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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> the question is, is there a relatively new aircraft? >> this is boeing triple 7. i mentioned that boeing will be one of parties to our investigation and we work very closely with entities who have expertise to bring that to the investigation. triple 7 has been around for a while. carrying several hundred passengers and we will be looking at everything when we get there. we have not determined what the focus of the investigation is yet. we have to get on the scene to begin to collect the factual information to do the documentation and to draw on our experts that will be putting information together en route. one more question. >> is there any that this is pilot error. as i said, we haven't left washington yet. we will be looking at everything, everything is on the table at this point. we have to gather the facts before we reach any conclusions. n.t.s.b.'s investigations
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are very thorough. we will gather information and provide that information to the media as soon as possible. thank you all very much. >> chris: our continuing coverage of a crash at san francisco international airport today. there --. >> rick: there are were many injured but we don't have exact numbers. you you are watching continuing team coverage at crash at sfo that involved a boeing triple 7 that was on its way to san francisco, landing that originated in seoul, south korea. as you heard from the n.t.s.b. chairman, teams are on their way to san francisco, teams that are based both in los angeles and teams that are flying out from washington, d.c. they'll be there on the scene right now. we're just getting news from one of hospitals in the area. san francisco general hospital, there is a trauma
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center there. that is where a number of injured were taken. as of 2:00 p.m. local time, hospital there says it has received ten patients total, six females, four males all involved in the airline crash. eight adults, two children, they range from 20-40s and there are two children, as well. all the patients are in critical condition. as we take a look at the videotape. the aftermath of the plane there with the tail missing, gone. you can see the top of the fuselage there completely burned away in a fire that begin after the crash. passengers and crew are taken off of the plane in the aftermath. number taken away with either minor or no injuries at all. in fact there were tweets from passengers who said that everything around here looks fine. unbelievable considering
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the fact this was a plane that was packed with people just under 300 or so including 16 crew members. you can see the you can see how that inside that intear your of airplane is completely -- interior of the airplane is burned out. >> arthel: n.t.s.b. is going to hit the ground running. they will be looking into all sorts of angle orders this crash, operations, human performance, conditions at the airport. airport operations. we've been hearing from more people that witnessed this crash. in fact, we want to listen there fisherman who describes what he saw. >> something happened. i didn't see or hear it. but it caught the other fisherman's attention but i saw it was coming in to land, you see the front end pop up and slam down.
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i went from there and big explosion and all the smoke that most people have seen. >> was there flames? >> we do see flames. i sort caught the tail end. i didn't see, i saw the plane flip up and slam down and a little bit later it exploded. there was black smoke all over the place. >> arthel: that was an eyewitness account of a fisherman nearby. it appears, rick, from the various eyewitnesses we have spoken with, everybody seems to talk about the problem at the last minute of that landing there on runway 28 left in the san francisco airport. asiana flight 214 coming from south korea scheduled to land at 11:26 a.m.
