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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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tprorbgz tprorbgz -- you are watching "fox & friends first" . >> it is time for your five at 5. the top five stories making news. while you were sleeping the first clear sign of progress against that deadly wildfire that killed 19 elite fire fighters in arizona. it is now 8% contained. take a look at this picture. it is the last photo of the hotshot crew alive. 29-year-old andrew ashcroft texted it to his wife. his last words: we can use a little rain down here. >> search for asylum. a plane carrying the bolivian president rerouted from austria to moscow. there were fears snowden may have been on the plane. morals said he may have considered taking snowden in. there was reportedly no sight of snowden.
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here's a photo of moaales. the rejections for snowden are piling up. more than 20 countries have turned down his request for asylum. >> national intelligence director james clapper denied to congress that the n.s.a. snored data on millions -- stored data on millions of americans. >> does the n.s.a. collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> well, clapper is now apologizing for giving false testimony after the leaks from edward snowden revealed otherwise. clapper sent a letter to senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein saying -- quote -- "i realize later senator wyden was asking about met at that data collection --
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meta data collection. thus my response was clearly erroneous for which i apologize." >> a terror attack foiled in canada and the suspect started to use the same weapons as the boston bombings. a man and a woman are under arrest this morning. police say they planned to use several pressure cookers to set off explosions at canada day in victoria. a police found the bombs hours before thousands of people showed up at the square. police say the couple was inspired by al qaeda, but they didn't get any foreign help in plotting their attack. >> twice as nice. >> ground ball to third. throw to first and homer bailey for the second time in his major league career has tossed a no-hitter. >> cincinnati reds pitcher homeer bailey those his second career no hitter. bailey dominated the san francisco giants striking out nine in the reds 3-0 win last night in
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cincinnati. bailey's second no hitter since september of last year, in fact, he's thrown the last two no hitters in major league baseball. >> that is your five at 5. >> the white house making a major concession by delaying the requirement that employers provide health care or be fined. now businesses have until 2015 to comply with the law. >> the white house says this is a reasonable delay to give businesses more time to comply with some of the complex ities of obamacare. critics say this is a brazen ploy to solve the political impact of an unpopular law. the obama administration announced this yesterday in a treasury department blog post. they said we've heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively. large and medium size businesses will have an extra year with the mandate
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they provide affordable to their workers. it is a major concession to critics who argued the law is far too complex. critics also say this may be just the start. >> this is the first light we're seeing at the tunnel heading right at us. they're backing off. if they can blink once, i think they'll blink twice. i think more things will be suspended. >> there may be a political calculation to this as well. this is -- skwrufpt as the most unpopular parts of the obamacare were delayed until after the election, the latest will help protect democrats. for some, insurance premiums under obamacare could skyrocket. over the weekend the president in a videotaped speech defended the cost. >> insurance companies will compete for your business which means more choices and more affordable premiums. >> it is important to note this is a delay in the employer mandate, not in the individual mandate.
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that requirement that everyone has health insurance will remain on its current schedule. >> a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures out of cairo. it is the fourth day of protests expected across egypt. overnight those protests left at least 23 people dead. president mohammed morsi is refusing to step down and there are conflicting reports on whether egypt's military has a road map to get morsi out of power. >> egypt's president mohammed morsi remains defiant in the face of thraoplg deadline -- of that looming deadline, the military threatening to reorganize the government if morsi does not meet the demands of protesters or step aside. the deadline is a few hours
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away from now with the military poised to sweep in. protesters took to the streets of cairo for a fourth straight day and the turmoil turned violent. 23 people were killed today mostly in a single incident of fighting outside cairo university. the president himself took to the air waves making a live appeal to the people of egypt. he said he rejects all dictates from at home or abroad and urged the military to drop its ultimatum. here's one part of his speech. >> no one has the authority to intervene in the constitution either by what they say or by force, god forbid. >> if morsi refuses to step down there is the danger of escalating violence. a senior leader with morsi's muslim brotherhood told reporters get ready for marytrdom. a draft plan by the military apparently calls for suspending the constitution, and install a new leadership. the clock is ticking.
