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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 4, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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4th. and look at this. an incredible scene. a car completely swallowed by a sink hole. the hole so big that the driver was unable to climb out of her car on her own. the unbelievable rescue ahead. >> a massive car recall overnight. chrysler calling back nearly half a million vehicles for safety reasons. the makes and models coming right up. >> plus she's back. a long time coming but lady liberty celebrating america's birthday by opening up again.
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"fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, and happy 4th of july. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. you're looking at some of the amazing pictures that show the greatness in america. i'm heather childers. >> i'm patti ann browne. please keep sending in your patriotic pictures and stories. we want to know what you're doing on this 4th of july. e-mail us at "fox & friends first" at fox and we'll share some of those through out the show.
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>> time to begin your five at 5. the f.b.i. investigating an incident that happened on the flight headed for charlotte, north carolina. an agency spokesman says one person has been interviewed in connection with the incident. a u.s. airways spokesman says a security concern arose on flight 114 headed from boston to charlotte. he says the crew members quickly contacted charlotte police who met the plane on the tarmac after it landed. no one was injured and charges have yet to be filed. >> a summer camp counselor is killed by a falling oak tree. it happened here at california's camp tawanga. the 21-year-old counselor was eating breakfast outside with campers when the tree collapsed. >> there was something like a disease or something with the tree, and it just fell. >> four other adults were hurt. two have been released from the hospital. two are still being
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treated. meanwhile one other adult is reportedly missing. luckily no children were injured. >> new overnight, americans stranded on two u.s. bases in kuwait can finally leave without fear of being arrested. according to a source on one of the bases, local authorities issued warrants for 100 americans working as arabic translators after a contract dispute, leaving them stuck on the base for months. the translators visas were resroebd in -- revoked in the process. under kuwaiti law, foreigners cannot work in the country unless they are under the sponsorship of a private kuwaiti company. >> a 60-year-old ohio woman survived after a sink hole swallowed her car. police say a water main break seemed to have caused the ground to break up. officers had to use a crane
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to pull the car out and a ladder to help the woman get out. that driver reportedly shaken up but not hurt. >> she's back. the statue of liberty reopening just in time for the 4th of july. the 12 acre island surrounding the patriotic symbol was damaged by superstorm sandy last october. it took months for crews to repair broken walk ways and dry out the little island. the first time tourists say they can't wait to see her in person. >> just part of america, pretty much. you always dream to see it in person. >> that ceremony will be held in new york city this morning. that happens at 10:30 eastern time, marking lady liberty's valiant return to action. >> that's the patriotic thing to do, heading there. to the very latest happening in egypt. country's chief justice will be sworn in any moment from now as the temporary president.
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egypt's military ousting mohamed morsi as president after he failed to meet a 48 hour ultimatum. the eus -- islamist leader and an aid both being held. >> it should be an interesting day for the people of cairo, the people of egypt as the political landscape, their new political future begins to unfold. tumultuous situation after the military stepped in and removed mohamed morsi. hundreds of people around -- millions of opposition protesters erupted in celebration. fireworks burst over crowds in cairo's tahrir square where men and women danced shouting god is great and long live egypt. the military fearing a
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violent reaction by mohamed morsi's supporters sent troops and armed vehicles into the streets. clashes did erupt in several provincial cities when islamists opened fire on police. here in washington president obama huddled with his top security advisors at the white house. the u.s. does walk a fine line in egypt, not taking sides in this dispute but only promoting what they hope will be a democratic outcome. in a statement the president said in part we are deeply concerned by the decision of the egyptian armed forces to remove president morsi and suspend the egyptian constitution. i now call on the egyptian military to move quickly to restore the government as soon as possible. they said they would
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restore an egyptian government as soon as possible. >> look who's talking. this morning it is john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. he says the kay i don't see in -- he says the chaos shows the obama administration dropped the ball in egypt. >> i don't think the president knows really where he stands or what he wants to do. the anti-morsi demonstrators for the past several days have criticized the obama administration for standing with the muslim brotherhood, which most americans would find inexplicable. i think we shouldn't overstate our tphaoupbs. i do think we've got influence with the military for years with providing extensive assistance. i hope that was understood by the military. i think although it overturns an elected president, really it is in america's interest to see the military try again to put egypt on the road to representative government.