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we are awaiting a news conference from the san francisco airport. as we just reported that n.t.s.b. is on the way. we have three west coast based investigators. they will get their first and around 7:00 pacific, 9:00 rest of crew will should be arriving there. they will be looking into every angle of this flight at the crash landing. boeing triple 7 involved in the boeing company is cooperating with the investigation. also korean air, they are on board with the investigations. that is where the flight originated from. they will be looking at everything from weather conditions. we've reported that the conditions there were pretty perfect but looking at everything from weather, other issues, flight data. of course, the accident
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scene is going to be biggest part of the investigation as well. >> rick: we're going hear from the airport. if you are expecting to fly into or out of san francisco international airport today, that is not going to happen. if you were going to pick up a loved one or friend, their flight has been diverted to another airport. you going to have work through that and figure out exactly where the person you are going to pick up is going to be. there will be uncertainty and confusion because they really need to lock down this airport and keep the scene as it is until investigators are able to get in there. san francisco is major hub of many international air carriers. this will be something that is will cause some problems that will be ripple effect. as you see investigators on the ground in a line,
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shoulder to shoulder, they will be doing a full sweep of that area. as you know when there are crashes like this, and they are very rare, but when they happen, the investigators get on the scene and gather up any little tiny piece of information. any little speck of debris that they are able to find. in many cases they actually recould construct the airplane in a nearby hangar. there is a big part of the airplane that is intact but the tail is gone. one of the engines is gone. we heard from eyewitness that was on the phone a couple minutes ago she saw the engine fly off upon the impact in landing and burst into flames. that would be the engine that should have been in front of the wing on the left-hand side of your screen to your taking a picture at the right. if you taking a look at these pictures and see the top of the airplane burned
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away, know that the fire broke out after the plane was already on the ground. there was some moments, we don't know exactly how long, moments for first responders to get people off of the plane before the fire really started to burn. this is picture that demonstrates that very, very well. you can see the smoke that is rising from the center of the aircraft, but the top of the plane is intact and that is probably what gave the first responders time to save so many lives. >> arthel: flight attendants were quick to react to employ those safety slides, emergency slides that you see every time you get on a flight. they demonstrate them in a safety video they show. rick, we were talking about how eyewitnesses saw one of the engines fall off. it is, indeed, a twin engine, boeing 777 is most popular aircraft chosen for
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long distance flights. this was coming in from seoul, south korea flight 214. this plane is often used for flights up to 12 hours or more. if you are traveling from one continent to another. as you said, san francisco airport is a very, very popular airport. it's the tenth busiest airport in the u.s. 25th busiest airport in the world handling over a million passengers each week. in a day the airport averages over thousand flights. that is in a day. >> rick: we are getting information about who was on the plane. just a breakdown because this plane, asiana originating in seoul, south korea. it's based in south korea. the flight had a we're told, 291 passengers. plus 16 crew members. it was 291 passengers and
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also 16 crew members. the flight carrying at least 141 chinese passengers, 77 passengers from south korea, and 61 passengers who are u.s. citizens, that is according to the reuters news service. they are giving us a little information according to a south korean official who was on the plane and which countries they come from. want to talk a little bit more asiana air, history of this airline, dominic is live in los angeles. >> hey there, rick. asiana has had two fatal incident incidents in the past two-20 years. both involved boeing aircraft. one was 737-500 back in 1993 crashed it was coming to land during bad weather.
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66 passengers were killed in that crash and also two members of the crew. it actually attempted three times to land, it was very difficult weather. very different circumstances than san francisco and whether that will have a dimension, it remains to be seen. worst crash was particularly bad weather. most recent incident was back in 2011, a cargo plane that crashed. it was in shanghai. it was just two crew members on that flight that were killed at the time. and body count because cargo aircraft particularly have a small number of crew, usually only two. it was taking off from the
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inchon airport and it was crashed into the ocean in south korea. apparently it had reported a fire in the cargo compartment. a history of fire there was one of the boeing planes. as the investigation tend to find out appears to be different circumstances individual circumstances. i'm not trying to elude to the fire that could be the same sort of cause the fire today up in san francisco. the 777 itself has a good safety record. there has been 1105 put in service and low number of incidents. one of the reasons it's popular because of the range but also because of the safety record. it can take a large number of people and few incidents involved in that aircraft which is why boeing has been able to sell so many around the world.
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>> rick: as we take a look at the debris. you saw just a minute ago that colorful piece of debris right at the tip of the runway that we believe to be a part of the tail that simply broke away. there have been some eyewitness reports it was the back of the plane that hit the runway first, slamming down. that is where the tail came off. then you can imagine, you can see the distance there that the plane actually traveled, skidded before coming to a stop. it's hard to know exactly how long that is. that is couple hundred yards that the plane skidded and you can only imagine the fear of the people on board the plane as they were landing a ten plus hour flight from seoul, south korea. we're going touch found douchb and get a chance to stretch my legs, smoke a cigarette and then all of a
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sudden this happens. >> arthel: ten hours and 23 minutes you are definitely ready to be off that plane. this the last thing you want to contend with. of course, we're going to continue to follow this for you. in the meantime, i want to let you know we're getting information out from the white house. president has been made aware of the situation and his team will update him as new information becomes available. we're going to continue to stay in constant contact with federal, state and local partners. this is from the white house as they respond to this event. we here on fox news channel will have much more on the san francisco crash as we await a news conference. we're going to take a quick break. and we'll be right back with more on crash landing on flight 214 originating from seoul, south korea. this is. her long day of pick ups and drop offs
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>>. >> rick: fox news alert. rick folbaum along with arthel nevil. and we're continuing coverage of a commercial jet crash at san francisco international airport. an asiana 777 going down upon landing originating from seoul, south korea landing in san francisco and having major problem as it touched down, losing a tail and major fire ensued and there are fatalities a number of people injured. we have not been able to confirm those numbers for you. as soon as we do we will bring them to you. we are awaiting a news conference out of san francisco at the airport. they are expected to brief reports. we'll bring you that live as soon as it happens.