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we'll see what happens later on today. >> now a fox business alert. markets back here at home also reacting to the clashes in egypt. wall street doing a nose dive and oil prices heading the other direction. they are actually up. lauren simonetti from the fox business net work has details on what we can expect today. >> violence in egypt no doubt keeping wall street on edge. the damage to the big board yesterday a 43-point loss for the dow. but this as the price of crude oil heads north. this morning hitting $102 a barrel, and that is the highest level in more than a year, folks. egypt doesn't produce much oil, but it does control that vital suez canal. it moves some two million barrels of crude oil a day and the market fear is contagion in the region. another thing is the drop
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of supply. inventory fell much more than expected and the sad irony here is drivers were achieving gas prices under $3.50 a gallon. we can't expect that to last much longer. gas prices typically follow oil prices. more sticker shock for you, if that wasn't enough. at the car dealership the average price of a new car now topping $31,000 last month. the pricing site true car said up more than 2% from last year and it is the second highest price ever. car getting awfully expensive. we want to tell you about some deals for the 4th of july. some retailers are saying the best way for you to show your patriotism is to go shopping, so here are some promotions for you. free food at iron skill let and country pride. cheap food at boston market. check them out for half off options. pay less has buy one, one
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free. if you want to hit the stores, get some reprieve from the hot weather, stay indoors, those are options for you, ladies. >> thank you, lauren. everyone is getting ready for the 4th of july and we want to know, and we all want to know if we'll be able to celebrate america's birthday outdoors of course. >> that's right. can we have barbecues? maria molina has a look at your forecast. she is in hoboken, new jersey, getting ready to get in the largest american flag hot air balloon. hi, maria. >> good morning. that's absolutely right. we're going to be inflating the p.n.c. american flag hot air balloon, the largest free-flying flag flying across the world. it is just a basket but we'll continue to update you throughout the morning as we inflate cold air and
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eventually turn the air to hot and go up. first we want to look at your forecast across the country. if you look at areas across the west, we've been talking about the hot temperatures out here. we're expecting another hot day today. 111 degrees in phoenix. 94 degrees for missoula. it is a little bit better than it's been over the last few days but still a hot day. the 4th of july forecast, 110 in phoenix. 91 in missoula. as far as where we'll be seeing rainfall for tomorrow, if you have outdoor plans, anywhere from parts of the ohio valley into sections of the gulf coast, across parts of louisiana, sections of mississippi and across alabama, you have a chance of seeing some showers and even some thunderstorms. but overall a dry day right along the immediate northeast coast. new york city should be fine. right across this building,
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patti ann and heather, we have where those barges line up, it is for the macy's 4th of july fireworks display. very exciting stuff coming up as we head into tomorrow. >> i want to know if you're going to do the forecast raising up in the air in the balloon. >> that's what we're going to try to do if the weather cooperates. the forecast is that we'll be doing that. >> wow, that will be cool. >> all right, maria, good luck. it's 11 minutes after the hour. it kills more women than car accidents. we'll tell you about the new epidemic that doctors are warning about. >> it is a jewelry heist that can set the story line for a movie. over $1 million of jewels stolen from tiffany's. the twist? it was all an inside job.
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>> welcome back. 15 minutes after the top of the hour. a disturbing trend to tell you about. prescription painkiller deaths are becoming increasingly common among women. according to a new study, listen to this, 18 women die each day from prescription drug overdoses. women are now five times more likely to die of an overdose than they were just over a decade ago. women most at risk are those between the ages of 45 and 64. she went from a vice president at tiffany's to an accused jewelry thief. ingrid latterhorn busted and arrested for stealing up to $1 million worth of bling. >> testimony in the george zimmerman trial thrown out. prosecutors asked the judge to strike comments by their own witness, the lead investigator who said he
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believed zimmerman was telling the truth about the events the night trayvon martin was shot. >> that is an improper comment by a witness as to the truth and veracity of another witness and you are to disregard the question and the answer. >> later the investigator admitted zimmerman could have been profiling martin. a medical examiner also took the stand and testified that zimmerman's injuries were minor and insignificant and didn't match his story. but later on cross-examination, she said it is possible his injuries could have come from multiple blows. >> may not have ever impacted again when the bottom ones occurred? >> zimmerman's interview with fox's sean hannity was also played in court. in it, zimmerman retells his version of events from that night. prosecutors were trying to show inconsistencies between his stories. >> a new study by the american action forum says
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u.s. veterans looking for health and education benefits have to fill out hundreds of forms, and they must go through up to 18 agencies. the study blaming the veterans affairs agencies' attempts to go paperless as the main reason for the paper work backlog. the heavy delays have many on capitol hill calling for change. >> a judge forced to enter a not guilty plea for accused fort hood shooter nidal hasan after he refused to enter one himself. the judge denied his request to delay the trial again. has san claimed that he needed more time because former attorney general ramsey clark agreed to represent him. the judge says new lawyer or not, jury selection will begin next week. >> next on the rundown, we all know not getting enough sleep is bad for your health but new research shows it could kill you. the scary connection between shut-eye and your heart. >> a self-titled long
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island princess under fire for planning a photo shoot at a 9/11 memorial. maybe she needs a p's and q's lesson. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it is 21 after the hour, as the sun comes up over manhattan. looking like a nice day. a little warm today. in the news today, a new jersey man is accused of breaking in and attacking a new jersey woman in her home.
