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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the acting head of the irs admission significant failures at the irs. he says tea party groups are not the only ones targeted. plus, another embarrassing day for the feds. the former high school dropout and nsa leader one up the most powerful government in the world. >> he is wanted by the legal process of the united states. >> we understand mr. snowden to be in russia. >> shepard: but american investigators having a hard time getting their hands on him. >> and now snowden is getting help from the wikileaks founder julian assange. >> he is not a spy. is he a whistleblower. >> shepard: tonight, a standoff with global
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repercussions. >> shepard: plus, opening statements in the trial of george zimmerman. >> he pressed that gun into trayvon martin's chest. >> he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. >> shepard: and the courtroom knock, knock joke. >> that's funny. >> from george zimmerman's own lawyer. >> and a second -- verdict in e underage sex case. while silvio berlusconi's next bunga bunga party may have to be from behind bars. >> shepard: first from fox this monday night, the feds know where ed snowden is. that's what a justice department official is telling fox news. but that official will not tell us where snowden is. the former national security agency contractor admits he did leak classified documents. he did expose secret government surveillance programs. he used to work at an nsa office in hawaii. he says he took off for hong kong last month.
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then this weekend he reportedly left hong kong for moscow. even though the u.s. had asked hong kong to arrest him. we're told there is a flurry of activity behind the scenes. top u.s. officials apparently pressuring moscow to hand over the fugitive and threatening russia with some of the retaliation if that demand is not met. more on that in just a moment. an official at the russian airline says ed snowden booked a flight today from moscow to havana. right now that plane has just landed in cuba. another air flight official told reuters snowden's next stop was venezuela. and ecuador's foreign minister says ed snowden applied for asylum in that country, which is also sheltering the wikileaks its embassy in london. julian assange says wikileaks helped snowden make his escape so earlier today a bunch of journalist got on snowden's flight from who's co-to havana. airline official says snowden did not. in fact, here is his empty
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seat, 17 a by the window. president obama says the u.s. is doing everything it can to get snowden on a flight to the u.s. >> we're following all the appropriate legal channels and working with various other countries to make sure that rule of law is observed. >> snowden reportedly decided to leave hong kong at the last minute. that's what one of his lawyers tell the "wall street journal" which the parent company of this network owns. they celebrated snowden's birthday with pizza, friday chicken and sausages. ed snowden made what the lawyer called a very sudden decision to get out of hong kong and didn't even take any luggage with hill. catherine herridge is on top fox story ed snowden shouldn't have been shouldn't have been able to leave hong kong because they had revoked his passport. >> that's right, shep. secretary of state john kerry telling reporters traveling tonight with him in india that snowden's passport was pulled friday eight days after the charges were filed in india
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and two days before snowden got on that flight from hong kong. the administration is pushing back against claims hong kong knew his passport wasn't no good and still let him traveling. kerry echoing officials that snowden has damaged national security and caused terrorists to change the way they operate. the secretary of state also seemed to mock snowden's travel route. >> i wonder if mr. snowden chose china and russia as assistants in his feud, you know, in his flight from justice because they are such powerful bagsians of internet freedom. >> in the call founder of wikileaks whose group is helping snowden claim the nsa snowden has not been briefing about what he knows. >> shepard: it's my understand that a member of wikileaks is actually traveling with ed snowden. >> that's right. snowden is traveling with a british activist and member
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of wikileaks described in british media reports as a former girlfriend of the group's founder julian assange. in that 90 minute conference call with reporters. assange speaking slowly and deliberately said snowden are comfortable with specifics on location or security. >> healthy and safe and they are in contact with their legal team. >> assange, who is living at london's ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition to sweden on sex charges says ecuador gave sweden a so-called asylum document so he can still travel. >> >> you know, i'm not familiar with ecuadorian legal system and what travel documents they may have or under what grounds they may do it. >> assange also hinting today new leak also show how the u.s. government reportedly pressured private companies to help the nsa surveillance program, shep.
