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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 26, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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elf hat that moved around. >> that wasn't on the show, dana. >> i like what eric did sun camping. global warming. global warming. welcome to "red eye." it is like "scream 4" if by four it means all you want because no one can hear you and you are not getting out unless i say so. just be happy there is food and water, mr. daabs. now to andy levy for a pre game reported. >> what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> our top story, snowden and putin sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. some say yes, some say grow up jerk. and memory problems in young people. the shocking story you will never even know we did. nail te.d and what happens when we send bill schulz out to cover the night of a thousand judy gar land charity event?
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hopefully uh bunch of judies take it out on him until it is a sea of hatred and then dragging him into an alley and hitting him with the ruby slipper and he sobs there is no place like home and the massive injuries make it impossible for him to breathe let alone speak. >> thank you, andy jie. thank you. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> go away. she is so hot she can fry ants with her tears. i am here with former criminal prosecutor faith jenkins. and he is so bright light bulbs see him when they have a good idea. it is buck sex ton, not his real name. and co-host of the real news on the blaze tv and in mexico he is considered a flower pot, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if fearless reporting was a gavel, robed men would pound him in a courtroom. next to me, fox newschannel anchor, looking dapper tonight. rick fulbaum.
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>> a block. the lede. that's the first story. man, i wish i could find my remote. >> are we in store for another cold war? an old foe is letting snowden go. on tuesday russians vladimir putin confirmed the nsa leaker was in a transit center at a moscow airport and ruled out american pleas to hand him over. putin says there are no extradition agreements with us. he said i would not like to deal with such issues because it is like shearing a pig. there is lots of squealing and little fleece. actually there is no please. fleece. clearly the man is a more ron. john carrey allowed the transit, and then covented the stance saying we are not looking for a confrontation. meanwhile, snowden posted a video of what he claims is a u.s. spy hot on his tale.
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>> the way that ended was not pretty, let me tell you. rick, wasn't this typical of russian-american relations? we get a spy, anna chapman. she is a russian spy and beautiful looking. we send her back. there she is. why? what do we get? our spy, a beta male with like whispy horrible hair and we are fling with russia -- we are pleading with russia to give him back. is this a problem with russia and america. we suck and they rule? >> you summed it up entirely. we need to put in a call to seskt state carrey who doesn't want a confrontation with the russians like this will be a confrontation between the two countries. first of all, is it me or has
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putin had a little work done? >> he looks a little botoxy. >> he has a lovely young -- well he is getting a divorce. maybe he wants to look more dapper. like you, rick. i noticed you had a little hair done, but i didn't bring it up. your hair looks a little high or you lowered your face. >> i think this is great for russia. they wren joying their moment and let them enjoy it. itit is going to be short lived. he will move on to some other freedom hating country and we will track him down there. it is fun to watch this back and forth cold wear era-esk. >> faith, i'm sure you were not alive during the cold war, but try to pretend. what could we do at this point? should we do anything? >> we have to do something. when i was a prosecutor we would get these cases where people would commit crimes in broad daylight and then try to run and get away. i always wonder, if you are so
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bold and brazen to commit a crime in broad daylight and you don't care, why run afterwards? this is what bothers me about this guy. if you so believe in what you say you stand for, why escape and now we are having this cat and mouse chase? >> fear of getting caught. you don't want to get caught. >> it is ridiculous. >> i get what she is saying. should the russians be helping us out? i tend to think we are not enemies. we are more like the girls in "melrose place" the first series , not the new one. >> there is no new one. >> i agree with you. you are f re nemies. 23 there is nothing else going on you may have a glass of wine, but then screw each other over. >> put it in proper context. the rush version of a treaty is vodka and a bullet in the back of the head. putin is not a guy that will back out of any of this. remember what the russians do
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to defectors ? they will put a radio iso tope in your sushi, true story. and then they will erode you from the inside. we are having this discussion, maybe we will send him back. john carrie, not an imposing figure and best accomplishment is marying rich -- marrying rich twice. >> it is true. look it up. trust me. >> he is the guy in the bar who wanted to get into the fight until he realized nobody is holding him back fnlt -- back. and now he is backing off. >> remember that guy. remember his face went dark permanently? >> he was the head of the ukraine. >> he died a slow and terrible death. people like the russians wouldn't do that because it is so ham handed. why would they put a radio active isotope in his sushi. the point is, it eroded him from the inside to send a mess sen. >> that's a terrible story. snowden is as wanted as you are unwanted by your family. whoe -- who is the real loser
