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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> kirsten is a a little horrified. >> call protective services. >> that might have happened after that thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream here in washington. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. two developing stories right now. cliff hanger at the zimmerman trial. plans for calling trayvon martin's mother to the stand. plus a coup in egypt as the military tells the nation's president you're out of a job. he refused to step down. [cheers] >> shepard: even as his own people rose up against him. [chanting] >> shepard: and what happens next could determine the future of an entire nation and the fate of millions. the murder trial of george
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zimmerman. a witness says zimmerman knew all about florida's stand your ground law before he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> did you cover that specifically? >> yes. >> shepard: defense lawyers say zimmerman was within his right to open fire. >> you don't have to wait until you're almost dead before you can defend? >> no. i was advised you don't do that. >> plus, evidence from the hoody, the teenager was wearing on the night he died. but we begin this wednesday night with a day for the history books. a military coup toppled the country of egypt. the military seized power from its first democratically elected leader, the military chief informing the president "you're out," and setting into motion a process to reshape the government, the country, and potentially the region. mohammed morsi, the democratically elected but acting and governing say his millions of critics
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very much like a dictator, shifting the secular government more towards islamic rule. now is he out. and for tonight at least the people seem ecstatic. [cheers] [explosions] >> shepard: that's what it looked and sounded like after the army force and others removed the president from office. right now we don't know where the president is or former president. we're told he is being held in undiscuss closed location probably being watched by the military. and here is a live look in tahrir square. folks continue to celebrate now early in the morning. crowds just as large as they have been in the millions across the country in tahrir square just after 1:00 a.m. on july the 4th. out by the hundreds of thousands. witnesses say the egyptian troops, including commandos in full combat gear are deployed across much of choir cairo.
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key bridges nile liver are at intersections because everybody in egypt is not happy. and violence is possible. mohammed morsi came to power in elections a year ago. buf since then he forced through islamist constitution that angered many egyptian secularists and others are upset that he hasn't been able to turn it around the country's economy. it's gotten much worse. the military gave morsi a deadline to leave by today. as the deadline approached, people gathered in tahrir square calling for the president to leave. >> we don't want him. he has to step down. it's not -- >> shepard: it was a mostly joyful atmosphere among anti-morsi demonstrators today many waving flags. many of morsi supporters held more somber gatherings. much of what happened today was peaceful there was a report a short while ago of a violent clash between two sides in the city of alexandria in which a
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witness heard gunfire and saw people throwing bricks and stones. and just minutes ago, a report from egyptian officials that the deputy head of the muslim brotherhood is now under arrest. to get a sense of the chaos in cairo today, take a look at this map. you can see how demonstrators by both sides took across the city with the military deploying troops and armored vehicles as well. don't forget egypt is strategically important for the middle east. it's located between libya and israel. president obama just moments ago issued a statement. he is urging all sides in egypt to avoid violent. president obama says he expects the military to protect rightful. rights to peaceful assembly and due process. let's get our coverage kicked off tonight. wendell goler will have much more for us tonight from the white house in a moment. conor powell above tahrir square who has been watching it all. conor? >> shepard, the opposition
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continues to party and celebrate in tahrir square. an endless volley of fireworks for the last seven or so hours. they are happy that morsi is gone. they are happy that the constitution is being suspended and happy for a new start at a new democracy. outside tahrir is a different scene. lots of reports now of violence between the military, between pro-muslim brotherhood supporters and morsi supporters. at least five people have already been killed. it sounds like the military is beginning to arrest members of the muslim brotherhood. the pay back, the retribution now appears to be on its way. the conflict and the violence seems to be intensifying. over the course of the next few hours, we he have a feeling we will see a lot of violence take place. what he we are already hearing right now the military is deployed around the city, around the country, and they are trying to keep a lointd violence, but there is a lot of anger among the muslim brotherhood and the morsi supporter who's long process to try to resort of
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brand this country's democratic credentials and heal a lot of wounds here, shepard. >> shepard: conor powell live in cairo early this thursday morning. i mentioned president obama's statement a short time ago in which he he urged all sides of egypt to come together and avoid violence. he also said an honest, capable, and representative government is what ordinary egyptians seek and what they deserve. team fox coverage continues. wendell goler live at the white house. wendell? >> shepard, the president said he is deeply concerned by the decision of the egyptian armed forces to remove president morsi and suspend the constitution. in a written statement released just mommy's as mr. obama said quote i now call on the egyptian government to quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a government as soon as possible through inclusive and transparent. the president met this afternoon for more than an hour with the chuck hagel and chief of staff to ho