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he has pleaded not guilty in court. he is charged with attempted murder, robbery and more. the attack was captured on a nanny cam. police say custis beat the woman and threw her in a closet while her three-year-old watched from the couch. can sleep be a lifesaver? according to a study a good night's rest can cut your risk for heart disease in half. they say proper sleep is as important a lifestyle habit as exercise and a healthy diet. >> late last night a texas house committee voted to move forward with a proposal to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. this after at least 2,000 people showed up to testify at an eight-hour hearing. the initial house bill failed after a day and night of drama last week. a democratic state senator talked for 13 hours in an attempt to run out the
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clock on the legislative session. but governor rick perry called a special session so the legislature could take up the measure again. >> a baby in the mother's womb needs protection. they're living, human beings. it's life, and we need to protect life. >> the full texas statehouse will vote next week on a bill restricting when, where and how women may obtain an abortion in the state. >> on this day in history, 150 years ago the battle of gettysburg came to an end. it's considered a turning point in the civil war that saw brother fighting against brother. >> but it was not just men that were critical to the battle. women had significant roles themselves. anna kooiman has more on that. >> good morning, ladies. the battle of gettysburg gave the north inspiration and confidence to win the civil war and there are many unsung heroes. thousands of living historians are in pennsylvania showing us how
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important women were in shaping our history. unions and confederates reenactors are in the middle of picketsburg. in 1863, 10,000 civil war actors are marking the 150th anniversary of the battle of gettysburg, most of them men as that's who fought in combat. historians do however say a few women disguised themselves as men to enlist in the fight. but mostly the women would keep watch over the home while the men were away. what role did women play? >> they played mostly support roles. they helped like cooking or laundry. >> aside from organizing societies to bake bread, make uniforms, women worked as nurses in army camps and hospitals. female civil war renarcotics say they enjoy their -- reenactors say
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they enjoy this. >> i feel a little bit left out. can you help me? >> i've got clothes for you. ♪ ♪ >> they like your shoulders to look wide and your hips to look wide and your waist really thin. >> this feels so lovely. it really does. for timing purposes, they didn't put my hair in a tight bun but that's typically how the women wore their hair. events for the 150th anniversary of the battle of gettysburg is a great way to get people excited
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about learning our rich american history. >> looks like fun, anna. thank you for joining us. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up, outrage over this. a reality show star plans this photo shoot at a 9/11 memorial. details on what families are calling disrespectful behavior. >> then a real-life band of brothers. why these three siblings are about to make history at west point.
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mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. ♪ ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is wednesday, june -- it is not june. it is july 3, i believe.
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welcome to "fox & friends first" . i'm patti ann brown. >> the day before the 4th of july. i'm heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. it is now time for your five at 5:30, the top five stories making news for you at this hour. there is a new report out that says tim tebow tried to break up a bar fight involving former university of florida teammate aaron hernandez in 2007. according to a police report, hernandez punched a bar employee over a disputed bill. tebow reportedly tried to play peacemaker. the report says tebow and her tphapbd were once -- hernandez were once close but tebow began to keep his distance after seeing hernandez's violent ways firsthand. her tphapbd is accused of murdering odin lloyd. >> he is behind bars for leaking the identity of a
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covert agent. but former c.i.a. officer john kiriakou is praising edward snowden. in an on-line letter he says i know it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders right now, but as americans begin to real that we are devolving into a police state with the loss of civil liberties that entails, they will see your actions for what they are. heroic. kiriakou also tells snowden not to cooperate with the f.b.i. >> have you ever had this one? a cast member on the show" princesses under fire." in the episode the princess urges a friend during a photo shoot to kiss the fireman and pour beer down his mouth. the family of the fallen fire fighters says it is a slap in the face to all the people lost on 9/11.
