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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a dangerous, tricky terrain. back to you, greta. >> thank you. and thanks for joining us tonight. i just put a special question up on gretawire for you. go read it, answer it. hello, everyone. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." the jury has been excused for the day at the george zimmerman trial in florida. today's testimony for the defense, on this 911 call the might trayvon martin was killed. >> i don't know why i think they are yelling help but i don't know. just send someone quick please. >> does he look hurt to you? >> i can't see them. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what is going on.
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>> they need to come now. >> trayvon's mother and brother testified it was his voice. trayvon's mother took the stand and said it was her son. friends of zimmerman agreed. >> there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman and i wish to god i did not have that ability to understand that. >> do you know whose voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes. definitely. georgie. >> how is it that you know that? >> i just hear -- i hear it. i hear him screaming. >> and also today the lead detective in the case said trayvon's father told him two days after the shooting that those screams weren't his son's.
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but trayvon's father refuted that. >> what did you ask him? >> i believe my words were, is that your son's voice in the background -- i think i said it a little differently than had a but i -- inquired as if that was in fact, his son, yelling for help. >> what was his response? >> he -- it was more of a -- verbal and nonverbal. he -- looked away. and under his breath, said no. >> pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> so your words were "i can't tell"? >> something to that effect. i never said it was than my son's voice. >> all right. so kimberly, do you think this case is going to come down to this 911 call that took a very for role in today's hearing? >> you know, i think it is one of the more compelling aspects
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of this case. in terms of believability, credibility of the witnesses, so far now, if you are tallying the number the defense has presented more people to say that it was george zimmerman on the call. ultimately the jurors will decide. if they decide the two witnesses presented by the prosecution were more believable, more compelling, then they could weigh in on that side. that in and of itself won't determine, i think, the outcome in this case. it is really going to be about those few moments and who is on top of who and the rift self defense and whether or not the prosecution proved that george zimmerman had hatred, ill-will, towards trayvon martin so bad, so evil to justify second-degree murder conviction and say he had month self-defense available to him. i think the prosecution failed the meet their burden of proof. >> don't we already know trayvon was on top of george zimmerman? now we have conflicting reports. kimberly mentioned this goes to the credibility of the witnesses that we heard from.
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namely trayvon's parents. what do you think of this 911 call that more people seem to be saying was the voice of trayvon martin? >> i don't know how anybody could tell what voice that was. by the with a, two they brought in to say it was his best friend, some -- guy was -- on the stand and started to cry. somebody who was -- they are all close to zimmerman. of course they are going to say it was his voice. the fact still remains zimmerman was not being threatened and had a couple of scratches and broken nose and he still has a gun and killed the kid. >> if that was zimmerman on the tape, sounds like he needs help. >> the last guy was the star witness originally, star witness for the prosecution. he became the star witness for the defense. basically saying when we asked trayvon's father if that was his voice on the tape and he said i'm not sure, i don't know, now he is sure that -- look, the bottom line is there's a burden of proof by the prosecution, kimberly doesn't believe had met that burden of proof.
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well respected legal analyst for abc says, you know what, he would be very surprised if they got a guilty verdict. >> homicide. this guy has had -- already been profiling black kids in that neighborhood. there has been a record of that. the guy was a wannabe cop. didn't like black kids. >> no. that's an inaccurate statement. >> it is not an inaccurate statement. >> will there is no record of him profile black kids. >> he called them black kids. >> no. it was a community organizer essentially patrolling that area. >> wannabe cop. >> excuse me. doing a neighborhood watch. that he was signed up to do. whoever comes in the area, agent suspicious regardless of color, you would consider that person if they were acting unusually in that area especially because the number of burglary. >> i don't blame bob's attitude for this because this is the attitude that has been project bid the media for a year. there's 13,000 homicides. why do the media focus on this onesome because reflective view of america that they wanted america to experience. that essentially america is
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nothing but a racist country and this happens all over the place. but statistically this case is an oddity. this doesn't happen. this is a rarity. if you look at the way crimes are committed, way different. the real victim is the -- real verdict is that the media is guilty but falsely smearing america which led then to violent backlashes across the country. will were four, five different backlash crimes based on this. . if the press did care about the two elements of this case which was race, and -- handguns, they should focus on gang warfare which has more, more than enough of that going on. they don't look at that because that's not indicative of an endemic white american race problem. >> those gangs all have guns. >> it is not indicative of white american racism. they ignored it. >> real quick update in the courtroom 37 the judge did
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rule -- against the previous ruling by judge nelson. ruling for the defense. that evidence of trayvon martin had marijuana in his system at the time of this altercation and ultimately -- >> not sure -- >> hold on. can i point out -- we have been saying this that the real surprise in the case is that for a year the media had the verdict. they had a guilty verdict for george zimmerman and probably at least a second-degree. if it was up to the media, second-degree verdict. you are waiting for that evidence to show up and it just hasn't shown up. >> because it was tried in the court of public opinion for months. the good news, though, again, is that kimberly, the court of public opinion does not matter. these juries only are hearing what's in front of them. it strikes me every time that this investigator, chris, soriano takes the stand, he always seems to blow the prosecution's argument out of the water. last week he took the stand and basically said that zimmerman wasn't a liar.