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had both talked to egyptian counterparts in recent days who apparently did not ask them directly to avoid a coupe. mr. obama urged egyptian officials not to arrest president morsi or his supporter hes. i have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under u.s. law for our assistance to the government of egypt. officials have avoided calling the egyptian action a coupe since that could trigger legal moves that would impact u.s. aid to egypt for many members of congress the egyptian military is more reliable than morsi's muslim brotherhood. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler live at the white house. thanks very much. the american embassy has been largely evacuated now. here's the deal. a lot of people in the crowds in egypt think that the united states was supporting president morsi and a lot of people have turned very much anti-american as a result of it. not anti-american people but anti-american foreign policy. of course, the truth of the matter is, this military thing works out better for all of us or at least has
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the potential to do so. at any rate, the state department is ordering most u.s. embassy workers who evacuate egypt completely after today. jennifer griffin with more on the u.s. response from the pentagon tonight. jennifer? >> well, at this point, the pentagon, shep, has not been asked to assist with this ordered evacuation. that's what the state department calls it. u.s. diplomats and their families have been told to leave egypt tonight, but they will do so through commercial means. the u.s. military is not being asked to send in planes or marines to assist with the evacuation. that would be considered a noncombatant evacuation order, and that has not been ordered as of yet. as the defense secretary chuck hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey met with the president and his national security team at the white house today, hundreds of arrest warrants have been issued. i'm told four muslim brotherhood leaders inside egypt, again, they were meeting just after the egyptian defense chief
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announced the removal of president morsi. several weeks ago a contingent of about 550 marines were moved from monroe spain to italy in recent days to respond, if needed to the trouble in egypt. they remain approximately 1,000 miles away tonight for a three hour flight from egypt. auto marine expeditionary unit remains in the mediterranean. saudi arabia's king welcomes president morsi tonight and among the first to congratulate the new government. on capitol hill, democratic senator patrick leahy says the u.s. congress will review aide to egypt as is required by u.s. law when american government is opposed by a coupe. shep? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. over to cairo an expert in egypt eric is with the d.c. think tank the washington institute. he interviewed former president morsi back in 2010, was here in the united states a few days ago. he realized, as so many
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did, that this would probably go down. flew over to witness it all. sir, it's nice to talk to you. your thoughts tonight? >> thanks for having me. what's happened tonight is something that had bsh building for a long time. there is no doubt that the process through which president morsi was removed was undemocratic. ultimately democracy was not the main thing at stake here in egypt. the state was failing under morsi's control and within the past few days, he had essentially become a president in name only. you saw that he did not exert any control military. any control over the police and the military essentially intervened to prevent state failure. >> shepard: how much concern do you have that this could turn to violence and eventually even potentially result in some sort of civil war? >> well, i think a civil war is unlikely because you just don't have the ethnic divisions in egypt that have given rise to civil wars elsewhere. do i think there is going
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to be violence. the muslim brotherhood and its allies certainly believe they have been cheated. they don't recognize the extent to which president morsi's mismanagement pushed the country to the brink. some of those allies, i have to tell you are terrorist organizations. in particular -- i think egypt is in for very rough days. >> shepard: what does this mean for the united states, our friends, and our interests? >> well, what it means is that a group that sex extremely hostile to u.s. interests, muslim brotherhood is now no longer in power. unfortunately there was this allusion in washington that with friendly engagement the muslim brotherhood could be made to moderate its positions on key strategic interests. if you read the brotherhood's statements over its first year in power. the tone was very much against the peace treaty with israel. very hostile towards western culture and western political involvement. so, it would have just been a matter of time before they would have turned on
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the west, had they been able to consolidate their power. >> shepard: quickly before we go, you were on the streets as this happened today, as the military toppled the government, what was that like? >> people were ecstatic. you know, bream screaming ala akbar. they were hugging each other. there were drums beating. people were very happy. i should emphasize that's only part of the picture. elsewhere in this country people are mourning and the fear is that they may take revenge. >> shepard: eric contributory negligencer live from cairo from the this image from cairo's tahrir square as fireworks and lasers lit up the sky. another photo shows green lasers by protesters who were saying prayers for those who died during this uprising. we will have much more from cairo in context from the journalists of fox news on this july 3rd fox report.
