action to prevent this mismailing thing. in the future, and apologized for the error. by the way, the bride to be is the daughter of actor richard dreyfus. one of the world's largest chocolate makers is set to pay millions in fines. officials in hershey canada play guilty in their role in price fixing plots. necessarily and mars face similar charges but they deny them. senior executives of all of those companies, and hershey met secretly in coffee shops and conventions to set prices. canada's competition bureau as they call it slapped hershey with 3.8-million-dollar fine as part of what it calls leniency for cooperating with the investigation the that the will vote on
4:50 pm
immigration reform bill before july the 4th recess. that's the word from the senate jordan leader harry reid. yesterday the original plan for the bipartisan gang of 8 got an aboost when two g.o.p. senators introduced a proposal to dramatically increase border security. the measure calls for a so-called border surge. of course, some sort of deal on border security is considered critical for any bill to pass in the senate or the house. mike emanuel is on capitol hill in the middle of this mess. hello, mike. >> well, shep, good evening. those behind this amendment say the idea is reassuring anyone who is concerned about a lack of security on the border. >> first you have strategic plan for the southern border that's written right into the bill. all kinds of technology, sensors, radars, hospitals, drones, all these things, so you will know exactly who is trying to get across the border. that has to be in place first. >> members of the bipartisan gang of 8 senators that have been working on immigration reform for months say they
4:51 pm
now have strong democratic support for the amendment and the bill itself. their hope is this security amendment will lead to a big bipartisan vote on overall immigration reform, which would send a strong message to the house. supporters of the border surge say those who still vote against it arguing the border is not secure are just looking for an excuse because they just don't want to provide a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegals in this country. one border state conservative compared this to 1986 when there was amnesty but not real security. >> today, instead of 3 million people, we are dealing with 11 million people who are here illegally. what congress is saying is the exact same deal which is legalization first and then they are promising maybe some day in the future the border will be secured. >> the amendment comes up for a procedural vote late on monday. and as you have mentioned, senate majority leader harry reid wants to be done with immigration reform, send it on to the house before the fourth of july,
4:52 pm
shep. >> shepard: i bet there are fireworks. today white house press secretary jay carney said that amendment on border security represents a break through for the immigration reform bill overall. now there is the russian president vantd. he calling it truce with the patriots' owner robert craft. this happened after craft said president putin had pocketed his $25,000 super bowl ring back in 2005. stole dang thing. putin says he doesn't remember the ring or even meeting the patriots' owner. buff that he would have a custom piece of jewelry made for him. something made of precious metals and stones. putin joked he hoped it would quote end the complicated international problem. rapper and media mogul jay-z may have sold one million copies of his upcoming to samsung. samsung announced it would give away the copies for free exclusively to samsung galaxy users.
4:53 pm
since it's not technically selling them billboard's editorial director says it will not count toward of the company's music chart. he says it was not easy to turn down jay-z's request to turn down the downloads and the whole thing gives the company more to think about for future lists. meantime fellow rapper kanye west and kim kardashian have named their baby girl. you have heard what kimwe have come up with here. can you decide if kimye went the wrong direction. ♪
4:54 pm
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>> kimye named their baby girl north as in northwest. the birth certificate doesn't show a middle name feel free to insert joke. couple would named the named kadencdonda. then came north. good news though. kim's sister chloe says her mom and baby are healthy. celebrating the longest day of the year. 20,000 people hung out at stonehenge celebrate the summer solstice do it every year. yoga enthusiasts honored the day getting sweat on in new york's times square. 16,000 people registered for the event. bob beckel was there with his yoga mat. look at him go. bob beckel joins the annual tradition which started 11 years ago with just three
4:58 pm
people. the moon is going to get bigger this weekend or look like it anyway. so much so that scientists are calling it a super moon biggest and brightest of the year. nothing to do with bob beckel. [ laughter ] >> shepard: i couldn't resist. it will happen saturday night. astronomers say the moon will appear 14% larger than normal. best time to see it is just before sunrise on sunday. updating some of fox top stories tonight. number five. we don't have numbers tonight. the feds charge former nasa contractor ed snow deba leaking documents surveillance programs including the tracking of data in activity. the food network announced it will not renew paula deen's contract for popular cooking shows, comes after celebrity chef used the "n" word in the past and other things. new england patriots star aaron hernandez returned to his home hours ago. didn't say anything. the jogger this week found the body of man said to have connections with hernandez not far from
4:59 pm
home. surveillance video shows the athlete and two friends entering the house right around the same time neighbors say they heard gunshots. so there is trouble. and on this day in 1965, american band the birds released the album mr. tambourine man and sparked a folk rock revolution. the group named its debut after the bob dylan song of the same name. the birds were on the same record label as dillon. they had access of the demo version of his unreleased track. the band loved it version combining folk harmonies back beat and guitar style similar to the beetles. that mixture created an entirely new sound. the cover of the tune became number one single. in fact, it would be the only dillon song to reach the top of the charts in the united states. but the birds flu toward flame. sunday is episode two of
5:00 pm
true blood. so monday on "studio b," we will talk about it. i wonder what bill is going to do this time? ask mr. tambourine man. i think o'reilly is coming up but i'm not sure. >> greta: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the facts are that 11 million people live in the shadows and they live here in defactor amnesty. >> we didn't secure the border back in 1986. >> i don't think it's going to happen now either. >> battle lines have been drawn in the immigration fight and a huge split in the republican party about what to do we'll have a debate. >> greatest tribute that we can pay to those who came before us is by carrying on their work to pursue peace and justice, not only in our country but for all mankind. >> laura: president obama addresses a crowd of just 5,000 people in berlin this week. so where is all the fanfare gone and what does this say about america's role on the world


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