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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ >> this is a fox report. tonight the national football league makes a statement approximate obama care. and the white house may not like it. it is just one of many ways the nfl is in the spotlight tonight. another is the murder investigation into former new england patrioty tight end aaron hernandez. that case has taken a turn. mourners paying respect to the man whose bullet ridden body was found abandoned, just the short drive of the home of a nfl star, aaron hernandez. prosecutors said he pulled the trigger but did not act alone. could the latest developments
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help to break the case wide open in and it is hard to watch the video, a thug attacking a mom while her three-year-old child is forced to watch. it is a home invasion that shocked the nation because of the brutality. tonight police have a suspect in custody. i am harris faulkner. we begin in africa where president obama continues the tour of the continent and earlier today in south africa, protest and tough questions for the american commander in chief. police using stun grenades against the demonstrators protesting against president obama's visit. they gathered outside of the university. many of them angry over the foreign policy and other government issues of drones and video surveillance. also today president obama paying tribute to anti- apartheid leader nelson mandela. he is stable battling a lung
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enfekz. president obama who has met nelson mandela only once before did not meet with him out of respect for the family wishes. he met with two of the family members. mr. obama spoke about nelson mandela's legacy. >> the struggle here for apartheid and for freedom and moral courage, this country's historic transition to a free and democratic nation has been a personal inspiration to me. it has been an inspiration to the world. >> the chief white house correspondent ed henry is in jo hansburg. president obama did not meet with nelson mandela and didn't want a photo-op out of it but met with the family.
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>> he decided it was better not to interfere for the medical care. they share a bond, first black presidents for each of their nations. the president and first lady called his wife who has been by nelson mandela's side here in south africa and met with daughters and grandchildren of nelson mandela and at a joint news conference between the current president of south africa, you mentioned president summa and president obama. but the bottom line president zuma believes thattine though he is on life support mandela is getting better. >> you have seen country and abroad, everyone is wishing mandela well and a speedy recovery and the doctors who are attending to him are doing everything and these are very excellent doctors who are dealing with him. we place our hopes that they
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will do best, and we hope he will be very soon out of the hospital. >> they are hopeful he will get out of the hospital at 94 years old. the protesters, that is what the president is dealing w. some folks in south africa protesting the drone policy and he had a answered questions and this is a good opportunity for the presidentine though it is spirited give and take to inspire the southafrica. >> there were junior willist there that were tough on the president. it is a different scene in the northern half in egypt. violence that looks reminiscent of two years ago and no doubt the president is talking about that on the strip as well. >> he is, harris, the president is monitoring that situation closely and protest are growing.
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mohammed morsi coming up on one year of office and the muslim brotherhood leader. there is controversy about his rule and whether or not he is fair leader. there was an american citizen, just 21 years old. an american student killed in the cross fire yesterday and the president made clear, he's trying to stay on top of this situation. take a look. >> our most immediate concern with respect to protest this weekend have to do with the embassies and consulates. we have been in contact with the egyptian government and done a range of planning to make sure we keep our embassy and consulates protected. and our diplomats and personnel safe. >> interesting that is the president said his top priority is to take care of the embassy and consulate and u.s. diplomatic personnel. he took a lot of heat in last
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september and recent weeks of what happened in benghazi, libya in terms of ambassador stephens and three others killed. he is paying close attention and there is a major protest building on sunday in egypt. the u.s. government is paying close attention to. that >> not only the heat reminding him of. that we lost four americans that night. edhenry thank you very much. >> we are getting new reaction from the family of the american college student who was killed in egypt. the family said their son was passionate about the middle east and in that country to teach english to children. he was stabbed by a protestor. he was a religious study's major and from maryland and spent the spring semester in michael jordan. he wanted to live and work in the middle east in a pursuit of
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peace and understanding. >> new developments involving a man who was involved in leaking the surveillance programs and telling us we were spied on. vice-president biden called ecuadorian president to talk about edward snowden. he is hiding out in the transient zone of the moscow terminal in russia airport. vice-president bide boyd requesting that ecuador reject snowden's request for asylum. and the president of ecuador said there will be no request unless he is on ecuadorian soil. >> the woman in the center of the agency's targeting scandal may be compelled to testify in front of congress. lois lerner said she did nothing wrong and envoked the fifth amendment and refused to answer the questions in an appearance
