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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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25th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow for "studio b," noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern time. now we wait for the factor to begin. the most exciting time of the day not because of the factor because we're out. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> people may die as a consequence of what this man did. >> laura: this man is nsa leaker edward snowden and he is still on the run. so why is president obama talking about this? >> i'm here to enlist your generation's help in keeping the united states of america a leader in the fight against climate change. >> laura: now in on whether the white house has completely lost touch. >> i think the president has drunk the kool-aid. he was eelected and he thinks he can do nothing wrong. >> ted cruz on all the president's problems and the battle over immigration reform. >> did you detect a puls --
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pulse on trayvon martin. >> no, i did not. >> laura: day two of the trayvon martin zimmerman trial. is it legal is on that. caution: you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the great obama disdetect. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. so with all the problems facing america today unaccept continuably high unemployment. skyrocketing healthcare costs and now russia and china thumbing their noses at us in the snowden debacle. today the president announced a big new plan to tackle, drum roll, please: global warming. out of georgetown university speech, he announced that the epa will do what he couldn't get congress to do. issue regulations that will make it more expensive for traditional energy companies to do business in the united states.
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of course at the same time, he gives benefits and special breaks to solar and wind power companies, including another 8 billion in loan guarantees. remember how well that worked out last time? can you say solyndra orifice cure -- orifice kerr automotive. who cares if it kills thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industries. at&t least al gore and leo decaprio will be happy. the president is wildly out of touch with the concerns of the american people, gun control, massive amnesty push and now. this these issues don't rank in the top 10 or top 20 of voter concerns but they are on the top of the far left's wish list. folks are saying that the president is now in legacy mode. he did big healthcare, so now he wants big immigration reform and then big climate change action. the president, as usual, well, he wraps up his new plan around protecting the
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children. this is the same president, of course, who thinks it's just hunky-dory to give half a billion dollars taxpayer money to the biggest killer of the unborn planned parenthood. in the end, if we do not have a robust growing economy producing good jobs that pay decent wages, if we don't cut the deficit and long-term debt, our children's future will be bleak. their wages are going to be low and their standard of living diminished. so, forgive me, mr. president, if i'm not warming up to your climate change silliness, when there is so many other pressing problems on the table. that's the memo. now on to the top story tonight with alan shaking his head. reaction from our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. alan, i love being here in new york because i feel the positive vibration. this is part of the president's new energy plan vibration. >> did you actually watch the president's speech. >> i didn't see his speech today but of course i read
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about it and saw what he said. just in terms of these talking points he forgot tesla motors is actually making money. talking points about solyndra, you forget about all the dozens of companies like so lebanon dra that have made money. 13 year hoop jumping contest before you can become a citizen. >> laura: hoop jumping should be in the olympics. >> before you can actually become a citizen. by the way, many republicans are for. this this is not just the far left. >> laura: is that what you are calling them now those republicans? >> no. these are the acceptable republicans for immigration reform, correct? >> marco rubio is accepting republican. >> laura: not anymore. is he finished. alan, i just saw pew came out i guess it was today with the top 21 concerns of the american public. global warming was at number 21. >> alan: he shouldn't address it. >> laura: certainly not a priority for the american people. >> in terms of deficit. the omb showed have a
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deficit being reduced as we speak 10 year projections. >> laura: so the problems that we have, as far as the deficit, debt, and all the structural problems that we have, the global warming initiative, monica, you can jump in on here, global warming is really what the folks are clamoring for? they're not clamoring for this. >> last week remember in europe he gave a speech in which focus was the reduction of the american's nuclear arsenal. americans are not talking about is an issue. climate change nobody is talking about and not an issue. these things are planted by barack obama on purpose, laura, to distract us from what's really going on. first of all you have all of the scandals, the seeds of which are planted in the first term. irs, doj, benghazi. we have no answers on all of this stuff. all the logical results of the fundamental transformation of the nation which is what he told us he was going to do back in 2008. you can't carry that out, laura, without breaking a food heads, hence the irs, the doj and the rest.
