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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 12, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre. judge, this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick -- >>brian: there is personal animosity there. they wanted to add child abuse charges. the developing details ahead. >>steve: have you heard about this one? the federal government spent $34 million on that military building that no one will ever use. you know what? it gets worse, folks. wait until you hear what the white house is saying about that building. >>gretchen: they say sorry is the hardest part. you saw it yesterday. brian's unfortunate slipup with the basketball at a toddler's head. and now brian is begging for forgiveness. is there any hope for him? i can't believe i'm going to say this. father jonathan morris. i got this e-mail last night and all i could write back was seriously? "fox & friends" starts
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right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>steve: you know them, you love them. blue travelers in our all-american summer concert tour. they have always had a special place in our heart because brendan hill, his brother sebastian worked on "fox & friends" for many, many years and that's why they have been by a couple of times. it's delightful that they would be our performance today. what's different though is they will all be wearing hockey masks. >>brian: that is not -- >>steve: you know what happened yesterday? it was an unfortunate
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incident that got blowed up by the internet. what happened to the fox sports batting cage? >>brian: we dismantled it. you're talking about the hockey mask, what happened yesterday. i tossed the ball to a two-year-old phenom. he didn't catch it. but he bounced rights back. what everyone fails to understand is at 8:00 he was fine on the couch. >>steve: the way the internet blowed it up. it said brian kilmeade makes a two-year-old cry on tv. >>gretchen: everyone is doing it in jest. i'm going to support it 100% because i know obviously he didn't do it on purpose. and when father jonathan gets here, let's see if he says you're going to go to heaven or hell. >>brian: not just father jonathan. keith ablow is here to examine me. and geraldo is here. what is geraldo's
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expertise. >>steve: criminal. >>brian: criminal charges? that is nice. >>steve: the good news is the kid is fine. absolutely fine. but you have taken a beating in the press. >>brian: what is unusual about that? >>gretchen: i actually think this is one of your better moments in the press, to be honest with you. good attention because you didn't mean it and the kid's fine. any way, headlines for you right now. this is a live look at the funeral of a british soldier. that is lee rigby. he was murdered in broad daylight on a london street. thousands of people are gathering for the military memorial service in northern england. rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight on may 2 # 2 near his barracks in what is being called an islamic attack. two men are charged with his murder. while you were sleeping we learned the runway with the asiana crash happened will reopen. the ntsb releasing this dramatic new picture
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showing the plane's burned out cabin. there is no evidence of mechanical problems with the plane putting the focus on the investigation of the pilot. brand-new d.n.a. evidence blazing a cold case open at this hour. d.n.a. taken from the final boston strangler victim shows a family match with edward desalvo. he confessed to the murders but later recanted and was never convicted. >> didn't know nor did my mother know other people were living with the memory as well. it is amazing to me today to understand that people really did care about what happened to my aunt. >>gretchen: investigators will he exhume desalvo. one of the girls hurt in the parasailing accident is out of the hospital. she will continue rehab at her home. the other young woman will remain hospitalized and
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undergo reconstructive surgery to repair fractures in her face. the two girls sailed into a balcony after their parasail broke free. >>steve: let's talk about the george zimmerman trial. it looks as if the jury will wind up with the case by this afternoon. what's interesting is yesterday the prosecution asked for, in addition to second-degree murder charges, also a lesser charge of manslaughter, which the way things work in florida, he could still wind up, because it does involve a gun, with life in prison if he is convicted of manslaughter in florida. extraordinarily, though, the prosecution also tried to get the judge to agree to murder in the third degree based on the fact that trayvon martin was only 17 years old, which would be child abuse they argued. the defense attorney could not believe that. listen. >> oh my god.
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just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree murder based on child abuse? is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration? if so, we have a lot of talking to do. when trayvon martin is shot straddling george zimmerman, pummeling him, that somehow george zimmerman was engaged in child abuse? this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick -- >>steve: the good news is the judge said i'm not going along with the prosecution on that. i've got to side with the defense. so he will not be considered for third-degree murder. >>gretchen: he is still going to be able to be considered for manslaughter. with florida law, manslaughter could give him still 25 years in prison. the jury will be instructed on that later on as far as what each charge brings with regard to prison time. it looks like there are three choices. he could be not guilty,
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also a hung jury -- a fourth choice -- guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter. this is a huge victory for the prosecution to get this manslaughter charge in there. because if the jury is teetering and want to give somebody responsibility for the did he go of a 17 -- for the death of a 17-year-old, it does add an interesting wrinkle to the case. >>brian: the prosecution said he's angry, he had preconceived notions about who trayvon martin was. he is a vigilante. there was screaming. there was misinformation out there. for example, the direct quote that they said that george zimmerman said to a friend to tell his wife, tell them i killed him. he says tell them i shot a man. that's different. in analyzing some of that, that's where i imagine the defense should say excuse me. could we quote my client correctly and not wait until today which should be a three-hour defense. if you listen to the defense attorney who got a lot of aclaim, jose bias,
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he believes this case has shown one thing. he said this case never should have been brought to justice. jose bias, as you know, he successfully defended casey anthony a short time ago. here is jose bias: >> they didn't have the evidence to start with. there was a reason he wasn't arrested immediately, and that's because they just couldn't -- they didn't have the evidence. he didn't have any friends on the force. they had to fire the prosecutor in this case and appoint another one because no one felt that they had the efz. now it's -- they had the evidence. >> once the o.j. trial, and you had lots of black people cheering, white america said screw it, we're done, and that was the end of it for a long time. but obama appears on the scene, liberals need to defend him, they want to gin up the racial demagoguery machinery but we live in a world where there is unjustice.
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this case would never have been brought if the races were reversed. >>gretchen: did you listen to the closing argument yesterday? itit-- it was effective. i thought it was effective if you were looking for summation of what they believe happened. the defense has three hours this morning starting at 8:30 a.m. eastern time to do their closing argument. it could be a wash. >>steve: what is interesting is if the jury buys on the second-degree murder charge, it was self-defense. self-defense is self-defense. that would also be applicable to manslaughter as well and everything else. it will be interesting. is there reasonable doubt in this case? absolutely. if you have been watching, the defense has been very good at showing a lot of holes in the prosecution's case. coming up, we're going to have one of the women who has been watching the jury. she is going to be joining us in about five minutes. it's really curious what she' say regarding
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the george zimmerman case. the jury is going to get it this afternoon. >>brian: another story unrelated to this. let's talk about afghanistan. the president made headlines when he leaked to to "the new york times" or somebody in his administration did that we might pull out everybody. we're so fed up with what's happening with hamid karzai, we're going to end the war in 2014. there is a problem with that. there seems to be a ton of waste in the military and the best example possibly is the news that leaked out that in 2009 on the heels of the announcement of a surge in afghanistan led by david petraeus we built a facility in southern afghanistan at a place called camp leatherdeck. here's the problem. the leadership didn't want it. we tried to stop it. still it got built. stadium seating, cutting edge technology all there in southern afghanistan at the cost of $34 million. no one is in it, no one is going to it and it is going to be destroyed before anyone can use it. >>gretchen: you would
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think jay carney, spokesperson for the president, would know a lot about this story because it broke in a washington newspaper earlier in the week. he was asked about it yesterday. see what you think. >> i haven't seen the report but we're obviously out raeupbled -- out raged by wasteful spending. i'm not aware of this report or any specifics about the base that you describe. >>steve: he should start watching fox. we talked about it yesterday and it was on the front page of "the washington post," his hometown newspaper, the day before. so do you believe him? he had no idea about that -- >>brian: i don't know what's worse, if he had no idea or no one is briefing the briefer before he goes out there. >>steve: $34 million down the drain. they're going to have to turn that thing down. one of the two-star generals who heard about it said what the hell were they thinking? there was never justification to build something this fancy. they said that could be the best building in afghanistan ever and we're going to tear it down.
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>>gretchen: it's not the first time we've seen waste with the military. remember last year they said they didn't need certain kinds of helicopters and yet the contracts were still coming. high-level generals were saying we don't need this stuff. >>brian: think about this, they're cutting combat pay pore people in jordan -- for people in jordan and the middle east and they're saying we don't have enough money, you can't practice your flights, your f-16 and at the same time they're going to turn down a base never used. >>steve: what do you think about that? give us a call. friends at fox >>gretchen: can the government force companies like wal-mart pay more than the minimum wage? the answer is yes. is this the end of free enterprise? >>brian: two teenage boys chase down a suspect on their bike and save a little girl. the story is unbelievable. ♪ ♪
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with purina one and the right activity, we're turnin feeding into a true nature experience. join uat with purina one and the right activity, we're turnin >> got into a struggle, into a fight that he started by following and wanting to make sure that the victim didn't get away. and now he wants you to let him off because he killed the only eyewitness. the victim, trayvon martin. >>gretchen: that was the prosecution laying out closing arguments in the george zimmerman trial yesterday. the jury could get the case as early as today. our next guest has been in the courtroom throughout most of this whole thing. joining me with insight is susan constantine.
3:17 am
what was the impact of the closing argument yesterday with the jurors? >> i didn't hear you. >> what was the impact of the closing argument yesterday as you saw it on the jurors' faces and their body language? >> what i noticed in the first entire row, everybody was seated in a relaxed position, meaning they pretty much made up their mind. i noticed in the second row there is one juror in the back, she's got gray hair, and she is still struggling. there is a lot of contemplation going on. all the key issue during the prosecution's close she was making notations what would be very damning to the defense case. at this point in time i believe we have somewhat of a split jury. i don't believe they are all in sync. we'll find out when we get into deliberations today. >>gretchen: you have put your finger on three of the jurors. i want to get to the next two in a minute. first i want to do this fact. that 53% -- can you put it back on the prompter?