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before the house oversight committee. and now the committee run by republican darril issa voted on party lines that lerner gave up her fifth amendment right in part by her opening remarks. lerner is on leave after refusing a request to quit. the debate in washington is growing about what will happen in congress's quest for answers. will lerner be ordered to testify. and what will happen if she refuses? >> lerner's attorney put out a statement after the yesterday vote and what did it say. >> william taylor didn't think much of the vote and the house oversight committee is a highly polarized forum. taylor went on to say. a party line vote doesn't affect anyone's constitutional rights and this doesn't affect miss lerner. it is no different now than when
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she asserted them. she did not give up her right to testify by stating her innocence. republicans disagree and said lerner made a two minute statement and did not take questions. >> lois lerner is a poster child for thumbing her nose, a federal bureaucrat thumbing here nose at congress. >> mr. chairman, i have identified nine sprapt specific assertions made by lois lerner on may 22nd. and that was after she asserted her right against privilege. >> at this point the house oversight committee hasn't formally requested that lerner come back to answer questions, at least not yet. >> we will remind everybody, we got to this point because the irs was targeting the conservative groups with tea
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party and patriot at their names. the democrats are coming to her defense? >> democrats said lerner did what the constitution allows her to do. >> mr. gowdy would have you believe that the fact she made a statement at all constitutes a wafer of the constitute right not to self incriminate. >> that is a constitutional right to thumb your nose at the government. >> what happens next could get interesting. if the house over sight committee calls her back it answer questions. lerner could provide answers or bloweds the fifth. if she pleads the fifth they would be able to hold her in contempt. >> a constitutional right to thumb your nose at the government. we'll watch this one, molly, thank you. >> fox weather alert. a dangerous heatwave out west.
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temperatures soaring to 115 degrees and death valley, california, expected to reach 130 this weekend. with the scorching temperatures a lot of concern for people and their pets. the extreme heat could ground airlines. airline officials will keep a close eye on the weather and as we told you, hotter air affects air density and changes liftoff conditions and they may make the decision to keep the planes on the ground. dom nick is live with us. >> hey, there, harris. it is not just the airline but the amtrak is warning that the increased heat could expand the tracks and risk derailing. and so potential disruption in the west as a result of a incredible temperature. it may be a historic of high temperatures and heatwave that
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you are seeing in the next 3 or 4 days. we are talking about death valley. it hit 120 this afternoon. and the record is 134 back in 1913. and the way things are going, it could actually touch. that and here in california, we are seeing triple digit temperatures everywhere and expecting local records to be broken. experts are saying the problem is, it is different, take a listen. >> and it is very prolonged and lasts many days and when that happens, the longer it lasts, the more stressful it is on the entire environment and livelihoods of the people that it impacts. and we'll give you an example of that. and out in las vegas, 30 people were treated for heat related illness and they got caught in the sun. we understand that a marathon was called off elsewhere in
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nevada and here in los angeles county they are setting up air places for the public to come and get respite from the heat. and they will keep going until july 2nd. and it could be a hot summer, harris. >> you are in the right location in the beach. at least you have the cool water, basic pacific waters,dom, thank you very much. nright now prosecutors are building a case against pro football player charged with murder. aaron hernandez is a co accusedf getting in a car with three men and one of them didn't come back and was killed execution style. and reaction to another high profile case. did the prosecution's own witness help george zimmerman's defense. judge alex will join us inside of the fox report to break it
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really? >> family and friends gathering at a small church in boston for the funeral of odin lloyd. his murder led to the arrest of aaron hernandez. lloyd was found dead in an industrial park in north a ttleboro a mile from hernandez's house. hernandez faces murder and weapon's charges and police are continuing to roundup suspects in this case. a third man is in custody in connection and laura ingal is here. do investigators believe they have everybody involved? >> they do. we spoke to someone in the briftol county district attorney's office. all throw men in the car with
4:18 pm
odin lloyd are now behind bars. former new england patriot star executed the murder of lloyd june 17th and texting two friends to meet up with him the night before. hernandez denied bail and awaiting trial behind bars. and we spoke to someone who said hernandez is in a sen by ten cell demeanor calm and cool and no special protection at this time. the last suspect ernest wallace turned him in mya nmar, florida. wallace has not talked to investigators about lloyd's more. wallace and hernandez and carlos ortiz, who was taken into custody on charges of carrying a fire arm without a license are now in they are trying to determine if he was involved in a unsolved
4:19 pm
double murder last july totally separate from the case. >> it is interesting, investigators believe that odin lloyd may have had information on hernandez. >> that leads to a possible mossive in the case. and looking at this case investigators were seen removing a silver suv belonging to aaron hernandez's uncle. two men shot and killed as they left a boston night club, police believe the shots came from a silver suv with rhode island plates. neighbors say it is a vehicle that they have not seen in months. the garage door has been closed for months. >> the story has more twists and turnings. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed. >> a nanny camera caught the brutal beating on tape.
