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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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"special report" is up next. >> what do you mean for some serious news? ♪ this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. supporters are trying to clear up procedural hurdle for an amendment they say will get them the votes they need to pass an overall reform bill with big numbers. opponents say it is an amendment everyone is talking about, but few have read. that's just the amendment. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live with an update. >> reporter: a critical start to the immigration week in the senate, as the senate is voting on this border surge amendment, in a final pitch to republican colleagues, senator corker said
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you may be against a path to citizenship, but everybody should be on board with more security. >> americans want border security first. which is what this amendment is really about. >> reporter: the $46 billion amendment requires that five security triggers are met before millions of illegals receive green cards. 700 miles of fence, doubling the size of border patrol to 40,000, adding new technology, including thermal imaging, night vision, drones. full version of e-verify, and exit and tracking for visitors. >> these are elements that republicans for years pushed for. so it is my hope that this evening republicans will join me in putting in place the toughest border security measures we've ever had in this nation. >> reporter: senator john cornyn who had a border security amendment rejected announced
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early today he would oppose this amendment. quote, the same tired approach of crafting a piece of legislation that does nothing more than throw money at the problem simply won't cut it. alabama senator jeff sessions says it would provide resources, but not guarantee security. >> the subsidy does not change the fact that no reduction in illegal immigration is ever required, don't have a results oriented aspect to it. >> reporter: president obama held this round table with ceos and business leaders trying to pass immigration reform. >> i hope we can get the strongest possible vote out of the senate so we can then move to the house and get this done before the summer break. >> we all wish we didn't have this problem. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce launched a seven figure ad with faces and voices of conservative leaders talking about ending the current de facto amnesty. after months of selling the gang of eight plan, lindsey graham
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sounds confident. >> the bill will pass. we are on the verge of 70 votes, that has always been my goal. we are very close to 70 votes. i think this gets us over the top. >> reporter: the vote of the moment is the border surge amendment. appears to have above 60 votes. nobody behind this amendment is bopping corks yet. this he would like to see more amendments taken up, and the fight in the house will be bigger. >> mike, thanks. we will as mike mentioned have the final vote on this amendment here on the show. let's get thoughts on the immigration debate from senior political analyst, brit hune. >> it would not cut off immigration, except on the border surge amendment. there are many hours and debate on the bill itself. and a good thing, too. it is almost always the case
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members of congress vote on bills without actually reading them. that's because legislation is written in nearly incomprehensible legalese with cross-sections to other existing law. some rely on a summary by staff experts. when a bill over a thousand pages as this one and obama care did, all kinds of stuff slips by undetected. for example, it is supposed to convert the immigration system from one focus on family unification to one focused on benefits of this country. the congressional budget office found ten years from now visas would be awarded to all siblings of citizens and all their married adult children over 31. sounds like a family based system to me. the bill gives a homeland security secretary the powers to waive provisions that would otherwise get an immigrant deported or kept out if the secretary thinks it is in the public interest to do that. make no mistake, there's much
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that's good and necessary in this bill. the question is what else is in there. >> as we see in many bills like obama care and others as you mentioned. what about this talk of amnesty. >> you keep reading in the media republicans are opposed to the path to citizenship and calling it amnesty. >> that's not the case. the issue about amnesty arrives because before any green card is available, long before that path to citizenship can be trod by anybody, there's immediate provision in this bill to allow temporary legal status, millions of illegal aliens could get quickly legalized. wouldn't get a lot of government benefits, wouldn't be citizens, couldn't vote and so on, but would be out of the shadows. that would happen before any of the border security measures that are being voted on this week and are subject to this amendment would go into effect. that's what's giving rise to the cry of amnesty. my sense is that most republicans and critics of the bill are for the path to
