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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 10, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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a saturday afternoon alone with the kids does that for us. cute. >> thanks so much to everyone who responded. those are cute comments. i like mike. he's giving credit to his wife. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. ♪ ♪ >> a very good morning. it is wednesday, july 10, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. breaking news in the george zimmerman trial. testimony stretching into the night and then this dramatic ending. >> you've had full days every day, weekends, depositions at night. >>gretchen: a judge walking out on the defense. >>steve: never good. >>gretchen: and what this man said. it could be the most compelling testimony yet. >>steve: a bombshell against nfl star aaron hernandez. he pulled the trigger? new evidence just released. >>brian: on deck today on capitol hill, a vote to slash funding to the i.r.s.
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but democrats say they're responsible. the i.r.s. needs that money. so what do they use it for? this -- ♪ ♪ here we go >> come on now! >>brian: you can't line dance for free. someone's got to pay for it. i guess it should be us. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: welcome everybody. "fox & friends" live from new york city. >>gretchen: welcome everybody. i think we've been in the news recently. >>brian: i think so. >>gretchen: i want to say thank you to all the viewers who have been dedicated to our show for the last seven years and i'm thrilled to be moving to my own show coming up in september. sorry i'm losing my voice today. in the fall. a big, big thank you to viewers and roger ailes who runs this company for believing in me to run my own show. i'm looking forward to all
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the opportunities moving ahead. thank you so much. i'll be here until september something. and looking forward to moving forward with that. thanks so much. >>steve: thank you, gretchen. it's not easy doing this job. you've got to get up early. you miss driving your kids to school in the morning. a lot of stuff. it is tough to do the job. >>gretchen: that is the number one my kids said to me when i told them the news. mom is going to be moving to a different show. they said mom, can you drive us to school now? i said i'll attempt to do that, so they're excited. >>steve: when gretchen leaves, in comes elisabeth hasselbeck. the news broke yesterday. according to hollywood report, tomorrow will be her last day at the view and she'll be starting in september some time. welcome aboard elisabeth. she's been on the show a couple of times. she's great. >>brian: everyone knows the rule. you cannot close the show
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if you're a woman and not be from connecticut. >>gretchen: ironically she lives about three-quarters of a mile from me. looking forward to strengthening that relationship as well. >>brian: filling in will be linda mcmahon because she would fill the bill. >>gretchen: in the meantime, thanks for sharing your time with us today and we do have headlines for you. while you were sleeping a texas house pushed through tough new abortion restrictions, this paving the way for the measure to become law. the vote came after an emotional ten-hour debate. >> i want my constituents, just like you do, current and future, to have the best chance for life. that's what i want. thank you. >> don't you also want them to have -- [cheers] >>gretchen: the final vote is set for later today. the bill will then go to the senate where it is expected to pass. the measure bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. for the first time survivors of the boston bombing will come face-to-face with the man charged with the attack.
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i don't see car -- dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with murder and using weapons of mass destruction. >> i don't understand it. it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. i just don't understand how he can live in our country and feel that way. >>gretchen: tsarnaev accused of killing three and wounding hundreds of others. several charges carry life in prison or the death penalty. aaron hernandez admitted he killed odin lloyd? that is one of his accomplices told police. hernandez sent several texts to lloyd during the murder. the documents say hernandez slammed the door on police when they first tried to question him at his home. video also shows him with a gun around the time of the murder. stunning new details
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about the asiana flight that crashed in san francisco over the weekend. we learned none of the four pilots were drug tested after the crash. the reason? foreign airlines don't have to follow american regulations which require pilots be checked for drugs or alcohol after crashes. and also apparently two of the flight attendants were sitting in the back of the plane, were ejected outside of the airplane and survived. amazing other stories coming to light. >>brian: one took out passengers on her back. turned out she had a fractured tailbone, did it any way. and you can see some of this blurry video. it is incredible what flight attendants are trained to do and how most of them act under pressure. >>steve: emergency slides were supposed to go out, went in, essentially suffocating one of the flight attendants until somebody came in with an ax. supposed to go out, not in. more stuff they're going to have to figure out what went wrong. >> phao*epb while, did something go -- meanwhile did something go wrong
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yesterday for the defense? we're talking about the george zimmerman trial. there he is -- >>brian: george zimmerman. >>steve: yes. things got really tense after the jury was excused yesterday. the cocounsel don west was complaining about the long hours and also about apparently the lack of time the defense had to go after some evidence they say was kept from them from the prosecution. that's when the judge, who had had it up to here, did this. >> we're not physically able to keep up this pace much longer. it's 10:00 at night. we started this morning. we've had full days every day. weekends, depositions at night. >>brian: the judge has got to keep in mind the jury. the jury is sequestered. she said we've got to pick up the pace, keep this going. what's with the prosecution? they continue to withhold evidence.
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which i think don't think is constitutional. >>gretchen: i think the trial is moving quickly. the jury really got an eye-opening experience yesterday from one of the famous expert witnesses. keep in mind these people are paid. i believe this gentleman was paid $2,400 by the defense, albeit dr. vincent demayo testified that george zimmerman's story, the accounting of the shooting of being pinned down by trayvon martin, well, he believes that is an accurate portrayal of what happened that night. >> the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattooing, in the face indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him. leaning forward at the time
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he was shot. >>steve: that backs up george zimmerman's self-defense claim. also, later on today the defense will probably rest. the judge will decide whether or not to include a 3-d movie that shows, according to eyewitness accounts and george zimmerman's accounts, how trayvon martin was on top of him. >>brian: i don't know how that can be allowed and i don't think it will be allowed. how can you as a defense, even though it helps me as a juror if it's accurate, put together an animation of what happened. i can see if you spliced together actual surveillance video. but to say i have an idea let's say it happened like the defense wanted it to happen. i don't think that is going to be let in. what are we looking at? maybe one more day. the defense rests today or tomorrow. it gets to the jury friday. >>steve: probably today. also the judge is going to decide whether or not to let in -- this is one of the thing they were arguing about after the jury was dismissed yesterday, was somehow some texts and some photographs got deleted
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from trayvon martin's telephone. and, for instance, one text, a female was telling martin he should stop fighting. also the expert who apparently extracted the text and the pictures, richard o'connor said he found images of a gun and a naked teenager on martin's phone. so the defense wants to introduce that. will it? stand by. you'll see it here live on fox. >>gretchen: another huge story that's been happening over the last couple of years but heated up in the last week or so is obamacare and parts of it that are not going to be enacted. that man right there, the president of the united states, changing his tune last week and saying small businesses do not have to enact their certain policies until 2015. republicans all along were not in support of this bill. could this bill be losing democratic support? remember when senator max baucus said this was a train wreck about to
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happen? now dick durbin and senator harkin saying maybe it's not such a good thing after all. tom harkin. >>brian: you have tom harkin coming out and saying is the president allowed to take certain elements of this law and put them on delay? is the president allowed to have certain elements of this law and put them into action? can he do it piecemeal? he evidently is one of the people who said i helped write it. a lot of people are running from the hills on that statement. dick durbin says -- quote -- "what we need is to have a better definition of a full-time worker and how many will be affected by it. the provisions that are included in it. can we do something, let's say make a full-time worker 40 hours instead of 30 hours. can we have employees with 15 havethis is called asking business what is going to be feasible and doable? now they're doing this two years later? >>steve: considering the fact the original bill was thousands and thousands of
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pages, you would think they would have these details in. dick durbin says the law needs to be changed and be made better. tom harkin says this is the law. how can they change the law? clearly what the president has done is unconstitutional says dr. charles krauthammer with bill o'reilly last night. >> of course it's unconstitutional. the constitution says the executive has to faithfully execute the laws, and here it is faithfully ignoring a law it doesn't like in the same way it wantonly passed the dream act aoupb unilaterall, an act congress rejected. it is absolutely lawless in the things it does. this is only the latest example. >>brian: i don't know how people are going to run for reelection. if obamacare can't get off the ground, democrats turning on democrats, you've got an election in a year and a half. this is hallmark
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legislation. not only is it hurting democrats but it is hurting immigration reform. if you want to see it, and many republicans and democrats want to see some type of reform, how can you have momentum for massive reform when you see it burn and crash like this. >>gretchen: advisors for the president probably said this is a good idea to delay parts of this because of the election. >>steve: republicans already, they see an opportunity. they've already said let's get this straight. so the president is letting his cronies and business off the hook but not individual people? which is absolutely true regarding business. they will not have to report for another year. meanwhile, for individuals it is going to kick in when it was supposed to. >>brian: colin quinn has an off-broadway show called "unconstitutional." he's our constitutional expert. he will be on in about 90 minutes. tanko, he owns 40 apple
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be's. est -- he was directly affected by what the president said last week. >>steve: he was directly impacted when you took one of your soccer teams to applebees. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, the dow on its longest winning streak since april. but ben bernanke could change all of that today. stu varney has a big prediction. >>brian: if you're looking for a catfish, look who's crossing the road. >>steve: they can walk according to jack hannah. a gun carrying homeowner stobs a -- stops a robber in his tracks. in his tracks. how it ends up coming up. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>>brian: later today u.s. fed chairman ben bernanke will speak out about the central bank's track record. and while the markets took a nose dive when he announced the fed might end the stimulus program a couple of weeks ago the dow has been up for the past four days, its longest winning streak since april. could bernanke drop another bombshell and that would rock the markets? and when would he do it? stuart varney is here. what can we expect today? >> he speaks after the market closes. he's going to be looked at very closely. you'll need an interpreter to figure out what he's going to say. will he say i'm going to cut off the flow of money next year or later this year? or will he say i'm going to watch the economy very carefully before i decide when i'm going to start slowing the money printing? no mistaking here. ben bernanke runs the money show in america. barack obama does not. it is ben bernanke who is stimulating the economy by printing $85 billion a
3:18 am
month. it is the president who is taking money out of the economy with his tax increases. so the best hope for this economy is that you keep on printing money. that's traditional theory. >>brian: should bernanke pretend as if his words don't matter and tell the truth: i think the economy is getting better to the point, even though we're going to 2.4% that i can't stop printing money or should he pull back and not say anything positive? >> he has to say something because he's got to make a speech. then he's got to answer questions after that speech. you can't clam up and say nothing. you can't do that. you've got to answer the questions. >>brian: the more optimistic his words and statements, the more of a chance he's going to print less money, the more of a chance the markets will go down. >> you've got the combination right. the more positive he is on the state of our economy and the rate of growth and the unemployment rate, the more positive he is, the less likely it is that he'll keep on printing; the more likely it is that the stock market goes down.
