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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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off spenting 100 million of our tax dollars touring africa just another selfish politician cash in on our hard work. have a great weekend everybody. >> congressional leaders say irs employee lois lerner waived her fifth amendment rights and her attorney said she will not go down without a right. will she have to testify anyway? governor sarah pa lin weighs in. and we'll look at nelson mandela. we'll look at his fight to end racial discrimination and how his life parallels dr. martin luther king. and the nfl decides to punt on propoeting obama care. administration looking for high profile pitches. and the pros are not buying it.
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i am uma, we are live from the nation's capitol. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> and we begin with what is a dangerous heatwave that is gripping most of the western part of the nation. we are talking about triple digit temperatures and folks in death valley, california they are bracing for teches to hit 130 degrees today. that is close to a record set back 100 years ago. they are joining us live from santa monica, california where it is and cooler than death valley. dom nick? >> uma, people are taking to the ocean to coloff in santa monica beach. families are heading into the water. and marine hanging over the coast. it is 90 degrees in the city. and as you head further inland, it is going to get warmer and out in death valley, record of
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134 degrees. and as you get in arizona and also nevada, we'll see really, really high attaches there. and las vegas going to touch 117 and 22 degrees shy of the record there. that will cause complications. they can't take off when the weather is too warm. down in phoenix. temperatures of 119 degrees there and that is further inland and we'll so it reach 120 and higher and possibly 122 at the moment. and people warned to prepare for this. and staying indoors in the hottest part of the day. this is how the heat can creep up on you and catch you out. >> unlike a severe thunderstorms and tornado, the threat is right there. and the heat can sneak up on you and it is a heat stress and dehydration and any sort of out
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doractivity is extremely dangerous. >> heat related fatalities are the most weather related vafalitties on record. 600 and 25 people died in the u.s. for heat related complications. they are saying to the young and sick and elderly. they all need to take care and families need to keep their eyes on the families and on their neighbors and anybody they know who might be actually acted by the heat. and high temperature warnings in affect until june 2nd. uma back to you. >> don teley thank you for reporting. >> and heat blisters the west. four fights are trying to get a handle on a stubborn wildfires in california. they are fighting back in 106 degrees temperatures.
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those four firefighters report major spots are out. ed good news no injuries or structural damage so far. >> and an american died after being caught in violent antigovernment protest in egyptment the college student reportedly taking photographs of the clashes when he was stabbed. tomorrow is one year since president mohammed morsi took over as president in egypt. anti- government protestors want a new election in place. the state department issued a travel warning for egypt and evacuated all nonessential personnel there. as the world monitors the decloining health of south african nelson mandela, president obama is paying homage to the icon. he described him as a inspiration to the world and a personal hero. in addition to spending time
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with the mandela family, president obama held a news conference with the south african counterpart today. joining us is ed henry who is traveling with the president and joins us live from jo hans burg. and updates on mandela's condition? >> i was in the nows conference and got a chance to ask president of south africa's health. he is in critical and stable condition. you mentioned as well that president obama just met a short time ago here with members of the mandela family, including his wife, daughters and grandchildren. and at that new's conference, the president had a optimistic statement about the future, take a listen. nwishing mandela a speedy recovery. and the doctors who are attending to him, are doing everything and these are for
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excellent doctors who are dealing with him. we place our hopes that they would do better. we hope that very soon he will be out of the hospital. >> he's hoping soon he will actually be out of the hospital right now, he is on life support. the bottom line president obama said the mandela legacy is why he is here in part to talk about a rising africa. and the president talked about the violence in, egypt that claimed the life of an american. his top priority is protecting american embassy and consulates in egypt. after the benghazi attack, the president made it clear it will not happen again. >> i know people around the world are praying for mandela's health. there are big domestic issues happening here at home and you asked him about it this morning. >> immigration reform. the senate passed the bill on
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a bipartisan basis. but speaker boehner will not take up that bill but take up a different bill. it is uncertain if the president will get action and he made clear that he is expecting the house to move quickly on this. take a listen. >> i do urge the house to try to get this done before the august recess. there is more than enough time. this thing is been debated amply. and they have a bunch of weeks to get it done. and now is the time. >> the president setting a dead line of course. and if you look at six months in to the second term in the domestic agenda and gun control and student loan rates down and bipartisan. and he needs immigration reform
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as a victory. >> good to see you. >> and mandela's legacy is transforming a nation in apartheid to freedom for his people. in this country it was dr. martin luther king struggle for civil rights that turned the course here. we'll talk about the parallels of the iconic leaders whose legacy are making a difference. >> and outgoing un ambassador susan rice doesn't feel edward snowden's revelations will have significant long- term damage. rice's remarks come as she prepares her new job next week as president's national security advisor. her views are in sharp contrast to other officials who expressed concern about the security breach. joining us is a former ciowa a operative wayne simmons. >> thank you. >> what do you make of susan
