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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i just put a special question up there just for you. so a special question just for you. see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. controversial. they call him the ironman character, you will quickly see why tonight. i'm dane dane with kim kim, bob kendrick, greg greg. fiefz in new york city. (5kvfelg6çl-72#bzk,cs%m!ñáqccñ 7 paula deen takes on the network. her career in free fall. here is paula deen. >> i am here today because i want people to know who i am. >> would you have fired you? >> would i have fired me? knowing me, no.
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>> are you a racist? >> no. the day i used that world, it was a world ago. it was 30 years ago. >> you have never used the "n" word other than that one occasion? >> no, i have never, with any intention hurt anybody on purpose and i never would. if there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you are out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. i is what i is and i'm not changing. >> a powerful interview. we talked about this story friday, greg. i think i jumped to conclusion. when i first down heard it and we got it ten minutes before the show, i thought it was more recent thing. 30 years ago, perhaps should be given a break and forgiven.
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i admire her for going on the show. some think she shouldn't. >> i think she needs crisis management, release a hip-hop album, donate proceeds to naacp. i use the robert bird maxim. he was in the kkk and was a senator. >> majority leader. >> majority leader. i don't know. there are people that feel good about this sort of thing, watching a woman cry because she did something wrong. we are in this strange cycle of forcing people to be embarrassed, then apologize, go through rehabilitation. i'm wondering if we're just getting sick of this, maybe there's the era of the mulligan. yeah, you made a mistake and let's forget about it, let's move on. i just don't get the glee that people get throwing somebody into a volcano because they made a mistake. i was looking at the posts.
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there's a piece by a food reviewer just trashing her. he is enjoying it so much, and it is like okay, did what she say as bad as it is really hurt you? like the people that are really, really angry, did it hurt you or are you taking some kind of special pleasure out of watching somebody suffer. i always feel like with a lot of the outrage you see these days, it is more about people exercising outrage muscles that it feels good to trash somebody. no doubt what she said isn't good. happened a long time ago, she's definitely sorry, you can tell. why do people take such glee trashing her. >> a lot of people came to her defense, her fans, i think in the first day had 250,000 messages immediately saying let's give her a break. you shouldn't judge somebody. even bill maher defended her. kimberly, on friday you were a little more hesitant. what do you think now? is this something in a deposition that happened recently about something that
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happened 25 years ago, do you think we should all let it go? >> i don't know, that's for each individual to determine what weight and value it has, and what matters. i was like let's get the facts and evidence, as i was getting information friday as it was coming in, it was 20 plus years ago during a private conversation with her husband. so i'm just asking the question should any of us be punished or lose our job or life, et cetera, by conduct, actions that happened so far in the past? it is a question. maybe somebody says the answer is yes. there's never enough time that passes to make up for something like that, or you can say i'm looking at my own life, there's things i have done or said i would like to take back, maybe not that bad, but look at the other things she's done in life, try to balance it out, a lot of things for charity. >> she supported candidate
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obama. >> that should be enough. >> it is part of -- >> crisis management, do you think she has now done enough or do you think it is a worry some thing from her business standpoint. walmart says they're not renewing, a cruise line is keeping her, lost her job at the food network, had a lot of endorsements that are going away. >> i don't think it is a bad thing she did, it is certainly a better interview than when she apologized the other day. i think eric's view, these companies have a right to keep somebody or not keep somebody. food network, you know, the rest of them, walmart, they have a right to put out what they want to put out, and they decided she is not worth the hassle they have to go through. do you think this is a capless issue? >> i will give you a yes, no, maybe. yes, i am a christian and forgive her as a person. yes, absolutely forgive paula deen if you have it in your heart to do it. i happen to have that in my heart.
