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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to "red eye." it's like boy meet world, if yo, don't try, let's go to tv's andy levy, what is coming up on tonight's show. >> thanks, coming up a democratic congressman said that a global terrorism ad is offensive to terrorists. and pauladeen is fired anyway even after apologizing. and president obama's trip to
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africa could cost taxpayers up to $100 million. we will look at that straight ahead. >> thanks, andy. a little angry right now. >> why? >> bill schultz was invited toe a baseball game -- >> right, did us a favor. >> as they were trying to leave, they were trying to invite two of our other guests so we would have had no show because they wanted to go to a baseball game. >> interesting. >> i'm not actually saying it for the viewers. i'm saying it for the second floor. on fox news who are watching this on tape. that a producer tried to take our guests to a baseball game. >> look, i just want to say it was nice working with josh and he will be missed. >> hey, you know what ? he can work for someone else. let's meet our guest.
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i'm here tonight with ann coulter, her latest book is called "mugged." and next, michael mcdonald he is co-starring with my good friend, sandra bullock, i have never met her. and bill schultz is out turning tricks in soho, our daily beast news editor, michael is here, you should see him with a rose in his mouth. it's pathetic. he looks like a little nazi. and if the sunday commentary was the cross word puzzle, it would take me all day to do him. editor and chief of the daily collar. if you are watching this on dvr,
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spoiler alert. it's terrible. >> there a no going back to talking smack. our boasts toasts. while starting in the fall, a part of the year, tucker, new jersey will ban trash talk in high school sports extending the state's anti-bullying law to the playing field. the guideline forbid harassing comments. for everything but height. sadly. they are adding unduly language or action toward officials opponents or spectators will not be tolerated. those punished could be investigated by the attorney general civil rights division. thises the only sport i follow. my team was the ball. what is that sport called?
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>> it's called white horse ball licking. >> okay, that would be great. >> that will stay in, because it's clean. people like the clean humor here. tucker, how can this happen in the state run by chris christie who all he does is trash talk. is the world turning into canada? >> it's not going to work, you can't take the jersey out of new jersey. it's another creepy attempt to punish thought crime by the left. you are still allowed to have unpopular thoughts and even biased thoughts actually, without getting hauled in for a thought crime. it's scary. >> it is scary. it's terrifying, mr. mcdonald, welcome back, it's been a couple of years. >> thank you, i'm modelling now. >> excellent. i was going to say, you look like you should be in an a and f catalog. >> i'm too young and my body fat is too low. >> too low. if that were indeed possible. the reasons in case you don't know, that fans go to pro sporting events is to trash
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talk. >> right. >> and the only reason they go to high school games. you take it away, what is the point? >> that's the reason why people go to high school games? to trash talk high school kids. hey, you pimpled -- [ bleep ] can you say that i hope. >> that is why i go, i am 48, i will go to the high school games and just yell at them, and say, you are going to work in a trophy shop in five years. >> you can't grow a beard, ha, ha. >> that is teasing? >> yes. >> i recommend going the opposite and going -- killing them with kindness, and saying, that was a wonderful catch. better than our team ever could have done. that would just really flip the table. >> that could confuse me. confuse me. ann, good to see you here. your career would be nowhere if it was not for highly offensive insults, your books would be booklets without hate talk. >> well, no that is true with me, but i do not think it's true with chris christie, i actually
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disagree with our -- the conservative instincts, it has to be against race, gender or sexual orientation, but there's been a coursening of society, you could not imagine going to the games 50 years ago and having to worry about. with christie, come on, when you go after half of the public sector unions, it's not trash talking. >> it's reality. >> it's not an opinion that is different from yours, but i think there's has been a coursening of society. it's the same with sexual harassment law. the only reason we need laws is, for behavior that none of our fathers would have have engaged in. >> this is an interesting point, i talked about it earlier in the show. it was on "the 5," you may have heard of it. >> what is the premise? >> there's five people of different personality types. >> when is it on? >> it's 5:00. >> no way. >> that is why it's called the 5. because it's on at 5 and there's
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five people. >> because it's a rip off of red eye. >> no it's not, the point i was trying to make is everyone will come and talk about trash talk on sports, but they won't confront a group of kids who are beating the crap out of someone and filming it on their phone. what is happening in society. you know the new cold docking cases -- >> world star. they film people punching people out. they will go after a kid for calling someone a name. >> i did not forget you were here, mike. that is how your wife feels, you should go home and pay your wife attention. >> at least he did not put the wife in quotes. >> he calls her the beard. and i looked it up on the internet and it means something else. >> it does. can i phrase a question. do you feel our society is doomed? >> no. i think it's amazing and i think it's incredible that i have to go after an coulter whose last
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book is called "mugged" who is defending this draconian rule, i feel like i'm -- i don't know a what is happening. it's great, it's like, that you know, you can't make fun of people's religion on the soccer field? this is in search of a problem, people are like, you know, nice shot, pre -- >> pretend the soccer ball is a nickel, you jew, is that an example of an unacceptable phrase? >> i condemn what you -- i -- i admire you using an example that i condemn. >> i have to sit next to you. >> that is an example of something we would not want. >> and i would say, greg introduced me as a nazi in the lead up and i found it offensive, as a national socialist. >> i tell you who is laughing, chubby. >> chubbs the anti-semite.
