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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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of too much partying. some say because he was sick. >> the ugly. two armed robbers getting a beat-down by a store clerk. as the suspects filled their bags, a customer with a chair helped block their escape. >> thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is tuesday, july 16. thank you for sharing your time today. i'm gretchen carlson. the juror, one of them in the george zimmerman trial, breaking her silence. she says race was not a factor. >> if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >>gretchen: that juror, b-37, we will hear more from her coming up. >>steve: that juror and the f.b.i. both claiming
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race did not play a role in the zimmerman case, so why is eric holder still planning to investigate? mr. kilmeade, out to you. >>brian: attention shoppers, we are tracking you. stores tracking your cell phone and targeting you when they want to. if they are tracking me when they are shopping, they are very bored. i want to ask the question is that legal? "fox & friends" live from two locations starts now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: two locations here at studio e, gretch and steve and out at citi field, brian kilmeade, who i've been watching the live shot from your location, brian, they've got the
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sprinklers on and there are a bunch of sea gulls out there. >>brian: yes. you stole my line. my talking point was about the birds. the music is on and the place is rocking at 6:01 eastern time. a short time ago, it seems like an hour, they had the home run derby here. it was packed. i've been to the stadium a number of times. you could not walk through the pathway here. these are huge, a lot of electricity. you would think the all-star game was last night. a lot of celebrities out there as well. then you see a shocker, and i won't give it away. but a guy a year ago, a year and a half ago was in cuba, did not make the all-star team, asked to be in the derby, walks away with it and two local favorites come up short. one of them got booed, one of them got cheered. the highlights in about 12 minutes. >>gretchen: in case people thought you might have taken a break yesterday and gone home, i have good intel that tells me you were out there all day long.
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>>brian: i know your source. i know your source. he saw me right away. he was excited for various reasons as well. it's good to see a guy like your husband who is a great baseball player, is around it 300 days a year and he looked excited last night. i know it is a special night when a guy like that is excited, when casey is pumped out. >>gretchen: we'll continue to check with you throughout the morning. in the meantime, fox news alert, overnight in north korea, a missile equipment was seized. a ship's captain tried to commit suicide. the president in panama said the items came from cuba. north korea carried out its third nuclear weapons test and threatened to attack the united states. senate majority leader harry reid making it clear he will move forward this morning with a controversial move known as the nuclear option.
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so what is it? it would change the rules to make it easier to confirm president obama's nominees. senators huddled late last night to try to strike a deal to avoid this but after three hours it all fell apart. >> i think a majority of the united states senate wants to work something out short of this nuclear trigger which really would establish a precedent that you can change the rules in the middle of the game with a simple majority vote. >>gretchen: senator reid is accusing republican senators of holding up the nominees. republicans say, though, over 1,500 have been confirmed and only 4 were defeated. new details about the shocking death of "tkpwhrao*e" star cory monteith. police in vancouver say there is nothing to indicate he died from a drug overdose. we'll get more information in a few hours when the results of his autopsy are released. but authorities say
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toxicology will be needed to determine how the 31-year-old died. those tests usually take a couple of weeks. cory monteith who completed a stint in rehab in april was found dead in his hotel room the other day. many people look forward to seeing george h.w. bush back at the white house. most were particularly interested in his socks. here's a toto for you. the form -- here's a photo. he did not disappoint. the former president was at the white house to celebrate his points of light volunteer program. the president wore a super man pair last month to celebrate his birthday. they have given him new nickname which is g.q. man. we're going to talk about men's shoes. last week we talked about what men like women to wear. today we're going to tell you what men's shoes say about them. >>steve: fantastic. i think brian has cleats on
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out there at citi field. >>brian: is that a problem? >>steve: not at all. meanwhile our top story, george zimmerman, a couple of nights ago he was found not guilty. now one of the jurors in that jury box has spoken out. the initial vote was split. three were in favor of guilt, three thought not guilty. although this juror we're about to hear from, juror b-37, thoughts he was not guilty from the start. she is about to take us inside the deliberation room. race was not a component when between what happened between trayvon martin and also george zimmerman. she says she is positive the scream on that 911 tape was george zimmerman. here she is. >> do you think it was a 911 call? >> i think it was george zimmerman. >> what made you think it was george zimmerman's voice? >> because of the evidence he was the one that had gotten beaten. i think george zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place but got
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displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhood and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done. but i think his heart was in the right place. it just went terribly wrong. >> do you think he's guilty of something? >> i think he's guilty of not using good judgment. >> do you think race played a role in his decision, his view of trayvon martin as suspicious? >> i don't think he did. i think circumstances caused george to think he might be a robber. if there was another person -- spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >>gretchen: very interesting to hear from that juror.
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she is also the one who apparently signed a book deal. now she chose not to do the book deal? >>steve: her literary agent says she changed her mind and wants to move on with her life. >>gretchen: okay. she also went ton say when he -- went on to say when he called 911, zimmerman, she believes he should not have gotten out of the car. i think that was the main sticking points for a lot of jurors and a lot of public is why did he get out of the car. >>brian: there's a lot in that. we find out the first vote, when they got a chance to talk with each other -- do we know who the artist is in the background? we'll find out. the first vote was three not guilty, one second-degree guilty, two manslaughters. then they start conferencing, go over things and they decided unanimously to do it. in terms of the key, nobody
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in that jury room thought race was involved. so if no one in the jury room thought race was involved, if the f.b.i. did a parallel investigation and no one thought race involved, why is eric holder having a hard time figuring out if race was involved? but now all eyes are on him. the naacp has a major meeting, set up a major speech today, we should find out in a next couple of days if he'll go forward. according to charles krauthammer on special report last night, he thinks this race thing is trumped up by the media. >> i think the media's attempt to turn this into a racial incident is disgraceful because the paradigm is white on black. except zimmerman is hispanic, so cnn and others had to invent a new category: the white hispanic. up until now we had never heard of that. why? presumably because one of stkeupl plan's parents -- zimmerman's parents is white. that also applies to the president of the united states, which means is he a
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white african-american? this is an absurdity and it's also a disgrace. >>steve: it does sound as if the department of justice is moving forward. yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon. tom perez, an assistant attorney general for civil rights, had a conference call with various civil rights organizations including the naacp, the aclu and lawyers committees for civil rights all on the phone. essentially what they said is if anybody has any information that race played a part let us know and we'll factor that into our investigation. apparently they are about to throw up an e-mail address where anybody who has got anything on george zimmerman, they can send it their way. >>gretchen: i think the interesting discussion here is why is is the department of justice not interested in so many other cases we have heard about with regard to -- i think coming up with our own judge we'll talk about some of those cases that were ultimately thrown out. the other thing missing in this discussion is all the deaths and violence going on across this nation that
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are never reported on. if you want to talk about race, a lot of that is white on white crime, black on black crime. you know, it's lost in the discussion of this whole case about a huge problem in this country, which is a lot of people getting killed that we're not talking about. why did we focus so much on this particular case? frankly, a lot of people getting killed are young people in cities like chicago. >>steve: more on this later on. in the meantime, mr. kilmeade, what have you been doing out there? >>brian: 11 minutes after the hour. last night, it's the annual home run derby. first up, i guess, before the big game tonight is the derby, which many people look forward to more than ever. got a lot of big names, a lot of big stars and a lot of young stars. let's watch. >> back, back!
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score! >>brian: there was another one that is a little bit farther. bryce harper. the winner was cespedes, from cuba, comes to oakland to participate. out of left field, he hits it out and wins the home run derby. a lot of times stars are made there. you've got a lot of good cubans who have to escape in order to excel. what they're teaching and feeding on that small island, someone is getting fed, someone is thriving. that is history. they are all pumped up for that. the place was going wild. he does not speak english. the interview after was somewhat bizarre but it shows where the game is heading. the score over bryce harper, phenomenal. what everyone is talking about in baseball, there are a lot of issues.
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besides the home run derby, there is attendance back in the headlines because it is dipping a little bit. and there's a lot of young stars. a little bit later you're going to hear what the players think about the game today and how they feel their responsibility is to make it successful. that will be coming up a little bit later. >>steve: very nice. i love the way bryce harper's threw him the pitches last night. all in the family. very nice. >>gretchen: he stole student passwords so he could vote for himself. wait until you hear how long he'll spend in the slammer. >>steve: waist watch. why is the department of veterans affairs spending millions on call centers that take just two calls a day? stuart varney. stuart varney. we'll be right back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>>steve: this story is going to wake you up. the department of veterans affairs is spending $15 million a year expanding call centers where? get this. workers take an average of two calls a day. and, yes, we're all paying for it. stuart varney has brought this to our attention. stuart, that's not good use of our limited federal dollars, is it? >> no. four months into sequester, the sky hasn't fallen but we're still not targeting wasteful inefficient spending. this is a classic skpapl -- is example. look at it closely. they set up two veterans affairs call centers. >>steve: that's good. >> that is good. veterans call in, gets a job or pointed towards a
3:18 am
job. in the first year each operator averages just 2.5 calls per day. then the contractor said we're going to get a flood of calls. here we go. so they make it a 24-7 operation. they staff right up there, expand the program. and it falls to 1.8 calls per operator per day. >>steve: what are they using as their business model? the d.m.v.? >> you got me. they're using the government. isn't this exactly how government spending works? politics drives it, not efficiency, not getting the job done. politicians are able to say i'm doing something. we've got a problem with returning vets that don't have work. i am doing something. we're setting up call centers. we're giving them help. the fact that it is of no help whatsoever and you're spending money you do not have, that is irrelevant because politics drives this. >>steve: we have limited dollars out there. you would expect them to spend them wisely especially given the
3:19 am
ballyhoo over the sky is falling. six months later the sky didn't fall. you tear away the onionskin, you see a bunch of problems. >> it will never change. the politicized nature of government, you will never stop that. >>steve: the reason i mentioned the d.m.v., i stood in the line yesterday for 45 minutes. >> you got over it yet? obviously not. >>steve: chris christie call me. stuart varney and company, right there on the fox business network. an american man wakes up speaking only swedish? coming up, unbelievable medical mystery about a man named michael who transformed into johan. and anna kooiman screams for ice scream. -- screams for ice cream. >> ice cream! you scream for ice cream.