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citizenship, it is popular in the polls. it is the immediate legalization of legal status gives rise to calls of amnesty. >> interesting, thank you. the irs news is spreading, add jewish and other religious groups to the hit list, targeting them with special scrutiny and obstruction. the man in charge of cleaning up the mess in the irs issued his first formal review of the situation and what he is doing about it. carl cameron has a first look. good evening. >> reporter: hi, the report was due friday. it says the irs improperly targeted conservative organizations, including religious groups. it says people are being held accountable and steps are taken to prevent future abuse. danny werfel did it in a conference call, there were no cameras. >> while fact gathering is still under way, we have not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the irs or involvement in these matters
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by anyone outside the irs. furthermore, there is no current evidence of the use of inappropriate screeners or other types of criteria in other irs operations. >> now, as for those conservative groups targeted, they weren't just tea partiers, clutd other groups, eastern foreign policy organizations among others. five on the leadership chain have been replaced. the reports claim there is no evidence of wrongdoing is premature. lori low enthat you will's pro-israel group sued them for inappropriate treatment and delays, says they still haven't gotten satisfaction. >> when things go wrong, there need to be real curative action, not this report saying we got rid of top people. that's what always happens. doesn't change anything. i want to know what is going to
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happen and when are we going to say enough is enough. >> it is far from the irs has now suspended use of be on the lookout list or bolo lists, acknowledge those lists were used longer than originally thought to target conservative and other groups. the irs said any groups that have tax status backlogged for more than 120 days can, quote, self certify that it will obey laws. if it does, it will get tax exempt status immediately. just a little late for those folks that wanted it the last two elections, bret. >> thank you. it was not a good day on wall street. you can see it here. could have been worse. dow lost 140, s&p 500 dropped 19, the nasdaq off 36.5. melissa francis is the host of money with melissa francis, weekdays 5:00 p.m. on fox business network. good evening, melissa. what's behind today's roller coaster ride? >> a lot of it was really inspired by the bond market, we
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saw a lot of selling there. right now, the bond market is the epicenter of panic. that's where they're hanging on every word from ben bernanke to try to see if he is going to begin selling, what's going on there. they want to beat him to the exit, sell before the government starts selling. stocks in turn, we are watching them react. we saw a roller coaster ride. it is important for viewers, anything related to interest rates, and we do, mortgage, car rate loan, student loans, whatever it is, credit cards, dependent on interest rates, keep an eye on this as well. >> not to mention national debt tied to all of that. >> great point. >> also trouble brewing in china, making investors nervous. what about that. >> without question. i mean, the government is trying to call this a controlled implosion. they have a credit bubble like we did during the lehman crisis.
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they are starving the overnight credit market of bonds to sort of kill off part of the credit marked they believe is out of control. almost no one believes they can do this in the controlled way they say. it looked more like a pyramid collapsing. people are concerned about this. we saw markets in asia drop overnight last night. you want to watch it again tonight. stock markets here are worried about this as well. a lot of things to watch. >> okay, melissa, thank you. you've seen him bob and weave, now the real story how jay carney slips those tough questions, later in the grapevine. up next, he's evading the most powerful nation on earth. where is edward snowden now, why can't the u.s. get any help? it's monday,
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it is the international political espionage version of
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where's waldo. self confessed nsa leaker edward snowden was not where he was supposed to be today, and right now, he may be the most sought after person in the world. we have fox team coverage. ed henry at the white house, whether the united states looks weak, ineffective or both in fruitless efforts to bring snowden home. we begin with fox news catherine herridge about what we know about where he might be. >> reporter: a justice department official says they know where the former contractor is, but gave no details, as a global chase played out today. nsa leaker edward snowden is traveling with a british activist, sarah harrison, according to a conference call with julian assange, who offered no specifics on their location or security. >> both are healthy and safe. >> reporter: a no show on this flight to cuba, one passenger photographing his empty seat. assange living at the ecuador embassy to avoid extradition to
3:15 pm
sweden on sex charges. the south american country is considering snowden's case. >>translator: there are some governments that act more on their own interests, but we do not. we act on our principles and take care of the human rights of people. >> reporter: russia may avoid arresting snowden, citing he is in transit, not staying in moscow. traveling in india, secretary of state john kerry signals there may be consequences for china and russia if they don't cooperate. >> it would be deeply troubling obviously if they have adequate notice and not with standing that make a decision willfully to ignore that and not live by the standards of the law. >> reporter: with snowden's travel initially leaving hawaii and over the weekend from hong kong, via moscow to an unknown destination, kerry seemed to sneer at the route. >> i wonder if mr. snowden chose
