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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fourth of july. we'll see you next fox news sunday. the fox report. tonight, waiting for a break. in a heat wave that's turned out to be a killer. and the national football league said no to promoting obama care. now the white house is enlisting a new group of people to push the president's landmark health care law. is it in trouble? thousands of libraries across the country suddenly morphing into recruiting centers for the obama administration. it is the next big phase of taxpayer funded health care. fox report. why an army of librarians is on the public front line of this
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regulation rollout. also, chopper down. >> came in fast and low and smacked right into the water. >> in the same river where the world witnessed the miracle on the hudson, this time a sight-seeing helicopter hits the water. in minutes, the emergency that left no other option. and freedom isn't free. neither are fireworks displays, where some joufourth of july celebrations will not go off, thanks to belt tightening. first from fox, a key american partner in the middle east is experiencing anxiety as people are massing in the streets, carrying a message for the president of egypt. i am harris faulkner. tensions across that country near the boiling point. as city after city is beginning to look like the scene you see there, that's cairo.
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they're shouting for president morsi to go, that's downtown tahrir square. note the date. it is one year since morsi's inauguration as the nation's first freely elected leader. took 12 months to see egypt fall back to this level of discord between the citizens and government, and hard to forget, the same square in 2011, demonstrations triggered the eventual downfall of hosni mubarak. a worrysome situation. israel is next door. the country is showing signs of distress. so far, no military intervention. but we know if this keeps up, that's where it led in the past. there's growing fear the unrest could explode into widespread violence as thousands of morsi supporters from muslim brotherhood are threatening to ght his opponents. we reported an american college
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student was stabbed during one of the demonstrations. the anti-morsi movement is a major concern for the white house. egypt instability could add more turmoil in the region. the u.s. has so far provided the government with more than a billion dollars in aid. conor powell with more. >> reporter: a year ago the president was sworn in and took office. since then, egypt has been in a constant state of political unrest. critics complain he failed to fix the struggling economy and he and muslim brotherhood dominated parliament curbed religious freedom. they complain that morsi is an islamic hosni mubarak, comparing him to the former military strong man that ruled egypt for decades. opposition groups are trying to use today's anniversary to pressure him into stepping down.
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organizing large protests across the country. tens of thousands of protesters began in tahrir square, waving flags, calling on morsi to leave. many also carried anti-american signs, they believe the u.s. is too close to morsi and muslim brotherhood. fearing attack, the u.s. embassy was closed and americans warned about being on the streets of egypt. on friday, an american student was stabbed to death in alexandria, taking pictures of a pro-government rally. morsi supporters also took to the streets today, gathering near the presidential palace in a show of strength. he vowed to stay the course, refusing to step down. so far, the egyptian military called for calm, but say they won't intervene. harris? >> thank you. now to millions of americans living through a nightmare with temperatures that sound unreal, even for the southwest. one person has been confirmed
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death in the heat wave, an elderly man in las vegas, his house didn't have air conditioning. triple digit temperatures sent hundreds to the hospital for heat related illness. look at the map. the national weather service posting excessive heat alerts in five states now, california, arizona, nevada, utah, colorado. they're expected to see the surge in temperatures continue through the week. dominic dena tally in downtown los angeles. >> reporter: temperatures across the area completely being broken. this has been the hottest day of the heat wave. it was expected to wrap up tuesday, they think it will go through end of the week beyond july 4th holiday. details on those suffering in las vegas, 30 were taken to the hospital caught out in the open at a concert, had to be treated for heat exhaustion. everybody released there. here in california, a mini
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marathon in pasadena, six treated there. it was so bad, they were suffering cramps. er clinics and hospitals are bracing themselves this evening for extra casualties to come in. the reason is around about now is when the hottest part of the day comes to a close. they believe in the evening time, a lot of people will feel the worst of it, they'll be coming in then. in los angeles, temperatures of 93 degrees. grand park square behind me, we spoke to people about how they were trying to keep cool. >> stay wet, stay inside. those are the only two options as far as i can tell. >> it is not easy for a second time being pregnant in the summer. just try to stay inside, keep hydrated, come to the water park. >> notice several people with grandparents that live in the desert, they're concerned about them. >> staying home, staying cool. >> reporter: authorities are not just concerned what will happen to people, but this is wildfire
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season, and the danger is with higher temperatures creeping up, there's greater risk of more wildfires breaking out, especially in california. harris? >> you hit on something i was reading about right before the news cast, dom, that's with july 4th holiday inn the middle of the heat wave, thought it would be over by then, there are all these burn advisories going out. >> reporter: absolutely. make sure you factor it in. the sun is so strong in california, people get easily burned, especially all day outside. the weather attracts people out. you have to be careful. >> i was talking about burn with wildfires and dangers of fireworks for fourth of july, but good information from dom anyway. with the full rollout of obama care six months away, the white house is announcing a new push to promote the law to the american people. the obama administration is now partnering with the american library association. a group of 17,000 libraries, now
