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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 14, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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martin. fox news channel will be covering this and all the other breaking news all day long. >> naacp outrage, not really news. kind of a standing position. thanks a lot for joining us. the fox news alert, it has now been 12 hours since that verdict of not guilty. george zimmerman waking up this morning a freeman. cleared of all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. martin's family deals with that verdict that was rendered last night. good morning, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters" on this sunday morning. >> i'm marcella neville. a jury of six women reaching their verdict yesterday after 16 hours of deliberations. here's the verdict as it was read. >> in the circuit court of the 18th judicial district in and
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for seminole county florida, state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman, not guilty. >> emotions running high outside the courthouse as people on both sides of this case consider the outcome of this historic case. jonathan sary is joining us live from sanford, florida. jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there were reports overnight of protester smashing windows and setting small fires in oakland, california, but here in sanford, florida, people on both sides of this emotionally charged issue heeded the calls to remain calm. in advance of the verdict some prominent civil rights leaders had called for peace regardless of what the jury decided, and after the decision prosecutors thanked trayvon martin's family for being a calming influence during this emotionally charged trial. listen. >> i'd just like to say to the family of the teenager, trayvon martin, that i appreciate the
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way they have handled this matter. they've been dignified. they've showed class. they have kept their pain in check when they needed to and they have grieved when they needed to. and i think that they have handled it like ladies and gentlemen. >> the naacp reacted to the verdict with disappointment. leaders of that organization maintain that trayvon martin, who was black, was racially profiled when george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, followed him that fatal night in february of 2012. the naacp says it's going to ask the justice department to seek civil rights charges against zimmerman, but zimmerman supporters have said that this case never had anything to do with race but a man defending himself. all along the defense has alleged that it was martin who was the aggressor attacking zimmerman and that zimmerman fired his gun only when he felt his life was in imminent danger.
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arcel. >> jonathan serrie, thank you very much for that report from sanford, florida. our prosecutors are reacting to that verdict moments after it was rendered. state's attorneys saying that they still believe the case did fit the bill for second degree murder but despite the disappointment, they respect the jury's decision. >> when we announced the charges 15 months ago, we also promised that we would seek the truth for trayvon martin and due process for george zimmerman, that we would get all of the facts and details of this very difficult case before a jury and that we chose to do it that way because we felt that everyone had a right to know everything about this case. that for a case like this to come out in bits and pieces serves no good to no one. as mr. guy told the jury yesterday, to the living we owe
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respect, to the dead we owe the truth. we have been respectful to the living, we have done our best to assure due process to all involved, and we believe that we brought out the truth on behalf of trayvon martin. george zimmerman's defense team obviously pleased with the outcome. don west saying a guilty verdict would have made an already sad case even worse. take a listen. >> the tragedy is the loss of trayvon martin's life in every respect. regardless of what he was doing or immediately what led up to it, it's a tragic loss of life. it not only will impact of course trayvon martin's family and all those that knew him forever and ever, this event itself also impacts george zimmerman forever and ever and ever. this is something no one gets over. there's no winners here. there's no monsters here. that's the tragedy.
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the travesty, it would have been a travesty of justice had george zimmerman been convicted. that's the travesty. >> and also after the verdict the lawyers for trayvon's martin's family thanked supporters and acknowledged the disappointment in the jury's decision. the familiar alley was not in court for the verdict. they said the family will attend church services this morning. they also said that trayvon martin will be remembered and they likened him to medgar evans and emmitt hill. >> trayvon martin will forever remain in the annals of history next to medgar evans and emmitt hill as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all. tracy and sabrina are thankful for all those prayers over the
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past 17 months since the death of their son. this is ame for their family, and we ask that you respect their privacy. in conclusion, for trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful. >> well, unlike most states, jurors in florida have six people unless it's a capital case, which george zimmerman's was not. who sat on this panel, six women, five white, one hispanic, ranging in age from 30ed to 60s. most are married and all but one have children. the judge gave them three options, second degree murder, which is a killing done from ill will, hatred, spite or an evil intent and indicates an indifference to human life. manslaughter, an intentional act that causes death, negligent against is not manslaughter, or they could find him not guilty. here to talk about this jury and their conclusion is matthew
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rosenguard, a former federal prosecutor, matthew, good morning. >> good morning. >> walk us through the deliberation process and tell us how this jury boils this down to not guilty? >> well, i think initially as i said at the outset of this case is it came down to reasonable doubt and reasonableness. i think putting aside social commentary and social media, i think the jury methodically walked through the jury instructions, which i have, initially ruled out second degree murder. i think the commentators who have suggested that this was never really a murder case because there was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of a depraved heart, ill will, spite, or malice are actually correct. next you go to the issue, i think the jurors probably went to the issue of self-defense. was there any reasonable basis for mr. zimmerman to believe that he was in danger of
