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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 7, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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show. thanks to my panel and to all of you watching. i'm paul gigot and i hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> what they care about is making extremely negative example to intimidated future whistleblowers. >> guardian columnist that conduit provided by edward snowden defending the illegal actions of the source. is he acting as journalist or activated and what is the difference? >> did you think it was anything following him to see where he was going? >> no. >> eric: murder trial of george zimmerman and are the media pressing their agenda trying to convicted zimmerman. n.f.l. star facing charges
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of other misdeeds, on could the media be blamed for ignoring the bad behavior? a journalist died in a fiery crash and details sketch can kli? was this part of a conspiracy? and pulling the plug on a radio news host. >> did you have a problem with the nra or jesus or chicken fill lay. >> on the panel, contributor, judy miller. monica crowley. jim pinkerton, fox news analyst juan williams and fox news contributor rick grenell. i'm eric shawn. fox news watch is on right now. >> thomas jefferson said those investigations that attack a free press first.
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so free press as a journalist tell my fellow citizens that the government is collecting all their phone records and email and tapping into their facebook conversations and skype telephone calls. this is about journalism is about shining a light on what powerful people in the country are doing and we are going to continue doing that. >> eric: that is glen greenwald. his actions causing a debate over activism and journalism. they quote, a real journalist is one who understands at a certain level and doesn't shy away from the relationship between government and press. very tension that american founders had in mind. with the f amendment. those who fully meet the description deserve to be >> eric: "new york times" columnist warns i do think
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activism which is the determination that can prompt discovery can also impair vision. if an agenda is in play and momentum at work, cracks may be unexplored. judy miller you served time in prison. has he gone over the lie? >> i don't he has. i think he needs to be defended. he a journalist with a point of view. he is a columnist. he a blogger. he is now a member of our profession and we ought to stop those people who suggest that he is guilty of some kind of crime for soliciting news or encouraging people to talk to him what is what the government tried to say about james rosen. >> eric: i don't know if greenwald is fair and honest? >> what do you mean fair? he has a point of view and he is open about it. i think the problem is journalists who have an agenda, that a reader or viewer is not aware of. >> we don't know that
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greenwald is fair but we leave it to sort that out. history will judge whether he is accurate or not. in the meantime, in the interests of all journalists to protect their right to free speech even though as we agree that snowden is looking less and less glamorous and more and more like a dupe for the russians. >> eric: they talk about him being a hero or trader? >> i think -- or traitor. >> on greenwald it's much more interesting to me. when you look at the rosen case the idea that an american journalist would be targeted for prosecution as part of that conspiracy, you think in the rosen case there was use of aliases and blind email accounts and the government might think there is something more going on here. if you put the government in charge of who is journalist and who is not journalist we undo first amendment protection.
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you difficulty at this you get a terrorist and i am working for "x" magazine and i wanted to end american democracy because i think america is a terrible place. >> and spy on al-qaeda magazine stwh that person a journalist? i don't think so. i think like in the rosen case, the mistake that was made there was law enforcement didn't say, hey, who is this guy? does he have a record? does he have background as a professional journalist? >> there are interesting questions here, journalists and propaganda. and activists the question in this case is not glen greenwald. he is not the issue here. he was the conduit that reported the story. the real question is edward snowden. traitor, the media likes a
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stark distinction. they would like to chase it down. hero or traitor i think he is somewhere in the middle. you can actually be on the side of wanting state secrets to be protected but also being deeply concerned about this kind of a program and potential abuses of this program. >> eric: we have a statement from snowden. it says in the end obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, we are powerless, the obama is afraid of you and informed republic and -- rick grenell you served four ambassadors to the united nations. what do you think about that kind of perspective that american public should be afraid of the government? >> i don't think the be afraid of the governmental but the government has a
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responsibility to make sure that classified information it has is protected and it hires people who protect that information. i also don't think that the government should deciding who is a journalist because whether you work for the "new york times," meet the press, or a blogger or activist on twitter, you are a journalist that puts in these issues. the government shouldn't be involved. i tell you what is happening here is the approved journalist, the media in washington who have been getting all these leaks are really up stheat glen is coming into a forefront and unapproved journalist. the issue is upsetting the apple cart in the media world. >> eric: you are smiling and laughing. is that the relationship in washington? >> glen greenwald is not part of that club but it's more than a semantic debate. we are trying to enact a federal shield law to
