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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 16, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> promote red eye, you promote cashing in, dana, you don't promote anything. >> i am promoting for one moment i get to be a star of red eye. >> see you tomorrow. "special report" is next! as the administration considers a federal civil rights case against george zimmerman, the attorney general draws a line in the sand, saying stand your ground laws contribute to more violence than they prevent. so now what? this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. attorney general eric holder speaking to the naacp today leaned forward, saying he is very concerned about the case of trayvon martin and added that
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stand your ground laws exist in florida, so do dangerous conflicts in neighborhoods. the fallout continues from the george zimmerman acquittal. a white jogger, allegedly beaten by blacks in mississippi, a hispanic man attacked in baltimore. a business burned in pennsylvania. here in washington, the obama administration is being pressured to essentially ignore the jury verdict and go after zimmerman again on those federal charges. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: in a speech at the naacp's annual convention in orlando, mere miles from the sanford, florida courthouse where george zimmerman was acquitted, attorney general eric holder took aim at the stand your ground law. >> we must be sure our laws reduce violent and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent. >> reporter: it was the administration's sharpest attack on the law that allows people in florida to defend themselves with force if they feel threatened in their home, business, car, or place where
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they have a legal right to be. >> by allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public, such laws undermine public safety. >> reporter: holder's comments are likely to in flame zimmerman supporters, who claim self defense in the killing of teenager trayvon martin. his speech came as the naacp said they are demanding they file federal charges. al sharpton was outside the department of justice demanding a civil rights investigation. >> we call on department of justice because trayvon martin had the civil right to go home. that was interfering. >> reporter: they're mobilizing protests in 100 cities as anger over the verdict continued in places like oakland and los angeles, where l.a.'s police chief revealed his officers will be out in greater force after 150 protesters ran through the
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streets, committing assault, vandalizing property. leading to 14 arrests. holder says vaguely all options are on the table, focusing on the push against stand your ground. >> separate and apart from the case drawing the nation's attention, it is time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self defense, and dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: it is hardly the first time he raised eyebrows with controversial comments. >> though this nation proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been -- a nation of cowards. >> reporter: 22 other states have laws allowing people to use lethal force to defend themselves, a sign the administration could have a major battle on its hands, not just in florida but around the country, bret. >> another topic in washington,
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immigration. it seems the president's time line is perhaps a bit relaxed. >> this is major news. the president all along said he wants an immigration deal by end of summer. tonight in a series of interviews, various spanish language stations and networks, he says the deadline is moving back, hopefully in the fall. a white house official tells me the president took a hard line in interviews saying he won't accept a house bill that's been proposed, it would just be about border security, he also wants to deal with a path to citizenship, something big and bold basically. the bottom line is for the president to say hopefully we will get it done by the fall suggests he thinks it might be fading fast. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. democrats and republicans in the senate reached a truce in the political war, the war threatened to go nuclear over one of the senate's defining characterist characteristic, the minority ability to thwart the will of
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the majority. >> a last minute deal was struck to keep him changing the rules for nominations, blowing up the senate with the so-called nuclear option. >> i think it is something that is good for the senate. it is a compromise. and i think we get what we want and they get what they want. not a bad deal. >> reporter: it includes allowing democrats to move forward on the nomination of richard cordray to be the director of the consumer protection bureau. they wanted richard griffin, sharon block replaced, after a judge ruled naming them during disputed congressional recess was unconstitutional. reid gave credit to senator john mccain for his efforts in cutting a deal. mccain was trying to avert catastrophic consequences for the senate. >> i think all of us got to the edge, looked in the abyss. republican and democrat, certainly the overwhelming majority, and we stepped back from it. >> reporter: the breakthroughs seemed to come after all
