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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 30, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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keep it here on fox news channel. ep it right here on fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, president obama visits one tiny prison cell that has a huge emotional weight. live in south africa as the president pays tribute to hero nelson mandela. >> gregg: plus the u.s. senate passes landmark immigration reform and now it's up to the house but will the measure be dead on arrival. >> heather: more witnesses
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on prosecution to take in the george zimmerman trial tomorrow. our legal panel on how the defense and prosecution can learn from some stumbles made in the testimony. >> gregg: first, we begin with a fox extreme weather alert on a dangerous and possibly historic heat wave blistering itself southwest. temperatures soaring into the triple-digits, up to 120 degrees in some areas. that is pushing the mercury up to 122 in beautiful palm springs, california. how death valley? typically the hottest place on earth, could come close to breaking a record for one of the highest temperatures ever recorded. dominic is live in los angeles with more. where is the worst place to be right now? >> i think it would be death valley itself. scorching temperatures there and look te forecast, it will be tough for desert
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areas, death valley, 125 is the minimum there and highest expected officially. we'll get today an unofficial temperature taken at 4:00, that will be eastern time. that will be an interesting figure, normally it's computer data that give us the measurements there, so the official comes out at 4:00 it's a scorcher, probably about 127 degrees. we were thinking it could get as high as 130 but forecasters are saying who knows what is really going to happen in the next few days or so. cross the desert areas, temperatures are at least 120. here in los angeles, about 93 and we're certainly feeling it here. >> gregg: not much lives in death valley. you are looking pretty cool there with a beautiful fountain town ton in the
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background. what the best advice if they can't be like you and take a dip? >> downtown los angeles and grand -- grant park and we asked people for their advice that gathered around the fountain for keeping cool. >> stay wet, stay inside. those are the two options. >> for a second time being pregnant in the summer. try to stay inside and keep hydrated. come to the water park. >> i know people that have grandparents that live out in the desert and they are concerned about them. >> stay at home and stay cool. >> reporter: i have to tell you it's a blessing we have a wonderful spray coming off the fountain behind me. it's blissful shower and keeping the crew here. 93 today and possibly edging a little higher, 94. >> gregg: you may have a
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nice spray but make sure you reapply that sunscreen. thanks very much. >> heather: fox news alert now, egyptians filling the streets of cairo demanding the ouster of mohammed morsi. live pictures from tahrir square, they are have massive protests nationwide. islamists are holding their own demonstrations. conor powell is live from middle east bureau with the latest. >> they say hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets not only in cairo but across all of egypt. now there are some reports of violence but overall it's been relatively calm. it was just one year ago that mohammed morsi took office, took control of
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egypt, his critics are trying to us use the anniversary to organize large protests. they complain that morsi has failed to help the struggling economy and he the muslim brotherhood have curbed religious freedoms. they complain that morsi is just a islamic hosni mubarak who ruled egypt for decades. many protestors carried anti-american signs and slogans. they say the u.s. is too supportive of morsi and the muslim brotherhood and they fear the attack of the embassy in cairo may be attacked and they are warning americans. one student was stabbed to death while taking pictures of a pro-government rally. on the other side of cairo today, pro morsi supporters gathered near the palace, they well organized and also turned out in mass as
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well to countered act the anti-morsi protestors. overall, it's been a peaceful day at least one person has been killed. there have been a couple violent clashes and attacks on muslim brotherhood headquarters but overall we're not seeing the level of violence that people feared. i would say it's early in egypt and there is concern as the night wears on more violent elements may sw up and cause problems. morsi is saying he will stay in office. he is vowing to continue on. many protestors, anti-morsi protestors are calling on the military to intervene and try to drive morsi out. right now the military is calling for calm and talks. they are saying they will not intervene. >> heather: thank you very much. >> meantime, secretary of state john kerry declaring real progress has he wraps up four days of mideast peace talks. he is giving his assessment
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after sitting down with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and also benjamin netanyahu. he says he has narrowed the gap between israelis and palestinians and he says renewed peace talks are within reach. as secretary kerry heads to a security summit in southeast asia but leaving a group of aides to continue mediation efforts. >> president obama is paying tribute to former south africa president nelson mandela. he took a trip to robin island. he is visiting the prison where the leader spent 18 long years confined in a tiny cell. ed henry traveling with the president joining us live from capetown, south africa where president obama gave a speech earlier today. tell us more about that and what the president has been doing? >> you are right.
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president definitely was all and south africans thinking about the legal si of nelson mandela. he has been in the hospital for four weeks now on life support. as you noticed, president obama took in the same view that nelson mandela at robben island going into that tiny cell that he actually used. also going into the line with his family, wife and daughters to get a look at where mandela and colleagues spent so many long hours back breaking work, splitting the stones and lime dealing were that in prison. he tried to bring the life and legacy to this. white house is doing this as signature speech through the continent of africa. he invoked mandela as he addressed about 1200 people. >> if there is any country in the world that shows the
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power of human beings to affect change, this is the one. you have shown us how a prisoner can become a president. you have shown us how bitter adversaries can reconcile. now. no terms of substance, he talked about bringing access to healthcare to people here in africa and also about doubling access to electricity with a $7 billion commitment to bring more energy to people here in sub saharan africa. last stop will be tanzania. you have two presidents in same country, george w. bush will be there with his wife laura opening a women's center. they have a long time xhiy there. first two ladies, obama and bush will get together. it's unclear whether the two presidents will get together but it shows the bipartisan commitment to this region.
