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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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where we at fox news remain fearless. >> someone cries for help before george zimmerman killed trayvon martin. >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> the mother takes the stand as prosecutors wrap up their murder case against zimmerman and lawyers begin their defense. >> a day of rejection in egypt. after removing the first democratically elected president from office the military confronts supporters and compound where navy seals killed osama bin laden.
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one reporter digs deeper. >> i had to go to the memorial museum. >> bin laden museum in the rise of freedom on first, you heard from the mother of the teenager shot dead in central florida and the mother of the man who pulled the trigger. testimony just part of a big day at murder trial of george zimmerman. prosecution resting their case, the case now moved to the defense. each of the mothers listened to the same 911 call the night of the shooting. first trayvon martin's mother took the stand. >> i want to know what is going on. >> yes...
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>> who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon martin. >> jamie: sabrina was one of prosecution's final witnesses. then george zimmerman''s mother gladys was the first witness for the defense. here is how she reacted after listening to the same 911 call. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> whose voice was that? >> my son. >> are you certain of that? >> he is my son. >> jamie: remember that screaming could be critical for this jury. in determining whether or not george zimmerman is guilty of sex o second-degree murder because it could support or refuted his claims that he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. today prosecutors rested
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their case and argued that the state did not provide sufficient evidence to prove its case. the judge said no and the trial would continue. phil keating live outside the courthouse. phil, good evening, other family members offering competing conclusions about the 911 audio? >> and a point. george zimmerman, the man charged got emotionally in full view of the jury. defense here reversing the prosecution's strategy of saving family members for the final day starting out with his mom and then his uncle. defense table, neighborhood watch leader that shot and killed martin appeared to tear up as he testified to end the second week. he told the jury he is absolutely certain those screams came from his nephew and not martin.
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the nephew testified that the defense pounced on on cross because year ago the brother was not so sure. >> it was your thought that it might be trayvon, correct? >> we heard it in the mayor's office. i guess i still didn't want to believe that was him. that is why during the interview i said i wasn't sure. >> reporter: and recall that tracy martin, the father initial told police that he did not think the person screaming was his son because of that contradiction, because he now believes his son defense called the father next week. >> jamie: the jury heard this from both mothers. they also heard something that must have been so difficult for trayvon
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martin's mother. she left the courtroom for much of this. trayvon martin may have survived for a while after the shooting. >> reporter: this was a surprise for the courtroom from both the prosecution and the defense because the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy originally determined that trayvon martin did not actually die for one to three minutes after being shot. today he said it was one to ten minutes after being shot. that is very strange explanation, that being three weeks ago he did a similar autopsy and that is how he justifies this. >> it is my pin that he was still alive, he was still in pain and still in suffering. >> reporter: so the defense kicks it back up, 9:00 a.m. monday morning. sequestered jury remains sequestered all week long.
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he expects to wrap up his case on wednesday or thursday. >> jamie: changing their records before the trial. we're going to have much more on the zimmerman trial. there is so much to talk about. we'll go live to florida. with judge alex ferrar and you'll here more coming up on fox report. it turns out you can't force out a democratically elected leader. that is what happened in egypt. anger boils over into violence. fireworks earlier tonight but supporters of former president mohammed morsi clashing with demonstrateders on military's decision to remove him from office. they sent armored vehicles
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to break up the fighting. all of this after a day of bloody confrontations between morsi supporters and the military. [ gunshots ] >> now listening to that you can hear on the video what sounds like gunshots but tloopd didn't fire on the protests who marched outside the headquarters of the republican guard and at one point the military claimed was only shooting blanks but egyptian officials reported that two dozen people died in today's violence. they don't specify which side they were on or how they died. we can't verify it yet but morsi supporters were out after friday prayers after they called it a day of rejection. all planned to show how they feel. and this lies between libya and israel and military removed morsi from power earlier this week.