3:16 pm
china and russia as assistance in his flight from justice because they're such powerful bastions of international freedom. >> reporter: kerry and international lawmakers warn snowden damaged national security and caused terror to change the way they operate. espionage charges were filed june 14th, snowden's passport later revoked. assange says that nsa leaker is able to travel with help of a silent document from ecuador. >> neither booz allen hamilton will report. today, wikileaks julian assange insisted snowden hadn't been questioned by russian or chinese authorities about what he knows, bret. >> thank you. >> how is snowden evading the super high tech surveillance
3:17 pm
culture he described? chief correspondent ed henry on how one man is making the obama administration look out band. >> reporter: today he commented briefly, only after pressed on whether he spoke to russian president putin. >> we are following the appropriate legal channels and working with various other countries to make sure rule of law is observed. and beyond that, i'll refer to the justice department. >> reporter: it was left to jay carney to declare for the first time the administration believes snowden is a fugitive, as carney tried to shift blame to china, issuing a warning to president xi, days after the summit wrapped up, with u.s. officials insisting relations were just fine. >> we're just not buying this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official. this is deliberate choice to release a fugitive, despite a
3:18 pm
valid arrest warrant, and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s./china relationship. >> reporter: republicans insist it is mr. obama who looks weak, since the presidents of china and russia are not worried about defying him. >> i think we can be a lot stronger. this guy is with the enemy, in the enemy camp, and we're letting him go. >> isn't the administration embarrassed now that you can't track him down, this is a cat and mouse game for all of the world to see? >> i think i've been clear about the actions we have taken and our assessment of the failure of authorities in hong kong to act appropriately on a provisional arrest. >> reporter: carney added it is a setback in u.s.-china relations, a far cry from the rosy portrait painted at the end of this month's summit. >> discussions were positive and constructive, wide ranging, and quite successful. >> reporter: as for russia, the
3:19 pm
obama, putin meeting was frosty, and republican lindsey graham called the snowden case an important task of the reset in relations. graham declaring in a letter to the russian ambassador to the u.s., quote, if mr. snowden is in russian territory, i urge your government to apprehend him, turn him over to united states authorities immediately. white house officials say they have been in contact with hong kong authorities since june 10 when they demanded he be arrested. hong kong officials acknowledged that june 17th, asked for more evidence friday. the u.s. was in the process of responding when hong kong let him go. >> ed, thank you. u2 front man credits evangelical christians and former president george w. bush for saving 9 million aids victims. he said on a radio interview with focus on the family that president bush's $15 billion aids relief program is blessed by god. quote, this should be shouted from the rooftops.
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for a store near you go to the u.s. supreme court has decided not to decide on a controversial affirmative action case. correspondent shannon bream has the latest on a high court session coming to a rapid close. >> reporter: the supreme court released its much anticipated opinion on affirmative action today, but the case remains unresolved. the justices held the lower court failed to apply the court legal standard when it upheld university of texas admissions
3:24 pm
policy that uses race in considering which students it will accept. a white applicant, abigail fisher, sued after she was denied admission, sending the case back to the lower court, justice kennedy wrote, strict scrutiny imposes on the ufrpt the ultimate burden of demonstrating before turning to racial classifications that available, workable race-neutral alternatives do not suffice. for now, the school policies remain intact. >> very technical. the bottom line, affirmative action is still the law of the land. >> reporter: opponents of use of race in college admissions believe though it may be delayed, they have a path to victory. >> incredibly high hurdles for universities and colleges must be overcome if they intend to continue using race preferences in their admissions policies. >> i am very confident ut won't be able to use race in the future. >> reporter: we are awaiting six opinions, including those on the
3:25 pm
voting rights act and same-sex marriage. the court will take up the case of the president's recess appointments to the national labor relations board. a federal court struck down appointments as unconstitutional, finding the senate was not in recess at the time they were made. senate minority leader republican mitch mcconnell applauded the court's decision to hear the dispute, citing the president's unprecedented power grab. the white house, however, predicts victory. >> we are confident the president's authority to make recess appointments will be upheld by the courts. >> reporter: that case will be heard sometime in the fall, along with another affirmative action case stemming from a voter approved measure in michigan which bans use of race and gender in hiring policies at the state's universities. >> shannon, thank you. big week at the court. today is opening statements in the george zimmerman, trayvon martin murder trial, featured profanity from the prosecution and a knock knock joke from the defense. the state began by quoting
