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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 22, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the commander and chief spend a hundred million bucks on he and the first family traveling. and unfortunately mr. president you are showing them how government works. respiratory >> he leaked highly classified secrets and now eric snowden, the man in the from of the scandal is formally charged with espionage. it could be a long legal battle to return snowden to the u.s. the next move could be up to hong kong where snowden is hiding. and some say it will be china's decision on whether to send him back to the u.s. and now new reports that iceland can get involved. we'll get the latest on the developing story with the details from molly. >> iceland has not said whether they would grant asylum.
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but they will send a private plane to get snowden if iceland will let him in. snowden's whereabouts are a mystery. there are news respects that he is in a police safe house and hong kong police would not comment on that. and now the u.s. government charged snowden with espionage, one hong kong law maker said it would be a battle to get him back on u.s. soil. >> the charges that are preferred against him by american government do not have the same offense in hong kong. or he can fight it on the grounds that this is a political prosecution, and therefore, is not within the hong kong- american extradition treaty. nformal charges are against.
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and it is a national defense communication and willful communication to classified communication information to a unauthorized person. and the top secret program by the obama administration and american e-mails and phone calls. one former operative said it is a boon to the chinese that controls hong kong where snowden may be hiding. >> we have to assume the chinese have possible control over him and access to him and information that he may have down loaded. i mean, it came at a time when we accused china of hack nothing the u.s. i don't expect the chinese will turn him over any time soon. >> charges against snowden if he is tried and convicted carry a maximum ten year prison sentence. >> thank you very much. >> another cause for concern are snowden's ties to julianne a safrj. wiki leaks is helping him to
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secower a sylumin iceland. joining us with insight and reaction to all of this coming collapse of china and east asia expert. thank you. >> what is at play right now. iceland businessman with a jet ready to take snowden if he is ready to travel to go to iceland for asylum. >> what is happening here. julianne a safrj is working hard to get snowden from hong kong to iceland, and also working to get citizenship in iceland for snowden and asylum and the reason why a safrj would do this. he wants the documents on the wiki leaks site. snowden has tried to get in touch with a safrj. and snowden wants to put the documents on the site and this is unparalleled event if that is
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occurring. and clearly the united states has a real opportunity and a limited one to get him to stop him from going on wiki leaks. >> we have a interesting cast of characters. julianne who is in the embassy in london where he is staying because he is charged with sexual assault and trying to avoid going back to home country of sweden and snowden in hong kong, looking to be safrj and also take off to iceland with a safrj's help. >> the thing that is concerned. the icelandic businessman has really lied about who is paying for the plane. there is a story, a newspaper in hong kong which talks about how this businessman hasn't been truthful about where the money came from for the plane. and so the question is, who is paying for the get away jet. >> what about the fact that china has a role to play in all
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of this? if china decides to weigh in and keep snowden there doesn't that benefit chin a. isn't it in their best interest to keep him in hong kong and not leave at all in >> yes. snowden is taken into custody and not only taken into custody and his four lap tops and hong kong police will share them with chinese intelligence and maybe some of the delay and filing extradition request we were concerned about the chinese getting the lap top. the chinese getting it is not as bad as wiki leaks. there may be a ical kualation. we don't want it to be public worldwide. >> and if he goes to iceland, there is nothing that the united states can do in terms of taking drastic measures to get him out of the country? >> we have an extradition treaty in iceland. there is no american citizen who
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has been exradieted by iceland. and so snowden is probably not going to be the first if arrange worked it out with the icelandic government. >> you know this type of a story well. what is your expectations of what transpires over the next several days. >> certainly china gets all of the information that snowden has. it may take longer than a couple of days and i am concerned about that. snowden may have been working for them in the first instance. and even if he isn't. we know that information will end up in/beijing sooner or later. >> we appreciate it very much. thank you. temperature >> now the bill is not perfect. it is a compromise and no one will get everything they want. not democrats or republicans and not me. but it is consistent with the principles that i laid out for common sense reform. republicans and democrats and