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>> shepard: catherine, russia has no extradition treaty with the united states a brother of at russian prisoner here in the united states is suggesting a swat. remember victor boot? the weapons dealer who inspired the nicholas cage movie lord of war. he is serving in prison in illinois for plotting to kill officers in columbia. so far the russians have not responded to brother's suggestion of swapping boot for snowden. meantime some republicans say president obama should be getting tougher on russia. we'll get the response from the white house coming up inside fox report. first though, a big day in central florida as the trial of george zimmerman began at last this morning with curse words, a defense lawyer's joke and some evidence that we have never before seen. george zimmerman is the former neighborhood watchman who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy named trayvon martin in february of last year. zimmerman says did he it in self-defense. a prosecutor says zimmerman had profiled trayvon martin, as someone who was about to commit a crime.
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and during opening statements today, the prosecutor quoted a 911 call that zimmerman made before the confrontation that left trayvon martin dead. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> [bleep] punches, these [bleep] they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. and excuse my language but those were his words, not mine. [bleep] punks. these [bleep] they always get away. >> shepard: it was a dramatic beginning that had every juror's head up and listening closely we are told. and the prosecutor said zimmerman shot the teenager not because he had to, but because he wanted to. zimmerman's attorney chose a less serious way to begin his opening statement. he started with a joke.
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about jury selection. >> knock knock, whose there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right. good. you are on the jury. nothing? [ laughter ] that's funny. after what you folks have been through the last two or three weeks. >> shepard: well, it fell flat and the lawyer then got serious saying on the night of the shooting, george zimmerman was just trying to protect himself. >> george zimmerman is not guilty of murder. he shot trayvon martin in self-defense after being viciously attacked. >> shepard: and this afternoon it was time for the first witness to take the stand. phil keating is covering the trial. is he live at the courthouse in central florida. phil, we heard from one of the last people who see trayvon martin alive. >> shep, he, a former 7/11 clerk who, unlike george zimmerman, never thought
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trayvon martin looked suspicious or was up to no good. the night martin died he was walking home to the girlfriend's house of his dad at a nearby 7/11 from that nearby 7/11 and this in store security video showing the heady wearing travon martin carrying skittles and a drink. last known video showing him alive 54 minutes before zimmerman shot him. >> ever seen him before? >> no. >> was there anything about that customer that caused you any concern? >> nope. >> four witnesses took the stand on day one. a kid who played video games with martin that day and the police dispatchers who received zimmerman's calls. defense attorney mark o'mara scored on this point on cross. >> the hostility that might come from [bleep] punks, i want to be clear, did you hear any of that hostility in the conversation? >> no, sir. >> >> zimmerman's father, mother, and wife who came out of hiding for this
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trial saw none of it. kicked out this morning by the judge as they are on the witness list. much of the morning martin's parents wiping away tears on for them a very emotional day. as for the jury, they came in very business-forward. many wearing suits, taking notes all day long and paying very close attention, shep. >> shepard: phil, thanks. the acting irs commissioner says the agency's targeting of specific groups was wide-ranging and lasted longer than officials first revealed. and not only conservative groups, but also targeting liberal ones. using key words progressive and occupy. this leaves in question accusations that irs employees were trying to tip the election in favor of democrats. danny woferl that acting commissioner says he has found in evidence that stafers did anything wrong or anybody outside the irs took part in the targeting. he reminds us the investigation is continuing.