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senators met more than three and a half hours last night, hashed out their differences. it may effect current nominees. some lawmakers note it is not a permanent fix. senate republican leader told reporters his side didn't give up its rights and contentious nominees have to meet the 60 vote threshold. >> that crisis has been averted. we still will be dealing with controversial nominees in a way that controversial nominees inevitably produce, a great debate. >> reporter: there was a great debate in 2005 when reid argued fiercely against changing senate rules when republicans were in the majority. >> you're talking about doing something illegal. they're talking about breaking the rules to change the rules, and that's not appropriate. >> reporter: today, reid tweeted democrats reserve the right to change the rules if necessary, but called it a new day in the senate, hopes senators are able to work together. the gridlock is gone for now. in fact, a few minutes ago,
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richard cordray was confirmed by the senate with 66-34 vote to head the consumer financial protection bureau. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. tonight's entry in the almost daily list of new problems with the president's health care law. a study by national bureau of economic research suggests low income adults that can obtain health coverage from the medicaid expansion instead of from their jobs may simply quit or avoid looking for work. the study estimates between a half million and a million people might take this route. trouble with the base tonight for president obama. one of his core support groups, big labor, is complaining fwout his signature health care ref m reform. >> reporter: the teamsters are warning congress. they warn that, quote, time is
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running out. congress wrote this law, we voted for you. we have a problem, you need to fix it. >> we have some angry people out there, they probably supplied money and votes to get barack obama elected, now they feel betrayed. >> reporter: unions first complained to the administration, saying they gave up wage gains for health benefits, now fear they will compete against nonunion firms whose workers get subsidies for insurance. >> the concerns are the plans they offer to their employees may no longer be viable under the affordable care act. >> reporter: they want the same subsidies others get which would explode the cost of obama care. complaints were met by a stonewall at the white house. now they're saying they will destroy the very health and well-being of our members along with millions of other hard working americans. the letter also complained obama
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care changed the definition of part time to less than 30 hours, encouraging employers to cut hours. it irritates unions and employers. union letter says the law will, quote, destroy the foundation much the 40 hour work week that's the backbone of the american middle class. >> the idea being 40 hours is what is standard business operating procedure for full time employees, why would we want to change it. >> reporter: they say it threatened to weaken a hold on members. >> if the government comes along, gives health insurance just as good to nonunion employees, one could ask why do we have a union in the first place. >> reporter: there's an effort in congress to fix some things unions complain about. supporters don't see it happening. >> i think the reality is almost nothing is going to pass this congress that changes the affordable care act. >> reporter: even with prodding from unions, they don't want to admit there's anything wrong with the law, republicans have little interest in rescuing the
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president and democrats from a problem of their own making. bret? >> thank you. manufacturing was up three-tenths percentage point in june. home builder optimism at the highest point in more than seven years. the dow lost 32 today, s&p 500 dropped 6, nasdaq fell nine. a top republican senator is demanding to know why the obama administration jaws department refused to prosecute irs officials that illegally looked at tax records of candidates and donors. carl cameron lays it out tonight. >> reporter: add another log to the bonfire of alleged misconduct. irs inspector generous he will george found four cases since 2006 in which confidential tax records of politicians and donors were accessed or disclosed without authorization. three were deemed inadvertent. in one of the cases, inspector general notified congress we presented evidence of a willful, unauthorized access to the department of justice, but the
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case was declined for prosecution. >> if heads don't roll when something is violated, regulations are invalid. law is violated, you have to have people fired or there's not going to be any change of behavior. we've got to change the behavior of the irs. >> reporter: grassly gives them until the end of the month to explain why there's no prosecution. federal law requires all taxpayer information is confidential. justice department declined to comment, and names and party affiliations of victims aren't rub public. the public is outraged by the irs mistreatment of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status, and all the tax dollars wasted on lavish conventions and childish movie parodies. add frustration with justice for not prosecuting evidence of misconduct, dubbed willful by the irs inspector general. >> we are going to have the inspector general before the committee thursday and will inquire. primarily the challenge is that he doesn't have the power to prosecute. >> issa says one case was not a single tax return but something much broader, and justice
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department failure to prosecute raises questions about going after serious wrongdoing. >> carl, thank you. the heat is on. san diego mayor, has nothing to do with the weather out there, that's coming up. here is a live look at phoenix from ksaz. big story there tonight, argument over the death penalty in the jodi arias case. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway on "special report." we will be right back. [poof!]