3:18 am
53%, during the evidentiary period make up their decision about where they're going during the case. 20% during deliberations. 7% during judge's instructions. what do you make of that? >> we can't disagree with the research. that's what the research is saying, then i would say it's right on target. but you know, being in the courtroom is a whole different story. when we're looking at them in the jury, we're watching all their nuances, all their gesturing. i've been in there since the beginning and jury selection throughout the entire trial and i have noticed a pattern with certain jurors. you get a pretty good feel about how they may vote and what groups of kind of clicking together, which jurors tend to have more rapport with each other than others. what we find is those that kind of synchronize each
3:19 am
other's body language tend to vote for each other. i understand the research behind it but nothing will replace actually being in that courtroom and watching them face-to-face. >>gretchen: you spoke of the woman in the back row. we're looking now at a diagram. there's two people in the back row and four people in the front row. you talked about the one juror in the back row taking a lot of notes. what about the woman sitting next to her? >> she is the blonde-haired, she's in her mid 40's. this one particularly, she is very phlegmatic. during jury selection she had a difficult time making decisions. she always wanted additional information, wanted clarity. i find when we get into deliberations with her that she is going to be going pondering back and forth. once she feels she is convinced of one, she tends to flounder back and forth. i notice that even in her body language where she gets frustrated. her hair is down and then she'll pull it back and she
3:20 am
seems puzzled at times. any way, i think that she tends to mirror the body language of the other juror next to her, generally meaning the two of them are more in sync more than often will tend to vote the same way. >>gretchen: real quickly, there is another juror in the front who is hispanic who you think is prodefense because she has been nodding her head. you do not believe this is a slam dunk for the defense? how do you see this? what's the outcome? >> i think the defense has the advantage here. the problem being we have six women, and the six women with children may -- all we need is just one that's going to be, that connects emotionally with the state's case. you know, it certainly can throw it all off. but the hispanic juror, she's nodding her head at all the key points regarding the defense case, so i think she's definitely prodefense more than proprosecution. >>gretchen: i've got to wrap it up but thank you for that in-depth analysis.
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>>brian: new overnight, controversial legislation passed in ireland where i was once, i guess somehow, half of me hailed from. it allows women to have an abortion if their lives are in danger or if they're suicidal. the leader of an arizona lodge will be released from prison. he was charged with negligent homicide for the deaths of three people. he saved 85% of his
3:25 am
two-year sentence. steve? >>steve: thank you, brian. ♪ ♪ >>steve: wal-mart out. the retailer ditching plans to build three new stores in washington, d.c. this after the d.c. city council passed a bill requiring them and other big-box retailers to pay at least $12.50 an hour, not the regular $2.25 minimum wage. so is this the death of free enterprise as we know it? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is kevin hassock, director of development studies at the american enterprise institute and christian dorsey, director, external and governmental affairs at the economic policy institute. guys, thank you very much for joining us. kevin, let's start with you. is it fair that wal-mart is being asked to pay essentially 50% over the current d.c. minimum wage? >> no, not at all. really what's going on is that if you want to have a
3:26 am
bad retail experience, there are parts of d.c. where you can have about the worst retail experience in america. those places t-pbd to be kind of -- tend to be local monopoly supermarkets that have heavily unionized work forces. democrats are trying to drive up the cost for competitors. >>steve: it does seem this does not apply to aoupbized businesses -- unionized businesses. it applies to businesses that make over $1 billion. it does seem to only apply to wal-mart which would bring quality retail to certain parts of d.c. and people would pay less money. >> two thoughts. first of all, wal-marts could be exempted from this if they allow collective bargaining at their workplace. point number one. point number two, the cost of living in washington, d.c. is different than the
3:27 am
cost of living in other places. it is quite a bit higher. a family of four requires about $88,000 in order to live. the fact that d.c. would require wal-mart to pay its employees more is perfectly in line with a well-functioning market. >>steve: by the same idea, the people of washington, d.c. would enjoy lower prices, and now wal-mart, kevin, is not going to apparently build those stores there unless the mayor goes ahead and vetoes it, and those jobs aren't going to be there. it just doesn't seem like -- it seems like they're trying to jam this down wal-mart's throat because they are successful and none union. >> the unionized employers, when they bring in, they start them out at lower wages. unions tried to organize wal-mart and the workers don't want to do it and the reason is it is a nice career path.
3:28 am
there is one study that looked at how many applications there are for a job at wal-mart and they found it is harder to get a job at wal-mart proportionally than it is to get into harvard. why does the union have to come in and improve the >>steve: i didn't get in harvard but i can get into wal-mart. >> that is going to be good news for people. >> i see you nodding your head, no. he's wrong. how so? >> wal-mart has a wonderful history of bringing in economic development to communities. but it also has a very clear history of bringing other consequences to communities. sprawl, traffic impact, water impact, other environmental impacts. the one that d.c. cannot stand is to have wal-mart come and completely distort the labor market and at the same time require taxpayers to support its low-wage employees, in effect providing a subsidy to a very profitable company. that's something d.c. doesn't need, nor should it require. >>steve: it will be interesting to see what the
3:29 am
mayor of washington, d.c. does, if he vetoes it they probably will go ahead and build the store. a great debate this morning. kevin and christian, thank you very much. have a great weekend. what do you think about had a? e-mail us at friends at fox she was the point person at the state department when four americans were killed in benghazi. now she's up for a big promotion. will that woman get it? coming up next. an incredible end to a kidnapping. two teenagers chase down the suspect on their bikes and save a little girl. the story is unbelievable. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> another scorcher all across the country. my god it is hot in the midwest. they say the heat is due to either global warming or because it's july. they're not sure. i vote for it's summer. >>brian: 90 degrees is 90 degrees. >>gretchen: when we freeze our butts off, we are like when is it going to be 90 degrees? >>steve: if it's not hot in the summer, we're in trouble. >>gretchen: very true. brian's basketball blunder -- i'm just reading the teleprompter. it is making headlines but that's not the only thing that happened on "fox & friends" this week. >>steve: boy, was it a
3:34 am
week. so in case you missed a minute of it, here's a couple of minutes of it. >>gretchen: let's go. [music playing] [buzzer sounding] >> am i going to be a life guard? >> maybe not today. >> there is no fingers. >> your suit remind me that summer is here. >> if you like that, more power to you. >> can i make a coke one instead? >> i have a newfound respect for girls who wear heels like that. >> that's fantastic. >> welcome back to shoe talk. >> they named the baby northwest and took a lot of flak in the press. what do you think about that? >> you don't say hi,
3:35 am
northwest. you say north. >>steve: not only do ghosts climb trees. they sing. [music] >> how are you, steve? >> i think i'm normal right now but we've been amazed by these tree-climbing goats all morning long so we're calling in jack hannah. >> for animals to adapt to their environment they have to eat leaves. last year i saw a catfish walking across dry land and i hadn't even had anything to drink. >> brian, i need a baseball and i will strike you out later. >> you think i could stop a short home run from going over the wall. oh! where's the ball? >> you've got to get to the wall. >> the two-year-old basketball wonder has some new moves. trick shot titus live from new york showing off his tricks. >> you can't teach that. you're a machine. >> how do you stop this?
3:36 am
[music] >> mainly surprised. but he was able to bounce back. >>steve: he did. >>brian: if he could hit seven straight shots, i'm thinking he's 22 instead of 2, so i figure -- he has a hot hand. >>steve: the thing about titus is he's great at throwing the ball. he just needs to work on catching it. he's not the ball catcher. these a thrower. >>gretchen: he's 2! >>brian: the president nominated her to be the top diplomat in europe, but the state department spokesperson victoria newland still has a lot to answer for in which many say is a massive coverup in the benghazi terror attack. what does she know and what did she tell congress last
3:37 am
night? >> during victoria newland's confirmation hearing, republican senators probed the president's choice as chief for u.s. envoy to europe. newland defendinged her role in the benghazi talking points by saying her capacity was in the communications role and not a policy one. she denied directly speaking with u.n. ambassador susan rice before her sunday talk show appearances. >> did you help in choosing susan rice to speak on the sunday talk shows? >> no, sir. >> did you brief her at all? >> no, sir. >> you had no conversations with her prior -- from the time of the attack until she appeared on the sunday talk shows? >> i had no conversations with susan rice herself. we had interagency discussions which her staff participated in on the days that i briefed, which was the wednesday, the thursday, the friday. i never spoke to her. >> nuland went on to say former secretary of state hillary clinton played no
3:38 am
direct role in shaping those now well known talking points and one lawmaker brought up the theory that the annex in benghazi was used as a covert operation to run guns to the syrian rebels. >> many of us believe it had to do with an arms strike going out of the annex and perhaps some were unhappy that may have incited the rioting and terrorist attack. >> nuland responded saying she could talk about the relationship between the state department and the c.i.a. in a separate setting. back to you. >>gretchen: thanks for that report. to the other stories making headlines. a huge development from the f.d.a., the agency set a new limit on the level of arsenic allowed in apple juice. the decision coming after more than a year of pressure from consumer groups. they were worried about the chemicals' effects on kids because arsenic is known of course to cause cancer. the f.d.a. will now allow the same amount in the
3:39 am
juice as they do in water. >>steve: meanwhile, a new development overnight. grocery store giant weg man's will reportedly stop providing health insurance to parts time workers because of the obamacare. the company offered koefrpblg -- coverage to workers who work 20 hours a week. the company employs 1,400 full-time employees and 4-,000 part timers. >>brian: do you work nights? by the way, it could be killing you. it could be killing us. a new study by the international journal of cancer says working the night shift can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer 30%. what's the explanation? scientists think it involves melatonin which regulates bodyry thick. it may -- body rhythms. >>gretchen: a five-year-old girl in pennsylvania kidnapped outside her apartment back
3:40 am
home safe and she has two teenage boys to thank for it. she was snatched and two hours later two 15-year olds spotted the girl in a moving car. they chased the car down on their bikes. >> the guy started noticing we were chasing them. he let her out and ran to me and said she needed her mom. >>gretchen: the little girl not hurt. police are now looking for her kidnapper. >>steve: let's go out to the streets of new york city where today maria molina tells us what kind of day we have in store. look at those people in line for blues traveler. >> good morning. steve, you're from iowa, right? >>steve: yes. >> i found your neighbor here. what is your name? >> harry. >> where in iowa are you from? >> sioux center.