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you know how these things go. changes are underway. the dirs say today they have halted the be on the lookout or bola list targeted groups for greater scrutiny. it wasn't just conservatives. they admit they were targeting a variety of groups including the likes of religious and even foreign policy organizations. the report was released in a conference call not on camera. >> while fact-gathering is still underway, we have not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the irs or involvement in these matters by anyone outside the irs. furthermore, there is no current evidence of the use of inappropriate screeners or other types of criteria in other irs operations. >> darryl issa, the republican chairman of the house committee that's investigating the irs called the report's assertion that there has been no evidence of intentional wrongdoing, quote: premature. five people have been relace placed in the irs's leadership command and several year sight and reform measures are underway. the targeting of more than
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conservative groups has been alleged for years. lori's pro-israel group denied exempt status and told irs agent because their policies differed with the administration. she sued way back in 2010 and is still waiting for justice. >> i'm really disappointed that not enough people are saying this is not acceptable. it's not enough just to have a congressional hearing and then close the books and move on. we need to find out what went wrong and why? >> the irs did take one big step today saying those groups that have been delayed or backlogged for 120 days can now self-certify that would mean that they would agree to obey the law and get immediate tax exempt status. not much consolation for groups thatted to take part in the last two elections, shep. >> carl cameron in washington tonight. keeps getting worse for the celebrity chef paula deen. the new set back that could cost her millions more. and what appears to be her
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new plan to repair her reputation. and the former chicago bulls star scotty pippin suspected in a fight that put a man in the hospital. the basketball hall of famer has turned himself in. what politician are now telling us ahead. from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here. now get the unmistakable thrill and the incredible rush of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. ♪
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>> shepard: the crisis is paula deen's food image is deepening fired chef racial remarks over one time use of the "n" word. smithfield food announcing this time it dropped paula deen's line of hams. that's after the food network announced friday it has ended her cooking shows. all this started with employee sued her for harassment. during a recent deposition paula admitted she has use the "n" word. it's been a long time. also came out she would like to see a southern-themed wedding. one that would have all black servers wearing all
4:17 pm
white suits. essentially looking like slaves. now there is word paula deen's problems could just be getting started. leading civil rights group confirms to fox news that more workers at her restaurants around the country are coming forward with complaints. >> lighter skinned people and white people work in the restaurant. darker skinned people work in the kitchen. one is referred to as a little monkey. that he is referred to that over and over and over again. that one gentleman was shaken by a manager and told "you don't have any rights here." the kinds of things that you think don't occur anymore. >> shepard: now paula deen is set to make a latch ditch effort to make she has scheduled appearance on "the today show" this wednesday. same show she blew off friday claiming exhaustion. trace gallagher with us tonight. what do we know about these new accusations, trace? >> the group rainbow push says none of these employees are looking for money or notoriety. in fact, fort time being
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they are all remaining anonymous. what they are looking for apparently are better working conditions and it's very important to point out that none of these allegations are directed exactly at paula deen. instead, they are directed at managers who work in her various restaurants. but they say that she is ultimately responsible and then i asked why now. listen. >> the accepts that i got listening to them was that they felt safe. finally it was safe to tell what they knew. this stuff has been going on for a while and i never would have mentioned it but now that it's coming out, maybe i won't be the butt of anything that comes out of it. maybe it's okay for me to talk now. >> another man who made a direct allegation against paula deen reportedly we talked to him on the phone today, shep, and he would not confirm that and then we checked his time line and it doesn't all add up. shep? >> shepard: the apologies are well documented but it doesn't seem to be working
4:19 pm
here, trace. >> no, and she has actually apologized a couple of times and posted them both online. the first online apology was really badly edited and it seemed to have gaps or bad edits at very awkward times. that was very quickly taken down and then it was replaced with a brand new apology. listen. >> i am here to say i am sole sorry i was wrong. and yes i have worked hard and made mistakes. but that is no excuse. after posted that apology. paula deen's son have with the nets work. cooking shows continue to air as plans bobby dean also set apart from famous mother. his name not moo momma's meals. supreme court finally handed down ruling on after
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>> shepard: the chicago bulls star scotty pippin could face criminal charges after a fight that sent a man to the hospital. new video shows scotty pippin leaving the sheriff station in southern california. a detective says he had been having dinner with his family at no boo in malibu. as he was living he got into a parking lot fight with another customer. the detective says it may have been some sort of fight over an autograph but that investigators are still sorting things out. he also said scotty pippin in of his own free will.
