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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 14, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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start with a fox news alert. george zimmerman found not guilty. >> the verdict, we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> this morning george zimmerman is a free man acquitted of all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. we break down the case with our team of legal experts straight ahead. >> and was it all about politics from the beginning? did the prosecution even have a case? we take a harsh look at how we got to where we are. >> then as the verdict was announced, people took their opinions to the streets. what america is saying this
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morning and on social media. it blew up last night as that verdict was read. "fox & friends" begins right now. george zimmerman not guilty on all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the verdict was met with shock outside the sanford courtroom and across the country. live outside the courthouse with the very latest on what's happening in florida. >> reporter: good morning, tucker. everything quiet but overnight there were demonstrators. during the entire trial, if you look at the protesters, those who came out here calling for george zimmerman's conviction far outnumbered those that came out to support them. when the jury handed down its not guilty verdict overnight
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demonstrators at the courthouse expressed their disappointment. the violence many had feared never occurred. some prominent civil rights leaders and the family of the dead teen had urged them to honor trayvon martin's memory with peace and that's exactly what they were doing. >> when the verdict came in, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, which is a great thing. i think people are conducting themselves quite well. there's a lot of police presence out here. but i can't tell you what's in everybody's heart. >> george zimmerman supporters say this was never a case about race but a man dftding himself for his life. naacp said trayvon martin, who was black, was racially profiled when zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain followed him the night of the shooting. the organization said they were going to ask the justice department to seek civil rights charges against the defendant.
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back to you. >> jonathan serrie, thanks so much. this is the rub about the cripple justice system, which most people don't realize. it's not about justice but protecting your rights, protecting the rights of the defendant and the constitution. in the end people often feel so bereft and so unsatisfied. like what about trayvon martin's family. i think that is an understandable feeling but it doesn't mean that the law wasn't followed, everything was legal. >> every trial comes down to a simple question. can the state prove its case. and is there reasonable doubt the state hasn't proved this case. this very specific case, you can point to the prosecution. every lawyer we interviewed said the same thing, they did not make the case. >> even in the few weeks prior to the verdict, all signs point to not guilty. if you're reading the tea leaves, the prosecution simply was basing itself on emotion.
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former prosecutor criminal snyder and defense attorney richard hornsby. who we be surprised, richard, this turned out the way it did? >> no. i think if you talked to anybody that works in the criminal justice system as a criminal lawyer, prosecutor or defense attorney, the reasonable doubt was always there. there was never really a question in most criminal defense lawyer's minds about whether he would be found not guilty. it's not really a surprise at all. >> philip, what did you think when you heard the verdict? >> i wasn't surprised at all. the state made a poor filing decision from the on set. i think murder two was a huge stretch. when they were arguing throughout the trial they put themselves in a corner, ill will, hatred. they lost the jury. they would have had a much better chance with the jury with a manslaughter charge. >> i've heard a lot of people say what you said, murder two was a stretch. why do you think they went with murder two. >> i think angela was
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spearheading from the beginning, john guy and bernie de la rosa were caught in a situation they had to argue adamantly things they weren't able to prove. ill will, spite, hatred wasn't plausible. if they had made a manslaughter and common sense argument, they would have had a much better shot at a conviction. although, i still think based on the law the jury made the right verdict. >> richard, lets put this on the screen. these were not guilty verdicts, second degree murder and manslaughter, not guilty of manslaughter also. yesterday afternoon we had heard the jury wanted some clarification on manslaughter and exactly the charge therein at one point. it seemed like maybe if you were to believe that, manslaughter was about to be coming down the pike. why did they need clarification on that? >> well, i think the bigger issue is they probably went back there. second degree murder was never a consideration i'm willing to bet right away.
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this was from the beginning a debate between self-defense and not guilty versus manslaughter. i'm willing to bet one or two people we suspect were holding out were trying to justify manslaughter on the act of him getting out. manslaughter only involves an intentional act that ultimately resulted in someone's death. i'm willing to bet the two holdouts was saying getting out of his car was the intentional act. not necessarily following the directions of the nonemergency caller operator, it was the act of confronting trayvon martin, however they interpreted it happened in that room was the intendingal act. i think there was probably make people that were trying to find a way to convict him. at the end of the day, even though he's been found not guilty, i think you'll have a hard time finding anybody to say he's innocent. that's the issue they struggle with, especially the people holding out to try to get some type of manslaughter conviction. >> i think that's right. it was a complicated case that
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he had some culpability but that is the law. lets listen to what defense attorney don west had to say about the verdict. >> we needed facts. unlike what miss cory said they the broke the facts, they didn't. anybody that watched the trial knew the defense put on the case. we proved george zimmerman was not guilty. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict, as happy as i am for george zimmerman. i'm glad this jury kept a tragedy. >> lets hear from de la rionda how they felt. >> respect the verdict. it boils down to a kid minding his own business being followed by a stranger.
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so i would submit that's when it started. >> philip, what do you think about that? at the end of the day, george zimmerman did follow trafb martin when they told him not to. people in some corners are feeling, what should -- something different should have happened. >> i spoke to a lot of people nmg case. they it are torn, they feel for this individual. it doesn't feel he did something wrong at the on set. george zimmerman was doing profiling, whatever that may be. that doesn't negate the fact once it started and after the case did not prove their case. i think bernie de la rionda's especially corey's comments were inappropriate. they should have went to the family, consoled them before they came out with the press conference, still saying they believe this case was accurate.
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>> her comments were over the top. when do politics bring charges in the first place. >> absolutely.tching angela cor was taking her 15 minutes of fame. as a former prosecutor, i was disgusted by her actions. i think she's the one that initiated this campaign, spearheaded the campaign, she did not even console the family before grandstanding is disgussing. >> your comments about don west's comments about this being disgraceful the way prosecution handed things. >> i know him personally. if you know don west, he's a lawyer's lawyer, a standup guy. he's very mild mannered, even though he's a good lawyer. that was outrageous. i was shocked. he doesn't usually lose it the way he did.
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this goes to the fundamental issue, don west, federal public defender, private practice after that. he's retired twice, came out of retirement twice to help mark o'mara the second time. this is the type of thing he fought against his entire career angela corey hiding evidence, hiding the ball, being dilatory, claiming to be ready when they really weren't and pursuing a case -- here is the bottom line with a murder case, you don't pray with the family to decide whether or not it's right to prosecute a murder case, of course the family will think it is. you get a grand jury. they had a grand jury convened. she never went through with it. she went ahead on her own. cases like these are made for grand jury, politically charged cases. as for the state and what they did wrong. what do you make of this? they are trying to justify what happened. at the end of the day i agree angela corey, it was a political prosecution. you can't think of it any other
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way. she was grandstanding. in listening to her last night, she didn't know the law. she was trying to justify what was a bad decision. i think she used this case as political cover because she has her own problems in the african-american community back in jacksonville. >> philip, i think it would help people today to hear from the jurors and what their rational was and what their deliberations were like. they can choose to stay anonymous. the judge gave them anonymity through this. we don't know their names and addresses obviously. do you think any of them will ever come forward? >> that's a good question. normally in a high-profile case jurors want to come forward, because they like the limelight and want to explain it to the media. that being said, in this case unlikely for the jury to come forward. they did such a good job making sure they were anonymous, they don't want backlash because of the acquittal. for that reason it would be
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unlikely for the jury to come forward, at least until some of the heat dies down. later maybe they will share their story. >> what are you saying? are you saying the country is so out of control jurors are afraid to come and publicly comment on the case because they are going to get hurt? is that what you're saying? >> i think it's possible in the jurors' minds it's out of control. at this point everything under control. prior to the verdict coming out, there were a lot of twrt feeds, social media feeds that said if george zimmerman was acquitted there would be riots and repercussions. for their safety, it may be in their interest and family's best interest to lay low and then come out and share their story with the public. >> what happens to george zim. we're hearing naacp say they aren't doing to let this lie. other individuals. his brother saying george zimmerman should probably hang onto the gun, he will have death threats for the rest of his life. from a defense perspective, what
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happens now. what happens when george zimmerman wakes up? any legal protection to make sure someone doesn't hurt or harm him? >> there is no legal protection in place p he's on his own. lets don't forts the bigger picture. his wife is under prosecution by angela corey. where does he go and what does he do? they are already investigated for civil rights. that's a nonissue. i think you need to let it lie, accept the verdict for what it was. he does have the possibility he could be sued civilly for the wrongful death of trayvon martin. that's an interesting thing. you heard mark o'mara say last night we will vigorously fight that. they can raise stand your ground. if they do raise immunity and are successful and win, they are responsible to pay the legal fees of george zimmerman for successfully defending himself.
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it's really an interesting of dichotomy, do you pursue this, risk now that you know the evidence, no spin, do you pursue a civil lawsuit against george zimmerman. it would be in seminole county which i think would still be favorable to george zimmerman. >> gentlemen, if you could hang on for just a second, we want to come back to you in just a moment. we are joined by radio talk show host. george zimmerman acquitted from the charges. naacp says it's far from over. they are calling in the justice department to bring civil rights charges of some kind against george zimmerman highlighting the fact this has really become a racially charged case. was it from the beginning an inherently racial case. >> it wasn't a racial case. it was a local issue, a tragedy trayvon martin was killed, these two elements came together. it became a national case when president obama injected himself saying if i had a son, he would
3:15 am
look like trayvon. when he pulled out the playbook and property out jesse jackson, locals in the naacp chapter president, miss houston from the ame baptist church, they got together. joe madison, mark thompson, they turned this not into justice and due process but into justice based on a black victim narrative. >> lets listen to the trayvon martin family attorney. he said it was race and it started from the beginning. >> to everybody that put their hoodies on and to everybody who said i am trafb, his family expressed their heartfelt gratitude for helping them the last 17 months. the whole world was looking at this case for a reason. what people wanted to see as we all said, how far we have come
3:16 am
in america in matters of equal justice. certainly as we have said, we'll be intellectually dishonest if we didn't acknowledge the racial undertones in this case. so we have to have very responsible conversations about how we get better as a country and move forward from this tragedy and learn from it. >> ben says you're being intellectually dishonest for saying this is not a conversation about race. >> ben crump in 2006, the martin lee anderson case, black teen killed at a juvenile camp. young pictures of him. he brings al sharpton, jesse jackson, then senator barack obama. this the playbook he talked about with the "orlando sentinel," his words he's using the same playbook. >> having said all this, it was a racial case, because at first blush all we knew is that an unarmed plaque teenager was followed and shot.
3:17 am
>> but in a way we didn't. what did he say 911 call to the operator, on a dark rainy night zimmerman couldn't identify if he was black, hispanic. >> he did say he looked like a black guy. edited together as if that was the first thing he said. it was erroneous, there was more to the conversation. that's what we knew. that's why it felt like a racial case. >> but then it wasn't taken -- look, it's a law enforcement issue at that point. i have always said from the beginning the due process needs to play out here. it became more racial when the had the marches not for justice but for a particular type of justice. when you look at the reaction that happened even from people like marlon wayans last night. this is not about justice but a perceived type of justice. in our system, black or white, trevor dully, a black man, 69-year-old plaque man shoots a
3:18 am
21-year-old white man in florida, asserts your stand your ground defense and back at work after posting bond the following monday. that also happened. where was the outrage then? if it's against stand your ground, there should be outrage there. there should be some civil rights violation but it's biased justice they wants. >> it immediately fits into this 1955 template. the first thing we heard was black male underage shot by white guy. it's bull conner versus protesters. it's every cliche emerges right away. where are the reasonable people to say, hold on, lets take each crime or incident on its own terms. >> we never would have known the details had he not been charged. all we knew was broad brush strokes, unarmed black teenager with skittles in his pocket with every right to be on the street shot by a white guy, hispanic guy. >> i'm fine with that.
3:19 am
we need to examine this, the details but that was not put forward. zimmerman, not a typical hispanic name, white washed pictures put out by media outlets. profiling. prosecutor's office used profiling. profiling is not a charge, instrument to be used in charging for second degree murder. they were setting up a narrative themselves. there was a political aspect. the doj unit since 1964. it's down there, as we now have requests, down there spending money to facilitate rallies against zimmerman. we have e-mails. we have a meeting in the church. we have the firing of bill lee, chief bill lee. by the way, that rally facilitated by the community relations service who made it possible, spent the money literally, taxpayer dollars. it's not a small amount. it's the fact they aren't supposed to be involved in this. >> became political, absolutely.
3:20 am
>> david webb joining us, special coverage as the verdict in the george zimmerman trial has been read and we now know the answer to that. how did the six women react when the not guilty verdict was read. our next guest was in the courtroom during the trial and that exclusive insight into that. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression. the all-new nissan sentra. ♪ the all-new nissan sentra. ♪
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friends." you're looking live at oakland, california. violence erupting on the streets of oakland, california. flag burning and reports of broken store windows. all this from a group marching in protest of the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. look at this. at one point they were stopped
3:24 am
by police blocking the street. no word yet on any arrest. again, violence breaking out in oakland, california, at this hour in response to the verdict. >> so far sanford, florida, is calm. after more than 16 hours of deliberation the all female panel of jurors reached a verdict in the george zimmerman trial clearing him of all charges. >> for more insight aimed at how the jury came to this decision, we're joined by the jury consultant, susan constantine. she's been in the courtroom during the trial. susan, nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> your response to the jury's verdict last night, not guilty on second degree murder, not guilty on manslaughter. >> i thought it was the appropriate verdict. it's the only one they really could come to. >> what was the reaction at the courthouse when the verdict of not guilty was read. >> oh, my gosh. i was right outside. i was on the field directly in front of the courthouse.