2:32 am
abergicini later apologized on her facebook page saying she was unaware of the statue's sent mental value. >> a video shows guys breaking into a kay's jeweler. they stuffed their pockets and bags full of jewelry. the escape out of an emergency effort. it is the second smash and grab jewelry heist in virginia in the past month. >> it is a family affair at west point for a band of brothers from texas. noah sumner and coal abreziak. it is just the third time that three siblings have been admitted to west point at the same time. the boys' father is a coast guard captain and their mother was in the coast guard for ten years.
2:33 am
their grandfather also served in the military. so good for them. that is your five at 5:30. >> a surprising move by the white house delaying a key mandate of obamacare. the requirement that employers provide health care for all employees is now put off until 2015. doug luzader joins us live. >> let's talk about the numbers. from 2014 to 2015. that gives businesses an extra year to comply. but what's the important date in between there? november 4, 2014. that's the mid term election, and it can make all the difference in how this policy is implemented. the delay will give businesses more time to comply with a law that is extremely complex. the individual mandate -- the employer mandate requires most medium and large businesses provide affordable health insurance to their employees or face a fine. business groups complained about the implementation of this. there is still a great deal of confusion and some warn
2:34 am
of massive layoffs and work hour reductions. >> the bottom line dollar it's costing businesses is astronomically high. that's causing them already in anticipation to dump employees. they're going to have to go to the state exchanges. also it's causing them to make employees more part time. >> while critics say this is a blatant political move to protect democrats in the mid term election, the white house defends the delay say they are listening to the concerns out there pr-t business community -- from the business community. this leaves untouched the time line for the individual mandate to purchase health insurance. it comes as the "wall street journal" reported for some health care premiums could skyrocket. that is at odds with what the president said during a televised speech over the weekend. >> insurance will compete for your business, which means more choices and more affordable premiums. >> some critics say this delay in the employer mandate is just a start and other time lines may have to shift as well as we get
2:35 am
closer and closer to that 2014 -- the january 1, 2014 deadline that is part of the law. >> thank you. now a fox news alert. egyptian president mohammed morsi has just hours left to meet a deadline from egypt's military to satisfy protesters' demands or resign. overnight protesters leaving at least 23 people dead and more protests expected today. >> time running out for egypt's embattled president mohammed morsi but he remains defiant in the face of a military ultimatum. again today protests on the streets. they took a deadly turn when 23 protesters were killed, most of them in a single confrontation outside cairo university. more than 200 others were injured. the protesters are angry
2:36 am
about power grabs by the president and his poor handling of a struggling economy. the president made a live appeal to the nation tuesday rejecting the military ultimatum that he yield to the demand of the protesters or else step down. morsi said no one has the authority to change the constitution and come up with a new system. but morsi is increasingly isolated with cabinet members resigning and pressure building for him to give up power. >> not because of anything in particular, but because he has the same policies. [inaudible] >> the military reportedly has a draft plan to suspend the constitution to disband parliament and install a new leadership. but if they make a move, it could trigger more violence. a senior leader with morsi's muslim brotherhood said get ready for marytrdom in order to halt
2:37 am
a possible military takeover. u.s. officials said they are urpbling morsi to -- are urging morsi to address the opposition's concerns. >> everyone is getting ready for the 4th of july. of course we're keepineather for america's birthday. >> maria molina has a look at your forecast from hoboken, new jersey. she is getting ready to get in the largest american flag air balloon. what is that behind you right now, maria? >> this is actually the hot air balloon. this is what we're going to be inflating later today. this is the largest free-flying american flag in the world. we're going to be filling it up with hot air later this morning. it's going to be going up and we will be in it as well. that will be on "fox & friends" coming up later this morning. beautiful, so large, so impressive that we have created here. we want to take a look at your forecast across the country. we've been in a very slow-moving weather pattern where it's been hot, hot
2:38 am
for several days. where it's been raining, it's been raining for several days. you're pretty much looking at similar conditions over the next several days. for today, 111 degrees for the high temperature in phoenix. # 4 for your high in missoula. new york city, 81 degrees. we are expecting showers and thunderstorms for 4th of july. if you have outdoor plans, any barbecues across parts of the ohio valley into sections of the gulf coast including states like mississippi, alabama, even sections of louisiana, you could looking at a chance for showers and storms. take a look at the west. very slow-moving weather pattern. it's been hot out here. expecting another hot day for tomorrow. 110 degrees will be the high temperature in phoenix for 4th of july. on the west coast, 75 for your high temperature in san francisco. 7 in the city of portland. this is a wicker basket, what we're going to be
