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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"." we will celebrate our two-year anniversary! a very dramatic day in court as the prosecution delivered the closing arguments in the george zimmerman murder trial. here is some of what the jury heard earlier. >> a teenager is dead. he is dead through no fault of
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his own. he is dead because of another man made assumptions, unfortunately, because his assumptions were wrong trayvon benjamin martin no longer walks on this earth. bought skittles and some kind of water melon or iced tea or whatever it is called. that was his crime. he was wearing a hoodie. last i heard that is not against the law. but in this man's eyes he was up to no good. is it really self-defense when you follow somebody? the defendant silenced trayvon martin. look at the gun. look at the size of this gun. how did the victim see that in the darkness? his body speaks to you and even in death it proves to you that this defendant is lying. i asked you to come back with a
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verdict that speaks the truth, a verdict that is just. they can't take anymore photos. that is true because of the actions of one person, the man before you, the defendant, george zimmerman. the man who is guilty of second degree murder. >> the defense is up tomorrow. and then the jury will begin deliberating. prosecutors were able to convince the judge to allow a lesser charge of manslaughter against zimmerman but not third degree as they also requested. the prosecutors made a request to have a child abuse charge against george zimmerman. child abuse against who? the facts show that trayvon martin was on top of george zimmerman, a 17 year old. this is how far this case has gone. as a former prosecutor i can't believe in good conscience they asked for that.
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>> they got that thrown out. the way it went down the prosecution and the defense are going to get three hours. prosecution used two hours and about 35 minutes of the three hours. the defense gets their three hours tomorrow morning which leaves about 25 minutes for a rebuttal. whatever the defense brings up there is only 25 minutes for that guy to say we don't agree with that. here are the two dramatic moments in this 2 1/2 hour or so closing arguments. when he slammed down. and then he mounted that dummy, that black foam dummy. he got on it and was really dramatic. i was like is this going to be -- it was pretty effective. >> the other question is did he go on too long? at a certain point you don't talk past the jail. if you feel like you have the
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jury the tide can turn quickly where you say this is enough. we heard it. you made the argument. portions of it he made it well for the case that he had. >> i thought so for myself having watched it and having it go on so long i am trying to put myself in the juror's shoes because those are the only shoes that matter. we have some sort of problem over here on the camera. i did think in some ways the jurors must be saying we get it. we heard your case. then again i think -- i did listen to it today. i thought it was very effective. maybe the defense can be just as effective tomorrow. that is possible because they had by all accounts a pretty good run up until this point. >> sometimes it takes a while for a case to come together. for example, you have different types of arguments here. a little more difficult to
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grasp. the second degree where it is not an intentional killing in hatred to lay the case out and pull it together. how did you think the prosecution did? >> by asking for and asking for the other two things they agree they have given up the first two charges. they know they lost those. manslaughter is a different charge. i think this boils down to because the argument for the defense is that trayvon martin was on top. i just don't buy that is a good enough excuse to take a gun out and shoot a kid. that is what it is going to come down to. >> being on top isn't good enough. the fact he was sustaining serious injury. >> serious injury where? >> you can argue having your head slammed into cement is serious injury. we have one case in court which is about a fight between two
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individuals and a case outside of court which is a fight between law enforcement and the perception of groups demanding justice. when those things get tangled up we have a problem. there was a story about how the police officer was told he had to arrest zimmerman. they needed to arrest to put off the unrest. that is something that is a bit ominous if you don't do what a group says there will be hell to pay. having said that i have to make a recommendation. juan williams wrote an amazing piece which he nails this whole thing. there are two things going on right now. it's a guy who wanted to be a police officer who probably did something he shouldn't have done. and then there are people outside of the case who are doing things that they shouldn't do which is racial outrage. there are two sides to the thing when they come together create kind of an ugly mess.