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no, i don't think advertisers have to forgive her and i think advertisers left for a good reason because she said something, admitted something that is absolutely has offended a huge portion of their clients. they have a right to go, they should go. by the way, she is not dead, she is not dying, she is just not going to make as much money as before. on the maybe part, she asks am i a racist, i don't know? maybe. granted, it was 20 years ago, but i got to tell you, i don't think i ever used that term. i don't think -- we need to find out if there are more. others heard her use the term if she used it. other than in the bedroom, i don't know. >> an additional, more recent example, people would have come out and said so by now? >> also part of the deposition process, they call it a fishing expedition, you try to get anything and everything about someone to try to use it against them. she answered honestly,
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forthright. bob is not sure if she ever said it again, she said no, that's the last time i said it after she was robbed, came home, told her husband what happened. there's no excuse for saying it, but at this point it is up to the individual. you want to forgive her? it doesn't mean the food network has to keep her or these other places. if you're upset with that decision to let her go, boycott them. >> i think she would like to see people come out and say that, that would get you an automatic lawsuit. if i were her, she'd have to defend herself. if i were going to say it, better be damn sure to have grounds to say it under. >> there's an interesting priority i guess for outrage these days in which you can say, some incredibly, repulsive things about conservative women and really awful thing about black conservative men and women. no one gets too worked up about it. in this case, i get you don't say this word, but it happened a
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long time ago. she seems like she's really sorry, but is what she did any worse than what anthony weiner did? and anthony weiner is going to be mayor of new york city. what makes weiner worse than her is that he denied it, impugned a lot of people while denying it before he was caught red handed. at least she's admitting to it and apologizing before it gets worse. >> great transition to the second topic, which is anthony weiner. >> i had no idea. >> we're going to talk about that next. we don't have to -- discuss it right now. we don't have to go over what happened back then. >> would you like me to summarize it? he sent weird pictures to strange women on twitter. >> not going to put the photographs up. >> we can't force dana to talk about what happened, she will blush. >> the best was the post
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headline. they have to stop with the puns. >> left congress, had a cooling off period i guess i could say, then he comes back, he decides to run for mayor, he's doing pretty good. check out his campaign commercials. >> look, i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down but i also learned some tough lessons. i am running for mayor because i am in the middle class and struggling to make it my whole life. i hope i get a second chance to work for you. >> politicians, do they deserve a second chance? >> they do, they're not given much of a break. this is weiner, i have done a lot of commercials. that was a good stand up by himself, tough to get a candidate to look into a camera -- >> not him. >> he actually will. >> the reason he's ahead in the polls, he has money. yeah, it is going to take him in front.
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>> the democrats don't love him to begin with. >> that's not the point. this is where you have a field of people unknown, this guy is known for better or worse, and he is up there with a lot of big money. >> it is all about name recognition. >> kimberly, you're in new york. i don't know if you would be surprised, the mayor's poll said anthony weiner up 25 percentage points, and quinnipiac says christine quinn is just behind him in that poll or just ahead at 19 points. she has been running quite a long time. as a new york resident, kimberly, do you think it matters if a formerly disgraced national figure comes back to new york and tries to run? do you think he's got a chance? >> that makes him qualified, right? politics in america, come on. you're nobody unless you have a scandal, skeleton, something. he did a great job coming out on that commercial. not surprised. he had a lot of money saved in his account before the scandal happened, so he had heavy --
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>> sure. >> we have a picture. >> that's not the one, but almost exactly. >> any time you see a race with undecided lead or undecided in third place, tells you the field is weak, unknown. you can rise to the surface with a little money. >> the puns are killing us! >> we won't say -- anyway. >> do you think he is going to win? >> i think he is. >> i would not judge weiner on one poll. >> you know what, greg -- >> can't even discuss it. can i make a serious point, though? anthony weiner convinces me all of us could run for mayor.