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ceo's and labor leaders say it is time to pass the bill. >> turning to a hot- button issue. senate democrats vowed to work on the immigration bill by july 4th. there will be a vote crafted by two republican senators. president obama is offering his support for the so- called gang of eight bill. but will the house gop leaders go for it? many republicans skeptical of the bill. >> i know you are wary of bipartisan immigration reformine though there is a senate bill. you want the house to steer clear until the 2014 elections are over and hope that there is a republican controlled senate at ta time so you don't have to deal with this? >> yes, so bee pass an e- verify
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bill. i loved that clip from obama you just played as if this is a reasonable pi partisan bill and everybody gets something. no, democrats will get 30 million new voters and 80 percent of which according to all polls will be voting for the democrats and why any republican supports this and by the way, it is striking that republicans including marco rubio don't support such amnesties when they are running for office. oh, no, once they get to washington, they discover all of the unknown bounties for republicans and amnesty. and rubio specifically said a pathway to citizenship is amnetty when he ran against charlie chrisp. >> and concerns over border security will be satisfied with this amendment and a lot of people are wondering what is the big rush to passing the bill before july 4th? >> yes, you are absolutely
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right. this is the way the democrats always hood wink and snooker the republicans as they tried to do with gun control. you have to be with gun control we are trying to help you out. we'll schedule the vote for sunday. the better path has been let's think about this and see what is in the thousand page bill. i mean tis another obama care- type bill where people don't know what is in it. a real inigration bill could be one page long. the idea that the fence is a impossible. what do you mean, a fence. we don't understand and it will not work. fences have worked all over the world going back hundreds of years. >> and you know, you mention the fact that it is a thousand page bill. a lot of folks are worried about the senators who vote on this will not have a chance to read all of the bill. some of the things we are not hearing about that much in the
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bill, is that there will be no repurcushions for immigrants who overstay visas and they will remain on the path to citizenship if they do in getting a grown card. isn't that giving immuneitty to the people who violate our laws and making it worse. >> yes, absolutely. the democrats don't worry about making law breakers getting them legalized and then giving them citizenship. don't be mistaken. the democrats don't care about the people. they don't care about low wage workers. and that's who republicans should care about. low wage workers will be devastated by bringing in another 30 million low wage workers. people will be poorer and especially those without a high school education and college education and they are already suffering under obama and massive unemployment and the last thing we need is another 30
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million low wage workers and by the way, the reason i say 30 million now, estimates now. i assume we have 11 million immigrations here. we have chain migration. that len million can bring in distant relatives and brothers-in-law and second cousins which is what happened with reagan's 1986 amnesty bill. you have that in 1986. and 1988, republican share of the hispanic vote plummeted. and a few years later last republican was elected statewide in california. it is devastating for the republican party. and devastating for the country, which the entire country should care about. especially those who care about the people who are in the bottom rungs of society. >> it is great to see you and we'll wait to see what transpires on monday as the
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senators get set to vote on this amendment. >> thank you. >> all the best. >> later today, we should hair from the parents of the only known u.s. prisoner of war. bob and jany are planning to speak out for the first time since the taliban made news they would release their son sergeant burredall. they were set to speak today. the sergeant was captured four years ago. and no word on if the u.s. will take up the taliban on its offer. >> the jury deciding george zimmerman's fate will not hear from two voice analyst who believe that trayvon martin was screaming and stop in the background of the recording. zimmerman is the former neighborhood watch man accused of killing the 17-year-old. there is no evidence to establish that scientific techniques have been tested and
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found reliable. defense attorneys said it could be zimmerman screaming stop. opening statements in george zimmerman's trial begin on monday. >> house republicans make the move to ban abortioning after 20 weeks of pregnancy. the congresswoman testimonies us why it is important and why the battle goes from here. and secretary of state john kerry overseas and meeting on what to do with syria and hoping that russia will back down on the backing of the regime. and scott brown will be joining us. and it doesn't get much mcdreamerer about this. we'll check in from the race track on the famous race track in lamon, france. stay with us. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should.
