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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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"special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, an emotional day in court as the trial of george zimmerman. see the crime scene photos that sent the young boy's parents out of the room. plus, the high school dropout turned cia spy and leaker spends another night as a free man. thank you, russia. russian president told the world no den has been hanging out at moscow airport. >> asked the government to consider all options to expel him to return him to the united states. >> shepard: president putin said russia shah is not sending him back. tonight the options for bringing ed snowden to justice and word that he
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has a lot more secrets left to spill. plus, is too much technology rotting your brain? doctors say they are seeing memory and learning problems among folks dependent on their gadgets. tonight, the frightening report on digital dementia. but first from fox this tuesday night, a lot of action today in the george zimmerman murder trial and a lot of evidence. but we're still waiting for the star witness. we expect her to take the stand today or we did but it didn't happen. george zimmerman, of course, the former neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin last year in sanford, florida. zimmerman says it was self-defense. prosecutors call it murder. and the star witness testimony could help make or break this case. a prosecutor identified her yesterday finally as rachel general tell and said she was on the phone with 17-year-old trayvon martin the night of that shooting. in testimony last year
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rachel wrote that trayvon martin told her a man was following him and was getting closer. she wrote in return, then trayvon turned around and said "why are you following me?" then i heard him fall. and then she says the line went dead. prosecutors also showed jurors some evidence today of skittles thatuit drink trayvon martin died. as well as the 9-millimeter handgun that put a boulevard -- bullet through the teenager's chest. phil? >> shep, a second straight day of tears for the parents of trayvon martin as gruesome photos of their dead son were shown in the courtroom on the big screen. it was all too much for the father, tracy martin who with his attorney quickly walked out of the courtroom. the mother sabrina martin stayed with swollen eyes from crying. this photo of the dead teen's foot exposed under a yellow tarp is the only one of many we are showing you, the jurors, saw close up.
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this afternoon, witness and neighbors saleen described hearing two men running behind her town house then flailing at each other in the rain. and unexpectedly for the first time ever, she specified the direction they were running. >> did you also hear some kind of movement outside in the back of your residence? >> yes. >> okay. can you describe that to the jury, please? >> sounded like running from left to the right on the -- in the rear pathway. >> that could be big. and here is why. on this map of the scene, zimmerman's car was parked in the upper left. and he claims trayvon martin attacked him in the area of the fatal shot. at the time of the pathway. but this witness says both men were running from the bottom, putting zimmerman out of place in his alibi. a visibly hot mark o'mara pointed out on cross-examination that she never said this before, suggesting she is a supporter of trayvon martin. prosecutors also hammered the neighborhood watchman as a wanna be cop who
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ignored police training to never get involved prosecutors wondered whether the definition of somebody walking through the rain in the neighborhood meant suspicious? the trainer said no. shep? >> shepard: phil, the lawyers also argued over a series of phone calls that george zimmerman made to police in the months before the shooting happened. in most of those calls he reported people he said might be up to no good and he identified them all as black men. >> there is a break-n my neighborhood recently. >> white, black or hispanic. >> black males, two black males. >> you can describe the two individuals. >> two african-american males. >> two white, black, or hispanic? >> black. >> shepard: tomorrow, the judge is expected to rule whether the jury should get to hear those tapes. prosecutors say recordings like that one show zimmerman's frame of mind. the defense team argues the calls are not relevant in any way to this shooting. then there is russia. it will not send the nsa leaker ed snowden back to
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the united states because he is not technically in russia. or that's the word from the president there, vladimir putin. he said it today. he claims snowden is in the transit area at the moscow airport so he isn't officially on russian turf. the white house says it is not buying that argument. quote: we are asking russian government to take action to expel mr. snow deb without delay. but the russian president is calling criticism from the united states ravings and rubbish. officials in hong kong say they let ed snowden get on a plane this weekend because the u.s. request to arrest him did not fully comply with hong kong law. the feds deny that ecuador's foreign minister says his government is considering snowden's application for asylum and tonight the russians say snowden is a free man who can go and do whatever he wants. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is in our newsroom in new york. and for the moment, at least, it sounds like vladimir putin's position on this matter is unwavering.