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>> shepard: financing coverage of breaking news and top story frankly in the world at this hour. the military toppling of the government and the president in egypt. with us now is walid fair red middle east analyst. help me understand hot leaders of these demonstrations are. >> you know, shep, that's an excellent question because we have been talking in our debate about the brotherhood. we know who they are. about the military, we most likely know who their officers are representatives of 20 million people who from sunday until today have been spreading throughout the cities and the neighborhoods and the towns of egypt would. he are talking about mostly half of them are teenagers, boys and girls. middle class. most of them were very active egypt's hollywood spokesperson, lawyers,es, labod most importantly women's movement. so the question now is
4:17 pm
while we are looking and comparing between the brotherhood and the army, i think we need to begin to engage with these people. congress and the administration needs to begin to invite them, come to america, let's see how are because the future belongs to them, shep, not to the army, not to the brotherhood. >> shepard: we're in a kind of weird place as americans at the moment. we supported mohammed morals is i once he was put into office. people of the region and certainly of egypt felt like we supported him all along because we weren't making a lot of noise about him getting out. at the same time we gave the military a billion dollars, the military that toppled him. where are we and what do we do? >> look. we ever giving that money for the military for obvious reasons. we want the egyptian army to maintain peace with israel. that's crucial. we want to the egyptian army to contain hamas and above all to maintain security throughout the swiss canal and certainly to defend the borders of egypt. we have recognized morsi because he was receiving a majority of votes but guess
4:18 pm
what, shepard half of the people who voted for him meaning the muslim brotherhood have quit. moved to the opposition. he has been elected democratically but half of his voters have moved away from him and he has never, as you said, in the introduction conducted any serious reform it is very odd that on paper he has been elected democratically and on paper this is a coupe. reality this is a revolution protected by the army. that's the real perception. >> shepard: remembering that the spring of the arab spring in 2011 began at a fruit stand. we realize these sorts of movements sometimes spread. i wonder if you don't think that this bloodless coupe works out and they are able to transition peacefully if that's not a very good for the rest of the region. >> i think it's a good message. there will be a lot of problems. let's be very objective. on the other hand, the power of the brotherhood which was ift ising egypt from its initial waive that we all saw on tahrir square
4:19 pm
back to an islamist regime. that's not what the arab spring wanted. now that the youth and women and middle class and labor shifted back and allowed the army to help them get rid of this government, they don't want, meaning the demonstrators don't want the military regime. they want democracy. this would have an impact certainly as i feel in to your knowledge. in -- tunisia and elsewhere. >> shepard: while he i didn't want has a new interim leader. the army chief and how much power he has. details on the army general whom analysts call egypt's new strong man and the rest of the news from america come up. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there.
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coverage of the military coupe that's toppled the government in egypt and the top general who led it a tahrir square are in cairo and the scene of massive celebrations right now. those celebrations erupted after the top general announced the military is removing egypt's president mohammed morsi replacing him with the chief justice of the country's highest court for now. meantime morsi who had refused to step down took his facebook page to quality coupe, quote, unacceptable. aides said morsi was at an undisclosed location. remember, egypt borders libya and israel and is our most important ally in the arab world. so u.s. officials will be watching this very closely. to see and maybe help shape what happens in the coming days. the chief fox report jonathan hunt is here. do we know anything about where morsi is? >> we got nothing definitive, shep. we did have reports that he was at one point being held at a well-guarded and heavily fortified army bare barracks.