3:25 am
lots of yells, screams. it was so loud you could barely hear people even next to you talking to you. upset, just angry. there were so many people there. only two george zimmerman supporters. the rest were all there for trayvon martin. they showed that emotion outwardly, and it was riveting. it just kind of gave you goose bumps on your body. at the same time you had a sense of fear, wondering if there was doing to be an outrage. so kind of retracted inside some of the booths not knowing what would happen. the police officers really took good care of everyone and made sure everything was orderly. >> we know there have been threats made against george zimmerman's life. we know that on social media people were outraged about this verdict, you standing there outside the courthouse only seeing roughly two george zimmerman supporters, the rest
3:26 am
trayvon martin supporters. do you think because of that we're likely not to hear from the jurors. often we'll see cameras, they will come out and even write a book. do you think they will remain quiet for fear for their life? >> absolutely. i don't think if any way, shape, or form she should actually come out into the public. i live within 15 minutes of sanford. i know how the community has felt. i've heard the voices of the citizens and the decision. it's not a safe place for them to come out. >> having said that, don't you think there's a hunger from the public to understand what went on in the deliberation? wouldn't it help the healing? there is no justice for trayvon. not that a conviction would be justice. sometimes there's tragedies, just tragedies for families. wouldn't it help some of the people who feel so disheartened
3:27 am
today to hear they followed the letter of the law and how they deliberated? >> that makes a common sense. this was not about logic. this was all about passion. if you could feel the passion, it kind of overshadowed any sort of logic that was there. i think there's certain people, yes, that have accepted it. there were several people that were of all different races tha. they said, you know what, i had a feeling it was going to happen. others, it was different. it was more of a personal issue. yes and no but not both. not just one or the other. >> as a jury consultant, for those people who have never served on a jury and then you leave that next day. you wake up, start reading the newspapers the next day, what sort of duty do they have? do they have a duty or can they remain quiet? they can try to go back to their normal lives. what do you advise jurors once
3:28 am
the trial is over? >> it's their personal choice. they can come forward as a group. they have an opportunity to do a press conference. they chose not to do that. that gives you insight to what they are thinking. individually they have a right to go and be on any shows to speak to the public, write a book. that's their own personal option but there is no rules afterwards. >> though obviously because they were sequestered for three weeks, involved in the trial three weeks, it's possible their neighbors might know who they are. certainly their friends and family might know who they are. it's possible we will see some of them at some point but not now. susan constantine, thanks for your expertise throughout all this, we appreciate it. >> you hope their family knows who they were. >> certainly their family insist who it was. >> we were following this very closely this morning. if you're just waking up, we will have much more on this. we just saw violence erupting in california, oakland, california,
3:29 am
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>> how can they say not guilty for anything. >> it's a trial. you're supposed to be held accountable for a crime. >> people are upset. i think you're going to see a lot of people shouting and stating their opinion how unfair it is, but i don't think we're going to see no riot. >> we're all going to unite, and we're all going to go ahead and challenge the injustice system we have and also go to the governor's mansion and protest. all different races of people, we're all going to come together and challenge the injustice system we have. >> all right. those were the emotions spilling over last night after the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman was read. so far sanford, florida, has remained calm as of this hour. people are expressing their emotion but not breaking into
3:34 am
fights. what did you think when the verdict was read? >> i thought it was a just verdict. i don't think there are any winners. what i'm upset about this morning, the only way you can be outraged by this not guilty verdict if you didn't watch a moment of the trial. the evidence supports not guilty. don't be outraged. that is the justice system at work the way it's supposed to. not every defendant is guilty. when you're sitting at defense table, it doesn't mean you're guilty. george zimmerman is now living proof with that. stop with the outrage. >> your reaction the same? >> i think to some degree, yes. i think a lot of the faum that followed the verdict, i give a lot of credit to ben crump. he read a tweet from the daughter, for everyone to be calm and act with class and
3:35 am
dignity. for the most part everyone followed that, even though there is a tragedy here, but there are tragedy, as geraldo said this over and over last night when auto good people die for senseless reasons. that doesn't mean there was a crime that was committed that could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> doesn't mean you should shoot people or burn down stores. talk about standards now we're happy riots didn't break out. >> we've seen it in the past. >> it's outrageous anyone would consider that normal behavior. >> we're seeing it this morning. if we video this, it was happening in oakland, california, this hour, people burning stores last night. people burning stores, protesting amassing. >> what do stores have to do with it? >> anyone would accept that as completely over the top and outrageous. >> jonna, people are expressing outrage.
3:36 am
i hear that, if you follow the letter of the law, people didn't as closely as we did, still there was a feeling of a dead, unarmed teenager doing nothing wrong except buying a pack of skittles. theres a feeling now what? what are we supposed to do with this feeling? >> to me this was very much similar to a dead 17-year-old teenager who wrapped himself around a tree because he was speeding. >> that was his own culpability. >> right. trayvon actually did have culpability here. if you believe the facts, he didn't have to pummel george zimmerman in the face. you have to say all you want, if george didn't get out of the car we wouldn't be here. if he didn't get out of the car and trayvon debate didn't pudge him in the nose we wouldn't be here. >> with all due respect, the reason why people are at that level, i'm going to be blunt. in their world they felt trayvon martin was guilty of walking while black. right or wrong.
3:37 am
if he was a white jewish kid named irvin rubenstein, he would not have been shot. >> i got it. i'm not even debating that. i'm merely saying any society considers it normal for people to go on a rampage from a jury verdict. that is not a valid way -- >> passions are high. >> it's totally unacceptable. >> excuses in the l.a. riots, excuses in the watts riots, we call them uprising, it's not. it's the mark of a society on its way down. >> people rioting, no understanding of why they were rioting in the first mass. >> it's like the morons that go out after super bowl and burn cars. >> what's the media to blame in any of this. >> i'm painting this as a race-based issue. here is mark o'mara slamming the media for indicting zimmerman from the beginning. >> two systems went against
3:38 am
george zimmerman that he can't understand. you guys, the media. he was like a patient in an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. he didn't know why he was turned into this monster. quite honestly, you guys had a lot to do with it. you just did. you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him. that was horrid to him. >> jonna, was he right? >> half right. the media reports what it is. if you want to lay blame how this story got out of control, how it turned into a racial, political thing, blame the d.a.'s office, angela corey. >> and the police in a way. the time the tide turned in the media, i take um bridge, us in the media blamed for this when photos were finally released, 46 days after we found out about
3:39 am
the crime. if they released those earlier, it would have been a different story. >> a major news outlet clipping, editing the 911 call to make it sound like what suspicions about him? he's black. >> so this is a tweet from an ap reporter. ap is supposed to be this news organization, i'm quoting, so can we all kill teenagers now? just checking. >> come on. >> how can you pretend to be some sort of straight reporter. >> you can't. first of all, i thought that was the highlight of mark o'mara's press conference, that part there. i do think a lot of that is true. look, we cover cases, i deal with cases in new york that are so much more compelling. no disrespect top trayvon martin, other people die on a regular basis, victims of crime and we don't blow this up. these were two purple people, if
3:40 am
they were green, orange people we wouldn't be sitting here talking about this case right now. this case became something because his last name was zimmerman. i submit if it was hernandez and martin -- >> george zimmerman became white. he's not white. >> his voter id, he checks on hispanic. somehow or another he became this white dude. >> before we go, civil suit. will we see a civil suit? >> probably. probably it will fall as flat as this criminal case did most likely but sure. >> i won't tell you what i did, naacp. help me. it's very early. i was on until 2:00 this morning. they are calling for a federal investigation. >> stop. >> i told geraldo last night, i'll shave your moustache if they bring this case. they should not bring this case. it was six women spent time dealing with this. 17 months. it's sad for that family, tragic
3:41 am
for that family but it's over. lets move on. >> closure. >> no way you can shave geraldo's moustache. >> i would grapple with it. >> thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> we have another fox news alert for you now. very tragic story. "glee" star cory mondteith foun by the hotel staff after he missed his checkout time. police did not give a cause of death but they did rule out foul play. >> there were others with mr. monteith earlier. videos show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours. we believe he was alone when he died. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. monteith has struggled with drug addiction in the past. he did check himself in to rehab back in april. "glee" producers issuing a
3:42 am
statement saying, cory was an exceptional talent and even more exceptional person. he was a true joy to work with and we will miss him tremendously. cory monteith, 31 years old. >> more on that story, plus this. the jury of six women has decided to not be identified. following such a high-profile case, how will the jurors remain anonymous? will people try to find out who they are? jury expert here next to weigh in on that. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? silence. yes. with nature made vitamelts. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor? melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts. get a coupon on our facebook page
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3:46 am
what did you think when you heard the not guilty verdict? >> from a lawyer's standpoint, i can totally agree this was a right verdict. from a jury consultant standpoint, i understand how hard this must have been for the jurors to come to this sort of high-profile case, big verdict. they gave it 16 hours plus to render this decision. so that tells me plus the additional question that they posed, they went through this in a methodical way. >> agreed. this was not easy. you don't take 16 hours if you went in with already a preconceived notion of how it was going to go. meanwhile as we've been talking about, these were six women, five were mothers. this was a three week long trial. obviously their families know who they are, probably their friends know who they are and probably their neighbors noticed they were missing for three weeks. so will it be possible to these six jurors to remain anonymous? >> i know that the defense made the motion for the cooling off
3:47 am
period, to give those jurors that six months where information was not going to be disclosed to the media. this is now juror choice whether they want to reach out to the media to sort of explain their process. they don't have to do that. would we as the public love to know how and why they went through each of these elements, yes. but do they have to, no. >> as a jury consultant, do they want to tell their story in general, do they want to come forward? >> i think there are probably one or two people who would like to speak and those were the people excused, alternate jurors. often in jury research the alternate jurors will come back first. they didn't get to deliberate but they also sat through the trial, heard all the information. i wouldn't be surprised if one of them did not come out and give their feedback because it's the time that they can. >> as you said, wouldn't it be helpful to hear from the jurors
3:48 am
how they got to this point? what we've heard and we have the luxury of having all sorts of legal experts on our couch. we heard if you follow the letter of the law, zimmerman had to be found not guilty. there's so much emotion. wouldn't it be helpful from the public to hear what they went through in the deliberating room? >> i believe that absolutely. i think it's healing for the jurors as well. when i do post trial interviews with jurors they often say when people are going to look at me and question me about my verdict, i do want to have the opportunity to say this is the evidence i looked at and this is the law as i understood it. their interpretation of self-defense for them, how they found it justified in this case. i think it would be very important for the public to understand that. >> i agree. we've allowed victims to make victim impact statements and those have gone a long way towards understanding and
3:49 am
dealing. it would be helpful to have a jury impact statement, particularly in these high-profile cases. mary griffith, we appreciate your expertise in this case. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. the naacp says it's not done demanding justice for trayvon martin and calling on the department of justice to now get involved. will that happen? we'll break down what that would mean next. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling?
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3:52 am
george zimmerman has been acquitted. naacp says this case is far from
3:53 am
over. now they are calling for the justice department to investigate. justice has a civil rights violation open into this. joining us radio talk show host david webb following this case from the beginning. david, does this warrant, you think, a response from the justice department? >> no, it doesn't. it warrants the inspector general taking a look of the activity of the justice department so far in this casey, especially when it comes to the crs unit. >> tell us what that is, what they have done so far. >> this unit was formed, community service unit formed in 1964 when the civil rights unit went into effect. their job and charge, i want to be clear for the american people, they are charged with, and i quote, this is from their website, preventing and resolving racial tensions, ipts in civil disorders and restoring racial stability and harm thy.
3:54 am
not in picking a side, which is what they did when they went down march 25th, april 12th, in one report seven different incidents paid for rallies, paid for transportation, facilitated meetings that led to the firing of bill lee, chief bill lee. th they picked a side. >> paid for anti-zimmerman rallies. >> this is not supposed to be the action of our law enforcement office or any units, which, by the way, report to the president. a very politicized department of justice now, not the professionals who work there. but a department, how they act towards the black panther party who violated the law when they issued a reward for george zimmerman. maybe they should be looking interest that, that was a violation of law. >> start with the president? trickle down. president throws his hat into the ring and starts talking
3:55 am
about the case. >> the president says, i'm speaking to the families, but really injecting himself when he says, if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon martin. i'm happy he can talk about his constructson but as president of the united states you're charged with enforcing the law not picking the side or the type of justice you prefer. >> what's the possible justification for the obama administration using tax dollars to support anti-george zimmerman rallies? >> think about what the tactics are of the left. you separate people spoke groups. for hispanics, this is what matters. for women it's the war on women. for blacks, it's redistributed justice. the warren courts didn't go far enough, according to the president. whatever the case may be. you keep people, relegate them to the position where they support what you need by voting. this is a larger narrative. i'm asking americans to go wider and pull back and look at the
3:56 am
overall operation, if you will, for the past five years of this administration, those that support it. there are black men shooting white men using stand your ground as a defense. so they say stand your ground is a problem in florida. why weren't they out there for the trevor duly case. five people killed in chicago, 20 injured, black people shot and killed, regardless of who killed them, failure of leadership by rahm emanuel, failure of top police leadership. the media, frankly complicit in some quarters. you talked about deceptiid he e of the 911 calls. those who make the news. as americans we need to reject this kind of behavior and reject it openly. not what's going on in oakland,
3:57 am
that's not a rejection, that's anti-justice and due process. >> david webb, thanks so much for being here with your perspective. george zimmerman not guilty, cleared of all charges. "fox & friends" will be right back. [ brent ] this guy's a pro, herbie. [ herbie ] there's no doubt about it brent, a real gate keeper. here's kevin, the new boyfriend. lamb to the slaughter. that's right brent. mom's baked cookies but he'll be lucky to make it inside. and here's the play. oh dad did not see this coming. [ crowd cheering ] now if kevin can just seize the opportunity. it's looking good, herbie.
