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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 5, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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this isn't clever. >> i'm more outraged by the miss usa contestant and what that woman went through. that's another issue. enjoy your weekend everybody. we'll be explore this and more tonight an fbn. be there. hello. i'm kimberly gill foil with bob, jesse, katie pavlik and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> this is a fox news alert. after nine days of testimony and dozens of witnesses, the prosecution has just rested its case in the george zimmerman murder trial. the state wound down its arguments with the highly anticipated testimony from the mother of victim trayvon march ton along with his brother today. they said it was the unarmed teen screaming for help on 911 calls recorded minutes before trayvon was shot to death. not zimmerman as the defense alleges. listen. >> i can't see him. i want to go out there, i don't know what's going on.
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>> yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> there's gunshots. >> you just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> you had talked to a reporter about whose voice is may have been, correct? >> yes. >> and you told that reporter on march 31st of 2012, that you weren't sure, correct? >> yes. >> you now believe it's trayvon martin's voice yelling for help on the tape? >> yes. >> okay. so that was the testimony that they heard today.
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very dramatic testimony from the mother and from the brother of trayvon martin. this was pivotal to the case of trayvon martin. they were trying to prove that this was in fact the case where the defendant acted with malice towards the victim, trayvon martin. that trayvon martin was helpless, defenseless, was yelling for help as he was murdered by george zimmerman. that is the prosecution's case. we saw moments ago in that courtroom, marco mayor a conclude his arguments. a judgment for acquittal that was denied by judge nelson in that courtroom. the next thing that happened was the defense decided to proceed with its case after the prosecution rested and now, you're looking at that courtroom live in sanford, florida, where the mother of george zimmerman is on the stand testifying, a bit of surprise move by the defense that they would start its friday at 5:00 and here we have the mother. one mother after the next testifying in this case.
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tremendous emotion in that courtroom for the people that are watching the trial and for the six women that will decide the fate of george zimmerman. all right. so bob, i'm going to begin with you. this says to me, as a former prosecutor, is an emotional ploy, a tug at the heart when you have the prosecution put the mother of the victim on the stand as you have that 911 call playing and she identified the voice of her son. remember, we had the expert who said he couldn't identify who it was. >> right. >> but someone who knew the person on that call would be better suited to make that determination. >> yeah. i just -- i assume it's going to be how credible she appears to the jury. and how credible the brother appears to the jury. i think that's probably what it's all about. i still get back to the point, though, if this guy, zimmerman, was in such danger, he had a few cuts on his head. i mean, you don't take a gun and shoot a guy because he happens to hit you in the head. i just -- i think he's a wuss. >> the medical examiner said
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that the injuries were not substantial, that they were more minimal in nature. >> right. >> on the defendant. >> i think, but bob raises an interesting point or actually his opinion is almost no different than your opinion was, say, a year ago or year and a half ago when the crime first came to the nation's conscience, which means that it's kind of a fallacy that when you're watching a case that you actually learn anything. because people will stick to their opinions from when it began and they won't change their mind. so what it comes down to, why are we watching something? there are 13,000 murders committed every year. why this one? because it fulfills two promises that the media likes. racially charged component and guns that the media doesn't like. it's immoral. the televised trial becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because the networks designated in case as the one to air after giving it priority which i actively
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resist the proportion of racially charged content in my life because it's done to suggest that it's the norm. >> well, i was watching it very intensely today and i hadn't followed the trial that closely throughout the last couple weeks but a few major pivot points stuck out to me. looking at it peripherally. the woman that couldn't read cursive or barely speak english. that was a key moment. you had him waling down blows. then you had that skype controversy where everything broke loose and there was a lot of discord ans with the testimony of the professor and i think all those things looked really bad for the prosecution. so then today they bring in the mom and it was an incredibly emotion piece of testimony. i thought they were going to end with the mother and seal the deal there. but they didn't. they brought in the medical examiner who i thought started doing really well at first because he talked about how