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>> gregg: ed henry, thanks very much. we're going to go live outside mandela's hospital in south africa a little later on in the newscast. we'll get the latest. >> heather: new developments in the hunted for nsa leaker edward snowden. it's believed that he is still hiding out in the moscow airport possibly trying to travel to latin america. now vice president joe biden reaching out to ecuador's president asking him to reject snowden's requests for asylum there. >> edward snowden is in the hands of russia, that is according to the president of ecuador who also said he believes snowden can't leave the moscow airport without his u.s. airport which has been revoked. one key lawmaker says vladimir putin should be dealt firmly. >> this is direct slap in
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the face to the united states of america. we should be now finally realizing what vladimir putin is. she an old colonel kgb open active and he dreams the restoration of the russian empire. >> as for the leaker itself, nancy pelosi snowden broke the law and fine with her if she stuck at moscow airport. >> anybody that thought he was hero, to share information with russia and china, think that disabuse anybody of the notion that she hero. >> he has one high profile supporter, julian assange. >> he has acted in a manner to draw attention to a very serious problem. it's in the united states without the will of congress, without the will of the american population, we now have a state within a state.
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>> reporter: the german magazine reports that snowden uncovered u.s. spying of the european offices in the u.s. and in brussels. officials say they are shocked and german prosecutor says he will investigate. >> heather: thank you, steve. >> gregg: the fight over immigration reform is heading now to the house. democratic senator chuck schumer predicting the house will pass the reform measure by year's end. a spokesman for john boehner calling that wishful thinking. those are the comments. elizabeth prann joins us. >> it falls on the majority in the house to act on immigration reform just as the senate passed the reform bill last week, granting a path to citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants and beefing up border and
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e-verify system for employers. they bold statements about the future of the bill. >> i believe that by the end of this year, house will pass the senate bill. i know that is not what they think now and they will say, no, that is not what is going to happen, but i think it will. >> i hope we can convince our house colleagues, i intend to address them with respect. i believe that speaker boehner has a tough job ahead. i admire his leadership. we've got a lot of work to do. >> reporter: however, there is number of house lawmakers don't think it will move to the other half of congress. john boehner has publicly stated a number of times the house will draft its own immigration bill. representative echoing the rhetoric today they are more interested in getting it right. >> the senate bill is not going to pass in the house for a myriad reasons. i support immigration reform. think the current system is
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broken. >> reporter: speaker john boehner it could be passed by the end of the month but the house wants tougher provisions for border security and different path to legal status. >> gregg: thanks. to see the full exclusive interviews with senator john mccain and chuck schumer tune into fox news sunday. that will be airing tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a sightseeing helicopter making an unscheduled landing right in middle of the hudson river. status of those on board, next. >> heather: and irs scandal taking a major turn. why the official at the center may have to take the stand again with no protection to fall back on. >> gregg: plus a new documentary that provides an upclose look at the afghan war. we'll be talking to a marine corporal that appears in that program
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♪ ♪ >> heather: welcome back. time for a check on the headlines, helicopter making an emergency landing in the hudson river. this happened in 79th street in manhattan. they say all occupants have been rescued. a possible strike looming after negotiations broke down down between san francisco's bay area rapid transit, it's known as bart. three children were injured when lightning struck a summer camp in indianapolis. one child is in critical condition but the other two are reportedly stable. >> gregg: some big economic news expected this week, u.s. labor department due to release monthly jobs report on friday. that electing for the month of june. on top of some key manufacturing numbers, what can we expect?
1:20 pm
brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears", good to see you the unemployment numbers that people focus on it ticked up last month. now, we're expecting the forecast is 165,000 added jobs for the month of june, that would be less than last month. not good? >> it was 175,000 last month. so that is definitely not the right direction. truth is that is far, half of what we need just to keep up with population growth. this has been going on for quite a while. we have very long term unemployed people that will find it difficult unless they have training during that period. it's difficult to find a rosy scenario. >> gregg: fed chairman caused a problems with marketed when he was going to pull back on quantitative easing and printing of money. he is only going to do that
1:21 pm
if he see signs of sustained growth. any sign of that? >> he is putting as a target 6.5%, a full percentage point above that. it's difficult to see that any time in the near future we might find that. the markets tanked just on the hint that the fed might ease up on easing of money. any more comments could affect our stock market, your 401-k. >> if the fed pulls back won't that arguably affect mortgage rates. those mortgage rates will rise and has an negative impact on the housing recovery? >> absolutely, there is a clear connection, long term interests rates will go up. last week we saw the largest weekly increase in 30-year mortgages in 25 years. we're also seeing mortgage loan applications go down and we're seeing refinancing go down. refinancing gives people
1:22 pm
more discretionary income to spend. they won't have that. however, if mortgage rates start to go up we may see an uptick in the housing mark. people will say they are going up and i have to get in now. >> gregg: let's talk about g.d.p. growth theshlg had to revise the first quarter from 2 hadn't 4% to 1.8%. second quarter looks like under 2%. will higher interest rates dampen consumer spending really killing g.d.p.? >> yes, because money is more expensive were higher interest rates. we've seen a real driver in the economy in housing and in car loans. it's because we've been such historically low rates, there is less discretionary spending. i do want to point out, however, even if we go up to 5-6% in mortgage rates, that so far below what we saw in the '90s and '80s
1:23 pm
when it was 13% to 15%. you are right. it could hurt g.d.p.. >> gregg: reagan had a recovery during a comfortable period. his recession was equally devastating. he reached 5.3% economic growth. we're going to be below 2-point economic growth. are president obama's policies anti-growth? >> you look at reagan and obama, it's difficult to see two more different presidencies. reagan wanted to cut taxes. >> gregg: and he did. >> he did. and president obama is looking more for wealth redistribution looking for higher taxes to pay for more things. it's very different. we've seen also more regulations which hurt business. obamacare is a huge issue because businesses don't know what to expect. so they are afraid to hire workers. >> gregg: mandates and
1:24 pm
higher insurance premiums they won't want to invest in jobs if they don't know what the bill is going to be. >> exactly. take a bill from full time workers to part-time workers so they don't have to face obamacare. >> gregg: catch more of brenda on "bulls and bears" 10:00 a.m. >> week one of the george zimmerman trial dominated by fascinating testimony. week two is expected to be just as dramatic. forensic experts preparing to take the stand. legal panel weighs in on what we can expect, up next. plus, she pled the fifth and growing calls for the woman at the center of the irs scandal to testify before congress again. our political panel takes up the search for answers in the irs targeting scandal. >> unless your name is jack bower you quantity make people talk.