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i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notic how clean it looks? morty are you listeng? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know. good morning, everyone. today is sunday july 14th. i'm alisyn camerota. big news day. we begin with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, george zimmerman was acquitted on all charges. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> this morning george zimmerman is a free man found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. our legal panel is back with their reaction. protesters hit the streets from florida to california demanding what they call justice for trayvon. is this case actually closed? the martin family attorney will be here next to tell us what's coming up. >> plus, was this case more about politics or the actual crime. former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor senator
4:01 am
scott brown is here with how washington and the white house should respond and move forward. "fox & friends" hour two starts right no xxxx george zimmerman found not guilty in all charges, faced up to life in prison for shooting trayvon martin. faced with shock across the country. >> jonathan serie outside the courthouse with the latest. what was the scene, jonathan? >> protesters were calling for the conviction of george zimmerman. they were clearly disappointed when the jury handed down its not guilty verdict last night. in advance of the verdict prominent civil rights leaders called for peace regardless of what the jury provided. the violence they feared from
4:02 am
either side did not occur. after the decision prosecutors thanked trayvon martin's family for being a calming influence during this emotionally charged trial. >> i'd just like to say to the family of the dead teenager trayvon martin, i appreciate the way they have handled this matter. they have been dignified. they have showed class. they have kept their pain in check when they needed to and grieved when they needed to. i think they have handled it like ladies and gentlemen. >> the naacp reacted to the verdict with disappointment. they maintain that trayvon martin, who was black, was racially profiled when george zimmerman a neighborhood watch captain followed him that fatal night in 2012. the organization says it's going to ask the justice department to seek civil rights charges against zimmerman. but zimmerman's supporters insist this case never had anything to do about race but instead it was a case about a
4:03 am
man defending himself during a violent attack in which he feared for his life. back to you. >> jonathan serrie, thank you, from outside the courtroom. >> lets bring in those watching the cases until 2:00 in the morning. we have coffee and doughnuts. lets go to some of the specifics, guys. we were hearing murder two. murder two was the initial charge. yesterday afternoon we heard manslaughter. they wanted clarification. the jury came back and wanted instructions on manslaughter. what was going on there. we know ultimately not guilty. what was happening? take us behind the scene. >> you said with your prior guess, everybody wants to know. i agree with you alyson. did they deal with self-defense first, murder, manslaughter, you
4:04 am
don't know. you rewind to the beginning. now that i can do a clear analysis, here is where the failure took place. almost under any other circumstances what would have happened, even when the special prosecutor was brought in, there would have been a grand jury. there would have been a different set of citizens who listened to the case in the light most favorable to the prosecution basically. those citizens would have decided whether charges should have been brought or not. this woman, whose name i forget, i apologize, the special prosecutor, she did the extraordinary act of making this decision herself. >> thank you. >> she said i'm going to decide there's enough here to go forward as opposed to letting grand jurors decide that. that's where the system broke down and that's where i'm disappointed. >> how uncommon is that. >> for special prosecutors -- >> bypass the grand jury process
4:05 am
entirely. >> completely. not unusual for this case born in the mayor's office, without any law enforcement available. from the get go, there was an agenda here. that agenda was sparked by angela corey, absolutely. >> 44 days. don't forget, the event took place and 44 days after local law enforcement said, even on the stand, in the trial, we believe we find him credible. the local district attorney said we're not going to go forward with charges. then you get the appointment of a special prosecutor. >> bottom line, whatever your feelings about this verdict and the outcome in the end, you think without political pressure there wouldn't have been charges brought in the first place. >> correct. >> absolutely. >> let me ask you this, had george zimmerman not been charged with second degree murder but originally charged with manslaughter, which you can help me define, unintentionally causing the death of someone through negligence. >> without malice and ill will
4:06 am
from murder two. >> would this verdict have been different today? >> wow, it might have been. that was probably the more appropriate charge out of the gate. but i don't know. his self-defense claim is a solid self-defense claim. if it's self-defense to murder two, it's self-defense to manslaughter. >> beyond a reasonable doubt there was no proof. >> you hit the nail another head. it changes prosecution. i didn't believe him, i didn't go with him when he was like he had evil in his heart for these punks -- >> the words he used. >> evil in the heart, that's stuff people use on the street all day long, not evil and malice in the heart. >> what happened yesterday afternoon, manslaughter. the jury wanting clarification on manslaughter and coming back and asking the judge for more
4:07 am
clarification on that. does that tell you something? does that tell you they were seriously considering manslaughter? >> i thought they were. i disagree with you. i think what they did, when you look at the jury instructions, they muff gone in the order they received them. first was the murder two, then the manslaughter, and then came the justifiable use of deadly force. i thought they were going to come back with the manslaughter conviction when they had that question but obviously they didn't. i think they worked this way farther down the jury instructions. >> yes. obviously manslaughter was something in the front of their minds. it was a sticking point, right? that's what they wanted clarification of. if you rewind and say if they only would have indicted him on manslaughter and the prosecutor's argument changed to this was a tragedy. we're not saying he intended to do anything. we're not saying he had malice in his heart. we're saying he acted april way that was so inappropriate that it's criminal, even though the self-defense thing is still there, it changes the dialogue. it changes the whole theme of
4:08 am
the case. >> less listen to george zimmerman's attorney talk about miss corey in the case. >> we needed facts, unlike what miss corey said they brought the facts. they didn't. anybody who watched this trial knew the defense put on the case. we proved george zimmerman was not guilty. >> the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict as happy as i am for george zimmerman. i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> lets listen now to prosecutor bernie de la rionda when he came out with the announcement after the verdict. >> expect the jury's verdict. really what it boiled down to
4:09 am
was a kid minding his own business being followed by a stranger. so i would submit that's when it started. >> you're sahaking your head wh? >> that's not when it started. this kid wasn't minding his own business. the kid was punching somebody in the face because he thought he was being followed by a creepy cracker. he skewed the facts from the beginning. >> both people profiled. trayvon martin profiled calling him a cracker. that was the prx's theory it started when he got out of the truck. the jury paid attention to the details of the law and they followed the law. if you could indulge me, what i loved about west's press conference last night, when they asked him what he felt about the judge. while his answer was i'd like to continue to practice law in the state of florida. next question. >> they had very testy moments. >> if you're going to draw larger conclusions from this and the press has been very quick to
4:10 am
do that, to make this case about race, the south, civil rights movement. the real question is when politicians insert themselves into the process of justice, not good. excuse the results. you don't want the administration using tax dollars to come down on one side in this case, which they did. you don't want politicians pressing prosecutors to bring charges when they wouldn't have otherwise. >> the president of the united states talking about how difficult to select a jury when you have the president of the united states weighing in. >> identifying with trayvon martin. you want to burn a city down, burn aty down because the prosecution withheld evidence about trayvon martined beyond the 45 days. the guns, marijuana, we never would have seen that in the light of day if the it director didn't -- >> he was fired yesterday. >> he gets rewarded with a pink slip. come on. >> nobody is going to -- there's no excuse. inexcusable behavior.
4:11 am
if that's true that the prosecution hid evidence in any way, shape, or form, it's inexcusable. talking about investigation. if there's an investigation and no prosecutors get in trouble, now zimmerman has a case, a real case, for malicious prosecution where he can get a bunch of money from the government. >> that's a really possibility. >> i don't know. >> ethical violation. >> one at a time. you can lose your ticket to practice law if you commit an ethical violation. her career could be over if they find out she withheld that. >> we're going to see this again. we're going to see a version again at some point, dealing with the same stand your ground issue. what would the prosecution need to prove there was malice in a person's heart? what would the prosecution have needed to have worked in their favor? >> it's very difficult because it's about someone's intent, what's in someone's brain. if they don't articulate it, then you just have to piece
4:12 am
together actions. and then draw a reasonable conclusion to the jury. it's reasonable for you to conclude he acted with malice because x, y, and z. that's not an easy thing to do. >> credible witness or video. >> i want to ask you about the moment the verdict was read. i don't know if we can pull it up. the moment the verdict was read, george zimmerman was basically expressionless. he just stood there like a sort of rock, and he didn't -- i don't know if you can hear it. he didn't cry. he didn't clap. what was going on, i guess? >> that's how he was pretty much throughout the whole trial. when i was listening to the verdict, i was waiting for more like another shoe was going to drop. that was it. it was one not guilty and that was it. i think it had to sink in for him. >> what we're showing now is a couple of beats, a couple of moments afterwards.
4:13 am
there he has a faint smile, thanking his defense team. at the moment when they were standing there like statues he looked almost expressionless. >> a guess, educated guess. i would give the attorney credit for that. i will tell you every time we're going to take a verdict, i have a nice long conversation with my client. my personal prerogative, tell them most people get found guilty. be prepared to hear guilty. you need to act with dignity and class, because this the same judge who will be sentencing you. here i would say, the world is watching you. if you get acquitted, which we hope you're going to, you need to act in the most remorseful way. look what happened with casey anthony's lawyers. the poor guys work their tails off and go out for drinks afterwards and they are mocked. you don't know how hard they
4:14 am
work. that's the lawyers. you never want that to happen to your client. you prepare your client osteenably at the most important time in his life. he'll never go through a moment like that ever, ever, ever -- >> it was not a cause for celebration. it was a cause for relief. >> absolutely. the manslaughter he was facing a mandatory ten years jail. if they compromise, and this isn't a judge who gives the minimum but she wanted to give the minimum, it's a decade behind bars. >> this is not a judge that gives the minimum. >> that's her reputation. >> as someone who watched this trial, did you get the feeling she wasn't for zimmerman? >> she definitely wasn't for don west. her overall rulings were even handed. i wasn't surprised she presented the manslaughter, lesser included, as we mentioned yesterday, that's pretty par for the course in homicide cases. usually it's the defendant who asks for the lesser included.
4:15 am
here it was the prosecutor, which shows they knew their case was in peril. >> a lot of thing. >> we really appreciate your analysis through all of this. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> we do have more breaking news to tell you about, a tragic story out of hollywood. a developing story. "glee" star cory monteith found dead in a vancouver hotel. the actor found by the hotel staff after he missed his checkout time. police did not give a cause of death but they say they have ruled out foul play. >> there were others with mr. monteith in his room earlier last night. video and fob key entries show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours. we believe he was alone when he died. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. monteith has struggled with drug addiction in the past, and he did voluntarily check himself into rehab back in april.
4:16 am
"glee" producers issued a statement saying, quote, cory was an exceptional talent and the even more exceptional person. he was a true joy to work with and we will miss him tremendously. cory monteith just 31 years old. >> thanks, ali. the verdict is in, george zimmerman cleared of all charges. can he breathe relief or have troubles just begin. >> peter johnson, jr. good morning. >> tell us first your reaction when the verdict was read last night at 10:00. >> i think just was done. i think time for loose talk has ended in america. there have been a jury of peers that made the determine national in seminole county. they deliberated for 16 hours. they saw all the evidence for three weeks. the time for political statements and recriminations on all sides is done. so i'm upset, frankly, with the statements made by mr. crump last night where he invoked the
4:17 am
terrible tragic memory of emit till killed in 1955. >> emmitt till. >> yes, he did. in a racially motivated brutal murder in mist. o'mara talked about if his client would be charged if he was black. that needs to end. we have a determination of merits on the case. this was a politically motivated case. if miss corey had stuck to her words where she said this is based on the facts and the evidence, this case would never have been brought. >> lets talk about that process. >> she was aware, clayton, that the only witness to this occurrence said mr. zimmerman was down on the ground and that someone was above him, presumably trayvon martin, striking him with mma blows, ground and pound. excuse me. go ahead, please. >> lets dive into that process a little more.
4:18 am
how did it break down? how did we get to this point? how in the legal process we had to wait 46 days. >> that was part of the problem. >> all of this was a breakdown. >> that's not a breakdown. 46 days is not a breakdown. it's a deliberative process. if there had been a grand jury in seminole county that made a determination after the evidence to consider whether an indictment should have been brought i suggest there wouldn't have been an indictment. there was such human outcry, from the president of the united states, naacp, mr. sharpton, local leaders, new black panther party, that governor scott and miss corey folded. they said, oh, god, we're going to have racial turmoil in this state. we better bring the charge. they took the process out of the people, put it in the hands of politically appointed prosecutors. they stood up and said we're
4:19 am
indicting this man on the highest charge we can possibly bring. we lan to bring him to jail for life, quell disturbances, talk that florida is a racially prejudice state. what they did, a terrible disservice, a, to george zimmerman and, b, the criminal justice process. writes the confidence in america, that you can be ram rodded. we don't need white justice in this country, we don't need black justice in the country. we need one brand of justice. when we resort to political prosecutions that cost time, money, angst, police departments on alert because they are concerned about vandalism, riots, civil unrest, whatever you want to call it, that's wrong. that's where your point, tucker, about where we are at a society
4:20 am
becomes. is our legal system so broken we have to resort to a political intervention. >> were people grateful nobody burned a building or shot a cop in the aftermath of a jury verdict? >> we are grateful. i think that's paternalism, too, when people do that. when they presume there's going to be an adverse verdict to the prosecution and that black americans are going to rise up. i think that's paternalism, racism, a dim view of who african-americans are in the country that law enforcement and political leaders shouldn't have. that's wrong. that's wrong. >> peter johnson, jr., thanks for being here. great to have your analysis. >> good to see you. good to see all of you. great coverage. >> next, was this case about politics, as porte was saying, or the crime. former senator scott brown here with his reaction to this next. can vitamins melt into mouth-watering flavor?