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>>gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just joining us, quick headlines. the suspected leader of a ruthless mexican drug cartel captured by mexican marines. the alleged leader of a cartel was found in a car carrying $2 million. he wanted to be student body president so bad he rigged his election.
3:24 am
he took the passwords of more than 700 students so he could log in and vote for himself. now he's headed to the slammer. a judge sentenced him to one year behind bars. let's go back to citi field to brian and anna. >>brian: thank you very much. 24 minutes after the hour. anna is out at citi field and caught up with very special all-star vendors. how do i know that, anna? >> because i'm sitting next to you, brian kilmeade. baseball's finest players are in town but baseball's finest vendors are in town as well. i got a chance to hawk like the pros and try to earn my uniform. check it out. [playing music] >> i got peanuts, cracker jacks, cotton candy. >> sweetheart, that ain't going to cut it.
3:25 am
>> you've got to work it. what's the secret? >> a loud voice. you've got to get the people to know what you sell. voice is important. >> use your diaphragm. what's the slogan you use when you're selling beer for example? >> hey the beer guy! [screaming stph-fpl -- >> got a little bit excited there. >> in the summertime i can lose 7 to 10 pounds during the season because it is a complete cardio workout. we walk seven miles a game. >> seven miles while carrying a container that weighs how much? >> 20, 25 pounds. >> i don't want to hurt my back. >> lift with your legs, not your back. >> looking good? >> looking good! there you go!
3:26 am
>> so good. nice break. >> you can't sell it if you're eating it. you've got to sing it. >> how do i sing it? >> iiice cream! you scream for ice cream. spoeupbt don't you want -- >> don't you want to buy peanuts and cracker jacks? [applause] >> anna, congratulations. you earned this. >> i baby. i hocked your way. my way. >> peanuts! cracker jacks! [music] >>steve: you weren't having one of the beers, were you? >>brian: did you see the
3:27 am
beginning? >>gretchen: they were enjoying the breaking it down part. >> they're going to be selling about 37,000 hot dogs they expect and nearly 14,000 peanuts. these guys are working hard. baseball's finest players are here but they brought in vendors from around the country. they earned it in a competition. >>brian: sometimes they'll nail a guy eight seats in with the peanuts, right to his hand. these guys are good. they work on commission. if they're not working hard, they don't get any money. >> they're whacking all kinds of people. underhanded is what they say the best way to do it is. >> ice cream! >> hey! >>steve: we'll be back with more sights and sounds of the all-star game including anna selling stuff. >>gretchen: thanks to both of you. coming up, hey guys, do you know what your shoes say about you? do you know there is one
3:28 am
specific pair that will send women running in the other direction? we'll find out. >>steve: take a look at this unbelievable video. kaboom! a pregnant woman escapes death by just inches when a car crashes into her hotel room. >>gretchen: happy birthday to will ferrell. he's 36 today. >> i'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the iffil tower during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i . [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled sim or linguini with shrimp and scallops. then finish with dessert. your four course seafood feast, just $14.99.
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>> the president president called russian president putin to discuss edward snowden. obama asked know den -- snowden be sent back to the u.s. and in return putin asked for a case of twinkies. >>gretchen: brian, we threw them to you. did you get them? >>brian: no. >>steve: they are very tasty. now they last 45 days as opposed to the earlier 26 days, although they have shrunk them slightly. >>gretchen: we're going to do some headlines,
3:33 am
brian, and then you're going to tell us about the home run derby. >>steve: on to your headlines on this tuesday morning. a six-year-old boy making a miraculous recovery after he was swallowed up by a sand dune. for the first time we're hearing the frantic 911 calls for help. >> 911. >> my friend, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's like under the sand. can't get him out. my husband and his dad are trying to dig him out. >>steve: he was buried under 11 feet of sand. it took more than three hours for crews to dig him out. his family thought he was dead. >> the phone rang and it was my daughter, and she was hysterical. she said, dad, dad, we can't find nathan. he was -- he is under the sand. >>steve: nathan was limp when he was pulled out of the sand but amazingly
3:34 am
started breathing on the way to the hospital. he remains in critical condition as doctors remove sand from his lungs, but they hope he can go home in about two weeks. >>gretchen: a couple in ohio says they cheated death after walking out of this alive. take a look. a van loses control going 100 miles per hour, plows right into their motel room. the woman who is eight months pregnant was knocked to the ground by the impact. fortunately both of them made it out of this whole thing unhurt. police say the out-of-control driver ran a red light, hit two vehicles and a light pole before smashing into the hotel. >>steve: an american man wakes up speaking swedish. michael boatwright, navy veteran from florida was found unconscience in a hotel. when he woke up days later he had no memory of his past and said his name was
3:35 am
johan. doctors believe a traumatic event may have triggered the confusion. the 61-year-old goes by michael but only because he said doctors told him to. >>gretchen: video of a diver rescuing a whale happens as he was fishing off the coast of virginia beach, uses his knife to cut it free so it could swim away. >> got it! i cut the line. it slipped through his tail. it's gone. kind of scary as first. as soon as the whale passed me and i was parallel to its face and eye, it kind of stopped, kind of gave me a window it get down there. >>gretchen: the whale is endangered only 350 exist in the wild. >>steve: back out to citi field in new york city,
3:36 am
brian kilmeade at the site of the all-star game. >>brian: before the game, both teams come out for batting practice for the home run derby. i thought i'd use that opportunity to look at the game of baseball through their eyes. attendance a little off, tv ratings a little bit off. major markets are struggling right now. there is a p.e.d. scandal looming around it. how do they feel about the game they love and thrive in? listen. >> they are in tremendous shape, better than in my era. we were raised on hot dogs and beer. we weren't allowed to lift. >> one of the premier events in sports. >> the game is more popular than ever. there's a lot of competition. sometimes ratings don't reflect that, but more people watching baseball than ever. >> the a. -- the amount of
3:37 am
p.e.d.'s back in the news. >> you have rules in everything you do. the speed limit is 55, you're going to go 60, 70. unfortunately there is always somebody trying to break the rules but when they get caught that means the system works. >>brian: do you sense a rivalry between american and national league games? >> we're trying to win this one. >> pretty cool to be with the best and play with the best. >>brian: that is probably one of the very best, mike trout, in the game. seeing if they can get a lot of interest in the all-star game tonight. the winning league gets hopefully to the world series. they don't want to lose. it's going to bring about $180 million into the city and new york has not had the best baseball with the mets and yankees, as you know, but now they will have the best baseball
3:38 am
players at least for one night. that will be tonight 8:00 right on fox. >>gretchen: i'll be out there, brian. have a good rest of the time. we'll check back in with you. >>steve: let's go out to the streets of new york city where maria molina, those ball players are going to be playing tonight and it's hot here in new york city. >> that's right. it is hot all along the northeast in cities like philadelphia, washington, d.c. and also the city of boston. we're talking temperatures climbing into the 90's. that is not really the issue. the issue is it's very humid out and it makes it feel so much hotter. heat index temperatures climb into the upper 90's and even triple digits for some. that is what triggers heat advisories. you're talking about dangerous levels of heat index values. the weather for tonight's game, the all-star game at 7:30 p.m. eastern time and of course in new york city and queens actually, the temperature around the start of the game should be 88 degrees. going to be warm.
3:39 am
the good news is that it is going to be dry. surrounding areas got very hot yesterday. take a look at some of yesterday's highs. we got into the 90's in new york city. 91 in cleveland. today is going to be another hot one. yesterday it was very cool in texas, only 74 degrees for your high in the city of dallas. that's because we had an area of low pressure that produced a lot of heavy rain. some areas picked up over 8 inches of rain. flooding was a huge concern. today 93 should be the high in new york city. 93 in minneapolis and kansas city. when you factor in the humidity, it feels even hotter. it's going to feel like 99 degrees this afternoon in the city of d.c. if you remember, a couple of days ago, recently you did point out i was wearing wedges and men do not like wedges. right, brian and steve? when i was out in hoboken. now a new study has been posted that basically states that men's shoes
3:40 am
also say a lot about what they are like. >>brian: we don't have time for that. >> there are four main categories. the first one is a player. if you have slip-on dress shoes, that is a player. >>gretchen: maria, before you start, what we should do so steve and brian can't change their shoes, we should have them show what kind of shoes they're wearing. >> what kind of shoes are you guys wearing? >>brian: lace-up shoes. >> what about steve? >>steve: i'm going loafer. >> for brian, low levels of desire. don't really know what that means. >>steve: low levels of desire for what? they say everybody is crazy
3:41 am
about a sharp dressed man but a guy who rocks a pair of lace-ups likes to look good and usually does. or you can take maria's version of the rundown and say i have low desire. >>steve: are those wing-tipped. >>gretchen: it's people's desire for your shoes when you wear them. their desire for you in those shoes. >>brian: i thought i had low desire. i thought i had low desire for something else. >> steve has on loafer, actually means business and pleasure together. >>steve: get up in the middle of the night and it is hard to find out how to lace up your shoes. >> sandals with socks, a nice guy but run. anybody with those on? >>gretchen: no, we don't. >> my mission today, to try to find someone in new york city with the socks and sandals on. >>brian: it shows a guy
3:42 am
that does not care. >> that's right. >>brian: i don't think that is a combination that should be replicated. >>steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. next up on the rundown on this tuesday, she picked up her phone to answer a call. then she was dead. why the iphone is being blamed. you've got to hear this. >>gretchen: there is no evidence of racism, but eric holder may still charge george zimmerman with a hate crime? the department of justice might do that. the judge coming up next.
3:43 am
3:44 am
>>steve: we are back with a fox news alert. this ipower plant in florida tht is about to be imploded. if you've flown in or out of the fort lauderdale
3:45 am
area, you've probably recognized that. they are going to use 250 pounds of dynamite to demolish that 1960's power plant. the plant is set to implode in about 20 second. the company says the new power plant will be better for the environment because it runs on natural gas using 35% less fuel. f.p.l., florida power and light, projects the three-year construction will create about 650 jobs and produce approximately $20 million in new tax revenue annually to local governments. nonetheless, you want to see them blow it up and i think we're seconds away from just that. all right. we're ready. hello? florida power and light hash tag.
3:46 am
i can't tell you how many times we've seen that particular power plant when you're flying into florida.