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i have a past as colorful as a twister map. if he can get over this, anybody can run. he's creating a new standard. he's lowering the bar so that just about anybody, even a fool like me could run. >> give me 10 million, i could elect you in this race. >> i will do it! >> i think he walks away with it. >> why can't americans forgive him? >> why can't he be deprived of one job he wants. he wants to run and rule, he doesn't want to work. why do we have to agree to that as new yorkers? why can't we tell him to get a job. >> he is generally well liked, hate to tell you, before the nakedness situation. >> i liked him. >> people think he is hard working, goes to the community meetings and groups, he has a lot of the groups that are small numbers but very vocal activists in the community, they matter and get people out to vote, and i wouldn't be surprised. i thought he was going to win
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before. >> let's keep in mind you don't need to win 50% plus one to be the nominee. you can get 31%, everybody else blows it, you got it. >> anybody can run, come on! >> we better get together -- >> after the show. >> 10 million. >> are you going to run greg's campaign? >> sure. >> why not! gutfeld for mayor, we announce it on "the five." never know what you're getting. >> needs contributions but we're not allowed to ask for them. irs forged over $2.4 million for conference care by wolf gang puck and they were dressed as olympic athletes. oh, my god, going to talk about supreme court rulings as well. stay here. ♪ we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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♪ so as the irs may have given a half billion dollars to a crony contractor, on the heels of another conference in 2008 that cost about 2.5 million bucks. catered by wolfgang puck, it featured employees dressed as olympic athletes, complete with torches, which makes sense, if they were in an olympic event for ripping you off, they would
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get the gold. the michael phelps of bleeding you dry. the torch has been transferred from the irs to you. and the light is no longer cast on your income every aprbut on . it would be a shame to let that flame die, what is accountability without punishment or change. the irs collecting more money than ever, spending it on stuff a drunken frat boy wouldn't buy, all with your money. lavish parties reveal arrogance and care free mockery of your helplessness. that's the largest monopolized collection agency and they laugh as you hope they never come knocking. last week, we may have lost the great james gandolfini, but tony soprano lives on. only you can put him behind bars. bob, is it the less n that conferences should be the first to go? >> if i were head of a department or agency, i would send a memo, all conferences on
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the second floor in the cafeteria. and you know, here is the thing. they're combing through every irs meeting there, it won't be the last you'll see. werfel seems to be a pretty good straight shooter, maybe he'll get the idea. it is amazing how long it takes people to catch up with these things. there's been stories about departments and agencies lavish spending money going back as far as i can remember. seems to me you want to say we will meet in the cafeteria. >> they like to dress up. >> what is it, they like costumes and toys. they like to have thomas the tank engine and hats. those toys, bob, get your mind out of the gutter. >> so immature. >> i may not have you as my campaign manager. >> you think? you'd have a lot of fun. >> that's true. >> you can sit on his shoulders when you give speeches. >> that's true, he could ride me around like a camel in the park. where am i?
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41 conservative groups now suing the irs. kimberly, what's the end result? >> sometimes i love the law. they had it coming. you know, i think this is just scratching the surface. how many more things are we going to find out about the irs, one unity, one office. that was one of their themes for their charade. >> this is a federal lawsuit, right? can't a judge make all these go together in one suit instead of 40 separate ones? >> they're suing as a group. >> that's going to be very difficult for the irs. it is bad. this agency should go by the wayside if this continues. >> what can the irs do to restore any confidence? >> nothing. here is what can happen, we can get -- irs, doj, need someone in handcuffs going to jail for doing something wrong.
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when private sector does it, they go to jail. koz loy ski spent a million of his bucks, 2006, not sure, world com, and he went to jail for that. he did the same thing the irs did, he's spending six or seven years in jail. someone needs to go to jail for this. spending 2.5 million on pornography and roman torches and parties is -- you saw people smart enough not to do that. aig got something like $100 billion in taxpayer money, did that stupid conference in california, and got nailed for it. people got in trouble for it, they got fined, fired for it. no one's head is rolling. >> maybe the irs could put paula deen -- >> dana, something called strong castle -- >> five second answer, it is not a partisan issue, happened in
11:23 pm
2008, it is a bureaucratic issue. you made fun of me for saying culture is baked into the cake of the bureaucracy. the irs is not the only government agency that has conferences like this. there's more of them. >> are you saying ban cakes? >> i thought that's what she was talking about. >> coconut cake you buy at dwayne reed for the 500 anniversary. >> i loved it. >> there's so many cool things you can get at the drugstore. coconut cake isn't one of them. you can live in the drugstore. next time you get that coconut cake, you get that vicks and put it over the top. >> then light it. >> you always go too far. ahead on "the five," reaction to the historic rulings on gay marriage in america, the supreme decision is up next. ♪
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♪ all right. today the supreme court issued its first ever rulings on same-sex marriage in america and the reaction has been emotional on both sides of the debate. first came the 5-4 ruling on defense of marriage act, also known as doma. they struck down on the denial of legal benefits to those legally married. then proposition 8 in california. they are leaving in place a trial court ruling that banning them was unconstitutional. the decisions were closely followed by president obama who just a couple years ago opposed gay marriage. after hearing the news today he called the plaintiffs in the proposition 8 case to congratulate them from air force one. >> we're proud of you guys.