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zimmerman pulled the trigger, bullet in the heart, pierced his heart, he bled out and died and could have suffered from one to ten minutes. but then, let me finish. >> please. >> then the defense comes on and shreds the medical examiner. >> why do you say that? >> made him look incompetent. he didn't know what the protocol was for his own office. didn't take a picture of the hands. didn't know where the fingernails were. didn't take a picture of the fingernails. used the same swab to swipe every single finger on the hand and he was defensive and combative. >> i'm impressed with what you know about this. do you have another life besides this? anybody could figure out that. >> i knew i was coming on today. i brushed up on zimmerman just for you, bob. >> go ahead. >> what bob said about the prosecution bringing in witnesses to see how credible they are, after the case that the prosecution has had, i think bringing in trayvon martin's mother brought some of that cred bltd back. we saw a lot of heavy details
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today. they put up the mother, the prosecution and the medical examiner to leave that last vision in the mind of the jury. and now i think with the defense bringing on george zimmerman's mother, they want to make sure that george zimmerman is someone's son too. >> good point. >> they have to make that image equal with the one that they've had with trayvon martin. >> let me break in. we're looking live at the courtroom. mark o'mara did an outstanding job laying awe fine ground for any kind of reversal on appeal should george zimmerman be convicted in this case. we saw george zimmerman's mother take the stand very quickly for the defense. and then leave the courtroom. presently on the stand is jorge mesa, orange county deputy sheriff division. coincidentally an uncle of george zimmerman. >> let me ask you a question. when the judge denied throwing the case out, i guess, right, is that usually the case?
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they don't usually throw cases out, correct? >> no. that would have been an unexpected and bold move by the judge. do i think there was sufficient grounds for her to dismiss the case, especially the second degree, because mark o'mara said we don't feel you've met the standard, the requisite level of proof in this case to say it's a second degree, applied malice, hatred or i will will towards trayvon martin. should you decide to put this case forward to the jury, it should only proceed under a manslaughter charge. the judge denied that. at this point, the defense should continue with the case, present the evidence. they will have another opportunity to say based on the evidence will you make that motion. they have a better chance at that point. i still think she won't take the heat on this politically given what we've seen. >> i'm going to say about what greg said, he's exactly right. i started out against zimmerman to begin with.
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i haven't watched the thing. i'm still against it. >> sounds like an informed public opinion. >> you're honest about it. >> that's the way it was with the o.j. trial. if you think about it, the good news about this trial is that the circus is being replaced with substance. remember what the circus was like. you had celebrities getting involved right at the start. you had the president weighing in. you had selectively edited 911 calls. you had the new black panthers putting out a most wanted, dead or alive thing against zimmerman. they wanted -- the media wanted this generation's o.j. trial. they wanted another o.j. trial which didn't bode well for the country and didn't bode well for a lot of people. >> whatever side you're on now based on watching the trial, that's one thing. at the beginning twh it came out, it was embarrassing to see the way people were reacting. congressmen coming out and wearing hood is on the floor. indicting george zimmerman with zero evidence. the media called him a white
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hispanic because they wanted to create this race situation with white against black, which was ridiculous. that was a term created for this trial. and so it was embarrassing at the beginning. bob has proved that people aren't willing to change their opinions up until now. but we'll see what the defense -- >> where is al sharpton now? where are the people that were adamant about this. they're not in the courtroom. they've moved on to other causes but they still remain entrenched in their opinion despite the fact that the evidence is laying out exactly what happened that particular evening. all the evidence isn't in. >> can i ask you a question? >> yes. >> am i wrong with this? isn't it still the question that when the 911 call went through, they said to him, to zimmerman, back off? >> right. >> isn't that in and of itself kind of a piece of evidence that the guy was pursuing this kid? >> i'm going to preface this with saying i'm no expert on this trial. the only thing i have to tell
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you is what i heard today. >> like a juror would. >> what i heard today from the defense when they were arguing for the acquittal is they said the state has provided no evidence to show that zimmerman pursued this man, trayvon martin, after he got off the phone with police. they've shown no evidence to show that he pursued him. >> that was an -- >> that is all i heard. i did not hear what the prosecutor said to rebut that. that is what i'm saying. >> i wasn't paying attention to myself. >> here's why. where did you hear that? you heard that in the media before the case actually started. >> that's one of the thing i listened to. >> she said that. what jesse is saying, there was zero evidence, insufficient evidence in terms of a legal standard to present evidence that in fact he followed him. because the other evidence that they were putting in is that george zimmerman was following the orders not going after him, but at some point the two intersected and ran into each other again. even if, bob, he's told don't follow him, again, that doesn't