4:24 pm
then we have this report, claim from one of his aides that he is now being moved to another undisclosed location. i spoke to dr. joseph ulmer a middle east specialist about this earlier. he told me the army is likely to want to keep a very close eye on mohammed morsi. he said they may hold him as some kind of a hostage if the brotherhood, meaning the muslim brotherhood gets wild, then morsi is a good bargaining card to play with. and tonight we are getting reports that the army has, in fact, rounded up and is holding some other officials from the muslim brotherhood. very interesting times indeed, shep. >> shepard: the next 48 hours are going to be quite something. they have an interim leader but the military is running the show. >> yeah. this interim leader is the chief justice. the guy really calling the shots is abdel -- he is the man who made the announcement on state
4:25 pm
television today that president morsi was out. he is 58 years old, said to have good relations with officials here at the pentagon and in fact studied at the u.s. for some time. he was appointed by mohammed morsi but now clearly shown a lot more loyalty to the military than to morsi in staging this bloodless coupe which is a rare event. two of the most recent events thailand in 2006 and pakistan in 1999. now as you look at these live pictures from tahrir square in cairo, the challenge clearly for the general is ensuring that violence does not explode on those streets of cairo and, given what we are already hearing tonight, that will be no easy task, shep. >> shepard: no doubt. jonathan, leaders across the region are watching including syria's president ba harr assad he is praising the overthrow of the fall of the so-called political islam. morsi angered syria last month by announcing that he was severing diplomatic
4:26 pm
ties with damascus. of course, president assad has fought a brutal civil war against rebels for two years now. the united nations estimates more than 90,000 people have died in that conflict, including more than 6,000 children. the question before jurors today at the trayvon martin murder trial in central florida, what did george zimmerman know about the law when he pulled the trigger? you can't get inside his head, of course, so prosecutors today tried a very different approach. they called his old college professor to the stand and it was fascinating. and it's all coming to you as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction... i say "family," because we've been blessed with this honor for 3 years in a row... rest assured we'll treat all of your mortgage needs with tender loving care.
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>> shepard: tornado victims need your help. expecting capacity crowd in norman. of course dozens of people died this when tornadoes hit in may. we were there and brought you the scenes. the one that hit el reno
4:30 pm
and moore, oklahoma were enormous ef 5 tornadoes. that's the strong as they get on the scale. and the one in el reno was also the widest ever recorded anywhere on earth. two and a half miles wide. and it was incredible. moore, oklahoma is the hometown of country music super store toby keith who was with us for our coverage there he helped put this weekend's benefit conference together garth brooks, trisha yearwood, sammy hay guard, carrie underwood. robbie dunn. if you would like to help the folks from this disaster they need it. get out $10 donation to the united way's relief fund. it's a good one. you can text the word rebuild to 52000. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the
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news. prosecutors getting set to wrap up their case against the killer george zimmerman. the question is, did he kill in self-defense or sea murderer? he certainly shot the unarmed teenager trayvon martin last year. is he charged with the murder -- with murder in the second degree. but his lawyers say he had to do it. it was self-defense. a major issue today whether george zimmerman knew about florida's stand your ground law, which allows people to use deadly force to protect themselves. which does not require to you retreat. can you use force instead. well, george zimmerman did an interview here on fox news channel with sean hannity. and said at the time last year that he didn't even know about that law. well, today one of george zimmerman's college instructures said they discussed it in class. >> they have what's called the stand your ground law, which evolved from the castle doctrine through case law. >> and did you cover that specifically? >> yes.