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all of these other issues that he has been talking about that nobody else is talking about or cares about, these are all distractions as he gets everything he wants on immigration, as he carries out climate change. border. all the things that he is getting for the fundamental transformation of the country he is getting whether through executive order or -- >> laura: alan, this climate thing change look, when he ran in 2008, this one of his promises he was going to pursue climate change. people knew what they were getting, right? i don't blame the left for pursuing what the left wants to do. i don't blame them at all. >> wait a second. why is climate change only about the left? >> laura: because the government is now stepping on one of the few industries in the united states that is managing to spin off jobs that pay wages, decent wages that haven't yet been undercut by a whole bunch of foreign workers. >> what he actually is doing is creating opportunities for wind, for solar. >> if they are opportunities why aren't they doing them on their own. >> if we do not address this as time goes forward
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we will be behind the 8 ball. other country chris will be beating us. >> laura: china is having difficulty. >> step up to the plate. >> laura: we have all this fossil fuel and energy being harnessed in north dakota on down, i just left texas. it's booming. and not just because of energy but healthcare as well. >> behind the 8 ball immigration and other things. >> laura: immigration? >> ignore the changing demographic of this country are. >> losing the forest for the trees. >> laura: get back to the fundamental transformation of the nation. climate change he has been doing for the last four and a half years through executive order. this is about remaking the energy sector the may he remade obama tore. made the industrial base with the car bailout. this is part of a much bigger strategy here and keep our eye focused. >> how is obama care socialized medicine it's not -- it's insurance reform. >> laura: can't be in business anymore. all according to plan.
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snowden, rush sharks china last couple weeks. we had the chinese leader come here. we got nothing out of that meeting. >> how do you know? >> laura: the president sat down -- the "new york times" reported we got nothing. >> you don't know everything that takes place. >> you would know it because obama would have been telling you. >> laura: here is the body language. >> now we judge the president on body language? >> laura: i know a little bit about russia and vladimir putin sitting there looking across at barack obama, this was an embarrassing moment for the country. >> do you have anything good to say about the president? lawyer lauper i love his family. i think his daughters are great and i think he is great dad. >> okay, good. >> laura: i think he thinks this is actually going to help. he believes this is going to help. but, our relationship with russia and china today with this snowden affair, this is just -- it's embracing. >> when would have we had a good relationship with china or russia. >> we just got off othe big meeting with the chinese. >> under which president did we have a good relationship? >> laura: you ask how i know we didn't do well with china.
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chifn seven days later is laughing. >> they didn't know we were hacking their computers. they may no not be happy right now. >> laura: picking up the cause for china is alan colmes. >> that's not true. >> barack obama said he was going to fix all of this. right? no more cowboy diplomacy or george bush crazied in. he was going to bring civility to the world and bring these countries to heel and make them respect us again and russians and chinese running circles around the u.s. commander and chief. >> laura: the world is supposed to live in perfect harmony in 2008 can we all join hands? >> awe. >> laura: senator ted cruz is going to be here to address all the president's whoas. and russia refuses to end is the leaker edward snowden back to the u.s. high stakes game of diplomacy moments away. the verizon share everything plan for small busines
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has the president completely lost touch with the problems facing america? jing us now from the nation's capital senator from the great state of texas senator cruz. he goes out there today and hits it on global warming outdoor, georgetown university. the plains were -- planes were kind of drowning him out. voice really hot. i guess that's global warming. what's the republican response to this urgent initiative where the epa is going to be regulating all these companies now? >> i have got to tell you it doesn't matter whether you are talking to republicans or democrats or independents, all americans say that our top priority right now is jobs and the economy. and for the president to come out today and say his top priority or one of his top priorities is killing jobs and hurting the economy, hurting economic growth, it makes no sense. a national energy tax will hurt every hard working taxpayer in this country. and it is an example of his being out of touch with hard working americans. >> laura: senator cruz he said to critics like you that all these claims were
5:14 pm
going to kill jobs and thousands of people are going to be out of work are ridiculous because this will usher in a new era of innovation and put america ahead of all these other countries that could outpace us when it comes to alternative energy. plus he said we are saving kids' lives with pollution and other concerns. >> well, you know, he might be right if he were talking about bankruptcy attorneys because if he is talking about funding more solyndras we may well see a lot more lawyers get work. but for hard working taxpayers, people's whose energy bills are going to go up. tax bills go up. electricity bills going to go up, it is just yet another worden on those struggling to make it every day under the obama economy. >> laura: meanwhile the republicans up there on capitol hill, you guys are all pulling each other's hair out on this immigration deal which is quite interesting to watch from my vantage point. we had bob corker up on the senate floor today trying to do myth busting. all you people say that the border fence isn't going to be done and these agencies aren't going to be hired.