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planning to train librarians how to help spread the word. some libraries may also set aside special computers for anyone trying to sign up for health care coverage. why is obama administration spending so much time and now money and effort on promoting obama care? a lot of it has been in place more than three years. we will break it down later inside the fox report. right now, reports of a feud playing out over eventual resting place of an ailing world leader, should the inevitable happen. he brought about historic, peaceful change, and apparently the family members of nelson mandela are fighting. the showdown in south africa next. also, before the sight-seeing helicopter ended up on a barge, it crashed into the water hard. the outcome, we're told, nothing short of a miracle. >> whoever that pilot is has to be a remarkable pilot with
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. president obama is wrapping up a busy day in capetown, south africa, after giving a speech aimed at the nation's young people. he was encouraging an audience of about a thousand to fulfill the legacy of their former president, nelson mandela. mandela spent his life fighting for equality. at 94 years old, hospitalized fighting a lung infection. president obama and the first family also visited a prison where mandela spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president, joins us from capetown. the president had an emotional visit there. >> reporter: that's right. he was basically walking in the
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footsteps of nelson mandela, where nelson mandela spent 18 years of imprisonment. took the first lady and the daughters down to the limestone quarry where he spent many hours doing back breaking work in the hot sun during imprisonment, the president saying nelson mandela going onto become the first black president of the nation was inspiration not just for him but for millions around the world. in a big final speech on the week long journey, tried to use the mandela legacy to talk about how the u.s. wants to help bring the continent up. take a listen. >> if the dignity of the individual is upheld across africa, then i believe americans will be more free as well because i believe that none of us are fully free when others in the human family remain shackled
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by poverty or disease or oppression. >> now, as part of this commitment the president laid out about $7 million from the u.s. government to help vastly expand the amount of electricity going into sub saharan africa, a big idea the president hopes he can realize in the years ahead. >> and ed, i am reading the president is taking criticism, though, because he made a lot of big promises, some commitments, but some in the region are skeptical on whether he'll actually follow through with them. >> reporter: sure. archbishop desmond tu tu met with the president, had tough talk for him, saying he wants to see the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay shut down, and saying these kinds of promises and commitments have been made to this continent before. the key is whether the president will follow through. take a listen.
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>> your success is our success. your failure, whether you like it or not, is our failure. and so we want to assure you that we pray for you to be a great success. >> reporter: the week-long journey ends tomorrow in tanzania, a rare moment where two presidents are overseas at the same time. george w. bush's wife will be in tanzania, renew their commitment to fight hiv, aids, malaria. the two presidents may meet together to show bipartisan commitment. >> the archbishop, a few words, seemed to say so much to the president. ed henry, thank you very much. now we want to focus on
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nelson mandela. well wishers gathering outside a hospital where he's fighting a lung infection and has been for pretty much the month of june. a group of children releasing balloons in his honor, the tributes growing on the ground, family members were visiting inside. some of the relatives are reportedly in a legal battle over burial ground for family members. greg palkot has more from pre tore i can't, south africa. >> reporter: we are outside the hospital where nelson mandela remains in critical condition. he has been here more than three weeks now. we watched all day as family members came to the hospital to his bedside, even as there are reports of arguments, including a legal tussle in the family over burial arrangements foreman della when he goes, and in an interview today, his ex-wife winnie was partially critical for staging a photo op insensitive with clearly ill mandela in april. here is what the son of a long
4:17 pm
time friend and associate of mandela told us about the man. >> a wonderful person, a great icon, not just for south africa but for the whole world and we wish him the best. we want to hold onto him as long as possible. we love him dearly. >> reporter: we have been watching as waves and waves of well wishers have come to the hospital gate, singing, chanting, praying. president obama chose not to come here out of deference to his condition, as we have seen in travel throughout south africa this weekend, he, too, paying his respect. >> greg palkot, thank you. the senate may have passed sweeping immigration reform bill, but republican house leaders made it clear the legislation will not pass in its current form. so how do you think speaker john boehner reacted when a democratic senator said oh, no, the house will pass the bill. we'll show you. and earlier in the day, a sight-seeing chopper left the air. this was quite a scene and it
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a lot of people watched this. a helicopter made a drop from the sky into the river. four tourists, including two children, on board. it suddenly lost all electrical power. the helicopter, inflating pontoons trying to keep it afloat saving everybody on board. the man believed to be the pilot says he was just doing his job. >> you saved a lot of people.