4:20 pm
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>> a man wanted in a brutal attack caught on a nanny cam is now in custody and tonight new reaction from the victim's family. the video shows the assault and it is playing out all weekend long. in case you haven't seen it, a warning it is tough to watch. this is it from the beginning. it happen in melbourn, new
4:24 pm
jersey. a woman beaten by an intruder while a three-year-old daughter watched from the couch. the woman was punched and kicked and thrown down the stairs and a man ransacked the home. the 42-year-old is facing charges. and charged with robbery and burglary and child endangerment and he was arrested yesterday in new york city. >> we are estatic that they got the guy. it is a heinnous crime. >> i am glad they had a nanny cam and that is for the reason he got caught so fast. >> i am glad for the woman's sake and maybe she will get peace from this. >> she had cuts and chipped teethes and cuts requiring stitches. neither the one-year-old or three-year-old daughter was hurt. >> the victim's family are grateful to the police officer for the hard work and adding
4:25 pm
they can begin the next chapter of their heeling. >> and county courthouse in spark florida is the sight of the first monument to ath yichl on public land. it is a 50,000 pound of granite that was placed. and the long battle of the controversial display is likely far from done. steve joins us. >> harris tis a bench behind me. 1500 pounds of granite that caused the controversy. it was set up by the atheist organization and has a quotation from ben franklin and thomas jefferson and steps away from the monument of the ten commandments. and the head of the american atheist said this bench is only the beginning. >> we'll be doing it more often all over the country, because so many places with the ten
4:26 pm
commandments up in free speech zones but they don't feature other views at all. >> here in the town of stark in northern florida, conservative and christian and many resident expressed anger over the bench. >> christians are praying as we speak today. there are groups all over america that these folks will realize that eternitty is too long to be wrong. >> the lawsuit and bench mark a now strategy for the american atheists instead of getting the step commandments off they will try to get theirs on the public property and the battle of the bench and commandments could be first. >> steve is live for us tonight. >> the nfl has a message to the white house about obama care, no, thank you. it is the president's signature law as you know and why does the white house need the nfl to help
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>> it is the bottom of the hour and time for the news. national football league said it
4:31 pm
will not promote obama care. the obama administration has approached the nfl and nba and others, asking them to help produce advertising campaign to sell the obama signature law to the people. it has top republican leaders urging sports leagues to stay out of the controversial debate. elizabeth >> hi, harris, health and human service kathleen seb pillus. made a plea to nfl and other sport frank chiezs. the republican leaders warned the nfl not to partner with the administration. turns out the group is not willing to play ball anyways. an nfl spokesman said we have no
4:32 pm
plans to engage in this area. senator pat roberts noted the deadline and attempts to promote what he said was a massive government take over. nyoung people find the exchanges costly and the administration is drafting them to pitch obama care. good grieve. folks it was not supposed to be this
4:33 pm
just a short time ago, attorneys for those who oppose gay marriage filed an emergency motion asking the u.s. supreme court to stop the weddings. gay couples are not waiting. dozens are lining up in city hall to obtain same- sex marriages and the rush to tie the knot comes one day after a federal appeals court cleared the way for gay marriage to resume after a four- year ban. attorneys of same- sex marriage are arguing that the court of a polls acted prematurely. >> a civil war and united states is arming and supporting rebel fighters has seen intense bombings today. it is our first stop as we go a round the world in 80 seconds. syria, the assad rejoem launching a major offensive in
4:34 pm
the key city of homs. the rebel neighborhoods are under siege for a year. amateur video shows heavy explosions and clouds of smoke rising over the city. this latest attack reported steady gains by the syrian military. more than 100,000 people have died in the civil war. >> turkey, caught on tape. a tourist baring european tourist flips on its side killing several people. the crowed rushed to help bring people to safety. afghanistan, the country's national museum is back after years of violence and oppression. they are reopening the doors and 9,000 artifacts are back on display with help with foreign governments.