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rice's comments! i am 0, isn't this the susan rice in the past misled the mefrn people on numerous statements about national security? i think so. and she has absolutely no place or no reason to go out and tell anyone unless she knows for a fact that the american people and intelligence communities will not be hurt. that is not what we are hearing from the intelligence pros. personally i go with the intelligence pros. >> here we go in terms of her remarks and what the president said this week about not going after snowden in a big way. >> i have not called president chi or president putin personally and the reason is, number one, i shouldn't have to. no, i am not going to scramble jets to get a 29-year-old
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hacker. now, many people are baffled by the response. certainly many administration officials said this was a serious security breach. he has four lap tops filled with secrets that other governments would love to have and don't for a moment that he's still in the airport. i am sure russia is making good use of his time. >> he could be in the airport or library, it doesn't matter, the russians are going to grab all of the intelligence they can just as the chinese have. for president obama to make those kinds of statements fit weren't so serious, it would be funny. it is just like ignore the guy behind the curtain. >> he is dismissing the importance of what is going on and how does that reflect on america cross the board and overseas when it comes to leadership? >> there is no leadership. as i said many times, the lack of leadership for now five years
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from this white house, is in my opinion, what has the world in turmoil right now. there is no third world dictator that is not taking a shot at us. everyone is making moves on the enemies and trying to grab power. why? there is no leadership in the white house. you can't stand up in the podium as clinton, secretary clinton did and president obama has done and shake a limps if at guys like putin. putin is a seasoned pro and professional and a political force to be reckoned with and as i have also said, there is no doubt in the west, that putin is in charge and not just of the middle east of the world. this guy is calling the shots today. that is dangerous for the united states, because that puts us in a weakened position. >> the stakes are remaining quite high. >> thank you. >> it is a pleasure.
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>> people turning out for the fun val of 20-year-old football player odin lloyd. massachusetts police arrested a third man in connection with the murder including aaron hernandez. laura ingle is joining us with the latest developments in the story. laura? >> hi, uma. it seemed investigators were ready for a difficult roundup for the latest suspect and issuing a arrest warnant that cited wallace as a man who was armed and dangerous. wallace turned himself without insdept in mi ran mar, florida. he was wanted for accessory after the fact in the murder of lloyd. the former now new patriot organized the execution of odin
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texting two friends. hernandez is awaiting trial and denied bail twice. investigators have all three men they believe were in the car with lloyd the morning of his murder including carlos ortiz who was taken into kouft custody. and prosecutors say lloyd was shot in the side, chest and back around 3:30 and his body discovered a half a mile from hernandez's home in north a ttleborrow. police are back and trying to find out if he was involved in a unsolved murder. odin lloyd may have had information in that case. and dozens of relatives and friends gathering in the church of the holy spirit in boston neighborhood to pay respects. we'll bring you more as we get it in the newsroom. uma? >> thank you laura very much. >> thank you.
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>> and latest on the trial of george zimmerman that picks back up on monday. a neighbor said it looked like martin was on top of zimmerman. johnathon good who lives in the same townhouse complex said after hearing the noise, he saw what looked like a fight. >> the person you know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> he was the one raining down blows on the person on the bottom george zimmerman? >> that's what it looked like. >> that contradicted the version of another neighbor. the prosecutor calling two sanford police officers and a medical technician that said trayvon martin was unresponsive and had no pulse. and she treated zimmerman for bloody nose and lanceeration on
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the back of the head. loweris learner may have got it wrong. law makers are trying to get her to testify again. and a head at 12:40. governor sarah palin joins us about the thoughts of edward snowden and the hacker. and the blow to the obama care. nfl is taking a pass on promoting the health care law. details are coming your way, next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use,
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>> the nfl is punting on prohotting obama care. earlier this week. officials say they were talking to nfl and nba about possible advertising campaigns promoting obama care. this morning the nfl said ither sidelines. health and human secretary kathleen siblous said sports ven
9:20 am
u is a obvious place to target for the coverage. this as she made a plea to help improve the public awareness. the secretary has one problem. after the republican warned the nfl not to partner with the mrgdz, turns out the organization is not willing to play ball anyways. in a written response published recollects we currently have no plans to engage in this area and no contract with the administration about the health care laws and implementation. in the weekly public address. senator pat roberts took the opportunity to note the fast- approaching dead loip and the administration's promotion of a massive government take over. >> young healthy people find it costly and objectionable that the mrgdz is drafting the nba and nfl to pitch obama care. good grief. folks it was not supposed to be
9:21 am
this way. before they were forced through congress and a take over of health care we had a rare opportunity to create real change. >> folks have to invest in coverage before open or they will be slapped with a 95 fine or one percent of their income. become to you. >> coming up, the heat is on. a dangerous heatwave rolling over the southwest and just how high the temperatures are expected to rise? wool have the details after the break. and meanwhile, the world is hoping for better news on the condition of nelson mandela who remains in the hospital. how he transformed the nation as martin luther king did in his country. next i will talk to dr. king's niece on the parallels of the iconic leaders, stay with us. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this...