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couple minutes ago we heard from the care man of n.t.s.b., national transportation safety board debra hirstmab who spoke to reporters. we want to bring you her remarks as we awaited officials if in san francisco. let's take a listen. >> good afternoon. my name is debby hurttman i am the chairman of the national transportation safety board. i am here with our teams. we are launching to the crash that occurred in san francisco international airport earlier today. we had a boeing triple 7 asiana flight 214 that was originating in seoul, south korea. destined for san francisco. they were coming in on runway 28 left at san francisco international airport. they crashed on landing. we have a number of
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investigators or launching with us here from headquarters. they are being led by investigator in charge bill english. we have number of subject matter experts who will be leading specific teams. this those teams will be focused on operations, human performance, survival factors, the airport, airport operations and people on the air crash into systems, the structures and the power plant. we are going to be supported by a number of team members here in washington, d.c. they are in the process of collecting information on air traffic control operations, on weather and on maintenance issues. they will be able to gather information while the rest of our team is en route to provide us that information so we can hit the ground running. we have three investigators who are based on the west
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coast. they are deploying right now to the accident scene to stake it down in advance of our team's arrival from washington. so the investigators are based in the l.a. air and should receive in san francisco in the next -- arrive in the next couple of hours. i have spoke to the administrator from the faa. getd cooperation from the federal administration and from boeing and other participants. we are working with our counterparts in korea, dorean air and accident investigation board and we will -- korean air and investigation board. we are leaving now and should arrive in san francisco in a few hours and then we will get to work when we arrive. happy to take any questions. >> at this point what do you think happened? >> the question is, at this point what do we think happened? obviously we have a lot of work to do.
3:22 pm
as our teams arrive on scene. we're going to be will go at the aircraft to find the cockpit recorders functioning and to get information from them as well as document the accident scene. it's too early for us to tell. we haven't left washington yet. once we arrive in san francisco we'll have a lot better sense of what is going on and be able to provide additional information. >> are there any other questions? the question is, is this a relatively new aircraft? this is boeing triple 7 and boeing will be likely be one of the parties to our investigation. we work very closely entities that have expertise. triple 7 has been around for a while. carrying several hundred passengers and we will be looking at everything when we get there. we have not determined what the focus of this investigation is yet. we have to get on the scene
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to really begin to collect the factual information to do the documentation and to draw on our experts who will be putting together information while en route. one more question. >> is there extent chance of pilot error? >> as i said before we haven't left washington yet. we have a lot of work to do. we will be looking offering the table at this point. we have to gather the facts before we reach any conclusions. n.t.s.b. investigations are very thorough. we will gather information and provide that information to the media as soon as possible. thank you all very much. >> arthel: let's go to the san francisco general hospital there, there is a news conference in progress. let's take a listen to what this on they have to reported right now. >> i don't know that. i'll have to give you that -- i don't know that.