4:35 pm
and visitors are lining up to see it all. france, tour de france in corsica for the 100 edition of the iconic bike race. winning the first stage was a german rider. that is fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> on record- breaking heat in parts of the country, we are at lost flirting with soaring record. the heat is not expected to break for days. justin is here with us now. people look at the map and they say it is summertime, but this is different? >> oh, yes, harris, definitely. it is the southwest and even for the desert the numbers are well above number and flirting with record- high temperatures and close to the numbers today. we'll set june records, all-
4:36 pm
time record temperature in death valley, california. 134. we may not make it to that mark but will be close in the next couple of days. here's y. lot was sunshine and satellite and radar showing little rainfall from phoenix to tucson and vegas and death valley. las vegas up to 114. and just a few degrees shy of the all- time record. it is a scorching and dry heat. it doesn't matter all that much. hardly any wind to talk about. phoenix 118. and triple dig heat all the way to salt lake city. on tap for sunday. more of the same and stallinginant area of high pressure. and this is simply causing the air to compress and it sinks and warms and we see lots and lots of sunshine and temperature wise for the next couple of days, we'll likely approach 134
4:37 pm
degrees. and that is other numbers in the 110s and 120s and we'll the heat making its move in the west coast. and as a large ridge of highway pressure sits over the region, harris. >> justin, thank you very much. >> a social media joint is about to change the way the advertising works on a popular web site. what will happen starting on monday and what it could mean for you. and dramatic beginning to the george zimmerman murder trial. he admits to killing teenager trayvon martin and said it was self defense. witnesses caused by prosecutors, may have arm harmed the prosecutor's case. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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[ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >> there was drama in the courtroom in sanford, florida. the george zimmerman murder trial wrapped up week one and the case could hinge on various recollection from neighbors and a woman who was on the phone with 17-year-old trayvon martin that night. george zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges for the death. he pled not guilty and saying he shot the witness in self defense. a star witness in the trial seemed to prove that point. he was one of the neighbors and spent hours on the stand.
4:42 pm
it is the coined of testimony that has legal experts punching holes and may have helped zimmerman's defense. joining me is the judge alex. host of judge alex. and judge, you say the prosecution is in trouble. >> they are on their side of the case which is where they should be the strongest. usually when the defense gets up, it weakened the prosecution side. but so far, the defense is scoring point after point on the self defense claim. the prosecution calls a witness for the prosecution is turns out to be a witness for the defense and they score as many points and that is not good. >> it is your time at bat you will want to bat the ball. people may not have sewn as much of the highlight reel you and i have. one part in particular that the prosecution called and ended up
4:43 pm
helping out the defense. we'll watch that and wee get your response. >> you saw a person on top and mma straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> it was ground and pound. >> correct. >> what is ground and pound as you define. >> what takes place in that type of position. >> you are aware of mma and mixed martial arts. you anyhow enough to give termology of ground and pound. >> first thing that came to my mind. >> the person on top ground and pound the person on the bottom. njudge, i want to tell our viewers, your notes to me you singled this out, why? >> because the whole defense and claim of self defense, is that trayvon, got on top and knocked george zimmerman down and punched him in the nose and got on top and merciless beating him and smacking his head on the
4:44 pm
concrete to where zimmerman felt he could do nothing but shoot him to survive. that's his claim. we don't know if it is thorough. once somebody raises the self defense in florida, prosecution has to prove it is not self defense. >> did they rebeaut this? >> not well. they called witnesses prior to mr. good who said i think it was zimmerman on top because the bigger guy was on top. they have been impeached to a degree. mr. good was closed enough the guy with the red was a white male and the guy on top in dark clothe was trayvon and he was throwning punches at him and looked like to the witness that zimmerman was yelling to help. that is critical and supported by other evidence in the case at this point. >> that's the issue here, there is not a lot of the evidence in this case. you don't have to be a legal expert to know that. >> and the prosecution charged
4:45 pm
second-degree murder which shows ill will and hate. >> you don't think they can win on that? >> they haven't shown anything. >> do they have a case at all. >> they could get a medicals conviction. the jury may not want to let him walk. we'll go with medicals. it is not easy to prove medicals. if they get a conviction for medicals. it is bad for zimmerman. on a child it is aggravated medicals and could face 30 years and with a gun involved it could be life. the prosecutions has a bad case, but they could lose the battle and win the war anyway. we'll have to see the evident. >> when do you make that kind of choice? >> which choice. >> to change what you are going after. do they do that in >> they brought a charge of second-degree murder. >> can they change it? >> there is medicals. it is a necessary lesser
4:46 pm
included offense and it will be begin. >> the audience may think you have jumped the gun. but the prosecution had a star witness named rachel jeantell. and it was not a benefit for the defense. but she also benefitted the defense. we'll watch a little bit of rachel jeantell and this particular clip brings up the issue of race. let's watch. >> i asked what the man looked like and he just told me the, the man looked creepy. and. >> you said the man looked kroepy. >> creepy white to my neighbors cracker. >> and what did you say. they are having trouble hearing you. >> kroepy as cracker. >> and with that word heard around the world. >> that hurt the prosecutions.