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>> we just -- fudge is on sale. >> i think it's a real problem, this is not the right solution. but like everything we are having to -- >> what would be the best solution. >> genuine ettiquette and not rules. instead, we have a society and media and culture that encourages vulgarity, and then he want to have 18 million you will radios. >> how about the solution it buying on the level of the coach. not the level of the attorney general, have a coach grab the kid by the face and say knock it off. >> he can't grab them. >> tucker, did you say grab them by the face? >> yes. >> assert yourself. >> that is a difference set of problems. face grabbing. >> this is why i go. i do not have kids. i volunteer, i go to a lot of games on my own alone. and i will hang out there for days. i will grab them and lecture them in my van.
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all right. coming -- you know what happened? we used to be able to communicate to each other under this unspoken guise called nothi nothing personal. you would be on the court, or field and say, nothing personal. you would see racial things and anything, but it was not personal. there's no such thing as nothing personal. >> you have to preface this by saying, i mean this in humorous way, that you are a fat drunken irish catholic mix. >> now, there's a witch hunt -- there's a witch hunt that has to do with like discovering in other people, unapproved ideas or emotions that is a bit ridiculous. that there's a racist under every bed. >> i wish. >> really, we will look -- >> racists under your bed.
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>> it's a mass sense, that no, everyone is a secret racist. i don't know where it comes from. >> i like it when somebody he said, we elected a black president and you didn't vote for him. but we elected -- >> what is wrong with this? >> people that voted for him are definitely not racist, i don't know about the others though. >> what prompted that was the coach at rutgers, it was not looking for secret racism, it was a coach -- >> mike rice. >> very good. >> -- he was treating his kids that was not acceptable. >> vince lombardi, he mean, he was famous. >> i do not think they behaved like this. >> he had a rest area named after him. >> i know that one. 3 in the morning, thursdays. >> same app. >> in the rest area, we have not agreed on the same behavior, i do not believe he was behaving that way.
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>> i came up with trash talk for pronchl athletes so they do not have to say bad things. the leather in your suv is pleather and how is your chain of failing car washes. >> you get killed over that in new jersey. >> you do, your stock broker went to princeton. all right, so not all of them can be losesers or winners, i tell my kids that. from bullies to bombers is the side of the bus worth the fuss. jim mcdermont is asking that this ad be taken down. it could lead to hate crimes against certain groups and that the terrorists list includes individuals of other races, religions and causes.
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he suggested a new ad that is less offensive and more diverse yeah. >> see. >> yeah. >> it was all you, ann, but it was so small. we tried. all right? it's saturday. anyway, you know who doesn't see race or religion? that is the solution against all prejudice. is put a box over your head. >> nilla waive e ampa wafers, i. >> they are white -- when you say the word short shrift, my mind drifts. you. but i look and when i was -- >> unnecessary.