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now he is creating questions around zimmerman or trayvon's parents whose voice was on the 911 call. >> i want to ask you about what dan abrams said as well. abrams, on abc news today, basically said this case is over with. done. they are not getting murder 2. they are not getting manslaughter. what do you think? is this done? >> based on the fact the evidence has been presented to the jury which before we had speculation. that's where everyone was making an opinion about what would happen or what went on that night. now we know. the evidence is in. prosecution rested. and i don't see how there is any way they are going to be able to arrive at a second-degree let alone a manslaughter because they have failed to prove the requisite level of intent on the part of george zimmerman. >> if this guy was -- people on marijuana are not all that aggressive. i think that's a better case as far as i'm concerned. why are you throwing in -- >> wait, bob. i sat here in -- heard you talk
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about the incredible power of modern marijuana. that it drives people crazy. you said that. >> but -- drives them stoned crazy. >> yes. >> now, i just don't think people who are on than that kind of don't are going -- >> you don't know how much he had, bob. how much was in his system, what kind of marijuana he was taking. so i don't understand how -- >> by the way -- >> i just as soon not cover this trial. my problem is i'm not in the tank with the media who is telling us we have to cover this damned thing over and over again because it is a greater racial divide in our country. the more we keep focusing on the racial divide the more they want it to be divided. >> they wanted to charge this case. look at this. eric. this case was in the hands of the police department. and then all of a sudden, the justice department snatches the case and then goes back to the state. it is almost like they wanted the scalp of george zimmerman, political prosecution, driven a lot about what greg says is the media. >> the media took it and ran
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with it. they said thank you very much. we will do this our way. they did it and made it a racial issue and blew it up and made it, you know the white kid kills the black kid and -- blew it up and the white kid is guilty in the media. facts are proving we are not sure. because you have to have proof, profit beyond a reasonable doubt, you can't -- i mean, listen. i'm not a juror but -- i would say there is at least a reasonable doubt in -- whether who -- who was screaming on the tape. whether or not he was in -- zimmerman was in fear for his life. if that's the case you can't make -- >> maybe you get a reasonable doubt but i would bet you there are some jurors that do not believe zimmerman's side of the story. for good reason. the guy has -- >> all 12 have to agree. >> the sburd on the prosecution. >> i understand that. why everybody is jumping all over the media on this, i agree with you, they jumped on it too fast. i did, too. now that i listened to the evidence that i have seen, i think it is even more of a case that this guy was a wannabe cop and knew what the law was.
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>> bob gash. >> that's not the point. it is not who is the strong guy or tough guy in the room. it is about whether or not you had reasonable self-defense and believe your life was in danger based -- >> and -- >> so far the evidence is consistent that trayvon martin was on top of george zimmerman and prosecution's witness said that railing down -- >> if indeed zimmerman is a wuss then he has greater argument for self-defense because a wuss would be in fear of his life. correct? >> ape there gym owner also took the stand today. i guess the prosecution was trying to make the argument somehow that he was this mma trained fighter and he did dee dee fend himself. yet again, a blow to the prosecution today. they asked this gym owner on a scale of one to ten how would you describe his athletic ability and basically he said he is a one. meaning that, greg, he is a
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wuss. >> let me ask you this. would you put zimmerman on the stand? >> absolutely not. not unless you want to be disbarred and have the case of infective assistance of counsel granted on appeal. it would be suicidal to put him on the stand. why would you put him on the stand to bring up the inconsistencies? any time you tell a story you may get one or would things different. you want the jury to focus on that and see george zimmerman on the stand like they did with jodi arias. see him cross-examined about his credibility? you lied about how much money you had for purposes of bail hearings and purposes much getting attorneys. all of that -- that's nowhere for him and it is a distraction from the fact that the prosecution failed to meet the burden of proof. >> would you like to have this guy be a -- defending your neighborhood? i mean, this guy -- if he is a wuss, frankly if they complain about the scars, a bad case. >> bob -- >> why don't the wannabe cops just go watch cop those?