3:47 am
>>steve: part of the skyline down in the fort lauderdale area since the 1960's. four red and white 350-foot stacks now history. and you saw it live right here on fox. all right. 13 minutes now before the top of the hour. gretch? >>gretchen: thanks so much, steve. since the obama administration took office the civil rights division of the justice department successfully prosecuted these three cases you see on your screen all of which involve racially motivated hate crimes where the victim was a minority. yet at the same time the d.o.j. dismissed the black panther case from 2011, where individuals were seen intimidated white voters at a philadelphia polling location. as the d.o.j. considers hate crime charges against zimmerman, many people are asking are they playing politics when it comes to racism. let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. >> you could argue politics
3:48 am
and racism motivated the entire zimmerman prosecution. the police and prosecutors local and state decided no crime was committed or they would be unable to prove that a crime was committed. it wasn't until politics entered the zimmerman-trayvon martin fray that it was determined he should be charged with a crime that the government knew it couldn't prove, which was second-degree murder. having been acquitted of second-degree trial by a jury and manslaughter -- an added charge in the 11th hour -- the pressure now is on the federal government to charge him with murder. is murder a federal crime? no. but congress has made murder animated by racial hatred a federal crime. so in order to prosecute him for murder in federal court, the federal government would have to show that his behavior was animated by hatred of trayvon martin because he was black. >>gretchen: here's the thing. you have an f.b.i. report, 30 witnesses. they found no evidence of
3:49 am
racial hatred. you have the juror b-37 now granting an interview saying race was not a part of the deliberation and you have the department of justice yesterday in something i've never heard about -- correct me if i'm wrong -- asking people to come forward if they have evidence of any racial hatred in this case. if the department of justice had a case why would they need to reach out to the public for help? >> because the department of justice doesn't have a case. the department of justice -- in this instance we call it the department of political justice. they are interested in addressing the political needs of the president's constituency rather than doing the right thing under the law. the f.b.i. investigated george zimmerman. they interrogated not only the people who had knowledge of the facts of this case but people who have known him for the past 20 years, and they reported, the f.b.i. reported, the justice department's own f.b.i. reported they couldn't find any evidence of racial animas in his persona as a youth, teenager, as a young man or in this case -frpl how.
3:50 am
how could the justice department throw out that research and start over because they didn't like the results of what the f.b.i. found? >>gretchen: as a former judge kwro*urbgs -- yourself could it be the justice department is just loy, we couldn't come up with anything. >> i'll say this for attorney general holder, the fact that he is willing to discuss this is a good thing. look what happened in los angeles last night. conversation is needed. i'm glad the case was on television because the public can see that the government couldn't prove its case. but to the extent general holder wants to discuss this and talk about it, that's a good thing. but he's got to come down on the right thing, which is this thing has to end. >> gretchen: thanks for your expertise. >> pleasure. >> gretchen: coming up, you probably have done it a few times. flash your light to warn other drivers about speed traps. get out the handcuffs for me.
3:51 am
could get you arrested. did you know that? and attention, shoppers. we're tracking stores tracking to target you. is that legal? that's coming up ♪ 'cause tonigh [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
3:52 am
sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:54 am
>> brian: it's not just in the movies. stores really are tracking you now through your cell phone. other stores are testing technology that follows wi-fi signals from customers' smart phones. is this legal? let's ask cyber security expert morgan wright. how long has this been going on and are they allowed to do this? >> brian, first of all, are they
3:55 am
allowed? unfortunately, yes, right now. there will be some law set, but it's been going on for a couple of years as the technologies evolved and it's just not your smart phones. they're using surveillance cameras to also count people, identify if you're a man or woman, child or adult and hyper targeting you with information. >> brian: i understand how long you spend in an aisle, how fast you go through an aisle, and then all of a sudden, other stores are doing it. family dollar, others, all do this. they want to be -- they'll tell you they want to be able to put a store together that best services your needs. is there a problem with that? >> well, as long as you're aware -- caveat emptor. i understand when i go into a store, i understand there will be surveillance cameras. but are you matching up my activities to that camera to see what kind of mood i am to suggest certain products? are you matching up my phone at some point with my personal identifiable information so now
3:56 am
you're also tracking me? there is a little bit of a difference there. so i think we're in an area of law and judge napolitano who was just on would be able to explain it. but we'll get into an area where there will be some lawsuits and civil cases cases and people wao know what information does that store have about me? how can i opt out and get to you remove information i don't consent to? >> brian: how do we stop it? leave our phone home? >> we were just talking about that. you can leave it home, shut it off, set the setting so it doesn't ping the access point, or worst thing that will hurt the refailers is choose not to go in the store. that would be the worse outcome fort stores. >> brian: now i have a good reason not to shop. i don't want to be tracked. wear your old stuff. that's what i got from this segment. scary but true. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, imagine coming home from your heart day at work and finding your house has been
3:57 am
demolished by mistake. and how did i actually do at the celebrity softball game? it aired last night. i bring you inside that story in just a moment. ♪ ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. tuesday, july 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're gonna have a great day. days after their son was acquitted, george zimmerman's parents answering tough questions about him. >> georgey is not racist. we are not racist. we don't see colors. we are color blind. >> gretchen: plus, their message for the trayvon martin family. >> brian: and they're not the only ones speaking out. now we have a juror break her silence and revealing they found zimmerman not guilty and why. you'll hear from juror b 37 straight ahead. steve? >> steve: and brian, you may want to think twice before
4:01 am
flashing your head lights to warn fellow drivers about a speed trap or cop. turns out this could land you a ticket? we're going to tell what you we know about that and so much more. hour two "fox & friends" for this tuesday live from new york city coming up right now. ♪ >> gretchen: good morning to you. steve and gretchen are in new york and brian is at citi field in new york where the all-star game will be played. >> steve: we're not allowing him back for right now. >> gretchen: are you there tomorrow? >> brian: i'm going to stay here tomorrow. there is nothing to do. i'm going to stay in the parking lot. there is a lot of body shops out here that are fun to walk around and see if i get mugged. i'll probably come back to the studio tomorrow.
4:02 am
it will be fun to be back on the couch again. it's exciting. tonight fox will be carrying 8:00 o'clock, all the fun starts. the 84th all-star game. 31 brand-new players who have never been in this game before. i think with america's pastime, there is a transfer of superstars. sadly for yankee fans, most aging out are on the yankees and the teams that drafted well have a lot of stars. those from the markets that have been struggling in recent years now have the biggest names. >> steve: here in new york city, there is a lot of coverage of the all-star game in the newspapers. take a look at this special newspaper we wound up with today. look at this. this belongs to somebody at 30 rock plaza studio a 1. it's matt lauer's newspaper! somehow the paper boy in the middle of the night brought us matt's paper. now matt, if you're watching, send roker over.
4:03 am
i know he only works two minute. >> brian: steve, you have his cell phone? do you have roker's cell phone? >> gretchen: actually we can just run across to the plaza. >> steve: you know what, i've got matt's phone number. i could call him. >> gretchen: see if he takes the call. >> brian: what is his cell number? >> steve: 21 -- never mind. matt, if you want a newspaper exchange, we'll send roker or come on yourself during a commercial. we'll meet right over here, 48th and 6th avenue in five minutes. >> brian: i don't want to blow the whole block, but i have an idea. take a picture and then tweet him. at matt lauer and send it overment gretchen, does he do every interview? >> gretchen: no. it's kind of like this show where they split them up. >> steve: i'm tweeting it right
4:04 am
now. are you happy? >> brian: okay, fine. maybe he is he has yours, steve. or do you read? >> steve: i have somebody read the paper to me. i have gretchen read the headlines. >> gretchen: that's the way it's worked for seven plus years. let's continue. brian, we'll be back with new just a second. fox news alert. overnight a north korean trying to smuggle -- items came from cuba. north korea carried out its third nuclear weapons test in february and then threatened to attack the united states. speak of all that fuss, the u.s. senate now going nuclear as well. senate majority leader harry reid making it clear he's going to move forward this morning with a controversial move. it's known as the nuclear option. this would change the rules to make it easier to confirm president obama's nominees. senators huddled last night to strike a deal to avoid it, but
4:05 am
after three hours, it all fell apart. >> i think a majority of the united states senate wants to work something out short of this nuclear trigger, which really would establish a precedent that you can change the rules in the middle of the game with a simple majority vote. >> gretchen: reid accuses republican senators of holding up president obama's nominees. republicans counter that and say look, 1500 have been confirmed and only four were defeated. new details about the shocking death of "glee" star cory monteith. police say there is nothing to indicate he died from a drug overdose. in a few hours, the autopsy results will be released. but toxicology tests are needed to determine how he died. that can be weeks. monteith, who just completed a stint in rehab in april was found dead in his hotel room
4:06 am
last saturday. you saw it here moments ago, a landmark in florida gone in seconds. kaboom. the boilers went down first, followed by the smoke stacks. the power plant has been there since the 1960s in florida. it was demolish to do make roux roux -- room for a new high efficiency plant. >> steve: i have tweeted, hey, matt, we've got your "new york times." send roker over and we'll swap. hash tag darn paper boy. >> gretchen: certainly the blogs will pick this up. whether we see either one will be determined. >> steve: what else do they have to do? meanwhile, we've got the top story, the george zimmerman trial. saturday night he was found
4:07 am
innocent, not guilty of murder charges and there you can see him with his attorney. it's interesting, one of the six women who sat in the jury box has spoken out. she's been designated as b 37. she was in an interview last night over on another channel. she has not revealed her identity. they shot her in silhouette. what's interesting is she said that zimmerman did not profile martin because of the color of his skin, but that trayvon was suspicious because of the way he acted, walking, turning and look, et cetera, suspicious. she says as well, and this is critical -- that voice, that scream on the 911 tape, she feels and so did the other jurors, was that man, george zimmerman. >> do you think it was on the 911 call? >> i think it was george zimmerman. >> what made you think it was george zimmerman's voice? >> because of the evidence that he was the one that had gotten beaten. i think george zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place, but just got displaced by
4:08 am
the vandalism in the neighborhoods and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done. but i think his heart was in the right place. it just went terribly wrong. i think he's guilty of not using good judgment. i think all of us thought race did not play a role. i think just circumstances caused george to think that he might be a robber. if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation they were trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> gretchen: that was the question, was race the factor in this, because that has been much of the public discussion over the last year and a half since this all transpired.