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put upon yourself that an obligation to die. >> george zimmerman -- it becomes that moment in time when the two of them are fighting and they're together, does he have a justifiable, reasonable self-defense that he was afraid of his life that he could die and what we do have is prosecution witnesses that said, i'm just telling you what the facts are, trayvon was on top of george zimmerman and whether you call the injuries insufficient or not, that he -- or major or minor, he does have injuries, he did have a broken nose. >> i want to point out, too, that the fbi crime statistics show that a lot of people are killed every year with hands and fists, more than rifles every year. people use their hands and fists every year to kill people more than any other objects. for this to be unarmed, when it comes to the mma-style testimony to say my life was in danger and i had to do something about it. >> real quick and break in here a moment. this is a live feed from the courtroom. what we saw right now, moments ago, was some emotion from the
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defendant, from george zimmerman. first we've seen in fact. wiping a tear, some emotion coming from him while his uncle is testifying. this is all happening in front of the jury. they're taking it in. >> can i ask you a hypothetical question? would you put george zimmerman on the stand to testify? let me just throw this out here. this is why i feel the way he might need to do that. >> he came off very not positive, but very composed natural, relaxed, honest and measured during these videos that we've been presented with during the courtroom hearing. he doesn't come off as angry or vindictive or aggressive in any way so far that i've seen on video. do you think that there's a huge downside to putting him on? it could tear him apart and puncture every single hole in his body. but if he comes off and delivers the goods and is honest and straightforward, i mean, if he was really defending himself, all he needs to do is tell the
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truth. >> there's always a risk when you put your client on the stand like that. it's open hunting day, basically, for the prosecution to keep him on the stand for days like we saw with jodi arias and she was convicted. you generally don't want to put your client on the stand. the defense benefit frd the prosecution putting on all his previous statements that appeared to be very consistent. if they feel there's been insufficient evidence, don't help the prosecution make their case by having him take the stand. they may feel differently based on the fact that the judge denied the motion, et cetera. they're going to have to decide very soon whether or not he's going to take the stand. greg, what do you think? >> i actually kind of just zoned out. i'm telling you, i feel like when i'm watching this case, not because of you kimberly. but watching this case like you would watch wimbledon. i'm not into tennis, but you check it in and out and wait for the end. that's kind of the way it is. i'm resistant to this case because i feel like i'm being told i'm supposed to watch this.
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because the media decided, because this was an important racially charged case, that i'm supposed to watch it. and i'm thinking, there are 13,000 other murders and there's equally compelling cases out there that go ignored because they're not as media -- it doesn't fit that media box that they want. >> that's why they're not a mark. >> an interesting case study because of the coverage, because of the potential in the media bias, because of the political correctness involved that this case suddenly became significant because it had racial elements. >> the stand-your-ground law in florida says you have to feel you're in imminent danger for your life, right? . this guy gets a couple strachs on the head, if that was the case, i'd have been shot 50 times. >> that's florida. >> bob, like it or not, this is a tragic accident. a young man lost his life. no one is disputing that. that is awful what happened. we don't know if george zimmerman wasn't armed that
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night, whether it would have been george zimmerman who lost his life and trayvon martin's self-defense claim. the point is, in the state of florida, you have the right to carry a concealed weapon. he was exercising his rights lawfully. his constitutional right. he had that available to him to use, to save his life. i think so far -- >> the most important thing here -- >> in a vulnerable position on the bottom. >> the general aspect of this is that self-defense is not straightforward. a lot of people think that self-defense cases are very straightforward and clean and they never are. this trial is a very good example of how they are not straightforward. >> does anybody think that this guy would have been killed by trayvon martin. >> i do. >> head injury. >> he felt like he was going for his gun and he reached in and shot him. either he's lying or he was going for his gun. >> but he went against the law. if you're imminently in danger of your life -- >> if he's wailing on top of you and you have your gun on your side -- >> my wife used do that to me.