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>> there is a time now it seems to me for the civil rights leaders and the president of the united states because there will be a jury decision next week. somebody will say this is not about black and white. >> is that fair? isn't that in itself racist in itself? do we really -- i think -- by the way juan's is a great piece. doesn't the black community expect more respect than to have to be told not to riot after a verdict that they might not like? >> i think you are under estimating the symbolism of this and how it can be symbolized by black leaders. it comes down to the facts of the case. i don't think this was racially motivated. i think people have a responsibility to try to put a lid on that if they can do it. >> a lot of this has a racial
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under tone, political pressure, a delay in filing the case. you have proponents and opponents on both sides of this saying this case was politicly motivated. let's listen to former sanford sheriff bill lee and what he has to say. >> i believe it was political pressure and the fact that i upheld my oath. there was pressure applied. and city manager asked several times during the process can an arrest be made now. i think that was from not understanding the criminal justice process. it was related to me that they wanted an arrest. they didn't care if it got dismissed later. you don't do that. >> that is what i was talking about. the case is not simply infected by politics but political correctness which is matters with the feelings of agreed groups and the groups could be
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right about this and you could say they were right about this. what you have is a media that pollutes this by calling zimmerman a white hispanic. they are trying to force a square peg into a white hole. >> literally. >> pretty good. >> thanks. >> producers a heads up, if you have the foam dummy cue it up. we are going to talk a little more about the role of race in the trial later in the show. defense tomorrow 9:00. what is their goal? >> as dana mentioned the defense has to put it together and try to come back and answer to some of the specifics that the prosecution said today. they made some sense. they were able to pull some things together. now the defense has to come and poke holes in the law and show where there are absences and gaps. if they can defeat any of those elements then he is not guilty. the problem is you mention yesterday the judge allowed the
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manslaughter charge. this is very problematic for the defense. the defense argued to try to get this excluded. i believe if they had been successful in doing that the jury would find it hard to reach the second degree murder. the manslaughter is slightly lower amounts of saying you have to show your reckless disregard is going to be more difficult for the defense to say there is no way that this guy overreacted. this is reasonable. so you are talking about self-defense aspect becomes perhaps a little more shaky. it's what the prosecution will probably say in rebuttal. >> can you explain how a grand jury handed down the indictments? how does a judge overrule a grand jury? >> the judge isn't going to. the case gets put forward. a jury tries it. here is the interesting aspect. jurors have no idea about the
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sentencing. they don't know about all of the sentencing ranges. they don't understand and are not told, it is not proper to hear about mandatory minimums or gun enhancements. they don't know that it will add a ten to 20 life tops. the judge will decide. if it is any indication from the conduct during the trial, judge nelson i believe if he is found guilty is going to hammer it. >> there has been a lot of talk about the judge's behavior or her demeanor in the courtroom. was it unusual to you having tried cases? >> yes. there are certain judges like that. for the most part in california and los angeles and san francisco it seems in this way like she is trying to defend her reputation in case there is a verdict of guilty. >> i feel like i'm watching an old episode of l.a. law when you realize the judge had a prior relationship with one of the
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defense lawyers and she remembers him and she is angry. that back and forth was so weirdly personal. >> you are talking about -- >> you want to listen? >> you got it? >> let's roll the flip out. >> the state is seeking this instruction as part of a larger scheme, another trick that the state is seeking. >> i don't want to hear the word trick anymore with regards to the arguments, please. >> i understand i have already ruled and you have -- you continually disagree with this court every time i make a ruling. i have provided you on three separate occasions with the court's professional conduct in the courtroom and included in that is do not continue to argue with the court after we have ruled. >> so dana what we have seen throughout the course of this trial we shall say love gone very, very wrong between don west and judge nelson.