4:09 am
the only other thing she said that was not in that clip that was of big import was she said when he was in the car, meaning zimmerman, he called 911. he shouldn't have gotten out of the car. the jurors apparently agreed with that, but what trumped that was the fact that they believe that it was trayvon martin who threw the first punch and knocked zimmerman to the ground and then it became the whole self-defense issue. >> brian: she also weighed in on sequester. she understands the reason for sequester of the jury, but she says the isolation shielded her and them from the depth of pain that exists from the general public about the case. i actually think that's the underlying need for sequester. you should be focusing on the case. not the outrage that could be waiting on the outside. let's get this straight, the jury, all six member, said race didn't play a factor. the f.b.i. said race didn't play a factor. and i'm wondering why the attorney general, as well as the president, are kind of sitting on the side line on this. i wonder how it's going to
4:10 am
figure into whether the feds bring these charges in a civil case. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, barbara walters got a big interview exclusive with george zimmerman's parents. they make very clear the son they raised, not a racist, and they pray for the trayvon martin family. here they are. >> there is nothing i can tell them but it's something i can do. i can pray for them. >> is your son a racist? >> absolutely n. he's never been taught to be a racist. >> we seen him not showing a lot of emotion. but that's not the son you see. describe george to us. >> what you see is a composed person, a composed person. that's what you see. that's what you will see in all my kids. >> what are his expectations about being able to live a normal life? he's been such a target for a year and a half. you think he can live a, quote, normal life? >> i don't know.
4:11 am
only time will tell. even for us who have not been living a normal life for the past month, it is hard. it is hard because we have lost everything. >> so you think your son has to stay in hiding for a long time? >> if i was him, i would. >> as parents what, would you say to trayvon martin's parents? >> that we are deeply sorry for this. this is hard. and we pray for trayvon martin. >> gretchen: now we heard from george zimmerman's parents. we heard from his brother. we have not yet heard from trayvon martin's parents, other than a tweet that they put out after the case. moving to another much more light hearted topic, which is how many times have you been driving down the road and a car flashes their lights at you to warn you that there is a police
4:12 am
officer up ahead so you should probably reduce your speed or maybe you've even done it yourself. did you know that you could be breaking the law? never knew this. >> steve: that's right. in the united states, the legality of headlight flashing varies from state to state. these are states in the united states and countries that have punished those who warn of speed traps. florida, missouri, brazil, the united kingdom and south africa. what's interesting, though, for instance, judges in utah and tennessee ruled, brian, that this practice is protected speech. so just flash away there in other places. >> brian: gretchen, i know you said earlier you do it. i do it. my friend got pulled over for doing it, got yelled at but not a ticket. we got to help each other out. maybe you warn out, that person slows down. they're not speeding and nobody gets a ticket. unless you live to give tickets. i think cops should be on our side on this. we're slowing down people on the
4:13 am
other side to keep them safe and to keep them ticket free. that's so american. it's more american than anything else i can think of. >> gretchen: the other side of the equation is don't the police officers have to reach certain quotas for money coming in? isn't that part of it? >> steve: you're tipping them off. >> gretchen: maybe. >> gretchen: joan. but justin bieber's song is throwing me off a little bit in the background. >> steve: no, what song. >> brian: as long as you love me. that's the song. >> steve: that's good. brian kilmeade and justin bieber at citi field. meanwhile, the f.b.i. says there is no evidence of racism in the trayvon martin case. but eric holder may still charge george zimmerman with a hate crime? >> the justice department shares your concern. i share your concern. [ applause ] >> steve: okay. so is your agency playing politics with the law? that straight ahead. >> gretchen: imagine coming home from a long day at work to find out your house is gone.
4:14 am
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>> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. despite the not guilty verdict, the issue of race still remains at the forefront of the george zimmerman trial as attorney general eric holder vows to continue a federal racism probe. >> the justice department shares your concern. i share your concern. i believe that this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally charged issues that this case has raised. >> gretchen: but the f.b.i. confirms there was no evidence to support he was a racist, so why is the department of justice continuing to probe? joining me is form black power activist joe hicks. good morning to you, mr. hicks.
4:18 am
>> good morning. good to be with you. >> gretchen: thank you so much. so why do you believe that eric holder is going to move forward, it looks like, with civil charges, civil rights charges? >> i don't believe for a minute that he's going to move forward with trying to press civil rights charges against george zimmerman. i think what he's doing is he's trying o mollify the crowds, understanding he was speaking at an naacp convention in florida. so i think all he wants to do is let enough time go by and you will, at the end of all this, i believe, you will not see a civil rights claim being brought against george zimmerman. they know that the evidence is not there. they probably looked at the f.b.i. probe and understand that. again, eric holder is probably one of the most ideological attorney generals we've seen in a number of years. so this is a very unfortunate to have an attorney general posturing in that way. it doesn' help the climate at all and he knows he won't push forward. >> gretchen: what do you make of
4:19 am
the fact that al sharpton yesterday says that he plans to start up protests in 100 cities across this country? would you be in favor of that? >> no, i wouldn't. and it's really outlandish, the kind of things we've heard from black leaders over this past few days. frankly, we've heard this kind of stuff for over a year with a movement that's grown up around the kinds of things that sharpton and others have been saying, fanning the flames, inciting crowdses, no justice, no peace. it really does argue for the kind of street kind of issues that we see in los angeles. i'm sure you've seen the shots of what took place in los angeles here last night. that's not a good thing. the martin family has acted in a very dignified way. sharpton and others, however, are not. >> gretchen: that's very important to point out about the martin family. what do you think about the fact -- last night on "the o'reilly factor," persony goldberg said 92% of all black
4:20 am
people in this country getting killed are killed by other black people. my question to you this morning is, why don't we have a more national discussion about that from civil rights leaders and from the department of justice and eric holder? >> well, inside the ranks of these black leaders, that's considered to be dirty laundry. if you raise that charge and it's obvious if you look at all the stats, philadelphia, new york, chicago, that people like trayvon martin don't have to fear somebody who looks like george zimmerman. they have to fear somebody more likely who looks like them. that's the tragedy of all this and we've got people marching in the streets about one black man, when over the fourth of july weekend, something like i think 16 people were killed and close to 60 or more were wounded. the carnage is incredible. so that's what we have to be talking about and that's what black leaders don't want to talk about.
4:21 am
>> gretchen: joe hicks, really appreciate your thoughts this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, this is a successful burger chain and the boss wants to give health care. but obamacare is infringing on him being able to do that. that's next my name is paul ridley. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so i brought advil to help me stay strong during the toughest journey of my life. [ male announcer ] paul ridley had a choice of pain relievers, but he chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. nothing. not tylenol. not aleve. [ paul ] when people are counting on me to come through, my answer is advil. [ male announcer ] real people. real pain. real relief. advil. relief in action.
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>> brian: time for news by the numbers. let's start in the beginning. 3.64. that's how much drivers are paying at the pump, according to triple a. the national average up 15 cents from a week ago. it's the largest price spike since february. next, one dollar. retired general david petraeus taking a pay cut to teach at city university of new york. some professors were upset at reports he was being paid $200,000. what's wrong with that? finally, more than 10 million bucks. that's how much money jennifer lopez made singing for dictator
4:25 am
dictators. there are at least four other controversial performances, let alone the last season of "american idol." steve? >> steve: thank you. obamacare set to launch in just a couple of months and many business owners say it will have devastating effects on the way they run their businesses. according to a new survey, 41% of businesses have hiring freezes as a result of obamacare and 19% confess firing staff to avoid big penalties. andy is the ceo of fatburger which is delicious, i might add. and employs 200 workers and he joins us now to weigh in on this. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: you don't like the fact that the obamacare mandate, the affordable care act is not evenly applied across to all businesses. >> right. the fact that you have large businesses providing coverage is great. this punishes the small
4:26 am
businessman that has one restaurant under 50 employees, many want to add a second restaurant and now he has too many employees. then he's trying to manage around the system by having only 30 hours or less, 29 up unders. we want coverage for everybody in the restaurant industry. >> steve: what genius at the federal level figured out, okay. full-time employee, now 30 hours? >> i think this looks good on paper and when you have it implemented it became a nightmare. then there is the regulation implementing it. it's like filling out the census bureau report every time. >> steve: the law is not going away any time soon despite the fact that house republicans are probably going to try to repeal it again very shortly. so where does that leave you? >> i think the industry has to embrace the fact that it's here to say and the administration should take the time to really smooth out the bumps and make it evenly applied, get rid of this 30 hour incentive. it should be a 40 hour workweek. get rid of the 60 hour
4:27 am
qualification and make the benefits more adaptable to employers because we want insurance for everyone, create healthy stable work force. >> steve: sure. plus you got a loft young employees, people in their 20s who look at the big bill or the fine and they figure, i've got to figure a way to get under the radar so i'm not impacted, so it doesn't cost me 10% of my salary. >> you have to discourage people working around the law. the law is well intended, but it's not evenly applied and for the small business guy, it will kill them. it's so expensive. >> steve: if you knew the us what was watching, what with your message be? >> work out the bumps. the industry needs this. >> steve: work out bumps and stop by a fatburger location. how many are there nationwide? >> 150 around the world and 27 countries. >> steve: you guys are doing great. great that you would come to new york city and open one here and talk about obamacare. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: thank you. coming up, take a look at this unbelievable video.
4:28 am
a pregnant woman escapes death by just inches when a car comes crashing right into her motel room. and how did brian do at the celebrity softball game? was it a swing and a miss? that was. did he do any better? maybe. details straight ahead k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach.