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country's first democratically elected president but in the years he has angered many egyptians by forcing through an islamic constitution and they are very upset about the state of their economy. greg palkot live in cairo on the latest. they did have high hopes that morsi could turn this country around. >> reporter: it has gone the other direction as we have seen. a night filled with the sound of gunfire. the rumble of armored personnel carriers. scene behind me might be noisy but the best we can figure out, there is no violence at this moment. this day was anything but peaceful. along with those killed, authorities say 250 people were injured. pro morsi activists doing battle with those back in the interim government to replace mohammed morsi has come up against the riot
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police and military. military very much a presence, apache helicopters, fighter jets and vehicles moving around cairo. one way it was a show of force it was an attempt by authorities to keep both sides apart unsuccessful to a large degree. military very much in charge. they showed it again tonight. they took into custody another figure, muslim brotherhood party and we haven't seen morsi in days. message from that party tonight -- we will fight on. >> jamie: his whereabouts unknown. thanks so much. we appreciate the live report from cairo. back home, fireworks show that turned to disaster. rockets started shooting toward the crowd. more of the video ahead. what we learned about what happened and a response from the company that was in charge of that show. plus, cops say they found a man with a truck full of weapons around a college
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home. dignity. family. independence. home. >>. >> jamie: a connecticut man that lost an eye after he says aaron hernandez shot him in the head. now, the case against hernandez, judge issuing an order to alexander bradley, he says he shot him in february after the two had been arguing at a miami nightclub. they charged hernandez for the june 17th murder of his friend odin lloyd. thousands of people were watching a fireworks show. this is last night in southern california when suddenly, unexpectedly they became part of it. >> jamie: it wasn't supposed to happen.
4:14 pm
take a look from a wider angle. they said it was an accident that sent fireworks into the crowd in simi valley. 28 people were injured and some of them were kids. amateur video shows an explosion on the ground followed by people running away. investigators are now saying it appears a platform holding the fireworks collapsed. dominic to let us know how those folks are doing today. how did it unfold and what happens next? >> it was 9:20 local time and fireworks detonated at the event in simi valley. there were five mortars that were aimed at the sky but handful possibly due to the force of the premature explosion the platform tipped over and those fireworks started firing across the park directly the spectators who were 360
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feet away. the locality police said that was safe enough distance or should be. >> we're now confirming if we're finding pieces beyond the diameter, i will tell you the distance related to the permitting process saved many more injuries. >> reporter: among the injured, pyrotechnics company said it will conduct its own invasion and make their own investigation public. >> jamie: meanwhile, cops in seattle are trying to find out why a man from nevada was in a truck full of stolen weapons. in that truck, they found a rifle with a scope, a shotgun, molotov cocktails and body armor. no bullets. campus police say they noticed the 21-year-old
4:16 pm
sleeping in the truck near a dorm and arrested him the next day. someone had stolen the vehicle in montana. they say someone recently stole all the weapons from the same hope home. >> it's not like fireworks. those things are to harm people. why do you need body armor? >> i have been here for two and a half years now. >> jamie: a judge set man's bail at $2 million. you can see how seriously they are taking it. he wasn't a student and it doesn't appear there was a threat to the campus or the community, still a lot of questions on that one. we're learning just how the how devastating the arizona wild fire that ultimately killed 19 lead firefighters. warnings that dry weather could spark more fires out west. more on that ahead. plus, pope benedict xvi -- pope john paul ii, one step
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♪ >> jamie: a wildfire that killed 19 firefighters, the fire created a death trap. that is word from fire officials. flames near yarnell cut off the firefighters' access to a safety zone. white house says vice president joe biden will attend a memorial service scheduled for tuesday and those officials are saying crews have that wildfire almost completely contained. temperatures have cooled down out west.
4:21 pm
wildfire threats remain for some parts of the region and rick riechmuth is live tonight to let us know. will it be as bad? >> conditions are improving a little bit. there is an overriding drought in areas of the west and that keeps with us the threat of fires, but as far as strong winds go, that is dying down a little bit. now it's regular gated parts of nevada and idaho where the fire danger is tomorrow and sunday. it weakens just a little bit and we wait for the monsoon season to begin where we see the changing of winds that bring in strong rain and thundershowers, it's partially what cured it. we have seen getting the containment up and getting rain showers there, good news. longer we go into the season, ground has more moisture. you see the thunderstorms
4:22 pm
and lightning strikes but there hasn't been any moisture on the ground and that is problem. >> jamie: what a catch-22, there is flooding in the rest of the country? >> we talked so much about the fires across parts of the west. take a look at this moisture across areas of the southeast. it's been a steady stream here of rain all across areas of the south and especially heavy down here across parts of the panhandle of the florida and in towards southern alabama and georgia. some quarries have seen up to 20 inches of rain in just the last three days. around the panama city area and along the coast. very heavy rain bringing flooding and more rain. no real break in this pattern all week end long. so up by the ohio valley and central gulf looking at possibly up to another five to six inches of rain. more flooding unfortunately. anywhere to the east of that we've been hot and humid and now we have heat
4:23 pm
advisory, places like boston, philadelphia, all the big cities, heat indices around hundred. so dangerous heat building across areas. northeast unfortunately for folks. check in on the elderly and neighbors and people living on fixed income if they can't keep their air-conditioning on. >> jamie: thanks so much. airport officials say they had to cancel about a dozen more flights today in and out of mexico city because of the same volcano that forced more than 45 cancellations. take a look at the volcano, spuigs ash and steam. it's a pretty picture but it can be pretty dangerous especially to that airport about 40 miles away. at least six airlines had to cancel flights as a precaution. the cops even set up a perimeter to keep folks seven miles from the crater. they asked them to use caution.