5:15 pm
it's a bunch of lies. people are trying to kill this bill even though people like you, ted cruz, get what you always say you wanted. you wanted border enforcement, now you get it. >> well, the nice thing is, laura, we don't have to hypothesize. we don't have to guess because we have seen this exact pattern before in 1986, congress told the american people let's grant amnesty to some 3 million people who are here illegally and then some time in the future we will secure the border. what happened? the amnesty happened and the border never got secured. this gang of 8 bill is the exact same shell game the legalization happens immediately and the border security is promised some time in the future, maybe. i don't think the american people are going to fall for it a second time. overwhelming majorities of the american people want to see our broken immigration system fixed and want to see the border secured now. that's actually why we have launched a national petition at secure borders and just a week we have had over 100,000
5:16 pm
people go to secure and say fix the problem, don't repeat the mistakes of 1986. >> laura: you have read the bill i asked your senator colleague whether he read it he said he wasn't able to get through much of it in the time that they had. >> you know, i have read the bill although the latest substitute that just came in on friday is now 1200 pages and the amendments are interspersed throughout it. so it's very difficult. this is just like obama care where they introduced it late on a friday, had us vote on a friday as everyone got off 00 planes they basically told us as nancy pelosi did you have got to pass it to figure out what's in it. that's one of the many problems with this bill. >> laura: did they offer anything for this bill salmon sweetner for alaska. tornado sweetner for heller in las vegas. did they offer you anything? try offer you anything at any point? >> i will confess, laura, i'm not looking for any particular pork for the
5:17 pm
state of texas. i'm not looking to bring home the bacon. i think what texans expected me to do and what americans expect all of us to be doing is try to fix the problem. stop doing politics as usual. actually secure the border. stop illegal immigration and improve our legal immigration system so we can welcome and celebrate legal immigrants. immigrants like my dad when he came 55 years ago, following the rules. we need to improve the legal system and secure our borders now. >> laura: your colleague senator schumer is issuing essentially an implicit warning to the house of representatives. he said he could envision a million people coming to the mall to protest if, in fact, john boehner doesn't include a path to citizenship, if boehner tries to slow walk this process. that was a warning to not only boehner but to people like you senator cruz that you will be labeled anti-latino, anti-immigrant, anti-whatever to try to scare people to going along with a bad bill.