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>> new york city is all excited. we got the all-star game. [ cheering ] new york city has the all-star game! we're so excited about that here. a ticket to the major league baseball all-star game is $859. fans call it, still cheaper than a hot dog. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah, the hot dogs are their everyday low price of ten bucks here. >> gretchen: what do you eat when you go to the ballpark, brian? >> brian: nothing. i eat when i come home. i try to survive. keep my aorta open. as you know, i had a chance in the afternoon to play in the celebrity softball game. we played it on sunday. it aired last night and allows me not only to briefly introduce
4:33 am
you to the mvp, but tell you how it all took place from the inside out. watch. okay. >> keep going! follow through! use your hips! >> brian: those are my teammates, i never thought i'd say that. freddy, if we could turn around for the camera. we have a little bit of a controversy. for number 19. >> shirt is not tucked in and that's a fine. >> brian: what was it like getting dressed next to me for the first time? >> sorry. >> brian: your quads might be bigger than mine. as a player -- >> you're built like me! >> brian: i'm built like you? that will be the day! are you kidding? who is this? >> my little daughter, ashley. >> brian: how are you? you're beautiful? you're a machine!
4:34 am
how do you stop this. i'm sorry. >> that's how we stop it. >> brian: i'm not normal hee on your dad's team. ♪ ♪ >> brian: you grew up in long island. the other thing people don't know about you, you are a great athlete. >> going to be a rough one today. >> brian: you're playing second base. why would do you that? how do you feel about for the
4:35 am
first time in your career playing on the same team as me? >> i feel pretty good about that. >> brian: really? >> yeah. >> they grab it for the final out in an 8-5 win by the national league. ♪ >> steve: the class photo. brian, raleigh fingers, a hero to you and you ask him how excited was it getting dressed next to me? >> brian: you got to write my questions down, steve, or else i'm really at a loss. >> gretchen: how did you connect when you were on the field? we saw you in the batting cage. >> brian: i turned it on. it was the batting cage. that's the warm up. i got to tell you, when the game started, i turned it on. i had a fielder's choice, they chose to leave me on and end the inning. then they also allowed me to
4:36 am
single and i took off my hat down on the way down, which i think is an interesting tactic. it wasn't the only player -- kevin james was co- mvp because of the fly and another shot. but the real mvp and the co--mvp was not from hollywood. i'm joined by an american hero who i had a chance to face off against who is a celebrity and this play earned him the mvp trophy. i want you to watch josh wegge make a catch that you will not believe. watch. >> i looked up and the break he got on this ball and the closing speed, look at the layout there. awesome effort. >> brian: josh wegge, he's a star for the last 2 1/2 years with the wound warrior project softball team. you just missed that. the effort!
4:37 am
you actually learned to walk on and now you run like lightning and almost make catches like that. how? >> through a couple years of rehabilitation. it takes heart to do it also. i mean, i play on a team that you look at all these guys and they persevere through adversity and they feel you to be better in what you do in life. i had an opportunity to make a play and i went for. >> brian: you also hit a homerun. >> i did, yes. >> brian: so you run like the wind, you hit a homerun. you're the only double amputee on the wounded warrior softball team of the and you told me something, by the end of the game, these kids are asking for your autograph, women are giving you hugs. what's this like? >> this was an amazing experience to be in front of the mets crowd. i mean, i had people asking for my autograph. that doesn't happen to me. i even got to sign my hat and give it to somebody.
4:38 am
i got to stay afterwards and sign autographs. it was an incredible experience for me. >> brian: right. it must have been great to be on a team that i was on the other team. >> exactly. the winning team. >> brian: tell me how this happened. 2009, right? >> yeah. i was injured in an ied blast on october 4, 2009. i was on a routine vehicle patrol and an l.ed and we ran over a 200-pound bomb on a routine vehicle patrol. >> brian: wow. not only have you bounced back, the smile on your face and what you're doing with the wounded warrior program is fantastic one of the beneficiaries of this event. to find out more. great to see you. to see you sprints here is amazing. i appreciate it. and you deserve that co- mvp award. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> brian: you and kevin james will share it nicely. back to you guys. josh made it all the way here. we were a little bit late
4:39 am
because of the traffic. >> steve: it is new york city. brian, in the couple of minutes that you've been talking to that hero right there, we've gotten some e-mail from folks regarding your performance there at citi field. >> gretchen: so here is r.p., i've watched brian swing a golf club and now a baseball bat. i think he made a great career decision to host a news program and a radio show. >> brian: thank you very much. josh is picking up my spirits a little. thanks, guys. if the e-mail, please put it on national television. i mean, do not keep it to yourself because i'm not getting enough of it lately. >> steve: brian, you brought your home movies of the big festivities. >> brian: you're right. it was fun to play. and it was great to see that gavin taped the batting practice, which i had no idea. >> gretchen: did you see they inserted the clip again of you hitting the two-year-old with the basketball? >> brian: yes, i did.
4:40 am
because i scared frank thomas' daughter. >> gretchen: at least your shoes look good. >> steve: there you go. >> brian: thank you. >> steve: now your headlines on this tuesday morning. a six-year-old boy making a miraculous recovery after he was buried alive in sand. for the first time we're hearing the frantic 911 call. >> 911. >> my friend's son got stuck in a sand dune and he's like under the sand and we can't get him out. my husband and his dad are trying to dig him out. >> steve: nathan was buried under 11 feet of sand. it took more than three hours for crews to dig him out. his family thought he was dead. >> the phone rang and it was my daughter and she was hysterical. she said dad, dad, we can't find nathan. he is under the sand. >> steve: he was under the sand. he was limp when he was pulled out. but started breathing on the way to the hospital. he's in critical condition and
4:41 am
doctors removed sand from his lungs. >> gretchen: a pregnant woman cheats death after walking out of this alive. you're not going to believe this video. that van out of control, 100 miles per hour, plowing right into a motel room. the woman, who is eight months pregnant was inside that motel room, knocked to the ground. miraculously, she was not seriously hurt. the out of control driver ran a red light, hit two signs and a light pole before hitting that. >> steve: imagine pulling up to your house finding it's gone. that's what happened to a couple in texas. a husband and wife went to visit their lake house and discovered the city accidentally tore down their house. the city was supposed to tear down a condemned house down the street, but they got the address wrong. >> i saw two state marshals on patrol and i said hey, what happened? he goes -- i said, somebody door down our house and he said, that was your house and i said yes, we've desk and a chair and personal books and stuff that
4:42 am
had been there. >> steve: that's gone. the house was empty except for a couple of personal items that he was detailing. the couple was about to start renovations on the house, but now they can start from scratch 'cause all they've got is the lot. >> gretchen: so lucky they didn't have like their whole life inside that house. coming up next, she picked up her phone to answer a call and then she was dead. her family says her iphone killed her. we'll tell you that story. >> steve: then one on one with sarah michelle gellar. next, the very unusual way shea scored her latest role with one of hollywood's funniest guys. ♪ no-charge scheduled maintenance. check. and here's the kicker... 0% apr for 60 months. and who got it? this guy.
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4:46 am
later. robert sandman was supposed to be extradited to georgia to be questioned about a murder. but the paperwork went to the wrong place and he was released. how does that happen? and she answered a cell phone and died. apple investigating whether her phone killed her. she reportedly shocked when she answered a call in china while her phone was charging. >> gretchen: sarah michelle gellar making a comeback in cool dee. >> steve: she's teaming up with one of the biggest names in kooky business. >> isn't she beautiful? you have your mother's eyes. >> it's so cute. >> i'm leaving you. >> that's it. that's her. feel like i'm back in court. take half. >> do not encourage him. >> steve: the new tv show is called "crazy ones" and michelle gellar joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: is it true you're a fan of the "fox & friends"
4:47 am
program? >> who isn't? [ laughter ] >> gretchen: good answer. how did you get this part? i heard from a little birdie that you tracked down robin williams with a vengeance. >> i did. you hear robin williams coming back to comedy. it's been -- not comedy. television. it's been 30 some years since "motorcycle and mind --" mork and mindy." i tracked down his best man and i said you might want to mention to him that i'm interested. >> steve: you're the new mindy. >> i'll take it. >> steve: tell us about the show. >> it's david e. kelly, also one of the most brilliant writers out there. it's sort of a workplace comedy, but the real hook of the story is it's a love story, a father and daughter love story. not in the creepy way. [ laughter ] let me clarify that. >> gretchen: you said you wanted to get back to comedy because some of your favorite things about being on buffy in the old days -- i can say that because
4:48 am
i'm old. but you like the fact that you're coming back to comedy. >> it's one of those things, i think that was the beauty of buffy was at its heart it was funny, but heart warming. that's what this show is. it's robin williams, so of course it's incredibly funny, but it's also touching. i like when you get to balance it all. >> steve: here is the problem with doing the show, it's a scripted comedy, but robin williams is a guy who doesn't follow the script. >> you would be incredibly surprised. he does. the first couple takes -- it's david kelly writing. so he'll stick to it, then you go off on the robin ones. >> steve: and let's see what works? >> yes. >> steve: if it's funny, we'll leave it in? >> which is usually incredible. i always say he makes me a better parent because with robin williams, when he goes off, you still are to keep a straight face. it's sort of like when a child does something and you're not supposed to laugh. >> gretchen: oh, yes. speaking of kids, you're doing a campaign for the march of dimes. tell bus it. >> it's a partnership with santa fe march of dimes.
4:49 am
it's sounds of pertussis. we need to get inoculated. whooping cough. what people don't realize is that 80% of cases have been tracked back to family members giving it to these young children. 50% the actual parent. and we don't realize how serious it is in infants. it can be fatal. >> steve: off beautiful family. >> gretchen: your daughter there. >> my daughter, charlotte. >> gretchen: and so you say it's just so important to educate people to get the vaccination. >> i think there is so much information about different vaccinations and it can be confusing to people of t what you have to understand is that this is the only way to really help fight against whooping cough. in children again, it can be fatal. it's our responsibility as parents to protect these children. and the way to proceed they can't them is protect ourselves and protect everybody in it and we have this really great facebook app called the breathing room which you can put up a picture of your child and all of the adults and care takers that are in their lives and you can all pledge to get the vaccination.