3:41 am
>> is that close to where steve is from? >> fairly close. >>brian: ask him if he knows where the steve doocy library is? >> no. >> let's look at the weather conditions across new york city because we have a couple of clouds in the area. where we have the areas of heavy rain is farther to the south across sections of the mid-atlantic into the southeast. it is so heavy we're actually concerned about flooding with several advisories out there. temperature-wise, farther west across sections of the plains, another hot day in store for you. we're talking a high temperature at 102 degrees in the city of dallas, 92 in kansas city, 91 in rapid city. feeling like summer across parts of the plains. here's a look at advisories across sections of the mid-atlantic including sections like virginia, maryland. throughout the weekend you're going to see heavy rain out here. expect the heavy rain to
3:42 am
continue. you'll need upl pwrepl -- umbrellas. farther west, severe weather in sections of minnesota, could be seeing damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. especially throughout the afternoon and evening hours. let's head back inside. >>gretchen: coming up next on the rundown. mayor bloomberg, it turns out everything you've been telling us about the danger of too much salt could be wrong. there is a new report that debunks all that. >>steve: anna kooiman is beating the heat by hanging out in the freezing cold. right, anna? >> good morning to you, steve. good morning to everybody at home. we're feeding a few of the 250 penguins here at sea world's newest attraction. ain't -- in antarctica. more coming up.
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>>steve: you've got about 15 minutes before the top of the hour and we've got quick headlines. overnight paula deen dumped on her legal team and hiring a new set of world-class lawyers in the wake of her recent scandal and troubles. they will represent the celebrity chef in a discrimination lawsuit. stand by for that. sorry unanimous my bloomberg. turns -- sorry nanny bl everything you've been telling us about the danger of too much salt is wrong. the centers for disease control now say there is no benefit to reducing salt in your diet. none. bloomberg tried banning salt from new york city food. now we know that's not necessary. >>brian: meanwhile, let's see if mayor weiner does the same thing. it may be summer and hot in florida and here but anna kooiman found a spot where it is flatout freezing and home to hundreds of penguins. >> we're talking about sea
3:47 am
world's latest attraction. >>gretchen: you're shoveling snow, too. >> we are. in fact, gretchen, 20,000 pounds of snow is produced here at sea world's latest attraction: antarctica, empire of the penguins. this is unbelievable. it's snowing in orlando. i can't believe it. 250 penguins, four different species. tell me about some of the their personalities. >> they have very different personalities, like us humans or pets you guys may have at home. some of them like to hang out with us humans. they'll follow us around, sometimes get in the way when we're trying to do our job. >> the rock hopper and the jintu. >> those are the rock hoppers. we have quite a few jintus.
3:48 am
>> we've been waking some of them. you can tell they're sleeping because they're looking at the rocks like this or laying down. how many pounds of fish do you go there for 250 penguin? >> about 300 pounds a day. >> you say they eat 10% of their body eat. what will these guys be pounding in a day? >> we feed out herring and silver size. there are all different size and weights of fish. i would say in one sitting a guy like this would be eating at least ten of these herring. >> there we go. we'll try it again. they suck it down almost like they're eating a vitamin. >> head first. >> there you go. >> almost. there you go. >> perfect. >> it's 30 degrees in here. this is a brand-new attraction. what are they expecting? first of all, you need to wear a coat? >> a lot of people come in
3:49 am
with tank tops and shorts on. it is a little bit chilly. it is a break from the heat outside. people seem to enjoy it for a few minutes. then the coolness sets in. there is a warmer area in the habitat in the underwater viewing area. >> it is an amazing place. can you tell me about how you change the light. it's very true to the wildlife. >> down where these guys will be found in more of the southern hemisphere or farther down in the southern hemisphere, the lighting cycle is opposite of here. even though we have a large amount of light during our daylight here, summer in florida now, they actually down near antarctica they have almost no light. here we have five hours of daylight and that's something that i know is really important in the breeding of these penguins. >> we're going to have more coming up in our 8:00 hour, so don't go anywhere. i'm going to be trying to feed these guys a little bit better. they're not eating very
3:50 am
much for me today. >>brian: the problem is they're sick of fish. that's all they have. that's the last thing you want when you first get up. >>gretchen: thanks, anna. we'll check back in with you a little bit later on. takit titus? we'll ask father jonathan. the first time brian's gone to confession? >>brian: several decades. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:54 am
>> gretchen: it's the basketball pass that has everyone talking. >> it's got its own music. >> gretchen: it sounds so negative and bad. but i don't think so. yesterday on "fox & friends," we were joined by two-year-old basketball internet sensation, titus. but then something went a little wrong for brian. >> brian: you're a machine! you're a machine! how do you stop this -- i'm sorry. sorry. oh, gosh. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. all right. >> gretchen: brian is taking a lot of heat for this. none of which was created at all. so does he need forgiveness now? >> brian: or does a toss to a two-year-old resulting in him crying, but he was actually smiling later. >> steve: for thoughts, let's go to cleveland and religion contributor father jonathan morris. what do you make of this?
3:55 am
>> i thought i knew brian. >> steve: do you know brian. >> generally a good guy. but i was listening to this on the radio and, gosh, you know. he's a little kid. >> brian: out of everything you've heard as a priest, this is the worst thing -- you can't get your head around this? >> brian, don't try to get out of this. i studied -- there are three elements to judging a moral act. one is the nature of the act itself. hitting a little kid, that's -- come on. listen, secondly, the intention. i mean, the intention was obviously evil. the intention was obviously evil. he was doing too well. you wanted to test him. he's a little kid now, brian. keep that in mind. thirdly, circumstances. >> brian: i had to get the rebound. >> brian, i don't know what to say. >> steve: you always know what to say.
3:56 am
>> brian: how could you not know what to say? >> i mean, the kid was crying. >> steve: i've never seen this kind of cross-examination in a cable confession. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: here is the silver lining in it. brian is finally going to come to confession. >> you know, let's be honest, brian is a great guy and this is why we can have such good fun. >> steve: and i have a feeling that you, jonathan, were simply being sarcastic. father sarcasm on this friday morning. >> i hope everybody got that. god loves you, brian. >> brian: okay. i'll read that passage where your finger is on. >> gretchen: is that the bible? >> brian: sarcasm. >> steve: sharply ironiccal. he's just being funny. father, thank you very much. >> brian: i think that's actually in the book of job. >> gretchen: for all the times you've walked off the set, i would think this would make you want to for all the heat. >> gretchen: coming up, congress
3:57 am
says congress is starving kids by cutting food stamps. really? the other stories top of the story. >> steve: and blues traveler here live. right back [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter,
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mmm i love you... (announcer) beggin' strips...made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time! >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, tgif, july 12, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're gonna have a great weekend. just two hours from now, final stages of the george zimmerman trial will play out for everyone to see. but the courtroom drama far from over. >> oh, my god. just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre. >> judge, this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick -- >> gretchen: the state want to go add a child abuse charge? developing details coming up. >> brian: congress woman sheila jackson lee says republicans are starving children by cutting food stamps. really? wait a second. there is another side to this story that you probably won't hear anywhere else. >> steve: and a little girl hailed a hero this morning after
4:01 am
she knew exactly what to do to save her mom's life. >> what is your emergency? >> hello? >> yes. >> daddy? daddy, mommy fell. >> steve: we're going to introduce to you that pint-size, cart wheeling life saver. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> brian: final preparations for this week's edition of the summer concert series featuring blues traveler in 25 minutes
4:02 am
we'll be out there talking to the band who is very excited about their brand-new album and their 25 years together. >> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: the lead voice and the guys will be speak to go him coming up. i can hardly wait to hear him at 6:50. he was with us at one of the conventions. >> steve: i think it was the one in tampa indeed. he's a libertarian and he's got a unique point of view when it comes to politics and wait until you hear about all the instruments he -- he's famous for playing the harmonica. he played a whole bunch of instruments before he took up the harmonica. he didn't really like it. >> brian: we're not going to talk about that. >> steve: no. we might mention it. >> brian: rather not. >> steve: eventually he was able to convince his teacher that he could play the harmonica in high school rather than the trumpet and to prove it, did apparently a one-man solo that was a virtuoso performance and the
4:03 am
teacher made an exception. >> gretchen: let's tell you about the news. new overnight, edward snowden plans to meet with human rights groups at the moscow airport today about his next steps. airport spokesperson says there could be a press conference afterwards. no word, though, if snowden will be there. british soldier in england, he was murdered in broad daylight. remember that horrific thing? thousands of people are gathering outside the military memorial service. his family says they're overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. >> it has been really nice knowing there is so much support, there are so many kind and generous people out there. i hope many see how many good people there are. >> gretchen: he was hacked to death may 22 near his barracks on what is being called an islamist attack. two men are charged with his
4:04 am
murder. while you were sleeping, learned the runway where the asiana flight crashed in san francisco will reopen this sunday. crews removed the wreckage to start repairs. the ntsb releasing this new picture. this is the inside of the burned out cabin. wow. a little girl's phone call making a difference between life and death. five-year-old khloe olson sprang into action when her mom started choking. >> i heard mommy talking and i said, mommy, are you okay? >> gretchen: she then picked up the phone and dialed 911. >> what is your emergency? >> hello? >> yes? >> daddy? , daddy? mommy is choking. >> she's choking? >> yeah. she can't talk right now. >> okay, she can't talk? >> no. >> okay. can you open the front door and i'll get help over to you? >> gretchen: she called the 911
4:05 am
dispatcher daddy because she thought her dad would be on the other end to save the day. her mom stopped choking before ems arrived. wow. those are your headlines. >> steve: quick thinking. >> brian: let's talk about george zimmerman. today for about three hours he's going to have close -- his lawyer also have their closing arguments. supposed to last three hours and then the jury is supposed to get it. what will he be charged with? what is he up against? yesterday that was the big debate with the jury asked to leave the room of the. the prosecution decided instead of trying to prove murder two, why don't we put manslaughter into that. better yet, why don't we make murder three a choice for this all female jury to choose from. >> steve: the thing about murder in the third degree is the state went ahead in front of the judge and said it should be considered murder in the third degree because essentially what he did was he committed child abuse by
4:06 am
killing trayvon martin, who is only 17 years old. >> brian: meaning he had to have looked at trayvon and said, this kid is young, i'm going to kill him, knowing he's younger. >> steve: with second degree murder you got to prove that zimmerman showed ill will, hatred or spite. manslaughter, all they've got to do is show zimmerman killed without lawful justification. for the prosecution to come out and say it was child abuse, murder in the third degree, that had a lot of people going what? , including the defense attorney. >> oh, my gosh. just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third degree murder based on child abuse? is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration because if so, we have a lot of talking to do. >> when trayvon martin is shot straddling george zimmerman,
4:07 am
pummeling him, that somehow george zimmerman was engaged in child abuse? judge, this was a trick. doesn't the cower realize this was a trick -- >> gretchen: it's interesting because judge napolitano who is frequently on the show told us yesterday that if the judge -- they try to overcharge and go for a bigger sort of murder situation. this one they went to second degree murder. he said when he was a judge, he didn't like to allow that, but it's up to the judge. so the judge agreed to second degree murder in this case. now they asked for manslaughter and she agreed to that as well. so the jury is going to hear those three options. they're going to hear can he be guilty of second degree murder or will he be acquitted? or guilty of manslaughter or acquitted? or simply just acquitted or they could have a hung jury if one of the six decides that they can't agree or one, two, three. >> steve: the good news is the fact that the judge in the case listened to it and goes, regarding third degree murder,
4:08 am
she goes no, i'm not going to buy into that. there has been an interview that's come out with the fired sanford police chief and he said essentially the reason he was fired by the city of sanford is he was told by the city manager, we just want an arrest of mr. zimmerman. so what happened after he left the scene, a special prosecutor was appointed by the governor of florida and mr. zimmerman was charged. bill lee said he was just trying to conduct an objective investigation and did not arrest zimmerman during those 44 days because he felt it was a violation of his fourth amendment rights. >> gretchen: interesting. there are experts who continue to weigh in on this case. some of them believe that this should have never even been brought to trial because of the evidence. so was this sort of a documentary on the way in which we conduct race relations in this country? did that have anything or a lot to do with why we're having the trial now? here is jose baez, the attorney
4:09 am
for casey anthony in florida and ann coulter. >> they just didn't have the evidence to start with. there was a reason he wasn't arrested immediately. that's because they just couldn't -- they didn't have the evidence. he didn't have any friends on the force. they had to fire the prosecutor in this case and appoint another one because no one felt that they had the evidence. now it's a big surprise that, hey, they can't prove their case? >> once the o. j. simpson trial was acquitted and you had lots of black people cheering, white america said screw it, we're done. that was the end of it for a long time. but obama appears on the scene, liberals need to defend him. they want to gin up the racial deck gagry machinery, but we live in a country where there is not equal justice. this case would have never been brought if the races were reversed. >> brian: people want to make this a black-white issue but the bottom line is, he is hispanic, george zimmerman, yet some people will refuse to label him
4:10 am
as hispanic because they possibly want to who knows what people's agenda is, gin this up, make it more sensational, possibly inadvertently, make this something contentious enough for violence if the verdict doesn't come out the way they want it. cnn continues to use the term regularly in describing george zimmerman as white hispanic. >> steve: that's right. and then you've got nbc, which very famously edited the tapes to make it sound like george zimmerman was a racist. and then over on msnbc, you've got al sharpton who says stuff like this. >> we are tired of going to jail for nothing and underscoring home for something! zimmerman should have been arrested that night!