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this is the age of taking action. for a store near you go to >> welcome back, everybody. the house passed an abortion bill that republicans called a necessary response for the horrors of garnle. he was the abortion doctor sentenced to throw life terms
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for killing babies alive. our next guest found herself in the center of that debate. republican congresswoman blackburn. she joins us now. great, welcome, great to have you here today. >> great to be with you. >> i know it is an important issue. why is it important to call for the ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy? numa, it was important to pass it now and take a stand on the issue because this is something that 80 percent of the american people agree with us on. third tri- mester abortion should be eliminated. and the bill went to 20 weeks as you said and worked toward. six months. and what we have learned and science teaches us, that these babies, these unborn babies are capable of feeling pain. the abortion procedure is painful. and those that survive the
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botched abortions as we heard so much about in the gosnell trial. they are in a lot of pain when the necks are snipped or life is terminated and this is something that we felt like it was the appropriate response and science is on our side and american public is on our side and a way to take a vote and guarantee the right to that very first right. the right to life for the unborn children. >> democrats contend that this is an unconstitutional move, that republicans have pushed for. how do you respond to that? >> well, you know, i think what they are trying to do is trying to protect abortion. as we heard them say regularly and trying to protect roe versus wa d e. this is not row versus wa d e it is protecting women and children and making sure abortionist who
9:20 am
are terminating the lives are held responsible for that and face the appropriate charges. it is imperative that we eliminate late- term abortion procedures that are taking place in our country. >> do you see the passage of the bill largely symbolic since there is no chance of it pass nothing the senate right now? >> i continuing is wrong for us to predetermine what is happening or not happening in the senate. and of course, the house is where the public debate is taking place on so many issues and it is appropriate to step forward and lead. we are the people's house and this is where the discussions should take place. and what we heard after the gosnell trial and doug carpen in texas and abortionist in mexico and nurses that walking out of the clinics and talking about
9:21 am
the horrific conditions inside of the abortion clinics, we know that this is the type responsible attentive legislation that people want to see passed. i think that harry reid should put it on the floor and call for a vote for cloture. 60 percent said second and third trimester abortions should not be allowed. 64 percent of all women say when a baby can feel pain, abortions should not be allowed. 80 percent of all americans say in the third trimester, abortion should not be allowed, so this is the right debate for us to have. it is about making certain that we reserve the freedoms and liberties and right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness for all of americans. >> let me jump in here congresswoman and get your reaction to what is happening on the senate side regarding the immigration amendment that they are going to be voting on
9:22 am
monday. what is your reaction and do you think it is a chance to move in a way through the house that would guarantee its passage? >> i have to tell you, chairman bob goodlap chairman of the juduary committee has been forth right and said immigration issues will be addressed in a very straightforward manner, one issue at a time. border security. e- verify, work visas, you will see us focus on these issues very narrowly and they are putting the attention on one at a time and moving themin an ord regular order in the u.s. house and the chairman will be good to his word and i think you will see us require the security provisions and then work toward the visa issues so that this is going to be done in a fair and open manner, responsible to the
9:23 am
u.s. taxpayer, and focus on what so many are notting to see immigration held. the ability for those who would like to come here legally and work and access the american dream and have their shot at opportunity. you know, to do it through the legal processes. we are looking forward to the debate. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining us today. we appreciate. it >> thank you. >> and here is the update on the 10-year-old pennsylvania girl who sparked a nationwide debate on organ donor laws. she is out of her medically induced coma. sarah is a wake and nodding to answers and questions after the recent lung transplant surgery. the judge ordered her on the transplant list. her chances were slim because children under 12 didn't qualify for dult lungs. still to come, peace talks with the taliban are in jeopardy before they begin.
9:24 am
will a peace process in afghanistan be able to get off of the ground? we'll talk to former senator scott brown. and the bill shows no signs of letting up at this time? now the president is finally talking. we'll have a live report coming your way, next. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ]
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>> welcome back everybody. looking at the day a top stories. patriots tight end aaron hernandez and the possible connection to a murder of a 20-year-old man in massachusetts. and a nutrition company cut ties with him and massachusetts authorities are planning to arrest hernandez for reportedly interfering with the investigation. oklahoma family is desperately
9:29 am
searching for a teenage sun after he disappeared in a hike in ecudor. the father tells an oklahoma newspaper that he believes he fell from a steep ledge or kidnapped. the food network dropping paula deen after she admits to using racial slurs in the past. she made those admissions in a deposition. paula deen was using personal language on. and southwest airline system flying after a computer glitch grounded parting flights there. and the problem impeded the airline from checking people in and creating boarding passes. that's the top stories making news right now. >> the u.s. is giving russia the hart press on syria.
9:30 am
secretary of state kerry said wrushia must back a transitional government that can move the country beyond sieval war. can he sway russia? we'll have scott brown. welcome it and great to see you. >> great to be on, uma. >> what impact can secretary kerry have in the talks? >> he is certainly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his new job. bottom line, there is obviously issues with what is happening in syria. a hundred thousand people killed and iran and syria doubling down and we should have established a no-fly zone. right now we are considering to arming people that are our enemy and trying to kill us and change our way of life. it is complicated and it is clear that putin has doubled down and they are getting
9:31 am
involved and i think direct talks and trying to help the president and putin and secretary kerry trying to get them together is a good thing. >> we have it against a back drop. it is a frosty relationship between putin and obama at this time. it seems like both sides are at a stalemate. putin is trying to flex the mchls of russia. there is conflict in the relationship from the beginning. i am glad that the president recognized that assad crossed the redline. he did that a while ago. many of us called for a no-fly zone and senator mccain was vocal on that particular issue. it is a volatile region of the world obviously. who are we going to support and who are the opposition. identifying the opposition and make sure we are not arming al-qaeda obviously and make sure they are going to use the
9:32 am
weapons in a manner that is not agreementable and potentially use them against us if they in fact win. if we arm them it is to bring stability. obviously the syrian government is winning it appears and moving forward and recanturing the sites that were lost. but, president assad needs to go. there is a world effort. but if you don't get putin involved and get iran out of the way, it will be problematic for many more months. >> you are walking a dangerous path when you arm the rebels. we don't know if they will use the weapons against us at some point and you are dealing with unknowns at the moment. >> it is a problem. we missed the boat on this one and should have established a no-fly zone to allow the syrian rebels and people of syria.