4:50 am
>> steve: fantastic. check out her new tv show, sarah michelle gellar, always a pleasure. check her out on "the crazy ones." that's right. next up, that woman right there, cheryl casone here with the top five companies hiring right now. you don't have to be crazy to get a job. cheryl is next. ♪ that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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4:53 am
>> steve: we know it's tough out there finding a job these days. that's why cheryl casone joins us once a week with the top five companies hiring across the country. there she is right there. cheryl, a lot of people are
4:54 am
tense. they need jobs. they need a massage! >> there is something going on. when a company like massage envy, this business is booming. massage treatment stores, in strip malls across the country. they're everywhere. all overt west coast, arizona where i'm from. 6,000 job openings for these guys right now. they've got 100 new stores they're opening. massage therapists, front desk, staff. this is one of the fastest growing franchises right now and again, a great job opportunity for all of us that are stressed out. >> steve: if you're good with your hands. lights talk about working solutions. >> basically this is a -- i get a lot of e mails about work at home opportunities. this is you sit in your home, you're a call center rep. you do this in your pajamas. you set your own hours. it doesn't have benefits. >> steve: could i do this during commercial breaks? >> you could. put your feet up, get the phone to your ear. what can i do for you?
4:55 am
anyway, so travel hospitality, energy, finance. they give you the directions of how to answer the calls. but again, no benefits. you can do it from home. >> steve: all right. petco. we love our pets. >> obsessed with pets. so you got to have a passion for pets. petco will tell you this. it's not just working in the stores. also they need people that can be aquatic specialists. training for dogs. i think that would be fun. pet stylists. grooming assistants. full time, hourly, salaried positions have benefits. 401(k), medical, dental. this stock i've been tracking for years in the bit network, phenomenal stock performance. >> steve: two more companies in one minute. first off we have a lot of smart house, power home technology. >> please, goat this covered. home security systems, home automation, 500 jobs. sales, 80 to $100,000 per year. managers can make up to $120,000
4:56 am
per year. technicians, 75 grand. customer service reps, $30,000. new mexico, oklahoma, iowa, new emergency, oregon,. >> steve: united rental. >> military translator. they have it on their web site. they're one of the top companies hiring vets and g.i.'s. basically you put your skills to this military translator. it will tell you how to apply for the correct job at the company. i really encourage our veterans to do that as well. >> steve: five great jobs if people would like more information? >> go to all the web sites are there. you can apply directly through the web site. it's part of >> steve: fantastic. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: job well done. straight ahead, the f.b.i. says there is no evidence that race played a role in the zimmerman case. why is eric holder still planning to investigate?
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: top of the morning. it's tuesday, july 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. a juror in the george zimmerman trial breaking her silence, explaining why the jury decided to find him not guilty and why race was not a factor. >> another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation they were trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> gretchen: more from juror b 37 coming up. >> steve: harry reid gone nuclear. revealing a plan to change the rules on capitol hill. is he helping the president push his agenda?
5:01 am
brian kilmeade. >> brian: you probably done it a few times. you flash a light to warn other drivers about speed trap. it could get you ticketed. you know what's not trouble? "fox & friends" because the third hour starts right now. ♪ >> steve: welcome to a split show. brian kilmeade at the all-star game at citi field. brian, you're missing a twitter war that has broken out. >> brian: i heard. >> steve: if you were watching an hour ago, we revealed that as it turns out, when the paper boy delivered our newspaper today, we wound up with matt lauer's newspaper. and so i tweeted hey, matt, we've got your nyp, see photo. send roker over and we'll swap.
5:02 am
and gretchen, matt and his co-star have responded. >> gretchen: savannah tweeted this, have you seen my economist? and lauer tweeted, bogus story, steve. we saw kilmeade running from our loading dock. >> steve: brian, where were you this morning? >> brian: i was at the loading dock. but i wasn't running. i was jogging. to get the "new york times," i just saw it there and i'm only kidding. that just shows matt lawyer -- matt lauer is watching our show. there must be a storm could we get eric shaun on this to find out how the economist is missing and it ends up in gretchen carlson's locker, i imagine. she's the only one that can understand the economist. i get stuck on a word and get frustrated. >> steve: you twittered back, hey, still holding your "new york times," not enough pictures -- will be standing at
5:03 am
48th and 6th avenue for a live paper swap. you'll see it right here. i'm going to be standing on that corner. the today show just down the block to the right. as you can see right there, the bakery where they sell the really sugary cupcakes. >> gretchen: who do you think they're going to send over in 31 minutes from now? if you had to make a bet, brian, and keep in mind how your bets usually turn out. >> brian: i would think brian williams. >> gretchen: who? >> brian: brian williams. he's not doing anything now. he's stacking his 22-minute show. he'll do it. him and lauer are buddies. >> steve: we don't know whether or not the today show will actually broadcast this. however, we will. we'll be in the middle of 6th avenue with matt lauer's paper less than a half hour from right now. so put down that remote. this, folks, tv history.
5:04 am
>> gretchen: okay. >> brian: bring security. i've seen him without a shirt on in people magazine and i've seen you in people magazine without a shirt on. i think you have to bring security. he might be angry. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: battle of the abs! >> gretchen: we got to do some headlines and then back out to you. fox news alert, overnight, a north korean ship trying to smuggle missile equipment seized in the panama canal. panama's president tweeted this, it shows two large containers. the crew rioted and the ship's captain tried to commit suicide. the president of panama says the items came from cuba. north korea threatened to attack the united states, so what the heck were they doing in the panama canal? brand-new details about the death of "glee" star cory monteith. police say there is nothing to indicate he died from a drug overdose. in a few hours, the autopsy results will be released.
5:05 am
police say toxicology tests need to do determine how he died. he just completed a stint in rehab in april and was found dead in his hotel room saturday. brand-new video this morning, a landmark in florida gone in seconds. >> there goes the first boiler. second boiler. third boiler. now all four boilers are down. >> gretchen: the boilers go down first, followed by the four smoke stacks. the power plant has been there since the 1960s. it was demolished to make room for a new high efficiency plant. it's the news you've been waiting for. no, not the princess. the giant panda at zoo atlanta gave birth to two tiny cubs. the zoo says total shock. they've been expecting just one cub based on the recent ultrasound. adds for the babies' names, you'll have to wait 100 days.
5:06 am
it's chinese tradition. those are your headlines. time to bring in lawyer la who joins us -- laura ingraham who joins us from washington, d.c good morning to you. >> those pandas look like little lizards or something. i'm like, what are those? that's bizarre. >> gretchen: it is. >> i think it's great that doocy concealed the real subscription of matt lauer. i think it's fine he gets playboy delivered every morning. it's no big deal. [ laughter ] >> that's fine. there is a lot of educational and literary tour deforces in playboy. >> gretchen: come on. all men get it for the articles. you know that. >> so make that switch. i want to see what doocy gets in the morning. >> gretchen: me too. >> steve: that's right. he's got my "field and stream." >> carpenters weekly. >> gretchen: also fun aside, let's move on to a serious topic about the f.b.i., the juror that
5:07 am
we heard from last night, b 37, indicated that racism was not a part of the george zimmerman-trayvon martin case. but it looks like eric holder and the department of justice is going to continue this probe. you have experience there on capitol hill. do you think it's to just assuage the public or is it real? >> look, i was a criminal defense attorney. i did white collar stuff in my hey day quite a while ago. but the idea that the justice department is humoring the race huxters to drum up their relevance, to gin up political or economic positions is preposterous. okay? the jury did its job and the jury actually tracked what the f.b.i. found in its investigation. the jury came to the same conclusion as the f.b.i. and the miami herald's piece on this confirms that after interviewing dozens of witnesses, there was
5:08 am
no racial undertone, racial animas possessed by george zimmerman. for holder to say i understand what you're saying or i'm concerned, too, he's concerned about what? it's the same old from eric holder. it's so disgusting, literally, i've had to block this out over the past 24 hours because i find it so incredibly toxic to our national conversation. >> steve: did you hear this? after eric holder made those comments, apparently the department of justice had a conference call where tom perez, assistant attorney general for civil rights h a conference call with a number of civil rights organizations and essentially said, if you've got any information that would show that george zimmerman had any racism involved in this, let us know. apparently they're also going to have an e-mail soon so people across the country can narc on george zimmerman. >> oh, yes. we're snitching on zimmerman. if you ever sent an e-mail or text, send it to us. i have a question, where is
5:09 am
laraza on all of this? where are any of the hispanic organizations that they all come out to push for amnesty or to attack voter i.d. laws, we'll talk about in a moment. where are they? where is univision? >> brian: they said we went out of our way to not bring up our hispanic heritage. we saw the black verse white situation. we didn't want to factor in hispanics. i'm thinking, why not? that could get people to focus on the case and not the color of people's skin. >> i mean, i think if there is a federal civil rights action here, it should be filed by the sheriff against the authorities in sanford, florida, for firing him after he refused to charge george zimmerman. that's the civil rights claim that perhaps could be filed here. >> gretchen: very interesting. late last night on capitol hill, harry reid says he's going to push this so-called nuclear option for union appointees that the president wants.