3:26 pm
zimmerman in an obscenity laced call to police shortly before the shooting of martin, who was unarmed. zimmerman contends it was self defense. his lawyers countered with a knock knock joke about the jury selection process. a court in milan, italy sentenced the prrlusconi to sev prison for having sex with a minor and abusing his power. berlusconi was also barred from holding public office. in april, i spoke with berlusconi at the opening of the george w. bush presidential center and library in texas about, among other things, what have come to be known, his bunga-bunga parties. >> that was constructed about my by 130 people that talked about it. in italy, they know it, otherwise i wouldn't get these votes. >> berlusconi has two more levels of appeal before the sentence becomes final. the lawyer of a famous actor gets a big surprise as she gets ready for her wedding day, we
3:27 pm
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for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry q10 for $199.99. from the political grapevine, white house press secretary jay carney admits he does not have all of the answers. after nearly 450 briefings, carney has considerable experience answering reporters'
3:31 pm
questions, but he also perfected what "the washington post" refers to as the art of the dodge. yahoo! news identified 13 distinct types of dodge in carney's 9486 nonanswers, not counting today's briefing. 1905 times he said "i don't have the answer." 1383 times said i would refer you to someone else. 1125 times, you already know the answer. carney also frequently won't speculate, we'll get back to you, thinks it is a good question and appreciates the question. gap runs a company and blames human error for a mishap that would have made an identity thief giddy. the daughter of richard dreyfuss offered a pocket square anti two weeks ahead of their wedding. she got television files about 20 former employees, including social security numbers and w-4
3:32 pm
tax forms. banana republic apologized, offered her a free tie and pocket square. she declined. lost in translation at the pretrial hearing for khalid shake muhammad and others. they said screening was tight end after a defense liar tried to send inspire magazine to one of the defendants. that's a publication of yemen based group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the u.s. considers it propaganda and a recruitment tool. the translator identified that contraband magazine as esquire, a magazine about men. two very different publications. an update on a story we brought you last friday. your mother probably told you it is not nice to be a tattle tale, apparently the government is sending a different message. doug mctell on the program.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: to quote implement insider threat detention and prevention program, calls on all government workers to police their own as potential security threats. the executive order was signed by president obama october 7, 2011, applies to workers with no jurisdiction over security issues. education department warns stress, divorce, untreated mental illness, financial problems, frustration with co-workers are warning signs that must be reported. >> it is hitting a small problem, though a significant one, with a sledgehammer. >> reporter: attorney mark zeid believes it will leave some with legitimate gripes to do the wrong thing. >> i have had intelligence clients say in frustration, why don't i walk over to the russian embassy, just sell the information. >> reporter: some advocates for transparency, including the new fbi director nominee believe they need more air to air
3:34 pm
grievances. >> meetings chaired by the president, i could tell from body language of people around the table, they had things to say and they didn't say them. >> reporter: the crackdown on leaks had a chilling effect on the flow of news. >> government employees we once checked in with regularly will no longer speak to us by phone. >> reporter: critics say a larger problem is most agencies have no place where workers that have legitimate grievances can go in the organization, without being branded a malcontent or a national security threat. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. almost 24 hours of pandemonium are over in washington. the dragnet was out for rusty, a red panda who escaped his habitat at the national zoo. around 2:00 p.m., rusty was found in a nearby neighborhood. no word on how rusty got out. where in the world is the nsa leaker? we will talk about that and how
3:35 pm
the u.s. looks in this adventure with the fox all stars when we come back. you make a great team.
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we are not buying it was a technical decision by a hong kong official, it was a deliberate choice by a government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant, and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s., china relationship. >> we were upping the u
3:39 pm
government -- asking the u.s. government for further information in the case, there was no legal basis to stop mr. snowden. this is a good example to illustrate one country's persistence -- >> where in the world is edward snowden, the nsa leaker and the number of countries that are not helping the u.s. is continuing to rise. president obama was pressed on this, hunting down snowden today. here's what he said. >> we are following all of the appropriate legal channels, and working with various other countries to make sure rule of law is observed. beyond that, i'll refer to the justice department that's been actively involved in the case.