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>>. >> gregg: right now the crowds have gathered outside the hospital room of nelson mandela as the 94-year-old leader is in critical but stable condition. greg palkot is streaming outside live. greg? >> we are outside the hospital where he remains in critical condition. he has been here now for over three weeks. we watched all day as family members came to his bedside and even as there are reports of arguments, a legal tussle among the family over burial arrangements for mandela. his ex-wife winnie was harshly critical of the ruling party. insensitive with a clearly ailing mandela back in
1:30 pm
april. the party denied that contributed to his ill health. meanwhile, there are prayers said for mandela including at a church in an old neighborhood. that was scene of anti-apartheid violence? >> a lot of gratitude caused father. we have been watching waves and waves of well-wishers. they sing and chanted and pay their respects. president obama chose not to come here to visit mandela out of deference to his health. he, too, is paying his respects. >> gregg: greg palkot, thanks. >> heather: growing calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the irs targeting scandal as new trouble for the
1:31 pm
agency official at the center of the scandal. a house committee passing a resolution finding that suspended official lois lerner waived her fifth million right to refuse to testify when she read a prepared statement before congressional hearing last month. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. >> heather: and on fox news sunday, south carolina congressman trey gowdy is on the committee investigating this. he says those remarks have consequences. >> it is her right to remain silent. it is not your right to offer a lot of exculpatory information to testify and saying i'm not going to be subjected to cross-examination. what are we going to do -- sn i would hope she would feel motivated to share the
1:32 pm
information she has with congress. i'm not going to give immunity to lois lerner before i hear what she has to say and corroborated or not corroborate her information. >> heather: rob blakeman and julian epstein join us. thank you for joining us. so brad, i'll start with you along party lines, 22-17. members of the house, oversight and reform committee they found lois lerner waived her fifth amendment right and can be forced to testify. lerner oversaw the irs division that targeted groups for additional security when they applied for tax exempt status. should she be forceded to testify? >> as i lawyer, she did
1:33 pm
give up her rights. having said that the congressman pointed out you can have her come back before congress but it doesn't necessarily mean she is going to say anything. i believe now is time for a special prosecutor to brought in. there is probable cause by her invoking the fifth and another senator executive invoking the fifth to stealing contracts that there is something wrong within the irs. over 73% of the american people now believe that a special prosecutor is needed. 63% of those are democrats. so the house provided oversight, there is enough for a special prosecutor to come in and this lab totally different ballgame with the fact of the investigation has real teeth because there could be a prosecution. >> heather: i wanted to ask you, julian, she made nine separate assertions with advice of counsel, authenticated the
1:34 pm
documents. question is can you essentially give your side of the story and then say, i'm not going to say anything further? >> i don't think that is what she did. as a matter of law, brad is great lawyer -- as a matter of law you don't give up your fifth amendment rights when you appear before a congressional committee when you have been accused of a crime saying i am innocent of that crime. that does not constitute a waiver. most legal schol and there is ae law going back to the 1950s where a witness was protesting his innocence. it was held he did not give up that right. overwhelmingly the legal scholars are on the side of lerner that she didn't give up that fifth amendment right. with respect to brad's pointed about a special prosecutor, nobody, nobody defends the targeting by
1:35 pm
the irs but nobody has identified a crime that was committed. even if conservative groups were targeted and even darrell issa the other day said there was no evidence linking the white house or president's political operations to the irs targeting. there is no conflict of interest that would necessity necessity at a time the -- >> here is the problem. overwhelming majority of americans don't trust eric holder to provide the kind of oversight or in his case the investigation that is necessary to get to the bottom of the irs. if there was a need for a special prosecutor, this is the case for it. where you have the thing between the administration they claim they have done nothing wrong, what does difference does it make. >> as a good lawyer, you know the fact that 76% of people it's not relevant whether you invoke an
1:36 pm
independent council. let me finish the point. the standard that you have in the law right now is one you have to identify what crime was violated. nobody has asserted that. secondly, there is no evidence that the president's political operation was involved. so the two prongs of the legal standard, neither of them have been satisfied. >> heather: let's talk about who has looked into it so far. we have the f.b.i. director testifying initially that he didn't even know who was in charge of the f.b.i. investigation. we also have this, 53-page report from the acting head of the irs of which almost dozen pages are devoted to how important the irs is and talking about what will happen if they have to suffer budget cuts. plus, neither ousted irs chief miller or shulman nor lois lerner were questioned in this report. so we're not getting any
1:37 pm
answers those are relevant questions. nobody has identified a crime or identified a conflict. furthermore what we have found, let me finish my point -- it was a republican staffer inside the cincinnati office that started the targeting. there were 15 conservative groups and many of the groups that were seeking tax exempt status were engaged in political activity. you cannot get political status if you were engaged in political activity. >> heather: i appreciate. brad, i'm sorry you didn't get to give a final statement. only 7 of the 297 pages appear to appear for conservative cases. >> they were mostly on conservative tied sied. >> abuse of government power that would have been committed by the irs. in the meantime, powerful testimony highlighting week one of the george zimmerman
1:38 pm
murder trial. what can we expect to see from this case going forward. our legal panel is here to weigh in. coming up, afghan war like you have never seen it before. we're going to talk to a marine corporal who appears in a new documentary, entitled "battleground afghanistan." straight ahead. ving some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: a dramatic week in the george zimmerman murder trial. there was very powerful moments as we heard from some key witnesses including one of zimmerman's neighbors that testified that he saw zimmerman and trayvon martin fighting. it appeared to him that martin was on top of zimmerman. listen.... >> the person that you now know to be tray kron martin was on top? >> correct. >> he was one raining blows on george zimmerman? >> that is what it looked like. >> gregg: so if you believe
1:43 pm
that witness, zimmerman was the victim. lis wiehl is a fox news analyst. david schwartz is a defense attorney, former prosecutor. lis, florida has a law that is unique. prosecutors had to call a witness they knew was going to say that but the defense was going tell the jurors they are trying hide something. >> case in point. defense rebut al. >> gregg: he was devastating for the prosecution. >> that was not good for the prosecution. one witness after another, this witness had to go on the stand and talk about really what hurt the prosecution. >> gregg: there are a couple of other witnesses, neighbors who saw fleeting things, a dark and rainy night. they had reversed. they say zimmerman is on top or something wearing and trayvon martin on the bottom. if you have conflicting witnessed statements, does that create reasonable doubt?