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>> bolton also warned that even though morsi was ousted by the military, the muslim brotherhood should not be underestimated and that the chance for violence still remains very high. >> the george zimmerman trial is in recess until friday. yesterday a crime lab analyst testified that none of zimmerman's d.n.a. was found under trayvon martin's finger nails. >> finger nail scrapings of trayvon martin, we did not find any of george zimmerman's d.n.a. there; is that correct? >> no. >> the expert told the jury none of martin's d.n.a. was found on the gun that killed him. zimmerman said he only fired that gun in self-defense. prosecutors aim to undermine zimmerman's credibility regarding florida's stand your ground law. they call zimmerman's former criminal professor to the stand. they said he thought stand your ground and zimmerman
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got an a in the class. their final witness is expected to be martin's mother, sabrina fulton. >> chrysler recalling nearly half a million cars. there's apparently a problem with the head rests intended to prevent neck injuries in crashes. the recall involves 202011 to 2012sebrings. the auto maker says components inside the head rest could be faulty. >> a warning for people who find pepsi. a watchdog group finds the soda contains a cancer-causing chemical, this after the maker said it would change its formula. pepsi said its suppliers are changing the manufacturing process to cut the amount of carcinogens. they said that process should be complete by next year.
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>> everyone of course wants to head outdoors to celebrate the 4th of july today. >> can mother nature be expected to cooperate? janice dean is here with a look at your holiday forecast. >> i love the outfits, the red, white and blue. let's take a look at your forecast. i wish i could give sunshine and clear skies to everyone. unfortunately it is not going to be that way. it is very hot and humid all along the east coast. here in new york city it is just as humid as it is in miami, florida. you go outside and it just feels like soup, if you will. let's look at the temperatures. 69 in minneapolis. 75 in new york, but it feels more like the 80's with the humidity. 97 in phoenix. the southwest is still dealing with, unfortunately, hot temperatures through today and then into the weekend things will moderate a little bit. that is some good news. of course that fire still burning in yuma, arizona. we're going to continue to
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monitor that. as far as rainfall, the worst areas are going to be the eastern great lakes down through the ohio valley and the southeast where we have our jet stream. then we have high pressure in the atlantic. that kind of squeezes all of the moisture up towards the eastern great lakes. but it looks like the east coast is going to remain dry for fireworks. we have flood advisories for those areas that are going to be soaked by rain. those are your 4th of july forecasts. not too bad for much of the country. those areas that could see rain and thunderstorms along the gulf coast along the eastern great lakes. otherwise not too bad. >> leave the celebration inside. have another plan. >> the time now is 11 after the top of the hour. coming up, could the cure for cancer be as simple as salt? some scientists say it may be, but you have to add another ingredient. >> apparently it's not easy being green, especially if you're the government. how half a million of your
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tax dollars were spent on environmentally friendly apps. first as we head to break, some pictures you at home sent us to commemorate this 4th of july. ♪ ♪ tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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>> welcome back. it is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. crews are gaining more ground on that wildfire in arizona that left 19 fire fighters dead. it is now 45% contained. that is up from just 8%. weather conditions also improved enough for investigators to get their first look at the scene where the firemen died. >> killing cancer with salt? chemists working on a new cure for breast and prostate cancer that involves using salt and
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light. this technique may start clinical trials soon. patti ann? >> security in boston is especially tight for today's holiday festivities. it is the city's first large public gathering since the boston marathon bombings. police said the suspects in that attack first considered staging it at boston's 4th of july celebration. ♪ ♪ >> for many people who live in boston, nothing says the 4th of july quite like watching the concert and fireworks on the esplanade. paul martin was first in line for the concerts dress rehearsal, the way he spent the night before the 4th for years. but for paul and everyone else coming out to the esplanade wednesday and thursday, things are a little different this year. after the boston marathon bombings and knowing the tsarnaev brothers originally planned to target the esplanade on
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july 4, security is at an all-time year. >> there's probably nine other layers of security here. >> you're definitely aware of the heightened security given everything that happened in april with the bombings and what not. >> if you're coming out to the esplanade, you won't be allowed to bring back packs, glass containers or any containers that aren't see-through. a record number of cameras will be monitored from inside this command center and there will be more police officers at the event than before. >> i think it is fair to say we doubled the amount of state troopers that are here. in addition to that, we have a number of federal law enforcement officers. >> being the biggest public gathering since the marathon bombings, police are not taking chances. >> there is no threat to this particular venue or this celebration, but that is not lessening our concern or our preparedness here. >> the added security measures mean longer lines getting into the esplanade,
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but that's something most people out here say they're okay with. >> it makes me feel better. i support it. it's an unfortunate thing but i'm glad. >> coming up next on the rundown, forget you've got mail. now you've got taxes. one lawmakers's plan to bail out the postal service by taking your e-mails. >> he fought for america's freedom. now he's fighting a different battle. how this veteran is trying to raise $1 million for wounded soldiers. but first as we go to break, a message from private first class anpw-r russell on this 4th of third u.s. infantry regiment old guard. i want to give a shout out to friends and family back home. happy independence day to america.
