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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[fireworks] >> it's america's birthday. but the real fireworks are in egypt. a new leader takes office after the military kicks out the old guy and reportedly arrests several of his allies. and now word of plans for a major protest. plus, the story of the teen who once saved his dad from a fire. >> in real life, he was my hero. >> and the man who wanted to be a cop. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. >> fox reports on the lives of trayvon martin and george zimmerman before they crossed paths.
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plus, summer after sandy at the shore. they rebuilt the boardwalk and cut the ribbon, so are people coming back? >> the jersey shore is back in business, but how is business? >> jonathan hunt has a day at the beach. and seven months after sandy's waves washed out her tiny island, the statue of liberty in all her glory reopens. ♪ >> good evening, everyone. i'm jamie colby tonight in for shepard smith. we begin this thursday night with the coupe coup in egypt. one day after the egyptian military forced out the first democratically elected president well today the military put on quite a he show. [cheers] ♪ well, that was the military flying those jets
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and helicopters over the crowd who once again gathered in cairo to celebrate the forced departure of now former president mohammed morsi. morsi angered many after he pushed through an islamic constitution and thin failed to turn around the economy in the year since his election. so the military is also now launched a major crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. that's the group that worked closely with morsi. the crackdown reportedly includes the arrest of that group's leader and also today the military swore in a top judge as their interim president to serve as the country's leader until they have new elections. the new president announced he is looking forward to those elections but so far there has been no announcement of a date of those votes. and political analyst there insist all of this a turning point for egypt. of course, located between libya and israel, strategically important for the entire middle east. >> i think after the whole egyptian nation is now ready to rebuild its
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political system according to the principles which was raised by the resolution of january. >> now that resolution forced out the previous president. long-time dictator hosni mubarak paving the way for the free elections that resulted in morsi taking office. as we take a live look atta heir square and all of those who continue to cheer there, we know there are still deep divisions within the country. the anti-morsi crowd celebrating what one person describeds as game over for the old leader. but as you can imagine, morsi supporters say they are upset. they have called for a dave protests tomorrow to demonstrate against the coup and the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. for conor powell live on fox top story in cairo. conor? >> well, jamie, you are right. this is a country that is deeply divided. now the new government today is taking steps to try to tighten its grip over this deeply divided
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country today. the military launching a nationwide crackdown on the muslim brotherhood arresting their supreme leader mohammed body. also issuing arrest warrants for dozens of others of the leaders of the mohammed mohammed morsi muslim brotherhood party. now we also are hearing reports of clashes between the muslim brotherhood and morsi supporters. 16 people have been killed in violence across the country. hundreds more have been injured. the muslim brotherhood and pro-morsi supporters also organized a sit-in protest in cairo today. there are also a lot of reports of violence. we are hearing tomorrow that the muslim brotherhood is calling on all of its supporters to take to the streets in a day they are calling the friday of rejection. now, the muslim brotherhood is stunned at this military coup, they are angry. they feel cheated by democracy and they are beginning to organize. we expect tomorrow to be heated, if not violent. now, we are also seeing a very different egypt here behind me in tahrir square,
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they are celebrating they believe they have been given a second chance at democracy. whether or not that's true, jamie, will only pray play out in the coming days and weeks there are a lot of divisions that need to be healed here. right now they celebrate in tahrir square. outside of it the muslim brotherhood and morsi supporters are planning on how they can participate in a new government here. maybe they will just protest. we won't know until we see in the coming days, jamie. >> conor powell live for us there where it is the middle of the night already. the ongoing turmoil in egypt meant that july 4th was a work day for president obama and his national security team and our wendell goler joining us now live at the white house. so, wendell, whats watt president's call after meeting with his national security advisors to action? what are the marching orders? >> well, it was a second day in a row, jamie, that mr. obama had convened his national security team in the white house situation room with some military officials and those at central command attending by secure video link. and after the meeting he had his advisors call their