4:24 pm
he helped the bulls to a championship in 1990s with the help of a man named michael jordan. the supreme court is keeping the nation on edge of collective seat as well as we all wait for potential blockbuster decision. two of them on gay marriage. a third on the rights of voters. the justices were scheduled to have all of that wrapped up by today. but they didn't hit their deadline. so, they have scheduled two more meetings this week to announce more opinions. this morning the court did rule on a closely watched affirmative action case. it's a case that could have affected admission process at colleges all across the nation. the justices did not settle this issue. far far from it. shannon bream is live from d.c. shannon? >> at stake, whether or not the university of texas at austin and potentially every state school in the country can use race as a factor in the admissions process. instead of deciding the merits of the case, the supreme court sent it back
4:25 pm
down to the lower court saying: you used the wrong standard when you originally decided this case. it's very tech nil call but that the bottom line is still the law of the land. >> what it means now is that the university will have to reach the highest strictest standard for proving that policy which does use race actually passes constitutional muster. abigail is the new when she was was refused admission and today she praised the court's admission. >> they gave us everything that beasked for. -- we asked for. i'm very confident they won't be able to use race in the future. >> in a year or two this case could end back at the supreme court. >> shepard: there is word ed snowden did not just stumble on to government secrets. instead, he reportedly admits he took the job as an intelligence contractor so that he could find classified information to leak. plus, monica lewenski's long way on the auction
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block along with lots of other items from the investigation into her affair with former president clinton. and jail break at the zoo. the red panda that almost made a clean get away. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. heir capital one venture d to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation... ...stilln the plan. nice!
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soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab yo friends and family and start a team today. register at >> shepard: a federal investigation is underway as fox reports tonight after a dare devil wing walker and her pilot died in a fiery crash. here it is.
4:30 pm
happened saturday at an air show in ohio in front of thousands of spectators. witnesses say the two were performing an aerial stunt right there. just before the plane went down. earlier today on "studio b," we spoke with a friend of both victims who is also a wing walker. >> for the love of it that's why we do it pretty much. there is always that element that something could go wrong. >> shepard: the faa right now is looking into the incident. the agency claims both victims had clean safety records. >> i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the white house is calling for russia to send this man, ed snowden back to the united states white house says it aseems that's where the nsa leaker is right now. there is word he may be trying to get to ecuador. the foreign minister said snowden applied for asylum there. analysts point out that's an interesting choice for ed snowden. the united nations has criticized ecuador for cracking down on freedoms
4:31 pm
of the press and just this month it outlawed media leaks of course it's letting julian assange stay in embassy in london. ecuador's president has accused our president obama of leading a witch-hunt against assange. analysts say president rafael may be trying to take over for hugo chavez as america's top critic in latin america. president correa went to school here in the united states and his father did time as an american prisoner for smuggling cocaine. the white house says the u.s. is in touch with ecuador and other countries where snowden just may be headed. ed henry is live at the white house on the top story at the bottom of the hour. tough talk for china as well, ed. >> that's right, shep. tonight, white house officials are telling us they first started talking to hong kong's government on june 10th about arresting snowden. they got acknowledgment of that request on june 17th. then this past friday hong kong authorities asked for more evidence and the u.s.