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>> it is 21 after the hour. time for our what the hill segment? when you hear these stories you'll know why. embattled i.r.s. official lois lerner reportly says she will only testify before congress if granted immunity from prosecution. the oversight panel voted that lerner waived her fifth amendment rights at this may hearing but first declared her innocence at the i.r.s. scandal and then invoking her protection against criminal interrogation. >> lawmakers say they hope research on cell phones will develop more energy efficient software for smart phone applications. the project's funding lasts through 2016. heather? >> thank you very much, patti ann. he joined the marines at the age of 19. he fought in the vietnam war and published a memoir. today this amazing veteran is reminding us all to give
2:23 am
back to the soldiers who help keep america free. he is doing that with a goal of raising $1 million for wounded veterans. joining us now is retired marine sergeant and author of semper cool, sergeant barry fixler. thank you for joining us. it is an honor to have you here today. i want to talk about your book "semper cool" and the picture on the cover of the book. there is a significant story behind that. >> that picture is three marines. three marines that before we got to vietnam we were told one-third of us were going to get killed in the next year. one-third of us will lose our legs or lose a limb. and only one-third of us are going to return. i'm so fortunate that i'm the one-third that returned in whole. we were told only one-third would be able to be standing up after our tour in vietnam for one year, and that's me. >> it ended up being true?
2:24 am
>> yes. >> this book in particular, you wrote it because you were able to return and, as you said, fight the new war? >> the new war in 2005 and 2006 i became very frustrated with all the veterans coming back to america very wounded. and through my frustration, i just had to help them. when we came back from vietnam we had very little help. all the vietnam veterans are absolutely helping the new veterans coming back from war. >> you're making sure the same thing doesn't happen to them. how is it you're raising these funds? >> through the sale of our book "semper cool." i have a foundation, barry fixler foundation. it goes into hope for warriors. >> the money can go to help these wounded warriors in any way? >> whatever they need. >> from a home they may need to mental care.
2:25 am
>> mental care, prosthetics, to make them back as great americans. >> make their transition back to america great as it should be. to donate or buy the book, people can go to your website, >> or semper cool. >> thank you very much. what an honor. you're doing great work. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up, it sounds like the plot to a movie. two american teenagers lost at sea found safe and sound after drifting in the ocean for five days. >> we are stepping into the fox light next with a ranking of the most patriotic films of all time. send us your picks for the top flick. first more of your pictures to celebrate greatness in america. ♪ america ♪ america
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♪ ♪ ♪ i am for you ♪ honest ♪ you're a grand ♪ old flag ♪ you're a ♪ grand old flag ♪ you're a high-flying ♪ flag >> good morning. it is thursday, july 4. happy independence day. a beautiful live look at some of this country's great sites. welcome back to "fox & friends first" . i'm patti ann browne. >> i'm heather childers. thank you for joining us on
2:30 am
this independence day. we want to know how you are spending your 4th of july holiday. e-mail us or tweet us at fox news first and keep sending in those patriotic photos so we can show them. >> top five stories making news at this hour. two american teens who went missing on a boat trip in honduras are safe this morning. they were rescued along with six other people after they caught the attention of a coast guard pilot. you can see them in this video waving frantically for help. their boat engine died leaving them stranded for five days. >> a police search on a secret condo aaron hernandez rented uncovering new evidence in the murder case. a police found a white hooded sweatshirt and a hat he was seen wearing on surveillance video the night odin lloyd was killed. they uncovered a stash of ammunition including the same caliber bullets used
2:31 am
in lloyd's death. hernandez is charged with orchestrating his murder. >> the mom of a little girl taken hostage at an oklahoma wal-mart says she begged for her daughter's life. >> i said please don't hurt my baby. i said i prayed for her for three years and the lord gave her to me. please don't hurt her. then he had a tear running down his face. >> she says she was on a routine grocery trip two weeks ago when a man grabbed her two-year-old and put a knife to her throat. surveillance video caught the standoff on tape. authorities say samuel wallace was a wanted felon with a history of mental problems. police shot and killed wallace to end the standoff after he threatened to hurt the child. >> a tax on e-mails, that is what one politician in california is suggesting. he says that applying a tax every time someone sends an e-mail would generate billions of dollars each year. he says that money could be
2:32 am