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4:24 am
the verdict in the george zimmerman trial is in. the white house and federal government respond to this. former massachusetts senator scott brown joins us now from washington. senator, thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> from the very beginning the white house has played a role in how this story unfolded. do you think it was appropriate for the president to weigh in as forcefully as he did and what should the justice do now? >> the justice department should do nothing. they really have no role in this matter. you had six women who deliberated for many, many hours and took evidence in for weeks and weeks and they made their verdict known.
4:25 am
the president has a history of kind of interjecting in these types of high-profile racial cases. he did it in cambridge and ended up with him having a peer sumbet with the police officer from cambridge. race should not have a role. we should base a verdict on fact. if there's a political problem it's that politicians get involved in these cases when it should be done by the people that are part of this and these types of tragedies. >> i'm struck, though, the president was elected obviously 2008 as really the symbol of post racial america and yet race seems never far from his mind. it does seem like something he thinks about an awful lot and interjects it into cases where it wouldn't normally be. you think? >> it's the us against them, black against white, rich versus poor. unfortunately he's become the great divider.
4:26 am
it's unfortunate. he has the opportunity to be a great uniter. like you, i was hopeful that would be the case. it doesn't seem to be that way. eric holder, i and others have called for his removal based on what happened with fast and furious, trying ksm in new york city and all the things we've seen from here on in. if the justice department gets involved, you can rest assured it is strictly political. if there's a problem with the law, and clearly they seem to be questioning whether this law is appropriate or not, then it's a legislative fix in the florida legislature that needs to address these types of matters to fine-tune and redefine that's appropriate in self-defense cases. stand your ground cases. >> the justice department used tax dollars, obama justice department used tax dollars to fund anti-george zimmerman rallies in the state of florida. what could possibly be justification for that? >> it's completely inappropriate. the justice department and federal government uses a tremendous amount of taxpayer dollars for things that are
4:27 am
inappropriate, whether you're dealing in election cycles where they are trying to register people, use taxpayer dollars to do that. picking a side before the case is even heard and the facts presented is completely unacceptable. should be addressed immediately by congress obviously looking into this matter and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> thank you. i thought i was going crazy. a reality check. people act like that's normal but it's not. thank you. >> maybe it's the new normal, tucker, but it's completely unacceptable. listen, we live in the greatest country in the world and we have to act as americans first and find a way to get along. these types of things do not help. obviously we're very -- everybody's heart goes out to the family, the martin family, and also the zimmerman family for what they have gone through. it's a bad result all the way around. bottom line, if you're going to fix it, it needs to be done legislatively, we need to keep
4:28 am
politics out and make sure the justice department doesn't go off on a tangent like they have did not for half a year or so. >> the jury said not guilty. is the fight for justice for trayvon really over for the martin family? their attorney joins us next. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call youdoctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair
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4:32 am
george zimmerman walks away from seminole county courthouse a free man last night. he faced up to life in prison for the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the verdict was met with anger and disbelief outside the sanford courtroom and across the country. jonathan serrie live outside the courtroom with the very latest. reports last night where it was so loud people couldn't hear themselves or the person next to them. >> it's all quiet this morning. this was an emotionally charged trial. there were demonstrators out in anticipation of the verdict, but the violence some feared from either side never occurred in advance. civil rights leaders and trayvon martin's own family urged people to stay calm regardless of what the jury decided. overnight demonstrations remained peaceful. protesters calling for
4:33 am
conviction of george zimmerman were clearly upset with the jury's not guilty verdict. >> i'm in a state of shock right now. i can't believe what happened. this is definitely an injustice. it's a sad day in america. it's a sad day for all people. >> naacp leaders say they will ask the u.s. justice department toss seek civil rights charges against him. they say the neighborhood watch captain racially profiled martin the night of the shooting. supporters insist the case had nothing to do with race. it was merely a case of a man defending himself during an attack in which he feared for his life. back to you. >> jonathan serrie live in a sanford courthouse where things have gotten a little quieter than last night. showed you video earlier waking up with violence erupting out in oakland california overnight in response to the not guilty verdict.
4:34 am
people setting store front on fire, people having to coral protesters out there in oakland, california. >> if you're just waking up, after 16 hours of deliberation, the all female jury returned the verdict of not guilty for george zimmerman. he did face 10 years to life for manslaughter or second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. but last night at 10:00, much later than anybody expected, they had deliberated for so long yesterday after 16 hours not guilty. >> the martin family expressing their grief following that verdict. what will the next steps be? do they plan to take legal action? joining us the attorney for the trayvon martin family. thanks for joining us. do you believe, a, the justice department will follow up with some sort of civil rights action against george zimmerman, and is the martin family planning a civil suit? >> well, a few things. number one, what decision the
4:35 am
federal government decides in terms of any possible charges, that's their decision and not our decision. number two, obviously still exists, that decision made at the time. that's not the focus today. the focus today, though, the decision this jury has made here in sanford, florida, not to hold george zimmerman accountable for the death of an unarmed 17-year-old child. that is an american travesty to say the least. no one, no one can be happy about that. if nothing else, trayvon's death and the way he was killed has to make this whole country reflect upon who we are and what we are because thompk some child will walk to the store. you won't know whether or not they will be able to return safely or whether our lawyers will protect them. certainly while the verdict is legal, it is socially illogical. that means we have to look at our laws to determine what could
4:36 am
we have done differently. >> maybe there will be a broader discussion about stand your ground laws in the future. you make the point this case stands on its own, don west, the defense attorney, making the point in his press conference last night where he said the prosecution failed. it was disgusting the way they carried out this prosecution and that they, the defense, were the only ones laying out the facts in this case and the prosecution was using emotion. what do you say to that? >> well, i probably respectfully disagree with mr. west on many different front. in the situation we found ourselves in, those type of statements were probably totally inappropriate for anyone to make. we nus remember here that trayvon martin lost his life. maybe those on the other side have no respect for his life and the life of any other young child in this situation but his legacy will be one that changed
4:37 am
america's consciousness. >> mr. parks, everyone in the country felt for trayvon martin's family, particularly his mother and how she conducted herself throughout this year plus ordeal. she was always composed. she was always rational. even last night with a heavy heart and all of her disappointment, she tweeted out -- i don't know if she tweeted out or made a statement this was her darkest hour, how disappointed she was in the jury verdict. she was hoping for more. lord, during my darkest hour, i lean on you. you're all i have. at the end of the day god is still in control. thank you for all of your prayers and support. i will love you for trayvon. she even called upon people who were upset with the verdict, she called upon them to remain calm and nonviolent. how is the family doing today? >> well, i think that tweet describes her state of mind and
4:38 am
the state of mind of the father. they want people to remain peaceful. we don't want trayvon martin's legacy to be even with a garbage can kicked off. people who may have an issue with our law and how we handle these type of situations should do things within our civic structure to change that. go become legislators, lawyers, judges, make the laws that much better. get into law enforcement, get into forensic pathology. there's so many things you can do to help our system be a little better next time it happens so maybe we won't have another trayvon. >> looking back, do you wish the state had charged zimmerman with manslaughter rather than second degree murder? >> let me say this, as a lawyer, i don't monday morning quarterback, i don't second-guess any lawyer. your decision is your decision. you're the person with the ball handling the case. i think those folks did the best
4:39 am
they could with what they had. i wish them well for what they did. we're grateful for what they did on behalf of this family and grateful to the state of florida for what it did trying to bring this case to justice. >> we appreciate what you're saying and how level headed you are. even you say, from your position, of having lost, basically, this case because obviously the parents of trayvon martin would have wanted a different outcome but saying the decision is legal. what you're suggesting is people change the laws. had this not happened in florida, it may have had a different outcome. it was florida's particular law with stand your ground, with self-defense, the way florida's law came together that allowed george zimmerman to be found completely innocent, not guilty. other states might not have had that. >> let me say this here. a lot of different things play into where cases are tried, how it's tried, the state, the
4:40 am
place, the law, that goes into the decision. trayvon's legacy is very settled in this country and potion tiff. what george zimmerman did to hmo that night will continue to be judged by the country. as we walk out we can hold our heads up high. we used everything in the system, the right to freely protest, free of violence, to bring the case to the point it was. the real problem is the people who would take issue with the fact that a few people would protest nonviolently, that they would take up their right to help this family. those who would be offended by that in some type of way and not understand it or make innuendo, people did it for any other reason than justice is not proper and totally wrong really. >> trayvon martin's family's
4:41 am
attorney, thank you. >> thank you for having me. there's other news today, a developing story. "glee" star cory monteith found dead in his vancouver hotel. the factor who played fin hudson on the fox hit show was found by staff after he missed his checkout time. police have not yet given a cause of death but say they have ruled out foul play. >> there were others with mr. monteith earlier in his room last night but video and key entries show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours. we believe he was alone when he died. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. monteith has struggled with drug addiction in the past and did check himself into rehab in the past in april. issued a statement saying cory was an exceptional talent and even more exceptional person. he was a true joy to work with and we will miss him tremendously. cory monteith was 31 years old.
4:42 am
>> coming up here on the show, it took the jury 16 hours to unanimously decide george zimmerman was not guilty of intentionally killing trayvon martin. how did that process play out? we'll talk to a psychology and attorney when we come back. she's still the one for you - you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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4:45 am
after 16 hours of deliberation what led to the unanimous decision of not guilty for george zimmerman. >> doctor, thanks a lot for joining us. >> good morning. >> what exactly led to this verdict? were you surprised when you saw it read last night at 10:00 p.m. eastern? >> i have to tell you, i wasn't surprised at all. i quite frankly was a little surprised it didn't come earlier, although when they sent the question out, what did price
4:46 am
me they didn't follow up given the fact the judge made the right call not giving them must explanation about manslaughter. >> dr., explain to us how a jury deliberation takes place? is it the extrovert or the loud mid-sou mouth that gets her way? how does the persuasion happen in there? >> you're asking a great question. there's only two states that allow six jurors. one of the problems with this, if you look at the scientific literature how six people make a decision, my hunch is your questions may come from your own experience. if you only have six people, a lot of times if you have someone who is really opinionated they can get in there and steer the deliberation. it sounds like, based on the tea leaves in there, i'm speculating, but they were pretty deliberate. they deliberated for a long
4:47 am
time. it was a hardworking jury. i think they tried to work with the jury instructions and hear all the facts. i heard someone use the term mosaics this morning and try to put it together to come to the decision. i'm not convinced there was a bully or strong person on the jury. they reached the decision and did so in a fairly good amount of time. >> the longer a deliberation goes, does that suggest a guilty or not guilty outcome? >> i don't think you can say that, tucker. with six people we don't know enough. when i've been both as an attorney and psychologist when i work with juries, that's mostly been a larger pool of 12. there you start to say what people grab onto is so interesting when you have 12 and length becomes an issue. with six, it's a little more manageable. as it was dragging on, i have to say i was thinking, in fact, the defense would be more upset
4:48 am
because the fact that they asked for clarification on manslaughter, they didn't just dismiss it out of hand. they really probably had to spend some time on manslaughter. i was saying yesterday, probably, before this all came down, i thought they would get rid of the second degree pretty quickly and have to spend some time on the manslaughter. in part because that construction was very confusing. >> you're absolutely right. it sounds like again reading the tea leaves and we can only go by what they asked for, they probably started with the judge's instructions of second degree murder. they ruled that out. they then wanted clarity about manslaughter. they deliberated for a big chunk of time about manslaughter. they, i guess, obviously apparently ruled that out. then they had to deliberate whether this was a full acquittal. >> i think that's right, alisyn. when they were discussing, again tea leaves, discussing the
4:49 am
second degree charge they probably got rid of the self-defense. once you got rid of the self-defense and second degree you had manslaughter. trying to work through hunches, what negligence mean. they went through that methodically through dinner. they kept discussing the case. then they felt they could render a decision. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. great to talk to you. >> george zimmerman's attorney calling the not guilty verdict a victory, of course. was there a case for the prosecution in the first place. a defense attorney weighing on that coming up. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. >> i am gratified by the jury's verdict, as happy as i am by the jury's verdict, i am thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> was this a win by the defense, or was there a case in the first place? a defense attorney joins us this morning. >> hi. >> when you go forward trying to present a case, the prosecution, it took them forever to get this thing together, and didn't they have a case, or did the defense do such a good job laying out the facts that that's why he walked away not guilty?
4:54 am
>> for those of us that did this on a daily basis, there was no case here. and nobody knows this better than the special prosecutor that indicted the case, and she tried to make this something that it clearly was not. it was not a criminal case and it was a tragedy, and the real sad thing of this all is essentially the martin family was sold a bill of goods that this prosecutor knew she could not deliver, and she set them up for disappointment and it's a real shame. >> did she know if she sent this to a grand jury there would not have been an indictment, that's why she took it up on her own? >> everybody loves the big stage, and for her to get up there yesterday and to say that everything was above board, i won't be shy in saying that i more than disrespect fl respect.