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here, him or you? >> if we want to talk about the real enemies props to my family for having me. back on you, mom and dad. not like you are watching. putin is a d-bag. first of all he is lying. the international transit zone, you can only be in there for 24 hours. if snowden is still there he has to cross to the russian border. as long as somebody is leaking material that could endanger your life there are american lives. god forbid an all girl band says something about the head of mother russia and they rot in prison for the rest of your life. i am talking about the riot girls and our josie and the pussycats are running around. >> you noy we have had this controversy with the super bowl ring and putin taking the super bowl ring. in a way, snowden is the real
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super bowl ring. he has america around his finger. we have to go to the pawnshop and get the ring back. >> nice analogy. >> i don't know what an analogy is. >> i don't trust any guy who leaves his hot acrobat girlfriend behind in hawaii. that's for starters. about of we realized he had traded away the secrets that is bad decision making. bring her bonnie and collide style. >> that's a separate discussion. >> a beta male never brings his girlfriend. don't know what i am talking about. it sounded like a good article for the at plan tech. >> it is revenge of the secret nerds. >> there may be other reasons but it is pride week. >> thank you. he wants those who entertain to help him explain.
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according to an advisor the white house is looking to hollywood to help sell obamacare to the public. interesting signs that a little picture of buildings. trevor nelson tells the hill a political website, not the natural elevation, rick he has been talk together administration about ways his class can be involved. nielsen whose company global philanthropy represents celebrities like eva longoria and john legend says, "quote when people are aware of the benefits it provides there will be an increased demand" or they can remain unaware and then there won't be a need which would would make more sense. the white house releasedded a short video explaining the finer moments of obamacare. >> i think i am sold. buy obamacare. that's all it took.
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liberal politics in a nutshell. don't worry about the details. just get celebs to make a video supporting it. >> your uh appendix may have burst, but you can listen to the tones of kenny g explaining why the eight-month wait you have for obamacare is no big deal. this is what happens when you have liberalism in this country. you used to be railing against the man. now they are the man. they don't seem to have noticed that. the fact that people who consider themselves self-styled counter cultural, cool, hip, icons are now literally schilling for a massive state takeover of our health care system and it shows how far we have fallen. >> they are not speaking truth to power, but for power. >> it is advertisement. what it boils down to is it is advertisement and how do we sell ads in this country? we use celebrities to sell products. that's what they are doing with this product. they are using celebrities to sell products. what does it say about us who we have to use people who are
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famous to buy into things. people are uninformed about so many things and you put a celebrity in front of them and it is a person they like -- >> i buy all of my medical devices based on what celebrity endorses it. that's why i have a lot of serious medical problems that haven't been treated, rick. one day you will become a celebrity political advisor, but you have to get famous first. all right, the great thing about being rich is you can endorse something you don't use because you don't have the affects of it. people do this all the time. a fat coach claiming he lost weight because of this diet he never touched. it is all bs. he just gets paid for it. isn't that like a celebrity with obamacare? he never has to use it. >> that's a good point. >> way to brush it off. >> conservatives are complaining about democrats who use celebrities. the truth is if there were cool, republican celebrities -- >> toby keith, my friend.
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>> angelina jolie's dad who i can't remember, take that. >> jon voight i agree with you there. "run away train" one of my favorite movies of all time. >> seriously if the republicans could get madonna and john legend and eva longoria to make an ad they would do it in a heartbeat. >> but none of them have hearts. the administration has asked you not be a spokesperson for obamacare given that you are pretty much holding hands with the grim reaper at this point. we would hate for you to die in the middle of it. >> all of the questions are turning into andy's intro. and we will not have enough time for me to respond. >> i agree. moving on -- no, go ahead. >> to your point, the most effective commercials, what do you see at the bottom? not a paid actor. the result of that is if if you want people to understand and accept obamacare, stay away from hollywood.