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>> when i was looking at the search of this, at the bottom of it, there was an ad for tourism to israel. do you know that? >> no, i didn't. >> it was like all these muslim terrorists on this thing and then an ad for tourism in israel. >> where? >> i don't know. a -- take a bus to israel. >> dot org. >> it's the one place they are not, they built a wall. >> a wall? i didn't that worked. do they have the technology to build a wall these days. >> will you just deport all the terrorists, no one is suggesting that, they are here, you can send them back. >> number two, i think i'll be -- >> all right, be the left winger, go ahead. >> well, not on this story, can i do it on another one. totally stupid. >> no, i want to talk about this story. i want to back up, jim mcdermont here, i think he is right, we should just list the names. that would not enduce any
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anti-islamic feelings at all. just the names. >> my favorite thing about the reporting on most recently the bombings in boston was when watching local anchors try to pronounce the names. >> oh, my god. >> and the second one is -- [ mumbling ] >> clearly he is a tea partier. they have 16 consanents in the front of their last name. >> it was great to see them pronounce them in three different ways. i want to get tucker in this. >> should we create some fake terrorists, a group of white variety dancers? >> yeah, affirmative action terrorists. there's a lot of terrorists that never get a chance to reach the highest rank because they don't know the right people. they are not in the right channels, they need a help up.
8:16 pm
100%. so let's get methodists in there. >> absolutely. mike, what do i -- what is the question i was going to ask you, oh, yes. the short shrift, i don't know what it was. mcdermont is right, if you look at the pictures, they are all men. >> yes. >> it's sexist. >> sexist-gist, it's offensive. >> and young men with beards. >> there's a lot of them in chechnya. the thing that annoyed me about the story, there were a lot of things, was that like he did this nonsense thing where he said, this encourages the disturbing trend of hate crimes against muslims. it doesn't exist. >> yes. >> tablet magazine, the kids should go look up, tracking this trend in -- it's like if you have a 20% increase, it means there was like 1 more that year. look what happened in england
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after the beheading, there was mosque burnings and we do not have that so much here. after 9/11, there was a study is that shows that -- it went up slightly. it really, really went down in ann coulter's survey. >> plus or minus 0 because the polling group was one. >> it was like graffiti on mosques, no one was beheaded. it did not happen. nor in this country. you are right. >> but it's still equal to you are a bad person. we have to take a break. great conversation. i like to think that bill schultz is not here, this show
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has spiked 83%. he is at the yankees game. or maybe the mets. with a former producer and i say former globally. he will be out on the street. all right, coming up, should obama be im beached? and how models are a cheap ploy to keep you watching. call me half naked models. ♪
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>> does the world deserve to see more curve, well last week in an organization devoted to helping women fight unrealistic body ideals, bum rush, a victoria secret store while showing a lot of bum, nine girls and one dude stripped down to skivvies and demanded that the chain put a stop to photoshop and start hiring less anorexic run way girls. here is what they said about the protest. >> not everyone needs to be like that in order to be attractive and awesome in general and we wanted to speak out against that whole piece of it and you know all the people here, really like the way that they look. >> you go, girl says a morning anchor for a tv show. speaking of squeezing into something tight fitting.
8:23 pm
>> like i said, i told you, first game ayers and then you have cats in bowls. living in then. glass bowls. the whole world is going to hell, all right. i'm going to -- tucker i'm going you first. it's not the men that want the models, it's the women that want the models. >> 100%. >> you can pretend that this is what you want, women when they look at clothes want to look at it like at the perfect, it's like we go to sports, we go to sporting events to see big athletes not slumps like me. >> you know who is in favor of body diversity is men. i never heard a man say, ever, her butt is too big.
8:24 pm
men are so toll re-- tolerant o that. it's women who are like, look how fat she is. it's women who are enforcing these images. >> if you ever meet with a book editor, they will say, add tierney to it. >> that will sell. >> i was thinking of doing something on the environment. tierney of the environment. all right. done. six chapters, get it to you in a week. >> michael, what do you think of this kind of protest. there's a million protests. >> i'm next to you, you don't have to yell. >> you are micced. >> i am. >> am i yelling? i have had a rough week, i have done 13 shows and my charity work is ripping me apart. >> leave your tax return in front of my dressing room and i will find out what you really make. for god's sake. hi, president obama, by the way, he makes a lot of money. >> i wish. >> what was my question? >> it was about body issues.