4:22 pm
>> can you tell us what happened? >> it happens, you know. emergency in flight, i did what i had to do. >> he wanted to get out of there fast. the chopper was floating in the water near 79th street off manhattan's upper west side, another boat came and towed it to shore. they're looking at what may have caused that power failure, a lot of people agree, that guy saved lives. the fight over immigration reform is turning into a high stakes showdown between the senate and house. caught in the middle, millions of immigrants that wonder what the future will hold. in a rare bipartisan effort a super majority of senators passed their version of immigration reform last week, as you know, we have been reporting that on fox news. the base of the bill, the result of months of work by the so-called gang of eight. their version included billions of dollars for increased border security and grant immediate
4:23 pm
legal status and provide a path to citizenship for millions. in the house, landmark legislation of any kind faces a far from certain future. house republicans say they won't pass the senate's bill but will instead craft their own piece of legislation. >> the senate bill is not going to pass in the house, not going to pass for myriad reasons. i'll support immigration reform. i think the current system is broken, but our framers gave us two legislative bodies and i assume they did it for a reason. >> democratic new york senator charles schumer, a member of the gang of eight predicts the house will eventually pass the senate bill. he told john roberts on fox news sunday the longer the house waits to act, the more pressure it will face. >> this has the potential for being one of the greatest civil rights movements we've ever seen. i could see at the end of the summer a million people on the mall in august asking for the bill, and who is going to be on stage, not the usual subjects but the bishops, evangelicals,
4:24 pm
business leaders. >> pressure, a threat? what would you call it. elizabeth, some people on the hill as you saw with senator schumer trying to pressure speaker boehner in the house. how is he reacting? >> that's right. they are rejecting that prediction. boehner says they will draw up their own legislation reflecting the majority in the chamber as well as the american people. a spokesman gave a statement saying the speaker and entire house republican leadership has been perfectly clear on this point, the house will not simply take up and pass the senate bill. our legislation will reflect our principles, particularly on border security. wishful thinking, frankly, is not a strategy for getting a bill to the president's desk. a closed door meeting is scheduled shortly after members come home from the july 4th break and meet with constituents then. keep in mind, house members have
4:25 pm
advocated for tougher border security and want stronger enforcement provisions and a different path for illegal immigrants here in the u.s. harris? >> elizabeth, it started to get chippy, i understand the former democratic speaker offered some advice to the current speaker, john boehner. >> yeah. we heard from now minority house leader nancy pelosi. she says she's optimistic there will be comprehensive immigration reform by the year end and praises the effort of senate lawmakers. she went on to say it is a high priority for voters, even linking it to election success. listen. >> we wouldn't even be where we are now, had it not been that 70% of hispanics voted for president obama, voted democratic in the last election. that caused an epiphany in the senate, that's for sure. >> now senator schumer, a member of the bipartisan senate group that wrote the immigration measure also sounding very
4:26 pm
confident today when he predicted the house will pass the senate bill by the year end. harris, the ball is certainly in the court of house members. >> thank you. obama care is already the law of the land, the nfl as we've been telling you has rejected a white house bid to try to help promote the law to the american public. now the obama administration is teaming up with a whole new set of recruits, thousands of them. we'll tell you where you'll find them. and tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of a three day battle that is considered by many to be a turning point in our nation's civil war. this week, americans will be commemorating the battle of gettysburg, and fox will be there bringing you all of it in the road to gettysburg. we'll show you. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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i'm harris faulkner, this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, the obama administration is trying to push its new health care law in a different way. the latest ambassadors for obama care are librarians, an army of 17,000 libraries across the nation will be part of a new effort to spread the word about the health care law, while giving the public access to computers. the obama administration's public relations play on obama care is nothing new. department of health and human services already spent millions of taxpayer dollars hiring
4:31 pm