2:17 pm
>> so far the statements from george zimmerman are that he was afraid for his life. he thought that he was going to be killed, he was trying to get to the grass to soften the blows. i would not like to be on the ground with someone on top of me in a straddled position like that wailing on me. >> who are you to tell someone whether they think their life is in danger or not. >> i'm going to get with greg and say he's a wuss. he broke the law and i'm zoned out. >> also in the state of florida, write them if you want them to change the laws. the prosecution has the burden to prove that the self-defense was unreasonable. he doesn't have the obligation to prove anything. the jury, if they have reasonable doubt about whether or not he was really afraid, he gets acquitted under the law. that's what i'm telling you. that's the law. right now, real quick, if you see in the courtroom there, they're up at a sidebar with the judge. prosecution rested the case, judgment of acquittal denied by judge nelson. it was made on behalf of george
2:18 pm
zimmerman by his attorney. mark o'mara. we saw george zimmerman's mother take the stand, we saw george zimmerman's uncle from the orange county sheriff's office take the stand, give testimony. george zimmerman reacting with emotion, wiping away a tear. quick break. much more to come on the zimmerman trial. don't go away. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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so the george zimmerman trial is now in recess as the prosecution has rested. so, you know what, i'm going to do my monologue. how about that, guys? >> okay. >> all right. >> well, some celebrated the 4th. others threw up on it. the website gawker announced yesterday that "everybody is celebrating the fourth of july is an idiot." no grad school creed is complete with a nod. gawker, again. "today, 237 years since the piece of paper launched a war that killed 50,000, formalized the genocide of indij us americans and locked african slaves into another century of bondage. the declaration is still little more than a casserole of en lightenment troeps." someone is trying to impress their yoga instructor. you got to ask why on the fourth, it's a way of standing out, telling everyone how edgy
2:23 pm
you are. you're sticking it to the man. please, this is as edgy as mashed potatoes. it's approval seeking out is most transparent. patriotism is viewed by beta mails. insecure failures are mistaken to think such a stance is brave. it's what you would expect from phonies trying to fit in. the reason why we celebrate the fourth is we realize how lucky we are to be a part of this exceptional universe. those mocking the fourth are achievement challenged. ashamed of their failures. they blame america, a proxy for mom and dad. i'm saying this as not a huge fan of the fourth. each year i do the same thing. i have too much to drink, i get a little crazy. i end up in the e.r. explaining to a disgusted nurse how i accidentally fell on the roman candle. >> my goodness. >> my goodness, indeed. >> jesse, why did -- >> they save up all year. they all go everybody is going
2:24 pm
to say nice things about july 4th. we're not. we're going to be daring. >> the guy, he's a troll, he's trying to attract attention. that's what he does. he's trying to get ratings. the guy obviously has no friends. i think his parents are probably ashamed of him. do we have a picture of the guy? >> i don't know who gawker is. >> i love that bob doesn't know. >> let's look -- >> you don't want to know, bob. >> he looks like a meth addict. >> he looks like a dee ranged hiker, okay? he looks like a bed sore. this guy obviously -- >> is that good? >> this guy is not a good person. i'm going to put it like that. you know, i really don't have much to say about that website. we've had run-ins, that website and myself. you know, they lost. that's all i need to say about them. i'm not going to give them any more air time. >> bob, why is it that only people on the left do this sort of thing? >> yeah, yeah. every university did it yesterday too i'm sure. everyone did it. i didn't. i celebrate the fourth.