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reprimanding him. >> i have a hard time seeing those two people going out. >> i was being fuceasetious. >> it might have been years ago. >> i am not for cameras in the courtroom. i know that is a weird position if you work in television. i think that a lot of what we have seen especially in the try is being fuelled by people playing to the camera. i don't know if the judge is doing that but it has been played over and over again. it is exacerbated the tone. anything i know about trials i have seen on tv. what was the guy who was the good one. >> perry mason. >> he was on pbs. >> can i talk about the thing with cameras in the courtroom. think about this trial for a
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second. the media had zimmerman convicted of first degree murder before we saw this evidence, if we didn't have cameras in there and we had people inside reporting on it and they come out and there is an acquittal of george zimmerman without knowing there is no strong case by the prosecution, the community leaders would be in uproar. they would be calling for george zimmerman to be killed on the street. this is one case where i think the cameras in the courtroom are really helping to keep the peace. >> you make a great point. you don't want rodney king type riots. >> i don't think many people would be paying attention to it. >> you have been quiet. like a little kitty cat. >> cheese time. >> however, ahead, is it irresponsible for commentators to play the race card when they talk about the george zimmerman trial. accused terrorist's fan club
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shows up outside the as victims roll in. why are these lunatics supporting? you will hear from them when we come back.
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young people go through embarrassing temporary phases. girls become obsessed with justin bieber. for a boy it might be pods or pro soccer. i collected unicorn figurines. if you belonged to pita it is because you were young and bored. what about phases that stay in your life forever? something you got into that you can never live down. if you are into insync you can get out. just as bad supporting the muslim bomber at the boston
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courthouse. check out these ghouls. >> we are here to show him support. >> there is so much information out there that proves they did not do this. i would love for him to plead not guilty and make them prove their case because it is impossible for them to do that. >> he has the right to live his life. let him live his life. he is only 19 years old. >> give dzhokhar tsarnaev back his life. >> we are trying to get to the truth. if you really cared about the victims you would be more interested in the truth than what is convenient to believe. bigotry is not evidence. >> if you are one of them and you are listening to me what you are doing is more than a flight of fancy it is indicative of your future, your state of mind and who you are. you are psychologically broken. you are untreatable and locked. you can stop your madness now and walk away and maybe you
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won't leave too big a scar on the rest of your life. my gut tells me you are self-involved and you are nuts. so unable to acknowledge evil and you like it because he is 18. that guarantees a life of misery for the people who know you. do them a favor. take up something risky like really hard drugs because the less of you around, the better. >> somebody take over. >> the people who say the boston bomber. he is 19 let him live his life are the same ones who think aaron hernandez is hot and want to marry him and want to marry people in jail. there is another group. the 9/11 truthers who say the government did it. it was our government. whatever. they are all the same.
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they have pit ay for the filth the world. >> the guys talk about false flags because they heard it on the radio. you have women looking for the soul. what is wrong with these people? are they just mutants? >> they are disgusting. i loved your monologue. i wonderer if those people would believe anything they read in the "new york times." front page today i read an article. bombing suspect seen as link to the 2011 slayings of his friends. these people are nuts as you said. the "new york times" article is chilling to me because as they look back and i understand hind sight is 20/20. the fbi and the cops were on the trail of these guys. there were different clues that could have helped prevent this horrible terrorist attack from happening. it seems to me that in some ways
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people moved on so quickly and we were obsessed with the zimmerman trial. we have people plotting to kill us and we are missing them and have people defending them. >> what would happen if you ran into these people on the street? >> i have been picked up a few times for violent behavior. i think it probably would have been one more. these people want to get on television. why tv cameras give them time? and the fact that these people, where is your decency? come on. you are punks. frankly get your head bashed in the cement and maybe you can go to trial. >> you are the legal mind. if these people -- >> i prefer guru. >> you are the legal guru. you can't spell guru without u
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and r and g. aimagen relatives walking by and these people are there. shouldn't there be a law that says it is okay to punch them in the face? >> i can't answer yes to that although emotionally i want to. i find it to be so offensive. yes, they have their freedom of speech, unfortunately, in this case. we do have that in this country. it is evidence that people are walking around filled with evil. >> there was a case in florida where the courts ordered people who were doing this crap like this away from -- >> a certain. >> maybe that is the case here. >> that is called a reasonable restriction under the law so you can exercise your first amendment right. >> have them in the bay. >> the baptist church. >> same thing. >> they are truly offensive, as well. they are so against this country. we have so many problems here.