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>> unwavering, uncompromising and, according to a will the of experts, shep, completely disingenuous. those experts say that president putin's contention that mr. snowden is not technically on russian soil because he is in a transit zone of the airport there in moscow is basically complete nonsense. putin, of course, has never been one to care much what others think and he says russia has no reason to arrest snowden or to hand him over. listen. >> as for extradition there was no possibility. we can hand over foreign citizens to countries with which we have an appropriate international agreement on the extradition of criminals. we don't have such an agreement with the united states. thank god mr. snowden committed no crimes in the territory of the russian federation. >> now, putin also said that russia's security services have not interviewed ed snowden in any way whatsoever. those same experts say
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that, too, is barely plausible, shep? >> shepard: u.s. officials are clearly unhappy about all of this. but the rhetoric seemed to tone down a bit today, jonathan. >> yeah. we had much stronger language over the weekend directed at the chinese and hong kong authorities and then yesterday at the russian authorities, but today secretary john kerry seemed to dial that back a bit, reducing his message to basically please, can we have our citizen back. listen. >> we're not looking for a confrontation. we are not ordering anybody. we are simply requesting under a very normal procedure for the transfer of somebody just as we transferred to russia seven people in the last two years that they requested that we did without any clammer, without any rancor, without any argument. >> but tonight, shep, there is no sign whatsoever of the russians agreeing to that plight request.
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shep? jorch than one of the journalists who broke the story in the first place says he has other secrets to reveal. now we are learning ed snowden may have downloaded more than secret documents. lots of details ahead inside fox report. first though, a landmark day for the supreme court as it struck down a key section of the landmark voting rights act that was created to prevent discrimination at polling places. invalidated, a formula. one that determines which areas need federal approval before any change to local voting rules. in a 5 to 4 vote along ideological lines, the supreme court ruled the formula relies on decades' old data and does not reflect the racial progress our society has made. the rule applied to the nine states you see here in yellow and to certain counties and townships in a half dozen other states. alabama's governor says the decision recognizes the progress his state has made over the past 50 years. and the texas attorney general praised the ruling with a statement that reads, in part: laws that
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require unequal or i should say laws that apply unequally to just some states have no place in our nation. the president says he is deeply disappointed with today's decision. and attorney general eric holder echos that feeling. >> this decision represents a serious set back for voting rights and has the potential to negatively effect millions of americans across the country but remember the supreme court struck down only the formula the feds were using to determine which areas need oversight. if lawmakers can come up with a new way of calculating that the justice department could relevant resume its oversight. shannon bream covers the court for us and is live there for us tonight. if you would, shannon, explain the immediate impact of this ruling. >> what it means for now, shep, is states and jurisdictions that have been found guilty of discriminating against minority voters will no longer have to come to the federal government to ask for permission when they want to ask for changes to procedures.
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the formula used to figure out who was committing the wrongs and those who should have to abide by the restrictions is decades old, outdate and unconstitutional and it's got to go. >> i think a great constitutional order has been restored today and that's a wonderful thing for our system of government civil rights leaders are warning this could have a negative impact at the state level. >> they will draw lines to lock people out, so you have fewer blacks, fewer women, fewer women, less free less equal because of this decision. >> the court was clear it is now up to congress to come up with that new formula. they say it's got to address the current situation and not the conditions of the past. we heard from leaders on both sides of the aisle today who say they are willing to get started on that task. shep? >> shepard: shannon, changes are underway already in the wake of this ruling. state of mississippi is moving ahead with a voter identification law it could require people to start showing photo i.d. at the
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polls by the middle of next year. mississippi had been waiting for federal approval before implementing the law now after the supreme court decision the state no longer needs that approval. meantime the chief justice john roberts says the court will convene tomorrow for the last day of its term and at that time we're expecting the court to issue two major rulings on same sex marriage. one, on california's proposition 8 which bans gay marriage in that state. and the other on the defense of marriage law. which defines marriage as the union between only one man and one woman. complete coverage beginning 10:00 a.m. eastern. 9:00 central here on fox news channel here tomorrow morning. your tax dollars bought romance novels, wine, and diet pills for workers at the irs. details on what else your dollars bought on irs credit cards. just the latest controversy to surround that government agency. plus, men's warehouse now firing back and explaining why it canned the face of the company.