3:24 pm
no, i don't. i don't know that. i don't know the number, normally we do have them at the hospital. we also have a language service which allows us manys wills interpreted. that is normal state of affairs this many people that korean is not normal but we are working to make sure that they have language access. we're not -- we could take 20 more. we can take more than that. that is why we are here. i don't know that. i will have to confirm that at 4:00. no, i cannot. the number, really depends on what kind of injuries someone has and what kind of occasion and if they are
3:25 pm
treated at emergency department. we know we can take them because we have set up tents and squaring out emergency room also who can be treated elsewhere in the hospital. we are putting into practice our disaster training. we are capable of treating everyone that needs care here today. i only have limited information but i will do another update at 4:00. we have ten critically injured patients. we received another five i don't have conditions on and we are expecting about 15 more. that was at the scene. that is information from sfo, that is not information i'm generating. we were told 230 not as hurt. 75 of them going to hospitals and 20 to 30
3:26 pm
coming here. go ahead. i don't know if any deaths here. i have no information on deaths here. yes? no, i don't know that right now. i don't have any information other than what i've given you all. i'll be back at 4:00, call the media hot line hourly and i'll keep out churning information. as long as we have new information and then when we don't have any new information i'll let you know. okay, thank you. >> arthel: that is rachel cajin, chief information officer at san francisco general hospital trying her best to update with so many questions.
3:27 pm
she is maintaining a lot of patients as everybody is trying to figure out how many people are there and what ties of injuries there are. she wasn't able to give specifics but they are there and ready and capable and prepared to handle all of the patients that are coming in to the san francisco general hospital. there are some other hospitals in the area that are treating patients, as well. some of them have gone over to the st. francis medical center and st. mary's medical center. one of the things that miss kagen told them. they have interpreters on the scene in order to help with the communication issues. a little bit of background, passengers on board that flight 214 coming from seoul, south korea. it was carrying at least 141 chinese people, 77 of them from south korea and some 61 u.s. citizens.
3:28 pm
that is the official count at this point that we have. so at you can imagine, there are some language barriers there. >> rick: any time on an international flight, you are going to have those kinds of issues. san francisco is an international city. these hospitals are world class. they will be prepared and doing the best they can as we take a look at fuselage, unbelievable scene to see an airplane looking like that. top burned away. when we come back. we'll talk with a u.s. congressman that represents the 15th congressional district of california, an area right near san francisco international airport. a congressman that uses it weekly. we'll talk when we come right back. don't go away. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime.
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♪ >> rick: our continuing coverage of commercial jet crash, asiana air, a 777 going down a few hours ago. congressman flies in and out of san francisco international each and every week. congressman our condolences to the people in the district and whole san francisco metropolitan area that was affected by this? >> this it is a tragedy and one of the first ones in san francisco for quite some time. i'm learning more and more on the ground. i know n.t.s.b., national
3:33 pm
transportation safety board are on the ground right now trying to learn more about what happened, but yeah our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected by this. it really is i think a real miracle that more people were not hurt in looks like a fiery plane crash. >> rick: it is unbelievable and we are looking at the pictures on the screen right now. that is obviously not how to look. this is something you are very familiar with. we understand the plane was attempting to land on a runway that comes in right off the bay, right off of san francisco bay. if folks are looking at the google map we have on the screen, 28 left, 28 "l" would be the runway sort of on the far right heading into the right corner of your television screen right now. talk to buses the approach. have you ever flown in that runway and what it is like? >> i know 28 "l" very well.
3:34 pm
i have locked over hundred thousand miles since ways sworn in congress in january. it's an approach, you see the beautiful skyline of san francisco as you come in. you are about 2,000 feet over the runway. you usually touchdown and 3,000 feet foot runway at 28 "l". along the water you see instrument landing system that is used that helps guide the pilot and there are number of different indicators they can use. many of them will choose to turn the auto piloted off and fly that plane manually as they land. you are close to the water as you approach. >> rick: we heard from someone who was also flying in on a different airplane, a smaller airplane from a nearby regional airport. she was talking about some wind. even though the weather was good, visibility was good, have you ever felt like the plane wobble a little bit on that approach onto that
3:35 pm
runway? >> you do. in the summertime in san francisco bay area is very chilly at times. the winds will gust right through there. it's not uncommon to have a little bit of turbulence as you land. that is why those visual glide delegaters there and instrument panel on the ground is intended to assist the pilots. also, many times there is a low visibility base of the fog in the area. even a beautiful summer like today, in the morning there will be fog. >> rick: we have new pictures of some of the passengers and folks right after, pictures that were sent to us. you can only imagine the trauma that the folks have been through, if not emotional trauma been on the plane or witness to it. the woman we spoke to seemed pretty shaken up.