2:39 am
getting inside later in the morning. this is barry, the creator and pilot of the american flag hot air balloon. we want to turn on the burners. hit ' embarry. all right. that is what will be coming up later on in the show on "fox & friends." i'm a little scared now that we did that. >> don't be scared. he's a professional. he knows what he's doing. we're excited to see that. that looks like fun. >> now it's time to entertain this. days after lashing out at a journalist on twitter, alec baldwin admits he would love to quit acting. do you believe him? baldwin told "vanity fair" magazine his dream is to be out of the public eye and he wants his future daughter to never know him as a celebrity. his wife is pregnant with their first child together. also said he's going to quit tweeting. a "twilight" star shook up
2:40 am
by elvis's granddaughter. new reports show robert pettison is dating the daughter of lisa march -- lisa marie presley. northwest will not be making her debut any time soon. reportedly kim kardashian and kanye west turned down a deal for photos. >> it is 40 minutes after the hour. still to come, talk about money for nothing. the government spending millions of dollars to get facebook light. and of course it's all on the taxpayers' dime. >> why actor steve martin is giving a big thank you to a total stranger this morning. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast
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with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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♪ ♪ >> talking about the sun going down, but the sun is coming up on new york city and all across america this patriotic week as we get ready to celebrate july 4. thank you for being with us. it is about a quarter till the top of the hour. time for headlines. a new lawsuit blames lipa for causing the super storm sandy fire that left breezy new york looking like a war zone. more than 100 plaintiffs are suing for leaving the power on instead of shutting it off as a safety precaution. >> a good samaritan gives steve martin his wallet back. the stranger found martin's wallet on a pennsylvania street and returned it to the comedic legend. martin apparently lost his wallet while bicycling. he was in town performing his bluegrass music show. >> we pay taxes for various
2:45 am
reasons, so the government can run, so we have police officers and roads and so on. but should your money also go to generating facebook likes or to make parody videos? it turns out it is. fox business network diane macedo is here to explain. >> it might be hard to believe but a new inspector general report shows the state department spend $630,000 to get more likes on facebook. according to the report, the more than two-year advertising campaign -- quote -- "succeeded in increasing the fans of the english facebook pages from about 100,000 to more than two million for each page." but employees complained the bureau was buying fans who massive clicked on -- who may have clicked on an ad but have no real interest in state department issues. but a half dozen movie parody videos were released that were removed from the agency's website last year after the revelation that the agency spent hundreds
2:46 am
of thousands of dollars on a lavish las vegas conference. the videos obtained through a freedom of information act request feature skits where the g.s.a. employees parody the godfather. a report last month showed the i.r.s. spends millions of dollars a year to pay 200 employees who fully work full time on labor union business. senator tom coburn is asking the i.r.s. to stop paying those employees for work that doesn't benefit the taxpayer. we'll keep you updated on whether the state department and g.s.a. get that same memo. >> and still ahead, spending time outside in the summer unfortunately also comes with bug bites, but did you know there is something in your kitchen that can make the itch go away? as you head outdoors for the 4th of july, we're going to have this and other home remedies. >> a frightening moment when a man in a wheelchair -- look at this -- rolls off the
2:47 am
subway platform and on to the tracks. we'll tell you how that end. first let's check with brian kilmeade. >> we're going to be everywhere coming up over the next three hours. maria molina is going to go up in a hot air balloon. we have anna kooiman giving a george washington salute like you've never seen before. what about a guy who is an army veteran who says i have something i'm going to do for men and women in battle this 4th of july. as well as madison rising is here performing live only on "fox & friends." can't wait to see if you watch. ♪
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>>peter: it is ten till the top of the hour. >> it is ten till the top of the hour. caught on camera, the moment a man in a wheelchair rolls across the platform on to the train tracks. it happened in
2:51 am