3:19 am
i don't think any of the above. but as a people -- >>brian: i would like to know as an american that we can live on our own without mom and dad giving us money each month to support ourselves. >> if you try living on your own right now, interest rates go straight up and this housing recovery goes straight down. >>brian: that's fine. i can read between the lines, stuart varney. your show starts at 9:20 on the fox business network. thanks for the simulcast yesterday. that was fun. 19 minutes after the hour. i like stuart as a friend and professional. straight head, the president said you can keep your health care plan if you like it. at what price is the key question. meet a man who was told by his insurance company he's got to pay hundreds more. remember the map a newspaper printed of gun owners' home? that newspaper at it again.
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>>gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just waking up, quick headlines for you. overnight 21 people rushed to the hospital after a deck collapses in north carolina. it happened at a house on ocean isle beach. 23 people were on the deck. it suddenly gave way. none of the injuries life threatening. today jury selection resumes for nadal hasan in the fort hood massacre trial. hassan is representing himself. he did not ask potential jurors any questions.
3:24 am
steve? >>steve: he said if you like your health care coverage, you can keep it. but what president obama failed to mention was that would mean pain for a much bigger price tag. blue cross-blue shield, the latest insurer to warn customers. for instance, a letter sent to our next guest saying we want you to know that your health care coverage will be affected by the health reform law taking effect in january. effective august 1, 2013, the new rate for your blue options is $1,478. for blue cross-blue shield customer dan malloy, that is an increase of over $260. he joins us now from miami. good morning to you, dan. you got that bill from blue cross-blue shield. right now you're paying 1214, it's going up immediately to $1,500. when you saw that, what did you think? >> i thought i was getting
3:25 am
a rate decrease because of the affordable care act. what they do in the letter is they give you the premium of one month. when you extrapolate the money and realize that is only a one month payment, it's pretty shocking when you see the two-month bill. 21.7% increase. if i continue to receive increases like that over the next five years, i'll pay more in health care expenses in the fifth year than the average median income of the american worker. >>steve: dan, it's called the affordable care act. i thought it was going to be more affordable, more people would have health insurance they hadn't had before. everything would be better. it's not! >> you know, we were all led to believe that. this administration based the original platform on transparency, and it's been nothing of that. if you look at the 10,000 pages-plus of legislation that goes into the affordable care act, it's a
3:26 am
challenge to man your way through that process. once you do, you raoeldz there are significant -- you realizes there are significant increases that are forthcoming. last wednesday -- i'm sorry, steve, i cut you short there. last wednesday at 6:00 they data dumped employers of over 50 employees won't have to comply for another year. so it appears the burden is going to be on the backs of the small independent payer such as myself. >>steve: exactly right. in your situation, your family, your daughter has diabetes. and so a preexisting condition. how does that impact you? >> well, on top of the increase, you know, it's difficult enough to have a challenge to have a family member, especially a child that has a preexisting condition and to deal with that. then to get the rate increase on top is adding insult to injury. on top of that, my daughter requires medical devices to survive, to stay alive each
3:27 am
day. we're also experiencing a 2.3% increase tax on top for the medical devices that she uses. >>steve: it's crazy. dan malloy, we thank you for joining us from miami today to tell your story. between the taxes that we pay and now the price we're paying for health care, it's going the wrong direction. dan, thank you very much for joining us. >> steve, if i may add one more thing sph >>steve: sure. >> i would like to thank the malloy realtor group in palm beach for giving me the time to sit here today and speak with you about a very important matter about something that affects all of us whether you're republican or democrat. i would like to suggest to the president of the united states, if at all possible, since it's summertime, i'd like to sit down and have a glass of iced tea with him and discussion a solution to the challenge of the affordable care act. it's an easy solution and it wouldn't take much of his time. >>steve: that would be good optics.
3:28 am
28 after the top of the hours. should lawmakers slash funding for the i.r.s.? democrats say no. perhaps they need more money for important things for our government. like this: >> come on now. [music playing] >>steve: will cutting fund to the i.r.s. really affect their ability to do their jobs and shake that? we're going to report and you're going to decide. can the government force companies like wal-mart pay their workers more than the minimum wage? you better believe it. but is that any of the government's business? stick around. stick around. that's coming up. [ female announcer ] nature valley protein bars, with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein,
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to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make, together.
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[applause] >>steve: brian? >>brian: here it is. our shot of the morning. the annual wife-carrying championships in finland. the couples having to jump into a pool of water, as you see, upside down with the woman's legs wrapped around their head.
3:33 am
i was a little distracted. when you're in the water does the woman's head go under the water? >>steve: yes. >>gretchen: they wear nose plugs. >>brian: do you have experience in this, gretchen? it's a way to save money on gas? >>gretchen: here's what you deserve. too many honey dos today. >>steve: in finland. we just saw the finish line. what is -- >>gretchen: what is the winner's name? >>gretchen: they used somebody else's wife. it is believed the contest is linked to a robber in the 1800's accused of wife stealing with fellow thieves. >>steve: that person actually stole a wife? >>brian: exactly.
3:34 am
>>steve: wasn't just a wife carry. stole the whole woman. >>brian: everything's got a rich history. >>gretchen: apparently. in the meantime let's talk about the history that the house and the senate are making as congress continues to look at the situation with the i.r.s. the house g.o.p. now wants to slash the budget of the i.r.s. today but democrats say that's irresponsible. let me get my facts and figures here because i did write them down. it is in the billions somewhere. last year $12 billion is what the i.r.s. got. this year the house g.o.p. only wants them to get $9 billion, which is $4 billion less than what president obama had in his budget for them. >>steve: so they would slash 3 billion in a spending bill. there are a whole bunch of bills on capitol hill the republicans are considering -- they're steamed given the fact the i.r.s. has clearly targeted conservatives. >>brian: and have not responded to the inquiries as to why it happened and the smugness with which they spoke about this is
3:35 am
beyond the pale. they want to hold back 10% of the i.r.s. enforcement budget. wouldn't that be novel? think about this. the i.r.s. is not coming clean about why they were targeting tea party organizations. they are clearly giving out bonuses we weren't aware of. they are having conferences at a time we're tightening our belts, they can't get $3 billion less to do a little less line dancing? >>gretchen: there is breaking news in this. the i.r.s. chief danny werfel is working to kill those bonuses. he's pushing to maybe try to get rid of them. >>brian: what's he going to do with the money earmarked for that? >>steve: they've got some union agreements and there is some question as to whether or not he can do that legally. in one of the bills the republicans are suggesting, they would halt i.r.s. bonuses until programs are reviewed by congress and if anybody is under investigation for abuse, they could lose their job. meanwhile, nita lowey is a
3:36 am
democrat from the great state of new york. she said don't republicans cut our cash for the i.r.s. they need every darned dime. >> what do we want to do? go around and give people a tin cup and collect money to pay for our police, our fire fighters, our government, our capitol building? how do they expect to run this country? how do they expect to make sure that we have enough resources to pay for the defense? to even suggest that you have a 24% cut, now it's nice to go back home and tell people who are struggling because these republicans are not creating jobs, they're not insuring that our economy continues to create jobs. cutting the i.r.s. doesn't make any sense to me at all. >>steve: it doesn't make any sense to her or to you to spend thousands and
3:37 am
thousands of dollars for things like this? >>gretchen: what happened to the sound? i guess they lost their budget. >>brian: so many intriguing things. you've got gilligan's island, the line dancing as well as the star trek. as elijah cummings said he cannot see the need for any of these programs. by the way, spock was asked to testify on capitol hill. >>steve: that isn't just any line dance. that is the cupid shuffle. >>brian: i recognize that. >>gretchen: i.r.s. reporters, over three on putting the scandal to rest. here are their arguments. argument number one, when the story first broke it was just two rogue
3:38 am
employees in cincinnati doing that. we now know that is not the case. argument number two? >>steve: to explain there were only two rogue agents in cincinnati, actually it was five offices across the united states, plus 12 different working groups in the i.r.s. that targeted. and a d.c. lawyer oversaw cincinnati. so that is kphaoetly bogus. -- completely bogus. >>gretchen: argument number two, a conservative republican in cincinnati started it. that was given by, i believe, elijah cummings who said this. >> he is a conservative republican working for the i.r.s. i think this interview and these statements go a long way toward showing that the white house was not involved in this. >>steve: he is referring to john schaffer who spent 21 years at the i.r.s. it is not true because lois lerner's signature was on a
3:39 am
bunch of letters targeting tea party groups. >>brian: representative sander levin tried to throw this one at us. >> progressive groups were among the 298 applications that titta reviewed in their audit and received heightened scrutiny. >>brian: in reality, 292 tea party groups were targeted. 6 progressive groups were targeted. hardly equal. >>steve: the important thing about that is the progressive groups were simply on a list whereas the conservative groups actually were targeted and harassed by the i.r.s. each time they tried to spin it like there's no scandal there, there's no there there, there's plenty. >>brian: on your headlines, other news you care about, the newspaper that came under fire for publishing names and addresses of licensed gun owners is at it. the new york journal, called the news, is requesting more information about legal gun owners in westchester, rockland county and put new hampshire county in may.
3:40 am
put newnam county was the only one to refuse information. the new information apparently for a story, possible changes in gun ownership. >>gretchen: wal-mart playing hardball with d.c. lawmakers. the corporation announcing it will not build three of the six stores they planned for d.c. if lawmakers approve a minimum wage bill. the bill calling for all big box retailers to pay employees at least $12.50 an hour. wal-mart also saying the bill jeopardizes three stores already under construction. >>steve: caught on camera. a florida man taking matters into his own hands to protect his family from an intruder. the man was lurking outside this miami home last night when he tripped a sensor alerting the homeowner somebody was out there. gabriel ruse grabbed his gun and caught the suspect by surprise out in the
3:41 am
driveway. >> i see his head sticking over the car. >> what do you say? >> i have the gun laser sight. i say freeze, >> i was concerned. he will do anything to protect us. even though i'm concerned about him having the gun, i'm happy to know he did. >>steve: they held him until cops arrived. >>brian: a major shakeup coming your way as soon as today. there are reports major league baseball will suspend all star players alex rodriguez and ryan braun along with 20 others for their connection to an antian aging clinic. the players linked to the clinic, the report says players must be suspended for 100 games. a-rod will meet with
3:42 am
officials as soon as friday. we'll keep tabs on that. meanwhile, maria molina is out where i should be with the fox setup out there on the turf, on the mound. >>gretchen: where's your baseball bat, maria? >> i'm going to need it and need a baseball and brian i will strike you out later. is that good? >>steve: trash talk. >> yeah. we have a baseball setup out here because we are going to be seeing the launch of america america america -- airing on fox. make sure to watch that coming un. i believe it is next tuesday night. we want to get to the weather because we have tropical storm chantal. it is forecast to move quickly, right now 29 miles per hour, very unusual for a storm system across parts of the caribbean. expected to move over parts of haiti and cuba before heading to the southeast coast. take a look at friday, saturday, sunday and into
3:43 am
monday, moving slowly at that point. maximum sustained winds at that time of about 35 miles per hour. the reason why it's forecast to be so weak is because we have very tall mountains across sections of haiti, the dominican republic, up to 10,000 feet high. that should help to weaken that storm system. heavy rains forecast. locally up to ten inches of rain, possibly higher amounts across haiti. a huge concern in terms of flooding and mudslides. >>brian: up next, anna kooiman introduces us to super puppies, trained to be the best detection dogs in the world. the inside story. >>gretchen: some people say sam adams taking out a reference to god in the declaration of independence? did they need to do that? a fair and balanced debate ahead.