4:47 pm
what they were trying to get. the way they were trying to get evil and hate and spite was implying that he was acting out of racial an mrift. and they introduced 911 tapes of prior calls all of them about black males. there were other calls. >> george zimmerman was a neighborhood watch men. >> and the prosecution picked four that said black male. the racial animist came out of a witness that said trayvon used the slur. that was a bad witness in that respect. she said things that were beneficial for the prosecution but obnoxious in her testimony it is questionable whether a jury will believe her and contradicted prior statements. >> you are talking about contrast. >> john good seemed to be
4:48 pm
credible. and that is the response from people who watched it. and in this witness, disrespectful was a word i heard say as well. >> what you are saying, the prosecution may have endafrmged themselves. did you think they didn't know she was going to say that? >> i think they did not know. i think she just volunteered it and came out of left field. did they know what she was going to be like? absolutely. and this was her after they spoke to her and coached her how to behave on the stand. i hate to see how she would behave if they had not begin her instruction. both sides are going to have a chance to regroup. >> inconsistent statements and how powerful they will be. they will use them to claim they are lying. they better be powerful. and we will hear from trayvon's
4:49 pm
parent and identify the 911 tape. we don't know if it will counter the witness that was saying it was zimmerman. trayvon never heard him getting killed and we'll see where that is. the medical examiner who made the testimony of conjectory might shed light on who was top as well. >> when i have a question we call judge alex. >> i answer. always a pleasure, harris. >> beginning on monday, gretta will be in the courtroom where the george zimmerman murder trial and during prime time she will host on the record live from florida. >> a terrifying ordeal for two little girls home alone when a pair of suspected burglers break in and they are talking about how they kept their dog from giving away the hiding
4:50 pm
spot. >> and you are looked in the bathroom with your sister. listen to me. i have help en route. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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on monday, the social web site will prohibit ads from appearing on the pages. bock bock was targeted by a woman's group perceiving hate speech. it led to eye boycott by a dozen advertisers on facebook. it has more than 1 billion monthly users. >> a roof collapses in a car dealer ship and something forced
4:54 pm
that ceiling to come down. it is our top story as we go across america. >> virginia, authorities say there is major damage to the she room and blaming it on a storm that rolled through the area and bringing heavy rain. one person hurt and expected to be okay. >> minnesota. a explosion in the university. the detonation taking down 12 story towers. university officials deciding to build new on campus housing rather than renovate the old building. they first went up in known 61. the site will now be turned into a parking lot. >> florida, two girls home alone in a miami suburb when two men broke in the house. >> i was pretty scared. the 10-year-old and 13 year old sister grabbed the little dog oreo and hid. and then they called 911. >> you are looked in your
4:55 pm
bathroom with your sister, correct. >> yes. listen to me. i have help en route. >> they kept his mussel shut to keep him from barking. the police came and arrested the the final frontier for space shuttle atlantais. the last nasa orbiter to fly in space is now a become sight here on earth. florida's newest tourist attraction. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little,
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but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> opening ceremonies for the space shuttle atlantais that landed as a centerpiece of a $100 million tourist attraction in florida. it was the last of the winged fleet to fly in space and now you can see it in the new five- story home with pay loads and doors open and a replica of the robotic arm extends over the heads of visitors. nasa grounded the shuttle fleet two years ago. this display will launch a new voyage of atlantais to inspire and educate all those who go to see it. that's how fox reports on this
5:00 pm
saturday june 29th. tweet me what you are doing tonight. my saturday night is just getting started. i will see you with huckabee. i am harris faulkner and now here is my friend, the governor. tonight on huckabee, edward snowden is charged with espionage and called a traitor and now the russians are playing hard ball it is not that big of a deal. >> i am not scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> why is the rest of the world defying the leader of the free world? >> our enemies have no respect for us. >> and the senate passes immigration reform. >> is offy, i border agents and technology backing them up and the 700 mile fence completed. ice agents are not satisfied and their union leaders


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