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>> welcome back. 128 degrees and how hot it will get in death valley. the heatwave is close to be close to a record set back 100 years ago and the murkry hit 130 degrees. phoenix will hit 120. 200 people are recovering from heat illnesses. and the heatwave is not expected to break until monday or tuesday. and president obama is urging law makers and pass immigration reform before the summer recess. despite strong bipartisan support, house speaker john boehner said the measure is dead on a arrival in his chamber and the house will write their own bill.
9:27 am
the department of aging. the now the first one to operate in the country. every since congress banned the practice gun accessory. and that is a 1530 round magazines to gun owners for free. and all part of the fair well to arm's festival in glendale colorado. executives are voing to pull out of colorado over the new law. >> and nelson mandela and dr. martin legislator king junior changed the course of history. as the world keeps a close eye on the icon, many are looking at
9:28 am
mandela's legacy. president obama called him one of his heroes. and joining us now is someone who had ties to dr. king and a queen admirer of mandela. >> some remember that nelson mandela came to the stadium and gave him a hero's westbound and he led the struggle against racial discrimination. what impact did it have on the country at that time. >> it was uplifting and then there was a private visit to the martin luther king center where my aunt mrs. coreta scott king met mr. mandela as well. he was a quiet and strong and powerful force in our lives and the world. i actually met him and i have a picture in my home and in that
9:29 am
picture there is martin luther king junior, and even malcolm x and in the center nelson man dell a..ine though mr. mandela was a younger man in 1962 when he was incarcerated and martin luther king led the march on washington in 1963, they were liberators and freedom fighters and it takes a lot of strength and courage and purpose and to do that and i admire mr. mandela so much. nwonderful memories. there are many interesting paralegals and they led movements that transformed the site and they were transformed by gandi and recognized that nonviolence was important to achieve the goechlt many wanted to wage a violent assault against apartheid government.
9:30 am
ngandi and martin luther king and my uncle shaped the philosophy deputy nelson mandela had an opportunity to read many philosophies and studied many view points and certainly dr. martin luther king junior being one of those. we know that martin luther king junior's foundation was in jesus christ and we know that shaped him and able to help him to lead a nonviolent movement, but it is just so interesting that all of those parallels come together in the years and the fight for freedom and liberty, it is just a sensitive battle and i actually had an opportunity to go to south africa and to hear how the people have been so encouraged by their hero. and he has become an icon and a world hero. and i believe that we should remember him always in that maerp. and even now at 94 years old and struggling and fighting for his life, you can see that strength
9:31 am
and that courage. it has been part of his legacy and message throughout his life. and we are praying for him. >> of course, and both men stressed the importance of getting opposing sides to talk to each other. that is what set them both apart from other leaders. >> this is so true and that is the diplomatic characteristic also of a leader of that magnitude. martin luther king junior of course sat at many tables with leaders with varying philosophies and attitudes and nelson mandela also had that ability to bring us together and cause us to coalesce and think of a commonitty and that is so important. >> dr. king, thank you for joining us and i know you are praying for nelson mandela and we are waiting to hear news for an improving condition. thank you for your reflections today, we appreciate it. >> thank you, thank you.