4:11 am
zimmerman had probable cause that night! you can not defend yourself against a pack of skittles and iced tea! don't talk to us like we're stupid! don't talk to us like we're ignorant! we love our children like you love yours! >> gretchen: obviously race has been injected into this entire thing. the president, remember the president also put himself in the middle of this, saying trayvon martin could have been his son. now the white house and the administration taking a step back, really not wanting to comment, smartly so, as the jury will be deliberating this case starting today. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, you take a look at what's happening on capitol hill. the house passed a farm bill. republicans took out the food stamp part. they split the bill into farm subsidies and food stamps as well. but what is interesting is a number of democrats are upset
4:12 am
that they have taken the food stamp component out. they say republicans simply want to starve children. sheila jackson lee, a democrat from -- >> brian: usually the voice of reason. >> steve: the democrat from texas says the lack of food will lead to a lack of protein, which means brittle bones, although calcium, i do believe, is responsible for brittle bones. but when you look at kids going hungry, all you have to do is look at and i think it was detailed by the gateway pundit this morning that michelle obama's food initiative called less move, if you look at the number of kids who are winding up hungry after school, it's astonishing. in fact, there is a district in indiana that lost at least $300,000 because the kids don't like the food that the school is pushing and they stopped buying it. >> gretchen: you got to wonder if sheila jackson lee knows that part of the story. >> brian: if they stopped buying it, they're also tossing it out. they looked in the garbage and
4:13 am
it turns out most of it -- they did a study. they found kids were somewhat nutritionally starved. >> steve: back in the day when we were going to school and they brought out the mystery meat, if you were hungry, you would just eat it. >> gretchen: or you stuffed it down your milk carton. that's where you put the vegetables, 'cause you couldn't go up for seconds on anything you liked -- >> steve: wait a minute. you got seconds? >> gretchen: yep. but you had to have everything gone. the milk cartons were very heavy. >> steve: that's before they had pictures of people on them. >> brian: my junior and senior year, all we had was pizza. straight ahead, deadline dane for eric holder to hands over a report about investigating journalist james rosen. so will he actually come through? >> gretchen: the video you're about to see unbelievable!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> this made the wrong assumption. he profiled him as a criminal. he assumed certain things, that trayvon martin was up to no good. >> steve: yesterday the prosecution in the george zimmerman case made their closing argument. today the defense gets their chance to respond, over three hours. but has the jury already made up their mind and does experience actually show an acquittal is more likely than a conviction? let's talk to fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> answer, probably yes to both questions. let's look at the numbers 'cause we've got a lot to cover. with regard to making a determination about who is guilty or not in a trial, a
4:18 am
study shows that about 62% of the time, people make up their mind before the closing, before deliberations. so you see the numbers. 53% during the evidentiary period. 20% during jury deliberation. 9% during opening statements. and 7% during the judge's final instructions. so more than half have made up their mind during the evidentiary period. in terms of florida, the statistics in florida going back to 2011, the likelihood is that george zimmerman will be acquitted on his noncapital murder charge, according to florida state courts. only 15% were convicted in 2011 based on the same or similar charges facing george zimmerman. that's incredible number. so the odds are in miss favor. >> steve: just two more things. we haven't heard the stand your ground used, but i understand
4:19 am
you say we're going to hear about that later today and also the video that the defense made is going to come up in the closing arguments? >> in terms of stand your ground, the jury instructions talk about stand your ground. it says if george zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked in any place where he had a right to be, he had no duty to retreat. and he had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force, including deadly force. also talks about justifiable use of deadly force in terms of he only had to perceive the appearance of dangerous. he didn't have to be in actual danger. in terms of the big mistake the prosecution made on that video, that animation that the defense is putting in, they should have cross-examined on it -- >> steve: allowed it in earlier? >> and poked holes in it. now it's going in without any description, without any holes, without any cross-examination. that's going to be an effective
4:20 am
tool for the defense today. we're going to watch it closely. and be back tomorrow to talk more about what went on today. maybe a verdict today. we'll keep an eye on it all day on of course. >> steve: that would be extraordinary. peter johnson, jr. great analysis. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: coming up, he swam for five straight hours in complete darkness through a sea of jelly fish. >> it wasn't an option. it just had to be done. >> steve: the reason why he did it is going to give you some goose bumps. then it's one of the hyped up movies of the summer. but is "pacific rim" a black buster or a bust? kevin mccarthy has got the review coming up so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> brian: now time for news by the numbers. passing a controversial bill that allows women to have an abortion if their lives are in danger. the prime minister pushed legislation despite being threatened with excommunication by the catholic church and today is the deadline for attorney general eric holder to hand over a report about investigating reporters like our own james rosen. president obama ordered the report. after it was revealed that rosen's phone records, e-mail records, all tracked. holder himself signing off on the search warrant that identified rosen as a possible co-conspirator in a violation of the espionage act. >> steve: meanwhile n it is monsters versus robots in the much hyped movie, "pacific rim." >> we face the munsters that are at our door! today we are having the
4:25 am
apocalypse! >> gretchen: that's one of the movies debuting this weekend. is it a blockbuster or bust? >> brian: don't ask me. ask kevin mccarthy. fox news contributor, movie expert. what do you think? >> good morning, guys. >> gretchen: good morning. >> the audio cut out. >> steve: can you hear us? kevin? i don't think he can hear. >> brian: no, he can hear. i think he's faking it. >> steve: you know what? kevin can't hear us. >> gretchen: "pacific rim," i haven't seen the trailer yet other than that little bit in the movie theater. >> brian: i saw -- >> steve: shark nato? >> gretchen: he talked to the stars of "pacific rim," so let's hear what they had to say. >> steve: excellent. >> on an elliptical machine, like a section on an elliptical machine and our feet were strapped in to it and so if we fell, we couldn't get our feet out, so we would break our
4:26 am
ankles, so meant we had to wear a harness underneath. i don't know if you ever wore a harness, after 12 hours in a harness, the crown jewels feeling a little crunched up. >> steve: so we're able to see his interview, plus the fact that he e mailed us his review. he's actually giving "pacific rim" 3.5 out of five stars. this is so unique. it's the first time we've ever done a segment with somebody who we actually don't talk to. >> brian: grownups 2 is out. it was a surprise hit. it made $250 million the first time around. i thought it was terrible. it was not funny. everybody else loved it. >> gretchen: i didn't. >> brian: now here we have a sequel. the first one that adam sandler has ever done. >> gretchen: so kevin went to see it last night and he e mailed us a pretty long review. basically he sums it up that he didn't like it that much. he gives it one out of five stars. he says you shouldn't waste your
4:27 am
money in the theater. maybe rent it later on. >> brian: he gave the first one a zero. this one is a 1, so it's double his approval. >> steve: he says it's poorly edited. he said i miss the old adam sandler flicks. the entire movie so off and overly cliche and cheesy, although it is one star. whereas the last one he gave zeier roam so it's a huge improvement. >> gretchen: kevin, so sorry we wouldn't did he tell your audio -- we couldn't get your audio. but we love to see your movie reviews. >> steve: the video you're about to see, unbelievable. >> steve: oh, my goodness. how everybody made it out of that crash alive coming up. >> brian: plus. john says he was a bleeding heart liberal 'til he got a job.
4:28 am
we'll talk to him after the break. he's got a brand-new album out. he's going to sing about it. ♪ [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage.