5:18 pm
what's your reaction to schumer's threat? >> well, we have seen the democrats are always willing to play the race card. i will tell you as the son of a cuban immigrant as someone who received over 40% of hispanic vote in the state of texas, i think it is con descending to go to hispanics and say we are going to buy your vote with amnesty. in texas a whole lot of hispanics there want to see the border secured and legal immigration. >> laura: they want lower wages, senator this is what this bill is going to give them. lower wages, latino americans, news flash. >> well, you are exactly right. one of the most striking elements of this is the obama care penalty under the gang of 8 bill, any business that is 50 employees or more that hires a u.s. citizen or illegal immigrant because of obama care effectively pays a $5,000 penalty and it's de facto affirmative action for those here illegally. that doesn't make any sense. >> laura: they get a leg up in hiring because you don't have to pay their obama care. is that a good deal for businesses? that means they can the
5:19 pm
american workers. thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> laura: up next on the rundown, tensions rise between the united states and russia as nsa leaker edward snowden remains in a moscow airport. protected by putin. we'll have the latest coming right back. s wanted. ♪ [ tires screech ] but you better get here fast. [ girl ] hey, daddy's here. here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] because a good thing like this won't last forever. mmm. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealefor an incredible offeon the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. but hurry. offers end soon. incredible offeon the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions,
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight. in sa leaker edward snowden arrives in russian airport on sunday. the russians refuse to turn him over to the united states for prosecution. secretary of state john kerry addressed the situation today. >> we're not looking for confrontation. we are not ordering anybody. we are simply requesting under a very normal procedure for the transfer of somebody just as we transferred to russia seven people in the last two
5:23 pm
years that they requested that we did without any clamor, without any rancor, without any argument. >> laura: kerry also warned that people may die as a consequence of what snowden did. even so, snowden has his defenders. >> heros can be flawed. the only hero that wasn't flawed was killed on good friday. his act of exposing the american government's spying on almost every american was an act of heroism. what he has done since then might not be what i would have done but that particular act was an act of american heroism. joining us from chicago is attorney mark zaid. whistle blowers. a typical russian style fired back today and he said there seems to be a lot of conspiracy theories coming out of the united states. you think we are purposefully trying to membership the -- manipulate the situation, nothing of the sort. you heard john kerry come back saying we are not threatening anyone.
5:24 pm
we are not accusing anyone. we are just making the request. where does it stand now? i don't think we look particularly strong in this situation, then again, what leverage do we have? >> well, we don't have a lot of leverage against russia, obviously in this type of case. whether or not snowden would be surrendered. let's be realistic were the shoe on the other foot and we had a russian of this type of caliber we would not be sending them to russia. this is now a political game and snowden, whether he wanted to or not, and hopefully he realizes it now, he is a political international pawn. and it is interesting because you when your little bit about the judge saying what he did was heroic. no one is even talking about the nsa surveillance program any longer. everybody is talking about where waldo is. and looking at all these international incidents and if anyone doesn't think as you have talked about in your first segment that this is not harming our relationships around the world by what he did, there is the harm to national
5:25 pm
security. we can put aside the revelations of disclosure of classified information. he is impacting foreign relations of the united states. this is not helping our relationship with russia, china, hong kong or wherever he might go from here on. >> laura: yeah, we have big issues outstanding. obviously syria and all of our hacking accusations going back and forth with china. and now four laptops in his possession, marc, undoubtedly the russians think, look, you can stay in our airport. we want to look at these laptops. what's he going to do all that material we he have to assume has already been reviewed or copied by china and russia. what does that mean for u.s. national security interests? depending on what he has. he says he has access to a lot. we don't know how much he h but he certainly had access. >> we don't know yet. we don't know yet. the guardian knows and glenn greenwald can tell us, perhaps. maybe that would be helpful if he told the united states what snowden
5:26 pm
actually took unless we know by what he he downloaded but we haven't heard that from the united states yet. but we have to assume and i'm sure our intelligence community already has that both governments, china and russia, have either taken intentionally with snowden's permission or without his permission or maybe without his knowledge every document that was on those laptops. and people also have to understand because they will say well, we already knew, everybody knew that this program was going on. so what difference does it make to have it revealed? well, there is a huge difference. and you, i'm sure, know this from your own background. there is a huge difference when a program, a covert program, even though it might be discussed publicly, becomes actually to a sense where a government has to acknowledge it it because then the other government has to respond to that situation. >> laura: not just that mark, but apparently he claims he had access to the names of major operatives
5:27 pm
working on behalf of the u.s. government around the world. he said that's one of the reasons he went to apply to booz allen, the outfit that was responsible for getting so many of these national security contractors hired in the u.s. government. so, in fact, we could have individuals whose lives are endangered now because of the information that's on these laptops. and, again, the most shocking thing to all of me about this is that a booz allen employee had this type of access within, what, three months of joining the nsa? that is not a startling or six months or whatever it was? >> this will be something that has already started to be looked at. the question is not about how many people have security clearances or whether or not people should have access, but why in his position did he have access to information that fell outside of his work responsibilities. general alexander, the director of the nsa has testified that this was part of an nsa library that
5:28 pm
an administrator of snowden's position had access to. my question would be well why? why did very access to it? why did snowden need to know or have access to a fisa court order? there is no reason for it. >> laura: we better get answers on that question and right quick. >> absolutely. >> laura: counselor, thank you. a lot more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. libertarian john stossel says he has no problem with the government spying on us. he will be here to explain why. later, a top irs official suspended over the targeting of conservatives is still getting paid by the embattled agency. so what's going on there? we hope you stay tuned to all those reports.