1:44 pm
>> that creates reasonable doubt. when you are arguing on summation, good testimony alone, you shall reading good testimony into the jury, right from the transcript, you are saying that is reasonable doubt. forget about the entire case. that alone is reasonable doubt. >> can i bring it back to the prosecution side. maybe under florida law they had to put him on. we don't really know what the prosecution has, maybe the have somebody else that will be a stellar star with it. if i were prosecuting this case, i would say quote, unquote, star witnesses later in the trial. maybe there is someone like that. it does not look good. >> gregg: then you have officer tim smith, look, zimmerman back side is covered with grass and all wet which would support that zimmerman on the bottom. then you got photographs of a bloody nose. i think we have the photo here. does this, david, support
1:45 pm
the defense point of view that zimmerman the victim getting beaten and he was justified self-defense. >> right. certainly the defense is going to cut to the head and grass in the back is consistent with zimmerman being on his back. jurors have to remembering open on cycle the testimony. it's not over for the prosecution, i think murder two is out of the question. >> gregg: i want to play a soundbite. this is trayvon martin's girlfriend, rachel jeantel. >> you said the man look creepy? >> creepy, right. >> i'm having trouble hearing you. take your time. >> creepy as cracker. >> gregg: that is what martin allegedly term he used zimmerman. that, look, you can hear it in closing arguments. defense is going to say harboring a motivation of race it was martin?
1:46 pm
>> exactly right. that is the problem for the prosecution. david said it right. it's so early on in this case. i think as long as there are other included, we have an argument. >> gregg: she was sar as the particular, combative. she was not helpful to the prosecution. >> not helpful. we deal with witnesses, you don't take your witnesses from central casting. we have bad witnesses all the time. lies and ruin their credibility that is big problem. >> gregg: they started off perhaps poorly both sides with opening statements. john dye is aggressive prosecutor, don west, knock-knock joke, take a listen. >> excuse my language, but those were his words, not mine [ bleep ] he [ bleep ], they always get away.
1:47 pm
knock-knock, who is there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right. good. you are on the jury. >> gregg: both of those things, incredibly stupid and horrible. >> let's go through them both. prosecution, sometimes yes, in a murder trial you have to use words because you have to point out to the jury what was said or portraying what was said but you back away from it. >> gregg: he said it over and over. >> exactly. when you say back off i have to tell you this. the knock-knock joke? even worse, and if you don't know anything about zimmerman. >> i understand what he was trying to do, it just did not work. sympathy is part of every murder trial. you cannot take that away. you quantity demean what is happening in those proceedings.
1:48 pm
>> gregg: good to see you both. stick with fox news channel, more on the george zimmerman murder trial beginning tomorrow. our own greta van susteren will be inside the courtroom reporting live on all the latest developments right here. we'll be right back. and i have . when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor... he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactio or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor t away if you have these, new or worsening depron, or unusual chaes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision,
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>> a brand new five-part documentary is illustrating just what our brave men and women in uniform are doing for us overseas. it is called battleground of the war followingou on the a group of marines who have very special bonds from combat. >> you would put your life on the line. you would take a bullet. >> there is no better group of
1:53 pm
guys i will ever work with. i don't think i would hesitate to go ahead and throw myself out there to ensure they came back. >> heather: we have brave marine you just saw a member of the special have ball beyond. why did you decide to participate? >> guest: i wanted people to know what was going on. i meet a lot of people who don't know the war is going on anymore but since iraq war ended people seem to think that there is no war going on. there is a war going on. i wanted people to see a viewpoint of the marines and soldiers, whoever is out there fighting the war on the frontlines, not just the americans, anyone, fighting on the frontlines see what they go through every single day. >> heather: we hear the stories from the perspective of journalists but this is your story and your colleagues' story.