3:40 pm
>> with that, let's bring in our panel, jason riley, editorial member of "the wall street journal." juan williams, columnist with the hill, and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. what does this whole thing say? >> at this point, bret, i am less worried about the leaks than the fact that the obama administration is being humiliated on the world stage. these are the fruits of this president's foreign policy, lighter footprint, lead from behind, your adversaries no longer respect you or fear you, and that is what we see playing out now on a very grand scale, it is quite frightening. jay carney's rhetoric sharpened a bit, i think the administration is starting to see how foolish they look. maybe we will go somewhere from here, but it looks bad now. >> juan, you have china and russia not offering a hand, looks like ecuador offered asylum, you had iceland weighing in early, cuba, there's all kinds of countries adding to this mix. >> a lot of people that don't
3:41 pm
like the united states, not news here. i mean, to my mind this would be done no matter if it was president obama or a republican. seems to me these people don't like the united states. in the case of china, i think they think again that they have a special dispensation because the population likes snowden because all the american charges that china was hacking and spying on u.s. military and u.s. companies, and i think it changed the conversation for them. in the case of russia, think the nsa was spying way back on i think 2009, the group of 20. that summit in britain. these people all have their grievances, and ultimately the damage that was done here is the damage that snowden did by releasing this information. i don't think a snowden is that important. nonetheless, tom done len said
3:42 pm
saturday the u.s. government expected these countries to comply with requests to help and they haven't. >> charles? >> you know, the fact that people don't like the united states is not new. what's new is that these nonlikers have no respect for the united states. jason indicates, nobody worries or indicates what obama says because it carries no weight. we heard jay carney say, what did he say, whether this would unquestionably have impact on u.s., china relationship. do you think anybody in beijing cares about that or believes that? is there any evidence? remember how the president said we're going to hold accountable those that killed our ambassador in libya, we're going to hold accountable the authorities in syria who killed so many of their own people. he's talked a hundred times about holding people accountable, nobody is held accountable and everyone knows that. "the washington post" in their news story today spoke about snowden, eluding the grasp of
3:43 pm
the normally long arm of u.s. justice. if there's no element of respect or fear, and you saw it in the summit with the head of the united states and head of russia and china within the last two weeks, they care nothing for what obama says, and they know that when he makes a threat, it carries no weight behind it. >> jason, where does this go from here? >> well, i think the administration is going to try and step up the rhetoric, i think they're going to try to work behind the scenes. there are news reports that they have been trying to speak to the countries that snowden may or may not be headed towards, head him off there. you've seen the rhetoric sharpened a bit, but it's got to come from the top, i think it has to come from president obama, and the response he gave in the clip you made isn't going to cut it. he has to get out in front on this, make it clear that it is coming from the white house. here you had as juan said, i expected them to comply, kerry
3:44 pm
talking about how disappointed he is in the russians. he might be disappointed but can't be surprised. russia has been undermining us in syria for years. the idea -- the president has dug this hole for the u.s. in terms of its reputation around the world, and it is going to take hard work for him to get us back to a point where our adversaries have a little more respect for us. >> juan, you say you're not worried about snowden. there are many officials now saying they expect other big leaks to come from him, and that it is very dangerous. don't knot is, we'll see. i don't think at this point we have any control over snowden. to my mind, the damage has been done. the fact that these programs have been revealed and if he was going to give anything more to the chinese or the russians, i think they already have it in hand. >> i think snowden was revealing when he said early in the saga, couple days ago he was leaving or before he left hong kong, he was looking for a democratic
3:45 pm
country, so china, russia, presumably cuba, perhaps ecuador, i have a suggestion. how about trying the united states. it is a democratic country. >> i mean important point to make. if he is supposed to be such a martyr, what martyr runs, rather than stand on principle. why would you run to countries where press freedoms are nonexistent. >> pretending he is a whistleblower and privacy advocate. >> really, give it up. next up, the senate takes on a key vote on immigration reform. should be wrapping up soon. stay with us.