philadelphia. the man was stuck there for 15 minutes before he was rescued. he broke his leg. officials say he may have been drinking. >> talk about a tight squeeze. a tractor-trailer gets stuck trying to get on the golden gate bridge. the front of the truck became wedged between a pair of toll booths when the driver tried to drive through a lane meant only for cars. the truck was freed after two and a half hours. >> if you are planning on spending tomorrow celebrating the 4th of july outside you could be looking possibly at maybe sun burn, bug bites, heat rash, but you don't have to run to the pharmacy for relief. we have home remedies here to tell you about. joining us now is experts at let's begin with this. banana peels for bug bites. >> if you're itching for a solution to take care of your itch, you have to look no further than bananas. it is an ancient chinese
2:52 am
remedy. you peel the banana. you're using the peel and not the banana itself. you want to rub this peel on to your bug bite. you want to keep it on for about five minutes. occasionally you want to rub it in. it has anti-inflammatory reaction with your skin so it helps to start healing the bug wound. also the residue it leaves behind helps to dry it so it takes away the itch. >> the peel, not the banana. >> you can eat the banana, though. >> which is good for you. the aloe vera, good for men and women for different reasons? >> exactly. it has antimicrobrial. in the summertime everyone is dealing with superoily skin. how to remedy is to use aloe vera gel. use clear. don't go for the green or blue because it will leave a tint on your skin. opt for clear, 100% pure as
2:53 am
you can find it. put it on your skin, it helps to unclog your pores. it stops the sebum in your skin. for women, using aloe vera as a makeup primer helps your makeup stay on longer and tighten your face pores. >> motion sickness. >> i love this. it works. actually olives have a compound in it that helps you -- helps stave off saliva. if you're able to remedy the symptom of nausea, you're able to stave it off. three to four olives as you're feeling the motion sickness. >> give this to maria molina before she goes up in the hot air balloon. the green tea? >> great for hives. people get hives from food, bug bites, pollen. the remedy is caffenated rich green tea. you want to go with caffenated green tea or even black tea.
2:54 am
stay away from the herbal teas. you want to steep it in hot water for the summertime because hives are tougher in the summertime. maybe put it in the refrigerator and put it right on your hives. >> quickly, this for sunburn? >> this is for heat rash. heat rash happens when your body doesn't expel all the sweat from under your skin. sometimes it can lead to blisters and red bumps. if you're feeling feverish, call your doctor. but otherwise usually it resolves it is in one to three days. >> put it in your bath water? >> exactly. three to four tablespoons in your bath water and you're all set. >> okay. thank you so much. this was great. some at-home remedies in case you have any of these things tomorrow. thank you. appreciate it. coming up, it was just rated the unhealthiest meal in america. so what is it? you have to stick around to find out. plus we are just one day away from america's birthday, and we've got
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>> about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here is what's happening. the out-of-control wildfire that killed 19 elite fire fighters sunday in arizona is still burning at this hour. it is only 8% contained. president mohammed morsi is rejecting calls from the egyptian military to either satisfy protesters' demands or resign by today's deadline. and there is a pretrial hearing for ariel castro in cleveland. he is accused of holding three women captive for a decade. attorneys are expected to discuss a start date for the trial. now it's time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. pope john paul ii now cleared to be named a saint. a panel of cardinals and bishops signed off on his elevation and now it only needs pope francis's approval. the ceremony for sainthood
2:59 am
could be held as early as december. now the bad, these guys caught on camera making out with an entire new kitchen. police say the bandits got into the for-sale home by breaking into the realtor key box. they say the crooks are selling appliances on the black market for $30 or $40 each. finally the ugly, with a total 1,320 calories, long john silver's big catch plate named the worst restaurant meal in america according to the center for science in the public's interest. >> with the 4th of july tomorrow, we've been asking you to highlight the greatness of america. here's some of what you shared with us. craig says america is great because it gives us the freedom to flirt with mother nature and then she shows us who's boss. >> this one from p.t. curtis. this is his beautiful daughter madison at a pre-k graduation. he says america is great because of all our future leader. >> check out this picture.
3:00 am
a yard flag measuring 20 by 38 feet. that is amazing. >> very nice. we will continue to tell your stories and show your photos all this week. keep on e-mailing and tweeting them to us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> good morning. it is wednesday, july 3, one day before the holiday, 2013. thanks for sharing your time. the president delays a key part of obamacare that had so many businesses potentially laying off workers as a result. would it have anything to do with the mid term elections coming up? will voters be fooled by the move? we report, you decide. >> the drama over the n.s.a. leaker has turned into comedy. bolivia's president claiming he was held hostage in austria for hours because someone thought snowden was on his plane. we've got the pictures of that plane. >>brian: ladies, before you leave for work, are these


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