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it appears nsa leaker edward snowden wants to stay in russia, at least for awhile. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on the latest in this case. good evening, catherine. >> good evening. a russian lawmaker says he helped edward snowden fill out the paperwork and file for temporary asylum at moscow's international airport today on the basis that snowden says he
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fears torture on the death penalty if extradited to the u.s. snowden's claims may allow him to meet russia's asylum requirements. having failed to convince vladimir putin to send him home, the state department calls on the nsa leaker to voluntarily return. >> we said he should come home, have the courage to come, face the charges against him. >> what would the u.s. response be if russia accepts his asylum request? >> i don't want to get into a hypothetical. i think the russians now know how strongly we feel on this case. >> the white house offered what appeared to be carefully crafted statements designed to undercut snowden's claims. >> mr. snowden has all of the rights that every american citizen charged with a crime in the united states has. and he should be returned here where he can stand trial and
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take advantage of those rights. >> an interview with fox's shepherd smith, the reporter that broke the story says britain's guardian newspaper doesn't have to wait for more leaks from snowden. >> there's some information he believes is not suitable for publication heover. i know he turned over thousands of pages to us though. >> tonight, a russian lawmaker that helped snowden file that request says it could take anywhere from three weeks to three months to consider his case. meantime, he will have to stay at the moscow airport until it is decided, bret. >> thank you. there are no silver linings in a tragedy like the benghazi terror attacks. but that doesn't mean there are no lessons to be learned or dollars to be earned. the question now, when will america hear from the survivors, any survivor for that matter, of this attack. one congressman wants to know soon. chief washington correspondent james rosen explains. >> reporter: survivors of benghazi have told their stories to the authors of a new book
3:18 pm
about the attacks, excerpted in the august issue of vanity fair. others with book deals of their own. >> i also wonder, mr. speaker, whether any of the $3 million they're earning from the book deal will be shared with ty woods' widow and child, or parents of glen doherty who did so much to save our americans. >> if we fail to act, if we fail to address these issues, there will be another incident. >> reporter: in embassy security bill sponsored by the foreign relations committee chairman named after the four americans killed in benghazi proposes to allow u.s. missions overseas to hire security contractors based on value, not lowest bid. it is one of a number of steps state department officials addressed at tuesday's hearing. >> we are working closely with department of defense to expand the marine security guard program and enhance availability
3:19 pm
of forces to respond in extreme to facilities. >> man power problems persist. >> 2300 people i can train per year doesn't come close. doesn't even meet the number of people we have at our high threat posts alone. we have certain of our high threat posts where we can only give our people a four hour online course and say please, take this course. >> reporter: after the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in africa, the state department determined 175 missions needed security upgrades to be in compliance with basic safety standards. as of today, only 110 facilities received them. >> more on this with the panel, james, thank you. eldest daughter of former vice president dick cheney will challenge wyoming senior senator next year. liz cheney will take on fellow republican mike enzi. cheney is a fox news contributor.
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blistering heat is scorching the midwest and the east. here in washington, 9798 in chicago. 96 in nashville. in new york, where the all-star game will be played, heat index is 91. the weather is quite nice in san diego. 76 degrees now. but the city's first democratic mayor in 20 years is feeling intense political heat tonight. correspondent william la general he is tells us why.