4:55 am
>> you say there was not a case, however yesterday afternoon we saw the case get clarification on the manslaughter charge, and they seemed had dismissed the second-degree murder, so had the state come with manslaughter first as opposed to second-degree murder, would there have been a case? would he be free this morning? >> given the facts, the unfortunate situation here is there are only two sides to the story, mr. zimmerman's and mr. martin's, and on the negligent theory, i think the self defense claim here trumps all and this was the only verdict regardless of how it was charged. >> is there any single piece of evidence that could have helped the prosecution make its case, perhaps a more credible witness or a piece of audio? they had everything going against them.
4:56 am
>> it's not a question of everything going against them, it's a question of you knew go into this case what this case was all about. you knew the facts and the witnesses and the evidence and you still decided to proceed in this manner. mr. west is correct, it's shameful. >> it does seem to go after murder two with such flakey evidence. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. george zimmerman now a freeman. the last case to get this much attention in florida, the casey trial. what is the road like ahead for zimmerman? my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke.
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5:00 am
>> the verdict, we the jury, find george zimmerman, not guilty. >> george zimmerman vindicated in the murder of martin. how is the public reacting this morning? we are live with the details. the last case to get this much attention? the casey anthony trial. after being found not guilty, what is the road ahead like for george zimmerman? jose baez live. did they go too far in making this a case about race? ann coulter is live with her reaction this morning. fox and friends hour three starts right now.
5:01 am
a fox news alert, george zimmerman found not guilty on all charges. he faced up to life in prison in the shooting death of trayvon martin, and this morning all things appear to be quiet. jonathan is live with the latest. jonathan? >> reporter: protesters who were out here overnight calling for george zimmerman's conviction were clearly disappointed when the jury handed down its verdict. we are getting reports overnight from oakland, california, that in some of the small demonstrations, windows were broken and some small fires were started there, and no reports yet of any arrests, but here in sanford, florida, the demonstrations remain peaceful and the violence that some people feared from either side never occurred. in advance of the verdict, community leaders here and trayvon martin's own family called for peace regardless of
5:02 am
what the jury decided. the naacp said they will seek civil rights charges against zimmerman, and the organization believes the captain racially profiled trayvon martin, and some say there was not a case about race. >> i think it is disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict. as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i am thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> although zimmerman's lawyers gave no specifics they indicated that their client would likely want to take time off with his family and work on getting their lives back to as normal as possible. back to you.
5:03 am
>> yes, that will be probably a challenge. thank you so much. it's a verdict, as we just said, of not guilty for george zimmerman today, but the entire trial has drawn a lot of speculation and attention since it began more than a year ago. >> our next guest is no stranger to high profile cases, and jose baez joins us from miami. nice to see you this morning, and welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> your generally action to the case that the defense put on in don west's words, the defense put on this case and the prosecution came with emotion. what do you say to that? >> i think the defense had the best hand throughout the entire trial. i don't see how anybody can be shocked. there was never any evidence in this case to rise to the level of a conviction. there was a reason the police didn't arrest him. and there was a reason the prosecutor did not want to
5:04 am
charge them and that's because they simply did not have the evidence. doesn't mean george zimmerman is not responsible or is innocent of this crime or if there was one, it just means they simply did not have the evidence. >> what next? we have been talking all morning about mr. zimmerman's reaction to the news that he was going to be set free, and not going to go to prison. he seemed impassive and without emotion. were you surprised? >> no, i think he anticipated this to be a not guilty. if you look at the lawyer's actions going on tv, that tells you they felt confident otherwise they would have had egg on their face. the defense from this case before this case began was extremely confident that all of the evidence was stacked in their favor, and i can see that -- i don't believe that he was worried for a minute. >> in fact, i can give you the
5:05 am
information from our west coast -- probably our florida bureau about what he was advised by his lawyers, and you have probably done this, jose, he was told not to react, the whole world is watching and to stay stowic, and is that what you counsel your client to do? >> you brace them for the worst, and they are in a fishbowl at this point in time so to save your emotions for when you have a little bit of privacy. yes, that doesn't surprise me that they did that. >> there are parallels being drawn here in the case that you sat on in florida, casey anthony, going free, and it was not an easy road for her going free, and she was labeled the most hated woman in america and went into a bit of hiding, and zimmerman's brother saying it
5:06 am
seems like he should carry a gun for the rest of his life because of death threats being made against him, and what does the road ahead look like for george zimmerman? >> these are two different cases, and george zimmerman has at the very least a portion of the community that actually does support him. in fact, his defense was paid for by supporters. so he does have a constituency. casey anthony had no such thing. i think he will have a much easier road than her, but you will see parallels. i do believe george will keep a lower fprofile, probably a few media appearances and things that might be geared to raise money for him to get on with his life, but i think he will fade away. >> jose, just out of curiosity, what has happened with casey anthony? what has her life become now? >> i think it's pretty well documented. she is broke.
5:07 am
penniless and in hiding and facing a large number of civil actions which i think may parallel with this case as well, and i do believe that they will probably seek civil remedies against mr. zimmerman. >> victor cruz says zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up to him, the suggestion that he will be the victim of vigilante violence. do you think he faces a real threat? >> i think there is a cause for concern, and i think that victor is probably regretting that tweet right about now. i think it has been deleted. and it's foolish to even bring up the awareness -- it's foolish to even bring up possible violence and things like that. i was in the courtroom at sanford, and there was no protesters there until i think yesterday, and i think that people throughout the trial have seen the evidence in this case, and it's pretty hard for you to
5:08 am
find fault with this jury. >> you talked about the civil case and that seems to be what is next as we move forward. you describe casey anthony aspeniless and broke and in r e hiding having to face the civil lawsuits. do you think the civil lawsuits will be as easily dismissed as the not guilty here? >> no, they will be pretty strong. he already admitted to shooting and killing trayvon martin, and there are serious questions as to whether he could have gotten away, and the burden is much lower. and george, i don't think he will be penniless when all of this is said and done. somebody, a publisher may be approaching him now. there are going to be other ways for him to make money, and maybe even on the speaking circuit for gun owners, and things like that, so he has -- he stands to make some money out there, and
5:09 am
there are going to be people lined up ready to take it from him. >> that's what i was going to ask you about. the civil suit, i think everybody can understand the impruls to want to have something to show for trayvon martin's death so it was not in vein. you understand the impulse behind the civil suits, but in the casey anthony case, there are the civil suits, but if she is penniless, what is the upshot of the civil suits? >> publicity, and plenty of it. every time these civil lawyers go to court, they are on tv. they're making statements against public enemy number one, and that's funding their firm for victims. it's a financial windfall for lawyers, civil lawyers, who get into these high profile cases and go against the bad guy. >> and not just for lawyers, for self appointed civil rights leaders like al sharpton and
5:10 am
jesse action who make money on race hatred and show up in places like sanford, florida, to capitalize on the anguish there. as a resident of the state of florida how do you feel when people come from out of state to make money on a tragedy? >> it compounds the problem and never solves it. there will be people that want to walk there, and unftpofortuny it's a side affect of all the atension these cases get. it affects the witnesses and it affects people coming forward to make a name for themselves. >> there was a moment in the afternoon when the jury was leaning towards manslaughter and they came back and asked for clarification on the manslaughter issue and it seemed like it was easy for them to dismiss murder in the second
5:11 am
degree. as a defense attorney if the jury wants clarification on manslaughter, what is going through your mind? >> your first indication is negative, but then if you look back at it, and it could have been five people were ready to vote not guilty, and one was not too sure on manslaughter and wanted a second look or more clarification, and when the court didn't give it to them, and they said, okay, let's go not guilty. >> what was the moment that you thought the defense cinched it? >> i thought the defense had this case from before the start of the trial. whenever you have law enforcement saying we don't think that there is enough evidence, and the prosecutor of that circuit saying we don't think that's enough evidence, you can fire both of them and hire a new prosecutor, and that doesn't bring in new evidence. it just was not there for them. i think that they were extremely confident from the very beginning, and with -- as you can see, it was justified.
5:12 am
and, again, that doesn't mean that george zimmerman is innocent of any crime here, it just means they did not have the goods. they really didn't. this is the weakest high profile case i have ever seen. >> were you struck by how political this case was from the very beginning? we have talked to a number of attorneys that watched it and they said they didn't believe charges would have been brought if not because of pressure from elected officials? >> i fell off my chair when i heard president obama comment on this case. this is a local criminal case and i had never heard of a president doing something like that. i was just shocked, and i think it doesn't bode well for the presumption of innocence in this country, and then to have the governor step in and say the people who were elected and the people we hired to do the job were not qualified enough i have
5:13 am
to bring somebody from out of town to handle this. it just got out of hand. i understand the frustration, but law enforcement didn't arrest him because he kept talking and making statements, and they were gathering all of this information, but once the pressure began to mound, law enforcement lost its edge, and lost its ability to investigate the case. it was, without a doubt, an obstruction of justice for them to come in and put pressure on law enforcement and prevent them from doing their job. they could have got more evidence later down the road, and we will never know. >> how long has it been since the casey an thank ynk you -- anthony wrapped up? >> two years. >> and she is still in hiding? >> yes. >> is that what is ahead for george zimmerman? >> i think so. but there may be financial opportunities for him, and with
5:14 am
a well-paid security team, anybody can go anywhere. >> you made a point several times while we have been talking to you, that george zimmerman is not innocent, and i think a lot of people feel had he not followed martin that night, none of this would have happened, and had he heeded the advice of the police that none of this would have happened. you know florida law. is there something particular about florida law and self defense in florida that allowed him to be acquitted where in a different state he would not have been? >> not the way the case was tried. the stand your ground rule played a role earlier in the investigation, and throughout the trial and as the case progressed, they decided to forego that and go with the standard self defense case. that would be applicable in any
5:15 am
state. you have the right to defend yourself. florida law is pretty well-rounded when it comes to self defense, and the jury instructions, the jury instructions are very liberal to those who are defending themselves. >> let's talk about the jurors for a second. a number of jurors came out and spoke -- >> we lost him. can we get him back? >> i think what we will do is listen to the sound bite where you and he were talking about president obama coming out and talking about trayvon martin. >> i can only imagine what these parents are going through. and when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids. my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin, you know. if i had a son he would look like trayvon. >> we do lose jose, but our
5:16 am
thanks to jose this morning for perspective. and that was president obama responding to the death of trayvon martin, and this morning there are calls for the department of justice to investigate this case. and chris wallace, good morning to you. your response to that question this morning? >> the answer is i don't know. my guess is the white house won't make that decision the department of justice will, and the white house is clear they want to keep hands off, and the comments from president obama when he talked about if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin along with all the protests by civil rights groups after the initial decision by stanford authorities not to try governor, governor rick scott, a republican, and he then moved the case to another state prosecutor and they decided to try george zimmerman, and that doesn't look like such a good decision today. i think it has not looked like
5:17 am
such a good decision in the last three weeks since we watched this case, and it's clear the prosecution did not have a very strong case, that a lot of the prosecution witnesses ended up giving testimony that was very helpful for the defense, and you saw the prosecution scrambling at the end to add a manslaughter charge, a lesser offense, than the second-degree murder because they were having a tough time proving their case and as it turns out they did not serve it to the satisfaction of the six women on the jury. >> and the meddling didn't end there. the justice department used tax dollars to pay for the anti-zimmerman rally. any repercussions to that? >> no, the president was re-elected. what are they going to do? and there were republican candidates, and all this happened in the middle of the presidential campaign, and there were republican candidates as well as the president who were talking about the miscarriage of
5:18 am
justice, and here was a 17-year-old boy that had been gunned down, which is a tragedy. as alisyn pointed out, if george zimmerman just listened to and obeyed what the 911 operator said and had not got out of his car, none of this would have happened. but there is a long way from that and his ignoring the ni911 operator to the fact as to whether or not he was criminally guilty for the murder or the death of trayvon martin. that's the difference between something that doesn't seem right and whether you are able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt if somebody is guilty of a criminal defense. >> how important is it for the president of the united states to insert himself into a local crime story like this? >> it happened before. we know the case of the harvard professor, he was arrested outside of his own house in cambridge, and president obama
5:19 am
said he acted stupidly, and rather that the commerce acted stupidly, and nixon in the mansion case declared him guilty, and it's understandable and they are politicians and they have a finger on the pulse of the american people and there is a natural tendency to respond, and in every case it turns out to be a mess and chances are they should not respond in the local cases, and it turns out as we saw in the zimmerman case, and all the talk about race and it's much more complicated than that. >> i think calling charles manson a criminal probably within bounds? >> at the time it wasn't and there was a lot of talk whether or not he should have inserted himself in this, and generally speaking, leave it to the courts. >> what will be talking about?