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>> shepard: workers at the internal revenue service has abused service credit cards spending money on things like wine for exclusive group lunch and in one case romance novels. diet pills, baby clothes. that's according to a brand new report from a government watchdog group which also indicates two cards that workers said were stolen somehow got used to buy online pornography. the report covers the fiscal years of 2010 and 2011. it shows that during that time the irs had more than 5,000 credit card accounts, which people used to make roughly 234,000 purchases, totaling more than $103 million. the study claims a vast majority of those purchases were indeed legitimate. but blames bad management for all the abuse. the irs, of course, is already under fire for targeting political groups
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for extra scrutiny. doug mckelway is live with the rest of this from d.c. doug? >> you know, shepard, the spectrum of government waste, these abuses are relatively small but they send a very bad signal to taxpayers already convinced the irs is ripe with dysfunction and poor oversight. a few examples for you now. in 2010 at the height of targeting conservative groups the irs spent $126,500 to host international conference. a dinner at that conference cost $140 per person. four times the federal government's per diem rate. a lunch at the same conference cost $100 per conference. five times the per diem rate. including 20 bottles of wine for 41 guests. at team building exercises and manager's meetings the irs spent $4,000 for popcorn machine and free prizes including published animals sunglasses, kazoos and toy boats and thomas the tank engine rubber wrist bands. this is for adults, mind you.
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it also found that the irs failed to cancel 378 credit cards in cases where employees had left the irs either retired or sought a new job or whatever. the ig has made 11 recommendations to tighten up oversight. irs management has agreed to them all. shep? >> shepard: thomas makes sense. i don't know about the rest of it, doug. a fox news poll out today shows most voters are not pleased with how president obama has handled the irs targeting of political groups. the poll indicates about 55% of voters this week say they disapprove. 32% say they approve. 13% reported they are unsure. board members at men's wear house released a detailed statement after abrupting firing the founder there george zimmer last week. you will remember george zimmer had been the face and voice of the company for decades. >> you are going to like the way you look, i guarantee it. >> in a statement today the company's board claimed that zimmer, quote: refused to support the team after they hired a new ceo two years ago. they also say zimmer
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expected veto power over significant corporate decisions. last week george zimmer blamed the company's board for failing to follow his ad vice. shares of the company stock jumped 6% today. well, just one week after that violent car crash that killed the renowned journalist michael hastings, one of his friends spoke to fox news about a mysterious email. an email the now dead writer sent just before that crash. an email that urged his colleagues to find lawyers. plus, police say this surveillance video captures a man breaking into a home brutally attacking a woman in front of her little 3-year-old and stealing the woman's jewelry. now investigators say they need help finding this suspect. that's all ahead as fox reports live tonight. make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over,
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>> shepard: we are about to play video that was going to be difficult for many of you to watch. police in new jersey want you to see it, they tell us, in the hope that somebody recognizes the man that broke into a home and unmercifully beat a woman in front of her own young child. a baby monitor recorded the whole thing. started with the mother and daughter watching car tunes together and -- cartoons together. and then this. the guy bursts in, repeatedly punches the mom threw her to the ground over and over. it went on like that for 10 minutes with the little girl sitting on the couch. investigators report the guy eventually grabbed some jewelry and threw the woman down the flight of stairs right there. she is now reportedly recovering from injuries to her face and legs and police are looking for that suspect. a friend of the famed journalist michael hastings told us about what he called a panicked email the writer sent just hours before the fiery crash that killed him a week ago. that friend says part of
4:23 pm