professional publicists to make it possible. we told you the national football league requested a white house request to help produce advertising campaigns to essentially sell president obama's signature law to the people. obama care by the way has been law of the land for more than three years now, but we're starting to see more and more parts roll in. joining me to talk about this, byron york, political correspondent and fox news contributor. byron, good to see you tonight. >> hi, harris, good to be here. >> why does the white house need help selling obama care? >> because the polls have been bad for obama care ever since it passed. we have just not had any time when a majority, solid majority of americans thought this was a good law, signed into law in march, 2010, and it has been kind of underwater ever since. a "the wall street journal" poll asked will you be better off under obama care. 19% of people said they would be. 38%, twice that number said they
4:32 pm
would not be better off. the rest of them didn't know. obviously the administration has a big selling job because the health care exchanges under obama care are supposed to be up and running october 1st, that's 93 days from now. they are worried they won't be. >> fox news has done its own polling, looking at 66% of those surveyed who said they're worried about their health care under this new legislation, and that's a whole different circumstance of whether you like it or don't like it, hasn't quite rolled in yet but you're worried about it. your thoughts? >> not a surprise at all. remember, the thing the president said over and over in the campaign for obama care, if you have health care coverage and like it, you can keep it. and what people are worried about is that that will not turn out to be true, that perhaps they'll lose employer sponsored health care coverage or health care coverage will be too expensive for them to purchase,
4:33 pm
maybe they won't qualify for subsidies that they need. they're just worried about all of this change. given the context of all of the public worry about it, if the system comes online and doesn't work well, if it is a mess, if people have trouble getting their computers to find the exchanges, that's going to be a major, major problem for the administration. >> you know, you're bringing up the word computers, it is interesting. if you marry with the library system, 17,000 different branches, they're going to trade access for computers for americans. >> from the administration's point of view, it is a brilliant plan. they struck out, wrong image to use, struck out with the nfl on this, and they're looking for ways to get their case to the american people. a lot of people go to libraries to get on the internet. if they go to the library and get on the internet, what if the home page is, the
4:34 pm
obama administration's page. they have an agreement with american library association to do sufficient like that, get the pro-obama care message out every way they can. >> i'm curious, in all your years of observing this sort of thing, is this out of the ordinary for a law this big, not talking about a small piece of legislation here, this effects every american in the country. is it out of the ordinary that they would need a sales force? >> yeah, it is, and one thing that's really unusual about this law, remember, they started debating it in the summer of 2009. they finally signed it into law in march, 2010. and here we are, it is almost july, 2013, it is still not in effect. they pushed it forward so it wouldn't become fully in place until january, 2014. so people have not had a chance to see how it works, good or bad. we've had a lot of reports of companies cutting people back from full time to part time, making all sorts of changes to anticipate obama care, but we haven't seen it in action yet.
4:35 pm
a lot of anticipation, a lot of nervousness among people and the administration about the coming system. >> you know, i'm guessing the library system can't say no like the nfl. they simply didn't want to use their players in advertisements, in commercials to try to get people to flock to obama care rules. i wanted to show one more set of numbers, byron. look at this. i wonder now if this will become political folly. if you push against obama care, you could almost need to use the need to sell it as a selling point against it. look how many americans are saying according to fox news polling that they want to see it repealed in some shape or form. 58%. quickly, your thoughts. >> this has been the republican sensation, they voted i don't know how many times to repeal obama care. the administration wants to get it in effect, make it a part of people's lives, they believe it
4:36 pm
would be very, very hard to repeal after it is a part of people's lives. they really want to open the thickets for subsidies to people, so people will be receiving money for this. going to be hard to take it away after that starts. >> right. and we do know on the list, the nba and others, too, see how they respond as well. byron york, good to have you tonight. thank you. >> thank you, harris. we move on now. admitted nsa leaker edward snowden may now be stuck essentially in limbo inside moscow's airport. he has been there more than a week now since fleeing hong kong in apparent bid to seek asylum eventually in ecuador. but ecuador's president says snowden's plan hit a major roadblock, one his fate tied to russian officials, and he is blaming his country's console in london saying they committed a serious error without consulting any ecuadorian officials when they issued letter of safe passage for edward snowden.