1:54 pm
what was one of the most scary moments facing the taliban face to face? >> guest: there are a lot of scary moments. when you are flying a helicopter and they are shooting ought you do not have control over that. it is very scary. that is the scary time and when you get in a firefight, any of the rounds can jump up and hit you at any point. one of my closest freeways was shot through his body armor next to me and it is scary. inches. it could be inches, an inch to the left and you are unlucky that day, you are done. >> heather: i watched some of the documentary and one thing that you said that struck me the most is you can't have courage without having fear. >> guest: that is true. when you have fear that is when you have courage. you have to overcome that fear. you have to be able to see where that fear is, know where it is,
1:55 pm
and say i will have courage to over come it and do what i have to do and you have a job to do and you have to be able to do it every single day. that is how it is. >> heather: anything we don't see in the documentary? >> guest: a few things. the flies. every single night you have flies flying all over. you don't see that on the show. the flies get you because you cannot go to sleep when there are flies flying over you. it is bad. it is really bad. there are so many flies. you stand on post for an hour, and you can not show it on the show. everyone is having a good time. >> heather: it is amazing what you do and your colleagues and we appreciate it. it is an honor to meet you. you are on inactive reserve and will go to the university and study cinema. conference impression yes,
1:56 pm
productions. hopefully future together 40 documentaries. thank you. >> heather: good luck. check out the incredible show tomorrow night. you thought this beach couldn't get any more tempting... ... you thought wrong. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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>> heather: hello, welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >> gregg: topping the news this hour, growing anger over united states spying claims from n.s.a. leaker, edward snowden, on how far the n.s.a. may have gone. and our political insiders weigh in on the fallout. >> heather: mortgage rates on the rise making the biggest jump in over 25 years. could this put the brakes on the economy? senior business correspondent weighs in. >> gregg: a helicopter making
2:01 pm
an emergency land on the hudson driver. five people on board including two children. we will hear from the eyewitnesses. >> heather: first, we have a fox weather alert on a dangerous heat wave. the mercury is soaring to triple digits hitting 120 degrees in the southwest united states. in death valley, california, the heat is striking distance of setting the record for one of the highest temperatures ever recorded. dominic is in los angeles with more on that story. >>reporter: yes, all the way from utah to arizona, from california across to colorado the authorities are telling people to stay out of the sun for two to three days. people cannot help they wills is. people are playing golf in tucson, arizona and in california six were taken away from a half marathon in pasadena suffering from heat stroke, some of the people were so dehydrate
2:02 pm
ed that they actually were suffering from cramps. also, at u.c. davis they had to cancel some of the special olympics because it is way too hot. it started off at 100 at 2:00 p.m. and touched 104, way too hot for at the love the young people, 700 in total competing. medical experts are saying do not underestimate the mercury. >> the desert is excessively hot. people could say, well it is 1 seven it is supposed to be hot, but there a difference between 115 and 110 and certainly 120 degrees is oppressive. >>reporter: the hottest place in earth is death valley in california, with temperatures touching 130 degrees. the last reading was 127.
2:03 pm
we will know in an hour what the unofficial temperature is when they do a quick check. we will get the official figure tomorrow morning. this is how it looks for the next five days at 125 and last time we saw the record of 134 and that was 100 years ago. during that period, for two months surrounding that period, the temperature never dropped below 120. >> heather: 125 degrees! i would be standing in that found stain doing my life shot. be careful. >> i want to dive into it. >> heather: thank you, dominic >> gregg: another fox news alert as the president travels overseas the first family visiting the island prison where freedom fighter nelson mandela was held as a political prisoner for 18 years. then it was on to the university of cape town, the president outlining plans for a new
2:04 pm
partnership with africa. and ed henry is trafficking with the president and joins from cape town, south africa. ed? >>reporter: great to see you. the president was trying to lean on the life and legacy of machine naturally ailing in south african hospital for the fourth week on life support. there have been some reports he could be a little bitter the last 48 hours. the president did go to the island, the small cell, that nelson mandela spent so much time and the lime quarry where he and the colleagues had the long hours of back-breaking work while they were in prison and bringing along the first lady, his daughters and other family members. he gave what the white house has been billing as the key speech of the journey, he tried to invoke the legacy of mandela and talk about future of africa in terms of bringing a $7 billion
2:05 pm
commitment, for example, to expanding electricity here. take a listen. >> a partnership with africa that unleashes growth and the potential of every citizen not just a few at very top. this is achievable. there is nothing that i have outlined that cannot happen. history tells us that true progress is only possible where government exists to serve their people and not the other way around. >> the president post last top is tomorrow in tanzania, a rare chance to have two united states presidents in the same spot spot, with president bush and his wife laura there to renew efforts to fight malaria and h.i.v. aids and the two first ladies are planning an event tomorrow. we see not two 39s get together,
2:06 pm
as well. >> gregg: ed henry, thank you very much. >> heather: egypt is on edge as hundreds of thousands of opponents of the islamist president are pouring into the streets of cairo. they are mashing one year since the inauguration of morsi, we a packed square, tahrir square. listen to arizona senator john mccain on fox news discussing instability in the middle east. i am very concerned and all of us should be. it is a very serious situation but i would also like to mention it is my focus and concern right now more on syria that is now going from a civil war to a colleague natural conflict. >> you can see the full
2:07 pm
interview with senator john mccain on egypt and an interview with chuck interview. >> gregg: the white house is recruiting librarians to promote the new health care law of president obama 17,000 libraries to spread the war and giving the public access to computers. this will be head of the october 1 kickoff when people without health care coverage will be forced to start shopping for insurance, some of it online. >> heather: librarians? >> gregg: they are sitting it out. >> heather: the fight over immigration reform is headed to the house of representatives with senator schumer predicting they will pass it by year's end for immigration. and a spokesman for speaker boehner calls that wishful
2:08 pm
thinking. now from washington, with more on that story. elizabeth? >>reporter: well, whether house lawmakers formulate their own bill or act on what has been drafted and passed in the senate, the ball is in their part to reform immigration. democratic lawmakers say that the bipartisan bill that passed in the senate last week is a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants and a reflection of what the constituents want. >> we would not be where we are thousand if not that 70 percent of hispanics voted for president obama, voted democratic in the last election. that caused an epiphany in the senate. >> senator schumer sounding confident on the talk shows when he said the house will pass the senate bill by the end of the year. we are not getting that same sense of optimism from house of representatives lawmakers because they do not think it will move through the other half of congress so seamlessly saying security provisions of the hat bill come up short and other
2:09 pm
enforcements may not be i completed. chairman of the house judiciary committee doubts the senate bill will pass in the house. >> republicaners in the majority in the house we want to work with democrats but not the senate bill. the compromise will have to come both in getting a bill out of the house of representatives and going to conference with the senate. >> how speaker boehner has publicly stated a number of times that the house will draft its own immigration bill and hopefully by the end of the month, a closed door meeting is scheduled reportedly after returning from the fourth of july vacation. back to you, heather. >> heather: non, elizabeth. >> gregg: a helicopter making a hard emergency landing in the hudson river. the nypd said all five have now been rescued. the charter flight was carrying a family of four from sweden on a sight seeing tour and experienced some sort of a
2:10 pm
mechanical problem after take off. listen to the eyewitnesses. >> whoever the pilot is, he has to be a remarkable pilot with nerves of steel because clearly that helicopter was in complete distress. >> we saw it land. it could have been worse. no crying, no nothing. >> the pilot and passengers were not injured and the fire chief says the pilot chief did a terrific job considering three had lost his engine entirely. remarkable. >> heather: had to be scary. >> new fallout from a big victory in a special election. what does it teach us about the mood of the country and does it give us any insight into the upcoming midterm elections that will determine the balance of power in congress.