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this is a fox news alert, looking live at the senate floor, not a lot of activity
3:49 pm
there, but the votes are still coming in. the vote is still open on this controversial amendment known as the surge amendment put forward by senators hoven and corker. the tally is 66-4, 26 against, 8 outstanding senators. they needed 60 votes to pass the threshold, looks like they have that. since the vote is still open, senators could change their votes. the reason they left it open, because the weather in washington is bad and many senators are stuck at the airport, and they're racing from washington's reagan national to try to vote. with that, listen to some of the back and forth debate. >> if this amendment is passed, even though there may be people that vote against the overall bill, voting for this amendment strengthens the bill, such that if we pass it, we have a bill in my opinion that meets the test of the american people. we're securing the border, but
3:50 pm
we're allowing those people at the back of the line to have some pathway to continue to live the american dream. >> i think the bill was in big trouble last week, as a result trouble last week, as a result >> bret: we're back with the panel. charlts, your thoughts on this amendment. it looks like it's going to pass. supporters want to get to 70 to kind of have a big number. what do you think? >> a big number to overhaul the house and to force it to ultimate signature on the president's desk. look, i think the problem with the core kerr amendment is this. it's a shock and awe approach. it throws everything at the problem. tons of money. 20,000 new border agents. it does all of that, but it does not make the enforcement and the success in enforcement a
3:51 pm
requirement that's the problem, if it's a goal it will be like the goal we had in 1980, fix that gave us the problem today. everybody who is supporting the bill is citing the cbo estimate about how it is going to increase our economy, how it is going to give money essentially also to the government. but also in the cbo report is an assumption that under the bill in 10 years we're going to have another 5 million illegals which means we will reach the 11 million in less time than it took from the last amnesty to get the current 11 million. and unless you got something -- so if you are admitting that, what you are saying is enforcement really is simply a fig leave. it looks as if you are doing a lot, but there is no guarantee. without it, without a statement that you do not get a green card and citizenship, unless the
3:52 pm
border is closed, all you have are promises and a lot of inputs. you have got to have the output. >> bret: juan? >> well, i just, you know, to me, this is -- we're playing politics here, pandering in my opinion. this whole border security thing is for people who think that the big problem right now is on that southern border with mexicans coming over. and, in fact, as you know, there is at the moment a net outward flow, given the recession and the like, and, secondly, there has been so many improvements in terms of border security, i think it's now that we have had a 750% increase in spending budget for customs and border patrol over the last few years. obama's deporting more illegal immigrants than ever any president in american history. we have gone from having 4,000 border patrol agents in the 90 over 21,000 today. to me, this is like people who are looking for a reason to say we don't want
3:53 pm
immigration reform. and i think that's pandering to people who are just anti-immigrant in our society. >> bret: jason, there is a lot of talk about how senators didn't read this amendment, let alone didn't read the bill as of yet. senator corker has pushed back on that saying it's been on posted for quite some time. your thoughts if this amendment gets them the votes they need in the senate and if it effects the house at all. >> it may get them the votes they need in the senate. i think it will. how much impact it will have in the house i'm not sure about that momentum argument. the house is going to want to do their own thing. my problem is i think there is a fundamental dishonesty in this debate. i understand why republicans are doing the border security first approach. you are leading the public to believe that the key to reducing illegal immigration in this country is more border security. there is nothing in our recent immigration history that suggest that that's the case. again, we have beefed up the border in the past
3:54 pm
under clinton. we did it in san diego. we did in el paso. we thought the arizona mountains would keep them out. they moved around. two things reduce illegal immigration to the u.s. one is a poor u.s. economy, which attracts fewer workers. the second thing is giving people more legal ways to come. this bill is emphasizing border security at the expense of doing things that we know work because they have worked in the past. >> jason, if the reason that the fencing and all of that hasn't worked is because if you stop them here they are going to go in there, you fence the there. you fence the entire southern border. the border is 2,000 miles. we have exactly 350 of them. and 90% of that is a single strain, which has no effect. we have spent 36 miles of double fencing of a 2,000-mile border. we have never had a barrier that was ever tested.
3:55 pm
>> bret: this amendment say it would double 350 miles of fencing already deployed to 700 miles of fencing. >> that's single strand which does not work. >> the big problem is people flying in the country and oversaying their visas. >> that's 40% right there. this border thing is just ridiculous. this wall thing. it's like -- >> bret: we are going to talk about this wall thing and a lot of other things all week long on this debate. thank you very much. by the way, the senate floor 67-26, will he that alexander arriving from the airport voting aye. stay tuned for a surprise visitor during a local weather report. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation... ...stilln the plan. nice! so is his tablet, that guy's hotspot, thentern's tablet. the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers, oh sorry... all easier to manage on the share everything plan
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report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the acting head of the irs admission significant failures at the irs. he says tea party groups are not the only ones targeted. plus, another embarrassing day for the feds. the former high school dropout and nsa leader one up the most powerful government in the world. >> he is wanted by the legal process of the united states. >> we understand mr. snowden to be in russia. >> shepard: but american investigators having a hard time getting their hands on him. >> and now snowden is getting help from the wikileaks founder julian assange. >> he is not a spy. is he a whistleblower. >> shepa


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