2:25 pm
gawker, i don't know who they are. i would just say this. read between the lines. that's as simple as that. >> what about you kimberly? >> what about it? gawker -- i'd like to stay out of that. >> why? isn't it fueled by the desire to be cool that i'm not like those other dorks who are patriotic. somehow being patriotic isn't cool. >> i say it, i've said this many times before. if you have problems with this country, you don't like it, why don't you just leave. get out. we don't need you. you're debbie downer. you have nothing positive to say. you don't have any appreciation for everybody who has paid for freedom and independence. >> go ahead. >> i don't want you to sneeze on me. >> you asked the question about why do the people on the left do this. there was a 2011 harvard study that actually showed that kids were taking to one rain-free fourth of july celebration before they turn 18 are 4% more likely to vote for conservatives or republicans. and back to the rebel argument,
2:26 pm
there was a poll that came out yesterday by scott rasmussen showing the vast majority of -- some are proud to be americans. not working for this guy. >> this dude, whatever he is, was anybody besides him saying bad things? >> paul krugman had an interesting column today and a lot of people on twitter had ridiculously stupid things to say. some people thought we were 2013 years old. >> did oliver stone say something. we're becoming a tyrannical regime. he said it in the czech republic, okay? which was like under the authoritarian regime of the soviet union. >> is that a blog? >> it's a blog. >> blog this. >> your fourth of july, kimberly, how was it? >> fantastic. i spent it with friends, fantastic food and great weather. these little mini corn dogs. i wanted to race bob and eat
2:27 pm
those. you did actually eat most of them. i ate a lot. and i just enjoyed it. the weather was hot but it didn't rain. >> how about you guys? >> it was really good. i tried to get my hands on illegal fireworks in chinatown. did not. i feel a little less free today. >> great food, great company, fourth of july is my favorite. opposite of gawker. >> coming up, more on the zimmerman trial. i was trying to stretch it so i didn't have to talk about zimmerman. >> the prosecution rested, the trial is in recess until monday. plus, there was one very important cabinet member missing from the president's national security meeting on egypt yesterday. where was secretary of state john kerry? a drift as usual. kayaking kerry, next. >> what a cheap shot. >> it was, i agree. >> he was kayaking.
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for the record, greg didn't like that song. to the breaking news in egypt. a country in chaos after the government was overthrown by the military. in support of the muslim brotherhood turned deadly after troops fired on the crowd. in a surprising move, the army did release the brotherhood spiritual leader, mohammed badi. he showed up at the protests. president obama held a meeting with his team on the crisis. should the u.s. keep funding egypt or is it time to cut them off? backdrop on that, there is a law in the united states that says if somebody is overthrown by a coup, then the united states cannot give them aid. >> don't call it a coup.
2:33 pm
call it climate change. >> they accepted the foreign minister's suggestion that it was not a coup. none how. if that wasn't a coup, i don't know what a coup is. >> doesn't egypt know there's a murder trial going on in florida? >> why they did this right now, it's amazing. >> i think it's amazing that the obama administration won't call it a coup. they don't want to take responsibility for this. let's not forget that president obama made it a priority to go to egypt in 2009, make this big speech, egypt was going to be his opening a door to the muslim world to have better relations. not only is the secretary of state off boating while egypt is in a coup, but we're also seeing them not call it a coup because they don't want to admit they were wrong. >> also because they would be restricted because foreign assistance acts as no aide can go to any country who is deposed by a military coup. where the military plays a decisive role in a coup.