used to help fund the struggling u.s. postal service. wozniak thinks the e-mail tax would also discourage spam. >> a new orleans saints coach turning in his clip board for golf clubs. he will be caddying for ryan palmer in the greenbrier classic. payton says he was in the area for r & r and he agreed to help palmer. payton admits he's not a great golfer but intends to bring home the tournament for palmer. that is your five at 5:30. >> now to the latest developments on the crisis in egypt. the country's chief justice just sworn in moments ago as the interim leader. we now know that mohamed morsi and an aide are being held at what's being referred to as an undisclosed location after
2:33 am
the islamist leader was removed from power. >> things moving very quickly at the moment over in egypt. they have now a new interim president. he was the head of the constitutional court there. and the military there is moving very quickly now to strengthen its position in the country. as you said, there's a lot of debate about where the former president is and the muslim brotherhood says he is now under house arrest. it's being reported morsi was offered exile but refused. a number of key figures from morsi's muslim brotherhood are also reported to have been arrested. the army went on the streets to secure key buildings and tried to stop violence between rival groups. >> thank you, david. >> the latest revolution in
2:34 am
egypt has the white house scrambling this morning. doug luzader is live in washington with more. >> the white house was very careful not to appear as though they were taking sides in this. that's also created a lot of uncertainty as a result. outside the white house yesterday, supporters of this new revolution accused the administration of backing the wrong guy, well aware of the fact of $1.5 billion in u.s. military aid may be hanging in the balance. >> the white house are supporting morsi or, you know, the former president. and they threatened us, or threatened our army that if they don't support morsi that they will take the aid away. so, oh well, they can have it, but we want our freedom back and we want our country back. >> the white house released a selected photo of president obama in the situation room discussing the possible fallout from what's happened in egypt.
2:35 am
but white house critics see limited options. >> we have mishandled the situation in egypt for the last two and a half years. i don't think the president knows really where he stands or what he wants to do. the anti-morsi demonstrators for the past several days have criticized the obama administration for standing with the muslim brotherhood which most americans would find inexplicable. >> the white house meantime is urging the egyptian military to quickly transition the country back to civilian rule. patti ann? >> thank you. here at home in america, everyone wants to head 0 outdoors today to celebrate the 4th of july. >> can we expect the weather to cooperate? janice dean has a look at your holiday forecast. good morning again, janice. >> good morning. i wish everyone could have lots of sunshine for their outdoor barbecues. unfortunately we're going to see scattered showers
2:36 am
from the inner mountain west towards the southwest. as we transition towards the east coast over the eastern great lakes down into the eastern gulf coast states, that's where we're seeing lots of moisture. record-breaking rain across atlanta and panama city, florida, got close to a foot of rain over the last couple of days. here's your 4th of july, your independence day forecast. rain in those areas i just mentioned. 75 in atlanta. 88 in new york. going to feel very humid, oppressive heat across the northeast. keep the little ones indoors and keep them hydrated. then across the southwest, the potential for scattered thunderstorms. not a big heavy deluge here, but certainly hit-or-miss showers. your fireworks forecast, your festiverecast, new york city 82. i'm worried about atlanta at 73. chicago looks good at 73. boston, 82, miami, you could see scattered
2:37 am
thunderstorms as well. keep an eye to the sky; right, ladies? back to you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. over the years, hollywood celebrated america's birthday with some very patriotic films. today we are stepping into a 4th of july edition of in the fox light with michael tammero. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> the first movie, we're going to go in reverse order. number three? >> number three, saving private ryan in 1998. starring tom hanks and matt damon, about a squad that goes in normandy, a powerful 27-minute start to the movie with the landing in home haw. private ryan is is a world war ii vet. >> mrs. ryan, it is with
2:38 am
the most profound sense of joy that i write to inform you your son, private james ryan, is well and at this very moment on his way home from european battle fields. >> very powerful. >> that is a moving movie. this next one i love, the patriots. >> overwhelmingly the most talked about when we asked this question on social media yesterday. it came out before mel gibson went all -- a movie from 2000. it is about a man who gets swept up in the revolutionary war after his son joints the continental army. >> i am fearful my sins would return. >> okay. that was good. now for one that is a little more uplifting. and i love this one. >> number one in my book and yours too. i used to watch it all the
2:39 am
time "yankee doodle dandy." it is about the man who owned broadway. he pretty much wrote the soundtrack to american patriotism. i think we have a clip of the very end when he starts marching with a group of soldiers to sing. ♪ i'm a yankee ♪ doodle dandy ♪ i'm a real live ♪ yankee doodle ♪ who made my name ♪ famous by riding ♪ on a pony >> yankee doodle dandy and the grand old flag all credited to him. >> you can't watch that movie without wanting to do a dance. we're going to look at the poll. >> the number one patriotic movie by 46.6%, the patriot, saving private ryan came in second at 40%.