the email read: need to go off the radar for a bit. remember michael hastings wrote a game changing profile of the army general stanley mcchrystal back in 2010. that rolling stone article showed the then supreme commander in afghanistan mocking the generals at the white house. general mcchrystal resigned his post less than two days after that article's publication. officials say last tuesday michael hastings, the writer, lost control of his mercedes in los angeles. the car slammed into a tree, burst into flames and killed him. now we're learning more about the email that hastings apparently sent before the crash. one of his friends, a now retired army staff sergeant tells fox news hastings was investigating the cia at the time. >> one of the things he said we are going to be the biggest story yet. very panicked and didn't seem like something normally we would talk about. and i just felt that a gut feeling something didn't feel right. >> shepard: we should note the los angeles police have
4:24 pm
weighed in on all of this. trace gallagher in los angeles. what are police saying, trace? >> that there is no evidence at all of foul play, shep, that the remains had been positively identified as michael hastings and now they are just waiting for these toxicology reports to come back to see if he might have been drinking or using drugs or maybe had some type of health problems. but he was traveling near hollywood at a very high rate of speed. when they struck that palm tree that's when he got trapped inside his mercedes. his friends said that hastings drove like a grandma and would like to see a much wider investigation. listen. >> he is not someone that would be driving around erratically like that in the middle of the night. that just wasn't how he was. so, that just leaves a lot of questions and a lot of digging that needs to be brought up and answered. i'm not going to speculate and say i think anything because that is just going to make me look crazy. >> the friend by the way would also like mercedes-benz to respond
4:25 pm
about the explosion of that car and whether that's a common factor or not. shep? >> shepard: trace, his widow is getting out in front of this and knocking down one report. >> yeah, his widow is elise jordan and she sent out a tweet saying despite reports to the contrary her husband was not working on a story about jill kelly. you will recall jill kelly is the tampa socialite who sparked that investigation about the affair that then cia director david petraeus was having with paula broadwell. then there is the wikileaks statement they issued a statement saying and i'm quoting here michael hastings contacted wikileaks lawyer jennifer robinson just a few hours before he died saying that the fbi was investigating him and, yet, the fbi says it was not investigating hastings. these conspiracy theories continue being fueled by things like this manual, former counter terrorism chief richard clark saying that cars can be hacked, the brakes, the accelerator and steering wheel can be manipulated and controlled from the outside.
4:26 pm
is he not saying that did happen, he is saying it's possible and that is fueling much speculation on the internet. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher, thanks. president obama says he is planning historic steps to fight climate change. and he does not need the okay from congress. republicans call the president's plan a war on coal. and jobs. plus, the police chase that went on for almost eight hours as officers waited for a suspect to come out of the ocean. and cops say a teenage boy is dead after tripping and falling on to this statue. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. the verizon share everything plan for small busines
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>> >> a 14-year-old boy died, impaled himself on the horn of a bull statue. that's according to an official at texas tech university in lubbock. this is that statue. foirvels say the teen was playing hide-and-seek with friends before dawn on saturday. the boy's mom says he tripped, went straight down on one of those horns. reps at texas tech responded saying any time unforeseen accidents occur we review our policies, practice its and policies to determine if any changes are needed to avoid similar events in the future. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and ed snowden has even more secrets to reveal.
4:31 pm
that's what one of the journalists who broke the nsa surveillance story is telling the "wall street journal" which the parent company of this network owns. glen greenwald of the guardian says the majority of the revelations that are significant have yet to be made. as we reported at the top of this newscast, the russians have now confirmed ed snowden is hiding out at the airport in moscow, but they say he is in a transit area, not officially on russian soil. and they tell us they have no plans to send him back to the united states. some republicans say president obama should get tougher with the russian president putin. >> our friends are unsure about us and our enemies no longer fear us and seems nobody respects us. who would you pick in a stare down contest between putin and obama? where would you place your money? >> shepard: president obama says the u.s. is using all the appropriate legal channels to try to get snowden back to the united states. catherine herridge on this one live in the d.c. newsroom tonight. catherine, what more do we know about whatever kind of secrets he may have?