4:37 pm
steve centanni with more from washington. steve? >> reporter: the fate of nsa leaker edward snowden is now in the hands of russia, not ecuador, that according to ecuadorian president who also said he believes snowden can't leave the moscow airport without his u.s. passport, which has been revoked. one key u.s. lawmaker says vladimir putin should be dealt with firmly for harboring snowden. >> this is a direct slap in the face to the united states of america. we should be now i hope finally realizing what vladimir putin is. he is an old colonel kgb app ranch i can, and dreams of the restoration of the russian empire. >> reporter: as for the leaker, nancy pelosi says he broke the law and it is fine with her if he is stuck at a moscow airport. >> i think anybody thought he was a hero to begin with, now that he's threatening in any event to share information with russia, china, if in fact he has information, i think that should
4:38 pm
disabuse anybody of the notion that he is a hero. >> reporter: snowden has at least one high profile supporter, the man behind wikileaks, julian assange. >> he acted in a manner to draw attention to a very serious problem in the united states where without the will of congress and will of the american population, we have a state within a state. >> reporter: a german magazine reports that snowden also uncovered u.s. spying of european union offices in the u.s. and brussels. eu officials say they're shocked, and a german prosecutor says he'll investigate. harris? >> steve, thank you. that report of u.s. spying on eu offices is stoking tension now between the united states and our allies overseas. according to the report, the national security agency planted bugs and hacked into computer networks at the eu offices in new york and washington. and even managed to tap into the phone system at the european union headquarters in brussels.
4:39 pm
one top german official now accuses the u.s. of using, quote, cold war tactics against its own allies. the nsa is not commenting. former nsa director michael hayden also wouldn't confirm or deny the latest spying allegations, but he did suggest any europeans that are angry should look in the mirror before criticizing the united states. >> number one, the united states does conduct espionage. number two, our fourth amendment, which protects americans' privacy is not an international treaty, and number three, any european that wants to go out and recommended their garments with regard to international espionage should look first and find out what their own governments are doing. >> the head of the european parliament also reportedly demanded a response from the nsa about the alleged spying program. another update now to a story we brought you on last night's fox report. today, justice anthony kennedy denied an emergency motion from
4:40 pm
supporters of proposition 8. the california voter approved ban on same-sex marriage. yesterday they asked the supreme court to stop issuing gay couples' marriage licenses in the state. justice kennedy turned down that request with no additional comment. prop 8 supporters say the supreme court ruled too quickly when they voted 5-4 to let stand earlier decision by california's highest court that prop 8 is unconstitutional. meanwhile, numerous same sex couples in san francisco continued to get married at city hall, been doing it since the end of last week. the place a flurry of activity all week. they opened their doors especially, they normally are not open on weekends. friday, that federal appeals court granted gay couples the right to obtain marriage licenses immediately. today, cities across the nation are hosting gay pride parades. new york city was no exception to the celebration, we're told this is the largest one. it attracts 2 million marchers
4:41 pm
and spec at a timers. leading the parade, edith windsor who challenged doma. they struck down a key provision of doma, saying it is a violation of the fifth amendment. that decision means federal benefits can no longer be denied same sex couples that get married in states that allow gay marriage. a heat wave out west as we've been telling you is deadly now. we will give you an update on dangerous temperatures and when they're expected to peak. we peeked into death valley, not the end of the day, 125 degrees. and fireworks, fourth of july tradition. skies over some spots will be dark this year because of automatic spending cuts, compliments of our leaders in washington. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. a massive wildfire in arizona is growing from 4 acres to 800 just today. officials say it is expected to expand. this is southwest of prescott. after an apparent lightning strike, people living nearby
4:46 pm
have been forced out of the area. officials say the flames threaten 150 homes. 200 firefighters are already there. more resources we're told on the way, including helicopters, air tankers. this fire is 0% contained. let's get to accuweather jim dickey. we knew it was a problem, you have a mix of heat and dry conditions there. >> that's right. that's unfortunately what happens sometimes in these patterns, extreme heat, low relative humidity. on ridge tops, thunderstorms and lightning. called dry thunderstorms. everything is so dry, it can spark wildfires here. we will keep a close eye on it. terrible wildfire season across the southwest. it has been so dry lately that we have the extreme heat. many spots well into triple digits. current temperatures, 115 vegas, 114 in phoenix, 125 the latest in death valley.