8:25 pm
>> yes, yes. >> what -- what struck me out of that thing, the woman is saying, we like the way we look, and what i hate about current society is, not that that person likes the way they look, that's fine. you should be happy with yourself. but everyone is always talking about their self-esteem, i was brought up to say that was being cocky and you know, like being gross about yourself. and being ve nimin, i could los five, what is wrong with that. >> people with low self-esteem, tend to be successful. woody allen, writes a movie every year because he hates himself. >> and those people are boring at parties. >> they should pay me to be a model. >> hey, ann. >> protests. there are protests all over the world. there are people dieing
8:26 pm
everywhere and this is our protest? >> yes, well it's a very important issue. they have been protesting this since -- since i was a kid. and that was 120 years ago. and it never changes. and i'm pretty sure i know a lot of boys who get the victoria's secret catalog. it's not girls [ bleep ] to it. >> 11:00 show, ann. >> sorry, 11:00 show. i think the issue is not going to be a big hit, that we will finally have a cure to the four hour erection that i hear about on your show. >> 11:00 show. >> coulter is working blue. >> if you blue me, i will kill you, all of those words could be said on o'reilly. >> the "o'reilly factor."
8:27 pm
you mean. you modeled at club monaco, mike. >> i was, in the branch there. i am good looking there, by the way. >> he is. >> he has only two lips. >> yeah. >> goodness. >> if you have any opinion you care to share? >> i will say this, it's not about the story, i will sympathize with schultz, going last and everyone has said everything interesting and funny. it's why bill is not funny. i just realized why that happens. >> it's because he gets the scraps. it's not like he was listening anyway. >> i will make a quick point and say this is all this body image stuff is supposed to make women deeply upset and they, you know, gorge and purge, aren't we like the fattest country on earth. i mean, everyone is really fat. i think we need the models to be
8:28 pm
skinnier. am i going to get in trouble for that. >> bleep him. >> i want that bleeped. >> i was joking, america. >> he wants to be able to read his notes through your body, ladies. >> all right, coming up, a senator from ohio has warned that there's a risk to the economy and it lacks oversight of firms that banks hire to help them comply to federal rules. we are not doing that story. instead, what is the latest with paula deen, we have new information. okay, just information. all right. just pointless commentary. you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hour zero heartburn. even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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>> this is the trip -- is the trip to rich. it's over 50* -- $50 million two dollar bills. no word on whether he will stop in his birthplace, kenya, an aircraft carrier will be stationed off shore in case of emergency and a large beware of dog sign will be placed outside of wherever he is staying, it's made of gold. let's discuss, indeed. >> lightening round.
8:33 pm
and i am surprised in the green room, ann, you said they are not spending enough on the trip. >> i did say that and also that it's a shame they did not have this kind of fire power that night in benghazi. >> way to put it in a series place. >> it's true. >> context. >> $100 million could have done a lot. tucker, look, previous presidents have taken expensive trips to africa as well, should we cut back during the whole time of cutting back? >> we have a lot of vital national interests in the country. he is going to rob an island in south africa. >> he is going to rob an island? >> robin island is the name of it. >> he is not going to rob an island. >> you knew what i thought. >> it was so over my head. >> i hope he is there -- why he is there, with a what? >> he will look around and assess how modern south africa is doing. he and a lot of people saw it as a simple morality tale, it's
8:34 pm
very complicated. i would like to know what he thinks of it when he gets there. >> they are calling it a working vacation. can you do a working vacation in ft lauderdale detai. the people there are great. >> i was just there. >> it's a wonderful place. >> it is. >> i stayed on an indian casino land. which is not american soil, so be careful approximate president obama, if you go to ft lauderdale you may not be in america. >> is he really in america at all? >> maybe -- you can pretend to get into his head all you want. but i will say this, in answer to your -- the part of your thing about couldn't there be other things that we could do with the money in the face of the sequester? i would say, any time they pull that out, and they, doesn't mat who are it is, whenever the government says, oh, well we don't have the money, therefore
8:35 pm
we have to mess up what you like and keep what you hate, i say, that is all the more reason to shrink the size of government. the minute they have that option, that is when we go, you are clearly not a good steward of the money in the first place. >> an incredibly mature point, mr. mcdonald. who knew this guy used to be in mad tv. >> i will tell you what, at least a dozen people across this nation. >> fine people they are too. >> mike, how important is sit for the president to be making the trips in person? does it help the country he is visiting or the united states, or just him? >> interesting. can i talk about ft lauderdale -- >> i think that is where anna nichol smith killed herself with pills. >> i thought that was jamaica. can't we just skype in?