2:34 pm
that we can continue to give aid to egypt, they're the second largest other than israel. >> call it workplace violence. >> let me ask you a question. a lot of that aid money goes to the military. the military is on the side of the united states. they have been. the united states couldn't have asked for a better outcome. >> no, no. you need to keep the funding for the military. we give them about $1.3 billion a year. that's our only leverage right now. so we want to make sure the military is trying to keep things under control. they released morsi today from house arrest. that's a positive development. hopefully a civil war does not break out in egypt because then you'll pay like $5 for gas this summer. it's already going to be probably over 4. i'm a little worried about that. you got the suez right there. >> 250 million in economic aid. you're right the 1.3 billion, the bulk of it is going to the military. >> greg, they're going to have an election again. >> right.
2:35 pm
>> that's part of the deal. the brotherhood is well-organized. the chances are that the brotherhood will probably win another election. >> it's like watching a family fight in your neighborhood. you want to stay out of it. because they got to get tired of this after a a while. maybe they will get tired and agree and grow up and say let's be like america. >> speaking of staying out of it -- john kerry, secretary of state john kerry. >> that's the second time you've said that. >> poor john kerry. >> he's supposed to be solving the problems the world, paying attention to egypt. guess where he was? kayaking. >> that's a way to get -- >> listen, he's thinking. that's the thing. >> the key to the story is that he was spotted in nantucket and reporters were talking about this. state department came out and said, no way was he on his boat while this coup was going on. then they backtracked and said actually he was, but don't worry, he was in constant contact with everyone about egypt. i'm wondering -- >> nantucket, very pejorative.
2:36 pm
>> was that the same boat he docked in newport, rhode island to get a tax break so he wouldn't have to pay taxes. >> is that the same boat? >> i got to point out that the photos came from polaris, boston herald. ever since he married teresa heinz he's always been playing ketchup. worst joke ever. >> just in time for july 4th, jimmy kimmel decided to see what little kids know about the star-spangled banner. more coming up on, you guessed it -- >> that's really all i know. >> by the dawn's early light ♪ >> what is the star-spangled banner about? >> what did he say? >> didn't mean to step on that kid. we're going to come back and talk about that case down in florida. [ female announcer ] since 2001 caroline penry's used olay total effects.
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this is a fox news alert. moments ago, they have concluded testimony and evidence in the case for this friday. they will resume again on monday at 9:00 a.m. we saw the prosecution rest their case as dramatic testimony from the mother of trayvon martin. we also saw the mother of george zimmerman take the stand and a defense motion, judgment for acquittal was denied. joining us right now, live from outside the courtroom is fox's phil keating. hi phil, what's the latest?
2:41 pm
>>. >> reporter: hi kimberly. about three hours of the afternoon dominated by the attorneys mark o'mara for the defense and rich man tie for the prosecution as they battled in front of judge nelson without the jury present over that motion for acquittal. she denied that motion as you've mentioned and then, instead of breaking for the weekend at 5:57 p.m., the judge left it up to the jury. do you want to go home or start with defense witnesses and they opted to hear some testimony. so witness number one called out by mark o'mara for george zimmerman's defense. his own mother, gladys zimmerman, she was actually ordered out of the court on day one of this trial because she was on the witness list. so she has now returned. she testified and just like the prosecution did this morning by playing that 911 phone call with the screams of help in the background where trayvon martin's mother sabriybrina ful convincingly identify thad as without a doubt belonging to her
2:42 pm
17-year-old son trayvon while george zimmerman's mother gladys did exactly the same thing, saying that is the voice of my son and mark o'mara asked her, how can you be so certain of that? she answered, because it's my son. the second witness called out was george zimmerman's uncle, jorge mez a. he has known george zimmerman since the day he was born and he also testified that the screams in the background of that call definitely belong to his nephew, not trayvon martin. he says he was able to identify that without even knowing that was the crime scene from which the call was coming. that's how clear that voice was to him. that it was his nephew, george zimmerman. the defense begins in earnest all next week monday morning, 9:00 a.m. kimberly. >> phil keating thank you for coming live outside the george zimmerman trial. case will resume at 9:00 a.m. on monday. we will see in george zimmerman will, in fact, take the stand in his own defense. that decision, i'm sure will be
2:43 pm
weighing on the minds of the attorneys representing him over the weekend. up next, are you going broke attending all the weddings this summer? you are not alone. some would be bridesmaids and grooms men have had enough. many have said no to the invitations. the marriage mayhem. we cover it next on the five. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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♪ it's a nice day for a white wedding ♪ it's summertime and wedding season is in full effect. you know what that means. time to empty out our bank accounts. according to a recent survey from american express, guests are expected to spend an average of 539 bucks per wedding this year. that's up 59% from 2012. we're also learning that a record number of bridesmaids and best men are turning down being in wedding parties now because it's too expensive. but is it okay to say no to your friends? i think it is. the average wedding now costs $30,000. i think that the 500 number is very low. what do you think? >> i agree. i have a maxim.