5:10 am
basically what that means is, nuclear option, as you know, just to tell our viewers, it means they're going to push through without going through the whole voting process. here are the blocked appointee, cordray, sharon block, richard griffin, junior, nominated for new national labor relation board terms. what do you make of the nuclear option, laura? >> here we know that 1500-plus nominees have been approved, have gone through by the republicans. four are in question right now. four. richard cordray for good reason, by the way. a good friend of elizabeth warren and a lot of people very concerned about what he'll do in the regulatory process. but the main thing that came out of this meeting last night, historic meeting on capitol hill, is that it looks like the republicans are really bad negotiators. everything that i'm reading today, all of the reporting done after this meeting indicates that the democrats are going to roll right through and they're going to vote to change the rules. it's only been done twice. i think in the last 50 years,
5:11 am
the way it's being done today. the republicans essentially, as far as i can tell, got nothing after these three hours of meetings. the republicans essentially are getting rolled on this. and everyone has followed what's going on on immigration. that's kind of what happened in the immigration fight. if you go into a room, you're probably going to come out at the other end. >> brian: however, when they're the minority, you could be the best negotiator in the world. they're playing a tough card right now, the democrats, because that senate is anything but a lay-up in a year in and a half. >> apparently some back and forth took place in this meeting. so apparently the republicans offered something and the democrats were just emboldened to go forward on this vote today. look, you are in the minority, but the democrats know that this spear can go right through them. a lot of people think the republicans have a good chance of taking the senate in 2014. if that happens, then guess what? the republicans can get their
5:12 am
way. >> steve: allall right. laura, thank you very much. we'll see you back here next week. >> thank you. >> brian: steve, when are you going out there? >> steve: i said 8:34. i'm going to be out there when maria is doing the weather. so anywhere between 8:30 and 8:34, you could see this historic paper swap. >> you got to give him the playboy. that's the only way it's really funny. get your sticker and switch it from the "new york times" to playboy. >> gretchen: have a great week. coming up, he wanted to be the class president so bad, he stole 750 student passwords so he could vote for himself? well, he just lost big time in the court of law. >> steve: then fellows, do you know what your shoes say about you? i'm a loafer. there is one specific pair that's going to send women running. what is it? stick around
5:13 am
she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all
5:14 am
your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: brand-new video out of egypt where supporters of president morsi clashing with police overnight yet again. young men throwing stones at police, shouting allah akbar and pro-morsi slogans. this is companied to get worse because behind the scenes, members of the muslim brotherhood holding emergency meetings looking for ways to expand their powers outside of egypt. author of "the brotherhood, america's next great enemy" is my guest this morning of the good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: as you watch this unfold and on top of everything, you've written this book specifically about the muslim brotherhood. but now we're seeing what's happened in egypt. morsi thrown out. but yet within the last 24 hours, some sort of emergency meeting taking place in turkey with the muslim brotherhood. what do you make of it? >> the brotherhood didn't wait
5:17 am
very long. this is their m.o., a stealthy organization. they work and move in the shadows behind the scenes. now, this meeting included brotherhood leaders from the middle east, from europe, and from hamas. people need to remember, hamas, which is killing israeli women and children, palestinian wing of the muslim brotherhood. so this meeting, which brought together brotherhood big wigs from around the world, basically they're planning the end game that morsey is gone. where do we go from here? the movement has been weakened in egypt, but look, i point out in the book, they are present in 80 countries around the world. egypt is the main hub, but they're global and yes, they're here in america and in europe as well. >> gretchen: what do you make of the fact that this meeting takes place in turkey? many people have been nervous about this country for the last few years. very middle of the road, but seems to be trending toward radical behavior. >> that's a great point. i have a whole chapter of turkey in my book. this is the turkish branch of the muslim brotherhood running that country right now.
5:18 am
the turkish prime minister, sympathetic to the brotherhood, sympathetic to morsi. he was angry morsi was overthrown. and turkey is a nato ally. president obama, i point out in the book, talks to the turkish leader more than any other world leader other than david cameron. >> gretchen: what should americans get from your book? you're saying the next great enemy for the united states is the muslim brotherhood. what should americans fear and get from your book? >> here is a point for you. without 911, i -- without the must be, 9-11 would have never happened. i say that because the muslim brotherhood is the grand daddy of them all when it comes to islamic terror groups. they spawned al-qaeda and hamas. all the terrorist chaos we're seeing around the world started with the muslim brotherhood. their ideology, jihad, martyrdom, al-qaeda picked it up, ran with it. bin laden, khalid sheikh mohammed, all of these al-qaeda kingpins belong to the muslim brotherhood before they formed al-qaeda. the brotherhood is the gateway
5:19 am
drug to terrorism and the american people need to know that and need to know what this group is all about and they are here, as i point out in the book. they are here in america. >> gretchen: all right. i know that you did not release the book with the timing of what was happening in egypt burks it's interesting timing. if people want to learn more about the muslim brotherhood, check out eric's book "the brotherhood, america's next great enemy." coming up, an american man wakes up only speaking swedeish? coming up, the unbelievable medical mystery about a man named michael who transformed into johan. and we're back at citi field. matt moore will join brian. right back so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> steve: we've got a fox news alert. moments ago we learned edward snowden, the whistle blower, has officially asked for temporary say asylum. he submitted with the to russia. he has been atmos cow's airport -- at moscow's airport. he wanted to be student body president so bad, he rigged the election. he stole the passwords of more than 700 students at cal state-san marcos so he could log in and vote for himself on their accounts. now he's headed to the slammer. a judge sentenced him to one year behind bars because of what he did was against the law.
5:24 am
mr. kilmeade, out to you at citi field. >> brian: all right. all stars on both sides of major league baseball are getting ready to take part in 9 summer classic. 8:00 o'clock tonight, the fun starts on fox. citi field behind me. the place, one of the hottest pitches in the game, matt moore. what a first half of the year you've had. a team record 13 wins already. you're 24 years old. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: how excited are you to be here today? >> i'm very excited. i think i have a lot more nerves coming into the game than i thought i was going to initially when i was asked to join the team. and just walked in the locker room yesterday and looking for my name plate and seeing the other name plates that were surrounding, it was a humbling feeling. >> brian: i can imagine. jim leeland gets to pick pitchers. he says give me matt moore. that's cool. an opposing manager said i like that guy. >> it is very cool.
5:25 am
my recent history against the tigers has not been very pretty. so i'm very happy about that. >> brian: this is a three-day events. you have the futures game, homerun derby and today is the game. you were in the futures game a couple years ago. >> yeah. that was in 2011. >> brian: you had a no hitter. >> right. that was pretty special. there is five or six guys that were in that futures game that are in the all-star game this year. and we were talking yesterday, bryce and harvey and corbin and goldschmidt. it's an impresssive turn around. usually it's not that quick. >> brian: it is. you got 31 first-time all stars in this year, which is amazing. real quick, do you find -- did you think the whole controversy was in the background and does it come up in the locker room these days?
5:26 am
>> only when it pops up on the tv. i think there is that sense of respect for their privacy and what's going on with the case and it's speculation at this point. there is a lot of things that are going to get figured out one way or the other. not in our locker room, i can speak for that. as far as i know, it's going to work itself out. >> brian: what do you expect to pitch today? do you have early indications? i know you were on twitter this morning trying to get a handle when they would call your number. >> our beat writer, mark, he tweeted out last night real late and i saw possibly the fifth or sixth inning. in the middle of the game somewhere. i'm happy i'm getting some consideration to pitch. i know there is some guys who won't pitch. >> brian: right before, when they call your name, take that "fox & friends," and just make sure the world sees, i was on "fox & friends" to start the day. if do you well, we'll take full
5:27 am
credit. >> good deal. >> brian: congratulations, man. so much, so quick, 24, get the call. three losses and 13 wins. good job. >> thanks a lot. >> brian: straight ahead, the juror in the george zimmerman trial breaking her silence. >> if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> brian: then take a look at this unbelievable video. you have a pregnant woman escaping death by just mere inches. the story insane. ♪ all business purchases.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
really should have done. but i think his heart was in the right place. it just went terribly wrong. i think he's guilty of not using good judgment. i think all of us thought race did not play a role. i think just circumstances caused george to think that he might be a robber. if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation they were trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> gretchen: juror b 37, the first time we're hearing from a juror. she has not said who she is. the other interesting thing was, originally when they went into the jury room, they all said they were emotional and cried after listening to all of this testimony. they said three people wanted to say not guilty. two wanted second degree murder. one wanted manslaughter or somewhere in that number.
5:33 am
so it was 3-3 and eventually came to unanimously say to acquit. >> steve: and you know what, brian? juror 37, whose identity was obscured, interestingly enough, before she did the interview on cnn, she had revealed that she was going to write a book, but then after she did the interview, it was released by the book publisher that apparently she had decided she was going to go ahead and return to her life that she had before, sitting in the jury box. but brian, she said that she felt no doubt that george zimmerman feared for his life in that struggle with trayvon martin because zimmerman felt his life was in danger and that was the definitive factor in the verdict for her, that he was afraid that trayvon martin was going to hurt george zimmerman. >> brian: and this woman, middle age, white, that's how she described. she worked for a chiropractor for 16 years and doesn't believe zimmerman broke the law.