4:24 pm
volcano has put out small eruptions almost daily since 1994. this is really great news for catholics around the world. pope francis has cleared waited for not one but two former upon tifs to be cannonized as saints. vatican will make it official later this year, but pope john paul ii, a hugely popular holy father credited to help bring down communism leading the catholic church for three decades before his death in 2005. they say he is the fastest to progress to sainthood in modern times. the church will honor pope john 23rd who called the vatican reforms sweeping reforms. it begin with a historic visual the current pope francis sat side by side
4:25 pm
with pope benedict who stepped down in february. pope benedict wrote much of francis's first letter that came out today. it urges catholics to use their faith to serve the world and states that the goal of marriage is for a man and a woman to create children. back to our top story. shooting of trayvon martin, the murder trial of george zimmerman. human upheaval today. both mothers take the stand. prosecution resting its case and defense asking the court to drop all the charges. you need a judge to help sorted it out and fortunately we have one. fox reports on how we're seeing more of these as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc,
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>>. >> jamie: after nearly a month in the hospital, nelson mandela was conscious and responsive
4:29 pm
earlier this week according to a close friend of his that told sky news. they report the 94-year-old remains critical but is stable with a lung infection. that doctors have recommended against taking him life martin took the stand today. each testifying it was her son screaming for help in the background of the 911 call. meanwhile, lawyers asked the judge to consider
4:30 pm
acquitting him of second-degree murder charges claiming the state has failed to meet its burden of proof. prosecutors fought back on this that. >> two people involved here, one of them is a liar? >> yes, she shot them there is no question about that, that is direct evidence. as to issues that count, was it justified in doing it? self-defense? where is the direct that it wasn't? >> jamie: the judge denied acquittal and commonplace to ask. defense begin to present his case. joining me is judge alex ferrar. great to see you, judge. you are death penalty judge and florida attorney. and florida is a little bit strange in some of the laws and burdens of proof that shift. first about the two moms, yes, there are six women on the jury. my question is, do they
4:31 pm
cancel each other out. listen. >> screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon martin. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the ground? >> yes, sir. >> who's voice was that? >> my son's. >> are you certain of that? >> because he is my son. >> jamie: judge? >> i don't know if they cancel each other out. it's not we have one mother and another mother and its wash but the jury if they believe their son's voice or whether they just both wanted it to be their son so they don't want to believe what the other side is alleging. that is more likely the case. i doubt that either mother heard their son screaming in a panic. they testified that
4:32 pm
people's voices are at a certain range, men and women and children when they are in panic, their voice goes up to 600 hertz. so i think i speck that is what it is. >> jamie: that doesn't help us identify who it is? >> right. >> jamie: the fact that this judge said there will be no expert testimony on voice recognition of this 911 call. then the prosecution did a brilliant thing -- getting it in and setting it up but a family member can tell? >> a family member might be able to. she was right to keep the science out. it was unreliable and joke they could say they could identify. f.b.i. analyst said absolutely not. we can't scientifically identify this. but each hired their own expert. what the expert said scientifically we want
4:33 pm
computer analyze it but a family member that is familiar with the voice might be able to recognize it. the reality is that you hear your son talking. you hear your son crying, there are i fought there are few mothers screaming for their life. >> jamie: it will be interesting to see after this case what the jurors say about that particular testimony. it certainly was very compelling to hear these moms. speaking of unreliable, this medical examiner. he can't remember and there was a richardson hearing on whether or not the prosecution failed to turn over certain evidence to the defense. that is what they call the brady in florida. then he admits he changed his records just weeks before when he was preparing to testify. let me play his testimony. >> you changed your opinion two to three weeks ago
4:34 pm
about how long ago? >> three weeks ago. >> three weeks ago, about how long trayvon martin lived after sustaining the gunshot wounds. >> jamie: what is the relevance of how long trayvon survived after he was shot? >> it's not relevant. it would be relevant -- i never heard a medical examiner like him. he sounded like a loose cannon. he threw in there he was suffering up to ten minutes, which i find hard to believe. two ho heart, but we'll hear whether that is agreed to by the defense expert who happens to be the person who wrote the book, that this expert relied on. on top of that, he just volunteered that he was suffering for those ten minutes, when usually you only hear heinous and cruel for purposes of the death