2:11 pm
>> gregg: hot air balloon passengers in serious danger landing in the middle of highway traffic. >> heather: and a program helping kids make good choices. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
2:12 pm
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>> gregg: now the headlines. the new mayor of los angeles taking the oath, the rhodes scholar credited with re-development of hollywood. and anthony kennedy denied a request from prop 8 supporters in california to stop same-sex marriages in the state with afternoon points asking him to step in. two people are missing after being swept away by floodwaters in the northeast. moderate flooding expected to continue along the rivers
2:16 pm
through tomorrow morning. >> heather: home sales are a key factor in our economic recovery but the average 30 year mortgage shooting up to 4.46 percent, the biggest weekly jump in 25 years. will rising mortgage rates put the breaks on the economy? we will bring in the senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." thanks for coming back. why the rise? >>reporter: because the fed is saying we could ease up on the easy money policy. they have been buying $85 billion worth of bonds each month. that has kept interest rates very low. they said maybe if unemployment is low enough, we could ease up on that. it was sooner than the market expected. >> heather: bernanke said that last week, said it was a possibility. in terms of the mortgage rates,
2:17 pm
the housing market has been like the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the long recovery process we have been in. it has been a positive area. how do you expect the rising mortgage rates will affect that? >> it has been a very positive part of theeconomy. housing, in fact, accounts for a fifth of economic growth. rising mortgage rates makes it more expensive to buy a house. basically, the problem is if buyers stopped buying and they also, the sellers do not have the discretionary income and they are not refinancing because mortgage rates, or the interest rates are so high so if they do not refinance they have less discretionary spending and refinance were at lowest level in two years so this could have a very important impact on the economy. >> heather: headed toward another housing bubble that goes it into the mess to begin with?
2:18 pm
>> guest: i think there is a bubble with the fed but buyers are not going to go out and my homes at a certain point when interest rates rise to a certain point. we will see an uptick. people are saying that mortgage rates are going up i have to buy now. prices are still low. beyond that, it is a bigger problem. >> heather: we still have the unemployment rate at 7.6 percent. economic growth for the first quarter is 1.8 percent. how does this affect the rest of the economy? >> guest: it is a fifth of the economic growth. it is very important. not housing market slows down again and it was just starting to uptick so people feel more wealthy and they may spend more money and it helps the stock market, if that unravels i don't think we will see a lot of
2:19 pm
economic growth. it is still cheaper to buy than to rent in the top 100 metropolitan areas in the united states. rents are still very high. it is cheaper to buy. the question is, will buyers have the confidence with mortgage rates going up? >> heather: mortgage rates are going up but comparatively speaking they still low. >> guest: incredibly low. they jumped that much in one week, and we saw the stock market tank on the comments of bernanke so he is backing off from that so it could bring mortgage rates down but in the 1980's and 1990's double digit mortgage rates, much, much more expensive to buy a home. >> heather: you mentioned briefly it could bring more rates back down. do you think that will happen? should people wait? should they buy now if they are considering buying a home in do you think they will continue to rise? >> guest: it is hard to tell.
2:20 pm
a lot depends on fed and bernanke. it is hard to anticipate what he says. if you want to buy a home, buy a home senate -- buy a home that you can afford. >> heather: thank you, brenda. >> gregg: or buy a volkswagen catcher van, you can sleep in the back and it will not cost. >> heather: you have experience in that. >> gregg: used to work for that. >> heather: i don't want to hear that. he missed it, i think. >> gregg: a pony tail and a beard. now the hot air balloon that lands feet from oncoming traffic on a very busy highway in california. look at this, you can see cars zipping by in both directions as the balloon comes down between
2:21 pm
two overpasses. witnesses say they had never seen figure like it. >> suddenly you see this hot air balloon really close right above the houses on the street. >> it was right over two overpasses in an area where they had just enough room like threading a needle and we heard a bunch of people yelling, yeah, we made it. >> gregg: it is unclear what caused it to land off course but no injuries were reported. >> heather: admitted n.s.a. leaker edward snowden might want to get comfortable in russia because he may not be leaving any time soon. we will tell you who is saying this and why. >> gregg: president obama traveling overseas as the political problems pile up at home. will it cost him even more in the polls in ♪
2:22 pm
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>> heather: boss only the hour so that means it is time for the to which the news. president obama visiting the prison cell in south africa where antiapartheid leader mandela spent 18 years. also in south africa, president obama giving a speech in cape town announcing united states support for efforts to advance human rights and beat back extremists. and the house of representatives taking up immigration reform after it passed in the senate. the measure faces a tough fight with house speaker boehner saying the house may not even vote on the senate bill. >> the president of ecuador saying that n.s.a. leaker edward snowden cannot leave now's airport because he doesn't have an american passport. >> growing outcry from egyptians demanding the out of ther of the
2:27 pm