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>> also their intelligence level is so low. it is almost like they could win the darwin award. we shall return to the zimmerman trial shortly. first a segment on the dangers of internet slang? >> omg. >> segment on the dangers of internet slang. i think i have died and gone to good day sacramento. dana is up next with this amazing story. >> what does lol mean again? (girl) what does that say?
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(guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that.
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(guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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anybody who tweets, e-mails or texts is probably familiar with phrases like omg or lol unless you are bob. a web safety group is warning parents to familiarize themselves with other internet
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slang. a new study says only 8% of moms and dads know what lmirl which means let's meet in real life. i didn't know that. i did it on the fly which means must be the two-year anniversary. let me ask the parents in the group. your son is a little young to be online and on e-mail, right? >> right. >> yours are not. how involved do you think as a parent you should be and actually can you be? >> i think you should be completely involved. i think you should have passwords to facebook and twitter, all of them. once you have that they move on to the next one. >> you don't know what that is. >> it goes on and on.
2:31 pm
>> instagram. let's meet in real life concerning. and yolo, you only live once. i learn a lot from my son. he uses these things all the time like g 2 g. got to go. >> prepare to be mocked for this segment on the web. i find this whole idea a bit disturbing. i council teens on the web as dr. smooth hands. 18 and above. i tell them not to do drugs. people say why do you have to do this. because i like to give. there are pictures, i like at
2:32 pm
those carefully. >> so i can get it to make the point. >> you can't do this, this and this. >> certain things you shouldn't be doing. let me show you some more. >> let me go to kimberly. here are some rules. you are supposed to supervise the use of the child's internet activities. you should discourage web camuse. supervise the posts and check privacy settings. somebody quoted in the article that they didn't want to infringe on their 6 year old's privacy rights. why is your 6 year old online. >> that is the problem right there. how do you say a 6 year old should have privacy rights. they are like jello that has to
2:33 pm
be molded and shape. >> how many of those things do you do? >> probably all of them. >> guilty of not doing enough of them. >> i have another internet slang. short host and vodka outside of your house. >> this is serious. this is a lot of serious stuff that goes down. >> you are taking it so serious. >> i take it seriously. lol. >> a serious point. there are kids that aren't outside anymore so they reduce their risks for accidents that they are probably safer inside. and then things happen on the computer. you don't want to go crazy and tell everybody there are evil predators everywhere. >> i think parents have better tools to keep track of the kids than my parents had.
2:34 pm
>> do you let your dog use the web? >> monitor the web cam. teenagers, people that are doing things with the web cam and these strangers and transmitting images of themselves very bad stuff going on. you should have cameras in your house. >> kids don't really realize this. we are in an age where everythingt that hits digitally is an imprint for the rest of their lives. the pictures that look like fun in whatever or out of whatever will stick with them forever and they are young and impressionable. also put a marker on their car. i follow them. >> now they know. >> if you are a parent and you are concerned you can go to it has 25 internet slangs that all parents should know. >> internet slang is not the danger is what i'm saying.
2:35 pm
>> we have to go. we have to go. >> bob wants to go because there is a cake later on. basketball skills this morning. he has gotten in the way of the game and made the kid cry. and brian didn't seem bothered by it. >> he bragged about it. uh-oh! guess what day it is??