4:32 pm
>> well, shep, connecting the dots, what you see is that those warnings from reporter glen greenwald are consistent with the warnings from the office with the nation's intelligence chief james clapper that snowden has got more documents and more damaging leaks are expected and this lines up with claims from the founder of wikileaks, julian assange who says new leaks will show how the u.s. government pressures private companies to cooperate and within the last hour the nsa director telling his workforce the list of 50 alleged plots for congress shows, quote: the specific contribution of these programs to our understanding and in many cases disruption of terrorist plots. that list is meant to justify the sweeping collection of americans' phone records. it finally went to congress friday, two days late, shep. >> catherine: written there is word he may have taken more than documents. >> it's expected snowden also downloaded raw intelligence which is more valuable to china and russia. >> no one can know for sure but it would be stunning for both china and russia
4:33 pm
to miss this opportunity to download everything that's on his computers, to copy all of his documents, and to get whatever they can of snowden's own personal knowledge. >> and officials familiar with the audit of snowden's nsa computer use tell fox that the evidence points to the likelihood he may have pulled documents even before that last job at booz allen hamilton, shep. >> shepard: catherine, mick jag gear apparently made a comment about the nsa surveillance in concert in d.c. he said quote i don't think president obama is here tonight but i'm sure he is listening in. the fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen ended up in the middle of another investigation. he made his most extensive comments in a case at the editor's convention in d.c. attorney general eric holder has admitted he signed off on a search warrant request that referred to rosen as a possible coconspirator. but the attorney general insists that does not mean the feds were ever planning to prosecute james rosen. peter doocy is live in
4:34 pm
washington tonight. peter? >> and, shepard, our friend james rosen stands by the story at the center of that leak investigation about a planned 2009 north korean nuclear test and james says he doesn't have any second thoughts about writing it but he believes there have been a number of what he calls egregious and historic firsts connected to this case and james' comments today exposed how personal the justice department's probe really was. >> one of the disclosures associated with this case was that telephone records relating to my parents in staten island, also apparently were obtained in some form or fashion. that was a moment when i felt real world impact associated with this. >> james rosen said today he does not think his reporting threatened american national security and that he believed the public has a right to know about what the government does to keep it safe. furthermore, james says in this case he treated sensitive information with care.
4:35 pm
>> my dealings with my sources in the reporting that has become at issue were practiced in accordance with the same sources and methods and information as i try to bring as a working reporter to all of my sources and all of my stories. >> as for why james rosen was targeted by the justice department in the first place, he said this morning he doesn't think the fact he worked for fox was at any point overlooked. shepard? >> shepard: peter, rosen says there were legal and ethical considerations about how much he could say today but he tells us he does fully intend to say a lot more some day. well, president obama says we need to act on climate change before its too late. republicans say his plan will do little to cost americans their jobs: among president obama's new proposal first ever limits on the amount of pollution that power plants can pump into the air.
4:36 pm
the powerful coal lobby has long fought those restrictions and some critics of those rules say the science simply isn't there. today the president tackled those skeptics. >> 97% of scientists, including by the way some who originally disputed the data have now put that to rest. they have acknowledged the planet is warming, and human activity is contributing to it. >> shepard: republicans are not buying into the president's plan, some call it a war on coal. the fox business network's peter barnes live at the white house with more. peter? >> well, shep, the president relaunched his climate change agenda to heavy fire from republicans and from some coal state democrats. but he doesn't need congress to approve anything here. he can do all of this under his existing authority as the nation's chief executive. but, republicans didn't have to look very far to find out war on coal phrase. it came from a "new york times" article that quoted
4:37 pm
a harvard professor who advises this white house on energy policy. >> declaring a war on coal is tantamount to declaring a war on jobs. it's tantamount to kicking the ladder out from beneath the feet of many americans struggling in today's economy. >> but the white house said that the president's plan will provide big benefits to public health in the long term. and in addition to the new standard for -- new standards for power plants, the president plans to provide $8 billion in new lone -- loan guarantees for clean fossil fuel. open up federal land to solar and wind projects. he wants to jump start global climate change talks. the president also laid down a marker for approving the keystone pipeline project. >> allowing the keystone pipeline to be built requires a finding that doing so would be in our nation's interest.
4:38 pm
and our national interest will be served, only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. >> but one energy analyst said that the project's carbon emissions would come in below that standard, setting up an opportunity for the president to approve the keystone pipeline. shep? >> shepard: peter, thanks. polls in massachusetts closed just minutes from now in a special election to fill the secretary of state john kerry's former senate seat. analysts say they expected a small turnout. of course, both major candidates made it to the polls. the democrat edward markey is a u.s. congressman at the moment and held a fundraising advantage throughout the campaign. republicanomez newcomer former navy seal financial firm in boston before jump into the raise. overnightstandoff with police by swimming in the ocean for hours and that tops our news across america.