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4:31 am
>> you're probably with this kid. a two-year-old we found on-line. he's very good at shooting basketballs. well, he made an appearance on "fox & friends" this morning.
4:32 am
he hit shot after shot. he was unstoppable until brian kilmeade hit him with the ball. and made him cry. shame on you, brian. you monster. you are a monster personified. eventually he calmed down. they brought him into the studio and what i think is a wonderful lesson for a two-year-old, encouraged him to exact revenge on his new foe. >> gretchen: i have a really good idea for you, buddy. take that ball right now and throw it as hard as you can at that. right here. right here. [ laughter ] >> brian: thanks, gretch. that was a good idea. look how nonchalant you were. >> steve: an eye for an eye. >> gretchen: that's fantastic. >> steve: so titus was fine, but you lost your head. >> brian: it's okay. >> steve: how did they put that back on so quickly? >> brian: it's all part of late
4:33 am
night television magic. >> steve: funny stuff from jimmy kimmel. >> gretchen: the little boy was fine and so is brian. >> brian: we think he's fine. >> steve: he's fine. his dad told us he's fine. not suing us or anything. but why would he? it was an accident. >> brian: we have a lawyer in every hallway. there is no way we could be sued. everyone has their own. >> steve: we're protected. we've got headlines for you on this friday morning. a shocking investigation by dr. oz two years ago revealed some of the best known brands of apple juice contain questionable levels of arsenic. that's troubling for some. now the f.d.a. finally taking action. the agency just set a new limit on the level of arsenic allowed in juice. the decision coming after pressure from "consumer reports." they were worried about the chemical effects on children because it's known to cause cancer. the f.d.a. will allow the same amount of arsenic in juice as they allow in water. great. >> brian: brand-new dna evidence
4:34 am
breaking a cold case wide open this hour. dna taken from the boston strangleer victim shows a match. how do i say this the correct way? >> gretchen: familial. >> brian: he confessed to the murders but recanted recanted rr convicted. the victim's nephew is overwhelmed. >> nor did my mother know that other people were living with her memory as well. it's amazing to me today to understand that people really did care about what happened to my aunt. >> brian: investigator also now exhume desalvo's body. >> gretchen: this story is unbelievable. a family out on the water finds themselves in the water. their boat capsized in rough seas off the coast of maryland. the father left his wife and two children clinging to the boat and he swam five hours in complete darkness through a sea of jelly fish.
4:35 am
>> it's not knowing what was going on with them while i was gone. blowing harder all the time. not knowing if i'll be able to find them when we got back out there. >> gretchen: he guided rescue crews to his loved ones. they're doing fine. the video you're about to see is nothing like you've ever seen before. terrifying car crash in china. 71-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel before hitting a tree before going airborne and slamming into the car. the drama filmed on the dashboard cam. everyone was okay amazingly. now it's time to head outside to see what our weekend weather picture is shaping up to be. good morning, maria. >> hi. good morning everybody. we're talk being summerlike conditions across the country for today and also as we head into this weekend.
4:36 am
especially across sections of the plains. that's where you're looking at high temperatures well into the 90s and even triple digits for some of you, like dallas, texas, where today your high temperature could be 102. 100 in san antonio. you're talking kind of dangerous levels of heat when you head into parts of texas. along the east coast, showers, thunderstorms. they're holding off here in new york city. but right to our south across sections of the mid-atlantic, virginia, maryland, all the way down to sections of florida and georgia, you are looking at a flooding concern. so we have a number of watches in effect out here and also warnings because that rain is already in place and it's really moving very slowly producing that flooding across many of the areas. farther to the west across minnesota, north and south dakota, damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes will be a concern with several thunderstorms expected to fire up, especially later this afternoon and this evening. by tomorrow, kicking off the weekend, hot. 90s widespread. triple digits down into texas. now let's head up to steve and brian who are a couple feet away
4:37 am
from me. >> brian: you could see us. i know you. >> steve: they burst onto the musical scene in the '90s, 1994. this song "run around" made them a household name. blues traveler is our featured performance today on this summer concert series! john popper, the lead guy who often has a harmonica in his hands -- >> i hear i'm made of them. people say i'm made of them. >> brian: and do you have one. look at that, you brought it with you. do you know how to play it? >> yeah. we've been through this. i keep giving you -- yours keep disappearing. >> steve: i have mine. it's up in the drawer. what's interesting is, and i read all about you, when you were in high school, you hated practicing on the trumpet and so you talked your teacher into allowing you to actually play the harmonica in school. >> she blinded me with science with this song and luckily i had the right key and he let me try it. >> steve: how did that go?
4:38 am
can do you some of it right now? >> i don't remember "she blinded me with science." but i can play ♪ something like that. that was it. that was the beginning of it all right there. put that trumpet down! it was a school trumpet. >> brian: you've been at this for 25 years. you sound like you broke out in the mid 90s? >> about halfway through, yeah. >> brian: this new album, "susie cracks the whip" came out at the end of 2012. tell me the theory hyped the name of the album. >> well, there was actually we were celebrating our 25 years and one of the interns there named susie, she had did everything from the laundry to vocal tracks. she was just a real work horse there and she just seemed to be running things by her enthusiasm. she was really young. so she reminded us of the young. so we kind of made her a super hero. she's out there in l.a she's probably watching us. hi, susie. >> steve: congratulations. they named an album after you.
4:39 am
now, the name of the -- >> she does fight crime, too. >> brian: who doesn't. >> steve: i hope she's wearing a cape. the name of the group is blues traveler. it's interesting, when you were in high school, you wanted to be a comedian because it was a good way to make friends and keep the bullies away. >> sure. keep them away, right. >> steve: at one point you and a friend tried mimicking the blues brothers. >> we started trying to have a comedy routine and weren't very good. >> steve: so did blues travelers come from blues brothers? >> we figured we were a blues band and we were influenced by the blues brothers. we described the band as another entity. so a blues entity didn't sound quite right. "ghost busters" was o. they had the traveler. so that was a good name. we told this to john landis and he's now taking credit for our career. >> brian: you deserve full credit because you worked hard at it. >> thank you. >> brian: in terms of politics, you're very tuned in. >> i do what i can. >> brian: where do you think america is at for the economy,
4:40 am
for overall psyche? >> i think we're at sort of midsummer, kind of squishy warm, sweaty place. >> brian: weather related. >> i think generally we're at a sort of a wait and see period and seeing what's going to happen. let's see what happens when obamacare kicks in. let's see what happens with the new immigration reform. let's see if hope actually can emerge from this mish mash we call each other. >> brian: right. good news is -- >> society, everybody, we're all part of it. we're all in it! am i right, people? >> steve: you're right! before you go, i just noticed -- like i said nothing? >> steve: john, you've got a tattoo across your chest in reverse. >> yes, for the mirror every morning. it says i want to be brave. you get up to take a leak in the morning and you look in the mirror and you say, oh, yeah, that's right. or when you get up to do your business. the good news about obamacare.
4:41 am
>> brian: there are 50 people in your band, you don't have to give them insurance. >> there are under 50 people in my band. >> brian: unlike elo. >> thanks for telling me, it will stay that way. we're going to keep it to under 50 in a band. >> steve: folks, blues traveler will start singing and dancing here in about 15 minutes. >> you know it. >> brian: thanks for coming. appreciate it. [ applause ] >> brian: back inside, gretch, tell us what's up. >> gretchen: thanks. remember the life of julia from president obama's 2012 campaign, the video that shows a girl dependent on government from cradle to grave? former mtv star duffy, we know who she works rachel, she's got a plan to teach kids to make it on their own without government help. then incredible video we showed you yesterday. a driver swallowed up by a mud slide.
4:42 am
the man in the car here next on how he survived the makers of one a day believe, as i do, that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference.
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we want k9 advantix ii! it not only kills fleas and ticks, k9 advantix ii also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. infected ticks can even spread lyme disease. so let's put our paws down in ptest! till we all get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! join us at! >> steve: we've got quick headlines on this friday. one of the teen-agers seriously injured in this horrific parasailing accident is out of the hospital this morning. she will continue her rehab at home in indiana. meanwhile, the girls crashed into a balcony after their parasail broke free from a boat earlier this month in florida. a big problem for a former
4:46 am
biggest loser contestant. tara costa is being sued for gaining weight. a company claims she breached her endorsement deal when she gained 45 pounds. she lost 155 pounds on the show. all right. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. remember the life of julia from president obama's 2012 campaign? a tale of how one girl was dependent on government aid from cradle to grave. one organization wants to rewrite that story and inspire women to be independent. joining me is initiative national spokes person, rachel duffy. tell us about this initiative. what is it? >> it's an organization that educates hispanics -- we know they want the american dream, but there is a system called free enterprise that allows them to access that dream. so we promote self-reliance, especially with this campaign that we're doing right now.