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>>gretchen: working dogs in training. a nonprofit center in philadelphia earned the nickname super puppies. >>steve: the center is trying to breed the best detection dogs in the united states rather than importing them from other countries. anna kooiman is here to check on them. >> the dogs have grown since my first visit in september and trainers say they are exceeding expectations. >> this working dog center is thriving after opening last year on 9/11. it's a nonprofit breeding program and genetic research facility complete with a d.n.a. data base aimed at financing american working dogs. the service animals are skilled at detecting bombs and drugs or low blood sugar in diabetic owners. working dogs are critical in the aftermath of natural
3:48 am
disasters like hurricane katrina, a tragedy like september 11. the puppies are named after dogs that served at ground zero. the heroes are trained all day and live with foster families for human socialization at night. i visited the center shortly after it opened and introduced you to thunder. over the last nine months what have the dogs been up to? >> working on basic foundation skills, that includes search skills. we are working on agility skills. >> pups are already impressing trainers. >> he's got the scent. he's already on it. >> he knows. right here what we're asking him to do is bark many times because in a disaster it's going to take awhile for somebody to come in there. >> it's so unbelievable to have seen him eight, nine months ago. >> all grown up. >> amazing.
3:49 am
the training also involves abg mating the dogs -- abg clinton administration -- acclimating the dogs to loud noises. the world's best working dogs are often imported from eastern unit but pen vet is working to breed the best dogs here in america. >> now the demand is high so let's keep it here at home. the quality is clear. >> walk. walk. good dog, thunder. >> the dogs will train for 12 to 14 months. the center is slowly acquiring more pups as they prepare for the first class to graduate. this is jesse, a member of the generation of working dogs. they started with 7. they are up to 15.
3:50 am
the finished dogs will be sold at a starting price of about ten grand. that money will be put back into the program to continue advancing american working dogs. >>gretchen: that price tag is $10,000, their asking price. they figure the training they put in is actually $35,000. a in that apartment of yours. that's what i think. meanwhile, thanks a lot. straight ahead, there is something missing from this beer commercial. they're taking out a reference to god in the declaration and a reference to a god in the declaration of independence. was that necessary? a fair and balanced debate today. >> gretchen: president obama has a solution to report back on co-workers. >> brian: unbelievable this is greta. she works in quality control.
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:53 am
visit to find a store near you.
3:54 am
>> steve: here is something to get your attention. you know that the last couple weeks we've been talking about nsa leaker edward snowden. he blew the whistle blower and reveal that the federal government keeps an eye on all of us, on our phone calls and e-mail and stuff like that. >> brian: now he's in a rush airport. >> steve: he is. and it sounds like he may be going to venezuela. they apparently offered him asylum. don't know whether or not -- >> brian: hope he's a good swimmer. >> steve: as it turns out -- >> gretchen: hope he likes communism. >> steve: as it turns out, before him came bradley manning. the manning case, it turns out the administration asked federal employees to spy on their fellow employees to make sure no more leaks. it's crazy. >> gretchen: are you talking
3:55 am
about the insider threat program? >> steve: that's it. >> gretchen: it was mandated in october of 2011. executive order. so here is some of the things that they're looking out for across the little divider if you sit in one of those cubicles in a federal office. watch the lifestyles of your co-workers, the attitude, behaviors, odd working hours, unexplained travel, monitor co-workers stress issues divorce, financial problem, track on-line activity. basically you're spying on each other. >> brian: they suggest managers have regular access to your employees' contact lists and electronic communication. >> gretchen: they already have access, don't they? >> brian: not in every case. >> steve: look, a lot of people have marriage problems and it's completely unrelated to the fact that they might be leaking things to a newspaper or to a blog site or something like that. plus, this is rife with the
3:56 am
possibility that if you don't like somebody two pods over, you can tell your manager, hey, you know what? bobby over there, i saw him talking on the phone with somebody and he's been acting weird and coming in late hours. it's a real way to get somebody else in trouble. >> brian: maybe it's not the right time. but i also noticed a lot of people on "fox & friends" working odd hours. there is something suspicious there. i'd like to report whole show, if that's possible. is there a form for that? kaitlyn hayden from the white house says there is a special safeguard for sieve rights -- civil rights and privacy within the act. i just can't find it. >> gretchen: lettuce know what you think about that. 34 million of your tax dollars spent to build a brand-new military headquarters. one problem, it's never going to be used. >> steve: way to go. and he owns 40 appleby's. how will obamacare affect his bottom line? he'll be here at the top of the
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, july 10, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. did you see the testimony yesterday? it's stretching late into the night in george zimmerman's murder trial and this dramatic ending. >> full days every day. weekends, depositions at night. >> steve: the judge walking out while the defense is still talking and what this man says this guy right there could be the most compelling testimony yet. >> brian: a bombshell revelation. aaron hernandez admitted to killing odin lloyd. the new evidence just released. >> steve: and healthy people paying the same price for health insurance as people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. how did that happen?
4:01 am
>> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> steve: yeah, we're finding out what's in it. a new glitch in obamacare, even she didn't see coming. "fox & friends" hour two for this wednesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great day. it's wednesday today, right? >> brian: right in the middle of the week. our first full week in a long time. >> steve: we've all been out and about. all back together today. >> gretchen: we're not going to be together at all, but it's great news, thanks so much to all the viewers who watched "fox & friends" for so many years. 16 years you guys have been on the air. i've been here for seven of them. coming up this fall, i'll be moving on to doing my own show in the afternoon here at fox. i want to thank all the viewers for their loyalty and hopefully they'll stay here on "fox & friends" and also move with me in the afternoon, big thanks to
4:02 am
our boss here for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to do my own show and again, thanks to steve and brian for your support over the years. >> steve: thank you. it's been a pleasure waking up with you for the last seven years as america has. start not guilty september, we'll have -- starting in september, we'll have somebody new. somebody you're familiar with who has been on the program a couple of times. you see her all the time, elizabeth hasselbeck. once upon a time she wanted to be a tennis shoe designer. then she was on "survivor." and now she's been ten years on "the view." today will be the last day for her over there. >> brian: she's going to have a chance to be on a show where they actually let her talk. i talked to her for my first book and she was fantastic then. i know she's gone out with sean and done a few things with sean hannity show. >> gretchen: she's a hop, skip and a throw from my house in connecticut and we run into each
4:03 am
other at the pool. we have similar ages of kids. so look forward to getting to know her better as well as she becomes part of fox. >> steve: congratulations. >> gretchen: thank you so much. looking forward to it. let's get to your headlines. texas house pushed through tough new abortion restrictions. this paving the way fort measure to become law. the vote came after a ten-hour debate. >> i want my constituents just like you do current and future, to have the best chance for life. that's what i want. thank you. >> don't you also want -- >> gretchen: final vote is set for later today. the bill will go to the senate where it's expected to pass. the measure bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. for the first time, survivors of the boston bombing will come face-to-face with the man charged with the attacks. dzhokhar tsarnaev will make his first public appearance today, 3:30 eastern time. federal grand jury charged him with 30 counts for murder to using weapons of mass
4:04 am
destruction. >> i just want to know why. i don't understand it. it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. you hurt innocent people. i don't understand how he can live in our country and just feel that way. >> gretchen: tsarnaev is accused of killing three and wounds others. penalties include life in prison or the death penalty. aaron hernandez apparently admitted he killed odin lloyd after one of his alleged accomplices is telling police. court documents revealing hernandez sent lloyd numerous phone calls and texts the day of the murder. in one of them, hernandez asked if they were still on to meet. documents also state hernandez slammed the door on police when they first tried to question him. surveillance video from his home shows him with a gun around the time of the murder. another day, another example of government waste. the pentagon spending $34 million on a brand-new state of the art military headquarters in afghanistan, but here is the problem with it, the military
4:05 am
has no plans to ever use it. commanders in the area insisted three years ago they didn't need it. but that did not stop u.s.-funded contractors from building the two-story structure. it's bigger than a football field. those are your headlines. >> brian: it's almost over. think about it, we're in day 11 of the george zimmerman trial where he's tried for second degree murder. a lot of people say justice for trayvon martin. but so far thecase by almost al, even though rides in the hands of the jury, not strong. defense pretty solid day yesterday as we get some witnesses saying that it was george zimmerman that was getting pounded. george zimmerman that was getting beaten up on. when they talk about the trajectory of the shots, the gun shots, it shows the guy that was underneath. >> steve: that supports mr. zimmerman's claim that it was self-defense in the killing of trayvon martin. so today could be the last day of testimony. so yesterday after the jurors
4:06 am
had been excused for the day and sequestered in their hotel, tensions were flairing. in fact, the defense co-counsel, don west, was complaining to the judge about the long hours they had worked so far and the lack of time the defense had to go over evidence that they say the prosecution held. the judge was listening to all this, it went on and on and on. suddenly she did this. >> i'm not physically able to keep up this pace much longer. it's 10:00 o'clock at night. we started this morning. we've had full days every day, weekends, depositions at night. >> steve: she says court is in recess. >> gretchen: you got to hand it to the judge to keep things moving because the jury is sequestered and many times these cases go on and on of the i think this case has gone relatively fast. if you're a family member or one of these people on the jury, you probably don't want to be sequestered for too long. let's keep the process moving. the defense probably going to wrap up today, then it will go
4:07 am
to the jury. >> brian: it will go to the jury and people say, too, if it goes to manslaughter, that's prison. also there is some strict gun laws in florida where if you used a gun, shoot a gun, you could be looking at prison. will the prosecution stand up and say, i got an idea. obviously i'm not going to get second degree murder. you want to go for a lesser charge? and the defense has got to decide how they feel about that and the judge ultimately has to decide if that will fly. >> steve: i think the defense probably feels pretty good about their case. yesterday the self-defense argument was bolstered by a famous forensic evidence pathologist, vincent dimaio. he seemed to back up mr. zimmerman's account of the shooting that night. here he is. >> the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattooing in the face of the contact of the clothing indicates that this is
4:08 am
consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> steve: right. and when dr. dimaio was testifying, apparently, according to reporters, in the jury room, they were taking a lot of notes. so they're hanging on to every word. >> brian: towards the end, they stopped taking notes and the jury experts are saying that means they already, in the past, it meant they've already come to a conclusion. >> gretchen: yeah. but as we've seen in some big high profile cases as of late, you never know how the jury is going to come out. i'm thinking about casey anthony and obviously o. j. simpson. >> brian: also what's the reaction. the jury worried about their reaction from the local community 'cause you could surmise there would be no murder trial if it wasn't fort overall national reaction, including coming from the president on the significance of this case. >> steve: let's hope they're not concerned about -- >> gretchen: they're not supposed to be. >> steve: another delay for obamacare. this time a computer glitch will