4:39 pm
california: cops say it all started when they tried to arrest a suspect on a felony drug warrant sunday night in san diego. the guy reportedly ran from officers and into the surf. >> he was actually in and out of the water, trying to, you know, play cat and mouse game with the officers on shore. >> shepard: authorities say he threatened to kill him who came near him. a harvard police dive team eventually captured the guy nearly 8 hours later. officials took him to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia. massachusetts. a bus crashed into a home hurting seven people near worcester. fire captain says it knocked the house up to 10 feet off its foundation. crews rescued the driver after he had been trapped more than an hour. a mother and three children inside that home got only a few cuts and scrapes. arizona, a real life version of batman's secret hideout in phoenix. the owner says he has been a batman fan since he was a
4:40 pm
kid. so he built a bat cave in a warehouse and holds tours for sick kids about once a month. a 9-year-old battling a respiratory illness visited this past weekend. his mom says he loved it. >> when he is here having a good time, he doesn't think of his illnesses. he is being a kid. he is being a 9-year-old child having a good time. >> the place is full of replica's like the crime fighting equipment and his bat mobile and it's part of a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. responsibility, what's your policy? >> shepard: promising news for anybody under water after the housing market collapse dollars. home prices have done something we have never before seen. plus, there is a new explanation for folks who have a hard time remembering things. scientists say the culprit may well be your smart phone. what to do about it coming up.
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4:45 pm
after four straight days in the red. hey, adam. >> this is pretty good news not only for the economy but people in las vegas and phoenix who suffered very hard who suffered in the housing collapse phoenix up 22% year over year. las vegas up 22%. those of you who live in san francisco where housing prices are already to the moon. 24% increase here year over year. still tough in san francisco. but recovery for phoenix and las vegas. detroit still having trouble. they are the only major city where prices did not go up year over year. one other thing today, shep. new home sales. we are on a trajectory to have the best new home sales season in five years. >> shepard: wow, things are looking up. adam, thank you. barnes & noble is cutting way back on production of nook tablets. the company reported today it will no longer make the color version of the ereader in house. the book seller's digital sales sank last quarter. barnes & noble says it will still make its own black and white ereaders but a third party manufacturer will handle the color version. your smart phone may be destroying your brain.
4:46 pm
a south korean newspaper reports scientists there are finding more cases of so-called digital ghen is that in people who spend too much time on their phones and computers. the paper reports doctors are seeing problems that are usually more common with people suffering from mental illnesses or head injury. symptoms include shorter attention span, reduced ability to remember basic details about your life, like phone numbers, appointments, birth days, doctors say it's because smart phones mostly stimulate the left side of your brain. the right side sits there not able to concentrate on memory and starts to deteriorate. >> if you are ignoring that one side, eventually you are going to have problems with memory and social interangst action. >> shepard: the scientists behind the study point out young people are the most at risk because their brains are still developing. a 31-year-old woman who drank only soda for 16 years has some heart problems. she had to go to the hospital in her home country of monday knock co-after she fainted.
4:47 pm
tests found -- monica. she said she had erratic heart beat and severely low potassium levels. she told doctors that since she was 15 years old she hadn't had any water, only cola, two liters a day or so. after one week of no soda, doctors say her potassium levels and her heart beat went back to normal. maybe a could you for monoco as well. word now of serious trouble brewing between two major al qaeda groups. the analysts say that this reported power grab could effect the civil war in syria. plus, the head of the house panel investigating the deadly terror attack in benghazi, libya says he is tired of waiting now for officials to sit down for interviews. so he found another way to get them to talk. that's coming.