2:48 pm
the divorce should match the wedding. if you're going to have a destination wedding on the beach in linen, the divorce has to be on a beach in linen because i don't understand showy weddings. i want to ask kimberly this. you've been married and unmarried. >> five times. >> for real. that's not true. quickly -- >> what happens to the massive wedding albums? where do the pictures go? is there a divorce dump where everybody goes and drops off these giant things? you know what i mean? >> kimberly has a library full of them. >> yeah. >> you don't look at it. >> when i move, i do. >> you get angry? >> i don't get angry. both weddings were very nice. one destination and one in church. very lovely memories. >> destination, that would be city hall. >> can i say one thing here. i got married once and i'll never get married again. it got $175,000 and my father walked away from it and i had to
2:49 pm
pay for it. >> what costs that much? >> cocaine. >> it was -- >> cocaine sink. >> we didn't include that. >> the stripper came out of -- no. >> at the wedding. >> that explains the divorce. >> ridiculous. the guy got mad and walked away. >> i had a funny wedding. owe reilly got me a great gift for the wedding. >> that's surprising. >> two hours before i go to the church on my wedding day, i'm getting dressed in my tuxedo, i get a phone call from bill o'reilly's assistant and she says jesse, bill would like to speak with you now if you have a minute. i said oh, okay. a second later the phone rings again. he says, o'reilly, how are you doing, man? >> pretty good. about to get married, bill. what can i help you with? >> little chaos with the kids. not going to be able to make it to the church. but i'll be there for the reception, all right. you'll see me there. >> i said, bill, thank you for letting me know.
2:50 pm
that's very kind of you. i'll definitely see you there. >> is that hilarious or what. >> i love the guy to death. that was a great call. >> i went to finley's wedding and it cost me like two grand and i didn't -- >> i think the destination -- one time and they put it in a bag in the attic. there was a huffington post reader who wrote how she went to the wedding and the bride wrote and said her $100 cash gift was cheap and that she needed to pay for her own wedding reception, therefore people who attended this wedding should pay more.
2:51 pm
don't have a wedding you can't afford. it's not a fund raise egg. >> italians do that. >> if i was the groom there and my wife started complaining about the cash gift directly after the wedding. >> yeah. >> time to hit the road. do what i do. >> that's a red flag. >> if you want to do a favor to all your friends, i got married at city hall. was in line, and they had a christmas tree, and a kwanzaa tree, or kwanzaa bush, i'm not sure what it was, but it was a beautiful ceremony in a tiny office. >> all right. okay. >> we've got to go. we've got to go. >> we know you're getting married this weekend but we've got to go. one more thing -- >> it's a civil union. >> yes.
2:52 pm
[ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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time now for one more thing. we begin with jeff. >> i have to read this because it's too good. responding to a 911 call for a possible domestic violence situation, police arrived at an apartment complex to discover what was described as a violent altercation, but was, in fact, a very loud plea from a woman to her boyfriend to stop passing gas. the neighbor apparently also heard a repeated loud noise in between the shouting. but officers arrived, the female that was inside stated that her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she was yelling him to stop. this could be the only way to get men to behave. call the police on them.