4:35 pm
penalty. he changed his opinions that experts can't do before trial without notifying the other side because they have been deposed and relying on those opinions. he lived one to ten minutes -- and then opinions can be changed in an hour. so why should you trust the opinion he just gave? >> jamie: he said three weeks ago he did an autopsy 40-year-old shot in the heart by father. and this was real self-defense. i found that prejudice additional. -- prejudicial. when he asked about fingerprints that would show a struggle that would give direct evidence of who the aggressor was in that six minutes that really counted here, they said they never took photographs of the palm of trayvon martin. i understand you can throw a punch this way. you but you can push
4:36 pm
someone back this way. he didn't x-ray it. what if there was fracture? have we lost a chance to ask that question? >> no, there are a lot of things that are relevant that will come out by the pathologist. it's not unusual to see bruising on the hand of trayvon martin if he was punching george zimmerman because he was shot and his heart stop being. bruises develop over time to the area that has been injured. we're going to hear a lot of things we didn't hear from him. >> jamie: great work by the defense in terms of credibility issues of the m.e. who suddenly didn't remember and left certain parts of the autopsy out. it was fascinating and defense put on their case, we'll check back with you. thank you very much. >> case is unusual because once self-defense if it is
4:37 pm
proven the prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt it wasn't self-defense. that is other thing peculiar to florida. we have news on the economy. words that employers added 195,000 jobs last month. also reporting that the national unemployment rate held steady at 7.6. feds are saying more people are starting to look for work, remember, folks that had given up entirely. most of the jobs were part time. that soared to 360,000, an all-time record high while full time jobs were down by 240,000. still investors like what they heard, stocks were soaring. the dow was up triple-digits, 147 and analysts say if the gains continue. federal reserve will reduce stimulus possibly. that has been leaving investors jittery for weeks.
4:38 pm
wendall goler live at the white house. what is the white house reaction given the breakdown about mostly part time? >> the folks here welcome the report. they pointed out that the labor department looks at the april and may figures by up 70,000 jobs, so june is average for each of the past six months. that period was higher in job creation than the six months before. >> i think today's report revision we've seen for the past couple of months, previous reports coming in, suggests that the recovery is gaining traction. we've seen solid job gains over the last six months. 1.2 million jobs added. over last 40 months we've had 7.2 million jobs. >> the job gains weren't enough. john boehner said in a written statement, economic growth is still tepid.
4:39 pm
unemployment rate is far too high and president promotes politics that undermine robust job creation. under employment, took the biggest jump in eight months in june. >> jamie: other thing that could really affect folks across our country are the interest rates. if the fed goes ahead and makes a change, will these job number that future mortgage rates could increase? >> they are likely to go up. ben bernanke makes good on his plan to taper off bond buying this fall, actually a sign of a healthier economy because rates are kept artificially low now. the increase in mortgage rates won't be enough to derail economic recovery. >> it will have a negative impact to some extent on growth but not a major impact only because the rise in rates is still pretty modest compared to where we've been.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: the fed has been pumping $85 billion into the economy every month. the number they expect it will cut back bond buying by a quarter. >> jamie: thanks, wendall. >> i learned something about a fox news reporter you will find hard to believe. he retained something from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. now it is said to be part of the 9/11 museum. incredible detail on the story of one of our own, next. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? yes. with nature made vitamelts. melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts get a sample on our facebook page
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4:44 pm
the history button clear your past computer use but we have learned it doesn't. many search sites track your usage and share information with advertisers and sometimes the governmental peeks in, too. some search engines offer privacy and saying they are seeing a spike in business. their use handled user inquiries but doesn't store the information and there is knowing for the government to see. >> we know that people don't want to be tracked. people wanted private alternatives but don't want sacrifice. people can switch and get great results and great privacy. >> reporter: the spike in use is minuscule compared. duckduckgo handled a million but google handles a billion. >> jamie: you are never hundred percent?