4:48 pm
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4:51 pm
>> shepard: in washington, the chairman of the house oversight committee says he had no choice but to hand out subpoenas for several state department officials as part of that panel's investigation into deadly terror attack in benghazi, libya. the chairman darrell issa says scheduling interviews with those officials was simply taking too long. last september's attack killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador there chris stevens, mike emanuel on capitol hill now. mike? >> shep, an interesting dynamic as house oversight chairman darrell issa sounds frustrated and irritated with the state department but not the individual employees there are four mid level state department officials who have been subpoenaed by the house oversight committee. they are eric boswell and scott from the bureau of diplomatic security and elizabeth dible and elizabeth jones from the bureau of middle eastern affairs. the concern for lawmakers is getting their unfiltered stories. >> i think the think that concerns us the most is that there is a continues to be a shifting sand of what the story was just as
4:52 pm
we got false statements for weeks after benghazi owe injured it's been 10 months since the attack on benghazi. we deserve a lot of answers. i worry that they are overly coached but we will see. we will give them the benefit of the doubt. they are going to come in and testify under oath. i hope they are truthful. >> the benghazi terror attack was last september 11th. lawmakers say the four officials know what happened before the attack. and the night it all went down. at the state department, a spokesman says they have been cooperating with congress. >> and it's unfortunate that chairman issa, without warning, disregarded those discussions and issued subpoenas for witnesses who are willing to testify. >> all indications those interviews will take place under oath sometime in july. shep? >> shepard: mike, there is a new fox news poll out on this. 69% of those surveyed says president obama should have ordered military response to help those in benghazi military attack. 19% say he should not have ordered military response. there is word of a growing spat within al qaeda.
4:53 pm
analysts say it should lead -- it would lead to war between syria and iraq. the trouble started in april. over what some syrian rebels call a power grab by the leader of al qaeda in iraq. he is insisting on combining the two groups. defying an order from the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri to put the merger on hold. it is but the latest sign of growing tension in the terror organization, i'm told. last month we saw a job performance letter from al qaeda leaders in north africa to one of their operatives. they complained that he didn't answer his phone or show up for meetings and failed to file expense reports. the late actor james gandolfini will be laid to rest this week and just minutes from now all the broadway theaters in new york city will pay tribute to the tony nominated actor in their own way.
4:54 pm
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>> shepard: minutes now marquee theaters will dim the lights to honor james gandolfini. he died in rome of a heart attack at 51. he was in several broadway plays. even earned tony nomination for role in god of carnage. jerseys guards are asking to avoid the streets in the wake tomorrow. expecting heavy traffic. james gandolfini's funeral service is to take place here in manhattan. new details on why kim we chose the name northwest.
4:58 pm
kim kardashian's mom told her north means highest power and is also the couple's highest point together. and while some critics bash the name kim's mom chris jenner says she thinks it's great. kim and kanye welcomed north space west back on june 15th. number five. after chicago blackhawks beat the boston bruins to win the stanley cup last night. the governor of illinois massachusetts governor devol patrick will make good on a bet and volunteer at a foodbank. number four democratic state senator in texas is trying to filibuster until midnight to block a g.o.p. effort to block restrictions on abortion clinics. number three a neighbor testified today that she heard someone shout no during the fight during which george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. number the two supreme court has now ruled a key part of the landmark voting rights act is outdated. and number one, the white house says russia has a
4:59 pm
clear legal basis to expel the national security agency leaker ed snowden and that it is asking the country to do so without delay. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1950, communist north korea launched a surprise attack on neighboring south korea and that sparked the korean war. at the time, the u.s. had a small unit of troops stationed in the south. but after the invasion, then president harry truman sent a massive contingent of american forces to defend south korea. china got involved soon after backing the communist north. the combat raged for three bloody years, tens of thousands of troops died on each side, including some 55,000 americans. to this day, the war is not officially over. the fighting ended in a cease-fire, not a peace treaty. but a brutal conflict began 63 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, june the
5:00 pm
25th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow for "studio b," noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern time. now we wait for the factor to begin. the most exciting time of the day not because of the factor because we're out. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> people may die as a consequence of what this man did. >> laura: this man is nsa leaker edward snowden and he is still on the run. so why is president obama talking about this? >> i'm here to enlist your generation's help in keeping the united states of america a leader in the fight against climate change. >> laura: now in on whether the white house has completely lost touch. >> i think the president has drunk the kool-aid. he was eelected and he thinks he can do nothing wrong. >> ted cruz on all the president's problems and the battle over immigration reform. >> did you detect a


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