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grievously -- grievous bodily harm or death. i think they probably tabled that and then went to the issue of manslaughter as suggested by the question that they asked the court, which ultimately was unanswered with respect to a clarification of manslaughter. >> right. >> if it went to manslaughter, they methodically went through those elements. >> it was a process of elimination, as you said very methodically done. you said after 11 hours of deliberating the jury asked for clarification on manslaughter. it didn't seem to be very clear. is there any way to have made that option easier to understand? >> i actually think the instructions were relatively clear. what you're really needing to know is that these instructions aren't sort of crafted off the cuff, they're crafted by a committee of lawyers in order to withstand a potential appeal and, you know, the judge laid out the three elements. it's unclear to me, i'd be very
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curious to see if the jurors are interviewed afterwards to see exactly what their question was, and it's very telling that they came back after the judge asked the jurors for clarification, they decided not to follow up. >> so we know that george zimmerman was found not guilty so we're not going to try to retry him now, but explain, matthew, to viewers confused about the law and how the events leading up to the fight had no legal bearing on this case. >> well, i think the crux of the matter as explained, frankly, very well by mark o'mara who did an excellent job, and i think both sides did a very excellent job with what they had, was what happened during the scuffle. it is an indicia of george zimmerman being the aggressor if he initiated contact, however, if during the scuffle george zimmerman was down on the ground and trayvon martin, as i think effectively demonstrated by mark
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o'mara was banging mr. zimmerman's head against the ground, i think the jurors probably asked themselves, what would i have done in that situation? what would i have done to protect myself? for better or worse, george zimmerman had a gun. that's a separate debate. but in light of the fact i think the jurors found that mr. zimmerman had a reasonable fear for his life. he took out his gun and tragically, tragically shot mr. martin, but what the jurors did, i think, is they separated that tragedy and their emotion from mr. zimmerman's state of mind. arfel, this was never a who done it. we all know that george zimmerman killed trayvon martin, but at the end of the day it came down to what mr. zimmerman's state of mind was, and the jurors found out that he had an innocent state of mind in the sense that he wasn't acting with a depraved heart and he was acting reasonably. >> and, matt through -- >> of course, their view -- i'm
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sorry. >> no. finish your thought. i apologize. >> i was simply going to say, and then you layer on the element, the critical component of reasonable doubt, and i think that's how the jurors got to where they were, got to where they got. you know, one of our most famous judges, lerned hand, this is a cliche, and i hate cliches, i think it applies, he said that in our system based on the constitution, it is preferable for ten guilty men to go free than for one innocent man to be convicted. i can't opine on the innocence or guilt of mr. zimmerman. i was not on the jury, but i think what happened here could be a manifestation of that maxim. >> i want toss here with you and still talk about the jury. ultimately it is the interpretation of the law by the jury. it's what rules. so of course without changing the meaning or legal impact, should some laws be rewritten to
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make them easier to understand? >> potentially, and that's the age old question. there always is, as i said, are written by lawyers and committee well before the trial. each state has their own set of jury instructions, but then the lawyers, the prosecution and the defense in criminal cases, grapple over a negotiated overwording because somebody's life is at stake in criminal cases and every word matters. i think, however, that this judge, judge nelson, did a reasonable job taking the previously drafted jury instructions by the legal committee, which are on the books, and crafted them to apply to this case. again, i'd be very curious to see what question the jurors had with regard to seeing what clarification the jury had with regard to the man slaughter charge. >> as i recall from yesterday, it was very simple. can you explain what that means? what is the manslaughter option? break it down for us.
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>> and the reason the judge, i think, was in a difficult position and the prosecutor and the defense lawyers were in difficult positions is they actually needed some specificity regarding what the jurors found to be confusing. otherwise -- >> that's my point. that's my point. i will close on this. that's exactly my point. it's all about semantics. semantics are very, very, very crucial and it just got murky at the end of the day it felt like to me. >> it sounds like it did. again, i'd be curious to see what the jurors thought. i think with respect, i think the instruction actually was relatively straightforward. maybe they wanted to see how it interacted with self-defense, the self-defense charge, but unless and until the jurors are interviewed, we won't know. that said, you raise a good point. i think the state of florida in light of the high profile nature of this case, because one word could matter, may take another look at the manslaughter jury instruction to make sure it's as
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clear as it needs to be. >> and we end there. matthew rosenguard, thank you very much for your time and analysis this sunday morning. good to see you. >> thank you. in the wake of the not guilty verdict, there are more questions being raised this morning over the initial prosecution of george zimmerman. both sides also weighed in on that aspect of this troubling case last night. >> we charge what we believe we can proof based on our florida standard jury instructions and based on the facts of the case, so that's why we charged second degree murder. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> and in the next hour we'll talk in depth about the politics
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our critics say was the public pressure that they claim was involved in bringing zimmerman to trial. authorities say that they were only guided by the law. also coming up, eric, more emotional reaction from the verdict. take a look at whether or not this coverage of the case in the mainstream media affected the outcome. >> you guys, the media, he was like a patient in an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. he didn't know why he was turned into this monster, but quite honestly you guys had a lot to do with it. ll the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
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obviously ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except for protecting himself in self-defense. i'm glad that the jury saw it that way. >> the jury declaring george zimmerman not guilty. the six women on the jury deliberated for about 16 hours before clearing him. just outside after the announcement, plenty of people made their opinions very clear. but for the most part the scene in sanford was calm and peaceful. not so much in one california city.