president, staging a massive protest in cairo. morsi supporters are holding demonstrations of their own hoping to counter the growing unrest. now more from our middle east bureau. >>reporter: a year ago today that egyptian president morsi was sworn in and took office. since then, egypt has been in a constant state of political unrest. the critics complain that mercy has failed to fix egypt's struggling economy and that he and the muslim brotherhood dominated parliament have curbed religious freedom. secular egyptians and christians make up the bulk of the opposition and complain that he is just an islamic mubarak who ruled egypt to decades. opposition groups are trying to use the anniversary to pressure morsi into stepping down organizing large protests. tens of thousands of roasts
2:28 pm
began amassing in tahrir square with flags and calling on him to leave. many protesters also carrying anti-american signs. they believe the united states is too close to morsi and the muslim brotherhood. the embassy was closed today and americans warned about being on the treats of egypt. on friday, an american student was stabbed to death while taking pictures of a pro government rally. the supporters took to the streets fed gathering near the presidential palace in a show of strength. morsi has vowed to stay the course and refusing to step down. so far the egyptian military has called for calm but said they will not intervene in the political crisis. >> heather: thank you from our middle east bureau. >> gregg: president obama is getting flak to for taking a
2:29 pm
very expensive trip to africa. in the middle of the budget cuts also during slow recovery and high unemployment. as the dominated by political scandal the approval ratings are melting in the summer heat. his poll numbers in the negligencive territory which is a reverseal from last year. that is a swing of 13 points in the negative territory. we will bring in john leboutillier, former republican congressman for knox and ed rollins here for pat caddell, a fox news contributor and former national campaign director for reagan and bush in 84, a legend. and a legend is doug schoen and fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton the birthday boy this week, happy birthday. since you are the birthday boy,
2:30 pm
that is a 13-point negative swing for the president. >> it is. bottom line, the economy at home as you suggested is slowing. the stock market has been volatile. the scandals are festering. overseas, we are losing whatever allies we have had. the president was effectively alone on this trip. there are problems with the president of senegal over gay marriage. not much is going well for the president. a lot is going wrong. >> gregg: if he thought it was bad at home he goes overseas and spended $100 million in taxpayer hundred money. >> historically presidents get a boot out of foreign policy trips in the last 45 years and the country will rally. this has been a disaster with the g-8 he had no allies. the first american president who does nut have allies in african you push the domestic agenda of gay marriage in a country in
2:31 pm
which homosexuality is house lined and is a capital punish ment. >> comparing of the two polls, a year ago now, the president was running for re-election and was moving to the middle to try to get himself re-elected. this recent last month, what does he talk about? global warming, gay marriage, moving to the left on everything, perhaps he is nervous of the scandals but he is out of touch with the middle of the political spectrum. he is shoring up the left, obviously, the right doesn't like him. he is losing in the middle. >> gregg: one of the things that happened this week the senate has passed substantially -- with substantial numbers, an immigration bill to toughen border security and el deal -- and will deal with the undocumented workers in the united states but speaker boehner is not going to allow a
2:32 pm
vote unless a majority of his own part think it is a good dial. >> i don't think he will get the majority. speaker boehner, i think, is facing a huge challenge. for the republican party, their base is against an immigration bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for up to 12 million people. bottom line, it is enormously expensive even if it saves money long-term. >> if the polls go against the immigration bill. >> not in the midterm election which is what they are facing. long-term immigration reform is important to be resolved. it does fault have to be resolved today or this session. i don't think the house of representatives republicans will go along with a bill that was bloated by special things that senators threw in the bill. >> gregg: you listen to the prominent republicans in the senate they say it is a strict
2:33 pm
border security measure, americans are not buying it. look at latest poll, tough border security? 28 percent say "likely" but not likely is 60 percent the and another poll, immigration plan, like throw become law? 53 percent say it will not happen. >> on the right, those words "pathway to citizenship" or code to amnesty which ticks people off that we are giving them amnesty and a vote to though who knowingly violated our law. open right there would be a revolt. ed can speak about it. >> there could be a vote -- a revolt on the left. >> but if speaker boehner let this come to the floor without a majority of republicans it is the end of him. >> it wrote be time for a new
2:34 pm
speaker, we saw this last week in the farm bill. >> gregg: and the enduring image of the i.r.s. official invoking the 5th. and issa said she waived it by making a statement and i think the law is on her side, because issa is not a lawyer, he has to be very careful. >> leader is the problem. if they get in a procedural battle over waiving the constitutional rights and moving away from what the i.r.s. did or did not do, was there the wide-spread targeting at highest levels of the government of certainly the i.r.s. if not the government of conservative groups, the republicans run the risk of looking like they are overreaching. i think that she did not in anyway waive her rights. the fight about it is a brother found mistake.