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counterparts all over the middle east stressing the importance of a quick return to civilian rule in egypt. now, after wednesday's meeting, which was held as events unfolded in cairo, mr. obama released a statement that red in part, quote: we are deeply concerned by the decision of the egyptian armed forces to he remove president morsi and suspend the egyptian constitution. the president did not criticize the egyptian military and he didn't call morsi's removal a coup, which may mean he is trying to get around a u.s. law which bars u.s. aid to the countries where a military removes a democratically elected leader. jamie? >> jamie: so big dollars at stake there for that country. wendell, what is the reaction on capitol hill? we know this will have global imfully indications as well. >> you are right. arab world deeply divided over turkey's ouster. turkey and tunisia. cut tar welcomed it because egypt is such a cultural and economic leader in the world what happens there has broad imply calingses
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for other countries. the failure of egypt's first experiment of democracy does not bode well. >> it's easier for the public to say what they're against it's harder to build the consensus what you are for. >> the real problem in egypt now is moving forward. people know they are not for mubarak. they know they are not for the brotherhood. but what are they for? >> meanwhile on capitol hill. members of congress have so far held off attacking the president for his response to the crisis in egypt. jamie? >> jamie: could be days or weeks before we know the conclusion there wendell, thank you so much. live from the white house. >> we have a wildfire alert four. crews have made significant progress against the arizona wildfire that killed 19 elite firefighters. officials reporting those flames near yarnell are now 45% contained. thanks to nearly 700 firefighters who arrived on scene. investigators say that on the day those firefighters died, dry conditions strong winds, all soaking the fire
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to cover four miles in just 20 minutes. meanwhile, the phoenix fire department and the arizona honor guard are set to accompany those bodies of those 19 fallen heros in a public procession on sunday. a memorial service set for next week and our will carr has the news from press scott arizona joining us now live. will? >> hi, jamie. as you can imagine, this has been a very emotional fourth of july for this community. now, i'm standing in front of a memorial for these firefighters and throughout the day we have seen hundreds of people walk up and pay their respects. we actually saw a pretty powerful moment a little bit ago. that's when several firefighters from idaho actually pulled up. they were fighting a fire somewhere else in arizona. they made a point to come up about 20 of these guys got out of their car and they received quite the reception from all the people here. people started clapping and hugging and shaking their hands. and in the end many of those firefighters got pretty choked up. take a listen.
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it's just unreal experience right now to be here and to be, you know, -- to be in this situation. it's hard to find the words. any one of us could have been in those -- in their boots, you know. and so it really is sobering experience. >> several of those firefighters tell me this is an experience that they will never forget. we also do have some news. fire crews hope by the end of this day they will have this fire 85% contained. jamie, can i tell you right now community will take any good news that it can get. jamie, back to you. >> and any assistance, too. clearly it's made a difference. will carr, thank you so much. the families of george zimmerman and trayvon martin clearly they don't agree on much. but as zimmerman's trial unfolds in florida, there is one point that both sides are making. that's coming up straight ahead. plus, madeleine mccann, remember, she vanished years ago on vacation with
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>> jamie: those jurors in the george zimmerman trial six women spent the day together. they are sequestered kept away from their friends, their family and hopefully the news. meantime the list of remaining witnesses has dwindled for prosecutors. they are trying to prove zimmerman committed second degree murder when he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. mean white the defense arguing zimmerman acted in self-defense. we expect court to resume tomorrow but now is a good time to look back at the lives of george zimmerman and trayvon martin and how the two collided two and a half years ago in florida shepard smith has nor.