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protect sources of journalists. how to you define journalists are very important. >> i want to say i agree with thomas jefferson, said the government should be afraid of the people. [ laughter ] >> i must say contrary to what we adjudicate read from snowden, the american people are not mad at the american government after his revelation. to the contrary. when you look at the polls they are mad at snowden. they think his behavior and he has fled the country and not been accountable is reprehensible. >> i will say when polling the american people, they are concerned about this program and potential abuses of it. >> correct but if you ask them understanding that we live in age of terrorism. is this something that the government needs to engage in. they would also say yes. >> restricted to terrorism, but we don't know. >> eric: 59% say the government surveillance invades american's privacy. they think the government
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has gone too far. >> if you take young people, which i think you've got to think about the future of our country, young people are overwhelmingly upset with this type. they live on facebook and twitter. they are accustomed to having their information out in public. it's their idea of what is private. i saw a poll once 77% of young people are truly upset with the government coming down on snowden. they think of snowden as a hero. >> eric: let's leave it a as that and statement that snowden whether wikileaks and assange -- next on news watch what is behind the interest in the zimmerman murder trial? >> they are consumed by the george zimmerman murder trial. is the media drumming up more speculation instead of reporting on facts? the answer is next on news watch.
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>> permanently for a moment, the story accurate and he did in fact he received the back of his head. martin was hitting his head against concrete, correct? >> yes, sir. >> so you consider that into the concrete? >> yes, sir. >> so he may not have been armed when he was walking but he armed himself with something that could cause
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great bodily injury or death? >> yes, sir. >> eric: testimony in the murder trial of george zimmerman. the trial getting wall to wall media coverage. why all the interested? according to blogger, only reason proceedings is because the media is obsessed that zimmerman has committed a racial atrocity. there is a did i nap i can that the media is interested in. man on man, egypt, obamacare and this is wall to wall. >> i think it's race. i think actually not in the trial but us as the american people. remember the media initially libeled mr. zimmerman this was a white guy that attacked a black teenager. he might have been in fact a neighborhood watch guy who was very concerned and
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profiling. that is possible. it's not necessarily racial because in fact he has some hispanic background. what concerns me in this, i think the fascination with the american mind has forced it so conservatives they are pro zimmerman. liberals say they are pro martin. wait a second, black and white -- i think it's sort of a most primitive low level of racial division that is being played on by media. >> i think it fuels that kind of racial anger and misrepresentation. >> eric: look what nbc did for editing improperly some of his phone calls. "new york times" called him a white hispanic? >> to make zimmerman essentially a local news story. it's become a national news story because the mainstream media picked up on the racial story and infused the entire story based on race. if trayvon martin had been
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shot by a black man that happens in every day in big cities you would never hear trayvon martin. it would not have this kind of coverage. this black on black violence and minority violence every single day. of course it's a national story because it is a race. the burden of proof is on the state to prove that mr. zimmerman is guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. the media has flipped that and invited mr. zimmerman and called him out guilty before the trial got under way. >> eric: and moving forward with lot of other trials. it's a tragedy no matter how you cut it. what is the media's responsibility? >> i'm going to associate with jack's comments in huffington post he said enough. this is too much. it's just too much. as you pointed out we have a few things going on in the world, largest protest
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in human history in egypt. a president having come back from africa. nelson mandela on death's door, 19 firefighters die in a horrible blaze and we're hearing is zimmerman, zimmerman. i think it's overkill but it doesn't reflect what the country. >> maybe hit them on the head. one of the networks zoomed up to number one. >> huffington post said enough. that zimmerman get acquitted or a mistrial. the disappointment on msnbc as case falls apart. you can see them so sad that zimmerman may get off. >> eric: rick, you are in l.a. and i think of o.j. having been there for that. we have these continually. >> yeah, you know this is a media bias show. i didn't care much about the zimmerman trial until
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the media jumped in and really judged the case from the beginning. you've got abc news matt gutman who from the beginning manipulated video to make it look like zimmerman didn't have any injuries. now this week and last week we see gutman making all sorts of mistakes. he is not reporting the facts. he is dramaizing. the judge gutman has decided. when the media come in and they decide a case before we even started hearing the facts, i think then the american public gets outraged at the media. i think that is what we're seeing now, the story is completely switched as to what we once were told by the media. >> eric: final judge will be the jury when they get that case. thank you. next on news watch, crime and the media. >> high profile and big money n.f.l. stars make headlines after a string of arrests. can bad boy behavior be
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> n.f.l. star aaron hernandez is in massachusetts jail accused of first-degree murder and under investigation in potential role for two other killings. according to a database, 31 n.f.l. players have been arrested since the superbowl. charges ranging from murder attempted murder, assault, public intoxication and list goes on and on. monica, you know what they are going to say, they aggressive out there on gridiron and look what happens. >> and always been in the story. her her is a horrible story because dealing with a murder and possibly two other murders that are being investigated. hernandez was a hot shot on the new england patriots.