2:35 pm
>> the issue is, the white house, were they involved? we have thought they were, with stehpanie cutter coming in from chicago, and 158 meetings at the white house, so where the scandal has to go, that is the question from, just what was the white house involvement? >> she was the key, the person in charge. give her immunity. you need her testimony because she was in charge. she knows what went on. >> gregg: and edward snowden is still loose. not a whistleblower, he is charged with espionage. now it appears that he went to booz allen, to the n.s.a., essentially, purposefully to do this, ahead time. it is getting worse and worse. >> it is getting worse and worse with the revelations coming out what the gnats was doing, spying
2:36 pm
on the european union. it could get a lot worse. but a quick point, the russians effectively have embraced snowden and he was made a hero on russian tv. he is caught in the transit zone but we look weak. the russians have paid him a hero. they have called us hypocrites. >> gregg: putin has embarrassed the united states. >> that is the bottom line. they would not do to reagan or nixon or to bill clinton. at the end of the day, we have turned over 1,700 russians they have asked for, to them, and they will not do us the favor. >> gregg: if you listen to secretary of state john kerry, he is saying this is a substantial amount of damage and john kerry said what snowden did people will die because of it
2:37 pm
and yet the president stands there in senegal and says i will not lit a finger, i am not scrambling jets for this. he said i will not lit a finger and call putin on the chinese leader. >> what goes along with him getting away with this, the president, he is flying to south africa to days ago on air force one and he talks to the press on the plane, the president. not one question by the press about any of the scandals, the i.r.s., the n.s.a., benghazi -- nothing. they give the give a free pass. >> gregg: you will stick around, reading the tea leaves in the special election in massachusetts. voters promoting a long-term congresswoman into the senate. what can this tell us about the election in 2014? okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
2:38 pm
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2:42 pm
>> heather: time for a check of headlines, european lawmakers calling for sanctions against the united states. this comes on the heels of the report that the intelligence agents allegedly bugged offices of the european union. >> marchers participating in gay pride parade. the grand marshal is at the center of the supreme court decision giving couples federal benefits. and the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle of gettiesburg with 200,000 people expected for the event through the fourth of july weekend. >> gregg: a special election in massachusetts sending ed markey to the united states senate so along with sanford winning a congressional seat in
2:43 pm
south carolina. what do the special races mean for the mid-term elections in essence year? john leboutillier, and ed rollins and doug schoen. doug, it is a wash, essentially. does it portend anything? >> a status quo election. so far, there is in tie. there was no movement to the democrats in south carolina despite the fact that sanford is a flawed candidate. the scott brown phenomenon did not recur in massachusetts and markey won a comfortable victory. >> i say the same thing, brown wong last time because the we other candidate was inferior. if he ran he would have been in there. it is a status quo election and the big issue is 40 percent drop off in midterm elections which will work to the advantage of the republicans. >> gregg: and a couple of supreme court decisions
2:44 pm
including gay marriage and voting rights act of 1965. the supreme court said the conditions are not the same today as in 195 but if you listen to rebound he seems to think otherwise. >> the left has rung and clung to the rulings for 40 years or 50 years. the idea of there be a change of the rules in how politicians are run and monitored has upset them. too bad, the world has changed. >> gregg: what is interesting, black voter turnout in the south is now greater than white vote are town out which would belie the president's argument that we still need the voting rights action. >> there are undeenjoybly some problems not only in the south but through the country and i am for making it easier to vote and to register. you are right, we live in a different world. i was in mississippi in 1970 working for voting rights for a black candidate and it is a
2:45 pm
different world. we are better off. >> gregg: the supreme court voted down, ed, or turned down doma, the defense of marriage act, which is fairly complicated with prop 8 but the point here is that the supreme court made a ruling that now will be a political football. >> in question it will reenergize the christian right who believe in traditional marriage but what you will do is see a last activists in combination with the tea party and the young voter whose care about voting try rights may get revved up but it is reenergizing the republicans and the tea party and the christian right. >> about the two special races they are early, way before november 2014 and i usually look at the passion differential in a race.
2:46 pm
which side is more ticked off? going into 2014 i predict my side, the the right will be more ticked off. they are more angry. >> especially if the president's approval stays at the below 40's or goes lower that will enjiz the right and -- energize the r. >> gregg: hillary clinton is way ahead of all polls. do the republicans have a viable candidate? >> not now but we have a long time to go. >> gregg: they will be less viable by 2016 than today. >> she is already going down. >> gregg: if they do investigate benghazi. gentleman, our political insider s here this morning, thank you. our political insiders each
2:47 pm
monday at 10:30 a.m. and back here next sunday and they on twitter. >> heather: a new children's program partnering with big name celebrities to help teach kids healthy eating habits. we will talk with the founder of super sprouts next.
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>> heather: summertime can be the worst time for kids' nutrition faced with an onslaught of junk food at the beach or the mall or park. regular regular all year around. it is all year around.
2:52 pm
there is a great media program out there helping children make healthy food choices each and every jay. joining us now is super sprowtz founder and c.e.o. and the liaison, as well. good do have you. before we talk about sprowtz, how much is spent peddling junk food? >> guest: $4 billion annually advertising junk food. >> gregg: no wonder obesity is a problem. impression one in three children are obese and the f.d.a. spends $16.5 million push fruits and vegetables so it is unbalanced. health your initiative is working to counter that. how did you get started. what was idea? >> we came from a menu i designed for my restaurant and i property the menu. i saw kids coming in and out of
2:53 pm
the restaurant over and over ordering pizza and i thought why don't they order vegetable on the pizza and i created this menu to see if we could use characters would they order more vegetables. they did. remember, a young couple came and they had a three year son and they said my on is not eaching vegetables, understand for a year and now he is asking for it. where can i get more? that is when i realized there was a need. regular and a media campaign, a multimedia campaign, talk to us. >> super sprowtz is a multimedia program, we have worked with shaquille and russell simmons pushing our video messages. we do apps and games and on-line you can get all kinds of resources. >> heather: how can parents get involved? the goal is to make it fun and exciting to want to eat
2:54 pm
vegetables opposed to junk food marketing. >> guest: there are four main ways parents can be involved. first, tune in to our super sprowtz youtube and we have cooking video. we have apps and games and a series of products like these to bring home. >> these are super sprowtz and each has a superpower. this is susie sweet pea, and she is speedy because pees -- pe axes give you have extra. and brian broccoli is have strong because broccoli is good for your bones and the carrot
2:55 pm
has super sight because carrots are great for your eyes so kids are connecting to the story behind each sprout connected to the nutritional benefit. >> gregg: i love asparagus. >> guest: we coming out with more. this takes away the anxiety from the parents to milk this fun. so many parents were anxious, how do you get kids to eat vegetables. will they eat the greens? will --. >> can they buy these, too? >> can we go to your website for this? >> yes, with a series of books you can get and over 100 stores now, with dvd's and a number of different products. >> gregg: thank you.
2:56 pm
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>> i'm john roberts in for chris wallace, immigration reform faces an uncertain road in the house after it sails through the senate. >> the yeas are 68 the nay are 32. >> we're getting right with the law. >> we're joined by two members who helped draft the bill. john mccain and charles schumer together only on fox news sunday. then we'll example prospects in the republican led house. >> we're not going to bring up the senate bill. we're going to do it in our own way because we wanted to make sure we get the stuff right. >> we'll discuss


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