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you know -- >> we watched the screen. so obviously legally speaking i think it is very significant day. this is the type of two cases read years from now in law schools and in legal books across the country, that's what i was thinking of first thing when i heard about it. i am not surprised by the ruling, we covered this on is it legal for o'reilly, the 5-4 decision authored by justice kennedy, striking down doma. your thoughts and reflections? >> i wasn't surprised, but there's a lot to learn about the decision. two lawyers on opposite sides of it came out later, said it is actually a confusing ruling. but the bottom line of it is that if you are in favor of gay
11:30 pm
marriage, you are pleased today. for those that are disappointed in the decision, there are things to look into here that there was a victory of principles over government overreach, if you're looking at it from a legal perspective. politically, i think in some ways this begins the long road to having gay marriage no longer be a political weapon used by either side and gives people a chance to then focus on other important issues that we have in the country. >> bob? >> two things struck me, first of all on the walker decision in california, here you have a referendum initiative put before the state, costs millions to put one of those on, find out it is unconstitutional. see if you can find that out before you put everybody through this, number one. number two, i think what the supreme court basically said here is 5-4 decision, you notice they're always complicated, nobody understands it because it is 5-4, what they're saying is
11:31 pm
government can't tell you how you're living your lives. almost a libertarian position. however, i think this is going to ignite at murphy brown in the '90s to ignite a values war in politics. i really do. >> eric? >> president obama was defending doma, then he is not defending doma, then evolved further to where he went in favor of doma. so he has evolved. the prop 8 decision, i think the court did an injustice to the american people. here is how it went down. california prop 8 says marriage is between a man and woman. 9th circuit said that's unconstitutional, california, you can't say that. supreme court says we're giving it back to the lower court. if they were going to go so far as declaring doma unconstitutional, defense of marriage act, why wouldn't they do it in the case of california
11:32 pm
itself. >> because california constitution we're talking about, not the federal constitution. >> i understand that. but then they shouldn't have brought it up. >> they were able to side step the issue. >> not even go 5-4, deciding not to make a decision. >> what eric is saying is right, didn't make decision with regard to merits of the rights, being a protected right in proposition 8. what they did do, you can't just go to the voters, there's an issue, people feel you shouldn't disenfranchise the will of the people. the court said we won't rule whether it is an equal protection issue, they kicked it to the lower court. >> opens up hundreds of federal benefits. >> a financial issue. >> it is a lot of money involved here. >> a lot will be retroactive, which is significant. this is going to effect all of
11:33 pm
the states that in fact have same-sex marriage legal on the books and then what about the states where they have civil union like new jersey. >> i don't have any legal expertise in this matter whatsoever. i feel that this is a huge conservative victory because you can no longer deprive someone of an extremely traditional value that makes your life better by curtailing promiscuity and destructive lifestyles. i am talking about myself, marriage to my wife made me a better man. as a right winger, i want to impose that belief on others because that's what right wingers do. as a conservative point of view, you cannot deny someone seeking a morally superior behavior and that's what marriage implies. it calms civilization. without marriage, the world falls apart, and it's good. what else would you offer them? if you told them they could not be married, what would you want them to do, why would you care.
11:34 pm
i understand the religious implications, i wish gay activists would be more tolerant of the religious implications because that takes time to work through as well. i also say to gay activists, they need to move on to real challenges in this world. it is fun to make fun of fred phelps, who are harmless pathetic villains, go to mosques, talk to radical islam, think about your come patriots that are dying because of sexual orientation. people are boycotting boy scout events, bands still perform in dubai. there's a lot of hypocrisy. >> again, we have a bifurcated legal system and rulings, the way we do it a lot with pot, on the federal level, marijuana is illegal, certain states it is legal. getting the exact same thing. i am in favor of letting the states decide what to do with their lawson this.