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guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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yes. with nature made vitamelts. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts. get a coupon on our facebook page as you guys probably know [ inaudible ] for the most part we thought he was a pretty good guy. this morning he was playing what was supposed to be a friendly
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game of basketball with 2-year-old titus ashby and it got ugly. >> how do you stop this? >>. >> i don't believe it. >> all right. >> we'll be right back. we'll see how titus is. >> sorry. sorry, dad. >> hurled the ball at young titus. the smile on brian's face can tell you only one conclusion he is a malicious child abuser. >> show it in slow motion. >> where is the remorse? >> i think he felt bad. it is live tv. what are you supposed to do. when i punch greg in the face. >> i think he felt bad for the
2:41 pm
kid. >> he is terrible. >> of course he felt bad. >> two quick points. in his defense there is a risk when you bring your children on to "fox and friends". since 2004, 15 people died on the show. it has been covered up. they are sticking corpses below the studio. >> that is the smell. >> he said i hate this kid, he is going down, watch. >> wow, wow. >> what do you think? would you prosecute him? >> 100% with with relish. >> definitely rethinking leaving the view. and number two. you never know. things get crazy on the show. titus is a better dresser. he has a little suit. >> look at this smile on brian's face. kid's crying. >> we can get out of here right
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now. coming up commentators playing up the race angle at the zimmerman trial. is it appropriate or responsible? and later "the five" turns two years old. a little celebration. don't miss it. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents for 24 hours. if yoh problems or glauc, or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away
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welcome back. now to the other zimmerman trial, not the one you are seeing on tv all day long, the one being tried in the mainstream media, the trial putting on. that one isn't about homicide. it is about race. >> you know, this case from the beginning got a ground swell of public support because of the racial angle. yet we have heard relatively little about it in the courtroom. what we have heard is 100% of the time that george zimmerman called police about a suspicious person in the neighborhood it was because of an african-american male. i think the issue is there. i think the prosecution has to address it in the closing arguments. the tragic reality is our children of color paid the price
2:47 pm
for the contradictions of the justice system and the george zimmerman's of the world continue to get away if it is the killing of our children without necessarily facing the kinds of consequences that a justice system would demand. >> sadly i think that is how mainstream media begs for ratings. you're weighing in during the sound bytes. >> what i will say, i used to work at court tv. a little trivia question. i think it is fine to cover cases to talk about them, express your opinion. what i don't think is okay is to fan the flames and really pour gasoline on a situation like this. lives can be affected by it. riots can happen. you have to be careful with what you say, how it is taken and the audience that is listening.
2:48 pm
have a responsibility. >> i think counter clockwise. i think you have to dispatch a whole team of therapists to msnbc to deal with the with sudden influx. there are a lot of experts who never found an object that they wouldn't deem racist. he would boycott winter because snow is white. you can have these sincere believes about an unjust society. and there is racism in the society. you have to be aware that you have a tremendous power of infighting violence and you should be careful. >> maybe not with msnbc. >> one of the things that i keep coming back to is imagine if there was this much passion poured into caring about all of the urban use and african-american kids who are killed over a weekend of gang
2:49 pm
violence in pick your city in the world, the things we could solve, the problems we could solve if we could channel that energy and that passion for a racism charge that may or may not be true. the facts are being heard in the case. the jurors will decide. 50 young people died over the weekend in just chicago alone. they are not going to get a trial. no one even talks about them. >> this is going on in the liberal media. >> i have to say i bought into this myself when it started out. i was outraged by it. i saw it as a racial issue. then again i have been deeply steeped in racial issues for most of my career. as i looked at it and followed it it became clearer and clearer it is not a race issue. i don't think zimmerman had that intent. i think there will be and there should be the responsibility for people to try to tamp it down and people call for action. >> if you notice in the zimmerman trial the chief of
2:50 pm
police forced out. you heard his statements and interview with the media and the lead investigator also demoted down to patrol. >> we are going to save time for a little celebration. hard to believe but "the five" is two today. hope you stick around for the festivities. >> and we act one.