8:36 pm
we were talking about the nsa and how they have their testifitestify tvs -- their tvs on and they can listen in. i guess they have to talk to people. it seems a bit pricey. these things could be cut in half, or more, i'm sure. thus the story with every administration. with the banish administration, golfing, how many times he was played golf, and never his score, never found that out. by the way. >> he was golfing when the war started. >> he stopped golfing when the iraq waeyiraq war started. he thought it would seem insensitive. >> that was true? >> what did he do? >> he rode his mountain bike. >> there you go. time to take a break, look at that cover, you cannot get
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to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future. actually, more like insurance for the modern world. thank you! esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. . >> they are dropping the queen of southern food, the food network announced that it will not renewdeen, the lover of all butter is being sued by a former employee. that is why you never hire anybody. for discrimination, she confessed to tolerating racist jokes and condoning porn in the workplace. and deen failed to show up for an appearance on "the today show" and posted two videos online asking her family and friends for forgiveness. >> i want to apologize to
8:41 pm
everyo everyone for the wrong that i a have done. i beg, you my children, my team, my fans, my partners, i beg for your forgiveness. >> all right, i want to go to you, mr. mcdonald. what, when someone begs for forgiveness, that means they are sorry. what is wrong with accepting an apology? >> i don't know, sir. >> i love that you put it -- >> why -- >> i came to you saying, apologizing i'm again it. i love paula deen, she clearly seems to be sorry for whatever she said and i -- all i think about is myself like, if the world knew the stuff i have said and written and texted and said in phone calls and during drunken barroom things, i would
8:42 pm
apologizing, i would not fit it in my whole life. >> you are an exception because you are in the kkk. >> right. >> yes, so it's like you say a lot of awful things. >> right, you know what? as a member of the kkk, i'm not very good, so they call me whimpy k. >> okay. >> i'm not racist enough. i say horrible things about not just race, you name it, whatever. we are in the world of comedy, i get very worried about comedy. i feel like are we -- not that whatever she said was for comedy purposes, but as a comedian, and as where i get worried about it. i'm worried in general right now. >> you should be worried. >> and, will the apology make a difference or has the damage been done? >> like mike mcdonald, i'm anti-apology, i think they should never be accepted. i'm prehe tetending, the thing e
8:43 pm
said the n-word on jay-z's cd, i think she will be back with six months with dog the bounty hunter, right? wasn't he fired for the n-word and six months later he is back? >> i think so, yeah, you are right, that was recorded. i don't know anymore. vy no long-term memory. >> mike, a racist yourself, is your career over or just beginning? >> mine is -- it's at a mediocre rise. >> you are like a journeyman. >> in certain communities in south africa, and in the older crowd in germany. they enjoy me quite a bit. it's a bit over kill, what she said, she should be kind of you now punished in some way for this and she is apologizing, i never know, somebody pointed out dog the bounty hunter who was on tv apparently, these people have a short-term, i did a story now
8:44 pm
about a guy who got fired from his job for plagerizing. and he signed a lucrative book deal six months later. >>s he is not -- >> yeah. >> i can think of at least half a dozen liberals that have been caught dead to rights plagueriszing on msnbc. >> we were all in college, stuck on a paper and had to come up with something. >> i'm not worried about being caught. >> this is a high standard, i think what she said was embarrassing, but have you worked in a restaurant? the people that cook your food will filthy. and good people too, seriously. this is a high stanford for someone who works in a kitchen. >> are you all saying racist
8:45 pm
things? >> i mean, a dish washer can be an ex-con. she is an obama supporter. how racist is she? >> you cannot accept the apology now. >> i think she did a wrong thing, she fessed up 6789 are choosing advil. here's one story. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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. >> brand new, red eye returns monday at 3:00 a.m. midnight, pacific time. guests next week is ambassador ian bolt on and kurt loader. >> did you like my impression of curtain loader? >> mtv, time to go back to andy levy. for the post game report. >> thanks, greg. >> you are welcome. >> trash talking in new jersey sports, that is how the story was framed, but that's not what it is. you said it's punishing thought