11:35 pm
>> if you have free time, you may want to look at scalia's opinion, he says he feels they didn't specify legally how they came to this decision, more like a procedural effect. directly ahead, a terrifying home invasion in new jersey raises the debate on guns and if more citizens should be arming themselves. a mother watching cartoons with her daughter could have put down the monster that broke in her home the other day if she had one. that story is next. ♪
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♪ welcome back, everybody. this is a warning, i am very serious about this warning. about to show you video of an
11:40 pm
extremely violent home invasion. a man breaks into the home of a woman and her kids, the three-year-old watching the violence unfold right in front of her, the mom beaten senseless. second warning. i mean this. this video is graphic, but to tell the story properly, we need to show you what happened. [ screaming ] >> the town is a mile from my home, middle class neighborhood. the door was locked. the perp broke the glass door, violently attacked the mom, robbed the home, threw the mother down the stairs. that dirt bag is still on the loose. home invasions are increasing at an alarming rate. we ask do we want to make it more difficult for law abiding moms and dads to protect our families, our homes, our kids, and gun control advocates, if that was your wife, mom, sister, you want to take the firearm out
11:41 pm
of their hands? kimberly, you're a single mom. has to scare the living daylights out of you. >> it is awful, you feel so vulnerable, she's there with her child, the child has to witness it, it is traumatic, for the child to see it, feel defenseless, not understand what's going on, that's your home. probably doesn't want to live there the rest of her life. every time she walks past that stairway, tries to go downstairs, she will remember this. this is why i am strict laws in terms of situations like this. a home invasion robbery, you go into someone's home, if you have a weapon on him, that provides -- >> that man's fist was his weapon. let me talk to you about that. >> put him away longer is my point. >> does this not make the case for easing gun control laws instead of increasing them? >> completely. imagine if there was a vitamin that reduced chances of being a victim of violence, vitamin g. gun. most recent government study, this is the biggest study,
11:42 pm
showing defensive use of guns by victims is as common as guns used by criminals, between a half million and three million used every year. also studies show defensive use of guns lowers your injury rate compared to victims who don't have guns. she pulled out a gun. if she shot that jerk, she wouldn't be as injured, and as far as i'm concerned, that guy should be dead. if he had entered a house that had -- somebody had a gun, he would be dead. >> bob, i am with you. dana, hang in there a second. you want to respond to the gun issue. >> my opposition to the issue with handguns is to be able to wear them out on the street without having -- you don't have to conceal them. i have no problem with somebody having a gun in their home to protect their home. that's always been the case. i've doubted whether this woman could have gotten to a gun in time. >> was a period of time he went upstairs. >> i don't have a problem in your own home being able to have
11:43 pm
weapons to protect yourself. my problem is carrying them into the community as large and jeopardizing other people. >> dana? >> well, i agree, maybe she would not have been able to get one, but if the perpetrator had even for a second thought that she might have had one, then maybe he wouldn't have done this horrible thing. and this is a responsible person. the reason we have the video, she had a nanny cam. the reason you have a nanny cam is to be sure the child is well looked after by the nanny. this is a responsible person that would do the right checks. it is a horrible video. violence like that you see in a movie is different from seeing it raw like that, it is upsetting. >> this happened about a mile from my house, my wife called me, said you have to see this video, i saw it, we had to talk about it. in a middle class neighborhood, door was locked, guy kicked through the door. the point is it can happen anywhere. this guy is still on the run. here is the new jersey tip line. >> turn him in. >> $20,000 reward. i think that number will go up.
11:44 pm
>> when you do something that bold, you're usually a resid vis, done a homenvasion or this bold robbery, not pick pocketing someone on the street. >> and last thought. my wife literally said we have a kim better and shotgun, i think i am going to learn to use those guns. >> greg sent a copy of this survey about guns. two things struck me. one, in your homes, people tend to use them a lot to defend themselves, not as much out in the street. secondly, the down side of it, didn't you say where there are guns in the house, suicide rates go up? >> they said there's a dramatic link between gun purchase and suicide but that could be because people buy the gun intending to kill themselves. did kim kardashian sent out fake baby photos to friends to see who would try to cash in. reports are someone in the close circle may have taken the bait.