4:09 am
give smokers a break on penalties for at least a year. elizabeth prann joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. there is a computer glitch affiliated with the sweeping health care law which may impact the way insurance companies charge smokers and you're right, it could take up to a year to fix. the glitch can't verify or handle the way insurers discretion to charge, let's say, a young smoker, a smaller penalty than a life long smoker whose health care costs are up to three times more expensive. this is a far cry from the way the act is intended to be implemented. >> the way the law works is that insurers are able to charge a smoker up to a 50% surcharge. those who have been smoking for decades are likely to get the full surcharge, while some people who are younger and have only been smoking for a limited amount of time may only get a 10, 20 or 30% surcharge. >> we know now that will be at
4:10 am
least a year before that does happen. so what is the reaction? well, on one hand, the administration says a piece of legislation like this needs to be implemented responsibly and in a flexible way. on the other hand, some republican lawmakers say this, as well as the fact that some large employers, they're seeing a delay in implementation, means the president should grant everybody a reprieve from the mandate. they say the recent decision to delay for only businesses is unfair. >> here we have the white house and this president coming down on the side of big business, but what about the rest of us? one of the option going forward, sean, is to take a look at this white house has done and say, you know what? if it's fair for big business to be exempted from this mandate, we ought to say the same for individuals. >> how lawmakers spelling out their concerns in a letter to the administration just yesterday. democratic senator jerry moran says he's introducing a bill to
4:11 am
delay the individual mandate until 2015 to match the delay of the employer mandate. so we will see. back to you. >> gretchen: so much confusion on this whole thing. you never know prosecute day-to-day. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> brian: does anyone know.? >> gretchen: steve mccoy. have you ever seen her come in with a whole bill? >> brian: it doesn't work. >> steve: they keep changing it, too. meanwhile, to extreme weather right now. tropical storm chantal threatening to grow into a hurricane as it churns out in the caribbean. maria molina tracking storm. >> the storm system is a little bit unusual. there is two things unique about it. one is that it originated off of the coast of africa several days ago, that's a little unusual for a storm system during this time of year. we don't usually see that until later in august and september. another thing that's unusual is that it's also moving very quickly at about 29 miles per
4:12 am
hour in the caribbean, in the atlantic, we tip ski see them -- typically see them slower. we're talking locally, up to ten inches of rain. so flooding will be a huge concern and mud slides. look at the forecast track. it takes it over cuba, eventually just becoming a remnant low and then there is florida and the system is expected to skirt right along the coast. east coast of florida as we head into friday and saturday and sunday and slows down, so eventually into monday, early morning, we're still talking about the storm system ongoing, producing more heavy rain and gusty winds. not forecast to be a hurricane along the coast of florida. a lot to go, a lot of time to go. so keep in mind a lot can change out here. one of the reasons why it's expected to be weak by then is because of the mountains of haiti that should help to weaken the storm system and cut it off from the warm water supply. i want to head back inside. gretchen, i want to congratulate you on your new show. a couple weeks ago i started
4:13 am
working monday through friday and it's been a pleasure waking up with you every morning and seeing you every morning. now you're leaving, but to a new show. congrats. >> gretchen: thanks so much. when we have turbulent weather, you'll be joining me in the afternoon. thanks so much for your kind thoughts. >> steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. sam adams taking god out of the declaration of independence in a tv commercial. but should they be able to just pick and choose just to be pc, politically correct? fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> brian: then this little girl girl -- >> steve: i hope it's a nice car. >> brian: it's a keeper goodnight.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> gretchen: there is something missing from this sam adams beer commercial. see if you can figure it out. >> why name a beer after samuel adams? because samuel adams signed the declaration of independence. he believed there was a better way to live. all men are created equal. they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> gretchen: did you catch it? the ad leaves out the quote, they are endowed by their creator. sam adams says it was following codes set by the beer industry which says commercials should not mention god or religious themes. did they cross a line? here is associate pastor at crosswood church in atlanta and author of a book. and david williamson, chairman of the secular coalition for florida. good morning to both of you gentlemen. >> good morning. >> gretchen: jonathan, do you have a problem with this sort of omission of the part of declaration of independence in
4:18 am
an advertisement for beer? >> yeah, i do. i guess my problem is twofold. number one, it seems completely unnecessary. 83% of americans are religious and i feel like to do something like this, i'm not exactly sure who they were trying to speak to in this ad, but it seems like they have so much to lose, so little to gain. i think secondly, the problem is historical. thomas jefferson included that phrase for an intended reason. he was saying that these rights are irrevocable. that there is timeless and true as god himself. so to delete that phrase is to empty it of its meaning. >> gretchen: i got to get david in here. are you owe phonedded by it? >> not offended. the first draft penned by jefferson did not include the phrase. that's my understanding. i take issue with that. this is not an omission or deletion. this is not a correction in any
4:19 am
way. this is simply the company being responsible. they can use whatever ability they have to advertise for this within corporate responsibility. >> you know what else they can do? they can choose what kinds of advertisements they want to run. nobody forced them to run this ad. they could have chosen any independent theme they wanted. they could have gone with family or fireworks. they chose to enter into a contentious debate to a culture war debate and draw a line in the sand. >> gretchen: i know you're very frustrated by it and so many of our viewers have been frustrated by it as well. i guess my question today is, is it okay for them to say that look, we're just following a regulation that we need to follow? david? >> this is exactly what they've done. this is self regulation. your viewers should be pleased this is not the government deciding, is this an overreach of self-regulation? i don't understand how that can be a good argument. the fact is we don't agree where these rights come. if they were endowed by our creator, we wouldn't be arguing
4:20 am
about them today. we would not have to be fighting for them as we speak. >> gretchen: if you drink beer, will you still drink sam adams? >> you know what? this advertisement will drive a person to drink, i think. >> gretchen: okay. good answers to both of you. jonathan and david, thanks for your time today. have a great rest of the week. >> thank you. the same. >> gretchen: coming up, the most stolen car in america just named. could you be driving it? and sandra lee is not cook anymore. she's still making headlines, though. she's here to explain what she's up to, coming up next. looks like she's drinking some java, though. ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. 24%. that's how much the house is looking to cut from the irs budget amid wasteful spending on videos, conferences like this one. >> brian: do you have any video of those conferences? >> steve: as you can see, i have the cupid shuffle right there. that cost us thousands. and it is targeting of conservatives as well has angered a number of conservatives. lawmakers held a hearing on that. next, six. ford f 150 is more likely to get stolen than the average american car. it's unseating the escalade as the most stolen car in america. and 4.99. that's how much a dog's only tv channel will cost you on direct tv. dog tv says it will entertain and relax your stay at home pup. it premieres on august 1. that is fantastic. 'cause it's well-known that animals watch television.
4:25 am
>> brian: right. they just will not admit to it. >> gretchen: having conquered the kitchen and published cook books, one of our favorite tv network stars is embarking on a new chapter, but fixing up some fiction. okay. good writing. sandra lee joins us with her new novel "the recipe box." you're writing fiction now? >> i was at home one holiday and disney called and said, we'd love for to you write a novel for us. we've done cook books together. so i said sure, i'll take a shot at it. so i spent a holiday season kind of outlining characters and building a story. it came together beautifully. it was originally going to have more recipes in it 'cause i love my recipes. as the characters evolved, like less room for recipes and more about the characters. this is about a single mom who just went through a horrific divorce, for horrific reason with a friend who is really sick. it takes place in new london, wisconsin, and also in
4:26 am
california. going back and forth. >> steve: does she travel with the recipe box? >> brian: don't give it all away. >> the recipe box is really kind of the house, meaning the housing unit where all of these secrets of this family kind of play out. >> steve: oh. >> it's generational. it goes from a great grandmother to a grandmother to grace, the daughter, to her daughter, who is 15 and going through all the 15-year-old issues. but this recipe box has a lot of secrets in it that are revealed throughout the book. >> gretchen: it's suspenseful. >> steve: the "wall street journal" claims your novel draws certain parallels to your real life with governor cuomo. >> notice i'm ignoring that question. >> gretchen: you have to read it to find out. is it because the guy in the book has dark curly hair? is that how they started that whole parallel? >> no, i'm just partial to dark curly hair.
4:27 am
sorry. this one here is smiling from ear to ear. >> brian: i'm in the money again. >> steve: you know why you like that because in your book, the description is, she's just divorced her high school sweetheart, brian. >> oh, sorry. >> brian: yeah. [ laughter ] >> she falls in love in high school. then they break up and she meets an exchange student who is her best friend, cousin from sweden. and this guy named von, he is tall and blond. >> brian: there you go. >> we got you covered. >> steve: thank you. >> but she has kind of this affair and then there is a question about emma's paternity. i mean, it's a great. it's a great summer read. it's about women, it's about legacy. it's about cooking. it's about family. >> steve: it sounds like 50 shades of sandra. >> there is no sex in my book. no smut. sorry. >> brian: any pictures? here is the big question, how great is it to be here and not
4:28 am
to mix anything, no paprika, no basil leaves? just talking, you're so relaxed with your coffee. look at you. >> you don't have to eat and you don't have to drink. >> steve: you're always providing breakfast. we love that. >> you don't have to catch a football pass. >> brian: that's true. >> did you see him when we were together? >> brian: yes. >> he was all over these girls. >> gretchen: oh, imagine that. >> by the way, i can throw a ball. >> brian: kate upton was open at the time and i was a little distracted. >> gretchen: but was she dressed? >> brian: kinda. >> the tvs were like the size outdoors. >> brian: it cost us a lot of money. >> gretchen: you're the first woman i ever met who cares about high def. >> i do. >> gretchen: my husband gets so irritated. >> when you get your own show, you're so going to care. >> gretchen: i guess so. you just keep amazing people with so many accomplishments and now she has a new novel.
4:29 am
>> brian: your greatest stunt was walking on those high heels. let's be honest. >> i have a newfound appreciation for girls who wear heels like this. i am -- what's it called? >> steve: those are about 59 bucks? >> brian: they're free now 'cause you put them on television. >> marked down from ridiculous to outrageous. can i tell you something? >> steve: apparently you will. >> they actually make me feel better. i can't walk in them, but i feel really hot in them. >> brian: let's look for them at marshall's. >> gretchen: you got to go with the heels. i'm so glad you chose to wear those when you're sitting down. >> brian: look at this. this is almost loafer. >> steve: boss, it's max. >> gretchen: what is that? those are hot. >> steve: welcome back to shoe talk. >> brian: right. thanks very much. there should be a network. >> gretchen: congratulations. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up on the show, stunning new details about the flight that crashed in san francisco. the four pilots were not drug tested afterwards. wait until you hear why.