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>> this isn't a race issue this is a case about what is right and what is wrong. >> shepard: on that the families agree. >> we are multicultural bilingual family. we were raised that way. our mother is a woman of color. racism is the furthest things from our mind and racism is deplorable. >> he grew up in virginia outside of d.c. his dad magistrate judge while his mother spent the bulk of the time with zimmerman and three siblings. >> my grandmother and mother raised me. my dad was in the army and he wasn't home for a lot of my infancy. so i consider myself first of all an american. but hispanic american. >> shepard: zimmerman eventually moved to florida and got married. he enrolled in seminole state college in hopes of becoming a police officer. but at a public meeting, he complained about a ride along with the sanford cop. >> what i saw was disgusting. the officer showed me his favorite hiding spots for taking naps. >> zimmerman later emailed the police chief informing him that i have recently become active within my
4:15 pm
community, initiating a neighborhood watch program and working with sanford police department in an effort to curtail the spike in robberies and home invasions. that's what he claimed he was doing when he crossed paths with trayvon martin on a rainy night in february of 2012. >> trayvon was very friendly. trayvon was very lovable. he was very respectful. and he loved little kids. >> shepard: martin's parents describe him as a good kid. they divorced when he was young. martin lived with his mother, a miami dade government worker, while his older brother attended florida international university. their father, a truck driver, called the teen a hero. >> at the age of 9 years old, trayvon pulled me out of a burning fire. he saved my life. and for me not to be there for him in his time of need is really troubling to me. >> shepard: despite the heroics, martin occasionally found himself in trouble. >> never been arrested. anything he was suspended for most certainly wasn't violent. and in fact, he was a total
4:16 pm
opposite of what they tried to portray him as. >> shepard: he was reportedly serving his third scul school suspension staying at his father's girlfriend's home on 00 evening he encountered george zimmerman. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. i pray for them daily. >> two lives interseconded that night. one of them ended and now another hangs in the balance. in new york, shepard smith, fox news. >> jamie: it's unclear if the prosecutors will definitely wrap up their case this week and whether they will even call trayvon martin's parents to the stand before they do. meanwhile, police in britain say they have launched their own formal investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann. and they're also saying it's possible she is still alive. her parents took her on a vacation to portugal in 2007 and that's where she went missing from this
4:17 pm
resort just days before her fourth birthday. police in portugal dropped the case in 2008. they said they were out of leads. british detectives saying they want to talk to nearly had 0 persons of interest from the u.k. and other european countries. they also say he they are working with governments across europe to gather more information. if it comes, in we'll have it it and today mark as very special day for dozens of our service members overseas while they are defending our freedom, they are also becoming u.s. citizens themselves. lt. colonel oliver north live in afghanistan on this independence day, attending a very special naturalization ceremony right along with them next. >> hi my name is specialist -- the guard. from i'm tampa florida, i would like to wish everybody back at home a happy independence day. [ female announcer ] since 2001 caroline penry's used olay total effects.
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>> jamie: i bet so many of you enjoyed today and as americans celebrate our independence, there are thousands of brave men and women who are overseas fighting for our freedom. they do it today. today marked a really special occasion for some of those troops in afghanistan because dozens of soldiers today became u.s. citizens during an army ceremony during bagram air base. for many of them being away from home isn't easy. >> it's hard. i get together with my family for cookout. they are thinking about me and i call home and everything like that. it's different to spend the holidays away from home. but it's worth it. >> jamie: that is great. what spirit. those troops some of the 62,000 stationed across afghanistan. about an hour south of bagram troops capital city
4:22 pm
of kabul celebrated with a live band and guess who was playing. some of them themselves took the stage to show off their own musical talent. arizona senator john mccain also there to preside over a reenlistment ceremony and south korea senator lindsey graham joined him on the trip. joining us live from kabul lt. colonel oliver north. colonel north great to have you here. happy fourth, thank you for everything you do for our troops and for your own service, sir. >> jamie, it was a wonderful day. and we got to celebrate that naturalization ceremony with general joe did you know -- dunford bagram air base. it's a wonderful thing to watch 37 americans joining this citizens soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen, marines. american citizens after they have already been defenders of this country.