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>> laura: in the stossel matters segment tonight, last week our favorite libertarian made news when he told o'reilly he didn't care if the government was snooping on him. >> bill: hypothesis on this dopey thing is because your privacy is shattered, you don't have whether the government is snooping on you. >> and i have been called a traitor to the libertarian cause. >> bill: you are a traitor. >> i'm so angry what my government does this isn't one of the things. >> laura: stossel is back tonight with a list of 100 things he hates most about the government. least of which is spying on american. john, i think you are kind of the quintessential libertarian. you and i have gotten into
5:33 pm
dustups in the past. when libertarians don't think you are pure they will feast on your carcass. >> they were my only friends and now i have lost them. >> laura: what gives? you think we no privacy so who cares? that's a crazy slope to be on. >> i'm worried about the spying but we have given up a lot of our privacy yes, when i give it up to google or facebook i voluntarily do that and they can't kill me. there is two this. nsa is just data mining it's not individual information. >> laura: data mine something extremely important information. >> contrast by list of 100 things. >> laura: read these people and give you home version of o'reilly factor. what is this? where is vanna white when you need her. >> government employs 22 million people now. 17 trillion-dollar deficit. >> laura: i'm getting a headache. i can't read that i like the prop but you can't read it? >> it's 100 things. you have to go to the web page. >> laura: go to the web site.
5:34 pm
just hold it up. >> the government does horrible things. and the jury is out on the spying. >> laura: the fourth amendment is critical amendment prostitution. i think it's a corner stones of our overall freedoms because the government can basically come in and find information and later on use it on you when they suspect you of something little different. keeping data bases so they can then come back and say ah-ha told you. that's not the presumption we are supposed to offer with in the united states. that's my problem with it do we have other problems? yeah. >> the fourth amendment was about british soldiers going into people's homes and directly invading their privacy. this data search doesn't seem to rise to that level. >> laura: i have a pain in high heart. i know you are upset about the global warming talk that obama did today. >> 101. >> laura: big global warm-up. all regulations on u.s. companies making it more difficult. >> won't notice. even if we could make a
5:35 pm
difference what we do in america isn't going to make any difference for the world. if this is a problem, let's wait 20 years when we will have the technology maybe to address it it what we do now makes no difference but costs poor people money. >> laura: a lot of stuff that we talk about in government circles and a lot of the issues that obama addressed they try to make us feel better. there is a lot of emotion involved. this is for the children. we are doing this for the kids, you know. and anti-bullying, does the government have to have anti-bullying? i guess. so it makes us feel good. i hate bullies too. >> makes us feel booed. all these unintended consequences. more laws to fix them. i mean -- >> laura: what do you make of kind of more of the libertarian guy in massachusetts this guy is trying to win that special election in massachusetts? all these moderates, libertarian types. are they winning elections, john? >> the guy in massachusetts. >> laura: compared to me he is a libertarian. wish list here.