2:40 am
yankee doodle dandy came in third with 13.3%. i'm a little surprised. >> they're all great. thank you so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. see you later on. >> yes. patti ann? >> thank you, heather and michael. the time, 40 after the hour. still to come, a soldier's mother painted this to honor her son's return from afghanistan. now police are trying to find the scrooge who stole it. on this 4th of july, what better way to celebrate than by making sure you buy american. it's not always easy especially when it comes to kids' products. but we've got you covered. first as we head to break, some pictures you at home sent us to commemorate this 4th of july. ♪ ♪ this is greta. she works in quality control. she makes a nifty living sleeping on mattresses pioneered
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. thank you for starting your holiday, this 4th of july, with us right here on "fox & friends first" . what better shot than of the american flag at this hour. it's about a quarter till the top of the hour and we have headlines for you. >> two 17-year-old girls injured in a horrific parasailing accident. they remain in critical condition at a hospital. they crashed into a balcony after a parasail broke free from a boat in panama city beach, florida. the parents released a statement saying they are incredibly touched by all the support they received. >> the mother of one of our nation's bravest heroes put her heart and her soul into this. it's a painting celebrating his return from afghanistan. but here's the thing: someone stole it. and the painting is still
2:45 am
missing. she put it on display for last year's july 4th parade route. but the proud military mom is now painting a new picture that she promises will be bigger and better. cindy says it will be ready just in time to be on display for this year's parade. >> let's hope she gets the old one back too. today is all about celebrating america, and we are celebrating here by showing you some great products for your little one made right here in the u.s.a. joining us now is inventor and mom preneur, amy bradley. thank you for being with us on the 4th. first we start with a car seat made in north carolina. >> this is the frontier 90 car seat. it offers premium quality, comfort, safety and peace of mind but who would have thought they made this in north carolina. we're excited they're bringing back some of their manufacturing to the states. >> lots of side protection,
2:46 am
lots of good safety features. >> a great car seat. >> we also want comfort for our little ones. they sit there with their feet dangling. >> or kicking the back of your seats. >> so there is a footrest. this is by little bean, the little bean footrest. it is doctor recommended, made in california. great for their posture, circulate. made in california, which is great. >> you can use this for a front facing or booster. then we have this diaper depot. it looks kind of large but you can separate it into different come partments or keep it together. >> also made in california which is great. this keeps all your diaper-changing products in one piece, or one place, and it keeps them organized. you can sues them separately or stacked together. the company has
2:47 am
unbelievable children's products. kim and courtney kardashian are big fans. >> good to know. >> these are building blocks. snappo, also made in california. >> my son absolutely loves these. unlike traditional building blocks which you can build vertically, snapos snap together horizontally. they rotate and slide up and down. my son built this little creeper. they are a great product. >> your own invention. >> the toy dozeer is a two part cleanup set used to clean up toys like snapos. there are two parts here. they work together to swoop up piles of toys so kids actually, a fun, fast, easy
2:48 am
way to clean up and to be able to help. >> better than one at a time. >> yes. made outside of philadelphia, and we're very proud of that. >> amy bradley, thank you for joining us. her own invention is the toydozer. all these products made in america. >> still ahead. going to college for free? sound like a dream but in one states it could be a reality. from lady liberty to our nation's capital, a look at 4th of july celebrations in some of the nation's biggest cities. now let's check in with clayton morris to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning. more on the crisis in cairo. egyptian president mohamed morsi ousted by the military. we're going to take a closer look at the impact here in the united states. of course happy 4th of july. we're getting the studio tkebd out this morning -- getting the studio decked out this morning. on some military bases, how the sequester is impacting all of that. we've heard sun burn will
2:49 am
fade into a tan; right? we'll debunk some of the biggest medical myths. >> i would like to wish everyone in virginia and texas a happy 4th of july. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly as i planned.. really? now save up to 60% during summer hotel sale. use code "summer" on priceline's. geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars."