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they would like to hear from people it is benefiting instead of brad pitt or something like that. and to your point, jon voight would do a commercial for the republican party, but the fact of the matter is he is nuttier than an elephant's poop. >> people see eva longoria and they say this is somebody i love and i like. she would not lie to me. it must be okay. it must be great. >> i want to move on, but my point is this, the reason they are doing this is to get people to know about the program. if no one is rushing to a program and you need to create a program to raise awareness for a program, maybe you don't need the program. >> this is not soda. this is a takeover of the health care system. you would think if it is a good idea by the way you wouldn't need an attractive famous lady. >> obamacare is not for you if you suffer -- >> yes, exactly. >> if you suffer from anything it is not for you. >> from obamacare to stuff you wear, are the tees just a
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tease? secretary clinton is expected to be the nominee in 2016 if she is interested. and a super pack that has her back is already selling hillary crap. ready for hillary has started an on-line store with t-shirts, buttons and bags along with lamps to throw at your cheating husband. speaking of a bunch of stowned p for auction including a black kneeing -- kneeing -- neglesia. what is not for sale, lewinski's blue dress. apparently interest in it has dried up. let's check in with the proud new owners of lewinski's rice cooker.
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>> bullying affects not just people, but also animals and it must be stopped. 2* gets better, kit tens. faith, what do you make of the hillary shirts? it is kind of strange, don't you think? >> it is a little strange, but i have to say, she may not be the cool sort of president like obama. she is not going to have that affect, but does she need to be to get young voters? with the democratic party, does she need to be? i don't think so. >> maybe america has had enough of cool for eight years depending on the way the world is going. cool may not rule. thank you, america. >> what do you make of the lewinski stuff? >> it is obviously very creepy, right? you have monica lewinski and this is stuff being sold. who ever buys this, you should look in their kitchen cabinet for a necklace made of human ears. that's weird stuff. on the hillary thing if i may,
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maybe cancles are in style, but if you are somebody running with the sex appeal of lie saw ma -- minelli or al sharpton -- >> does she need sex appeal to run for office? >> she is pushing the cool and it won't work. >> many sufflok from cancle sores around our mouth and it is not fare to make fun of it. >> if they are not auctioning the famous blue dress what else is there? >> she has a jacket from american rag. i still get use out of it. it holding up year after year after year. >> you seek enemy. >> i hope that this woman who is selling the stuff that she got from her ex-husband she hasn't picked anything expensive out to spend the money on. >> whatever happened to monica. i should ask you, bill, you dated her for three years on the rebound. >> she likes bills.
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crooked bills by the way. what is your take on anything i just talked about. >> i would say that every time this stuff comes out i -- i don't know who i feel worse for. i don't know if i feel bad for hillary to be reminded of lewinski gate or feel bad for monica herself that poor almost underaged woman who over a decade later is still being reminded of this whole mess. so what i do is i cut my losses and i feel bad for bill. >> 19 is definitely of age, bill. >> you know what, the thing is you can feel sorry for monica lieu lewinski, but she did have sex with the president in the white house. none of us could say that. >> that's the worst part. >> it was something other than sex. >> she got the raw end of the deal. >> he did not have relations. >> i would like to see what happens these days when there is high-profile individuals who capitalize on it. she did not do that. she moved on with her life and
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disappeared for years. >> didn't she write a book? >> she made handbags, didn't she? >> she disappeared for years. she has not been in the limelight for years. she wants to live a normal life now. >> do you think -- two things. do you think maybe she got paid off because she knew too much? did she write a -- i have the hiccups. did she write a book? i don't remember. >> "if i did him." it was loosely based on the truth. it was very controversial. >> yes, it was. coming up, when you are a news anchor on a highly successful network, does your ego grow? rick discusses his new book "get the hell out of my way you stupid [bleep]." that's out of control. first, what picture did kim kardashian send to her friends? does it matter at this point? it is like 3:14 in the morning and you don't even care.