4:47 am
we want to tell girls that there is a different alternative than julia, someone who needs government at every turn. so we're offering a all kinds of tips and advice on how to live and to celebrate women who are already living that life of earn success and independence, economic independence. >> gretchen: so if people don't remember back to the 2012 campaign, the president had this life of julia campaign. we just saw it up on the screen, where basically the argument was that when you see the child at the beginning all the way up until you're well past being an adult, that you would need the government to help you as a woman and you're now saying look, what we should really be telling young girls, hispanic or otherwise, is that we should be building self-importance and esteem from the inside and economic sustainability on their own? >> exactly. girls are getting all kinds of messages about what empowerment looks like. everything from the disney girls
4:48 am
who starlets who ends up on men's magazines and sexy spreads, all the way to a campaign like julia that says you need government at every turn. we're saying, look, empowerment comes from earned success and hard work and the american dream is accessible and so we celebrate stories of women and men who have achieved the american dream, hispanics in particular, and we believe it's alive. we need to give our kids tools. >> gretchen: right. so some of those tools you're pointing to, chores. chores at home are important. they may not be popular. >> that's right. we have a campaign right now called how do you raise a child and give them the tools to access their dream? one of the tools, which teaches them about hard work, a lot of kids are losing that value. >> gretchen: an old lemonade stand. >> we're losing the fundamentals of running a business. that's one. it doesn't have to be lemonade stand. my dad started a pinata business when he was 12 years old. mow lawns, whatever it is,
4:49 am
teaching them those fundamentals. >> gretchen: also bargain hunting, celebrating entrepreneurship and give back. that's the piece of the puzzle that's so important in this entitlement nation that we find many of our kids in as well. >> absolutely. with giving back, earning a profit is great, it feels even better. and we all underestimate the contribution of our small business owners who are the men and women who are buying the school uniforms and contribute to go all kinds of things in our community. >> gretchen: that's so important. rachel, if you wanted to learn more, the libra >> libre! >> gretchen: thank you for correcting me. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: all the best to your family and kids. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: coming up, political correctness getting in the way of catching terrorists? mayor rudy guiliani will be here on that. then we aired this yesterday. this man here with how he survived that incredible mud slide [ female announcer ] nature valley protein bars,
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> brian: you watched this video. we showed it to you yesterday. a driver swallowed up with his car by a mud slide. >> oh, my god! (bleep) wow. (bleep) oh, my god. >> brian: the wipers can't move fast enough. that driver is a video ed tore for the colorado spring gay complete and working when he got sit with that mud and had the
4:54 am
sense to whip out his camera and tape it. john is with us right now and joining us. reset the scene. you're driving. you know there is something bad going on because cars are coming the other direction. so what did you do? >> i couldn't -- the problem was i couldn't see the water until it hit me. i was driving up highway 24 west of colorado springs because there was a flash flood warning. so i was heading up into the hills just to see if i could get some footage. and all of a sudden, cars in front of me started stopping and there was even a cop car that put on his emergency lights and started gunning it in reverse and dodging cars going the wrong way on the highway. retreating from it. but i couldn't see the water until right before it hit me because it was so low. it was only a few feet off the ground. all i could see were the cars in front of me. i stopped and was getting my camera ready 'cause i thought it might be a rock slide in the middle of the road and right as i hit record, bam. wall of water hit me.
4:55 am
>> brian: the wall of water hit you. your car is sliding. you said for some reason, you put your foot on the brake and steering as if you could control the mud while rolling the entire time. where was your fear and where was your this is going to be amazing footage part of your brain? was there fear there at the same time? >> yeah. yeah. there was a decent amount of that, i would say. it was completely out of control. there was nothing i could do. the water just picked up my car, turned it 180 and started pushing it down the highway. and i just started bouncing off the cliff. my car knocked over a light pole at one point. and i don't know. i'm probably lucky to be in one piece. >> brian: i understand you came to a stop. 30 minutes later you got out and did what? just ran? >> no. there wasn't a lot that i could do. i jumped from the roof of my car across one stream of water to
4:56 am
some solid ground. but i was pretty much trapped by all these flood waters that were surrounding me essentially and had to sit there for another hour or so waiting for the flood waters to recede so i could walk across to the other side of the highway and go talk to the rescue crews and other people who had been stranded by this and everything. >> brian: john, no one could ever doubt your dedication to your job. i assume you're going to get your pay double, i'll just make sure of that. make a call. john, good luck to have you and i'm glad you're okay. >> thanks. >> brian: all right. that was great footage. coming up straight ahead, george zimmerman's fate will soon be in the hands of six women. but has this been a fair trial? geraldo rivera is here. >> i'm going to beat up these kids, brian. >> brian: could you stop it, geraldo. >> see what brian did with that basketball? >> brian: come on. and blues traveler is here.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. tgif, it's friday, july 12, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. america's most wanted man has been in hiding for weeks. but will edward snowden finally make himself shown today? new details who he's meeting with and why he may make a public appearance. >> steve: and in a matter of hours, george zimmerman's fate will be in the hands of six women. but some say this case should not have gone to trial in the first place. is race the reason why it's gone this far? geraldo rivera live in studio e straight ahead. >> brian: with a new hair cut. congresswoman sheila jackson lee says republicans are starving children by cutting food stamps. really? we have another side to the story. if we didn't, would i have said
5:01 am
really? "fox & friends" starts final hour of the week -- it's about to go, i believe it is. now. ♪ tell me why ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ >> gretchen: hate to interrupt john popper, that's such a great tune. you know them as blues traveler. they are performing outside of our studios right here. if you're in the area, come on down to get some barbecue. they'll perform another tune at 8:50. >> steve: that's right. they got started in the '90s, boys who played in a school band in new jersey in high school and look how far they've come. >> brian: by the way, we have never had a lip syncing scandal here on the show. >> steve: 'til now? >> gretchen: why are you bringing that up? >> brian: that's another selling point for our concert series. we don't lip sync. that's really john popper that
5:03 am
we know of. >> gretchen: you know what, geraldo? it's a daily question. >> brian: so judgmental geraldo with a new hair cut. >> steve: he's been on vacation. >> gretchen: fox news alert for you now. overnight will nsa leaker edward snowden show his face today? this is a live look at the moscow airport where snowden is believed to be staying. as you can see, media has flocked there. what was that movie with tom hanks? he stayed in the airport for a long time "terminal." can you imagine? where has this guy been holed up? after hearing him speak, he may be fleeing then again. remember he was in hong kong, then moscow. in a letter he said he plans to meet with human rights groups at the airport today about his next steps. airport spokesperson says there could be a press conference afterwards. no word if snowden will actually be there. >> the russian people i spoke to
5:04 am
said the last thing they want is for this to affect the end of the cold war. they think that russia needs snowden like hole in the head. >> gretchen: all right. the voice of geraldo rivera. >> just back from russia. >> brian: that wasn't putin talking, was it? >> i don't know. but putin is relatively populist. snowden is not. >> brian: brezhnev feels the opposite of that. >> gretchen: we're going to do a restart in just a couple of minutes. meantime, on a much more serious note, the funeral of lee rigby happening now in england. he was murdered in broad daylight on a london street. his family says they're overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. >> it has been really nice knowing there is so much support, there are so many kind and generous people out there.
5:05 am
many see how many good people there are. >> gretchen: rigby was hacked to death on may 22 near his barracks in what is being called an islamist attack. two men are charged with his murder. >> brian: why did it take so long to bury him? >> brian: i have no idea. >> gretchen: new overnight, ireland's parliament passing controversial legislation. the protection of life and pregnancy bill makes it legal for women to have an abortion if pregnancy is hurting their health or if they are suicidal. prime minister ed mckinney pushed the legislation despite being threatened with excommunication by the catholic church. while you were sleeping, learned the runway where flight 214 crashed in san francisco will reopen this sunday. late last night, crews started removing the wreckage to start their repairs. the ntsb releasing this new picture. that is the inside of the cabin after it was completely burned out. and those are your headlines with bonus from geraldo rivera's commentary and now he's on the
5:06 am
harmonica. [ laughter ] >> brian: fantastic. i know you've been following the trial very closely. your sense yesterday, are you surprised the judge decided to open it up beyond murder 2 to manslaughter? >> no, not really. i predicted the judge would do that. i thought that manslaughter was the only possible ramp they could have brought from the get-go because it requires no more than culpable or criminal negligence, unlike murder in the second degree which requires a deprived mind and ill will and hatred. it never was that. this was a case brought because of political pressure, race politics. i hate to say it. i hold the reverend al sharpton in much higher regard than many of my colleagues. i won't speak for any of you presently, but i think i do. but i totally believe the reverend al is the catalyst behind the murder 2 charge six weeks after the incident. i believe the original
5:07 am
prosecutor got it right. i think it is a self-defense situation, a classic self-defense when you look at all the trappings, that could have been the charge, manslaughter at best, if any charge was going to be brought. the fact that they're -- they know how weak their case is. they have zero chance of convicting this man on murder 2. >> steve: if you are in the jury box, there are six women who will judge george zimmerman. the whole thing comes down to reasonable doubt v. reasonable doubt? the defense has done a pretty good job presenting plenty. >> i see it a little differently. i see those six ladies putting themselves on that rainy night in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. so it's a dark night. six foot two-inch hoody wearing stranger is in the immediate
5:08 am
housing complex. how would the ladies of that jury have reacted? i submit that if they were armed, they would have shot and killed trayvon martin a lot sooner than george zimmerman did. >> brian: wow. >> this is self-defense. when it doesn't matter that zimmerman provoked it or that zimmerman was out of line to be so adepressive and overzealous as a neighborhood watch captain or neighborhood vigilante, if you would. once trayvon martin gets the upper hand, once he is on top of george zimmerman and pummeling him, george zimmerman, as those jurors putting themselves in zimmerman's place, will surely say, george zimmerman had every right to use deadly force to prevent deadly force from being used on him. >> steve: you're saying he could have -- he is going to be found not guilty? >> i believe that george zimmerman will be acquitted. i really do believe that. and i hope that by saying it out front and other commentators joining me that this will mitigate any possible outrage. let people know.
5:09 am
this is not about the youngster. i see his parents in that courtroom and my heart breaks for those parents. tracy martin and his mother are good people. they're loving in every way. this is a horrible tragedy and he only had skittles and iced tea and all of that is true. but that is irrelevant when it comes to the criminal case and the affirmative defense of self-defense. under florida law, regardless of how an incident initiates, at some point zimmerman reasonably believed that his life was in danger. he had the right under florida law to use deadly force to save his own life. >> gretchen: it's interesting because 20 minutes from now, that probably exactly is what the defense will say. they should listen to your summation right there because they'll begin their closing arguments. >> brian: this is a -- >> this is a self-defense case. this is really about that. >> brian: he's got three hours today. >> this is a tragedy.