5:36 pm
>> doing better than we ever have before and rand paul is getting some good attention. >> laura: we have some good people. >> better than ever. we have a long way to go because you still don't get it. >> laura: candidate stossel is announcing his candidacy. great to sigh. directly ahead our is it legal team day two of the is it legal. voting rights act up next. for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, two hot topics including surprising supreme court decision. we start with day 2 of the george zimmerman murder trial and the prosecution's direct examination of the officer who found his body. >> did you see any movement from trayvon martin's body as you approached him? >> no, sir, i did not. >> did you hear any sounds coming from trayvon martin when you approached him? >> no, sir, i did not. >> did you attempt to see if trayvon martin was still alive? >> yes, sir. >> how did you do that? >> i i attempted to get his pulse, sir. >> where did you attempt to take his pulse from? >> on his neck, sir. >> have you had training in that. >> yes, i have. >> did you detect a pulse on trayvon martin. >> no, sir, did i not. >> laura: here now kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what was the main headline today? very emotional first saw the body. giving us a bird's eye view. >> close up image when he
5:41 pm
is flat on his back and he is shot through the chest. i think that really resonates with the jury. of course it would with any jury. his father actually had to walk out of it. you have got that image there. you have also got a cup couple people testifying in addition to the officer testifying about what they did in the neighborhood watch saying we told them always, you know, just report. don't go after anybody. that will resonate as well. >> laura: of course we knew he died so finding him dead isn't surprising. that doesn't go to motivation and motive. >> no. >> or self-defense. >> laura: how are they trying to get into the motive here today? >> what they were trying to do with these witnesses was establish that this was the straw that broke the camel's back. and they used that phrase in the opening statements. these are the witnesses that lay the foundation for that to say that this is a man who was part of this neighborhood watch, was very irritated with people coming into the gated community, the burglaries that had been happening there. so trayvon martin, wrong place, wrong time. george zimmerman had had enough. he killed him because he wanted to not because he
5:42 pm
had to. >> laura: big question is admissibility of 911 calls where george zimmerman had called before, i have seen this guy, i have seen this person. so he was looking trouble? >> zimmerman prosecution said zimmerman made 50 calls over a period of time. hold that down to five trying to get. in the judge listened to evidentiary ruling both sides giving evidence and she will make her decision probably early tomorrow. >> laura: that was before the jury began today. >> outside the hearing of the jurors. critical coming in. >> laura: mentioned the fact that trayvon martin walked out. difficult to hear. >> to see the photos. >> we should note that george zimmerman's family is not allowed in the courtroom because the law -- they are witnesses so they are not in the courtroom but as trayvon martin's family. >> that's standard procedure because if you are going to be a witness in the trial you can't be in the courtroom before you take the stand. after you take the stand you can. >> bottom line the prosecution has uphill battle for second degree and today didn't move the ball towards that i don't think as a former murder prosecutor. >> laura: let's move on to the voting rights act case
5:43 pm
of the supreme court. this was a monumental ruling. when i clerked at the supreme court voting cases were high drama. this was a 5-ruling sections 4 and sections 5 implicated. john roberts writes a decision, four conservative justices in the five block. four dissending. >> it's very important. out of shelby county, alabama, a case that said, look, you know, we don't want to, alabama, texas, all these other states, niece nine states we don't want to have to go to you federal department of justice just to get clearance. we want to change the voting rights act. what the majority said look, that was passed in 19656789 things have changed a lot since then. the racism is not as prevalent and we're not going to put that onus on the state. so it's a very important decision, laura. >> it's a big financial impact, right? these states were automatically being singled out to say you have bad behavior in the past. you are still paying for it today there should be some litmus test or standing to demonstrate a need or
5:44 pm
standing for you to get it. >> this is a tenth amendment issue. if you don't have such a rationale reason for imposing this monetary thing on us, then you can't do it. it's a fifth amendment issue. >> laura: a lot of precedent was washed away in this and moved beyond and reaction afterward i was watching. >> from the president and everybody else. >> laura: not just the president. holder lived. then we went to the members of the naacp legal defense fund, civil rights attorneys. they were just -- >> -- they count on this for elections. you know this. >> laura: they count on this for their jobs, too. they need this type of frenzy about oh, you might as well thought after listening to the reaction that african-americans will not be allowed to vote because of what the supreme court. >> they have been disenfranchised now. >> laura: they are not voting at all because of evil texas or evil alabama. it was quite something to watch this reaction. >> keeping them out of the voting booth. >> where is the evidence and proof of that? that's the problem.