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do smartphones make us dumb drones? doctors in south korea, they have them there, rick, which is somewhere near texas are reporting a rise in digital dementia among young people. that's when you get crazy fingers. they say teens are so dependent on gizmos and dohicies they are forgetting phone numbers and birthdays and how i would prefer my morning tea. my intern died for that mistake. rip, pablo. not really. and researchers found those who over use technology decline the use in cognitive abilities. explains one researcher, heavy users are likely to develop the left side of their brain leaving the right side untapped or underdeveloped. the right side of course is used for cognitive functions like thinking, reasoning and
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making me happy. anyway, speaking of right brain thinkers, let's think in with base jumping chipmunk. >> wow. >> he is dead. >> you know what the worst part was? slow death. >> he landed on a fence post and impaled. >> somebody poured salt on him. >> and he was eaten slowly by a thousand wasps. >> or somebody whispered in his head that his family was being killed at the same time. >> and then another squirrel came by with his current squirrel wife and having sex in front of him. >> right in front of him. >> laughing, laughing crazily. what happened to this segment? >> coming up -- >> this is what happens. coming up -- dementia.
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are you buying this or is this another trend piece you find in newspapers these days ? >> it is short sided thinking. when the zombie apocalypse comes, my first person shooter skills from call of duty are going to be the thing that saves everybody i know. i am clearly going to lead my post uh uh poke lip tip -- post apocalyptic tribe. you give me the weird laser gun or the chain saw, booya. >> you already made the wrong choice in the post apocalyptic --:00 -- acapulco -- i will be on the zombie side because giving up early is the best thing to do. should we be worried if kids are getting dumber? >> my nieces and nephews are smart kids. but when i was young i wanted toys. i wanted dolls and toys and things i could play with. ever since they were 4 i would say what do you want for christmas? what do you want for your birthday? they say electronics.
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anything electronic. >> toasters. >> it is a totally different generation. all they want are electronic games and that's all they play with. it is not going outside. all they want to do is play with the electronic games. it is verient from. >> it is a strange world. i notice you getting dumber the more i know you. is that because of your exposure to technology, or your exposure to me. >> it is my exposure to my young children at home. i have done my own study. i don't need south korean scientists to tell me that dementia is caused by -- i literally had a 10-minute long argument with my three-year-old daughter because she insisted on eating her cereal with a steak knife. i lost my mind before i left my house this morning. that's the cause of -- >> i am so happy to hear that steak knives are readily available to your small children. it is called a child lock. look into it. >> i am making a phone call after the show. your children -- you have like how many kids? >> we have five kids. >> are you a criminal.
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you are trying to form a cult? they will all have steak knives roaming the street. bill, were you born stupid and therefore you cannot get any dumber. so this whole fear of getting dumber is p oi ntless and is as stupid as you. >> i have already forgotten the question. there is ignorance and bliss in what i go through. >> we need to look at a time before we had phones to understand how we will behave now that we don't have to remember the things that required the land lines like remembering numbers and to a lesser extent directions. what was that? the industrial revolution. we were awesome back then and we will be awesome again thanks to the fact that land lines are the thing of the past. they are the devil. and speaking of, i have played this call of duty you speak of and there were no guns, but there was a lot of shooting. >> i want to tell you something. i don't understand. >> call of duty. >> stupid joke. let's think about progress before the printing press we
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had to remember everything we read. it was called the oral legend. we had to walk around and go, rick, did you hear about the bible? i had to tell you the whole thing from in here. >> i parts -- participated in the oral legend and it had nothing to do with that. it was called call of duty. >> i hope somebody had a call of duty with your chest. >> that was level four. >> people may be small, but we are now cleaner. so i am taking the tradeoff. we are becoming a cleaner culture. thank you, moi's towelettes. we are revolution nateing society. >> if we are going compare generations think of the old people you know and as soon as they are confronted with a vcr or dvr. they think there is a little man in the box. we are quick on this stuff. we noah lot about zombies and aliens. >> you undermind the whole
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argument by mentioning vcr's. >> oh well. i dated myself. wow. >> does anybody still have a vcr? >> i do. >> it is not plugged in though. it is sitting there like having a corpse in your apartment without the stench. i walk in every day and there is the vcr in that stupid entertainment center. why do people have an entertainment center? you walk in and it sits there and it has all of your crap and it says look at me. i entertain. it is stupid. >> the bigger they were the cooler they were. >> now every entertainment center you see is in cops. there is a guy wrestling somebody. >> with no shirt on. >> why were the boxes for porn so much bigger than the regular vcr boxes? wouldn't you want to hide that? >> i have no idea. every tangent you has brought to the story has been pointless. >> call of duty. >> the half of a burrito i had before the show. i never should eat from the garbage. and what is a night of a
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thousand judies and why is bill schulz attending wearing ruby red slippers? i hope you are happy.