5:10 am
two people, probably both in the right, when you think p it. this -- think about it. this is a collision of two people who under every other circumstance, would go their own way. >> brian: more controversial case, it was less than 24 hours ago when a two-year-old was hitting shot after shot out on the veranda here. >> steve: you want to call over rudy guiliani for that? come on over. >> does he need a lawyer? >> gretchen: we got one right here. >> steve: sit down right there. >> brian: you're going to handle my defense. mr. mayor, can we watch the footage and you tell us. you take the other side. >> all right. suddenly, he is whacked in the face by an arbitrary -- >> brian: obviously self-defense. >> did he threaten you? [ laughter ] >> did you believe you were threatened? >> brian: i saw an opportunity to give a child who had seven
5:11 am
shots in a row, who missed his eighth, an opportunity to get back on that streak. i quickly chucked the ball to his direction, at which time he -- >> are you sure you weren't jealous about how good the kid was? [ laughter ] >> brian: are you turning on me now? >> your honor, this was -- i submit if you watch this shot, watch this vicious shot. >> brian: can we make a deal? can you at least argue with him? >> what can we get? [ laughter ] i want a year. i'll give you 90 days. [ laughter ] >> steve: how about the fact that on the blogosphere, brian has been pill areeed as brian kilmeade cause has two-year-old to cry. >> kimmel it had right. >> brian: it will touch the kid up. -- toughen the kid up. he'll be ready to play basketball in new york. >> would it be something if this
5:12 am
phenom could suddenly not do it. >> brian: i want a mistrial! >> gretchen: he told you not to say anything. >> brian: i had to do something! >> steve: geraldo, we'll be watching your show this weekend. >> i'll be in florida for the verdict. thank you. >> always good to be with you. >> brian: mr. mayor, you're going to stick around. >> steve: speaking of mayors. >> gretchen: remember when apply bloomberg said salt was killing you and he tried to take it away? guess what? turns out he may have had it all wrong. there is a new report that says salt is good for you. we'll be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> brian: is political correctness by the obama administration hurting us in the war on terror? if they were a little less pc, could he have nabbed people like nidal malik hasan, or the accused boston bombers? joining us, former mayor of new york city, rudy guiliani. that is exactly what you said yesterday in washington. too much pc. not willing to say islamic extremists are the problem. >> right. i see it as a problem that affects the bureaucracy. in other words, it becomes an issue where not everyone, but too many people who are doing these investigations become nervous. they're going to get in trouble if they incorrectly identify a tsarnaev as a terrorist, a nidal as an islamic extremist terrorist, even though the evidence is logical that they should be identified that way. >> brian: you're saying it's different there 2001 and here we are in 2013, the threat is still out there. in fact, you could argue it's growing. yet, we're reluctant to say who
5:17 am
did it. >> i have no doubt about the fact that within the relevant bureaucracy that do this, there is a strain that's going on where some of them are more worried about incorrectly identifying someone as a muslim extremist terrorist than being the person that did not correctly pick up the fact that there was going to be a bombing. erring on the side of political correctness as opposed to let's protect the community. >> brian: when you see what happened with the boston bombers, the police and f.b.i. not talking to each other. but we still don't know whathent went in and interview the brother about what we hear is extremist behavior. >> as i said during the testimony, i think the boston situation is a little more ambiguous. it's got to be studied and looked at. i think the major nisan is more clear. he did it in the military. he had people complain about
5:18 am
him. and the military promoted him and now we're calling it workplace violence. that's very, very dangerous to do that. >> brian: how does it go back to the president setting -- people say that's a reach. >> we have a president who never uses the words, islamic extremist terrorist. major hasan, we can't conclude that's an islamic extremist terrorist plot when he's yelling out allah akbar when he kills people? we have all these euphemisms that we come up with. we'll never talk about a war on terror even though they're at war with us? all of those sort of issues where he's very, very reluctant say to people, we can't say it either. we got to be careful. >> brian: michael leiter followed you. he denied political correctness was hundred dollarserring. he pointed out that only 20 people lost their lives since 9-11 here due to islamic extremist. >> tomorrow, that's a lot of people. i would not want to go to their families ask tell them, oh, gee, that tint really matter. second, an awful lot of people have been injured from
5:19 am
terrorists since then. i'm shocked that you wouldn't consider also the people that have been killed overseas. american interests that have been attacked, americans attacked abroad, plus some of the incidents that with pure luck, detroit christmas morning bomber, we didn't catch that guy. he failed to detonate his bomb. >> brian: what do you say to people who say, that's mayor rudy guiliani not running for office, speaking from truth and experience. but if he was running for office, he would be the same way the other politicians -- >> you go back to the debates i had in 2007 and i said essentially the same thing. it was in 2007 when i was running for office when i spoke to then u.s. attorney chris christie when he caught the fort hood bombers. the -- fort dix. they were going to attack fort dix. he told me then the big threat that we face right now is domestic-inspired islamic extremism. and the fact is we've been facing this danger for some time and political correctness gets in the way of handling it because if you can't properly
5:20 am
identify the characteristics of a serial killer, you can't catch a serial killer. and these islamic extremist terrorists are ideological serial killers. >> brian: by the way, i think that the muslim community would also like them purged from their religion so they're not labeled with them. you and peter king are the last ones with the courage to stand up and point out who our enemy is. >> yes. i was the one on the evening of september 11 that said we shouldn't attack innocent people, muslim, arab. >> brian: shouldn't profile. >> incorrectly. we should profile correctly, however. that's how you catch criminals if do you it correctly. >> brian: mr. mayor, i know you believe that and i know you're going to follow through on that. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> brian: you refused to represent me horribly last hour. >> i had a tough client. >> brian: you had me! straight ahead, dr. oz warned you about arsenic in apple juice. why are we using arsenic at all? this morning a big update every parent needs to army plus, it's
5:21 am
the path that has everyone talking. who has scored the most? me or titus? dr. keith ablow has been wheeled in. plus blues traveler is here. melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts. get a coupon on our facebook page (announcer) at scottrade, our clto make their money do (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody.
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5:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. one of the teens seriously injured in that horrifying parasailing accidents you can see on your screen there, last month in florida out of the hospital this morning. she will continue rehab at home in indiana. and sorry, mayor bloomberg. the cdc says there is no benefit to reducing salt in your diet. you'll remember the mayor tried banning salt from foods in new york city. my doctor tells me to eat more salt. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yeah, you have low blood pressure, can help awe lot. >> steve: meanwhile, it is the pass that got everybody talking.
5:25 am
there you can see young titus, two-year-old basketball phenom, known as trick shot titus, ball after ball, he makes it. and then something happened. watch this. >> brian: titus, you're a machine! how do you stop this! whoa, i'm sorry. >> that's how you stop him, brian. >> brian: sorry. >> steve: he got socked in the nose and started crying live on international television. >> gretchen: you shoot like shaq, i understand you expected him to just be able to catch the ball like shaq would. but now some of our "fox & friends" staff terrified of brian. so is that normal or nuts? joining us now, psychiatrist and fox news contributor, dr. keith ablow. you've been here in person many times, you joined us via satellite. >> steve: now we know why. >> gretchen: we've had to lay down on the couch because we all have issues. none has ever come to this
5:26 am
magnitude. >> no. none before. but that's why i've hung in there, because it takes a while for people to tell us who they are. if you're a violent person, you can seem quite normal for a long time. >> brian: what is your reaction to this whole thing? >> well listen, brian, here is the thing, i would encourage you the next time i'm in, you'll tell me about the two-year-olds in your life that you have some inner hostility about. preschool, what happened to you? were you attacked by a more talented ball player? taking revenge in this way is no answer, my friend. >> brian: i didn't take revenge. i didn't go to preschool. i went right to kindergarten. >> steve: he was simply -- >> what happened in kindergarten? listen, now we're getting someplace. we're at kindergarten. >> brian: that's what we were supposed to do. there was no problem there. >> steve: unfortunately, dr. keith -- >> no problem. you're going to stay after school at my psychiatry school. >> steve: unfortunately because this happened on a tv show, a
5:27 am
number of people who work on the show, we understand are a little scared. we've got an e-mail from terrified producer number one who says, this incident with brian has me shaken. i no longer feel safe going to work without a helmet. [ laughter ] i stay close to walls and peek around corners looking out for brian. just praying he won't be there with a basketball! am i normal or am i nuts? >> all right. let's get serious for a second. they're nuts! why? because i watched the video and i see brian suddenly springing into action, like a healer, comforting this child, showing empathy, showing how badly he feels for what was clearly an accidents. >> brian: clearly an accident. you saw his dad grab him quickly and also there is something else to reveal. titus is a full contact kid. he had a cut on the bask his head. he had fallen prior to his appearance. >> gretchen: watch out. don't admit that. you'll be accused of doing that. >> i know. here is the best part. i watched this with my wife and
5:28 am
she said, is that his father? when she saw you comforting him. >> gretchen: oh, come on! >> that's how caring you are. >> steve: he will bring out both sides of what seemed like bad situation yesterday, but the while was absolutely fine. now you kind of strung it along. >> brian the healer. >> steve: very nice. >> brian: good to know i can get off the couch and rehab my life from here. now that i have identified my issues early on. >> if i'm injured, please hug me and care for me, brian, because you have special power. never forget that. >> gretchen: wow. i only can imagine what the bill is after this little session. thanks, dr. ablow. >> steve: next up on the rundown on this friday, an incredible end to go a kidnapping. two teen-agers chase down a suspect on their bikes. they saved a little girl. the story is unbelievable and it's coming up. >> gretchen: look for a great place to take the kids this summer? anna kooiman has a paradise.
5:29 am
>> steve: oh, my. >> brian: first, though, more from blues traveler. here is "you, me and everything." ♪ [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... whilbody tend stan. ♪ y ease arthritis symptoms.