4:32 pm
>> did you discuss specifically self-defense and stand your ground laws in connection with of violent crime such as murder? >> yes. >> shepard: the defense team has said that zimmerman's past is irrelevant to the actual shooting and if prosecutors bring up old events they will start deviling into trayvon martin's history including his troubles in school. lawyers also brought out the hoody that trayvon martin was wearing when zimmerman shot him and had a scientist testify about the d.n.a. evidence they found on it. phil keating with the news live outside the courthouse in sanford. explain what the crime lab test showed, phil. >> shep, there was plenty of blood at the crime scene from both individuals. and d.n.a. material. but where there was no d.n.a. found, challenges a key claim by george zimmerman. on trayvon martin's hoody and sweatshirt where the 17-year-old's dry blood is still visible, almost all of the d.n.a. belonged to martin. just a speck of zimmerman's d.n.a. was on martin's shirt. underneath martin's
4:33 pm
fingernails the analysts found no d.n.a. material belonging to zimmerman. don west questioned how the rain that night could effect what's found. >> sometimes you can touch an object and there not be any d.n.a. left behind. >> that's correct. >> sometimes if there might even be blood it could be wiped off? >> yes, that's correct as well. items can be washed and cleaned, wiped, washed, and that could effect my ability to get any d.n.a. from touch evidence or blood evidence on an item. >> and the key claim by zimmerman in why he had to pull the trigger is that he says martin grabbed his gun before the fatal shot but on that handgun, there was no d.n.a. material found from martin. it all belonged to zimmerman. shep? >> shepard: hey, jurors also got to see he that gun again, right? they actually pulled the trigger today. >> absolutely it was in the courtroom and it was handled and cocked and trigger was pulled. that was zimmerman's
4:34 pm
9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun. the jury learned at the time of the shooting last year it was loaded with a full magazine and one bullet preloaded into the chamber. another state law enforcement analyst who studied the gunshot blast residue concluded the fatal gunshot was at point blank range. >> this as well was consistent with residues and physical effects of a contact shot. >> so, again, evidencing that the end of the gun was against the material when it was fired? >> yes. >> the jury also heard how george zimmerman applied to be a cop in virginia and also applied to do a ride along with sanford, p.d., bowl steger the prosecution's argument that zimmerman was an over zealous cop wanna be eager to catch a criminal, shep? >> shepard: thanks. still waiting to hear from trayvon martin's mother. she is set to take the stand right away. it seems prosecutors are close to wrapping up this case? >> and, shep, the prosecution never released an official witness list but sources tell fox news
4:35 pm
there is only about five or six potential witnesses left, including shelly zimmerman, george zimmerman's wife. and trayvon martin's parents, t and his mom sabrina fulton. of those, mom is likely to take the stand next. she will do two things, one, tell a very emotional story about losing her son. remember the jury saul female. two, testify that screams heard on one of the 911 calls are those of her son. listen again to part of that 911 call. >> is it a male or female? >> it sounds like a male. >> and you don't know why? >> i don't know why i think they're yelling help but i don't know. >> send someone quick. >> does he look hurt? >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what's going on. >> they're sending. >> also know as they listen to the screams on that call
4:36 pm
that tracy martin trayvon's dad once said first those were not his son's screams and then later he changed his mind. shep? >> shepard: can you imagine a world in which george zimmerman would actually testify on his own behalf? >> yeah. you have got to remember during this trial the jury has already heard from george zimmerman no fewer than five times. three during police interviews. one during that videotaped reenactment. the fifth time was during that interview with sean hannity last summer. his story has been told again and again without having to be cross-examined. so, some legal experts say putting him on the stand would open him up to a very lengthy list of questions. and they don't believe he will take the stand. others think the prosecution, rather the defense will play this by ear and will make a decision at the very end of their case. shep? >> shepard: game time call, trace. earlier we saw a bit of chaos in the courtroom. another college professor tried testifying over skype, right, and people
4:37 pm
started bombarding him with calls. is that his phone getting. >> it's someone calling the destination, your honor. >> that's what happens when you put somebody's skype user name on national television. the calls start coming. in eventually they had to call that witness back on another line. criminal defense attorney heather hanson is with us. i'm still stuck on this part about his college records. he told sean hannity i don't even know what stand your ground is here is the reason for all of this. what the prosecution is trying to say here. we're not taking sides. what the prosecution is trying to say is that he constructed that story of what happened that night so it would fall understand your ground thanks is exactly what they are trying to say. you have to then assume that he constructed that story very quickly with having had some blows to the head. >> shepard: or had thought about it in advance because is he one who makes these calls and does these things, also. >> they're not charging him with first degree murder as it was something that was
4:38 pm
planned. the reason to call these people is for that and/or you mentioned the hannity interview to show that he was either lying in the hannity interview or lying to the jurors after this thing happened. -- i think that the prosecutors putting those guys on the stand wasn't all that helpful. in realty what they ended up doing stelgt jury again what the self-defense law is they went through the elements of the self-defense law. they talked about the fact that there doesn't have to be injuries in order to be self-defense. he went through the steps that the jury going to hear from the judge, the steps that are helpful to the defense. >> shepard: of course, if the stand your ground law hadn't been in effect as you were saying a moment ago, this wouldn't have happened because he would have been arrested right away and then the legal process would have carried itself out and we never would have had to heard his name. >> that's right. the stand your ground law is the reason that this case has gotten under such a big spotlight. he had been arrested originally this case would have gone on as almost any other case goes on. because he went so long without being arrested it got the this huge spotlight there is a lot going on
4:39 pm
outside the courtroom that's getting the spotlight as well. >> shepard: testimony on friday and we'll have live coverage, my hope is frankly that you have something better to do on july the 5th. if you don't, i'm guessing the mom is going to be on the stand then. and that could be good. much more on historic day in egypt and around the world after the military coupe toppled the democratically elected president there ahead would what we know now about what that former leader's whereabouts and what may be behind the scenes. we'll speak with the former u.s. ambassador to egypt. that's next.