9:33 am
that there are so many groups on the opposition and you don't know who is who. that is not going to be resolved any time soon. but i am encouraged that at least they are finally talking pause they are talk toth media versus the direct talks and i know secretary kerry, obviously personally and have a lot of respect for him and i hope he can bring the sides together to get the job done. >> senator great to see you here today and we thank you for the insights. >> thank you very much. >> brazil's president had ended her silence saying she will talk with representatives from the protest that swept her country for a week now. violent rioting and looting broke out in rio dejaenero. andom nick, what can you tell us. >> it is incredible it took a week of rioting and rowdy protest for the brazil president
9:34 am
to come out and say something meaningful. she gave a ten minute address and promising to battle the corruption that they are raging over. she planned to meet with the leaders of the protest movement soon. it is tricky because it is not clear who is coordinating them if anyone at all. it was sparked by a hike in bus fares and her government will create a national plan for public transportation in the cities. but begin the u-turn, it did nothing to stop the protestors and hard to see how the pledges will have much affect. >> people taking to the streets shows we are not a population so confirming like the world thinks. someone needs to take the lead and guide the people and using all of the energy and achieve a positive change. >> many of the protestors of the
9:35 am
brazil middle class that faces rising taxes and want better education and more security and health care. brazilians are passionate people. and the boil over quickly is how one described them. but they cool down fast. it is different this time. people are in a full revolt and don't see it calming down soon, uma. snshg thank you very much,dom nick, appreciate itment >> 50 years after martin luther king junior led the walk to detroit. one day shy, walkers are following the same route. the 1963 rally is where dr. king previewed his i have a dream speech. martin luther king third and jesse jackson and original marchers are taking part. >> original cause of the twa explosion is a faulty wiring.
9:36 am
what if it is a massive corup. >> that is what it proves and a smoking gun. >> we'll explore the claims that former investigators are making, next. >> and if the moon seems brighter tonight. it is not your imagination. we'll tell you all about it after the break. hoo-hoo.
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but you can be happy again by getting the obamacare survival guide. it's already a #1 new york times bestseller and over 500,000 americans have gotten a copy. newsmax says it's "the best guide" to the new law. you can get your copy at it gives you the tips, strategies and loopholes you need to know. get your copy of the obamacare survival guide at stores everywhere for $19.95. or get the internet only offer of just $4.95 and save $15. go to to claim your copy now. >> welcome back, everybody. several former investigators of the ill-ght twa explosion say the report on the crash is one.
9:41 am
230 people on board were killed when that plane exploded after take off. initial cause was listed as faulty wiring. former investigators claim that that is not the case. tom is a independent investigators and co-producer of upcoming documentary twa 800. >> thank you for being here. >> your documentary will make explosive charges suggesting that the flight was hit by a missile. nthat's what the evidence she and the air national guard pilots said that happen and in the lead in to the she, that is the smoking gun, smoking gun was the radar data and it shows an explosion blowing out with the conjectory of the missile. nmany of the people who worked on trying to find the cause of the crash say they had
9:42 am
suspicions that a missile was to blame from the get go? >> certainly. we have internal cia documents showing within two weeks fbi shed overwhelming evidence that there was a high probability that a missile was involved. that's correct. >> the fbi is disputing your claims and i want to call up the sound from james ca lstrom with his response to your documentary. >> we had a full court press for months and months on that theory. but the reality was that this is no evidence of a missile hitting the plane either outside of the plane or inside of the plane or penetrating the plane. there is no evidence of it. >> james ca lstrom is a stand up guy and he is first rate and for him to say there is no evidence suggesting that, raises big questions about your theories on this. what are you saying specifically
9:43 am
leads you to conclusion that there is no doubt that this was actually a missile. njim is continuing to misleading the public and that's why we are in the mess in the first place. we are doing it now and he's misleading the public. he's wrong. there were punctures coming from the outside into the aircraft. witness evident is irrefutable. now what he did. his own investigators told him a missile was involved they made a crazianmation and he is not a letter to the ntsb and said don't let eyewitnesss testify. and no eyewitnesss has ever testified and there were $0.06 eyewitnesss and his own agents that he ignored. >> why is this a silence. if there are concerns about a missile hitting the plane from the get go. why did no one come forward to
9:44 am