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>> gretchen: live look right now inside the courtroom of the george zimmerman trial down in sanford, florida. zimmerman and his defense team just walking in. the final stages of the trial about to play out for everyone to see. so what's going to happen is the defense will now take three hours to do its final and closing arguments. phil keating live outside for us. hi, phil. >> good morning. the lead defense attorney for george zimmerman will put on a three-hour closing argument presentation to contrast almost entirely the closing argument
5:34 am
presentation the prosecution gave the jurors from the state yesterday. inside the courtroom, you've got george zimmerman looking pretty upbeat. he's smiling a lot. he's got his family and extended family there, his wife shelly, his mother and father, as well as some cousins. his attorney brought in powerful props to show the jurors. number one, gray life-size silhouette cutouts of two individuals presumely to represent george zimmerman and trayvon martin on the night of their encounters last year. and there is also a little square piece of concrete to represent that sidewalk walkway back where the dog walking area is in the gated community where george zimmerman was a neighborhood watch leader. and of course, where he claims trayvon martin attacked him, jumped out of the darkness at him, started beating him up, knocked him to the ground, was pummeling him and knocking his
5:35 am
head into the concrete. expect without a doubt for mark o'mara for the pictures taken of george zimmerman hours after the shooting where it appears he's got maybe a broken nose, blood trickling down from his nose and on the bask his head, those two lacerations which he says came from hitting his head on the back of that concrete and he says that's his self-defense claim, that he really had a reasonable fear for his life at that moment that he could either be killed or have great bodily injury. that is when he utilized the stand your ground law here in the state of florida, pulled out his tech..9 millimeter hand gun and shot one bullet into the heart of trayvon martin. after the defense' closing argument, there will be a short rebullets by the judge will give the jury their instruction which is include manslaughter as an option. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. we just saw the judge welcomingment jurors into the room and we could actually see those big cutouts you were talking about over the shoulder
5:36 am
of mr. o'mara who is commencing right now, his closing argument. >> brian: you see those. >> steve: plus, it sounds like the defense will be presenting the video that shows trayvon martin, produced by the defense that shows trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman, all according to eyewitness accounts from that night. >> gretchen: that will last about three hours. and then maybe going to the jury as early as later on this afternoon. >> steve: the state does have one hour of rebuttal as well. something they do uniquely down in florida. >> brian: not the rest of the headlines. dna evidence break ago cold case wide open. dna taken from the final boston strangler victim, the name mary sullivan, she chose a familial match with desalvo. he confessed to the murders, but later recanted and never convicted. the victim's nephew, overwhelmed by the new developments. >> nor did my mother know that other people were living with her memory as well and it's
5:37 am
amazing to me today to understand that people really did care about what happened to my aunt. >> investigators will now exhume desalvo's body. >> gretchen: shocking investigation by dr. oz years ago revealed some of the best known brands of apple juice contain questionable levels of arsenic. now the f.d.a. taking action. the agency just set a new limit on the levels allowed. this is going to stun you, i think. they can be the same as allowed in water. who knew arsenic was in water? many were worried about the chemical effects on kids because arsenic is known to cause cancer. >> steve: a five-year-old girl kidnapped outside her apartment is back home safe and she has two teen-agers to thank for it. the girl was snatched last night around 5:00 o'clock in pennsylvania. two hours later, a 15-year-old young man and his friend spotted the girl in the passenger seat of a moving car. they chased the car on their bicycles. >> one of the guys i noticed, we
5:38 am
were chasing him, he stopped and let her out and she ran to me. >> steve: the little girl was not hurt. police are now look for the guy driving the car. kidnapper. >> gretchen: it may be summer here in the united states, it's nice and hot in florida. but anna kooiman found a place to cool off and hang with some feathered friends. hey, anna. >> good morning. cool off, are you kidding me? we're in the dead of summer and i'm wearing a puffy coat. it's orlando's exhibit here at sea world with brian morrow and he's the creative director. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are surrounded by 250 different penguins, four different species. talk about their personalities. these are both rock hoppers. >> yes. they're like the rock stars of the penguin world. they got this great hair going on. they like to hop up on the rocks and get really, really high. these are the fastest species of penguin, about 25 miles per hour in the water. >> they're the cheetah of the
5:39 am
penguin. >> they are. >> this is why i walk like this in new york. that's what they do. we've got video of antarctica, the entire exhibit because since it's largely unexplode and no humans live there, this is the closest people are going to get. >> yes. sea world's antarctica is the chance for our guests to take a journey to the bottom of the planet. that's where antarctica is. that's a great journey for any family with kids. they really want to go there. when they come here, there is food, shopping. they'll be completely immersed in the ice outside and then come inside and have a chance to ride this really cool attraction that the whole family can ride together. >> the coolest part is the penguins and getting to see their personalities. these two have been fighting all morning long and guests can walk along here. but don't wear your tank tops and flip flops. pack the jacket. thank you so much. that's all the time we have. but we're going to go feed these little guys and send it back to you in new york. >> steve: very nice. thank you very much. from orlando. coming up, can you picture yourself living in this kitchen?
5:40 am
you can own this house for less than $200,000 and there are a lot more deals just like it. stick around for details coming up. >> gretchen: and now blues traveler performing "but anyway." take it, john. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:41 am
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>> steve: before you leave the house, three things you need to know. first of all, the leader of an arizona sweat lodge being released from prison later today. james arthur ray was convicted of negligent homicide in the death of three people during a ceremony. he served 85% of his two-year sentence. also, today is the deadline for attorney general eric holder to hand over a report about investigating reporters, including our own james rosen. holder himself signed off on the search warrant that identified rosen as a possible co-conspirator in the violation of the espionage act. finally, the texas senate on track to pass new abortion rules later today. a final vote this afternoon. the bill will ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. and that's what you need to know
5:45 am
before you leave the house. gretch? >> gretchen: it may be the middle of summer, but home prices are not cooling off. they've risen 11% in the last year. most major cities are still seeing prices climb. so where in the united states can you still find a good deal? let's ask real estate expert and author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett. hi, michael. >> hey, good morning. how are you? >> gretchen: doing very well. so interest rates are going up a little bit. homes are a little bit more expensive. but you're still going to point out great deals. we're going to start in the state of virginia. >> yes. absolutely. i picked three metro markets that are actually -- we call them late to the party. according to trulia's price index. they're saying these are some of the cities like this one, that actually have had an opportunity to hit their market pretty much
5:46 am
at the bottom most recently. now even they are starting to rebound. this is the first one. let's look at this property. i love this property. it's about $158,000. it's a beautiful victorrian, four bedrooms, two baths. it's about almost 2400 square feet. it's a renovated victorrian with a big wrap around porch, beautiful hardwood floors, lots of original details. it's got a carved mantle and a wonderful corner yard, great neighborhood. what's great about this is your mortgage is going to be about 702 a month. that includes your taxes and insurance. >> gretchen: all right. that sounds fantastic. let's go down south, new orleans. what do you have for us there? >> new orleans, another really good property. it's about 179900. three bedrooms, two baths, about 2,000 square feet. this one is a big property. it looks big. it's a newly renovated and it's
5:47 am
got these wonderful caffered ceiling, lots of built-ins, a lot of woodwork and hardwood. look at the living room and built ins in this. a great kitchen with granite, stainless steel appliances, enormous walk in master closet. really sort of a grand scale property. this one, again, your mortgage is going to be about $803 a month. >> gretchen: people appreciate when you break it down for them. let's go to the middle of our country, st. louis, missouri. this is really a steal, right? >> forget under 200. this one is under 100! amazing. $100,000 for a two bedroom, one bath. it's a small home, around 1,000 square feet. but it was built in 1912. beautifully renovated brick bungalow. this is adorable! it's got a lot of charm. it's completely redone. stainless steel appliances. it's got a beautiful deck off the kitchen. it's even got a lower level that's been refinished to be a media room and a gymnasium.
5:48 am
this is an amazing steal for $100,000 and your mortgage on this, including your taxes and insurance is going to be about $450 a month. so much cheaper than renting. >> gretchen: saved the best for last as far as price. that's for sure. great to see you. have a fantastic weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: for more information on these home, go to and click on the link for michael's blog. coming up next, blues traveler with their big performance. first let's check in with martha for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> hi there. good morning. it has begun. mark o'mara has started his closing argument. he's basically arguing to the jury that if they're not sure what happened, then they have reasonable doubt. very interesting. we're going to take you there live. we've got greta van susteren waiting. a great team to analyze the closing arguments this morning. this is the big day. could go to the jury. we'll see you at the top of the hour
5:49 am
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>> steve: all right, are you ready for some music! [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: we got blues traveler for you and here they are. take it away! ♪ so many times i thought on a dime ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ when we meet again ♪ ♪ right there and then ♪ i hope you realize my friend ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
5:55 am
♪ when we meet again ♪ ♪ from now until then ♪ i hope i recognize my friend ♪ when we meet again ♪ and the music comes in ♪ i hope i recognize my friend ♪ >> i don't think they get to say to you, what do you think? no, no, no. no, no, no. what have i proven to you? what have i convinced you beyond a reasonable doubt occurred in this case so much so that you don't have any reasonable doubt as to those issues that i presented to you. they are supposed to use words like certainty and definite and without question, beyond a reasonable doubt. no other explanation. these are the words and phrases
5:56 am
for the prosecutors. i used to be one. i know. i've used them. there aren't good words of good prosecutors are maybe, what if, i hope so, you figure it out, could have been, 'cause those are the assumptions that please do not make. do not cheapen your role in this case by doing anything less than holding them to the burden that they said at the beginning of the case they would gladly accept and prove to you. you know, the upside down nature of it is that's what defense attorneys do, if you really think about it. we're the ones who live in could have been and what if. you know what? there is reasonable doubt. what if blah, blah, blah, blah. or it could have been, could have been that it happened this way and that could have been
5:57 am
that reasonable hypothesis of innocence, we'll talk about that in a second. it's going to be sometime this hour, i hope. it could have been. that's where defense attorneys learn to practice and words that they learn to read to a jury. i'm not going to do any of that with you today. i want you to know exactly what happened that night. i don't want to you presume anything. i would like you to presume whatever you can to my client's benefit 'cause after all, that's what good defense attorneys do. but in this type of a case where we do something that will probably upset or enrage defense attorneys anywhere who are listening to this case 'cause at the risk of confusing you, i'm going to take a side to trip for
5:58 am
just a few minutes. that side trip is going to be i'm going to take on the obligation to prove to you that my client is innocent. something i absolutely do not have to do. it is the opposite. and let's talk about what i mean about that. because as we know, the state has the burden -- and i'm going to say that a dozen times before we're done. we love our charts, so i have a chart. i've got a couple of charts for you. first i have this chart, which tells you what reasonable doubt is. at least my version of reasonable doubt. is there an objection before i show it?
5:59 am
you want to review the material? >> that's fine. >> that might work. thank you very much. i appreciate that. i'll use that for something else, i think. thank you. understanding what reasonable doubt is. if it's wrong, mr. guy will talk to you when i'm done, let him point out where it's wrong and then you can make that decision. but this is what we've talked about. what might happen and how convinced you might be. easy. just not able to be proven. highly unlikely, less unlikely.
6:00 am
i think you get the point. i could read through you and ask to you nod your head in agreement for each one. but the reality is until you get to about the idea, the concept of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt that presumption of up sense never dissipates ever. in proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt. which makes sense. it takes us from the king's days when he decided if you were guilty. here is what happens in a criminal case. the state has to take you from down here before there is any evidence and he's presumed to be


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