4:23 pm
one of those americans who has been over here some time, this is lance core central joe ski we're going to call it because i don't want to mess up his last name, is this the first time he was celebrated. >> yes, sir did is. >> what would you have been doing home. >> probably hanging out with friends and family sir. having a beer or two. sitting by the pool. >> they didn't have fireworks. because over here fireworks normally begin with a siren and people running for bunkers. one of the things that lance corporal ski does is protects very senior people out here to include the commanding general of the international security assistance force. and i just want to make sure that everybody back home understands what it means to somebody like you who is a young marine out here defending the hope that the afghans will some day have the kind of liberty and freedom we have got at home. >> definitely, sir. we are out here just trying
4:24 pm
to get afghanistan independence just like america. >> jamie, i know at home you have folks who have been in communication with you about this day. >> jamie: so kind. colonel north, i have to give a shoutout to major general who really oversaw my graduation from air assault school. so screaming eagles are very important to he me. the 101st airborne doing a lot of great work there as well as all the marines and all of our servicemen and women. so thank you for that jamie i want to make sure that lance corporal ski gets a chance to say hi to his folks at home who do you want to say hi to. >> my mom, dad, sister, aunt and rich. everybody in nepa. my folks here. camp pendleton semper phi, happy birthday, america. >> it gives me great hope, jamie, to come out here and watch these great americans putting their lives on the
4:25 pm
line, sacrificing on behalf of the rest of us. and doing it in a celebration of freedom for the people of america, particularly when you see the turmoil like conor has been covering from cairo, the kinds of things that have been happening out here now for over a dozen years. and the hope of freedom that america offers thanks to the sacrifice of young americans like this lance corporal standing next to me and thanks to you for paying tribute to them. jamie? >> they will not give up until the mission is complete. he we are so respectful of everything they do. and of their families who sacrifice as well. thank you so much. colonel north and happy july 4th. >> always a pleasure, jamie. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, meanwhile, a lot of our troops not so fortunate. many of our american troops lost arms and legs fighting in iraq and afghanistan. jennifer griffin reports on wounded warriors getting high tech help in the form of wheelchairs. there are others who are waiting and waiting for
4:26 pm
theirs. plus 237 years after the colonies declared independence from great britain. americans gathering tonight in our nation's capital. they are celebrating big. next, the nation marks its birthday. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. uh-oguess what day it is!is?? huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is?
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>> jamie: i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. fox report. folks showing up in washington, d.c. celebrating america's 237th birthday. earlier today they watched dancers and marching bands and members of the military in the annual military day parade. soon they will enjoy the july 4th concert. one of the country's greatest fireworks shows all on the national mall. that's where molly henneberg is. molly, what kind of techniques are they using to protect the crowds? >> jamie, some we see, such as the nine security checkpoints to help people get on to the mall. some we don't see. there are likely some eyes in the sky here today.
4:30 pm
police are also using text messages to communicate with the crowds here today. people who sign up with get texts with details on the weather and schedule changes and information on kids celebrated from their parents. law enforcement officers have a safety suggestion for any family around the country about to leave home for a crowded july 4th event. >> in case for whatever reason you should become separated from your child we all have the technology now on our phones to just go ahead and take a quick photo that way it will assist us, meaning law enforcement emergency services trying to locate your child and we'll have a real photo, clothing, height, everything. >> jamie: there is also the annual fourth of july concert going on with barry manilow and neil diamond and others performing on the mall. jamie? >> jamie: it doesn't get more america than that. one of the moments that we know and recognize is a little different this year. what's going on, molly. >> that's right. the washington monument behind me all a 55 feet of
4:31 pm
it is encased in scaffolding. engineers are making repairs to the stones that were cracked and loosened and shifted in the august of 2011 earthquake. this is a 15-million-dollar project that should be done next year and the goal is to allow people to go back inside the washington monument and go up it and look into the city and it's going to take a little while but they are going to get it all safe. that's why you see the scaffolding around it today. jamie? >> it's still something, especially all lit up. good to see you. happy fourth. >> thanks, you too. >> jamie: you may recall last christmas we brought you the story of u.s. corporal marine sergeant peck. he is he quawmed amputee he use as high tech wheelchair that resembles a tank in the way it operates at least. he says it's changed his life. the department of veterans affairs is supposed to provide that power chair for every double, triple or