5:45 pm
>> laura: systematic discrimination based on skin color. that's what justice thomas is getting at on his commentary on this on his decision. he said we have to move forward. the country is changing demographically and you can't keep using these racial classifications. >> went back to congress look congress if you want to rewrite this you can do it. they weren't really overturning necessarily what congress can do in the future if they want to, can congress wants to pass a new law they can pass a new law. >> 48 years ago the voting rights act was written in 1965. the country is very different today. and, you know, it is interesting. we have an african-american president. and to look at that and holder, of course, african-american was his reaction today was quite something. emotions running really high. kimberly and all right is great to sigh cleaned up acts. talk to an attorney targeting the immigrations that was targeted when we come back. ♪
5:46 pm
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>> laura: in the personal story segment tonight, a new irs report shows its unfair targeting of groups was more widespread than first thought. it's now said the progressive groups as well. however, conservatives say new information is just a distraction from the main issue here, which is that conservative groups were repeatedly hassled by the irs over their tax exempt application. joining us now from clarity from raleigh, north carolina, attorney clita mitchell who represents one of the organizations targeted by the irs. okay, clita, all these liberals out there the last day or so. you people were screaming about this and in fact the key word search that they did to review applications included, clit tax the word included the word progressive. you weren't discriminated against? >> well, nice try is what i would say to them. the fact of the matter is, i
5:50 pm
read the report, what it says is that groups on the left who sub milted applications were initially screened and then they were given the green light. they -- it was the conservative groups who had the words tea party or patriot. it was expanded to include the word constitutional. what people need to understand is there's been no list of liberal groups who have been waiting three years, almost four years for their tax exempt status. i represent a number of clients, almost a dozen. and of those groups, only two of them -- one of them last week finally got its letter of recognition of c-4 status. we made that application in october of 2009. and one of the things that's pretty clear to me from reading this report, which is nothing but a bureaucratic whitewash,
5:51 pm
what the acting commissioner of the irs is threatening to do, what he's proposing to do is to c codify and make permanent on the part of the irs to review very carefully you can scrutinizing all the activities of any group that wants to be involved in the public policy process. >> there's supposed to be a 40% threshold of political involvement for these 501-c groups without getting too much into the weeds, we're not going to do it according to political affiliation. let's move on to what we know now. we know that irs individual was over in the white house all those times, over 100 visits to the white house. more so than most other top officials. of course, in the obama administration, that didn't work directly in the white house. we know he's involved, of course, in the obama care administration, critical involvement between the irs acting as the enforcer with
5:52 pm
obama care. any more clarity on that, and what information are you looking for that you haven't received in your lawsuit? >> well, we haven't received any information yet, because discovery hasn't commenced yet, we're still waiting for the government and the defendants to answer. and we will begin the discovery process. but look, there are many, many unanswered questions. and i don't care how many reports the obama designee and the irs issues saying everything is fine. everything is not fine. >> all the liberals are saying, it's done, stick a fork in it, this episode is over. david axelrod on another network said, if you think we were worried about these tea parties, we were concerned about karl rove's group, and maybe chamber of commerce. we're not worried about these little tea party groups. he sort of laughed it off. i think they were really worried. they saw the energy and the
5:53 pm
enthusiasm and the grassroots organization that only the tea party, frankly brought to the republican party. i think they were really worried, that's how he blew it off. >> i don't know if you know this, also today we found that they used irs credit cards to buy online porn. they bought romance novels and wine and expensive lunches. that's just a little add-on to the tea party controversy. there you have it. thanks so much. and when we come back, one of the deadliest american soldiers will be here to explain how he killed more than 2,000 enemy combatants. you don't want to miss this. back in a moment.