4:32 pm
was responding to that request when all of a sudden hong kong let snowden go. the white house believes that china is really behind all of this. take a listen to jay carney. >> we are just not buying that this was a technical decision why a hong kong immigration official. this was a dip brat choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship. >> the negative impact interesting that it was barely two weeks ago when the president this h. that mini summit with the relatively new chinese president. white house officials were going on and on about what a great relationship they have. maybe not so much, shep. >> shepard: some republicans are saying the president really needs to be more forceful on this matter. >> they are. speak out saying look in the case of china they apparently are not worried about defying president obama. in the case of russian president vladimir putin he doesn't appear to be scared of defying the u.s. government right now either. that's why some republican lawmakers are saying it's
4:33 pm
time for the president himself to step up. >> i think we can be a lot stronger. you know this guy is with the enemy in the enemy camp. letting him go. reporter pressed him on whether or not he had had any contact with president putin. he wouldn't confirm that contact. the president referred this over to the justice department not exactly a very firm statement, shep. >> he is about to get some help with legal bills. group calling itself progressive change campaign committee reports its raised $25,000 for the edward snowden legal defense fund. and edward snowden does admit that he applied for a job as an nsa contractor booze at len specifically intending to gather evidence on washington's cyber spying networks. that's according to the south china's morning post. it reports that earlier this month ed know den told
4:34 pm
the paper straight up, quote: my position with booze allen hamilton granted me access to lists of machines all over the world the nsa hacked. that is why i accepted that position about three months ago. but even before snowden began spilling his secrets, the white house had begun trying to crackdown on so-called insider threats. the program reportedly requires government workers to essentially keep tabs on each other to prevent things like leaks and data theft. doug mckelway with the rest of the story from washington. doug? >> shep, the little known executive order requires government agencies to, quote: implement insider threat detection and prevention program. in effect it calls on all government workers to police their owns a potential security threats. it even applies to workers with no jurisdiction over security issues. the education department, for example, warns, quote: stress, divorce, untreated mental illness, financial problems, frustrations with co-workers, or the organization are warning science that must be reported.
4:35 pm
attorney mark zaid believes the program may lead some workers with legitimate gripes to do the wrong thing. >> there is a psychological component to it that in many times or at least sometimes i will say they are actually pushed in the wrong direction towards being more of an insider threat. i have seen over the years where i have had intelligence clients say to me in frustration that why don't i just walk over to the russian embassy and just sell the information the administration chilling effect on news. at least according to the president of the associated press. >> government employees that we once checked in with regularly will no longer speak to us by phone. >> critics say a larger problem is that most government agencies have no place where workers with legitimate grievances can go within the organization without fear of being branded a malcontent or worse a potential security threat. shep? doug doug the senate got
4:36 pm
closer to passing the way for senate reform. g.o.p. amendment that ramps up border security. analysts say this new measure could get more republicans on board for the final bill it proposes adding 700 miles of fencing at the border. and doubling the size of the u.s. border patrol among other changes. total price tag here nearly $46 billion. it also creates that path to citizenship for some 11 million immigrants currently said to be in the united states illegally. but only once the border changes are in place. and that could be 10 years after the law takes effect. mike immable is live tonight on capitol hill. >> good evening. several senators did not make it back in time due to flight delays. they were not needed. 15 republicans voted in favor giving 67 senators voting in favor of this critical border security amendment, though along the way it took shots like this one. >> this is the 1200 page amendment.
4:37 pm
we have seen this play before. it is reminiscent of obama care. yet another bill that we were told we have got to pass it to find out what's in it those mind this measure. senator bob corker of tennessee and john of minnesota pushed back hard on criticisms like that one. he says the amendment was an easy read. >> this is it. this is the new material. 120 pages. this is what we're adding. 120 pages when which i think somebody could read in a very short amount of time. >> also today, president obama met with ceos and business leaders to make the case for the bigger bill, comprehensive immigration reform. >> the good news is that we have got a strong bipartisan bill that meets many of those principles. as i is said before, it's not a bill that represents everything that i would like to see. it represents a compromise. >> one author of today's amendment says after several other amendments are considered later this week, he thinks it's
4:38 pm
possible they could get to 70 votes for comprehensive immigration reform sending a strong message to the house. shep? >> shepard: mike, lawmakers are still sifting through hundreds of other amendments to this same bill, which addressed immigration well beyond mexico. incredibly they include amendments to grant certain types of visas to competitive chess players. ski instructures in europe and new zealand even meat trimmers for the state of south carolina. well, now is your chance to relive all of the exciting details from the monica lewenski scandal because several items from the investigation are hitting the auction block online. not the famous blue dress. but you could get your hands on a black floor length nej shae. a navy blue hoody or denim jacket among other items. according to the auction house monica lewenski had sent that clothing as gifts to the wife of the former high school teacher, a married man with whom lewenski had had an affair.