2:56 pm
that's the only way they'll stop. >> that's exactly right. >> this is a warning to men. >> i can follow that one with this study out of england that said if you do lots of, and i'm not going to use the word because the producers said i have to say hanky-panky but you know what i mean, you can look up to seven years younger. which is right here. i moon, look at this. >> you're 86. >> i know that. and look at me. but, it's true that if you turn over at night and say, nah, you know, you're costing yourself. you're not going to look younger. and look at kimberly. she looks -- she looks young as -- >> 22. >> i don't know. >> and that's true. if you -- it's a form of exercise and it also makes you look younger. so everybody -- >> so i thought you said no exercise. but now you're going back on -- >> that's exercise. it's 1600 calories. >> oh, really? >> like your yoga, downward dog? >> downward dog. >> downward dog pose, though, did you? >> no, man, i couldn't get up if i did. >> and did you ever reconcile with the guy who said --
2:57 pm
remember that guy? >> yeah, i did. >> i did. >> okay. you're up. >> switching to a more innocent topic, jimmy kimmel sent some of his people out to talk to some kids about independence day. and what he found was pretty cute. >> pretty cute. ♪ o say that's really all i know. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> who did we declare our independence from? >> canada. >> what is the star spangled banner about? >> ramparts. >> what are ramparts? >> parts of a lamb? >> why is that all you know? >> because i'm dumb. i'm dumb. >> oh, no. >> she's not dumb. i don't know if this is an indictment of our public education system or if i should laugh at how cute these kids are trying to understand the star spangled banner? >> they're cute and they're
2:58 pm
young. >> that was like -- >> yours are all like, hooters, on the beach, spring break. >> yeah. it's really weird. you only pick places where there are eligible women walking around. >> my wife loves when you guys give me jazz about that. she's like, do you really just interview girls at the beach? >> no, but that's what you do. >> i said no those are the only ones that attract attention. >> you do girls run wild. >> so you always do it -- you always do it with a pop collar which you have to stop. >> told me i have to keep it popped because it's my trade mark now. >> no pop collar zone. >> it's not happening. you're not happening. >> all right. >> i think he likes it. >> of course he likes it. >> i think it looks good. >> it's a fashion plate of fox news. >> okay. all right. so my one thing. >> one thing? >> joey chestnut, hot dog eating champ. >> oh, my god. >> 69 dogs in 10 minutes. not only did he set a personal record, but this is the world record. guess how many calories this is? 20,000 calories.
2:59 pm
that is 18 day's worth of the recommended fat intake. okay? and he's asked about what he's going to do that night after the competition, you know what he said? >> he's going to go to the bathroom. >> no. >> you're so foul. >> he's going to have a beer. but that's a great visual, thank you. >> i hate -- >> i think they're disgusting. i always secretly root for something horrible to happen. and i'm a bad person. >> you mean like what happened to bob in the chicken wing eating contest when he threw up? >> when you threw up? >> when i beat him. >> well she cheated. >> i did not. i ate two at a time. >> like she said she wasn't married five times. >> i ate two at a time. come on. >> you got married -- >> all right. please. the catholic church, we talked about the pope here, i'm in good standing with them actually, so pope john paul ii has been approved for sainthood and so has -- >> go pope. >> pope john xxiii. they're going to be made saints. this came down from pope francis from the vatican. this is very important moment,
3:00 pm
obviously, for the catholics. >> he was a good dude that guy. >> thanks for watching. we hope you have a great holiday weekend. thanks. >> bye-bye. the once bloodless coup turned bloody in egypt. this is "special report." good evening, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. what had been calm turned into violence. there was blood shed elsewhere, as well. it came as supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi engaged in what they called a friday of rejection. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon is monitoring u.s. reaction. but we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg in a ve


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