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are we the only show to go over the rainbow? well last week in the kaufman center in new york city they hosted the third annual night of a thousand judy benefit. broadway stars met to sing for
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ms. garland's forever song book while raising money for the alley ally for knee center for lgbt youth. "red eye" went to become friends of dorothy. i did not write this. here is hoping a drag queen stabs bill in the neck. >> hi there. in about one hour night of a thousand judies commences. this is my christmas, halloween and hanukkah all wrapped up into one. first, let's go talk to people at the pre party. night of a thousand judy garland's. is that too many judies or not enough? >> too many. >> the trick answer is blue. what is your favorite judy garland song? >> probably "somewhere over the rainbow." >> "the man that got away." >> story of my life, girlfriend. what is your favorite song? >> that's impossible to answer. >> i love that one. ♪ that's impossible to answer ♪ >> my favorite is "purple
12:34 am
rain." >> ya? >> remember when prince redid that in the early 80s? not as good. and i feel like he lifted the purple outfit from her cannon as well. these are the art pieces being auctioned for tonight's event. all of them tell a story in the cannon that is judy's life. this actually goes to the one -- one to the many long-standing rumors. lie saw ma nell -- liza-minelli's father was who? >> i don't know. >> the rumor was liza ma nell law was born from a virgin birth. what about judy garland made her become a gay icon? >> i don't know that. i think it is a generational thing. >> one of my favorite gay icons is george went or norm from "cheers." when will he get his event or has he? >> i don't think he has, but that would be interesting. george wentz. >> george wentz could be the
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event. >> explain to me why he is a gay icon? >> do you have eyes? this is a precursor to the toxic avenger. the girl with the flower body. essentially flowers were growing out of her and at the end she finds a surgeon that was able to defoliate her. that is a before and after picture. they didn't get the one coming out of her head. the movie "meet me in st. louis" what was the noise the trolley made in" the troll trollly song." >> clang, clang. wept the trolley. >> a lot of people thought it was -- i am not done. >> it uh -- it offended small children and they edited it out. we have a sighting of one of
12:36 am
huge unicorn. i have heard about him in ledge end and lore. i believe it was the first time he was caught on tape. you are welcome, mr. gutfeld. you are welcome. technically ms. garland's cause of death was too many barbiturates. tonight i oded on too much fabulousness. this was the greatest thing in the history of things. clang, clang, clang went the trolley. ding, ding, ding went the bell ♪ >> why do i send you to these things? i send you these things to get you out of the office so you don't bother people or steal from their desks. >> do you have a question for me? >> yes, my question is was fox news the only major media outlet to cover this event? >> logo wasn't even there. >> logo is a gay network. >> but we were, greg. we were. >> were they shocked and surprised to find fox news there?
12:37 am
>> it wasn't really a media event it turns out. i was interested in the whole cult of judy. i approached them and after several weeks of constantly e-mailing them they allowed me tone ter. i didn't need a press pass because it was open to the public. >> that's amazing. that is amazing. when you asked for press passes they were like, dude, it is like when you go shopping do you need a press pass? >> ya, it is like you are walking around outside lincoln center and you don't need a ticket for the show. you are just walking around it. that's what i learned. i would say that is the scoop. i was the only member of the press there. >> you can find great stories by showing up and being a [bleep]. >> it was him or crone kite. or the hybrid off spring. >> why did he do that? he was an atrocity.
12:38 am
he couldn't even speak -- all he did was mown in pain. >> any comments about this? are you just wishing this would end slowly? >> i think i would enjoy an event like this. the fashion was amazing. >> a lot of single dudes. >> what was that thing coming out of his head? >> that was actually his hair. i heard about him in various other parties and i finally got a sighting on tape. there is a scoop, america. how do you like me now, logo? >> we got a lot of scoops from bill. time to take a break, but don't think of leaving me now. remember "the joy of hate" the greatst book ever written? it is still available. you can get an autographed copy from g go there or i will never speak to you again.