4:39 pm
officials stay eventually became evident in the investigation to impeach the president of the united states. auction organizers say those items could fetch up to $50,000 total. an incorporate dangered red panda that somehow got out of the smithsonian natural zoo turned up today in a nearby d.c. neighborhood. almost a mile from where anybody had last seen it. this is rusty. zoo officials say a local resident's twitter photo and a phone tip helped them locate the panda which went missing last night. the zoo tweeted late this afternoon, rusty has returned from his trip to the adams morgan neighborhood and getting a checkup in our vet hospital. red pandas are known to be escape artists. it took two years and dozens of hearings but today a verdict on italy's former prime minister and his infamous bunga bunga sex parties. parties said to involve strippers and sexy nuns and according to prosecutors, at least one underage
4:40 pm
prostitute. details on that plus american businessman says is he a hostage and his captors his own employees. coming up, what workers are demanding for his release. chno, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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>> shepard: the retirement funds of millions of americans took a hit today. the dow closed down about 140 but fell nearly 250 in the first hour of trading. analysts say investors are
4:44 pm
worried rising interest rates for bank loans in china could signal trouble for that country's economy and the announcement about the federal reserve chairman last week that the fed may cut back on economic stimulus. much better news for twinkie fans tonight. hostess cakes are returning to the store shelves next week. hostess went bankrupt last year and this got sold off. the prime minister of its solid guilty of paying a teenager for sex during his so-called bunga bunga sex parties. this ruling today from a court in millan it sentenced silvio berlusconi to seven years in prison and banned him from public office for life. he is 76 years old now berlusconi. billionaire who claimed those bunga bunga parties at his mansion were eloquent dinner plannings. prosecutors claim they were sex parties that he paid women to attend.
4:45 pm
the former nightclub dancer known to one and all as aruba the heart stealer. prosecutors berlusconi paid for sex when she was just 17 and used his power to try to cover it all up. each denies they had sex. she has said she went to several of those bunga bunga parties back in 2010 and that berlusconi paid $40,000 after each night. three women judges today decided his fate and he can still appeal the verdict. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with n. with us tonight berlusconi doesn't seem to be too pleased with his verdict. >> surprisingly. he didn't bother to show up in court to hear the verdict. when it was read out. but he later took to his facebook page to criticize the judges who made this verdict. returning to the theme that he has often spoken about that this was, in his view, a politically motivated witch-hunt. his facebook statement went on, quote: but i, once again, intend to resist
4:46 pm
this persecution because i am absolutely innocent and in no way want top abandon my battle to make italy into a truly free and just country. his attorney did speak for him outside the court and that attorney said that there will indeed be an appeal. berlusconi has two ways of appealing. because of that this is likely to drag on yet. >> shepard: figured it would. people tend to be nixed on. this they do. and arguing about it in the only ways italians can. [shouting] they were not apparently discussing whether to have latte or expresso. that was about this trial. others who spoke outside the court have mixed opinions of the verdict itself. listen. >> i have the impression that the verdict was a little excessive in respect to his personal responsibilities. i don't know the exact details of the verdict, but it seems like day deja vu
4:47 pm
beings something widely expected. i trust the justice system, so if he has been sentenced, it must mean he deserved it. >> perhaps he did deserve it, perhaps he didn't. but a lot of legal experts say mr. berlusconi is unlikely ever to see the inside of a prison cell because of this lengthy appeals process and because of his age, shep. he is 76 now. >> shepard: indeed. jonathan thanks very much. american business executive in china says his workers, his own workers have been holding him hostage for four days now. holding him at his medical supply company in suburban beijing. here he is inside that very plant. workers are demanding severance packages like the ones the company gave 30 employees when he they phased out their department. the executives says the company is not laying off the remaining workers. the body of actor james gandolfini is back in the united states. we'll have the details on funeral plans for the is soprano star. and a six hour spacewalk
4:48 pm
outside the international space station today. we will show what you crew members were doing hundreds of miles above the earth's surface. that's coming up. [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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>> shepard: the president of south africa is asking people to pray for nelson mandela as the 94-year-old icon fights for his life. he has a long history of health problems and he has not appeared in public for years now. he has been in the hospital for weeks with a lung infection and the current south african president says nelson mandela is critical tonight. >> the doctors are doing everything possible to ensure his well being and comfort. >> shepard: nelson mandela became south after infantry caps first black president in 1994 after apartheid ended and after he spent