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4:43 pm
former president mohammed morsi is being held by the authorities. not under arrest but being held. we don't know which authorities. there are a lot of authorities suddenly. we don't know where he is we are told it's an undisclosed location, which sounds familiar. with us now is ned walker. set former u.s. ambassador to egypt. israel, and the united arab emirates. sir, it's nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> shepard: where are we in this thing, where are we americans in this? >> we americans are very much concerned about the stability of egypt in the long term implications for our own relationship with egypt. we have a strong commitment to democracy that could be argued is not the greatest democratic move in the world. can you argue both sides to that one. but we do have some laws that are involved. such as not being able to give our assistance to countries that have undergone a military coupe. >> shepard: we a gave a billion dollars last year
4:44 pm
to the he egyptian military and the egyptian military is going to need that billion. >> you bet they are. and the question is how do you define a coupe? and, of course, there is -- you can find 65 lawyers that will tell you different things on that. it will all come down in the final analysis to what congress wants to do and what the administration wants to do. i can't imagine the administration wants to see this result in a cutoff of the aid. not for the military anyway. >> shepard: how much influence does the united states have over all of this now? >> it's limited because clearly this is a popular movement. i mean, my god, look at the streets out there. you know, they aren't going to be responding to the americans. in some ways if we had gotten in earlier and gotten involved earlier it would have been counter productive for anybody that was associated with it. we are not the most popular kid on the block out there. we can be effective. we can be helpful and
4:45 pm
certainly when it comes to the military we have very strong relationships with the military. we will be in a position to urge them and democratic process. >> ambassador walk irit will take time for them to get organized for elections. meantime hoping for peace. ned walker thank you so much. >> thank you. >> fire and tear gas fill the streets as fishermen fill the streets. that tops our news in 80 seconds. chile. the protests marked the second day of violent rallies in the south. the fishermen say the government has failed to pay them bonuses that it promised back in may. the demonstrators blocked roads with flaming barricades and threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas. the government subsecretary of fishing reportedly went on national radio to demand a compromise. indonesia an earthquake
4:46 pm
killed at least 22 people and injured hundreds of others on a northern island. the u.s. geological survey reports the magnitude 6.1 quake toppled buildings, damaged some 1500 homes and triggered landslides. back in 2004, a magnitude 9.1 quake off the same island caused a tsunami that killed 230,000 people in 14 countries. india. [alarm] >> fire ripped through the top floor of a government building in the city of mumbai. nobody got hurt. officials are investigating. israel mask sand sculptures underway. artists from the world sand escaping academy in netherlands spent two months creating more than a dozen designs which include comic book heros and biblical figures. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:47 pm
>> gettysburg one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on soil. today, 150 years to the day later, a reenactment of a critical mistake that helped turn the tide of the civil war. we're live in gettysburg next. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. ... you thought wrong. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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ord against union positions on cemetery ridge history buffs say it's one of the
4:51 pm
worst mistakes the confederacy made during the civil war. doug mckelway live for us in gettysburg tonight. hi, doug. >> you know what made this thing so truly unique watt fact that we saw this commemoration today on the actual sight of pickets charge. that's unheard of at least in modern times. furthermore for the first time the public was able to march with the confederate attack it didn't look you a that authentic because you had the soldiers with their woolen garb walking side by side with people in flip-flops and hawaiian shirts. for participants and civil war buffs here the thousands of them it was a chance to retrace the actual footsteps of the men who fought here literally to the day 150 years agod. >> it's not inconceivable when you have people 8 to 10,000 people dying throughout the area. it's quite possible that there are still some who
4:52 pm