4:30 am
>> steve: then struggling to pay off that student loan debt? dave ramsey says a quick financial fix is not the answer. the dangers of debt relief companies coming up next k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick tt isn't repeed or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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4:33 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. for the millions of americans struggling with student loan
4:34 am
debt, many may be tempted to look for a quick financial fix. shocking new report finds that some debt relief firms are tricking borrowers into paying up to $1,600 for access to programs that are supposed to be free. >> steve: that's the key part right there, the free part. personal finance expert dave ramsey joins us from nashville with more to avoid these debt consolidation dangerous. it sounds great. it's going to cost us something, but it shouldn't because it's a free program. >> well, absolutely. we call them debt consolidation loans because it's a con. it really is. student loan program is very simple. it's federally insured student loans. translation, you and i, we the people, have guaranteed the bank that if these loans go bad, we're going to pay them to the bank. so there is not a lot of programs because they're not going to discount these loans. there is some basic federal guidelines on things that if you get behind and you're in a hardship, you can defer student loans.
4:35 am
you don't need to pay anybody. you pick up the phone and call fannie mae. >> steve: there are some dangerous, you say it treats the symptom. not the problem. >> absolutely. debt is never really the problem. it's the symptom. and the problem is my overspending issues my lack of getting on a budget. my lack of taking an extra job, you've got to do the things and do the hard work to get out of debt. there is not a magic debt pill to take. the government doesn't have one and nobody sells one for $1,600 or they'd be selling a lot of them. >> gretchen: what about the high fees, dave? 'cause you say that keeps new debt longer obviously. >> well, yeah. you pay somebody 1600 bucks you should have been paying on your debt, then you got a problem. we've got the same thing in the credit card world where these basically federal trade commission says this is the number one area of complaint in all of finance. it's these companies that say, quit paying these payments, pay us 4 or $500 a month and then we'll negotiate a lower balance on your credit card, a settled
4:36 am
amount on your credit cards. if you're behind on your credit cards, you can negotiate your own settlements. it's the same thing. it's a huge fee. it's all up front. it's all a bad idea. take control of your own life. don't try to hire somebody to fix your life. >> brian: yeah. make the effort. a lot of people think that would be a better way to do it, have somebody else go to bat for you 'cause you're embarrassed about the debt you're in. some things to do, use the debt snowball to pay off debt. in what respect? >> if you can get current and get on a series of payments, then you list your debts, smallest to largest, pay minimum payments on everything you got going except the smallest one and you attack the little one with a vengeance and work that through. and then a modified version of that is if you're behind, say you got six or eight credit cards and student loan debt and behind on all, start saying i'm going to take the little one and i'm going to try to work out a deal with them first. then i'm going to work out a deal with the next one. but develop a plan yourself and execute it. this idea that somebody is going to come in on a white horse and fix your deal is childish and it
4:37 am
does not work. >> brian: unless his name is dave ramsey, he fixes everything. he would bail us out. >> no. >> gretchen: next week he's going to be on a white horse doing this interview. all right, dave. >> but i don't have my own new show, gretchen. congratulations. >> gretchen: thank you so much. it's been a pleasure speaking to you every week and we'll continue to do so throughout the summer. have a great week. >> thanks, you, too. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines now. stunning new details about the asiana flight that crashed in san francisco. we just learned none of the pilots were drug tested afterwards and the reason might stun you. foreign airlines don't have to follow american regulations which require pilots be checked for drugs or alcohol after accidents. we have also found out when the plane crash landed and the tail came off the back, two flight attendants were sucked out of the aircraft, ejected right onto the runway. amazingly, they survived. >> steve: meanwhile, today, jury selection resumes for nidal malik hasan in the fort hood massacre trial.
4:38 am
six potential jurors were dismissed yesterday at the prosecution's request. hasan, representing himself, did not ask the potential jurors any questions or speak with his former attorneys. they must help him if he asks. he's also fighting to not have to wear his uniform in court. he claims it represents, quote, an enemy of islam. >> gretchen: a warning to all parents. this toddler managed to successfully buy a car after playing with her dad's smart phone. by accidents, the one-year-old opened up the ebay app and one thing led to another. you know how that goes. the dad had no idea until he got an e-mail congratulating him on his 225-dollar bid. >> luckily she didn't buy the $38,000 porsche. she got the $200 one. very, very grateful. >> gretchen: the family decided they will restore the classic car and give it to their daughter when she's able to
4:39 am
drive. good thing she didn't put a couple extra zeros on the end of that 225. >> steve: all right. brian, over to you. >> brian: thanks, steve. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. the white house announcing it will delay the employer mandate part of obamacare. are business owners breathe ago sigh of relief or does this just delay the pain? joining us is a man who owns at least 40 appleby's. this whole obamacare arguably affects guys like you more than anybody else. what's your reaction to the delay? >> it just postpones. japanese water torture. we want to get what is required, what kind of budgeting do we have to do? we don't have any of that right now. we're trying to get quotes from insurance companies, have been for the last year and no one will quote it right now because they don't have all their eggs from washington. so no big insurance company is quoting. so on a line item, which is going to be millions of dollars, we have a blank.
4:40 am
>> brian: what you could say, you can tell all your employees and all your business, i'm not insuring you. i'm taking the fine. 2,000 bucks a head. >> no, no. can't. virtually impossible. first, $2,000 is wrong. because it's not a deductible. so depending on your tax bracket, it's probably $4,000 or close to it or maybe more actually. so it's not $2,000, number one. number two, we wouldn't not want to insure if we're mandated to insure because what does that do to morale? i'm in a people business. i have thousands of people. if they're not happy because i'm looking to avoid a payment of coverage to them, but the flaw more importantly, is that it's a voluntary thing. if you're a young guy and healthy as can be and you've never paid a premium for your insurance, 9.5% from your w-2 form has to go to your payment, your participation. so that will be about for a guy, $20,000 a year north texas a lot of money.
4:41 am
it's two grand. >> brian: you look like a guy who is taking personal risk buying these stores. >> building them. >> brian: building these stores. and you go to seminars. what do you find as you get answers? >> everything is flawed and upside down. no one seems to be able to give us answers. brian, think about this, the total focus was to pass the bill. nobody stopped to say how do we ex execute the bill? only two days ago or three days ago i'm given to understand, the government has hired a company called circo to administer and monitor it. circo is a british company, get that, it's budgeted at a billion $200 million to monitor this thing that's going to cover about 25 -- they've got to hire 1500 people between now and when they get up to speed. unbelievable ist. when you start drilling down, it's much worse than it appears.
4:42 am
>> brian: you're powering forward as we wrap this up. in the first six months of this year, you opened up two restaurants, hired 700 people. even though you have some questions because you said you just -- that's what you do. >> that's what we do. >> brian: it's hurting guys like you. thanks so much for coming in and congratulations on your success. >> thanks for having us. >> brian: coming up next, do you live with a pack rat? someone who just refuses to throw anything out? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is very normal. he'll tell you if you're nuts. plus what is it like to be chris rock's daughter? our next guest knows. actress china ann mcclain next on the curvy couch members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day.
4:43 am
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so we gave her what our other cats love, purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was healthy, happy, and definitely part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. always there for you. >> gretchen: welcome back.
4:46 am
she's one of disney channel's biggest draws as the star of her own hit show "ant farm." >> steve: now she's returning to the big screen as chris rock's daughter in movie comedy "grownups 2". >> brian: actress and singer, as i am, china ann mcclain is here joining us right now. >> hi. >> brian: how happy are you? >> i am so happy. >> brian: why is that? >> well, one of the reasons is that i just saw hugh jackman walking by in the lobby. that has me very happy right now. >> gretchen: how did we miss him? come on in, hugh. >> i know. come on in, please. >> brian: did he have his shirt on? >> yes, he did. >> brian: okay, fine. >> steve: he's an action hero. >> he is. >> steve: it's fantastic for you because tonight is the world remirror of your movie with a bunch of comedy's funniest guys. >> i'm so excited. i think everybody is going to have a great time. the movie is so funny. and i actually sing in this one. so i'll be sitting in the theater like, okay.
4:47 am
>> gretchen: you're a great singer and great actress. and tell everyone what role you play, because you are the daughter of somebody really famous. >> yes. i play the daughter of chris rock. the first one i was in it, but all the families were together. so i didn't say much. but this one, we've moved all like into the same neighborhood. so we focus all on each individual story. very cool. >> steve: it stars sandler, rock, spade, james, the mount rushmore of modern comedy. here she is in "grownups 2". >> move on in. >> what is this? >> a necklace? >> happy 20th anniversary, babe. >> wow, dad. you remembered. >> oh, yes. >> mom didn't.
4:48 am
>> oh, that cold. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: cute! >> that's so cute! >> gretchen: how long did it take to film just that scene? >> just that scene? we had to do it from a bunch of different angles. i would say at least an hour. >> brian: looking at this movie, i hear these guys get along great off camera, on camera. is it fun in between takes? >> oh, yes. it's very fun because when they get together, they all start like ad libbing and they just start having so much fun. they get along so great. they're all so nice. they're such nice guys. it's really fun. >> steve: i just showed you, they were here when they first premiered the first movie. tell us one secret about any one of the guys that nobody knows, having worked with them, do you have a secret about adam sandler? >> do i have a secret? >> steve: chris rock, david spade. >> gretchen: that won't get new trouble. >> i know. i'm trying to think. >> brian: we'll go to a commercial break.