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>> bob is to blame and he needs to resign. we need to stand by our women who have been abused. >> reporter: the charges against bob filner, a liberal democrat, come not from republicans but the former congressman's own friends, including ex-council woman donna fry, who describes what he allegedly did to a campaign worker who she quotes. >> mayor filner then said i would like to go out with you, may i kiss you. immediately upon asking whether he could kiss me, mayor filner grabbed me and kissed me. >> reporter: later, a constituent made this accusation. >> on the sidewalk the mayor suddenly in clear view of anyone who might pass by grabbed and kissed her, jamming his tongue down her throat. >> reporter: a third allegation from a female staffer. >> she complained he grabbed her ass, touched her chess. >> reporter: later in a city hall elevator, filner said. >> they would do a better job on
3:25 pm
that floor if they worked without their panties on. >> i am embarrassed to admit i failed to fully respect the women that worked for me and with me. >> reporter: last week he apologized, said he needed help. yesterday he claimed the facts will vindicate him. >> i express myself dmon stratively. i am a hugger of men and women. >> reporter: supporters don't buy it. >> i told him that what he was doing was not only sexual harassment but a gross abuse of his power. >> last week, 70-year-old filner's 40-year-old fiance broke off the relationship for his constant inif i dealt, inappropriate, disgusting acts, urged him to resign. mayor filner refuses to design. a majority of city council want him out but are powerless. 51% want him to resign, but a recall would take months. yesterday, he said the monster is inside me. yet his office refuses to discuss the help he admits he
3:26 pm
needs. bret? >> welcome, thank you. some conservative republican senators are supporting the effort to overhaul the military justice system. so far, 33 senators are backing the bill sponsored by new york democrat kir stin gel brand. she wants to remove commanders from the process of deciding whether serious crimes including sexual misconduct go to trial. they say it will undercut the ability to maintain order and good discipline. the jury selected for the court-martial of the fort hood shooter. 14 senior army officers will decide the faith of major nidal malik hasan, the psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in 2009. being a world class athlete might not be good enough to go rock climbing with the boy scouts. we will explain. and why you are paying for phone operators to take only a couple of calls every day. the grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor
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. now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a call center funded by your tax dollars has taxpayers taking an average of two calls a day. veterans unemployment call center for veteran's affairs department is operated by an outside contractor who will be paid an estimated $15 million by 2015. all operators waiting for the phone to ring. not that there isn't work to be done at the va.
3:31 pm
we reported extensively on the massive backlog on help for vets. a report earlier this year found 70% of veterans seeking benefits wait 125 days or more just to have a claim processed. the va released a statement to "special report" this afternoon, saying the operators, quote, conduct deliberate job assistance and coaching calls with individual veterans that can last up to an hour. about a dozen women's rights groups are appealing to rhode island's governor to keep father, daughter dances out of public schools. the general assembly passed a law allowing gender specific activities, as long as there's a comparable activity for the opposite sex. legislation came about in response to back lash over a planned father daughter dance for female students and field trip to a baseball game for boys in cranston. the dance was cancelled after people complained. women's rights activists contend, quote, rhode island public schools should not be in the position of telling girls
3:32 pm
and boys which programs or activities they should be interested in based solely on their sex. and finally the boy scouts are now using a fitness test for participation in their jamboree. a test that would eliminate some of the world's best athletes. this year, all scouts had to pass a body mass index test before the festival which began yesterday. the jamboree features activities like hiking, biking, rock climbing. any scout or scout leader with bmi of 40 or higher cannot attend. experts say bmi is sometimes not a good indicator of physical fitness. average nose tackle in the nfl has bmi 40.5. meaning he would have to sit out the jamboree. council on size and weight discrimination says the boy scouts decision is deplorable and an unfair, discriminatory policy. the boy scouts defend that policy. the spokesman said they published guidelines well in advance and are promoting
3:33 pm
healthy living which is important to their organization. there is no official confirmation as of yet that u.s. weapons made it into the hands of syrian rebels. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us that created an opening for someone else. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. it has been a month since the white house pledged to send military aid to the syrian rebels, so far none of that lethal aid arrived in syria, according to congressional sources, dashing expectations of syrian opposition leaders who thought the u.s. was finally going to help them turn the tide against president bashar assad. democrats and republicans on capitol hill refused to provide funding until the administration proves the weapons won't go to al qaeda. >> there are risks in any policy at this stage, and there are fairly high risks, in fact. we are seeing the beginnings of an al qaeda movement do well in syria unfortunately. >> to fill the void while u.s. aid is held up, the pakistani
3:34 pm
taliban says it is now sending fighters to syria to help the sunni mujahideen fight those forces being fought in iran and hezbollah. >> this is the first time the taliban, the pakistani taliban has come out and said they support global jihad, that they're in touch with al qaeda in syria, which enlisted them. >> taliban expert says the numbers are still small, about 40 pakistani taliban fighters have been sent so far. another 120 are reportedly on the way to syria. on june 18, secretary of state john kerry, deputy director of the cia, mike morell briefed them. it appeared that morell and the cia were less sure of the plan to arm syria's opposition and secretary kerry was pushing for more military involvement.