3:36 pm
at we take a look at the people sitting at the airport. have you gotten any information. this is big international hub. a lot of traffic comes out of san francisco international. do you know when they are going to reopen the airport? >> we are hearing within hours two more runways will be open. i can imagine the passengers are terrified. not since 2001, rockaway plane crash in new york has been there a major airliners had a fatality. it's been relatively safe to fly on a commercial airliner. many upgrades to the landing systems and using better efforts to investigate prior crashes, that makes us more safer in the air. it's terrifying to be reminded these planes can go down like this. >> rick: i'm glad you
3:37 pm
mentioned that. we had some information, folks get freaked out when they see stories, understandably when there are commercial plane crashes. our research department at fox news reminding us according to information from government data there are about two deaths worldwide for every hundred million passengers that get on board around the world, not just here but all over the the world. it really is good to keep it in perspective how safe air travel is in spite of these very unfortunate incidents. i wanted to ask you quickly, we saw a spokesman from the hospitals. a number of area hospitals. talk to us about the preparedness. this is part of country that is unfortunately accustomed to big types of emergencies including natural disasters and earthquakes. talk to us about the preparedness level of first responders and local
3:38 pm
hospitals there who will be helping out with those that are injured today. >> we saw the value of our first responders just as we saw boston bombings the last tragedy our country witnessed. this area, alameda county sheriffs on office made a protocol called urban shield. that is emergency preparedness response drill. all of the local agencies, san francisco, san mateo they have been a part of it. they re-enact disasters like this, plane crashes, bombs going off at stadiums or an attack that may occur in a city center, then what they do is react. they are evaluated on how they react. their work today is actually to be credited with the alameda county sheriff's office and urban shield program that trains all the first responders on an annual basis. >> chris: you represent the 15th congressional district that includes the bay area. congressman, you were right
3:39 pm
on the money, a couple of runways were about to reopen. we got confirmation two runways have reopened. airport tweeting out please check with the airlines for updated arrival and departure information. so good news there. congressman swalwell all the best to to you. thank you, rick. we'll be praying for them. >> arthel: i want to bring in nina radcliff, i want to talk about to you about some of the injuries that they may be treating those passengers for. some 75 patients have been taken to area hospitals there in san francisco. we don't know the extent of those injuries at the moment but if you could, tell me in your experience what you might think could
3:40 pm
be some of the immediate and residual injuries, as well. >> two major types of injuries. first crash injuries, when the plane hit the ground, this is similar to when you have a car accident, injuries that can happen to the brain or result to the face or heart, like a cardiac problems. or lung, injuries to the abdominal areas or broken bones. then we have the fire that happened additionally. that is whole range of injuries, burn injuries can affect and very severe psychological effect and smoke inhalation and injury inhaling carbon monoxide that can be definitely in a couple minutes and then cyanide poisoning, industrial palace tifx that could have burned. >> arthel: as you know many times people in a situation like this is a very v traumatic situation, they are in shock and perhaps don't even realize they
3:41 pm
have been injured. if you could talk about some of the symptoms that could be considered minor but you may want to warn those passengers not to ignore those symptoms because they could, in fact, be something more serious? >> right. any of the passengers who were on the plane i do recommend they seek medical care. i'm sure they have at the scene. it's not just the injury but breathing carbon monoxide could have a deadly effect on you and it could be subtle to something to the heartbeat or feel light headedness. anyone should get medical care. >> arthel: what about the psychological impact on something like this? >> this is like post-traumatic stress for years to come. people die or get injured. this can go on for years and it's not going end today or even at the end of the investigation.