now? >> there is another miss information. they came forward and complained to him and the ntsb leadership and nothing was done. one testified talked about testifying before the u.s. senate saying they were banging on records with a hammer and coming in the wee hours of the night and luggage tags changed and i can go on and on and i don't want to take too much of your time. james ca lstrom is once again misleading the country. >> you do not know where the missile came from? >> what we can say, we believe it is consistent with a proximityimmy fused miss ail and investigation looked for was contact missile that leaves different signatures. that would not be existent in it was context. the evidence is consistence and
9:45 am
eyewitness and radar data and metal evidence confirm that. >> thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it and it is intriguing documentary indeed. >> it was my pleasure, thank you. >> the coalition of iranian groups called the council meet nothing paris today trying to encourage regime change in the country. joining us with more on the event is amy who joins us now live. >> hi, uma, umbrella group ncri is holding the annualeral neparis today. they get a big turn out, tens of thousands of people typically show up and they invite dignitaries to call for the overthrow of the iianian rejoem this as the jury is holding out. where they could have gradual change in that country. many of the youth burst in song
9:46 am
and dance after ha sani won the race in the hopes he would loosen the social restrictions and improve iran's. he was carefully vetted by the rejum and indicated a deal could be done to allow iranian enrich uranium. and conditions to make sure they are not making a bomb. world leaders are cautiously optmist iblg for the prospects of meaningful dialogue with the new president. it suggests that the west needs to meet iran halfway to give the president a chance to get a sell to the supresume leader. this group used to work side by side with the islamic government in iran until they fell out of
9:47 am
favor and put on the u.s. list of terrorist organization for violent activities against the u.s. interest in iran in the $0.19. they were recently removed from the list and trying to present themselves as a democratic alternative to the government in iran. critics inside iran and outside of iran, their government structure is not democratic and they no longer have much support inside of iran. uma. >> amy, thank you for the upis thement coming upment patrick dechlsey. he is also a race car driver. he will join us from france. don't go away. stay with us for that. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america.
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thement coming up. patrick
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welcome back everybody. it doesn't get much mcdreamier than. this patrick dempsey. i sat down with him this morning as he took a break from the action. >> it is certainly 90 years of running an event and half-and-half in the race. and i think there is a lot of drama at this race and the appeal worldwide and the racing portion here. they have had 50 years being around and there is a lot riding in that. and the only american racing
9:53 am
line up for the drivers. we are here on monday and the parade and testing the track and it is all of that. they come from all over the world and it is part of it. >> it is part of a great lineage of other actors who took part including paul newman and james gardenner. what is it like to be part of the line up. >> it is remarkable that i am mentioned. steve mcqueen was great. he never got a chance to race here. but paul newman only got a chance to race here once. and this is my second time here
9:54 am
and i hope i -- to finish means a lot to me. i love it. and i love the race and this camaraderie and fellowship television. and to be at this level with so much attention on it as a team is exciting and challenging. >> you are the only all american trio involved in this race. and you are looking forward to hopefully making a splash in a big way? >> yeah, we have a long way to go. but we hope to have the team and drivers, patrick wong is the first american, and it is his 10th running and my partner joe foster has been my teammate and business partner. we have dreamed about this moment for a long, long time. i am committed to it and passionate about it and we want to win. i think it would be great to win the all american driving and
9:55 am
line up. >> we wish you all of the best. and we are rooting for you and hope to hear how it all goes. thank you so much for joining us. >> okay. thank you for the time this morning and appreciate it and have a great day. >> you, too. >> our thanks to patrick dempsey. he is now in fourth place in the race. we have sad news to bring you from lehmans. dannish driver died after crashing in a safety barrier. he was just 34 years old. >> still to come. the scoop on the celestial she tonight. show tonight.
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>> today at sunset we could have a real treat. it is called a super moon. the moon will appear 12- 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. the moon is swinging close to the earth.
10:00 am
nasa said there will be another opportunity to study the moon in a special way. that will do it for me from the nation's capitol. we hope wherever you are have a fantastic day. see you next time. this is a fox news alert. enemy of the state. the u.s. officially charging nsa leaker edward snowden with espionage and theft of government property. nwelcome to the brand new hour inside of america's news headquarters. the charges against edward snowden come two weeks after the 30-year-old exposed several classified details about the government's secret surveillance programs and marks the first step in what could be a long, long extradition battle to return snowden from hong kong where he is believed to be hiding. molly has the latest in marcia


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