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tv   FOX News Watch  FOXNEWSW  June 30, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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were not as targeted as the others -- that is it for this week's show and all of you watching. follow us on twitter. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch.... >> i'm not going to scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> jon: president displays hands off attitude, man wanted for espionage charged with stealing u.s. secrets and story getting major media attention but is it enough? >> why should you be charged with crime. >> media take shots at glen greenwald, is there an agenda here at work? >> a monument decision by the supreme court.... >> big news from the highest court. media reacts to key decisions on voting rights and then gay marriage.
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>> it is what it is. >> jon: paula deen fights accusations of being a racist. are the media behind the smear? >> knock-knock, who is there. >> the george zimmerman gets off to a question start. they go wall to wall with the coverage but is all the attention adding to a racial divide? and a tip on how to protect yourself from government spying. >> jon: on the panel, judy miller, joe consha, jim pinkerton, ellen rat they are and richard grenell. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now.
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>> to the text enter you aided and abetted snowden even in his current movements, why shouldn't you be charged with a crime? >> i think it's extricate extraordinary that anybody would call themselves a journalist whether or not other journalists should be charged with felonies. assumption in your question, david is that he i have aided or abetted him in any way. scandal that arose in washington about the fact that the obama administration was trying to criminalize investigative journalism by going through emails and phone records of journalists and being a co-conspirator for working with sources. >> jon: he seemed not quite ready for his answer to the question about his reporting on nsa spying. greenwald didn't stop there. he tweeted this. who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have david gregory to do it.
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frank rich came to his defense in this. is david gregory a journalist, a thought experiment what name one beef he has covered with distinction and any memorable interviews he has conducted. his charge is preposterous. columnist that published the leaks, greenwald was doing the job of a journalist and even activist journalist is irrelevant to that function. when you think about greenwald's line of questioning or gregory's line of questioning, was it out of line? >> the question, when did you stop beating your wife donate to it. whatever you think of greenwald, talking head hall of fame for the greatest smack down of a questioner since joe lewis. >> jon: lots of nodding heads on the panel. >> nodding because this is what it's all about, spy
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system. effort by some people who want to go after the leakers to criminalize them and criminalize for helping them. by putting the question the way he did he played right in the hands of the government. glen greenwald is advocacy journalist and you can do more say the gray house on the street and be a journalist. >> if i'm an executive producer and own a network, i wanted glen greenwald, find this guy now. he has three things that every producer and anchor like you love, he is candid and he is confrontational for him to land a kidney punch and frank rich, he'll land the right cross. it was bad week. >> jon: she quick, too. >> he didn't stop there, he was interviewed by the "washington post" and he
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went after cnbc and called the beltway establishment media clique. >> he has been keerd of carrying water for president obama. big piece in daily news that looked into his history, his financial affairs tax problems. why is he the story here? >> i think it is true. i think he is apologist for obama. i think a lot of people can defend what greenwald is doing is acting like a real journalist, bifurcate go from snowden that clearly committed a crime. i wouldn't want to go after greenwald. i would want to go after snowden. exactly what he said to david gregory applies to jake tapper and all the other media tapes. it's an entrenched system in washington where you have to ask permission to do things. really what they were saying, how dare you tleek
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an unapproved journalist because we are approved. >> jon: yeah. my producer points out, i meant to say gregory of carrying water for the obama administration. >> and to changes the subjected. not talking about the leaks and implication of the leaks. >> jon: greenwald tweeted this, has david gregory wondered if powerful d.c. officials should be prosecuted by lying to congress. >> it is worth noting again, how the conversation is carrying on for a week now on twitter. this is now the battlefield, greenwald clocked gregory on the show but continuing to win in the twitter sphere. >> we know that edward snowden took the job with booz hamilton to collected data to release. does that change the story? >> no, i don't think it does. we see continued media
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fight, saying that i have glen greenwald possibly arrested. i found that interesting. you area assassin? to say greenwald drove snowden to the airport in hong kong to catch a in the to moscow or fly the next plane to where he winds up, but looking at his own newspaper. >> jon: speaking of airplane flights, they jumped on the flight that snowden was supposed to be on. >> they were all tweeting and abc's plour tweeting. in this day of budgets dwindling, how much did that cost for a no-show. >> my point, we may think better of greenwald as a talking head but snowden has a spy as somebody who
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clearly has malevolent feelings for the united states is continuing to grow. >> some people saying he is not scrambling to get? >> this is change of strategy because obama figured out all this intention was back firing. he has to salvage american relations with russia and china. >> jon: next, mixed media reactions to the supreme court rulings of the week. >> big news coverage of big decisions. ruling covering voting rights and gay marriage. two key topics for the liberal press. how did the media react to the supreme decision? hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness...
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has driven a stake through most important civil rights law. >> the supreme court has knocked down one of pillars of the civil rights movement. >> a key provision cannot be enforced until congress redraws the enforcement map. >> jon: sampling of coverage on the voting rights acted and liberal press pan that go ruling and high court ruled again key parts of the defense of marriage act deciding not to rule on the prop 8 case in california. gay rights people rallied around those decisions. >> that is cnn openly gay anchor going into a gay bar in new york it was a first
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for him and for us, as well. what a contrast in coverage. it seems like media on voting rights thing, didn't mention that most of voting rights act was left intact. >> i mean we have msnbc that gave us great legal mind al sharpton. besides sounding ridiculous it makes the left wing media and msnbc this is partisan hack job. very few reporters was telling us this was a 1965 act and that times have changed. it was very little analysis of why we would need a 1965 fix-it law today in 2013. that commentary was lost. al sharpton and others like blacks could no longer vote. >> the point is they didn't explain what the law was about.