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>> the fact that this was turned into race so quickly, we saw sharpton jump out before anything ever happened to zimmerman, before he was brought to prison bauts because i guess of the stand your ground law, do you think that was a mistake? >> first of all, he is not white. he is his tannic. number one. even i didn't fall for that. but the fact of the matter is i still get back to forget the race issue. the fact is this is a kid that this guy who is a wannabe cop was trapped, profiling, and going after and shot him. >> i think -- that's the way it should be. i think the way bob is looking at it is correct. that's how you should view this if you are on that side -- if you are on that side, try to eliminate race. i have a word off-the-wall comment. it was donnelly claiming he bought suits for george zimmerman. reason he bought souts for him was for court. it seems like a little window into contemporary society that nobody has suits anymore unless they go to court. it is something about the
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decline of public formality that nobody really wears suits anymore unless they are in trouble. maybe that speaks to an increase in hooliganism or what, i don't know. >> somebody stole my coat jackets. >> i had them taken in. >> race shouldn't have anything to do with it. this is about the laws in the state of florida. if you are upset he was able to carry concealed -- the state legislature in florida, you don't like that law. the -- >> you are in it, danger for your life. if this guy thinks it is some teenage is in imminent danger of your life, how do you believe that? >> bob, how can you believe that when somebody is on top of you your head is getting bashed in and your nose is open. i don't know what kind of injuries would have been sufficient for you. i think trayvon martin was on the bottom, he was the community -- you might think it was okay. >> that's the law. >> it is the law. in order to be -- >> you have to say that -- >> he knew what it is law was.
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the law was if you are in danger of your life and if that guy thought he was in danger with a 17-year-old kid -- >> keep saying 17-year-old kid, 17ier old kid. listen to the 911 call. if the parents were right if that was zimmerman's voice, he sounds like he is in trouble, bob. >> i have to tell you, there is -- in may mind what bob saying that maybe -- you know, if you are being followed by somebody, and you think that you are going to be bothered by that guy, what would you do? so i think there is some -- something in that. but then the -- stand your ground doesn't work because if you are already on the ground, you can't stand your ground. >> you can with a gun. >> yeah. but you can't get away has to proyft was unreasonable self-defense. not george zimmerman. did they do that, bob? >> i don't think he -- i think he will get away with and it go back out. wannabe cop and shoot another kid. >> that's riddick us that's very unfair.
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that's ridiculous. president bush gets into the immigration reform debate. you will hear from the former president. up next, and later another disgraced politician is trying to make a comeback in new york along with anthony weiner. eliot spitzer, yes. you remember him. client number nine. yes. he wants to run for office again. weiner, spitzer, redemption campaign coming up. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes?
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at least 42 people were killed in cairo where supporters of the former president, mohamed morsi, were holding a sit-in. dilemma for the obama administration is this. what should we do about the 1.5 billion dollars in annual foreign aid to the united states interest sends to egypt in no uncertain terms the law says that we are to cut off aid to, quote, any nation experiencing a coup in which the military plays
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a decisive role. that's exactly what happened in egypt. military moved elected president morsi last wednesday. obama administration along with a number of gop lawmakers warn that cutting off aid may destabilize the region. it is almost across party lines people are very at it. what should we do with the $1.5 billion? >> the only supporters we have in egypt, only institution is the military. even they are divided. if it wasn't for the military you would have a -- islamic government that would be a national security threat to the united states. so if you take that money away, a lot goes to the military a tragic mistake. i think -- you have to cut some things. section 0 50 8 of the foreign aid act. you have to cut aid. what does obama do? >> what he does is what we also do with our laws, read them a different way. >> don't call it a coup. call it a coop. >> they took it one step
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further. military was involved in the -- have you on cut off aid. i would say -- cut -- tie the aid to creating businesses and capitalism, not to democracy. a great article in the telegraph by frazier nelson who said the whole air spring things started not because they wanted democracy. then wanted to sell stuff. one of the merchants set himself on fire. tunisian street. because he is not interested in politics. he just wanted to be a capitalist. if we can tie the aid to that sort of thing, hooray. i don't know if we can. >> thoughts? >> well, lighting oneself on fire is never a good idea. i think we are in a bit of a conundrum here because i think that in bob's fate we should continue to support the military especially because the military is not controlled by the muslim brotherhood. specifications say legally we are not able do so. prohibited from continuing aid. he is going to have to find a way around it to say it was something else so he can continue to provide the money.