5:20 am
>> immigration with steve king, and the immigration reform plan is amnesty, and steve is the chairman of the democratic campaign committee and he will hammer house republicans if they block the reform, and then the edward snowden, and the resignation of janet napolitano, and of course we will have the very latest from on the ground in sanford, florida, and we hope to talk to one of the attorneys in the case, so it's going to be a very busy sunday morning on "fox news sunday." >> thank you for joining us. >> you bet. and then the community of sanford as been in the spotlight for a year, and how has it changed the community? we will ask the mayor next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident,
5:21 am
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5:24 am
for the last 17 months the city of sanford, florida, has been in the national media spotlight as it became the center of a criminal investigation, and of course a heated race debate. >> you see the protests here. now that the verdict has been read, how are the citizens of sanford reacting to the verdict and is the city prepared? joining us now to weigh on this is the mayor of sanford, mr. jeff triplett. >> good morning. >> it seems like there is calm there and citizens there have been remarking that they are glad that violence hasn't broken out. we have seen violence breaking out this morning in oakland, california, but not in sanford. what has been the response of authorities there in your office in dealing with some of this? >> you know, we spent a lot of time last night watching the social media aspect of it and
5:25 am
also within our streets, and it was just nonexistent. we hold prayers out for both families and i think everybody in the city of sanford is although a little bit on edge, you know, this is just kind of our expectation as to how this was going to go down. a couple protest, but everything very peaceful. >> where were you when you heard the verdict and what was your response? >> i was actually sitting at the house with my family, and like we said before, it been the to the jury, and that's part of our process, and, you know, i did not have an expectation one way or another. i think both sides put their presentations on and the jury made a decision to the best of their abilities. >> is the city now changed forever as a result of this trial? >> you know, i think this will always be talked about. you know, as far as relationships go and our community as a whole, we have taken a lot of steps over the
5:26 am
last 16 and 17 months to make this a better place to live, and this won't define us but it will be part of our history, and it's responsible for us to keep going with our community relations and making sure the police department and the community are at one, and have trust with each other and i think out of tragedy, we have an opportunity to make it a better place. >> speaking of the police department, as you know the police chief at the time -- the night that trayvon martin was shot, the police chief was fired as a result of never arresting george zimmerman. he didn't believe that there was enough evidence for a case to go forward. do you now think it was still the right decision for bill lee to be fired? >> you know, we can always look back and armchair quarterback what transpired. my position on that and the city's manager on that, bill worked directly for him, and there was questions about how that was handled, not the investigation but the management
5:27 am
of the media coming in and how it was handled communication wise, and you know, there are regrets that it happened. i think we are in a better place now, and we just need to move forward. >> what is next for your city? >> i think we can continue down the path that we are going down. we created a blue ribbon panel to talk about relationships between our community and the police department and city hall. we have strategic planning that we are in the middle of, and we have a plan where our citizens came together to take us five, ten, 15 years out, and we have things that we are still waiting to sit down and go over, and i think on a day-to-day operation it's time to get back to ordinary business for us. >> mayor jeff triplett, thank you for joining us. should this case have even
5:28 am
made it to court in the first place? a conservative columnist and attorney, ann coulter, is here next with her take. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years -
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5:32 am
trayvon martin was profiled, and there was no doubt that he was profiled to be a criminal, and if race was one of the aspects in george zimmerman's mind, then we believe we put out the proof necessary to show that zimmerman did profile trayvon martin. but the right to bear arms is a right in which we all believe, i especially believe in that right. what we want is responsible use when somebody feels they have to use a gun to take a life. >> well, the verdict is in and george zimmerman found not guilty by a panel of his peers, but the ruling angered some self described civil rights leaders. >> here with her opinion is ann coult coulter. >> your response to that response that it was race based?
5:33 am
>> like much of the commentary i have seen on the case, it has absolutely nothing to do with the evidence presented at trial. we are still hearing about the hoodie. there was no evidence that race had anything to do with this. by the way it's not a crime for a private individual to engage in any kind of profiling, and it's not an individual for any individual to follow another individual, and yet and still there was no evidence for that. there was no evidence that the hoodie had anything to do with it and we are still hearing about the hoodie. >> where were you when you heard the verdict read and what was your response? >> i was at a restaurant and we knew it was coming with a bunch of my friends, and i tweeted out hallelujah, a innocent man almost went to prison for 30 years because of al sharpton stirring up hatred and creating a narrative for which there was never any evidence, and after a long trial, there is still never
5:34 am
any evidence, and what george zimmerman happened, the evidence only supported that. there was no evidence that he stalked somebody and tracked them down and picked him out because he was black or wearing a 911 call, and he has a lawsuit against nbc for editing that 911 call to make it sound like race. he was looking at somebody suspiciously, and george zimmerman was on his way to target, and he was on neighborhood watch and not on patrol, and he turned down being on a patrol for the neighborhood. no, their job was, and as many people who live in neighborhood where there have been lots of crime is just a watch, and call the police when you see something. maybe following trayvon martin in the sense of being able to tell the police he went that way, and again it's not illegal. and that's what he was he was jumped.
5:35 am
the evidence was he was jumped and hit first and trayvon was on top of him and we still keep hearing, who is to say, we tracked this young child down and gunned him down, and there is no evidence of that and this case never should have been brought. they want to keep us divided by race, and it's a relief that somebody that was innocent did not have to be the sack rrifici lamb. >> are you surprised how little has changed? it has been 60 years since the civil rights began, and you would never know that. >> right. >> i thought the election of barack obama, and at least we are moving past this one stage in american history into something new and better in the race relations, and it turns out that's not true at all. >> no, this is what my last book
5:36 am
is about "mugged," and the pieces of my book i go through cases much like this, mostly in new york city, you know, famous for being the jim crow state, and every few months in new york in a case often led by al sharpton, and often a cop would be accused of what george zimmerman was accused of, and a big headline, and the klan is on the police force. and after the o.j. verdict, when a mostly black jury, 100% democrat by the way, found a black celebrity not guilty of murder, and white people said we had peace for a decade, because they shut down the bank. and then the prosecutor who was falsely accused of raping, it
5:37 am
was about a decade after he brought his defamation suit against sharpton and the rest of them, and it was not until the o.j. verdict that he got his day in court and got paid, and obama brought it all back because the media needs the mississippi burning to promote the policies which is all they care about. >> when the facts came out it got much more complicated for this case. for 46 days before he was t""fg9i5 teen, black teenage wh skittles had been shot by a wannabe cop. and they released the photos of george zimmerman's photos of the bloody head, we would not have got to that point. >> the reason we thought that
5:38 am
was because the media was lying to us, by doctoring --? >> they doctored the photos? >> yeah. there is documentation of the black of his head, making it looks like they had no injuries, and they doctored the 911 cape, and the operator is asking him, what race is he, i think he is black, what is he wearing, he is wearing a hoodie. >> and they took out the questions? >> yeah, he looks suspicious. he is black. it's shocking that except you say we went through it throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. it's not good for the country, and it's especially not good for black people to treat them like infants and not hold them accountable for their actions, and well, they might riot. >> is it good for liberals,
5:39 am
though? the president doesn't decide off the cuff to make that comment? when he made that comment about him looking like his own son if he were to have a son, it seems like he was planted and thought about, and he said go out there and add a microphone and say this. >> political, because as tucker just said, and there was an argument made publicly in newspapers when the first time, even if guiliani would make a better amayor, we have to vote for guiliani to help race relations in the city, and enough while people think if we allow steve or this cop, they will be our sacrificial lambs and that will be the end of it, and you have to say no, this is not fair and this is not the truth. >> ann coulter, lawyer, a
5:40 am
fascinating insight in this case. >> and author of "mugged." >> yeah, it will explain this case. >> you wrote it before, but it still explains it. there's more breaking news, heartbreaking out of hollywood overnight. "glee" star found dead in a vancouver hotel. the actor that played finn hudson was found by the staff after his checkout time. police have ruled out foul play but did not give a cause of death. >> there were others with mr. monteith in his room last night, and video shows him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours and we believe he was alone when he died. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. monteith has struggled with drugs in the past and checked himself into rehab in april. >> he was a true joy to work
5:41 am
with and we will miss him tremendously. he was just 31 years old. and then how the country can heal and come together after this polarizing court case. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yos. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. you decide. still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank, the exhaust...
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5:44 am
the verdict is in for george zimmerman, and now martin and zimmerman's families will try to put their lives back together. how do you heal from such a year? father is joining us. nobody is satisfied by the outcome in the end. how does the country heal? >> i think we should be grateful in which we live in a country that two sides can choose a jury and they both agree will bring justice to this and will be fair, and both sides accept their judgment.
5:45 am
that doesn't happen in every country in the world, and it doesn't happen always, and we should be grateful for that. that's the up side, right? and we can say we had that victory. secondly, however, you have to recognize that this is going to be something that is going to be a huge part of both of these families lives forever, and it's time for us to make sure that we don't do -- we don't have any statements that hurt them more or that somehow uses this case for our own purposes, and i think if we have to look at the downside, unfortunately and i think other people said it and i agree, some people that had their own agenda got involved early, both the media because it was a good story, right, to pit a young black man against a white man, and somehow bring out the racial card, and then secondly there was civil right icons that came out strongly and got people riled up before the facts were clear.
5:46 am
that's wrong, and in the world that we live in with social media, it makes a big difference, more than before, the statements that we make. i think that was shameless, and i think we can learn from that. that's the downside that we can learn from. >> trayvon martin's mother has been really a pillar during all of this, and she tweeted out her sadness about the verdict, and she also called for peace and called for unity, no violence, and where does she go to get justice or to forgive? >> there's the political world and the justice system to come up with a verdict, right? to make a decision on that. but not only she, but all the other people involved, including george zimmerman, have the ability to let know what they have as a just cause against another person, in their heart. one thing is justice and the legal system has to make sure that they are looking for and
5:47 am
secondly there is the individual decision to let go of a just cause, and that's called forgiveness. >> does she need to for give him, do you think? >> she has the possibility to do that. we think in very public cases, the prison, and even though you did something wrong i have a just cause against you, i can let it go in my heart and choose to be better rather than bitter. >> you talk about the former pope, the last pope -- >> exactly. and that's something, whether there is justice according to what you think is true or not, you can see decide, we can decide, i am not going to allow my heart to get cold and bitter against another person, and i can let go of the just cause? >> that's at the center of the lord's prayer, as we for give those that trespass against us. do you think those can for give?
5:48 am
>> we can decide to for give somebody. >> can we be forgiven without forgiving others? >> of course not. >> where do you recommend that they start with forgiveness? >> making sure we control our first reaction, and that is to hurt or to give back or to say take that. all of those first reactions, we have to control and stop and recognize that today, more than ever before our actions are reverbrated in social media. and if there is something that we say we can learn from, we do that and we do it in a rational
5:49 am
and peaceful way. i think our country is great enough to do that. it will take time to show that. i say i my own twitter and facebook, the conversation you see on the one hand, some people getting very upset and on the other side people saying i am going to for give, and we can do it, and i think it's a great time for our country, and you are right, the parents of trayvon martin has been exemplary is making sure they tone down the rhetoric and seek justice, and they have talked about their own spiritualality publicly, they will be able to let go that just cause. >> i should have been including his father, too. >> thank you, father. are zimmerman's legal battles far from over? a fight zimmerman may not yet expect. the civil side of all of this. i'm breathing better.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
george zimmerman was found not guilty for the death of trayvon martin, but his legal troubles could be far from over. peter johnson, jr., is here to walk us through what's next. good morning. >> he's facing other lawsuits. let's start with what the naacp has called if from the department of justice. here is their statement. today justice failed trayvon martin and his family. we call -- >> immediately for the justice department to conduct an investigation into the civil rights violations committed against trayvon martin. this case has re-energized a movement to end racial profiling in the united states. >> thank you so much for that. explain what this means. will the department of justice get involved? is there precedent for that? >> what it means is even though he's acquitted in florida, the
5:54 am
naacp and others are saying that he should be indicted in a federal court by eric holder's justice department for civil rights violations under the civil rights agz act of 1968 for the intentional murder of trayvon martin that he intentionally tried to deprive and conspired to deprive trayvon martin of his civil rights. the interesting thing is he can go to prin for life in that charge if it's brought and convicted. >> isn't that been brought often? >> from time to time if the state courts resolve in one fashion the federal courts can go forward with this charge. what's also important to understand and no one has talked about this and they see this in a political spectrum, arguably, arguably, he could be executed if he was convicted of that crime under federal law. there is a federal capital punishment he could be executed
5:55 am
if it was brought with the appropriate u.s. code and so that is staggering to a lot of people and incredible to a lot of people. well, what happened? he was acquitted here? there's a whole body of law that says federal civil rights violations do not constitute double jeopardy. now the important thing as well as last spring or in 2012 the fbi conducted injuries with three dozen people and they determined that, yes, he may have had a hero complex, but they didn't find a racist bone in his body and there was no evidence of racial motivation in the state lawsuit. so that's really interesting. >> so we don't know yet if the department of justice will move ahead with any sort of case, but we do know -- we can assume there might be civil suits against him? >> i assume there will be a civil suit. what's been little reported is that the trayvon martin family according to the orlando sentinel and other reports has reseefrd more than $1 million in the lawsuit against the
5:56 am
homeowner's association for which mr. zimmerman was the watch captain. so i anticipate and expect based upon mr. crumb's background and the claims he's brought in the past that there will be a lawsuit brought against trayvon martin -- >> george zimmerman. >> george zimmerman for the death of trayvon martin. under florida law, the stand your ground defense is an absolute immunity to such a charge, but i think it's clear that even though he's been clear of the state charge after 16 hours of deliberation by a jury of his peers in seminole county, he is still facing a lot of opposition and a lot of problems both criminally and civilly. it has not ended. >> we'll never be the same. >> peter johnson, jr. >> george zimmerman again found not guilty late last night and as the not guilty verdict came down our own geraldo rivera was live at the courthouse and we'll
5:57 am
have reaction from geraldo. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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6:00 am
good morning, everyone. today is sunday, july 14th and i'm allison cammerotta. george zimmerman was found not guilty. he is a free man. ♪ ♪ >> that was the moment it happened and we are live in sanford, florida, with the latest for you. and did race play a role in how this controversial trial played out in the end? trayvon martin supporters say oh, yes, with everyone from al sharpton to president barack obama voicing outrage over the teen's death, but our own geraldo rivera is here it to explain why their reactions may be misguided. that's coming up. >> and they were bracing for the worst after the verdict was read, but trayvon martin
6:01 am
supporters are taking to the streets with mostly peaceful reactions. how do they feel about the ruling and its impact on the city? "fox and friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, everyone. if you're just waking up, late last night 10:00 p.m. eastern george zimmerman was found not guilty by that jury of six women. as you know, he was indicted on second-degree murder. they decide he was not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter. he was completely acquitted and here is what he looked like moments after and what his family and friends looked like. you can see that on their side there was relief and happiness in the courtroom. >> as you mentioned 10:00 p.m. last night our own geraldo rivera was outside the sanford
6:02 am
courthouse up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. >> he really is the iron man of this trial. >> and out there reporting on what was going on live from the courthouse and he joins us live from sanford, florida and it looks like a different scene there this morning. geraldo, describe for us last night the moment that verdict came down and what you saw outside the courthouse as it unfolded. >> reporter: standing right out front of the criminal justice center where they had the most unusual kind of setup. the cops obviously very worried that there might be some kind of civil disorder and might be a clash of supporters of the defendant or the victim's family. they had a fence, dividing zimmerman supporters from the trayvon martin family supporters. at the moment of the decision i was just feet away from where they were. it was not exultation on the zimmerman's part.