9:32 am
>> now the house oversight committee is hoping to force irs official lois lerner to testify. in a party line vote the committee declared she waived her fifth amendment right by giving an opening statement. the lawyer said the vote doesn't mean anything. molly has the details on what happens next. >> republicans on the house oversight committee want lois lerner to answer their questions about what she knew and when about irs targeting of conservative groups. there is no request for her to reappear and learner's lawyer said learner was entitled to say what she said. a party line vote does not act anyone's constitutional rights. and her rights under the constitution are no different now than when she asserted them. she did not give up her right to
9:33 am
testify by stating her innocence. >> during learner's appearance she spoke two minutes and 40 assembleds and invoked her fifth amendment right against self incrimination. that infurerated the republicans who spoke yesterday after the vote. >> lois lerner is a poster child for thumbing her nose at federal bureaucrat and at congress. nmr. chairman, i have identified nine separate specific assertions made by lois lerner on may 22nd. and that was after she asserted her right against privilege. >> the democrats say learner did what the constitution allows her to do. >> mr. gowdy would have you to believe that the law she made a statement at all constitutes
9:34 am
a wafer of her constitutional rights and not to self incriminate. >> what happens next is something. if they call her back to answer questions. she could answer questions or pleads the fifth again and then if she does that again the committee could hold her in contempt and that could set in a separate phase of legal wrangling. >> thank you, molly very much. >> it is your turn to pick a color news story. check out the headlines and we'll let you know which one receives the most votes in the end of the she. double hurdle trouble. and is the curse? and hundreds of streaks that made their way to immigrants. go to fox
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>> welcome pavenlth she's calling for more accountability in the light of the recent scandals and she's not too happy about the senate immigration bill. joining us now is governor palin
9:40 am
who is all fired up about the happenings in the nation's capitol and welcome, governor, great to see you. >> thank you, i appreciate being on. >> you put the tweet out about the concerns that you have over the immigration bill passed by the senate and i know you are upset about it and believe that republicans just caved in and why do you think that happen this week in >> i think that republicans, who caved along with the democrats who caved in to obama's wishes to legalize illegal alien system a matter of a lack of principle and respect for the rule of law. this was a betrayal of working class americans who do respect the rule of law and legal immigrants who came here and stood in line and paid their dues and become new americas. it is 24 pounds and 1,000 pounds of a rush job of a bill that
9:41 am
literalry was pushed through. and something that the law makers decided they had to pass in order to find out what was in it. it doesn't solve the problems with immigration and absolute betrayal of the will of the people and rowel of law. >> and you know, when people complained about obama care and the thousand pages that were in that bill, law makers vowed never to let anything pass again without reading it. and yet again. when this immigration bill came up for a vote so many law makers had not read it and voting on the issue for what they heard. >> yeah, that is the i pock crazy of the political class in washington dc. it is an abandonment of what we the people expect from our representatives and those whom we elect to fulfill the will of the people. yes, with obama care, there were
9:42 am
all of those complains we don't know what is in it and you can't just rush the thing through and later on, we'll find out what is in it and they have in obama care and same thing will happen with immigration and amnesty bill. it is quite unfortunate. >> i want to ask you, what are your thoughts this week on the way president obama responded to the concerns over snowden, the nsa leaker who is in no rush to pick up what he described as a hacker? >> the whole issue with snowden and the government's violation of the fourth amendment rights to privacy and against searchs and seizures including communication. the problem is that government has lied to us and they do spy on our communication and it took snowden to disclose that. if he violated the law, he needs to get back here and answer to the rule of law. because we are still a nation that respects the rule of lawine
9:43 am
though amnesty bill thwarted that. but with obama deciding to lead from behind on this issue, too. that is the community organizer in our president and a bit of yeah, you know, you don't have to take responsibility. and resume proves he hasn't had to take responsibility for much in all of these years. it is just another issue and example that falls in line with a community organizer. >> we'll get to the viewer questions, we'll receive questions from folks that are anxious to hear from you. one is asking, would you and radio talk she host build a freedom party if the gop continues to ignore the conservative. >> i love the name of the party. the freedom party and if the gop continues to back away from the mrafrngs in your platform and principles that built the party of lincoln and reagan, more and
9:44 am
more of us will say what is wrong with being independent, kind of that libertarian streak that we have. we want government to back off and not infringe on our rights, a lot of us say gop if you abandon us, we have no where else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in a one or the other private majority parties. those are private parties and you know, no one forces us to be enlisted in either party. >> sarah palin, always great to have you on board. thank you for joining us today. we really appreciate it? >> thank you. >> and a new monument is unveiled today and it is not in our nation's capitol. florida will be home to the first athiest monument, why? we'll get to that after the
9:45 am
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>> well, it is certainly a controversial first for our country. the nation's first atheist monument will be unveiled. it will sit outside of a florida courthouse after being embroiled in legal controversy in more than a year. steve, what is going on in >> uma a now hundred people on both sides of the issue. and we are minutes away of the unveiling of the first monument to ath yichl. it is covered with a red tarp and have quotation from ben
9:50 am
franklin and thomas jefferson and a few feet away to the monument to the ten commandments it was settled by a lawsuit. and theat yift won the right to put the monument atheists organization says this is only the gunning. >> we will be doing this more often all over the country because so many places put the ten commandments up in the prespeech zones but those zones do not feature other views at all. >> a number protesters here, too. many people telling us they are not happy at all about the new monument. >> christians are praying as we speak today right now, there are groups all over america praying that these folks will realize eternity too long to be wrong. >> reporter: this really is part after new strategy by the atheists. strategy of it can't beat them, join them. trying to get their monument in public spaces.