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>> hasn't stopped the president from doing what he wants anyway. problem is the muslim brotherhood is obama's team. that's who he supported. the military came in there. best thing that ever happened to the country. problem came when this government, when president obama stood up, and urged hosni mubarak to step aside in 201 and ally to us and a key, key person in holding the middle east together and especially relating to israel. >> big mistake. >> muslim brotherhood will rally again. they are going to run for these elections. what mohamed morsi was doing. we invited them to the white house a number of times. time was not to give them money then. tanks and missiles. the time is now to give the military -- >> you are talking about the rule of law. talked about the zimmerman case. the case against mubarak as a murdering thug money who stole egypt was unmistakable. >> he did provide stability in
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the region, bob. you can't deny that. he was an ally to the united states to a certain extent, every extent. >> what you can say here, the government of egypt did not produce the government that the -- referendum and constitution called for. they said they were going to invite other big sectors in the opposition into the government and didn't do it. i think the answer is rock style government and where you have the different parties represented and everybody has power and share. >> they don't want what we have. look at that. do you see paul revere? >> of course they don't. >> this arab spring. >> last word on that, we have to move on to the other big story we have been talking about all day today. plight 214 that crashed in san francisco. lot of new developments. we had -- the mtsb tell us that some of the pilots -- let's talk about that. one of the pilots had 43 hours on a 777. that seems like a pittance
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amount of hours. are they open up to litigation for -- >> there's a number of issues here at play which is there will be -- liability issues for san francisco airport. emergency vehicles. they will determine if one of the teenagers was killed bin of the response vehicles. on behalf of the airlines, perhaps on behalf of the 777, the makers of that airline, because the problem is also the emergency plight didn't deploy -- deploy inside of the plane and trapped four passengers underneath. crew had to hack through had a. you had officers responding to the scene and running into rescue people before the plane burn. >> a couple of quick questions here. everybody always gets sued in the airline crashes anyway. lot of problems. look at that plane and the fact that only two people died in that is remarkable. let's keep this in mind. air traffic safety in this country is unbelievable. you have to fly every day of your life for 320,000 years
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before you got a catastrophic accident. >> thanks to greta's husband. big i am act on airline safety. >> i hate to t media obsession over famous names among victims. they were trying to look somebody to post on facebook. i think it is gross. michael mcdonald, a friend of mine, at the airport yesterday. what is on at the airport all the time? cnn. what they were showing over and over again at the airport? the plane crash. can you imagine what that does to passengers when you are sitting there and all you do is see plane crash? like going to the pound and all they have on the screen is reruns of cujo. >> my brother is pilot and flies in to san francisco. sfo. once a week. it is not a difficult landing to make. however, this guy was not equipped to be flying that plane. why didn't anyone else around him that had more experience say something? >> we have to go. sports casters getting raked over the coals for commenting on the looks of wimbledon winner
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bartoli. were the comments is exissexist?
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♪ i'm here for the tennis. dreams of winning wimbledon since she was 6 years old. on saturday 28-year-old marion bartoli made it happen. >> fourth chance for marion bartoli to become wimbledon champion. >> game. >> it was bartoli's first ever grand slam win. what a lot of people are talking
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about today are comments by a bbc sportscaster, john inverdale. here is what he said during the final. >> i wonder about her today being the most influential person in her life, i wouldder if her dad said to her when she was 12, 13, listen, you are never going to be a looker. you are never going to be somebody like sharapova. never going to be 5'11". somebody with long legs so you have to compensate for that. you are going to have to be the most dogged, determined fighter that anyone has ever seen on the tennis court if you are going to is. it. >> i'm sorry. he since apologized to bartoli. wimbledon winner is taking it in stride. she said it will not spoil the greatest day of her life. >> i think -- >> 0-15. go ahead. >> i think the guy is -- it is
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rude. it is sexist. it is elitist. he's -- wrong and has nothing to do -- your looks are not going to put, you know, your backhand in the -- that court when you want it. stop laughing, bob. what's wrong with you? >> your backhand. >> you know what this is? he apologized and his apology -- he shouldn't apologize if he is a jerk, he is just a jerk. but it is one of those things in old times if that happened, to your face, like if you are with your wife or your girl friend and somebody said that, those are fighting words. you would actually have to take him outside and go look, old man, i'm going to kick your ass. >> oh, my gosh. >> what i'm saying is that -- >> had you to go there. >> that's why the apology -- apologies for this stuff does not matter. if the guy is a jerk -- upsetting because -- >> that explains some of it. >> winston churchill was having dinner with a woman and she said -- mr. churchill, you are a
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drunk. he said, and you are ugly. tomorrow morning i will be sober and you will still be ugly. if he didn't have muff to say about tennis -- if he has to throw that kind of crap -- >> they all v all this time. >> calling the kettle black. >> babbling on with a stream of consciousness. i know someone that does that. snack guy upside the head. that's his daughter. clearly, guess what, she is a looker. because everyone was looking at her when she won wimbledon. there you go that's very sweet. >> that's very nice. >> she is a winner. >> look how tiny she compared to that average sized plate. >> she said she never dreamed of being a model. she dreamed of winning wimbledon and there she. >> judge her on her performance. >> quick, let's get this to -- to the other news and political ads updates. we have weiner back in and now we have spitzer. okay. what do you think about this? he is coming back? >> the weiner/spitzer ticket.