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terry moran said the law had been invalidated. it did not explain it to the average person and even the "washington post" said that only 13% of americans were following any of this debate. >> jon: liberal media were using terms like gutted and assault referring to it. >> i got back from the jersey shore yesterday and one got called by hurricane sandy. most homes were gutted. 95% of it is gone. in this case, the law was not gutted. race among blacks are higher than whites. the law has done its job. yet you have somebody from msnbc, saying stupid things. you want to keep kids what high personly means? take, hyperbole means?
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>> and voting rights decision was 4-1 against a decision and doma decision was 3-1. the bias here is pretty thick and not only intuitive but documented with facts and figures. >> jon: speaking of facts and figures. >> it seemed like 5-1 rare hoe oe stories were positive in terms of favoring gay marriage. there a lot of momentum but if you look at public polling, cnn did a poll, 53% of the country favors gay marriage, not 5-1.compared g difference there. >> jon: you said you think the coverage was appropriate? >> i thought the coverage was appropriate on gay marriage. america is shifting by age to very different static. >> young people overwhelmingly 5-1 favor
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gay marriage. i think if you consider this equal rights issue, there was reason.... >> you are assuming only young people are watching tv. >> no, we are just e just saying a general poll, excuse the fact that the country is shift. >> it is. it will be 60% in a couple years i am saying it's not 5-1. >> or 3-1 as you saw on some of the other networks. next on the news watch has media already decided paula deen's faith. >> celebrity chef fighting charges of racism tied to comments from her past. is the backlash warranted or have the media blown this out of proportion? find out next on news watch.
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♪ >> if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you are out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard in my head it kills me. >> jon: celebrity chef paula deen trying to convince her fans she is not a racist. that accusation stems from her admitting using the "n" word 30 years ago. despite the passage of time, reaction has taken a huge toll. as the outrage and loss of her show warranted? anthony cook a black journalist who writes for the huntsville times, if the word is offensive and harmful, why are we not
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offended that african-american comedians use it? i see the hypocrisy of white people to adhere to a standard that i haven't used myself. the same reason that paula deen that was culturally accepted at the time time. what do you think about that? >> i say bravo. that was very well written. i'm going to agree here, with bill maher, since when do we prosecute somebody for using a bad word. one person said, hey, let's water board this person for the rest of their lives and this person should be forgiven. >> jon: is there a double standard? >> yes, there is. the media has comes to a double standard racism. there are unpardonable
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sins. we all make mistakes, the public is much better at judging someone's heart and knowing if they are truly sorry. media is never good at it because they just want to see things black and white. they want to make sure that you are either a racist or not a racist. >> jon: public is buying her cookbooks like mention. >> and it's funny that joe mentions bill maher, a black lady host, if maher was held to the same standards he would have been off the air a long time including al sharpton. >> jon: moving to the trial of george zimmerman, media in full force giving wall to wall coverage especially to the prosecution's star with it. >> it was racial but because trayvon martin put race in it -- you don't think that is racial comment?
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>> no. >> you don't think that [ bleep ] is a racial comment? >> no. >> 19-year-old rachel jeantel cross-examined by by the attorney, trying to poke holes in the testimony and trying to convince the jury that martin made the deadly encountered a racial issue. the two days of her testimony received all kinds of coverage? >> yes, and the media were clearly a lot of very hostile the first day and forgiving after she was coached to say things like sir the second day. but i was struck to the eblgs tend the media coverage bifurcated. you have coverage aimed at lawyers the strategy and doing what to whom and what the end game is going. ordinary coverage for people like me who want to
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know what this young woman was going through and why was she interviewed for the first time in the presence of trayvon martin's mother. >> jon: many in the media seemed to be making excuses for the lapses on the stand? >> she is a young kid. she is under a lot of pressure. we can understand that to a certain extent, but the bottom line, this case already, when you see typically some members of the media bending over backwards as cracker is offensive or not. by the time this thing is done, it seems cheap already, this will set back race relations a couple years. >> it depends on what coverage. your organization media did a good job of explaining everything that went on from people who the parents that were allowed to attend the trial versus suspects. some people -- versus
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>>. >> jon: media coverage of the nsa spying camped has been sidetracked for somewhat. leaker getting more attention despite the lingering questions and concerns about our government snooping on us. in a new poll, 46% of americans say they believe nsa surveillance is more likely to hurt law abiding
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americans by improperly using private information. 44% think it is more likely to help catch terrorists. for those that think it's misguided. trevor moore of sunny and die have this suggestion. >> only we wai to fight back the excessive wiretapping is to make it irrelevant. that is why we are launching everyone talk like a terrorist. if we openly talk about terrorist thoughts, it's simple. we just need to work in it our daily. >> hi, mom. >> blow up the brooklyn bridge. >> jon: with that. we're going wrap up news watch this week. thanks to judy miller and the rest of our panel. i'm jon scott.
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keep it here on fox news channel. ep it right here on fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, president obama visits one tiny prison cell that has a huge emotional weight. live in south africa as the president pays tribute to hero nelson mandela. >> gregg: plus the u.s. senate passes landmark immigration reform and now it's up to the house but will the measure be dead on arrival.


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