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was the baby she was
12:42 am
sharing just a red herring? on tuesday tmz obtained photos reportedly of kim kardashian and kanye west and unfortunately daughter north. but it was a half dozen fake photos. the reality star sent a so-called friend in order to see who might hawk them for money. and as bat poop crazy as this was it worked. sure someone came along and tried selling us this pic. gotta say it looks like it could be kim and kanye's baby. buck, what is worse? that kim has to dole out fake pictures of north to find out who her friends are or that we are doing this story? >> that's a good question. there are a couple of things we can take. one is kim kardashian only wants to shamelessly exploit kim kardashian. just because you are inter meet yesterday. i feel bad for these friends.
12:43 am
in the intelligence community we call it a disinformation campaign. you put information out and see where it surfaces, but to lose a battle of wits to kim cash -- kim kardashian it is like getting beat by a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. >> should kim rethink the crowd she hangs out with or not rethink anything because it would hurt? >> this reminded me of willy wonka and the slugworth who was a plant to see who the evil people are? >> spoiler alert. >> he is the only one who does president take the bait. kim is a fan of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. that's what she was going for and i commend her for this campaign to find out who her true friends really are. >> i am not so sure that was worthy for a spoiler alert of willy wonka, but it was interesting. i just got a spoiler alert for my sue pro.
12:44 am
supra. kanye is leaving this woman within the week, isn't he? >> no. i think they are really in love, and they are a great couple. seriously i have no idea what is going on with them. i don't really keep up with it. when i see people retweet kim cash dash yen on the -- kim kardashian on the twitter line i get upset. it is like, why? these people make their living off getting publicity. i can understand why she wants to know who she can trust, because i'm sure it is few people. everyone wants to be associated with the kardashians because they are famous and they can make money. >> it is a brilliant idea. bill, do you ever send pictures of yourself to your family showing them are you a healthy, stable man in your late 30s and only for them to realize there are pictures torn out of a magazine of a young emilio estevan. >> and estevez. >> i am talking about the
12:45 am
brother of gloria ease staw -- esteban. >> he had a tallahassee sound machine. i have three i will legitimate daughters as everybody knows. i wanted to make sure the media did not get picture when's they were born and i did the same thing. not only did my friends give them out, but the media printed them and they were pictures of threeed to tree sloths, offensive and accurate to how they really look. >> your daughters are hideous. >> they are grotesque. i am not even sure they are human. >> you did have sex with a female sloth. >> they are half sloth. maybe those were my daughters and i was drunk. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. we may use it. the post game report from andy levy. he is a sloth. >> tonight's post game report is sponsored by ice cream. the sweet flavored frozen food with cream and butter fat and
12:46 am
maybe eggs. thanks, ice cream.
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it is time to go back to andy levy for the post game report. hi, andy. >> how are you? >> doing great. >> i have lost my monitor so i cannot see you. >> you know what, you are
12:50 am
missing out on gorgeousness. right now i am smiling. >> i will have to take your word for that. >> america gets it right now. look at me. >> i can't. have i to read these things i -- i have to read these things. greg, putin said he would like to not deal with these issues. then you said actually there is no fleece and the man is a more ron. i dare you to say that to his face. >> i wouldn't. he would beat me up and i would like it. >> yes, you would. second of all he was echoing the 17th century poet who wrote or shear swine, all cry and no wolf. also there is a breed of pig that does have sheep-like fleece. >> i believe i dated one in the 80s. >> i believe you might have. rick you said this for russia. they should enjoy their moment. are you some kind of comme? >> i am not saying. >> that's not funny. >> sorry.