3:35 pm
neither could tell skeptical lawmakers how they could be sure the weapons didn't blow back on the united states. bret? >> jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. thank you. deadly violence returned to egypt, two weeks after the overthrow of the country's elected president. authorities say at least seven people were killed overnight in several different locations around cairo. 261 injured. it happened during mass protests by supporters of ousted president morsi. intelligence officials say panama seized a n korean flagship carrying part of a radar system that accompanies a surface to air missile from cuba. president ricardo mart nelly toured that ship today, authorities still going through the cargo. no comment from north korea or cuba. a mexican drug lord known for having his enemies burned alive has been captured. he is said to be one of the two most powerful cartel heads in mexico. he was intercepted by mexican
3:36 pm
marines on a dirt road, not far from the u.s. border. the nation's top cop is standing his ground against stand your ground. what's next? we'll talk about it with the fox all stars when we come back. [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist.
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who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. this afternoon i want to assure you two things, i am concerned about this case. i can promise that the department of justice will consider all available information before determining what action to take. it is time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self defense and dangerous conflicts in the neighborhoods. we must stand our ground to be sure our laws reduce violence and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent. >> the attorney general miles
3:40 pm
from sanford, florida, where the court trial finished this past weekend, acquitting george zimmerman. the attorney general speaking pretty forcefully against stand your ground laws, even though stand your ground didn't come up in that criminal trial. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. amy stoddard, associate editor of the hill, and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. what about the attorney general's speech, charles, and what you took from it? >> i'm not sure i've accused the attorney general of deftness, but he did it well. the pressure from people he spoke to, from outside activists, from a lot of politicians is to do something to pursue george zimmerman through some kind of federal option on either hate crimes or on violation of civil rights. i think holder knows this is a
3:41 pm
losing proposition and surely if he tried he would lose, and probably be humiliated. what he did rather deftly is to punt to another issue, the issue of law. there is an argument we can have in the country over the wisdom of the stand your ground law. but as you indicated, it didn't have any important even minimal part to play in the zimmerman trial, but it is an issue that initially was raised, and could plausibly, you could link to what had happened. what i think you want to do is have debate on irrelevance, it is an interesting, important debate. do you want to put a burden on a person in a situation where somebody is about to attack him where he has to calculate am i safer if i flee or if i attack the person who is attacking me. but that law i think is one that
3:42 pm
we can have a debate on, i think he's smart on deflecting the issue over onto that, away from the persecution, continued persecution of george zimmerman. >> we should note the president hasn't spoken out other than a paper statement. there is pressure from naacp and others, activists, and they want federal charges against george zimmerman. listening to that speech, is the administration going to move forward? >> oh, no, they're going to question laws and consider all of the information and express their concern, but charles is right. handled it at an naacp convention the best he could. they're under enormous pressure from people that are you be set over this verdict to do something. there can be investigations. but experts have spoken and it would be nearly impossible to charge george zimmerman with a hate crime. there's even a potential this would be, recent expansion in
3:43 pm
2009 of that law might be struck by the supreme court if it goes before it, so they're really out of choices, but to keep talking and remain in the debate, i thought it was smart of president obama to talk about this is a chance to look at our gun laws and the safety of our streets. you talk about what you can, but i don't think they're making it about race. i think there are people that want to, but they're trying to say we'll do what we can to look at these laws and consider the information. there's no indication they plan to go on a fool's errand in terms of using government resources on charges that they really can't bring. >> let's talk about the law. the law is in effect in 23 states, laws allowing people to use lethal force to protect themselves, defend themselves. supporters of those laws obviously believe they serve a purpose. the attorney general, the nation's top cop, saying those laws contribute to more violence