3:42 pm
these people will need psychological care and support services for years to come. >> arthel: you mentioned some of the the immediate, the injuries on impact. what about a little bit more on the residual effects of this. not necessarily long term but it could be next week. it could be two weeks. >> right. that is one of the things, over the next several days, the hospital will indicate to the media how the patients are doing. they will use terms like the american hospital association has developed, fair, stable, critical and serious. to give us an idea how people are doing, based on vital signs, heart rate and blood pressure and breathing. we will get an idea over the next several days. people may need breathing tubes or attached to a breathing machine. they may need blood pressure increasing medications. they may need blood transfusions. there are number of things. broken bones and then all
3:43 pm
of the things that come along with it. people may have had a heart attack or number of different injuries before we look at the long-term effects of this. >> arthel: we do appreciate your expertise and joining west information in how those patients might be doing. as we were listening to the doctor talk about the possible injuries. we want to remind people that airlines are pretty safe. we got information, flying remains one of the safest forms of transportation. as you heard the doctor's report what could have happened to the people as we look at the picture of crash. you can get a little freaked out but it's still a safe way to travel, flying that is. >> rick: we are awaiting a press conference from the officials at san francisco airport. when we come back we'll talk to a eyewitness to the
3:44 pm
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. >> rick: welcome back to breaking news coverage to a crash of a commercial jetliner at san francisco international airport earlier today. that is the plane as it sits right now. you can see the tail is gone and top of the fuselage burned out. there are dozens of injuries and reports of at
3:48 pm
least one, perhaps two fatalities. we have not been able to confirm those numbers for you. this is an asiana jetliner that crashed after taking off from seoul, south korea, flying over the pacific attempting to land at san francisco international airport. we just gotten first comments from asiana. they ranked as number two airline in the country. they tweeting out, thank you for concern and support at this time. we are currently investigating and update with news as soon as possible. our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and flight crew on the flight. we hope to provide you with further info asap. that is the tweet. at this point in time the only statement we got from the airline that as involved in today's crash at sfo. >> arthel: they are working closely with n.t.s.b.
3:49 pm
we wanted to let you know two runways have reopened at san francisco international. they are advising check with the airlines on updates on arrival and departure information. we are waiting more information from the san francisco airlifted. their press conference happening momentarily and we will bring it to you. >> rick: you saw graphics on the screen. they were blue and yellow. color scheme of ktvu. fox station in san francisco. we're going to take a quick break and monitor some coverage from our partner ktvu and speak to an eyewitness to this crash. we'll share some patients when we come right back.
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>> fox nows alert. we have tried to nail town hard numbers for you to let you know how many people were injured or killed in the plane crash in san francisco international. fox is able to confirm 23 people total are treated at local hospitals in the san francisco area. ten at san francisco general and all critical and two of those patients are kids. six are treated in san francis
3:54 pm
medical center. and five treated in st. mary's center and two being treated in the ucsf center. one male and one female in stable condition. 291 people on board and six crew members total, 317, i can't read my handwriting there and that loves a number of people that perhaps walked away from this without major injuries. that is unbelievable. >> it is remarkable. we'll bring in isa bella who witnessed the plane crash from the marriott hotel. tell us what you saw? >> well, i was sitting in the lobby in the marriott, when i looked up and i noticed people cross from us had gotten up and a shocked look on their 73s and i looked out of the window and the plane was coming in
3:55 pm
extremely fast and frantic and not like the other planes. and the wing clipped a car on the runway and made it spin out of control on the runway. >> we are showing you the pictures you were able to take right after that plane crash and you jumped to action quickly there. and you said that you saw the plane spinning. was it spinning like a top or rolling over in >> it was coined of first cart wheled and nose to the ground and the tail was in the air and the tail came pack to the growned and then it pun and down the runway. >> what were you thinking when you saw that? could you believe you saw a crash landing before your eyes? >> absolutely not. i was in complete shock of what was happening. i asked myself was this role
3:56 pm
life over and over again? it was a surreal thing. >> why were you at the marriott, isa bella. i was with my grand parents who had take know me and my sister to san francisco to visit for a couple of days. >> i am glad you and your grand parents are well. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> quite a afternoon on the holiday weekend. breaking news that we will continue the coverage on fox nows coverage. >> we'll have a special two hour fox report. >> we are pack at 11:00 p.m. eastern. so you. >>
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>> breaking news on the fox report, an international flight crashes in san francisco and bursts in flames and most of the people on boardwalk away. i am hoether childers recollects asianic airline crashing while landing in the san francisco international airport. the boeing 777 burst in flames. and the passengers were forced to sloyd down to


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