8:50 pm
crime. i agree that it could go to the state attorney general is awful, but you do not have a natural right to say whatever you want while playing on a high school sports team. they can set limits. >> yeah, the school can set limits
8:51 pm
orks fairness and right, by the way have you noticed it keeps pushing me furtherer and further. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> um... congressman says fbi is with terrorism mcdonald you said, sorry i have to call you mcdonald. >> i got it. i got it. >> okay. >> don't do that. don't do that. >> all right. >> you said when greg uses a phrase short ship your mind wanders right? >> i don't know what a shrimp
8:52 pm
is. rightfully. >> it's short. it throws me. >> yes. >> all right. >> shrimp d is a further qualifier. >> short? >> 20 years from now they're going to be these shows are going to be in a vault and no one will be able to watch them because of this bigotry against short people because the revolution will take place it will be like all in the family. >> yes. yes. >> are you leading it?. >> people are launching now from when they're on television. >> and you're not getting a paycheck tonight. >> i get a paycheck for this? >> we were going to give you something nice. now, you're not getting it. >> maybe he's not going to need it next week. again. >> greg you pointed out there are only two people on this fbi most-wanted terrorist list out of 32 who aren't muslim and pointed out it's all men. if you want nonmuslims from the list in the ad you have
8:53 pm
your choice of one guy who is not muslim who has ties to animal rights extremist groups then, a former black liberation army member. the only woman to ever be on the list. >> why don't they put bill ayers on the sflis. >> she's the aunt of tupac shakur. >> i believe bill ayers thinks president obama should be on the list. >> he said he's possibly the greatest war criminal ever. saying possibly. as a fall x, ever which means president obama might be worse than bin laden. >> yes. that is going to drive ben afleck and matt damon crazy. >> yes. yes. >> he's like, yes. yes. >> after a couple drinks. >> by the way congressman,
8:54 pm
congressman mcdorm yo yot -- dermott complains there is a lack of ethnic diversity. two muslims are philippino and they're both in the ad. >> that is diverse. >> like a bennetton ad, with bombs. >> uh... >> nah. >> it was a killer time joke but it won't work. >> victoria's secret. greg, you say it's about women, women want to see perfect bodies? >> i agree with your point wh. men look at clothing when you look, you don't want to see what it looks like on a five four guy with weird glasses but on a guy around six feet, 180. that is what you want. >> i happen to agree that i like looking at men, six one, 180 but has nothing to do with
8:55 pm
purchasing that. >> moynahan you're giving bill too much credit. >> that is true. >> he's a fact checkor. >> president obama's trip could be $100 million or as little as $60 million. >> as little as $60 million. >> you said the cost should be cut in half. it's the secret service that determines the cost by what they require. >> it is z it's high for africa because they don't have infrom a structure to support it right. we've got to have a floating hospital and all that have. >> yes. >> so paula dean apologizes greg, you said dean confessed to using the "n" word then claim this is quote what andy levy calls tuesday in his department? i would like a retraction and an apology. >> okay. it's not tuesday in your
8:56 pm
apartment. it's wednesday. >> every other tuesday, greg. >> i knew that it was at red roof inn. >> how bad is your apology when you give it twice, then, you get fired?. >> she knew. >> fired and fried. >> wow, wow. >> her goose was cooked. >> leno, you can have that. >> i'll take it mcdonald you get worried about these kinds of things. >> there is a difference between a comedian and someone like dean. >> yes. you were busy scribbling down on what he said. >> yes. >> she's, you know, she made her apology, she's not a comedian currently. >> right. right. >> okay. >> i -- just last week, andy said ironic thing is that deen said the "n" word on jay-z's tv. at some point, white
8:57 pm
people have you to accept white people can't say that word and black people can. accept it, move on. >> it's true. >> we're going at it. >> you have five seconds. >> that is the end of levy. good guy bye. >> show is over. >> thank you guys.
8:58 pm
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