4:49 am
whatever it takes. >> i will just say in the first one, kevin james did not actually use the bathroom in the pool. >> gretchen: that's good to know. the caddyshack moment. >> everybody thought he actually did. >> steve: that was an actual diaper in the scene we just saw. >> yes, it was. >> steve: check it out. it's opening up shortly. disney's "grownups 2" opens on friday. thank you very much and congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> steve: real pleasure to have you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, do you live with a pack rat, someone who refuses to throw out anything? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow coming up next on that [ female announcer ] nature valley protein bars,
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> steve: who is normal, who is nuts, is the question we all ask ourselves every once in a while. nobody is around. but right now it's a question dr. keith ablow answers every week. he joins us from boston. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you, steve? >> steve: i think i'm normal right now. but we have some viewers who have questions. >> you think, you think. >> steve: you bet. here is e-mail number one. my neighbor is always comparing our babies. they are six months old. she makes a big deal over the fact that her son rolled over first or the fact that mine takes more naps. is this nuts or is this normal? >> well, look, i won't give her a diagnosis here other than annoying. so we're going to say normal. but this baby may end up not, as he grows or she grows into teenage years because nobody
4:54 am
wants to be a substitute for a -- another person's self-esteem. if this person's life will be run by his mom who needs reinforcement, that's a bad sign from the beginning. >> steve: parents normally like to brag on their kids, as you know. >> yeah, i know that. but i think that this is being flagged as a little bit much and it's a warning sign. >> steve: all right. that's a warning sign. here is number two. doctor, i get depressed in the summer, especially around memorial day, fourth of july last week and labor day. i don't usually have plans, but i'm not a social butterfly either. so that shouldn't bother me. am i nuts? >> not nuts, but you might be depressed and people think that the only kind of seasonal depression that strikes people is during the winter when the light is less. but some people get this during the spring or summer. it might mean you need psycho therapy and/or medicine and you
4:55 am
know what? it works. so don't suffer every year when you don't have to. >> steve: all right. the final e-mail, my mother does not throw anything out. this problem has gotten worse over the years, especially since my stepfather passed away. i see those programs about hoarders and it makes me nervous. is she nuts? >> so here to be your own psychiatrist, if you're watching a reality show about people with a psychological, psychiatric disorder and it makes you nervous, yeah, your mom is a little crazy. nuts. hoarding is not anything to shy away from treating. it's a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. absolutely, she needs some help. >> steve: if you keep, for instance, your children's toys while they're growing up even though they've outgrown them, that's one thing. but if you keep every newspaper, every piece of mail, your house is stacked, that's crazy?
4:56 am
>> yeah. listen, if you're watching a hoarding show and saying, wait, that's me, that's a real sign of trouble and after the broadcast, because you seem to have to particular interest in this thing with children's toys, i think we should be talking about that, too, because i'm here for you, too, buddy. >> steve: you know what? i don't think we have thrown a single toy away yet. nobody is down in the basement right now. we're not moving anywhere. >> you're just waiting for grandkids. that's what you're doing. >> steve: don't let my kids hear you. dr. keith, thank you very much. >> take care. >> steve: all right. thank you. coming up next, should lawmakers slash funding fort irs? democrats say no because otherwise how would we be able to fund important stuff like this? ♪ >> come on now. >> steve: details on the top of the hour. plus, can you guess who is
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, july 10, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us today. expect another tense day in the george zimmerman trial in florida as the defense tries to close out its case today. the last time they met, watch what the judge did. >> we've had full days every day, weekends, depositions at night. >> gretchen: what you can expect as this case continues at this hour. >> steve: meanwhile, congress has a plan to cut funding from the irs and it's got democrats kicking and screaming. do they really, all of us, do we really need money to fund the irs so they can do stuff like this?
5:01 am
♪ >> steve: yeah, come on now. the funding fight on capitol hill straight ahead. >> brian: it's team bonding, steve. why so cynical? and back from the dead, doctors were about to take her organs for donation, and she woke up on the operating table. >> gretchen: what? >> brian: how did that happen? gretchen wants to know. >> gretchen: i do. >> brian: so i guess we'll tell her because "fox & friends'" third hour starts now. >> steve: where am i? give me back my spleen. >> gretchen: can you live without your spleen? >> brian: try it. >> gretchen: yeah. >> brian: i'll take my spleen out. you can live without a spleen. >> gretchen: you can? >> brian: one kidney. i know that works. >> gretchen: yes. definitely need your liver. >> brian: you know what's hard to live without? self-esteem. >> steve: many do. >> brian: right. doctors usually don't handle that. >> gretchen: you also need a heart. i would like to thank all the
5:02 am
viewers for having loyalty and a big heart over the last seven years, if i'm going to move forward in my career, i'm going to be leaving "fox & friends" after seven great years with the guys here on the curvy couch. thanks to both of you. moving to the afternoons here at fox and doing my own show coming up in september. so thanks very much to roger ailes who runs this corporation for believing in me and giving me this opportunity and thanks as well to the viewers. i hope that you will continue to get up in the morning and watch fox and continue to watch throughout the day. >> steve: absolutely. congratulations. we know you worked really hard and it shows each and every morning. good news is, you're going to be able to get your kids up and out the door by yourself in the morning. >> gretchen: they're so psyched. that was the only thing they cared about. mommy, can you drive us to school now? >> brian: and mommy won't look groggy. she'll be wide awake. >> gretchen: i hope. >> steve: we should point out in her place, elizabeth hasselbeck, who has been a friend of this program for a number of years, for the last send years has been over at "the view." she will be joining us very
5:03 am
shortly in september to be one of the hosts of "fox & friends." we're excited about that as well. today we understand is her last day at "the view." she's got them in her rearview mirror. next thing you know, she'll be coming over to the curvy couch. >> brian: she's going on "the view" today? >> gretchen: today is her -- we look forward to welcoming her here as well. let's get to your headlines now. while you were sleeping, the texas house pushed through tough new abortion restrictions. this paving the way fort measure to become law. the vote came after a ten-hour debate. >> i want my constituents just like you do current and future, to have the best chance for life. that's what i want. thank you [ cheering ] >> gretchen: final vote set for later today and it will go to the senate where it's expected to pass. it bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. for the first time, survivors of the boston bombing will come face-to-face with the man charged with those attacks.
5:04 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev will make his first public appearance today, 3:30 eastern time. a federal grand jury charged him with 30 counts for murder to using weapons of mass destruction. >> i just want to know why. i don't understand it. it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. he hurt innocent people. i just don't understand how he can live in our country and just feel that way. >> gretchen: tsarnaev accused of killing three people and wounding more than 200 others. 17 of the charges carry a penalty of life in prison or the death penalty. stunning details about the flight that crashed in san francisco on saturday. we just learned that none of the four pilots were drug tested afterwards and the reason might stun you. apparently foreign airlines don't have to follow american regulations. it requires pilots be checked for drugs or alcohol after accidents. two flight attendants were sucked out of the aircraft, ejected onto runway and amazingly, they also survived.
5:05 am
terrifying medical mistake, a woman thought to be dead opens her eyes just as doctors are about to harvest her organs. it happened at st. joseph hospital in syracuse, new york. doctors declared the woman died from a drug overdose, but she was actually in a deep coma. a nurse noticed signs of life like she moved her toes and was breathing on her own. those are two pretty good signs. doctors ignored the signs until she was on the operating table and opened her eyes. the hospital was fined for improper procedures. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: not good. >> brian: george washington had one fear. he said make sure i'm really dead before you bury me. now you know what's worried about. >> steve: let's talk about george zimmerman. there he is yesterday down in florida. it sounds like his defense team may actually be able to wrap up testimony later on today, but last night they had a long night. after the jury had gone home to figure out what they can introduce as evidence in the final days. will they be able to bring in
5:06 am
kind of a 3d movie that they say depicts what happened that night that would support mr. zimmerman's argument that he was -- he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. >> brian: also the problem with the prosecution for the second time brought together facts and the witness, the defense had no idea about, which was a problem. so they said, everybody out of the courtroom. another situation was they had two witnesses in the courtroom at the same time, one on the stand and one in the room, which also is a problem, which could technically be on the she feel or on deck could be a mistrial. >> steve: witnesses can't be in the room while somebody else is testifying. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: the person in charge in the courtroom is the judge. the judge decided to do this. >> i'm not physical eable to keep up this case. it's 10:00 o'clock at night. we started this morning. we've had full days every day. weekends, depositions at night. >> gretchen: silence is louder than any kind of words. in that case, she said, i've had
5:07 am
enough. tata. >> steve: court is in recess, she said as she evacuated the courtroom. meanwhile, it was very interesting because yesterday the defense did bring in dr. vincent dimaio, a pathologist, who seemed to back up george zimmerman's argument that trayvon martin was on top of him when mr. zimmerman shot him. here he is. >> the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattooing in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> brian: there is an eyewitness who said it was trayvon martin on top and he was the closest to the actual scene. so here is what it means.
5:08 am
if trayvon martin was on top pounding his head into the pavement, he did look to have a broken nose and cuts on the back of his head even though a doctor did testify these aren't life-threatening wounds. could you feel as though your life was being threatened if you're on the bottom? is it reasonable to say that you had no choice at the time to take out a gun? >> gretchen: that's why it would be so important to know who was actually screaming on the 911 call. that's indecisive because you had the parents of trayvon martin who said it was their son who had those blood curdling screams in that call and then you had the mother of george zimmerman saying no, that's my son screaming. you had a lot of other witnesses saying it was george zimmerman, too. that would maybe be a little more indicative of what was going on. >> steve: so it sounds like they could wrap up the case later today. maybe the jury will get it later today or first thing tomorrow. we'll keep you posted here on fox. house republicans in the wake of the irs scandal, they are saying right now, the irs doesn't need quite as much money as we are funding them.
5:09 am
for instance, we've got a different plan where we could actually slash $3 billion out of their budget because they've been doing a lot of stuff ha is -- a lot of people feel is irresponsible with the line dancing, parodies of star trek. >> brian: i think it's absolutely necessary for the irs to dress like tv characters. >> gretchen: and use our money to do so? >> brian: we could still respect each other. >> steve: brian, you should be happy. your government in action. >> brian: right. wearing a helmet indicative of davie on the sunday show. what was that religious sunday show with davie? davie and dough lyght? that's the same hair davie had. >> gretchen: it's lucky we didn't ask you to dress up in one. >> brian: i probably would have said no. but in 2014, evidently -- what music is this? >> steve: irs spending too much money music. >> brian: the 2014 spending music, i just didn't recognize it. they want $9 billion and that's $4 billion below what the president says they need. but the only way to get their
5:10 am
attention and get some respect from the irrigation white house house -- irs is cut their budget. >> why what do we want to do? go around and give people a tin cup and collect money to pay for our police, our firefighters, our government, our capitol building? how do they expect to run this country? how do they expect to make sure that we have enough resources to pay for the defense? to even suggest you have a 24% cut, now, it's very nice to go back home and tell people who are struggling because these republicans are not creating jobs and not insuring that our economy continues to create jobs. cutting the irs doesn't make any sense tomorrow at all.