lie in place. and for that reason, that's why we insist on and i think everybody respects this hallowed ground. this is, in many ways still a live and active cemetery. >> and it is proof of that when all the people cleared out here late this afternoon, early this evening. you see, no debris, no leftover, you know cans or garbage or anything of that sort. people have tremendous respect for this ceremony. something like 13,000 reenactors here this week. these guys take this very very seriously. they try recreate authenticity the best they can. listen up. >> there is nobody alive from the civil war anymore. none of their kids are alive. none of their grand kids are alive. they still died. they fought. you know, there is a lot of them buried of up on cemetery hill. so, we do that to honor their memory and to do honor to their memory we try to do it as closely to the conditions that they lived in and worked. in. >> that gentleman told me
4:53 pm
they tried to create authenticity so great that if a civil war soldier pop out out of his grave and turn up in one of these reinbeingment encampments he would know where everything is and rightful place for everything and where it belongs. there are a a limitations do you eat salt pork which was the staple of union soldiers in 1863, he said no we don't want to recreate the dysentery that was such a problem back then. shep, back to you. >> shepard: doug doug mckelway in gettysburg tonight, thank you. police are searching for a couple of crooks who broke into a taco bell, held terrified workers at gunpoint. that tops our news across america. florida. the inside of the restaurant in miami beach was apparently closed at the time of the break. in but the drive through was still open. can you see the thieves smashed the glass door with a bring. police say the suspects forced employees to empty the registers, even made off with two trash bags full of cash.
4:54 pm
they even dropped some money as they bolted out the door. all the workers are said to be okay. pennsylvania. fire crews rushed to save a man in a wheelchair who fell on to subway tracks in philadelphia. officials say the guy somehow slipped forward and wept right over the platform. he went to the hospital with back and leg injuries. illinois. some world war ii vets catching a ride in a rare b-17 bomber from that era. this flying fortress is one of 14 left that can still fly. one of only two that is licensed to carry passengers. >> it's like flying a cement truck without power steering. [ laughter ] most of the time. but it's beautiful airplane to fly. >> shepard: among the passengers, a former service man who flew several missions at a b-17. >> it was a lot quieter. i didn't have anybody shooting at me where i didn't have to worry about flack. it was a lot noisier than what i remember. that's been 70 years ago. >> shepard: the b-17 is set to fly at the st. louis air
4:55 pm
show this weekend. part of a fox watch across america. >> in just a moment we'll wrap you are our coverage top story of the day around the world. military coupe in egypt. what now? that's coming up. dy in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen,
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a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more ways to help you find yours. >> shepard: updating top stories. egypt's military overthrew the democratically elected civilian president today mohammed morsi. the military replaced him for now with the chief justice of egypt's highest court unspecified authorities are reportedly holding morsi. jurors at george zimmerman murder trial heard testimony from a crime lab analyst who said none of zimmerman's d.n.a. was found under trayvon martin's fingernails. and that effect's zimmerman's self-defense claims. prosecutors are expected to rest their case on friday. and on this day in 1775,
4:59 pm
future president george washington formally took command of the nation's continental army during the war for independence. washington had gained popularity by helping bind the southern colonies with new england in the rebellion against great britain. with that in mind, the on continent had appointed him commander and chief. despite having poorly equipped military. washington and his men defeated the british forces in 1781. he retired after the war. but agreed to preside over the constitutional convention. george washington won the presidency with a unanimous vote, but he took his first leading role 238 years ago today. hope you have a great holiday weekend. happy birthday, america. we'll see you back here on monday. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> tell me how many agents investigators you have assigned to the case? >> i may be have to do that
5:00 pm
but i have to get back to you. >> you can tell me hot the lead investigator is? >> off the top of my head, no. >> the fbi still not investigating the irs controversy aggressively. that's the charge from a conservative watchdog group. but is it true? we'll tell you what we know. >> talk about terrorists, then don't just talk about people with brown skin. >> bill: under heavy pressurey the far left the fbi removes some anti-terror ads designed to protect americans. we'll tell you bawl that. >> you don't have to wait until you are almost dead before you can defend? >> no. i was advised you don't do that


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