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>> this isn't -- this is the only place -- the only one who couldn't win an election in new york city is a republican. i think -- eliot spitzer, do a radio thing with him on mondays. she a nice guy and all but -- i don't know. i guess -- >> this is a little different than photographing your wiener and putting it on twitter. he is accused constructing very complicated financial schemes to procure human flesh and now he wants to be in charge of new york city's budget. sorry. he's worse and what's he going to round, by the way? how he was the sheriff of wall street? he didn't clean up wall street. it melted down on his watch. >> he took that woman across the state lines, prostitute. was than that good looking. we have much better prostitutes
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in d.c. >> she went to jail for getting women he got. you got spitzer and you have weiner. all you immediate is a donkey and you have an art fill. >> many honestly -- >> disgusting. >> okay. he -- he has called gun owners names we can't repeat on television and trampled on the grave of charleston heston. jim carrey said he's sorry and loves them all. behind this change of heart? is he just looking for more publicity to help revive his struggling career? does he actually mean it?
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disgusting stories. all right. jim carrey is sorry about his attack on gun owners. he said so on twitter where he seems to be performing exclusively these days. assault rifle fans, i do not agree with you nor do i hear you but i do love you and i'm sorry that in my outrage i called you names. he may be sincere or maybe his agent said, jim, smearing an entire country won't sell movies. i can't read his mind. actually i can. i just as soon say apology accepted. although i'm not gleeful because i hate apologies. i don't ever want to make one myself. pressure for an apology mostly comes from boredom, not concern. no one is happy that you have apologized. they are just happy they got to you apologize. you do to it get the internet swarm off your back. red state blogger just apologized for being sarcastic.
11:42 pm
conservatives made him do this. for sarcasm. this used to be the stuff of the left but no more. we need to stop this. maybe carrey's apology is a good start. internet outrage creates more internet outsxraj outrages of similar proportion create an angry duopoly creating actual debate. remember the gun control bill? could have done something. get guns away from the mentally ill or create harsher sentences. but instead we dug a divide through demonization. at least jim is sorry and i am, too. not really. >> duopoly. >> isn't it mice? i will ban it. isn't it nice he apologized? or should he let it go? >> i think he had a other problems like -- i'm not being funny about this. i think he's going through some personal struggles. maybe mental health issues. it seems like he is somebody who is in flux now. >> when people go to twitter to make pronouncement that's not a
11:43 pm
good thing. right? >> no. >> i do it. >> we were talking about this before. maybe alec baldwin set a good example by quitting twitter. i would have respected this a lot more had he done it right after he said it. but now it looks like because his career is in trouble. he waited months and months. i will say i am glad he did it. he didn't have to do it. >> as a business head here, do you think he did it for a career reason? >> interesting. >> it is not like he tweeted something and goes, you know, time goes by and realizes he made a mistake. i'm sorry. he made a film. we went out and financed a film and did a short film and trashed, you know, gun owners and trashed charlton heston the nra. oops, i'm sorry. just let it go, jim. that apology is worse than apologizing. >> you have been everywhere and back in terms of mistakes, bob.