4:32 pm
kwame amputee. many we talk to say it's been too long and far too difficult for them to process. jennifer griffin recently caught up with some of those vets who have gotten the track chairs and still others still waiting. >> i just want to go bow hunting for a grizzly bear. >> walter reid hospital and his wife host half a dozen wounded veterans and their families as these amputees recover during what can be excruciating year involving dozens of surelings. these warriors bring their kids and try out their new track chairs. the all terrain power wheelchairs that are giving them their independence back. >> just the freedom of being able to move. >> staff sergeant thomas mcgray was with the second eod. his job was to detect explosives and mines when he was injured in afghanistan on january 16th, 2012. >> i stepped on a pressure
4:33 pm
plate ied that was about right about 15 to 20 pounds. and immediately had both my legs blown off. and my arm wasn't initially amputated. but it was so damaged that the doctors amputated it later. >> mcgray's wife left him, his daughter aden is now a. he was recently given a $15,000 track chair by the independence fund. >> i live on a 10-acre plot of property and have a horse and currently when i go home i can't get around at all. also, i have always liked hunting, getting out and hunting and off the beaten path and go out into the woods, walking up trails and this gives me that. can't leave the payment. >> if it gets stuck, i have to call somebody which right now is usually my
4:34 pm
mom. i don't have like breaking her back to get out of the chair just grass. >> chair, lock it in, go into the woods wherever you are going to hunt. got it locked up and got a fishing rod holder, holds your fishing rod if you are going to be out there fishing. >> it looks like a tank with its threads. that that is why the dogs like it. it gets them back to nature with their children. >> love going to the beach and sitting out there. especially when i have my son with me. >> retired staff sergeant michael cane was with the fourth infantry division in iraq when he was injured. >> my tank rolled over land mine blew up underneath me and blew off my right leg and mangled my left leg. a bunch of other injuries. >> scan one of 1700 am pew takens from the last two wars. the v.a. is supposed to provide one power chair apiece to these vets, but the bureaucracy and paperwork get so bogged down that none of these vets have received that benefit. >> it would definitely help
4:35 pm
me to go into places like in the woods that i probably wouldn't be able to if i was walk it's really hard for me to climb over trees and everything and even walk long distances. >> the mall lowers and their nonprofit trucking for troops store these track chairs on their farm until these wounded warriors can leave walter reid and return to their own home. in the case of andrew smith, he is using his new track chair to survey the new home that steps of hope just built him and his wife tory in a seven day, 24-hour build near chattanooga, tennessee. andrew and tory will receive the keys to their new home on july 49. his mother cathy wrote i am so thankful. the track chair for him equals independence and freedom as he moves on with his life it is that simple. >> can i. >> are you ready? >> staff sergeant is with the 82nd airborne on april 8th, 2012, he was injured in afghanistan. he is 28 years old. the father of three
4:36 pm
children. and is still being treated at walter reid. >> i grew up my dad little kid used to take us out hunting little brother. i would like to show my kids that as well, you know. i think it will be fun taking my boys out hunting with me probably something i wouldn't do as much if i didn't have something helping me out just because it would be so much harder. >> marine marriage richard burkett has four kids under the age of 10. >> early next month i will be getting the leg automatic pew at a timed. >> i can sit and watch him pretty much about it as far as getting out and being with him or going on a hike or walking in the woods, that's pretty much all but out of the question. >> burkett is a master archer the other warriors set up a target for him from 90 yards away. few believed he could hit the mark so they went to see it for themselves in their track chairs. this powerful device is helping these warriors who served the nation regain their independence. >> the track chair would definitely come in -- we
4:37 pm
love being outside. but it's not just me, it's all of us. >> in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> jamie: let's hope jen can report more progress on those track chairs and our bravest. this july 4th does have extra significance for hot spots down the jersey shore. how one business owner is helping show the area is stirred, not shaken, after super storm sandy. plus, a big come back for a very special lady are after that storm pummeled liberty island, we will take you there live for a look at today's reopening. but, first, shear a july 4th message from a member of our military. >> hi i'm specialist danielle, third united states infantry regiment the old guard from tampa florida, i would like to give a shoutout to my there. also happy independence day. the capital one purchase eraser.