9:51 am
first what could be a long battle ahead. >> minutes away from the unveiling. keep us posted and thank you very much. coming up, the story you picked, your last chance to vote, and one of our favorite country stars tells us why he thinks america is broken. country legend larry gatlin coming your way next. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ]
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♪ most patriotic time of year. new poll showing that most voters think that the founding paersz would be crowning this fourth of july and as we like to do from time to time we go to country star larry gatlin for
9:56 am
what he thinks about the state of our nation as people are pacing many challenges. larry, let me get this right. have you come up with a grading system for washington? >> i have a grading system. i don't do a, b, c, d f. i give them a b, d. b-d. interest stands for bovine droppings because i cannot say, you know, the other thing even on cable. you know, it is just total b.s. the -- my old grandma, granny, had a second grade education. she was born and half breed cherokee and was born on the -- reservation in oklahoma. show told me when i was a kid she said larry, don't ever forget, when your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall. she had a second grade education. and she knew more than the people trying on borrow our way out of debt, you know, so -- it is things like that.
9:57 am
i just believe we are in trouble because of things like that. we have no rudder. alan bloom, i quote people. i don't know a lot but i read and quote. professor bloom in the closing of the america minds he said absent the judeo-christian ethic the democracy will not work. because people think that things are relative and no right and wrong. and that gives you the right to go and target people with whom. we are headed for trouble waters. >> you have your poll on what many thoughts from the concert tours around the country. do they think they are being heard at all in washington? >> i was in a little place in wisconsin about two summers ago. a beer joint. i don't drink beer anymore but went there because a lady at the hotel told me it was a great place to get a steak. i went in will and did -- eating my steak for a couple of minutes and a gentleman walked over and said you are larry gatlin, aren't you? yes, sir. he said, what are we going to do? what do we have to do to get our
9:58 am
country back? i gave him some conservative republican talking points and he said, i did all of that. he said, they don't hear us in the harp land. i wrote --s to fox hope is in the heartland. here is a man who -- seeing his family working hard and thinks that nobody gives a -- rats rear end about him. and i say to the america as the bureaucrats in washington, both eye droppings, again, you get a b.d. i believe they will. you know, they -- all the -- people are slightly realizing, even -- even some of the democrats, the -- folks like -- who have -- followed this young president. they are beginning to realize that the emperor has month clothes. we have a naked dude leading the parade. he continually does things that are unpresidential. one, right after -- you know
9:59 am
mine, not scrambling to jets -- i mean, come on. give me a break. that's so -- you know. you name it. going to africa in the middle of all this? really, bad form as the brits would say. >> larry, it is always great to hear from you with your insight. to know that you certainly have a very interesting point of view and colorful one at that. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. that's the gospel according to gatlin. it was the pharaoh's curse. a statue that has been on display for decades. has miss seriously started moving. this video from the museum clearly shows statues still -- slowly turning during the day. curator says that ancient egyptians believe that spirits live in these type of statues. some suggested outside traffic or magnetic -- may be responsible. it is all a mystery. don't worry.
10:00 am
we will post all the stories on our show web page at that's a wrap for me here in d.c. thanks for joining us here in washington. make it a great day and a great weekend. we are tracking a developing situation out of egypt as anti-government protests spread across the country. we are now 24 hours away from the start of a massive demonstration against president mohammed morsi. plans to mark one year since he first took office. and we already have seen violent protests explode across the country. and the last few days like this one that you'ring in alexandria which took place yesterday. president obama saying that the u.s. is monitoring the situation and working to protect our embassy. warning against all nonessential travel to egypt. we are also learning new details about the american killed during one of the protests. we will bring the new


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