6:03 am
it was not, you know, any kind of outrage, at least visible outrage on the trayvon martin part. it was kind of a subdued and people were3z just silenced and humbled by the zimmerman front and disappointed on the trayvon martin front. it was a verdict that certainly was not a surprise to me or to many judicial experts, legal experts who understood the law of self-defense in florida. it was pretty clear this murder charge never should have been brought, that it was a political prosecution in many regard, but the moment of the decision as you suggest was something i'll never forget. >> so, geraldo, clearly supporters of the trayvon martin family were disappointed, but so were many reporters. the media kind of weighed in pretty dramatically in this case. here is a tweet from a associated press reporter from
6:04 am
christina silva. so we can all kill teenagers now? just checking. when was the last time you covered a story in which the press was more on one side than this? >> reporter: well, you know, tucker, that's hard to -- that's hard to get my arms around. i don't generally like to criticize my colleagues, but it seems that sympathy for the victim in many ways regarding trayvon martin almost submerged, you know, any kind of cool and rational thought. for instance, if report eers were -- it was pretty darn clear early on that everyone had a cool, dispassionate view of the law in florida, that there was no way they could have gotten george zimmerman on the murder charge and also the fact that 44 days, before he was arrested that was precisely because the local prosecutor and the local
6:05 am
cop understood the law much better than the civil rights activists or even, indeed, the president of the united states. i think it was almost -- remember gates, the harvard professor who was busted getting home and the united states president got involved and when he got involved and that turned out to be an embarrassment to the president. i think this is, too. sometimes the executive should be involved and sometimes he should not be and this is clearly a case where he led the editorial coverage. >> we've been debating as we have for weeks now, what this case was really about. was it about self-defense or was it it about race? obviously it had so many racial connotations throughout the whole investigation. what do you think at the end of the day it was about? >> reporter: that's a great question, allison. as a lawyer, it was about self-defense and when you can
6:06 am
use deadly force to save yourself, but it is impossible, and i defy anyone to deny that this was a race case. this was very much like the o.j. simpson case, but in reverse. you poll the nation, and i am absolutely certain that the vast majority of african-americans wanted very much for george zimmerman to be convicted and the white americans wanted george zim areman to be acquitted. maybe there was less passion on the side of white americans than black americans, but it was undoubtedly, undeniably a racial divide. as to what that a.p. reporter tweeted that tucker talked about just a minute ago, you know, there is a deep worry in the minority community that there's race, and the ugly head sector of all of those people being victimized by authorities,
6:07 am
that's real. there's real anxiety about that. it's just that in this case was apparent from the get go that this was a tragic confluence of events. this is a terrible accident and this is two feet who never profiled each other and they were there doing what they were doing. it's not all tragedy or crime. >> i heard peter johnson earlier suggesting that george zimmerman's problems and there will be an action by the martin phamry against george zimmerman, and that's appropriate. now the naacp which ironically is holding its annual meeting in central florida, they're calling for the department of justice to get involved to see whether or not there is a federal rap here.
6:08 am
i think that is inappropriate. i do not believe there is a federal crime here, but let everybody know that we're doing the best we can to investigate it, but also know how politics tainted this process, raised expectations in the minority community and now has added the disquiet and the racial divide. >> and you're probably right about that. both attorneys last night speaking out about the trial after -- after the verdict was read in their press conferences, and i want to read something mike o'mara had said. things had been different if zimmerman was black. i think things would have been different for this reason, he never would have been charged with a crime. do you agree or disagree? >> i think mark o'mara is on to something. the original prosecutor, a good, professional person with a competent office, highly regarded, the original police chief, the original officer, all
6:09 am
of the witnesses, this case was just one of those things, you know, i want to stress the fact not all tragedies are crimes and that, you know, o'mara's on to something. this is -- this was bold-faced race politics. the president gave the signal. jesse jackson and al sharpton, two men i hold in very high regard, but when they stirred things up they did it in a way that i think was way over the top and the million hoodie march and all of the rest of it and all of the criticism i got was saying about this youngster you dress like a thug, people will treat you like a thug. i stand by that even in my own family i got grief behind that, but that's the reality. you don't send your kids into the rainy night and have them walking back alleys and troubled neighborhoods and expect a good result. >> geraldo, look, i don't even
6:10 am
know how i feel for george zimmerman. i feel terrible for the family of trayvon martin, and i feel bad that he died, but i am positive that people like jesse jackson and al sharpton do not deserve to be called civil rights leaders and they're not. they are hustlers and pimps and they're not residents of florida and they're not elected to anything and don't have constituencies and the only reason they're allowed to do this is because we in the press enable them by calling them civil rights leaders. why do we do that. >> you know, tucker, let's not have that debate this morning, but i will agree with you in this regard. you had 11 black kids killed last weekend in chicago. 11, 40-odd wounded. where was the reverend sharpton? where was the reverend jackson? that is the real civil rights
6:11 am
question, gun violence, black on black crime which amounts to 80%-plus of all fatalities in the community. i think what happened is, and what happened here they went back to the old stereotype, black kid killed by cop and that's where the outrage is, and it is almost irresponsible. it is certainly the easy road for these civil rights leaders, and i are, to ignore the real civil rights crisis in the urban community. it's intermural violence, gang violence, youth violence. the breakup of the family, fathers not being home, the tragedy and another, the compounding tragedy, and i come back to the trayvon martin situation. i know the parents. i know sybrina fulton, i interviewed her. i know tracy martin, the dad, and i interviewed him. they tried their best with a teenager that was giving them a lot of trouble. he was living with his mom in
6:12 am
miami and that's why he was a stranger in that community and was visiting his dad and had been suspended from school. these parents tried their best. they really tried and i just thought of something and i think that this could be the lead in the the story. remember the circumstances under which angela quarry, the special prosecutor was appointed and all of that political above and the million hoodie march and the rest of it. -- this may be criminally negligent manslaughter, but then she did something worse than overcharge george zimmerman. she apparently withheld evidence, exculpatory evidence and evidence that would show george zimmerman innocent for at least the changed circumstance regarding the victim in the case when she refused -- her office refused to turn over the cell
6:13 am
phone photos of trayvon martin with a gun. trayvon martin smoking dope, trayvon martin with a pile of jewelry on his bed, where did that come from? there will be reverberations for the zimmerman family for sure, but there must be reverberations for the special prosecutor and the fact that they played dirty in a special attempt to a statute that did not fit. >> the responsible in part has been fired and has not risen higher than that. we have to leave it there and we're up against a hard break this morning and thank you so much for your wonderful reporting overnight and up all hours of the night covering this trial here at fox. >> always great to talk to you, geraldo. thank you. >> thank you all. a pan elf george zimmerman's peers finding him not guilty and that is big news this morning in the death of trayvon martin. so how did they react hearing their own ruling coming down in court? we have a jury consultant susan constantine to tell us about that straight ahead.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
the all-female jury of six reached a verdict in the george zimmerman trial clearing him of all charges. how did the the jury come to this decision. we are joined by jury consultant constantine. he's been inside the courtroom throughout the george zimmerman trial. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> were you surprised, i know there has been a lot of conversation in the past week or so about this jury going with manslaughter rather than second-degree murder. was this a surprise for you? >> it was only because i saw emotion in those jurors, and i was really concerned that their emotion would override their logic. you know, when you've got six women together and they're together for that length of time there was a lot of emotion that happens here. so those tears really concern me. i felt from the beginning this
6:18 am
should have been a non-guilty verdict, but when i saw those tears i started to become concerned. >> what you're referencing of course, is that one juror in particular appeared to be wiping away tears during the closing argumen arguments, i believe of the prosecution that led you to believe that she would be leaning toward the prosecution. what did you notice about the jurors' reactions during those final moments? >> you know, during those trial moments there was so much intensity. he just gave a riveting, riveting closing argument, and you can see on their faces that the reality was hitting and, you know, he used such great metaphors and used terminology that really riveted people, and i think that he really moved them to emotion, and when i saw them wiping those tears away, i thought oh, my gosh, we're going have a struggle back there and a couple of jurors that might be holding out. i think that's what happened that there was a lot of emotion
6:19 am
and they needed one of the stronger anchors in there to lay it out, look at it logically, methodically and i am so proud of these jurors that they set aside their emotions and they came up with a verdict of not guilty. >> i think what makes that such a compelling case at the outset is that it is not clear and you can look at this and feel deep sadness and feel emotional about the fact that a 17-year-old boy died and still not believe that george zimmerman committed murder. >> yeah. you don't see too many cases like that. >> not too many. this is really a unique case and being in the courtroom from the very beginning, from the beginning of jury selection all of the way throughout for the last five weeks you get to know these jurors and i've been watching them through a microscope and i feel like i know them just by their nuances, and you know, i really felt from the very beginning, no question not guilty, no question about it and then when i started to see the emotions come out in that
6:20 am
closing argument, i'm saying oh, my goodness, they'll struggle emotionally with it. >> they went by the law and they had strong anchors in there and i think they worked together as a team, supporting each other through it and looked at the evidence and decided we can't charge them with a guilty verdict. he's not guilty. >> you have an interesting job and we thank you for sharing all of your perspective with us. >> you're welcome. remember, i'm watching you guys, too. >> okay. >> we know. >> we feel it. thanks, susan. >> okay. next, they say they were outfunded by the state and it was not a fair fight. it was the upset against them how did the defense in the end prove that george zimmerman was not guilty? we have that coming up. i turned 65 last week.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
glee star was found dead. the actor was found by a hotel staff after he missed his checkout time. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow and police said they checked security video and believe he died in his room alone. >> the coroner will be determining next steps with respect to establishing cause of death. all indications are that there was no foul play. >> monteith has struggled with drug addiction in the past. hollywood is reacting to his death. this morning kristen chenoweth who starred on "glee," rest in peace, cory monteith, you will
6:25 am
beloved. >> he was just 31 years old. another fox news alert for you, the george zimmerman trial drawing a lot of attention across the country, of course, and speculation since it began three weekses ago. so what hurdles did the defense team have to jump in order to prove their client was not guilty? joining us is defense attorney stacy schneider. thanks so much for being here. >> sure. were you surprised by the not guilty verdict. i wasn't surprised at all, and i didn't feel that the prosecution wassaible to present enough evidence to actually show that george zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter and with the self-defense claim from the defense, that's where it got a little bit trickier for the defense. >> let's talk about that because you are a defense attorney and you do this all of the time and why was it tricky for the defense to show self-defense? >> the main red flag against zimmerman was the call that he made to dispatch in the
6:26 am
beginning where he was told not to go and pursue trayvon martin. that call made him look like the initial aggressor and that's the key issue in a self-defense claim. you don't want to be the initial addressor, you want to be defending yourself. so that was the big hurdle that the defense had to overcome. luckily for them they seem to have better evidence than the state had. they had the photo of george zimmerman's bloody head in the back so the jury knew from that that there was a fight or confrontation, a physical one between trayvon martin and george zimmerman and they also had a forensic expert that worked out well for that who testified that the trajectory of the bullet would show that trayvon martin was in a position over -- hovering over george zimmerman. i think those things are what worked for the defense and helped them -- >> those were the key moments in your eyes. >> it also seemed that the defense was affected in sliding the timeline from -- until after
6:27 am
that call was made. >> if you begin this altercation at the moment that george zimmerman spots trayvon martin and begins trailing him and does something counter to what the police suggested and gets out of his car and follows him and he looks more culpable and if you start the timeline of when the fistfight starts and then it was self-defense. >> very true. the defense was more effective in dealing with the time that the prosecution was. i felt that the prosecution spent too much time tugging on the heartstrings of the jury, calling trayvon martin this child. this child had every right to walk here. this wasn't a time and a place to engender sympathy. it was already a sympathetic situation. it was already an unarmed young man coming back from, you know, with his skittels. they didn't need that extra play. they needed to focus what evidence they had to prove their case. it's their burden to prove and not the defense's. >> as you know, sometimes juries can make unpredictable decisions and even decisions that nobody saw coming. what does the fact that they
6:28 am
deliberated for 16 hours tell you? >> well, in this type of case, i don't think 16 hours is that long. i don't think the short amount of time either. certainly if they came back in a few hours it would tell me that they haven't properly taken the time to evaluate the evidence, but it's clear they did put in their time. they went on the weekend. they deliberated into the night, late and they asked for an evidence inventory while they were deliberating to really -- that signals that they really went over everything that was presented in the case, and so they -- it doesn't appear that the jury rushed through this at all, although this type of case with the death, you'd expect to see a little bit more time and that's saying to me now that it was only this amount of time that the defense actually did a better job than the prosecution. >> that they won, yeah. stacy schneider, thanks so much for coming in. >> great talking to you. >> the case against george zimmerman was very controversial. many legal analysts say he shouldn't have been charged in
6:29 am
the first place. judge alex has been following this case for us from the beginning and he's here with his reaction next. it's important to get away from everything once in awhile. well, everything but palm trees, sunshine and fruity drinks, that is.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
this has never been about race nor has it been about the right to bear arms. not in the sense of proving this as a criminal case, but trayvon martin was profiled. there is no doubt that he was
6:33 am
profiled to be a criminal, and if race was one of the aspects in george zimmerman's mind, then we believe that we put out the proof necessary to show that zimmerman did profile trayvon martin, but the right to bear arms is the right in which we all believe, i especially believe in that right. what we want is responsible use from someone that feels they have to use a gun to take a life. >> we needed facts, unlike what miss cory said. everybody that saw this trial saw that the defense put on this case. we proved george zimmerman was not guilty. >> the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict. as happy as i am for george
6:34 am
zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> should the case against george zimmerman had ever made it to trial in the first place or did it hijack the entire judicial process. >> host of judge alex is here and is here to weigh in. tell me, more prosecutors are more impressive than that. i couldn't even understand what she was saying. >> first of all, it had the wrong tone. she smiled throughout the whole thing. i think she could have just said we're sorry that we did not get the verdict that we thought we would get. we sympathized with the family of the victims and we share their pain and we respect the jury's decision and it went so much further and she said some things that jumped out at me. she threw in there the race to the extent the race played a part in this, when they realized they could not prove racial animosity, the opposite was
6:35 am
proven. it proved that george zimmerman was anything, but a racist and if anything, trayvon used the racist term and throughout the case, this is not about race and she still threw it out there and i think this was telling because at the beginning of the case they started it with that momentum that this was going to be about race because they needed that kind of a fuel behind it. they introduced those 911 calls, only the ones where he said black male, black male because it gave that undercurrent of race even though they were never going to be able to sell that. once rachel jeantel used that word and indicated that the one that was driven by that may have been trayvon and not george and i get trayvon is a 17-year-old and he may not have been driven by race, but they abandoned it. she still threw it out there at the end. this was a case that should never, ever have been brought. the system was hijacked. the prosecutors every day across america, we see it all of the time as judges and lawyers and it happens when there are defendants are black.