12:51 am
>> i don't trust rick. >> faith, you said if you so believe what you stand for, why run away? he said in that video that glen greenwold and america put out he said he believes america is worth dying for, but not going on trial for, i guess. >> exactly my point. >> buck, you mentioned what russia does to its defectors. and bill you brought up pussyriot for those who speak up. earlier today or i guess on tuesday without any apparent sense of irony, wikileaks tweeted, quote, we appreciate president putin's important comments on assange and snowden. >> this is the huh poke craw see that makes snowden's things look tougher to stomach. i want to tell the truth about america, but no where will they track me down and take care of me. that speaks to on you tough these guys are. >> on the other hand, he will
12:52 am
personally pay for snowden to fly to ecuador. >> he hasn't been relevant in quite some time, but his first shot since rage against the machine. >> it is not like ecuador is a real place. >> i think it is. >> it is like narnia. >> i didn't know that. greg, you keep calling snowden a beta male. he is taking on the u.s. government. that's not very beta, is it? >> but he has a -- as a beta male he is taking them on. he is a computer guy. >> using your brain makes you a beta male? >> yes, whoever you. >> i guess you are not a beta male. >> i think i just proved that. >> let's face it. the guy took the job in order to do this to america. >> he took the job to do this for america. >> you mean america the actress who was in ugly betty? >> possibly, yes. >> i loved her. rick is giggling over that joke. >> he is the only one. >> america fer sh -- ferrara.
12:53 am
>> buck, you asked about leftist being against the man. we have liberal icon schilling for a massive takeover for health care. ya, they are liberals. >> but you would think they would recognize the huh poke craw see of saying we are counter culture and we are so cool. and actually they are arm in arm with the irs and hhs. they are part of the status of taking over our lives and taking away our freedom is anti-rock and roll, my man. you know what i am saying? >> no, apparently not. >> i get. it i get what you are saying, but universal health care or whatever you want to call this what it is supposed to be is kind of something that's what they want. >> i understand that, but they shouldn't be pawns of the state. they used to pretend they are against all of that. the 60s and the free love thing and the weed, you know, anti-war and all of that.
12:54 am
>> andy is time traveling. >> i am with you on this. conservatives would do the same thing. you would have clint eastwood at the republican national convention. >> i was there a number of years ago and he was the star of the showed. enough said. >> what do you have against robert davey. he will kill you. >> i would like to have something against robert davey. >> talking about him is like talking about putin. >> the only difference is one wears a fedora. >> creepy hillary 2016 shirt and lewinski. you said hillary may not be the cool president that obama is, but does she have to be? we have been hearing now for six year that obama is cool and that is important. >> he is kind of cool when you think about it. you look at some of the things he has done and he is cool to certain people. i just don't think hillary clinton needs to be. she is a different person. she brings a different affect
12:55 am
to who she is in her presentation. >> the interesting thing is president obama is now cool to people that he didn't think he would be cool -- he is not cool to undergraduates or people in college because they don't have any opportunities. he is only cool to white, rich liberals. >> and communists like hammer and rickle over here. that's what you are. >> regarding whether monica lewinski ever wrote a book, andrew morton interviewed her for several months after the clinton scandal. he wrote a book called "monica's story" and there are reports she made a million bucks for it. last year it was reported or rumors she was getting $12 million for it. people close to her say that's not true. it was never confirmed. >> my guess is we know the best parts. what is in that book? >> and who are people close to her anyway? >> her friends.
12:56 am
digital dementia affecting young people. greg, you said having a vcr in your apartment is like having a corpse. >> yes. >> except less useful. and less fun. >> that's true. >> bill's man -- oh who cares? >> hey. >> kim kardashian giving fake -- who cares about too now that i think about it. >> go back to judy. >> bill, you said why is judy garland a gay icon? they got that question in 1967. his answer was judy was beaten up by light and had to become more mass masculine. she has the powers homosexuals would leak to have and they attain it by idolizing her. >> some thought the friends of dorothy is not necessarily about dorothy from the wizzard ofs on. friends of dorothy means you are quietly gay. it could have something to do with dorothy parker and her round table that had many a gay on it don't you know. you are welcome, america. >> america did not say thank
12:57 am
you. >> i think they did. >> awesome we are ending with that i guess. >> i know. but what can you do? that's what happens when you have bill schulz. >> freight, thank you, schulz, buck, me, that's me. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock?
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oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? factor because we're out. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> people may die as a consequence of what this man did. >> laura: this man is nsa leaker edward snowden and he is still on the run. so why is president obama talking about this? >> i'm here to enlist your generation's help in keeping the united states of america a leader in the fight against climate change. >> laura: now in on whether the white house has completely lost touch. >> i think the president has drunk the kool-aid. he was eelected and he thinks he can do nothing wrong. >> ted cruz on all the president's problems and the battle over immigration


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