4:47 pm
still have a couple hours for temperatures to rise, coming close to the 130 mark. unfortunately this isn't going to end any time soon with record heat. the pattern is sort of stagnant. the atmosphere is not moving around. the jet stream is way to the north, not going anywhere, allows record heat to build. same area, many spots. 110, 115, 120. so many spots toppling records once again. as i said, the atmosphere is sort of blocked up, the rage going north into canada, allowing that to build, diving into the nation's midsection, not going anywhere. could be a week plus before we see some record temperatures start to cool down a bit. >> all right. thank you very much, jim dickey. what i was just saying is that fireworks obviously, too, will be a problem. we were talking about that a little earlier with our reporter at the top of the hour. some areas now have been put into burn advisory zones, so that's what will happen for them this fourth of july, the heat wave will be pushing further as
4:48 pm
you heard jim say what they thought would be the cutoff tuesday. this year's fourth of july celebrations will be quiet ones on some of our nation's military bases, a place you would think they'd celebrate independence day, right? well, $85 billion in forced budget cuts from the sequester have kicked in earlier this year, being blamed for furloughing fireworks shows on our nation's bases, many of them. beautiful displays on several major posts cancelled because of lack of cash, meaning many military families will miss out on july 4th traditions this year. well, history is being made in two major sports today. we'll tell you about that. and you know, sometimes you just can't get along with your co-workers. right in the middle of a tournament, what would you do if you weren't getting along with your caddy? would you pitch a fit? we'll tell you what this golfer did. stay with us. i want to make things more secure.
4:49 pm
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for a store near you go to some history made in the nhl today by a young man by the name of seth jones. he was chosen overall fourth by the national predators, that may not sound that impressive, but it actually ties a record. pete schraeger here from pete? >> his father, pop eye jones, coach for brooklyn nets, seth jones one of the best hockey players in the nation, that's his father. he was drafted fourth overall by the predators. the highest for african-american hockey players drafted into the nhl. huge, huge accomplishment, amazing celebration here. and first overall pick, nathan
4:53 pm
mckin ento the colorado home as crosby. that's a major accomplishment. >> awesome. congrats to him. we have a lot of hockey fans on staff. so nb park. >> out on long island at the women's u.s. open, she wins. what she did here, three majors to start the season, there's four majors in the season. the first female ever to win all three majors to start the year. if she completes this, it is considered a grand slam. she will be the first to ever do it. she was fantastic all weekend. in the zone. she is not losing anything. she is on fire. she's a star in the making. >> i love it. like to think sometimes we get into the zone on fox report. >> we are. >> stick with golf. before the commercial, i said what happens if you're not
4:54 pm
getting along with your caddy. >> inbee parks, still a head line. yesterday, she is nine holes in. gets in an argument with her caddy and fires him on the spot. now you say okay, what does she do. she calls to her boyfriend, who is in the crowd, and says you've got to finish the job. he comes out, finishes the round with her. she shot better with her boyfriend as her caddy than she was playing with her real caddy. now everyone says is he the permanent caddy. that was yesterday. we will see how this plays out. amazing situation. rarely do you see a caddy fired, rarer, the boyfriend fill in from there. >> see if love and golf mix. new england patriots have done
4:55 pm
more to separate from aaron hernandez, who is being looked at in the murder of another friend of his, another semi pro football player. what's the latest? >> the patriots took a major step, announcing next weekend if you have an aaron hernandez jersey, you can bring it back to the stadium, bring it back to a store, the patriots willfully reimburse you, let you exchange it for another player on the patriots. you might say wow, that's a major step. the patriots are distancing themselves as far as possible from aaron hernandez through this situation, and this is a first in nfl history. letting you get another jersey, tom brady, whoever you want. give us the hernandez jersey the. >> we told you it was coming, but now it is official. there's a swap zone on the website. >> next week, two days. i mention love. i understand you were on assignment. i tweeted this out, on assignment, but it was a love assignment. can we pop up that wedding picture? peter schraeger got married, ladies and gentlemen! >> baltimore is still rocking,
4:56 pm
the country club still reverberating. that is my wife erica, one week in, loving it. life is great, harris. >> congratulations to both of you. >> appreciate it. it is considered by many historians the battle that saved our nation from splitting apart. the nation marks 50 years since the battle of gettysburg. reporting on events of that three day battle. a preview of the road to gettysburg. ess, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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marking 150 years since gettysburg, a turning point tomorrow. fox in gettysburg reporting on historic events. don't miss it. have a great week, everybody. go. tonight on huckabee, edward go. snowden is charged with espionage and called a traitor tonight on huckabee. edward snowden has been charged with espionage and called a traitor. >> i am not scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> why is the rest of the world defying the leader of the free world? >> our enemies have absolutely no respect for us. and the senate passes immigration reform. >> 40,000 border patrol agents, $4 billion of technology backing them up. 700 miles of fence completed. >> ice agents are not satisfied. their union


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