5:11 am
>> steve: but a -- to me at all. >> steve: but a lot of independents say you should be able to cut it because there is some funny business going on. what's interesting is -- i know ha a number of democrats have been out there -- >> brian: it they use the term funny business? >> steve: no, i did. thank you very much. it looks to many like a number of democrats have come out and said look, it's no scandal because this, this and this. and yet, if you take a look right now, those people are 0-3 for trying to put this scandal in the rear view mirror. they tried to say it was rogue, low level employees in cincinnati. that is false because as you look at the map, there were four irs offices that targeted conservatives across the country. plus 12 different working groups in the irs, and an irs lawyer in washington, d.c. by the name of carter hall oversaw the cincinnati targeting. so it was not just a few low level people in cincinnati. >> gretchen: the argument number two is a conservative republican in cincinnati started the whole
5:12 am
thing and that argument came from congressman cummings. listen to this. >> he is a conservative republican working for the irs. i think this interview and these statements go a long way to what's showing that the white house was not involved in this. >> brian: he also closed the investigation. he felt like we had all the answers. >> steve: it's false because he was saying it was john schaefer who spent 21 years at the irs and yet, you can see right there, highlighted in highlighter, it's lois lerner herself who sent letters to a bunch of the tea party groups. so get rid of that argument, too. >> brian: progressives were targeted. look at the numbers comparing the two over close to 300 groups that were conservative tea party groups, six progressive groups overall. so who -- i don't know, i can't do the math. but it seems like there is more tea party. >> steve: keep in mind. >> gretchen: by a landslide. >> steve: of those progressive
5:13 am
groups, they were on a list. and the conservative groups were targeted and harassed by the irs. >> gretchen: we could come up with more. but the main thing is when are we going to get the final answers? is lois lerner going to tell what happened? who is going to be held accountable? who really authorized this to start? those are major unanswered questions on this entire scandal. >> brian: republicans are making moves this week to bring this scandal back front and centers they go back into session. >> steve: the f.b.i. is looking into it as soon as they tell mull who are is looking into it. >> gretchen: a group of ex-cons suing the government for keeping them locked up. can they really get away with that? we'll explore that. >> brian: then. >> steve: guess who is joining us for breakfast. who is your clue, after quitting his job as a bartender, this "saturday night live" alum became the host of the mtv game show" remote control." who is coming to breakfast? find out shortly.
5:14 am
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absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? >> steve: have you heard about this? a group of convicted criminals suing former new york governor george pataki for placing them in psychiatric hospitals after they served jail sentences. pataki used a now abolished law to keep them locked up, believing they were still a threat. and the governor may have been right. some of the men behind the lawsuit have actually been arrested again for burglary, so do they have a case? let's talk to our fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> i read this up and down. i know former governor george pataki well. in fact, he appointed me to a couple of boards in this state. he was a strong law and order governor in the state who ended a string of folks who were not so law and order, including his
5:18 am
predecessor, governor cuomo. and what governor pataki did, because the democratic legislature wouldn't act, he said let's enact a body of provisions by which people who are violent sexual predators, meaning the people who actually suing governor pataki in court now, those people who engaged in terrible acts with children, stepchildren, teen-agers, on multiple occasions, attempted murder, the worst vile acts, i can't even discuss them this morning, he's saying, if they're violent sexual predators and our mental health system so determines what, can we do to civilly confine them, to continue to treat them until they're ready to go out on the streets? that's been upheld by the supreme court. now a bunch of these guys, a couple who are in jail, i think three out of the six plaintiffs are in jail right now, are saying no. we want money from the state. we want money from governor pataki for doing their job, for making a public policy decision. so the question i ask this
5:19 am
morning is have we turned over the keys to the asylum to the nuts? have we flipped things around when a governor who is act not guilty good faith is trying to impose a criminal justice initiative, a mental health initiative that's agreed with by the democratic legislature, so he stands on the dock in federal district court fighting against these folks. >> steve: real briefly, they say, we've served our time. you can't keep us around. >> civil confinement by which violent sexual predators undergo physical examinations in new york state, two psychiatric examinations have the capacity for hearing can be civilly confined. we have that law on the books now in a different form. it's in 18 or 20 states around the country. it's been upheld in federal courts, in the supreme court. here these plaintiffs, these former violent sexual predators are saying you didn't comply with the law in the way that we think and our rights have been
5:20 am
violated. so now a governor doing what he thinks best, elected governor is on the pan. i think that's wrong. >> steve: all right. we'll see what happens. keep us posted on this. >> in federal court. >> steve: all right. thank you. meanwhile, straight ahead, can the government force companies like wal-mart to pay their workers more than the minimum wage? you better believe it. but is that any kind of government's business? stick around for that. and major league baseball could be in for a major shakeup. new reports say a-rod and more than a dozen other players are about to be suspended. so what does this mean for this week's all-star game? all star and former new york mets pitcher al lighter just caught the ball, is next. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just joining us, quick headlines. jury selection resumes for nidal malik hasan in the fort hood massacre trial. six potential jurors dismissed yesterday at the prosecution's request. hasan, representing himself, did not ask potential jurors any questions. wal-mart announcing it will cancel plans to build three stores in washington, d.c. if lawmakers approve a minimum wage bill. the bill calls for all big box retailers to pay employees at least 12.50 an hour. wal-mart also saying the bill jeopardizes three stores already under construction. let's go outside. >> brian: baseball players could be facing sus pensions as early as this weeks, as early as friday. the fallout from the league's ongoing investigation on the use of performance enhancing drugs is at stake, steve. >> steve: that's right. according to reports, major league baseball is considering
5:25 am
100-game bans for new york yankee alex rodriguez and ryan brawn, all this as we head into next week's all-star game, which is why we're here in fronts of this all-star game events. >> brian: al leiter is here. outstanding player. used to play in new york at shay stadium. not city. >> never played city. we were talking about and i think about big events. you were mentioning does it not feel as big? this is new york city. one after big events, the last one was a few years ago, the last time the old stadium was around, yankee stadium. this is our showcase. no doubt about it. to be able to show the greatest players in the world and also it's a fun events. it's comprehensive from saturday with mariah carey in central park and all sorts of things,. >> steve: what's funny is -- >> brian: when people's careers
5:26 am
ends, they're not as excited as the broadcaster. you are so excited. i even saw you when i was covering the marlins. >> game 7, i don't know about that. it's a fun place. talking about the all-star game, 14 hours of coverage from the homerun derby, again, just so many different events going on through the weekend. i think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> brian: we can't get away from the steroid controversy. as early as friday, a-rod and ryan braun, flat outlying to us. where is this heading? >> you don't know that. >> steve: it is alleged. >> but i'm going to wait for major league baseball to do the investigation. let the smart people figure out what actually took place. having been part of the subcommittee and i was also a player rep for years with the players association, and i played through the piece of the steroid generation, the steroid era. i would think that there are -- i know there are way more clean players than there are people willing to do something.
5:27 am
i think that 50 days is not enough. i know there are players saying, i'm tired of this. i'm tired of having maybe the possibility of you were on something. no, i wasn't. we're not sure. extend the penalty and i think that will take the dumb players that think it's okay, worth the risk of 50 days as opposed to a full year. that's a full year pay. they make a lot of money and to have one year suspension would really put some teeth in it and symptom -- stop the guys from doing it. >> steve: we'll see what happens shortly. we were telling folks this story yesterday. in st. louis, the cardinals mound, it used to be you worked there. apparently the grounds keeper carved or etched a cross in it as a salute to stand musial. now as it turns out, the cardinals decided we should probably remove that. >> of course. there is a lot of guys, they do their tribute to whoever, whatever they're doing. i've had guys with the routine of superstition and write stuff
5:28 am
in the ground. not somebody from a club. do that somewhere else. to stand on the mound, i get the whole reason why that could be -- >> brian: for stan musial. >> i know a lot of guys that put stuff in their hats as an individual, but not -- >> brian: if you make a cross in the mound and they say don't do that, do you have a problem with that? >> i think they wouldn't do that based on -- guys have done that. they write little verses -- >> steve: really? >> yeah, yeah. >> steve: like the lucky socks. >> brian: and lucky t-shirts. you think that i could stop a sure homerun from going over the wall. >> steve: brian, turn around! here he comes! where is the ball? >> you got to get to the wall, brian! >> steve: good job. >> brian, you're fired. >> brian: we'll see you out there. we'll have live coverage from 6 to 9 monday and tuesday.
5:29 am
>> steve: absolutely. >> brian: back inside. >> gretchen: it looked like a catch to me, brian. >> brian: not to me, sadly. >> gretchen: it looked like it was right there in your glove. all right. looking forward to the all-star game as well. coming up next, remember the newspaper that published a map of gun owners' homes? this morning the paper at it again. then have you guessed who is joining us for breakfast yet? here is another clue. he ban writing for "in living color." now he's grown up, along with adam sandler and chris rock announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number?
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5:34 am
>> gretchen: really? >> steve: come on. >> brian: i would not climb a tree to get leaves. >> gretchen: i would. >> steve: yeah, you would, if that's all there is. >> brian: i got some pride. >> steve: last night at 10:00 o'clock, my wife said to me, i've been laughing about those goats all day. >> brian: really? >> steve: especially the singing goats. >> brian: put it this way, we were shocked to find out jack hannah stares at goats all day and gets paid. >> steve: goats singing with some of america's biggest acts. ♪ >> gretchen: who else did we feature? >> brian: the goat had better hair. >> gretchen: ali is a -- alicia keys. >> brian: taylor swift. >> steve: one of the biggest ones is justin bieber. we didn't play it, but we had justin bieber's mom on yesterday. i don't know if she's ever seen her son sing with goats. >> brian: i don't think she could have handled another topic. i think we maxed her out.
5:35 am
>> gretchen: it's time now to get a look at our weather picture with maria molina, who ran by, it was like you were at the all-star game, like you were running to second base to try and steal -- you were running out there so fast so get there just in time. >> my favorite video from yesterday was the miley cyrus goat video. do we have that, producers? >> steve: i'm sure we do somewhere. >> we don't. but google it and it is very funny. that's one of my favorite from the goat singing videos. here no new york city, not too bad. we have some clouds and we are expecting some areas of rain and even thunderstorms, especially as we head into later this afternoon and into the overnight hours. we could be looking at pretty significant rainfall out here across sections of the northeast from some of the storms. as we head westward, parts of the interior northeast, sections of the plans could be seeing severe weather from some of the thunderstorms. i'll take you to the tropics. we've tropical storm chantal. it has winds of 45 miles per
5:36 am
hour, moving very quickly at a forward speed of 29 miles per hour. that's very unusual for a tropical storm system out here in parts of the caribbean. it is forecast to continue to weaken because of its interaction with land over parts of haiti, over cuba. as we head into the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday and also into monday, bad news parts of florida, georgia and even the carolinas will have to deal with heavy rain. temperature wise, it's going to be a hot day. 102 for your high in dallas. look at memphis. 99 degrees. a hot day out there as well. 92 in kansas city. and 94 in the city of denver. let's head back >> steve: very good. of course, it is summer. we have stories making headlines. aaron hernandez admitted he killed odin lloyd. that's what one of his alleged accomplices told police. court documents also revealing hernandez sent lloyd numerous phone calls and texts the day of the murder. in one of them, hernandez asks if they were still on to meet later.