11:44 pm
you qualify as an expert. what advice would you give jim? >> i don't know what duopoly means. if write jim i would -- >> monday open. >> i go to sleep and stay asleep more a long time and try not to apologize. because nobody believes you, first of all. he was great back in the time. now he hasn't done anything good. remember when he had back crap? that was animal -- >> what do you mean -- this is -- >> batman with -- >> no, no, no. i didn't use the word. >> do you think if his movie did really well he never would have apologized? >> probably. i think it is sad anyone apologizes. >> i have apologized. >> tbaseball stuff there.
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i don't know about the song but he was one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. stan the man. he played 22 seasons from 1941 to 1963. he finished his career with 3630 hits. he died in january. at the age of 92. busch stadium has been carving his number six on the pitching bhound a cross. deeply religious fan and devout catholic. the general manager, for cardinals had the symbol removed saying it is not club policy to put religious symbols on the field. this t guy was a devout catholic. they take that off. what's the big deal? i mean -- let it stay there. >> i agree. >> who cares? let it stay. it looks even worse now because the christians who are sitting in the stands are going really? had you to take that off? just let it go. i don't know if this is true. didn't wade boggs used to
11:50 pm
scratch a hebrew symbol every time he was up at bat? no one seemed to care then. who cares? >> what happened to .on come plans and did anybody talk about that? that's real problems. a referee got his head beheaded during a soccer game. >> does that bother you that they had -- >>y. it bothers me that they took it off. i think the gm will have to backtrack and put the cross back in. this is a great baseball town.
11:51 pm
this is a great city. huge fox fans in st. louis. i think the outcry will be so great that they go back to doing it. >> the point is there is no legal issue here of any separation issue of church and state. so he bowed down to one person complaining. i think it's shameful. stand up, be a man. >> and they actually have people come in and tell their personal testimony. so they will do that, who cares about a little cross. >> the saint lot. louis dispatc "new york times" both ran their obituaries on him and he was a devout catholic and they did not mention that one time. the guy did a lot of catholic charity work. and you don't mention the fact that he's a religious man?
11:52 pm
>> so if i leave here, you will put a cross or fish on the seat. >> i will. you know what they say, who swims with the physicians sleeps wi fish sleeps with the fish. don't worry. >> i'm having trust issues with you.sleeps with the fish. don't worry. >> i'm having trust issues with you. >> one more thing is up next.
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it is thousand time for one more thing. kick it off. >> we'll talk about immigration. but listen to this sound from president bush talking about immigration and what he thinks. >> it's important to fix a problem system and have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people. the reason it pass immigration reform is not to bolster a republican party. it's to fix a system that's broken. >> okay. the president isn't saying that he would adopt a current immigration reform, just that we should do something. >> i thought one more thing was supposed to be interesting stuff that we really care about. >> i found this magazine downstairs, it is called
11:57 pm
success. and i've been reading it all day. it's like a magazine you would see james spader reading in the '90s on a bus in a movie. a completely made up magazine. sgli li >> i like the cover, hugh jackman. >> bad phrase, knowledge is power. when anyone says knowledge is power, it means everything they just told you isn't true. like composting help. >> or maybe that they don't have a lot of knowledge. >> that is true. >> and you promise me that you didn't do it. >> duopoly is like twice monopoly. >> knowledge is power, so give us some knowledge. >> so something really interesting to me, take a look at the full screen. we always talk about it, but fox news according to gallup, not just random sampling, says the number one source if news,
11:58 pm
broadcast new, print, website, fox news the number one source for news. and on the other side, the numbers are in for june, this show, this little show that could, was number two in all of cable news anytime. and by the way, we'll be number one. >> number one is the cycle, right? >> no. >> so ratings are power or knowledge is power? >> knowledge gives us the ratings. we're very smart. >> i know. okay. robert, you give us a lot of knowledge. >> i don't want to bore eric, but the chicago fed produced a study that said that if we increase the minimum wage which we should to $9, it would create $84 billion in gross domestic product and help the economy dramatically. republicans all say, oh, no r,. i say it ought to be 15. >> how does increase in moh
11:59 pm
create economic activity? >> because they send more money. they spend their own money.pend money. they spend their own money. >> people have less money to hire people. >> get out of here. >> when you increase household spending by -- >> here's a prediction. administration kick back the employer mandate on wednesday, very sneaky. and bob and i debated on friday on america's newsroom that there would be more delays. i predicted they were going to delay more stuff and guess what, hours later they did. now you do not have to report to the government requirements for insurance. so your employer isn't able to give you information on whether or not you have health insurance. so all these people will be going applying for subsidies. can someone say massive fraud? i can.
12:00 am
that's it for us. we'll see you tomorrow. special report is up next.


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