6:36 am
it happens when defendants are white. if they have a case and they can't make it and look at the evidence and we say i'm sorry to the victim's family, we know you want us to prosecute and we cannot prove this case because we don't have enough evidence. >> you know this process has been politically hijacked and you're not sequestered like the jury is and have to deal with the political fallout publicly. how difficult does it make your job as a judge in a case like this? >> it makes judge nelson an uncomfortable position and whether she wants to grant the judgment of acquittal in a political dynamite case where she is going to be just barbecued. the judgment of acquittals are very rarely granted because the standard of proved necessary by the court, by the prosecution is very low. very low. so it's typically not granted and this was such a bad case that i could have seen her granting a judgement of acquittal. the police investigated that case and they didn't arrest for 40-something days. they can't. it is illegal for the police and they subject themselves to a
6:37 am
civil liability if they come in and without evidence to disprove the claim of self-defense they arrest somebody just to appease the public. it's specifically in the statute the self-defense statute in florida gives the defendant right to sue if he's arrested without probable cause and it would have existed anyway, the police can arrest you when they have probable cause and they do not and this happens all of the time when someone is dead and the person who survives says i was defending myself and there are no witnesses. every day it happens and the police can't arrest them unless they break that down over the next few months and say we now have evidence. they never had evidence. they were pressured to try to calm down the tensions by bringing charges and so what they did was they bought peace. they bought peace at george zimmerman's expense, and when intentions are high and there was looting or rioting and unrest and they said we'll charge them and by the time we get to trial and by the time we get to trial things would have settled down. what happens is in the trial the
6:38 am
evidence showed there is a viable self-defense claim here and that's the reason i think that there isn't the tension there was before, but that's the prosecution was not supposed to bring charges in order to alleviate tension because look what it caused george zimmerman. healthwise, his future. he is now a marked man because he's had the official stamp of the state attorney's office that this man did this, we're going prosecute him and now they walk away. we don't have civil unrest. they're going to get sued and the network will get sued and you know the major network that modified his call to police to make it look like he was a racist. >> up until now, up until this case many of us had never heard of stand your ground which gifts in florida and do you think that was a factor in this case and do you think that has to be looked at? >> i never liked it because it's a good principle.
6:39 am
law-abiding citizens should never have to back down from criminals. the problem is that it is abused all of the time and the people who murder somebody and there is not a witness they say i'm standing my ground and the law gives them more freedom and without it they probably would have been prosecuted and gang members in miami often don't even get prosecuted because when the police arrive and other members are dead from the fight they say we were stabdzing our ground and have so much ammunition under laut. it didn't play much of a role in this case. it gives somebody the right not to retreat and to stand there and meet force with force which they otherwise would have had to do. he was on his back in this case with someone straddling and pounding him and he couldn't have retreated if he tried. he didn't have to retreat if he could have, but by the way, he couldn't. it wasn't much of a factor. it will have an effect though because it does provide for civil liability. it does provide immunity from civil liability and it does provide for damages if somebody
6:40 am
tries to sue you. so it gives him some protection under the law. so that part of it will apply down the road. >> that's fascinating. that's a fact we haven't heard yet on the show on the civil side which he could be facing very soon. judge alex, thanks for being here this morning. thanks for your perspective throughout the many days. >> i need some rest. >> you do. it's been great spending thi this:with you, but it's time for you to go home. >> let's turn our attention to happy news after all of the intensity of this morning as we cover the breaking news of the george zimmerman trial, we continue to be on royal baby watch. it could happen at any time now. and andy kellogg joans us live from london with the very latest on this and great to see you this morning. >> hi, clayton, allison and tucker. it is definitely tenterhooks time and one can only imagine what the duchess of cambridge can be going through at this
6:41 am
point and due to give birth at any time. this is the hottest weekend on record in the uk this year and she knows very well that when she walks up to the window wing of st. mary's hospital near paddington station in london she will have quite a few cameras right in her face waiting to get that shot of her going into the hospital. stressful times, indeed and the staff inside the hospital poised catlike for the operation, all on call and all ready to go. the star obstetrician who has delayed his retirement to deliver this baby has said that in the pass he has not let a drop of wine, beer or spirits pass his lips for the last two weeks now needs to be stone cold sober for the very important event and the world's press saying the time has come. the media assembled here basically going into another day, another weekend trying to come up with fresh angles on the as yet to be born royal baby story. this expectant period has been
6:42 am
really an excuse to bring up also some memories from the past, some beautiful old baby pictures of other royals. we have pictures of prince charles when he was just an infant. he, of course, is set now to become a grandfather. this dove tail with the 60th anniversary of queen elizabeth's coronation. there's an exhibit of baby clothes going on at the london museum. heirlooms dating back as much as 500 years. >> the lovely little dress here that we have on display is actually embroidered with prince of wales feathers which actually means that it was worn by queen victoria's son who later became edward vii. today it's more likely that the royal baby would wear something purchased in shops and that's what makes this different.
6:43 am
possibly the two most important people at the center of this are more relaxed though at the moment than anyone else. we understand that prince william is playing his second charity polo match this weekend and kate, the duchess of cambridge reportedly at home with her parents relaxing 50 miles from here. allison, clayton, tucker? >> amy, you've done a great job of coming up with new angles. >> not drinking any alcohol in the weeks before? >> no. they have to be stone cold sober, clayton? >> why? >> because he's a doctor. we'll bring you those developments as soon as they happen. trayvon martin's family turning instead to social media to express their sorrow and we'll have that part of the media coming up next. every day we're working to be an even better company -
6:44 am
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6:47 am
if you're just waking up, george zimmerman is not guilty on all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the verdict was met with anger outside the sanford courtroom and across the country. in california, vandals took to the streets of oakland and here's video of that last night. we are live with the conditions there and it seems pretty calm, right, jonathan? >> yeah. very calm right now. of course, overnight as you mentioned those reports out of oakland of some protesters smashing windows, setting some small fires, but here in sanford, florida, people on both sides heeded the the calls for peace in the wake of this emotionally charged trial. in advance of the verdict trayvon martin's family had asked for calm regardless what the jury decided and when the six-woman panel handed down its guilty verdict after 16 hours of deliberations, the protesters promised they weren't
6:48 am
backing down. listen. >> we are very, very, very saddened, but we accept the jury's verdict in this case. >> last night the mother of trayvon martin tweeted, quote, lord, during my darkest hour i lean on you. you are all that i have. at the end of the day, god is still in control. thank you for your prayers and support. i will love you forever trayvon, in the name of jesus. naacp leaders say zimmerman racially profiled martin the night of the fatal shooting. they say they'll ask the justice department to seek civil rights charges against george zimmerman. zimmerman's lawyers insist the case was never about race, and a man defending himself during a violent attack in which he feared for his life. the trial may be over, but as you can imagine, the debate will continue. >> it's nice to see, though, sanford, the backdrop of sanford
6:49 am
behind you calm at this hour. thanks so much for your reporting, jonathan. >> thanks, jonathan. >> coming up on the show, the naacp says it's not done demanding justice for trayvon and it is calling on the department of justice to get involved. will a federal government step in on this already-decided case. david webb weighs in. my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away
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6:52 am
these parents are going through. and when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids. my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin. you know, if i had a son, he'd
6:53 am
look like trayvon. >> president obama making the case that what happened to trayvon martin could happen to any blackman in america. george zimmerman has been acquitted of all charges but the naacp says this case is not over. they're calling on the justice department to investigate. david webb has been following this case from the beginning. david, thanks for coming back. president's remarks kind of framed the story from the beginning. if you took that out, zimmerman is hispanic or whatever and trayvon martin, you see a tragic case for sure? >> yes. >> i don't necessarily see a racial case, do you? >> this isn't a racial case. it was made a racial case. you know, not even limited to the president. what that is, that's the nation's largest microphone. it's the president of the united states. al sharpton, jesse jackson, all of those, the actions of benjamin crump they all blame
6:54 am
roslyn brock. there's now 100,000 signatures on the doj petition. the petition's great for raising the roof, if you will, on what they want, but in reality where is the justice department and their actions on this? they have a problem now with a conflict. what their unit has done, the crs unit in florida -- >> tell us what that is for people who don't know. >> the community relations unit, service. the crs unit is a doj unit that is charged with basically leveling the field or going into cumulative communities where there are racial tensions and trying to -- >> calm them. >> -- calm them, but they went down there and spent money, taxpayer dollars, to fund rallies or facilitate rallies against zimmerman, that's picking a side. now the doj should really be looking inside and saying, are we doing the right thing. will holder do that? i doubt it. let's see how he acts with the new black panther party on this. i want to go to the american people on this.
6:55 am
it's time for us to say, no, tucker, to all of us, to say no to this kind of no to demagogery. our system is not perfect. we have redress. we have appeals. we have a process in this country to address issues when we feel we're wronged and we haven't gotten justice. that's what we need to do. we need to reject them, outright vocally at work in your communities, in your churches say the system has played a role. the jury of his peers has made a decision and, frankly, to riot as they did in oakland against a jury decision is also to go against freedom and what this country is about. >> yeah. we've been seeing some view owe lechbs overnight in oakland, california, as people are berng buildings and store fronts. dufd webb, where can people listen to you on the radio? for our audience who doesn't get to listen to you, where can they listen to you.
6:56 am
>> sir yum xm patriot 105, 9:00 to midnight. >> you are up early. >> i am up early. >> we are grateful for your stamina. thank you for joining us. >> more "fox and friends."
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
friends" this sunday morning. log on to "fox and friends" for the app for the show. if you're waking up. outrage from the naacp wanting now the federal government to prosecute and go after the george zimmerman case and have the federal prosecutors look into this case. also acquitted on all counts this morning and continuing coverage here on fox news channel throughout the day. >> we appreciate that you just spent four hours with us on this very important news day. again, george zimmerman not guilty of the murder of trayvon
7:00 am
martin. fox news channel will be covering this and all the other breaking news all day long. >> naacp outrage, not really news. kind of a standing position. thanks a lot for joining us. the fox news alert, it has now been 12 hours since that verdict of not guilty. george zimmerman waking up this morning a freeman. cleared of all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. martin's family deals with that verdict that was rendered last night. good morning, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters" on this sunday morning. >> i'm marcella neville. a jury of six women reaching their verdict yesterday after 16 hours of deliberations. here's the verdict as it was read. >> in the circuit court of the 18th judicial district in


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