4:52 pm
decades as a political prisoner. actor james gandolfini will be laid to rest thursday morning here in new york city. a spokeswoman for hbo says a funeral service will take place on manhattan's upper west side. the 51-year-old star of the sopranos died last week on vacation in rome. autopsy confirmed he had a heart attack. officials with the port authority of new york and new jersey say gandolfini's body arrived late last night at newark's international airport. the new jersey governor chris christie ordered all flags to fly at half-staff today. for the garden state native. crew members at the international space station conducted a six hour space walk today to do some maintenance outside their orbiting home. two russian cosmo knots replaced some mechanical parts to prepare the iss for new russian research lab that's expected to it dock later this year. steve harrigan in our south florida newsroom tonight. steve? >> shepard, some remarkable footage including from the
4:53 pm
helmet cams of two russian cosmo knots out there basically floating 2 auto miles above the surface of the earth for six and a half hours. they are getting the international space station ready for a new wing, a new room that will be a russian space laboratory, which we have brought up by rocket before the end of the year. there is six current crew members on board the iss, two of those are americans that were helping to monitor that space walk in addition carrying out experiments of their own including one on why the human body gets larger on duration flights and comes back to normal once back on earth. the spacewalk today was not the only event in the does mows. the chinese president congratulated three chinese astro knots on successfully linking up with china's own temporary space station part of what could be a permanent chinese presence in space in the next seven years. china's president says the country plans to keep taking giant strides in space exploration. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve, the international space station is about the size of a five
4:54 pm
bedroom house and wing fan about the size of a football field. representing 15 different countries built it it rotating crews of astro knots have staffed the space space station continuously since the year 2000. actor jim carrey has a new movie set to open this summer. now he is saying can he not support it you are hear why. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement
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>> shepard: so actor jim carrey has had a change of heart about upcoming super action hero movie kick ass
4:58 pm
2. that's the name. work on the film is weighing on his conscience in light of the sandy hook massacre. i did the movie a month before sandy hook. and now in all good conscience i cannot support the level of violence. my apologies to others involved in the film. i'm not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change of heart. a spokesman from universal declined to comment. one of the biggest upsets in wimbledon history happened this morning. the tennis star rafael middle niddle eliminated in round one. he had never been knocked out of opening round of any grand slam event. 135th ranked pro-from belgium came out on top in straight sets. a knee injury had sidelined rafael seven months after he lost in the second round last year. today's upset ended 22 match winning streak. updating some of fox top stories tonight. a plane from moscow to cuba landed without ed snowden,
4:59 pm
a seat reserved from him was empty it. on the run facing federal espionage charges. later the defense apologized after a knock knock joke fell flat. and a former chicago bulls star scottie pippen could face charges after cops in southern california say he was in a fight over the weekend that put a man in the hospital. and on this day in 1812, the french emperor napoleon bonaparte invade russian. at the time france was one of the most powerful nations in the world. napoleon apparently wanted to conquer more of it. for months he and 500,000 soldiers and russians kept pulling back. the brutal winter forced the grand army to retreat. that's when russians stepped up their fight. in the end, just 20% of napoleon's militia would escape russia but they
5:00 pm
frozen rotunda 101 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, june the 24th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. see you back here tomorrow. the factor next. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> george zimmerman is not guilty of murder. he shot trayvon martin in self-defense after being viciously attacked. >> laura: the george zimmerman, trayvon martin murder trial finally gets underway as the defense plays the dramatic 911 tape. >> 911, do you need police, fire or medical? >> maybe both. i'm not sure. there is just someone screaming outside. >> what is your -- --just heard gun shows. shots. >> we are following all the appropriate legal channels and working with other countries to make sure the rule of law is observed. >> laura: where in the world was edward know den. he w


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