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obviously the celebrity culture that comes into this. when the media tries to make this into story some huge crime rate in n.f.l. is not accurate. 29 players arrested represent 1% trying to vie for roster spot. n.f.l. players only represent one-fourth as often as men in that age bracket 22-34 in the general population. they are not talking about -- they are better behaved than men in that age bracket in the general population but they do get all the headlines because they make a lot of money and we tend to look at sports figures as role models. >> eric: and they goize on these guys. they don't do crime stories. >> until they clobber them. they are heros until they do something like hernandez. >> eric: one thing as
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sports pages or horrible situation like this? >> hernandez discovering what it is like to make that jump. >> my take these guys are role models. charles barkley said i'm not a role model. hell yes you are a role model. you look at hernandez with all the tattoos up and down his arms, an attitude, i think it's absolutely something that is poison thousands for young americans and young people of color. when they look for male examples of what success looks like, they see hernandez or they see charles barkley and these guys. ifthey are misbehaving, you know what you are supposed to rereply indicated to have a dowag on your head and just got out of police. i think it's wrong. i hope somebody would say it. >> eric: great point. thank you. we have to move on to something else that is pretty troubling,
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conspiracy theory related to the death of a journalist. award winning journalist michael hastings was killed in a car crash about 4:00 in the morning. his 2010 rolling stone article on stanley mcchrystal, he was forced to resign. there is questions surrounding his death. afternoon before the crash he emailed co-workers, the feds are sbuflgs my close friends and associates. if the authorities arrive, it may be wise to request legal counsel before any information about news gathering practices and related issues. i'm on to a big story and i need to go off the radar and all the best. michael, judy, it sounds frightening. >> this is a story that merits coverage. i don't believe in
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conspiracy theories normally, but there is so much suspicious about michael hastings death. he was extraordinarily talented reporter, really fearless and he had a lot of enemies in special forces but at 4:00 a.m. accident in los angeles at a time when he had just stowed his wife, who is extraordinarily talented person that he was working on the hottest story of his life. >> eric: you think people would kill him for that? >> you can't discount it. richard clarke says it's actually able to hijack a car, former design cyber czar of united states. >> eric: we'll continue to follow this story. next to news watch, facebook targets and one of our own.
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>> eric: here a message radio host pat starnes received accusing him of violating the community standards which bans nudity, bullying, harassment, pornography and spam. so what did starnes actually post. >> well, he said this, i'm about politically incorrect as you can get. i'm wearing an nra ball cap, reading a paula deen cookbook and sipping a sweet tea and -- jesus saved on e yeo and bible in my pocket. yes, sir, i'm politically incorrect and happy as june >> that sounds like something happy. >> eric: facebook did have a change of heart. reaction to the blocking of that page claiming it was quote, a mistake and they apologized for the error. it lingers why pat starnes was blocked in the first
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place. pages like this clearly vulgar, they are not. that is wrap on news watch thanks to our panel. i'm eric shawn, keep it right here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: fox news alert. new details now in the crash of flight 214 in san francisco. two teenage girls from china on their way to enjoy a classic american summer tradition are now instead confirmed dead. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new honor inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. they were on their way to summer camp. so far they are the only fatalities in the crash that spared so many others. hundred people remain hospitalized with various injuries. 49 in critical condition. 53 of the patients originally hospitalized and treated at san


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