4:38 pm
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decivil rights icon nelson mandela. the associated press is reporting based on court documents, is he on life support, relying on a ventilator to breathe. according to the a.p. as well. the documents come from a case involving the grave sites of mandela's three deceased children. the documents state that, quote: the anticipation of his impending death is based on real and substantial ground. now, separately his say is he basically gone. is he not there nelson mandela was antiapartheid leader. spent three decades as a prisoner before he was elected first black president. first election in which all people could vote. mandela is 94 years old. july 4th weekend a time when millions of americans hit places like that jersey shore. this holiday though, it's really different. it comes 8 months after super storm sandy absolutely devastated that
4:42 pm
shore all along the state's coast line the storm reduced boardwalks and businesses to complete rubble. the tourism at the shore extremely important. it's really part of jersey's economy. they rely on especially during the summer months. state officials say it's about $19 billion every year. some 59 million people visited the shore just last year business owners need folks it to come back this year. fox report correspondent jonathan hunt recently visited a woman on belmar's boardwalk whose store front was completely destroyed during super storm sandy. boardwalk from this post sandy to this today. >> i would say everybody is excited to be back but everybody is a little nervous. >> one of the many boardwalk business owners in belmar we first met in march as she prepared to reopen her business hoping
4:43 pm
for the best if i had the right attitude and energy and people here and i stay on top of it, it can be the best ever. >> and after a lot of work her temporary store a tricked out trailer is back on the boardwalk. did it in 48 hours with a whole crew of wonderful energetic employees there were 9 million boxes couldn't really see straight. everybody was organized and absolutely. >> best summer ever is wavering slightly with profits down 25% compared to the same time last year. >> i hear a lot of wow, looks amazing, everybody is back. good for you and they keep walking. they don't realize it took a lot of effort a lot of time and a lot of money to get back here for all of this in business. we need to support, pick up the bottle of lotion, the t-shirt, the umbrella
4:44 pm
instead of going to wal-mart, target, wherever you are going trying to get that one item here to support all the locals. that's what we really need. we love the encouragement but we need the support. >> in many senses this is, of course, a very different summer for businesses right along the jersey shore disbl, tion in one sense it's like any summer. crippling blow of sandy last fall, the weather gods are still not smiling on the jerusalem is i shore. >> i'm talking to mother nature on a daily basis. she ♪ listening to me. i'm trying. [ laughter ] >> we will tell her. >> please, get the information out to her. help. >> but she and her fellow business owners didn't give up post sandy and they are not about to give up now. they even have a new slogan for the summer. >> i'm jersey girl, i'm sure of myself. i have been stirred. i'm not shaken, i'm obviously still standing here. might be in a trailer but we just need good weather and we need everybody to show up. >> in belmar, new jersey,
4:45 pm
jonathan hunt, fox news. >> go find jonathan on the shore. meanwhile, sandy also devastated liberty island here in the new york harbor and it's taken until today for the statue of liberty to reopen for business. sandy made landfall one day after lady liberty's 126th birthday. she doesn't look so good after. the storm did spare the actual statue but the surrounding grounds they took a beating. high winds and the water broke the railings, tore up the docks and flooded buildings and literally destroyed the electrical system. now, some repairs do still need to be done. that didn't stop the crowds from gathering early this morning to be among the very first to visit liberty island again and our rick leventhal has been enjoying it all day long live from jersey city. rick, how many people, tons? >> thousands, jamie. we saw thousands of people taking that short ferry ride from manhattan or new jersey scorching hot day to get upclose look at incredible icon of american
4:46 pm
history reopening doors on nation's birthday. the statue closed almost two years ago so the new stairs and elevators and safety equipment could be installed. it only opened for one day last october. and then sandy came barreling in. it took months of hard labor and millions of dollars to clean up and rebuild the docks and railings and sidewalks and mechanics and the park service is hoping that mother nature leaves lady liberty alone from now on. >> i don't know about you, but i'm getting a little sick and tired of opening and closing the statue of liberty. i think this time we will just leave it open. >> the ferry ride cost 17 bucks. need special tickets to access the museum and pedestal. if you want to climb 377 steps to the observation deck in the crown, you need a reservation. and they are booked solid for at least the next month. meanwhile today's ribbon cutting we spoke to actor who is better known as uncle junior on the
4:47 pm
sopranos, born and bread new yorker there for the very first time. >> pretty amazing it took you 82 years to get here. >> i was always a slow lerner. ellis island liberty island. still closed may not reopen until at least 2015 did a lot of damage. what a great day watching you out there, thank you so much. happy fourth. >> thank you. it escaped. a bald eagle broke free from captivity. next, how a symbol of america decided to go for its own independence. we will tell you where. plus, marking 150 years since the deadly battle that preserved our nation thousands of folks showed up today and got a glimpse of the civil war in action. coming up a live report from gettysburg. you know throughout history,
4:48 pm
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>> jamie: sure could have been a movie set. dozens of cannons, hundreds of horse fers thousands of folks filling a farm independence day it was all reenactment of one of the most important battles ever fought on american soil. happy to report i got my answer. they are shooting blanks but tens of thousands of folks gathered to remember the civil war battle of gettysburg. this week marks 150 years since the union army defeated confederate troops in a fight that became a turning point of the war. our doug mckelway live in gettysburg with more. i expected you to be all dolled up at this point, doug in one of those outfits. >> you know, there is plenty of them to be had here, jamie. lots of tents here selling civil war uniforms.