5:34 am
one thing, as gretchen broke down, three said not guilty. two said manslaughter. it broke down. then ended up ag unanimously. but they all agreed that race wasn't involved. but yet, the f.b.i. does an investigation and say race was involved. the attorney general is going to get the emotions going today. you just know if yesterday was any indication, because he's going to be in front of the naacp and indications are even from jay carney yesterday, that the president, when he said we have to stand by a jury's verdict, not the jury verdict, a jury verdict. maybe some are saying he's looking for another jury to take a look at this. >> steve: let's see how much more there is to it. we've got other headlines for folks. six-year-old boy making a miraculous recovery after he was buried alive in the sand. for the first time we're hearing the frantic 911 call. >> 911. >> my friend's son got stuck in a sand dune and he's under the sand dune and they can't get him out. my husband and his dad are
5:35 am
trying to dig him out. >> steve: nathan was buried under 11 feet of sand. it took more than three hours for crews to dig him out. his family thought he was dead. >> brian: the phone rang and it was my daughter and she was hysterical. she said, dad, dad, we can't find nathan. he is under the sand. >> steve: nathan was limp when he was pulled out, but started breathing on the way to the hospital. he is in critical condition as doctors continue to remove sand from his lungs. >> gretchen: pregnant woman cheats death after walking out of this alive. watch this video. a van loses control going 100 miles per hour, plowing into her motel room. the woman, eight months pregnant, was knocked to the ground but not seriously hurt. the out of control ran a red light, hit two vehicles and a light pole before smashing through that motel. it is a medical mystery. american man wakes up only
5:36 am
speaking swedish. michael boatwright from florida was found unconscious in a hotel in february. when he woke up, he had no memory of his past and said his name was johan. doctors believe a traumatic event may have triggered the confusion. the disorder often goes away on its own, but can take several months. let's go out to brian. >> brian: and by the way, mets pitcher matt harvey became an instant sensation this season, so good was he that he is starting in tonight for the national league in tonight's all-star game. and that was set up in a skit on late night with jimmy fallen. many of his hometown fans didn't recognize him. >> you a long-time mets fan? >> yes, since i was little. >> who is your favorite player? >> dude, harvey, man. >> really? >> if he was standing here right now, what kind of advice would you give him? >> i would just say, keep being
5:37 am
awesome. yeah, i'm pretty sure that's it. >> we appreciate it. >> yeah, man. thanks a lot. >> yeah. >> brian: wow. harvey is the first pitcher in nine years to star in the all-star game in his home park. you can catch all the action on fox starting at 7:30. they're supposed to start playing baseball at 8. and that is such a great idea. have him go out there. not many people know what you look like without a hat in your street clothes. we recently told you about -- by the way, do we have steve? is steve out and about? >> gretchen: he's making his way out there. >> steve: i'm outside at 48th and 6th avenue where, if you've been watching today, i issued a challenge. earlier we wound up with matt lauer's newspaper. we don't know what the paper boy was thinking this morning, but told him either send roker out or just come out yourself at
5:38 am
8:34. >> we tweeted your tweet and tagged him. we're hoping he will come and pick up your newspaper. >> steve: do you hear a helicopter? maybe he is coming out. >> it is hovering over us. >> steve: can you pan up there? perhaps matt lauer has sent out the chopper. >> the way he commutes to work in the morning. >> steve: no. we're going to give him a minute to show up at 48th and 6th has anybody seen matt lauer yet? no. somebody said don't go because it's a trap because they'll edit the tape to make me look bad. that's so not appropriate. >> brian: steve, i have to add something to this story. i have a tweet that's also to you from roker. who says, hey, we have more than one of your papers. bring kilmeade over. we have plenty of babies and basketballs here. >> steve: al roker smack talking
5:39 am
to you? >> brian: yes. and he also put you on in this. so it's up to you, steve. we have to somehow get past the -- just get whatever they have of ours 'cause evidently they have something of ours that we need to exchange. >> steve: in addition to giving him his newspaper back, i've got a beautiful coffee mug, matt, if you're coming. this will drive somebody crazy. i've got bill o'reilly's newspapers. can you zoom in on that? matt lauer, show up, you'll wind up with bill o'reilly's papers. >> bologna. >> and earlier today, i do want -- this morning, about the categories of men's shoes. what women think of men's shoes. there were four categories. you had the loafers on which basically means business and pleasure together. >> steve: too lazy. >> too lazy to tie his shoe laces together. actually, i think it was men talking about giving advice to
5:40 am
other men so that they would maybe be more attractive for women. so brian, would you really like to show what kind of shoes you have on? >> brian: yeah. i'll show what shoes i have on. i'm not trying to be more attractive to men, though. this is what i chose today. >> it's men giving their opinion on men's other shoes. there was a category of sandals with socks and i said earlier this morning that i would try to find someone wearing socks -- >> steve: nobody is going to be dressed like that in new york. >> i decided to go to times square because that's where you can find cookie monster, elmo, why not someone wearing socks and sandals and guess what, we found larry. >> steve: oh, my goodness! >> larry wearing socks and sandals. what do you have to say to all the ladies out there. women say nice guy, but run. >> look what it got me. a gig on "fox & friends." >> steve: have you seen matt lauer? >> i think matt is on his way. >> steve: i'm going to stand on
5:41 am
the corner just to make sure. >> larry, where are you from? >> nashville, tennessee. >> and you're here for a? >> i am doing some work for the united methodist church, one of the agencies that's here in new york. >> your wife is coming up here when? >> she's coming up thursday to join me for a long weekend. >> friday, you'll be coming back for what? >> we're coming back for the concert on the plaza. >> way to go. steve. so socks and sandals. >> gretchen: i like it, larry. tell larry i like it. >> gretchen says she likes it. >> well, good. >> brian: larry has made me feel as though i'm missing something. larry looks why -- great with socks and sandals. teen-ager also see him and start changing their footwear. >> if you got extra tickets, i could use one tonight's, brian. >> brian: how much money you have? >> 14,000 i can sit behind home
5:42 am
plate. >> brian: you can catch for 14,000. >> gretchen: i don't see any matt lauer, mo al roker -- no al roker. >> steve: excuse me. have you seen matt lauer? >> madle hour? >> steve: no, matt lauer, the guy from the today show. >> no, i have not. >> steve: thank you very much. >> we're canadian. we don't know the today show. >> steve: welcome to our land. the thing is, matt lauer's studio is just right past that truck that is down loading the spring water. we told him we were going to be out here right about now to give him his paperback. so far nothing. >> brian: i feel bad. >> steve: he's let us down. matt, i'm sorry. got to go back inside. >> brian: first off, larry, you got to go home. steve, you got to come back. gretchen, you have to read the prompter. maria, good job. >> thanks.
5:43 am
>> thanks. >> gretchen: thank you. here it is, you probably done it a few times. you flash your headlights to warn other drivers that there is a police officer, a speed trap up ahead. did you know you could get arrested for that? peter johnson, jr. on the case coming up. then it's one of the hottest shows on tv right now, the star of "covert affairs." peter gallagher here live to look inside the c.i.a. ♪ [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
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5:46 am
the perfect place is on sale now. up to 40% off. only at >> steve: it is one of the hottest shows on tv taking you inside the c.i.a. >> it strikes you as odd that he happens to be here drowning his sorrows at our neighborhood restaurant? >> henry doesn't do anything without a purpose. what exactly did he say?
5:47 am
>> how much? sent over this drink made with colombian rum. what do you think that's about? >> gretchen: peter gallagher play is arthur campbell and he's our guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so what does it feel like to play the c.i.a. director? you know all the secrets of the entire world. >> i was just reading your cell phone messages before i came out. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: you and everyone else. >> not everyone else, but soon it will be up on the display in times square. >> steve: in real life, would you make a good spy? >> you know -- >> steve: 'cause you kind of stand out and spies are supposed to blend in. >> also it's very hard for me to shut up. so i think i could probably be the worst spy. maybe if you weren't expecting me to be a spy, maybe i could do some good for the country. >> steve: speaking to the fruit bowl, that's where we have the hidden microphone.
5:48 am
>> really? there is a microphone? >> gretchen: they're all over the place. so your role as arthur campbell, it's got meatier this season. >> yes. i stand up, a little more action. i stand up and walk around my desk. i change my clothes. i get out of the office and what's are -- all these characters, all the actors are great and the production and the writers. all these characters have had very rich lives. and so this season we're revealing some things, secrets about their past. >> steve: marital strife perhaps? >> always. i think what will be revealed is how -- which will be surprising to say this now, if you see the episode tonight, but that joan and arthur campbell's marriage is actually stronger than people might suspect. you won't be knowing that. i don't think anybody will -- >> steve: we didn't hear that from you. >> tomorrow morning, people on the street will be throwing things at me. >> gretchen: tell us about this other live show you do. >> i go around the country and do a show called "how do all you people get in my rooms."
5:49 am
i talk about working with jimmy cagney and peter o'tool and others and people seem to like it. it's about an actor's journey without talking too much about myself, but more about the experiences i've had with these extraordinary people. >> steve: you're extraordinary. we love you in everything you do. you can catch peter gallagher at "covert affairs." >> tonight, we'll debut. >> steve: who will watch the all-star game? >> gretchen: since you're the director of this, maybe you could find matt lauer and al roker for us. >> he's got the same sandals, but wearing them with the black dress socks. i'm sure he's in haves -- his off going, i'm coming. >> steve: thanks. >> gretchen: ever flash your headlights to warn somebody about a speed trap up ahead? you can get arrested for that. did you know that? that story coming up next. >> steve: first let's check in with martha who is all the way across the pond in london.
5:50 am
>> hey there. good morning, everybody. coming up, we've got a big show on "america's newsroom." we'll talk to george zimmerman's brother, robert, about the trial, and about the concerns that they have about their family going forward. and also the gop takes a crack at delaying obamacare for individuals, as well as for businesses which we knew about. we'll talk to congressmen and see how that will go. the boy scouts cut out of the jamboree due to their weight. is that right? we'll see from you across the pond here at the top of the hour
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> steve: we're out on the streets right now. how many times have you been driving down a road and you see an oncoming car and the car does this with the lights? they're flashing, which indicates oh, smoky up ahead.
5:54 am
as they say in the cb lingo. peter johnson, jr. is joining us. peter, this is a really interesting story because in some parts of the country, it's illegal and some parts it's not? >> absolutely. in florida, there is a statute that says you can do it with impunity. they put it in this year and they said you can't get in trouble for thrashing your lights even if you're warning other motorists that there is some smokyies there. the bear is in the bear cave and it's come out with khojak with a kodak. >> steve: listen to you. there is a story about a guy in the great state of missouri who apparently got pulled over and got in big trouble. >> he got in big trouble. he got out of trouble 6789 but what he's done is brought a class action that says this first amendment -- his first amendment rights are being violated, that this is a form of communication, when he goes like this. maybe he's saying, god bless
5:55 am
america. maybe he's saying troopers up ahead. maybe he's saying hi. love to see you. but he's saying i should have the right to do it and you shouldn't infringe on my right to free speech. you're an attorney, let's say somebody gets pulled over, what should they say? >> how are you running today? they got to be friendly and nice. say, what did i do? if they weren't doing something wrong, they should say i'm not trying to obstruct justice. i thought i would slow down, as brian kilmeade said earlier, people on the other side. make it safer for all motorists. people, listen -- when you see brake lights if front of you, you start to slow down. what do you say? who is ahead? have you ever done this? have you ever done this? >> steve: maybe once or twice. i'm not under oath! our thanks to toyota of
5:56 am
manhattan for bringing this car in. >> first amendment. >> steve: indeed. thank you. we will continue the program live from the streets of new york city as i wait for matt lauer in two minutes my name is paul ridley. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so i brought advil to help me stay strong during the toughest journey of my life. [ male announcer ] paul ridley had a choice of pain relievers, but he chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. nothing. not tylenol. not aleve. [ paul ] when people are counting on me to come through,
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5:59 am
>> steve: what a show today. by the way, if you're watching and you were wondering if matt lauer ever showed up, he did not. he left us out to dry even though i wound up with his paper. sorry, matt. next time i'm calling george stephanopoulos. he wouldn't let us down! >> brian: right. but you can't spell it. here is the problem, i found out matt lauer is working now. >> steve: so are we! >> gretchen: he could have sent
6:00 am
somebody. >> brian: that's right. >> gretchen: maybe afterward. >> brian: 7:30 the all-star game. bye. >> gretchen: have a great rest of the week. see you later. >> steve: so long, everybody. bill: on a day where it feels like some of americas largest labor unions sounding off on the healthcare law, warning it could shatter america's middle class as we know it unless serious changes are made. good morning from new york city. i'm live from america's newsroom. two countries today. martha: i'm march that -- i'm ma maccallum. first what bill was


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