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>> it is eight minutes till the top of the hour. the oregon legislature approves a plan that could one day allow students to attend state colleges without paying tuition or taking out traditional loans. instead they would commit a small percentage of their future incomes to repaying the state. >> she is back. the statue of liberty reopening just in time for the 4th of july. the 12 acre island surrounding the patriotic symbol was damaged by
2:53 am
superstorm sandy last october. it took months for crews to repair broken walk ways and dry out the small island. first-time tourists say they cannot wait to see her in person. >> just part of america, pretty much. you just always dreamed to see it in person. >> a ceremony will be held in new york city this morning at 10:30 eastern marking lady liberty's valiant return to action. >> preparations are also underway in our nation's capital where a birthday bash is about to begin celebrating this independence day. in washington, d.c. with the latest this morning. good morning, holly. you look very patriotic. >> when you live in the nation's capital, you actually have several options in your closet in terms of patriotic wear. we celebrate it big here. and there is no better place to do just that. they know how to do it. they do it year after year. that's why many people make this a destination spot on
2:54 am
independence day. america turns 237 today and they're going to throw a big party down here on the mall and preps are already underway. as you can imagine, security as always is tight. there is a lot of police presence already even at this early hour. they're closing down streets as we speak. and every person that comes down to the mall today to get their spot for the fireworks or the concert on the west lawn of the capitol has to go through a secure entry point. it takes some time and it takes some patience. once everybody gets in, obviously it's well worth it. when you're talking about that capitol 4th concert on the west lawn, star-studded. it is cohosted by tom bergeron and legendary singer barry manilow. there are several other stars that are going to grace the stage. of course the big fireworks will go off at 9:10.
2:55 am
they're saying it's going to be a 17-minute long nonstop heart-pounding show. back to you. >> holly morris, thanks for joining us. still ahead, we are showing you what you have planned for the 4th of july holiday. >> we have been asking you also what you think makes america great. we're going to have some of those responses next. first more of your pictures symbolizing the greatness of america. ♪ ♪
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2:58 am
>> time to hear your plans for the 4th of july. here are responses. >> catalina in san diego
2:59 am
said she is going to be running in honor of the vets. >> scott from new york saying i will be firing a cannon to salute each of the great states of this nation. >> this photo says it all. deb says her son is serving in the marines in spain. meanwhile his wife is back home having a baby today. deb says she is thankful for our freedom and to have wonderful men and women protecting us and sacrificing so much for our safety. good luck to that couple. >> absolutely. on this 4th of july, what better way to commemorate the day than with what you at home said you feel is the greatness of america. here is some of what you shared with us. >> daniel girard said america is great because of all of those who fought for our freedom. >> bob ford wrote to us on facebook america is great because we are free to live, worship, work and play as we choose. our nation is the most giving in the world. i'm proud to be part of it.
3:00 am
>> from our own ainsley earhardt, she was out on a boat yesterday celebrating america's independence. >> nice picture. we will continue to share your stories and photos this week. keep on e-mailing and tweeting to us. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. happy independence day! >> happy 4th! >> good morning everybody. it is thursday, july 4. happy independence day. happy 4th of july. i'm gretchen carlson. fox news alert. the new leader of egypt sworn in after president morsi forced out by the people in the military. so who is it and what does it mean for america? we're live with all the details. >>brian: she's been closed to the public for more than eight months after being ravaged by superstorm sandy, but now lady liberty is making a come-back on america's birthday. live from there coming up. >>clayton: good morning. i'm clayton morris. she lost 100 pounds and was


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