4:45 pm
>> every key stroke is a fingerprinted. >> five or six years ago, i probably threw bank statements and thought they were be burned. now i shred them. >> don't throw your computers in the trash but when you are use your cellphone on a crowded elevator. you will think the same thing when you go online. >> jamie: got it. great to see you. ♪ ♪ >> jamie: for years our cameras have followed the rebuilding of the world trade center here in new york. tonight we have a look at one of art facts that will be eventually part of the museum. its just a brick but not just a brick. a fox news reporter
4:46 pm
chiseled it out of osama bin laden compound in pakistan. >> it's a humble artifact that is really indistinguishable from any other brick that you may find. yet, despite the humble nature, it an enormous story. >> a story that dominic experienced like few others in may of 2011. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, leader of al-qaeda. >> you knew you were living an historic moment. you knew that finally after ten years of hunting the world's most wanted terrorist. >> bin laden's hideout was 35 miles north where dominic was based. >> you were able to go up
4:47 pm
the stairs and go into the room where he was actually killed. >> but not for long. a few months after the raid, undercover of darkness, construction crews demolished the place. >> the pakistanis tried to destroy evidence and they decided to dig up the bricks from the foundation. >> they collected a small chunk what had been the main base of the compound. a building where navy seals gunned him down. >> there we go. it has taken quite a bit of hammering. >> he was in pakistan. this brick becomes a way for the rest of us to experience the historical significance. >> he donated the link to the 9/11 museum where planners are happy to accept it. >> i think it was extraordinary of dominic to recognize that the brick
4:48 pm
had a place in the museum of history. he very generously made it available to us so the public could have their own piece of history. >> it means a lot to america. it's my gift to america. it really is. i think it's the greatest country in the world and the very least i could do. >> it's just a brick but on the spot where osama bin laden destroyed so many lives, it's also a powerful symbol of how he mitt his own violent end. >> jamie: dominic, that is awesome. planners say the 9/11 museum will open next spring. >> coming up turmoil in egypt and latest developments with a key american ally. a live report from the pentagon next.
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♪ >> jamie: more on what has reportedly deadly protests in egypt following a coup. as we told you protestors have been fighting it out in cairo today. leaders from around the world including the u.s. watching very closely and jennifer griffin is live with more. what are u.s. officials saying about the changes in egypt? >> so far the white house and other administration officials have refused to refer to the egyptian military removal of president morsi as a coup. the president left the white house to play golf at andrews and he took off for ry remains on nantucket and is facing criticism boating while
4:53 pm
morsi government fell. they are icing the holiday weekend and the fact that congress is away for a week to see what happens in egypt. president avoided any mention of egypt when he addressed guests. >> losing any funding and it seems like the white house doesn't want to call it a coup. do they have to cut off found affecting they call it a coup? >> by law, technically, the u.s. congress is supposed to cut off funding if a coup takes place, that is military coup takes playing. they have been so careful to use those words. that would trigger automatic freezes of $1.3 billion in u.s. aid to the egyptian military but it shouldn't tie the hands of administration according to former ambassador john bolton. >> i would keep the aid flowing particularly to military where we have the most leverage. all of this talk about why
4:54 pm
the administration can't call it a coup, can't speak the truth, really conceals the fact in virtually all of our foreign assistance legislation there is a presidential waiver power. >> reporter: african union has rejected in what they are calling a military coup but saudi arabia, qatar have welcomed the changes. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu ordered his minister to remain mum until the dust settles the egypt. >> jamie: rescuers were fast to save a man in roo rising floodwaters. we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> china, firefighters saved a guy that was 300 feet from the shore. they waved a rope system to reach him. they sent a life jacket and small float across the line.
4:55 pm
he made it to safety about an hour later. >> peru, in the capital city of lima, protestors say they are fighting new education laws that would toughen standards at universities. they blocked the government offices and some demonstrators hurled rocks. police fired back with tear gas and water cannons. >> in india, 10,000 people are reportedly still missing after a monsoon. the storms brought torrential rain and triggered landslides. deadly weather has killed more than a thousand people and left thousands more homeless. crews now say they are making progress to restore damaged roads. >> thailand, a fitness boot camp for potted bell i had police. in bangkok the to get officers in better shape. 12-day program regiment of
4:56 pm
yoga and fitness ro rui tien teen. >> jamie: baseball got a black eye on this day in history. that is next. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more ways to help you find yours. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down
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5:00 pm
for this friday. hope you had a great 4th of july so far. i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. shep is back monday. i'll see you back 1:00 eastern. o'riley factor is on. tonight. >> some of the biggest names of the movie, music world, television, enter the no-spin zone. >> bill: five kids? >> five kids there might be more. i haven't talked to my wife in an hour. >> just all the babies at home to make you feel uncomfortable. >> academy award winner ben affleck. >> i am not worried about what my liberal friends are going to say. >> bill: getting real about gun control. >> i believe that there could be more comprehensive and effective controls on the sale of guns. >> and dynasty guy proves his program


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