4:52 pm
whether you want to be a general or a private, they are here. the national park service calls these reap enactors living historians, many of them jump at the opportunity to participate nit an event like this. especially on such a key anniversary of the 150th anniversary of gettysburg. many of them also inspired by their family heritage. listen up. >> makes my heart a little quiver and migrate great great grandfather was a captain for the texas rifles and just didn't want to miss this experience. >> as you watch the witness scene out of 1863. a lot of reenactors meticulous about military protocol. orders given, and how a lady should dress. virginia. we get the perspective of the south.
4:53 pm
she went on to say how many layers of clothing she was wearing. boiled down to 12 different layers from her bode dis, i don't know these qualities of clothing on up to the outer layer the hoop skirt and all. people from all over the world came to witness this event today it was a local guy. a guy born and raised ingettysd why this matters so much. >> the older i get, the more i respect the field for what happened here. i had my dad was in the war. he was in normed did i, normandy, i look at the reenactment today it it means a lot. what sacrificed for. >> that gentleman from gettysburg went on to say that his father participated in the 1963 reenactment. he served as one of the confederate generals there. having never been a yen in his life he didn't know he what to do. he got some advice from one of his neighbors who happened to be dwight d. eisenhower the four star general who led the united
4:54 pm
states to victory in world war ii and later went on to become a two term president. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: what great stories especially about the outfit and the women and suffering to look fantastic. great reporting today. happy fourth. >> thank you. >> how about this story, just hours before americans celebrated our nation's birthday, a symbol of this great country escaped from a zoo in louisiana. still missing, too. workers at the baton rouge zoo say one of their bald eagles broke out of its enclosure yesterday during routine maintenance. they say something scared it and it flew right through some of the mesh covering there eagles kept in captivity are usually incapable of flying. this one quite case numberrably took off. >> this one surprised us it can fly quite well. if it can make it on its own, we don't know that yet. if we can't find it, hopefully it can hopefully qui find her and bring it back to us. >> the bird was on loan from the fish and wildlife service. zoo keepers asking you if you see it just leave it
4:55 pm
alone. let them know. of course, no fourth of july would be complete without nathan's hot dog eating contest. oh, those fries are so good too. well, it was a record-setting day at new york's coney island. how much did they eat? wait until we tell you how many franks that champ had to eat today, mustard, yellow belt. that's what they win. next. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom.
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4:59 pm
down to the last dog the reigning champ sown i can't tell black widow thomas she won her third straight title eating rather 36 and three quarters hot dogs. i'm getting nauseous reading this barely beating challenger who downed 36. i can't tell you why. on this day in 1804, take you back to the explorers. mary weather lewis and william clark staging the first ever fourth of july celebration west of the mississippi river. that duo had set out on their own to a famous journey across the american west six weeks earlier, the expedition making solid progress in its early stages. by early july the party of 29 men had reached what is now the northeast corner of kansas, as the story goes the explorer stopped on the fourth at what they named independence creek. they fired a cannon, celebrated the holiday and the rest as you know is history. i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. so great to have you here. happy birthday, america. this is the fox report for july 4th, 2013.
5:00 pm
and i will be back tomorrow for "america live" at 1:00 p.m. and right back here with the greatest crew in television, only at the fox news channel. a factor special right now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a factor special you don't want to miss. >> there are days i want the news i don't leave my house. >> it is nutsville out there, you know that. >> bill: dennis miller. >> yippee why owe, mrs. mud rutgers, looks like we got ourselves a convoy. >> bill: jesse watters? do you have any proof of that. >> tons of it. >> you have got to run? >> i have got -- >> stay loose. >> bill: it's a watters world meets miller time. >> is he shakier than a jack hammer operator playing jiang go on lunch break. >> bill: hits colorado and san francisco and tries to find out what the people think about the state of our country. [ laughter ] and the d man sounds off on


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