11:45 pm
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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♪ yeah, the world he is breathlessly waiting for kim kardashian to release pictures of the new baby, north west, i am up all night waiting. kim k thought one of the friends may try to hawk it. she sent out fake ones. someone took it to tmz and tried to sell it. greg, you have been in this business before. the magazine -- >> this is an old trick. dana was worried about people gossiping at fox news. so she told four hairstylists four different rumors to see which one would leak at the new york post, and sure enough, she found out which one leaked by the fake story, and you had her fired, she had like four kids, single mom, not living on the street, but i admired what you did, it was so smart. >> strategy is the name of the game. >> it is the name of the game, and the name of your pit bull. >> people probably believe you. >> they should. how desperate do you have to be to test your friends? >> eric, what do you think --
11:50 pm
>> is that the moral of the story? >> why is the woman such an interesting phenomenon. i think she's dumb, unattractive. >> i think she's dumb. >> i listen to her, she's smart in business, does a lot in business, but in terms of articulation, what's the fascination with her. her father a dead attorney that helped o.j. simpson. >> her father passed -- >> you're the best celebrity reporter ever. >> the most inaccurate. >> maybe you can help. how does she -- i think she made 12 million bucks. who is paying her 12 million bucks to be kim kardashian? >> they have their own credit cards. >> where are they making the money? endorsements, right? you endorse a product. are people buying kim kardashian, i don't know, cologne? who is buying -- >> a lot of them went out, ran
11:51 pm
out, bought that dress she was wearing in the beginning because wow, that looked great. >> that seats five. >> let's all wear it. >> she will probably sell the photos eventually, right? >> yeah. >> i think her fans should demand all of the proceeds from that sale should go to a charity where children need looking after. how many college tuitions could she pay for some needy children by selling that. >> i hate people like dana that demand they do it for charity. it is easy to demand they do it for charity than doing charity. >> paula deen do something for charity -- >> that la la land out there. >> it is her prerogative to be able to sell or whatever. i wouldn't do it, you know, she has enough money, let's be
11:52 pm
honest. wait until the baby is older. >> give the money to charity, i am all for it. anybody dumb enough to buy a picture of a baby from that woman and keenan east, i don't get it. get it.
11:53 pm
test test.
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♪ time for one more thing. and for a change of pace, we're starting with bob. >> we just announced this earlier today, it has picked up steam on twitter and around the country and around new york. gutfeld for mayor, gutfeld for a new new york. now, in the break, danny came up with an idea for another message, be a winner, not a weiner. we don't have the pac set up, but we will get it set up, update you on where things were going. if greg were on the ballot, he would be next to weiner, behind undecided. anybody wants to help, send us
11:57 pm
in a message, say you wanted the gutfeld for mayor. >> just the message, not money. >> can't send money. we will get you places to send your thoughts about this. >> is that like a hint? we'll take the money? >> no. >> do you have a plot for him? >> my goal is to beat weiner, that's it. he can't be mayor! that's a disgrace! >> unbelievable! >> you get to go next. >> all right. bad phrase, not to mention whenever anybody says not to mention, then don't mention. >> weiner for new york. >> okay, eric? >> couple stories we didn't get to, aaron hernandez, new england patriot who has been under investigation was actually charged with murder today.
11:58 pm
there's him getting arraigned, arrested. on the right side of the screen, george zimmerman. listen to a couple minutes of rachel jeantel, the key star witness for the prosecution. >> what happened next? >> it was like wet grass sound. >> what do you mean grass sound? >> like grass, wet grass. >> so i have no ax to grind in this case whatsoever, but when the star witness said i heard grass over the cell phone, you have to ask the question, is she credible or not. >> kimberly? >> i would cry if that was my witness for the prosecution. >> wouldn't you have known? >> obviously, but apparently that's the star witness, they overcharged this case from the beginning, but whatever. talk about "america's got
11:59 pm
talent." listen to this six-year-old. just watch. >> i got drums for christmas and she was poking her head in side, i want to play. gave her a microphone. >> can't wait to hear your sweet music. thank you. ♪ >> my god, that's so scary. she was serious. some people liked it. i like zombie skin, that's the best part. >> i've announcement, i am going to mercy ship to congo in august, august 28th, going to go, check out what it is like to be on a ship there, all charitable funded, do west coast of africa, bringing healing and
12:00 am
hope. my husband and i have a chance to go. i don't know if greg would be allowed. thank you for watching. thank you for watching. welcome to "red eye." it is like that's incredible, if by incredible you mean likely to clear up, but will never go away permanently, so just get used to living with it because that's what i did, mr. timberlake. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> i think that was dangerously close to libel. our top story, last week we told you about the congressman who said the faces of terrorism ad was offensive to muslims. plus anthony wiener's poll numbers are rising. that's exactly the kind of joke we won't be hearing during tonight's show. and taco bell tests new branding for its product replacing the word neat with protein as


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