5:54 pm
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now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. in the back of the book segment tonight, you may
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remember last year, the factor interviewed chris kyle the deadly sniper. earlier this year, kyle was tragically shot dead by a fellow veteran he was trying to help. now, in the new book carnivore, a memoir by one of the deadliest american soldiers of all time, sergeant johnson tells his own story of how he and his troops killed more than 2,000 enemy combatants. sergeant johnson joins us now. thank you for your service to this country, sir. and thank you for writing this book. after the kyle story came out and we learned about what it takes to be a sniper, i should say that you wrote this because you were concerned that other people weren't getting enough credit for the work that had been done in iraq? >> right, basically, it's still an ongoing thing now, where you have so many people that are saying, what about this, or what about that, or, you know, so the book itself is trying to dedicate back to the troops, and
5:57 pm
what we did, and also, you know, the squadron itself. and as far as the kills go, and that. i'm not proud of those being out there, it was part of the battle damage assessment we did. my gunner did almost half of those in the vehicle there. and i was present on the vehicle. >> the bradley fighting vehicle? >> where you started your adventure in iraq? >> i was the commander. >> and then after being with the bradley fighting vehicle unit, you went on your next deployment, you started sniping? >> it wasn't really sniping, it was designated marks men, we had an import team with a thermal optic on it to shoot targets at a distance. we didn't have that many trained people in the platoon. we took it upon myself to be able to use it, because i could shoot fairly well. >> 121 kills with one gun?
5:58 pm
was it one particular gun? >> it wasn't the same gun. >> 821 yards about the furthest? >> 821 yards, sort of a sniper battle from a rooftop, and i got this guy -- it took me 15 shots, he was a better shot than me, i just had better equipment. he was missing all around me, and i basically got lucky. >> take us back to kentucky hunting. because this -- is that kind of what got you into this? >> my dad had a couple rifles, when we would hunt we would have to go off, the rifle was zero to my dad, we had to learn to hit. that's how we learned how to shoot. i took the rifle out, and if it shot two foot to the left, i would have to aim two foot to the right. >> do you think of any men you shot. obviously they're human beings, you're in the middle of vicious
5:59 pm
combat. >> absolutely, they're fathers, sons, brothers, but i don't, because they had a job to do, i had a job to do. i didn't do anything that wasn't necessary. i wasn't brutal when i didn't need to be, and i was compassionate when i needed to be. i turned a prisoner loose in fear of him being killed by an artillery barrage. that's nothing that no one in that unit wouldn't have done. >> iraq, looking at it today, was it worth it? >> we gave them an opportunity. we went over there and showed them what freedom was and gave them an opportunity. what they do with it is up to them. >> thank you for your service, sir. that is it for us tonight. before we go, bill would like to remind you, if you buy any of his best selling books on billo', he's going to make a donation of $1 to the fisher house for every book sold. to check out my book, go to
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i'm laura ingram, in for bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here, because we're always looking out for you. in this fox news alert, we're awaiting results from today's special election in massachusetts as voters cast their ballots to pick a senator vacated by john kerry. edward markey and gabriel gomez. we'll have much more on the massachusetts special election later on this hour. we'll check in with former senator scott brown, live at the gomez campaign headquarters in boston. first, the other big story tonight comes out of washington where the president and vice president concluded a meeting with congressional leadership on immigration reform. now, that high profile oval office sitdown took place as we are st


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