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this is oakland, here, where protesters broke windows, started small fires and vandalized a police car. police say they had to deal with about 100 angry protesters for much of the night. and to washington now and the immigration issue. an exclusive interview on foxx news sunday this morning. two congressmen weighing in on the efforts of immigration reform. the house takes up that debate. both sides are accusing each other of playing politics. >> they want this for a political issue. this is a big boon for democrats, whether republicans are willing to go along with this or not. if we pass something, they're still going to get the credit for it in the white house. the president will sign a bill. they're going to continue to use this for political reasons. that's at the base of this. some republicans have bit into this thinking we have to take it off the table bypassing amnesty. >> i think the american people have had it with calculations based on what's good for one party and what's bad for another
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party. we need to solve this problem. they did it in the senate. 68 senators from the right john mccain, marco rubio, to the left, elizabeth warren. if they could put a solution ahead of partisanship, progress ahead of partisanship, we should do it in the house as well. joining us is chris wallace. >> good morning. i should point out that we asked congressman king and israel about the trayvon martin. you'll see that as well on fox news sunday. >> what was their view, the whole nation talking about that this morning? >> well, both of them obviously in the case of steve king, congressman republican from iowa, he thought there had been a political pressure. george zimmerman should never have been tried. steve israel, democrat, chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, sbha more stand offish in terms of -- and
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basically said it was a tragedy from all sides. obviously a tragedy for george zimmerman in terms of what's happened to him the last two years and obviously for the rest of their lives a tragedy for the trayvon martin family. >> yeah, it certainly is with the young man dead. on immigration, what's happening in the house? i mean, they took the senate bill. the senate passed it now open up the hood and they're ticking around with it. will it ever go? >> i think they're doing more than that. remember, in the case of the senate they worked for months and you had the bipartisan gang of 8 working together to try to get and they did pass with 68 senators a -- both yes toughen forcement of the border, another $40 billion for enforcement, but also a path to citizenship. that's what steve king calls amnesty, and he says they shouldn't pass anything because he says if they do, it'll go to a conference and then the senate will put-back the legalization.
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steve israel says, look, you know, the senate on a bipartisan basis was able to come up with a compromise that satisfies all interests here and house republicans are unwilling to and while he said, you know, there shouldn't be politics in this, as the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, he made it clear that if the house kills this, they're going to hammer house republicans on this issue come the 2014 election. >> what do you think are the predictions? what do you think will happen? >> well, let's put it this way, if the republicans hold firm in the house and say only border enforcement, i don't think that the senate will accept it. i don't think the president will sign it. the interesting question would be if they were to agree, for instance, to a dream act where, yes, they would have a path to citizenship for young people brought here as children, not by any action or decision of their own, would the senate and the president agree to that? we'd have to wait and see. but if the republicans stand firm and say only enforcement, then i think we'll have no immigration reform this year and
7:24 am
a lot of republicans will say that's just fine. >> chris, good to see you. we'll look forward to the program later on today. >> thank you. >> you bet. thank you. >> as always. for more, chris wallace's exclusive interviews with congressman steve king and steve israel. big issue, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 news channel. you can check your local fox station where you live for when "fox news sunday" is on. >> good instruction, eric. we like it. coming up, the doctors are here. they say fish oil is good for the heart but now, okay, here we go, a study that says omega 3 fatty acids may not be good for something else in men. >> we'll find outcoming up next. plus, the family of trayvon martin say they certainly are saddened but they do accept last night's verdict. we'll have more reaction on the acquittal of zimmerman coming up and the rest of our coverage this morning here on the fox news channel.
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. pay attention. time now for sunday "house calls "joining us is dr. david is a maddie, chairman of urology at lenox hill hospital, congratulations on your new move, chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel. doctors, great to see you as always. >> good morning. >> let me start with this stunning study. have you heard about this? it has to do with fish oil and fish oil supplements for men. a million of us take omega 3 fatty acids for our health and other benefits. they say it's good for our heart. new research shows that it could potentially raise the risk of prostate cancer. who better to tell us about that than dr. samadi, they tell you
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it's great and now it can increase your risk for prostate cancer? >> yes, there's confusion so we want to clarify this. this study that was published -- this study wasn't designed to find out if the fish oil causes prostate cancer. this was an incidental association that was found in this. we have to be very careful about this. part of this select study that looked at vitamin e, a few months ago we talked about vitamin e that can increase the risk of prostate cancer by 17%. now they're finding the same thing with omega 3 fatty acid. where do i stand? i want to answer the folks that e-mailed me. omega 3 fatty acid is good for heart, alzheimer's, for children for brain development, but you've got to be careful how much you take. there's a whole culture in america about this hollywood supplements, vitamins, and if she takes it, i want to take more. marc wants to take more than i do. that's a mistake.


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