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♪ all right. so we've mate it through another year here barely, "the five." today is our two-year anniversary. today it says whoop whoop. i'm not trying to say that. we got everyone here on this set to mark the special occasion. you got the special cake. specifically carlos bakery is home of the cake boss and we want to thank them for this year and last year. they made beautiful case with our anatomy in them. >> there's tiny persons in there. >> and cameras and lights. >> we're going to get 30 to 40 seconds to do our thing. i want to say thanks to the boss for having the instinct to put a
2:55 pm
unique show like "the five" on air and took a chance with us. i'd like to thank the producers for working hard and putting show everybody. honestly we have to put the troops on air, and the faithful. without you, there's no reason to put the show on and bill o'reilly for keeping number one warm for us because we're on our way to getting there. >> oh, my goodness. when you get your emmys, you can say that. >> he gets the talking points for sure. >> andrea. >> we were talking about our favorite moments. my favorite moment was yesterday on the show. a lot of people want to know what happens during the commercial breaks. i'm going to tell you. it's a little scary. i gave bob a restaurant suggestion on tuesday night go with his buddies who everybody saw sitting in the studio. said go to oceana. it griets restaurant.
2:56 pm
with went to oceana. during the commercial break i said how was the time with your friends, bob? it was really good. >> how did you like oceana? he said she was great. i said that's a restaurant. >> here's greg and here's "the five." everyone gets the shirt. very nice gift. >> and true colors. >> we're going with the extra small shirt. >> i want to thank a blog called "inside cable news." two years ago here's what they said about "the five." a, nobody involved in this project should feel too secure about the future. in another article, fnc is apparently out of new ideas and unsure of a future course of action regarding 5:00 p.m. the five so oddball it sticks out like a sore thumb.
2:57 pm
i don't think it will last. the fnc had months dom up with this and this is all they come come up with? i asked how long they had it on their bull pin boaetin boards t for two years. >> i asked them to write a haiku. she writes two years ago on fox news. kudos to "the five" one more thing. from shannon, two years of info, fun talk, and getting crazy. don't forget jasper. i love that one. and the last one is when the clock strikes 5:00, "the five" comes on even though beckle drives me nuts. >> there's a lot who say that. >> i think the whole show might explode. >> there's two liberals at the
2:58 pm
table. >> i know. what's going on. >> this is great. my two favorite moments was, one, when i did have a chance to say thanks to greg and others to get in that amazing race with the idiots at cbs and got them to apologize and also when greg announced he was going to run for mayor and we've got his official poster. there it is. we've got weiner up there. >> i hope this campaign fairs better. mondale. okay? mondale didn't go well. >> did you notice the headlines? beat weiner? >> i don't think we get enough chance to say at least from my standpoint it's been wonderful to have you guys at the table. you've been great, great, great companions in the show and i would haven't had a better crowd. >> you're the greatest, bob. >> even though i did call on you, the control room is giving you some love.
2:59 pm
do you have something else to say? >> you know, look -- last year, in fact, cake boss had each of us on the cake, do you remember that? it was cool. i think that's been a great moment. of course, people always -- i travel a lot so people say to me what do you love about "the five?" first of all, they're real people. tv or no tv, i'd hang out with these people. the second thing is, have you ever seen the legs on these women. they're unbelievable. >> people always ask, you know, why do we always get stopped. people are warm, friendly, we love hearing from you. bob's the ambassador of the show. it's a family, which is amazing. you never know what's going to happen wlrks it's playing basketball or talking about benghazi. i think that's why people tune in. we want to thank you to the viewers, fox, managers. they've been incredible on a daily basis. >> and our crew out here. >> all right. thanks again for sticking with
3:00 pm
us for two amazing years. many more to come. we'll be right back here tomorrow. the special report is next. a key blair in the scrubbing of the benghazi talking points gives her side of the story on capitol hill. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. she has worked for presidents clinton, bush 43, and obama, served as ambassador to nato and to dick cheney. then came benghazi. many questions wherever victoria new land's ascent through washington would be derailed through the infamous talking points on


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