5:37 am
the documents also state hernandez slammed the door on police when they first tried to question him at his house. surveillance video from hernandez' home allegedly also shows him with a gun aroundhe time of the murder. >> brian: the newspaper that came under fire for publishing the names and address of licensed gun owners is at it again. new york's journal news requested more information about legal gun owners in westchester. and other counties. putnam county was the only one to refuse. the county clerk took a stand earlier this year saying it's a matter of public safety. the paper's publisher defended publishing the names. the new information apparently for a story about possible changes in gun ownership. >> gretchen: educators at one school district not making the grade. the hempstead school district. >> brian: on long island. >> gretchen: new york. released a summer reading list. one big problem? there is more than 30 errors on it. here are some. the "the great gatsby" became
5:38 am
the greatritten by george orwell. the school district said it was george ornell. >> brian: same thing. >> gretchen: canterbury tales is now just one canterbury tale. no word yet from the school district. >> brian: all right. >> gretchen: that's sad and funny at the same time. >> steve: we've been showing you all morning long clues to who our breakfast buddy is today. >> brian: here is one of your clues. this brooklyn native knows how to control a tough crowd. even had an anchor seat on snl's weekend update when it was really funny. it's comedian, outstanding writer, funny guy, collin quinn. [ applause ] there he is! how are you? >> hi. >> gretchen: good morning. >> steve: how are you? >> i'm great. >> steve: you're really great. you've got a show right now. >> actually not that's great. what do you want me to say?
5:39 am
i'm horrible? >> gretchen: i'm tired. >> pink shirt. i'm not sure what i'm doing. >> steve: fine, let me take this approach rather than everything is beautiful. you're doing a one-man show. collin quinn, unconstitutional. you try to make fun of the constitution. >> the whole thing is funny. >> steve: how? >> it's kind of a show about america really. it's about how the constitution made our personality, like who we are. like everybody from edward snowden to reese witherspoon, just yells out about their rights whenever it happens it's based on the constitution. it's a psychological show. it's bigger than the constitution actually, my show. [ laughter ] >> brian: bigger than ben franklin and george washington. what do you is -- you hide it well, but you are extremely bright guy, extremely well read. that's why your show a hit on broadway. went to the history of the world. sherry lane theater is where we see it. what did you find out in
5:40 am
researching our forefathers? one, they drank a lot. >> they drank. that's the premise of the whole show a whole national personality is based on the drinking four-month bar crawl basically. >> gretchen: what was the drink of choice? >> they had these giant punch bowls every day. >> gretchen: really? >> filled with liquor. i have a whole list in the show of all the different kinds of liquor. >> steve: so they would have drinking parties every time somebody mentioned the wig party, we take a shot. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i like that. let's talk about something else that got our attention on the show a couple of weeks ago. i don't know if you happened to see this. but mark dice, another comedian, was on the beach in california, on the boardwalk and he was asking people to sign a petition to repeal the bill of rights. watch this. >> obama wants to repeal the bill of rights so we want to just show support for that and replace it with new ndaa type patriot act legislation.
5:41 am
bill of rights, just repeal the bill of rights. thank you so much. we're helping obama repeal the bill of rights, all of them. really the only one that's left is really the third amendment, but that's not really applicable unless we're in a time of war. so a signature to support repealing the bill of rights. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: it's so sad. >> brian: does that make you sad? >> it's reassuring. [ laughter ] first of all, in fairness, you ask people, on a california beach anything that's bravo related, you're going to have trouble. california beach, it's the epitome of our air headed country. >> gretchen: it doesn't make you sad, to know that people would give up their rights? >> it is kind of a trick -- i mean, the way he asked. it's funny, of course. it's not like -- kind of disturbing. >> brian: this is going to get you angry.
5:42 am
people actually learn stuff while laughing at your shows. you are educating people in a funny, humorous intellectual way. that's never been tried before. >> anybody get angry over that great compliment. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: this is going to -- you were a big hit. but seinfeld got all the money because he produced it. >> i don't think seinfeld made money or i made money. rupert murdoch shelled out a few mill and let me make some of the money. >> steve: we just gave you a free promotion so you can. >> does he watch the show? >> brian: not really. he doesn't get cable. >> steve: collin quinn, where can we see you? >> sherry lane. >> steve: how do viewers get tickets. >> i'm sick and tired of people saying go to the link. you google 9 play, my name and the cherry lane and something will pop up. >> brian: don't yell at people.
5:43 am
>> you can yell at people. go to the link or else i can't go see it. >> brian: we'll see you in "grownups." you were the one who named it. >> i named it. >> brian: you were the guy! >> gretchen: we will see the movie coming up this weekend, i hope. great to see you. >> thanks a lot. >> gretchen: coming up, border agent brian terry lost his life in the botched fast and furious operation. now we're learning two more murders are linked to the same guns. will anyone in washington ever be held accountable. brian terry's cousin joins us next nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 40% off. only at vietnam in 1972.
5:44 am
[ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> brian: they took the life of brian terry and now the guns from operation fast and furious have claimed the lives of two more people. a mexican police chief and a security guard, shot dead by guns connected to the scandal. remember eric holder was held in contempt of congress? but he was saved by president obama executive privilege. could that change with the death toll pushing now to 200 plus? robert hire is the cousin of
5:47 am
brian terry and the chairman of honor brian robert, are you outraged nothing has been done? >> well, first off, we're horrified whenever a police officer is killed in the line of duty, whether it's a border patrol agent or a police officer deep in the heart of mexico. it's horrific for the community. it's horrific for the families and our condolences go out to those families of the officers that were killed. >> brian: do you feel as though -- and by the way, you have your attorney with you, he's a lawyer for the whole terry family. robert, do you feel as though the government addressed your cousin's death to the way in which you want it? >> well, we're still looking for answers. this investigation, this information that possible guns from fast and furious were used in these murders, if, in fact, true, demonstrate that these weapons are still out there and present a clear and present danger to law enforcement on both sides of the border. >> brian: lincoln, how frustrating is it for the family that seems as though the guns
5:48 am
are out there, brian is no longer with us and everybody is playing rope a dope on this whole problem. >> brian, that's why the terry family has brought a lawsuit in federal district court here in arizona against the atf and department of justice officials responsible. that's the only way that terry has control over the situation is to try and hold the government accountable for what's happened with fast and furious and to try and get answers. as you mentioned, the obama administration has asserted executive privilege over thousands of pages of documents and we're hopeful through the civil lawsuit that we'll be able to not only get some justice and accountability for brian, but also get access to some of those documents. >> brian: robert, are you sad it's come to this? >> well, obviously. the rule of law should be the predominant emphasis both here in this country and in mexico.
5:49 am
and when we have police officers and border patrol agents like brian terry being shot to death with weapons supplied to the bad guys by atf, rule of law has broken down. >> brian: do you want to help the family find out the latest on the lawsuit, go to thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: as this moves forward, we'll have you back. being beautiful is not easy. >> i'm starving. i'm exhausted. i had a power bar today. okay, well, maybe half a banana. then all that tequila. >> brian: the stars of the new show "crown chasers" sits down with us after the break. but first let's check in with gregg jarrett who had more than a power bar. that's all he'll tell me. >> i had no tequila this morning. >> brian: right. >> no tequila. >> brian: for a change. let's see how the show goes for a change. >> i drink it only when i listen to your radio show, brian. >> brian: thank you very much. >> 'cause i need it.
5:50 am
republicans challenging president obama's authority to delay the obamacare mandate could be a contentious hearing this morning. we'll talk to the chairman of the committee. there is a movement afoot to slash irs funding amid all the abuses. will it really happen? fireworks in the zimmerman trial, a judge walking off the bench. all of that top of the hour. we'll see you then hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades.
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5:52 am
5:53 am
>> gretchen: winning is everything for the adult beauty panellent contestants featured on "crown chasers." >> you don't do this for nothing. this is painful. i've had four breakdowns. i mean, i'm starving. i'm exhausted. i had a power bar today. okay, well maybe half a banana. you know?
5:54 am
then all that tequila. >> gretchen: could competing in these adult pageants be that cut throat? joining me victoria hughes and jocelyn morrow. good to see both of you, jocelyn, you had a little bit of an issue. i saw some anxiety coming up. a power bar and tequila, usually not a great diet. what happened? >> it's very exciting. you're very nervous, you're tired. your nerves are on edge. a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. >> gretchen: a lot of people would say why, after you've become married and have a family in many cases do you want to enter the pageant world? >> you know, i competed back in '97 and was able to go to miss teen usa in the national progression for me was compete a couple more times, get to miss usa. then i swore i would never do a ma i swore. then got married, competed in my first one, then that itched to compete and definitely hit me again. it was the natural progression for me to quit after a while and
5:55 am
then go into directing myself. >> gretchen: this particular show is a special, right? it's not a series yet. >> we want to go to series 'cause we're so fabulous. >> gretchen: of course. i know that, i understand that's the dream. but right now it's a 1 1/2 hour -- >> yes. >> gretchen: tell us about, it follows five women who are competing for mrs. colorado golden queen, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: i understand one of the themes is desperate housewives meets toddlers and tiaras. >> i think we all love the spotlight and we love that princess experience of all the make-up and the hair and the gowns and being on stage and having the attention. we devote ourselves to our children and our marriage and our career. and so this is a chance for us to sort of put that aside and say hey me. you know. it's our moment. >> gretchen: if it's like desperate housewives, then you're not always get along. >> no, she piss me off. >> i'm going to be the last one to say we get along, 'cause we definitely don't get along.
5:56 am
not going to lie about that. i said i'm the outcast on the show and i'm the only blond on the show, so that says enough. >> gretchen: that's a first in the packagents world. >> yeah. >> gretchen: so you're telling the truth right now. you don't like each other. >> not always. >> not always. >> we have falling out -- i've known vicky for a long time. >> about four years. >> we have our moments where it's not happening. >> that's because of menopause. >> hey, you have blond moments. i don't know, you deplete your brain or something. >> gretchen: that's part of the show playing out. >> we really love each other. >> gretchen: check it out, it's called "crown chasers" on tlc premieres wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on tlc. great to meet you. >> great to meet you. >> gretchen: good luck on the show. >> thank you. >> gretchen: that's "fox & friends" for right now. we'll be right back [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
5:57 am
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[ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house.
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>> steve: brian wanted to end the program with a salute to him. >> brian: let's look back. >> steve: sorry, we're out of time. >> gretchen: that will be tomorrow on "fox & friends." have a fantastic day, everyone. bye-bye. martha: thanks were guys. we start with a fox news alert. the defense is set to wrap up their case in the george zimmerman murder trial after a long heated day in court. yesterday's session lasted so long they literally turned the lights out on everybody. gregg: i'm gregg jar it in for bill hemmer. tensions boiling over after a marathon 13-hour session. it day went so long the lights eventually went out. >> the light automatically go off at a certain time in the courthouse. is


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