3:44 pm
than they prevent. >> well, it would be actually interesting to see what his support for that claim is. but i think this is an exercise in subject changing. that's what he wants to do. perfectly appropriate for the attorney general to say i don't agree with the laws these states have on the book and try to generate a nationwide debate on that, which i think would distract from many of the white house's other problems, many of the other things going on right now, and has the added benefit i think if you're looking at it from the perspective of the administration of, you know, appealing to the base, appealing to people at the naacp, there's been a million signatures. >> isn't the bottom line when they finally make the decision and it is no, we're not moving forward with federal civil rights charges against george zimmerman that somebody is going to say oh, well that's a problem for me in the naacp or the activists or whoever is pushing for it now? they're not going to be able to not come to a conclusion. >> absolutely. but we have seen the
3:45 pm
administration do this before, punt these issues as far down the road as they can, handle them when there's not intense heat. saw it with benghazi, seen it repeatedly. this is what they do. that's exactly what they're doing, trying to force a debate on other issues, gun control, reignite debate on gun control, talk about stand your ground laws, not talk about the things that signers of the naacp petition want to talk about. >> charles? >> what i like about what holder has done is if you make it about the laws, about stand your ground, you've taken it out of the realm of racial conflict, which is i think what the country needs. the case is over as the president has said, a jury has spoken. the case -- this incident is over. i think it is a public service what he did. i am not sure it is the most important law in the world we have to debate now, but it is what the administration generally does, it punts, it hopes when the issue is resolved, when it decides it is not going to pursue this, that
3:46 pm
the temperature of the country has gone way down on it. >> you're praising the attorney general. this is three times in a row you've been praising the administration. we just need to mark these moments. >> right. once more and i go into rehab. >> eric holder hasn't always stayed away from racial stirring the pot. take a listen to february 2009. >> though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we i believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. >> what about that in this context? >> well, right now as charles and i agreed, he did the right thing today, he's trying to pack up his desk drawers and get out of here without a lot of controversial verdicts or things he has to address, as you know. so this is not the time for him. but in the past he has carried the flag on contentious issues
3:47 pm
that president obama involving race has tried to avoid. next up, why haven't we heard from survivors of the benghazi attacks? where are they? and what is happening to the people at state, the state department, faulted for some of the security failures? that's next.
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
perhaps the most telling signs of the incomplete state of the benghazi investigation is the fact that not one of the survivors of the benghazi attack from the consulate or annex have publicly testified before congress. despite nearly a full year of multiple committee investigations, not one witness has been brought before the committee to publicly testify
3:51 pm
under oath about what happened that night. instead of learning details of the attack and u.s. response in public hearings, the american people may instead read about it in one of the books that have been announced in recent weeks. >> representative frank wolf from virginia saying that he wants answers and he wants them now and he is going to continue to give speeches on the house floor, going to continue to write letters to figure out where the survivors of benghazi attacks are, as he mentioned, a number of them are writing books with lucrative deals. that plus the security hearing up on the hill about the security at the compound. we are back with the panel. steve? >> well, there is lots boiling beneath the surface on benghazi. i don't think anybody should think for a minute just because we haven't been reading about it in "the new york times" or other mainstream news accounts that there's not things happening. darrell issa and his committee
3:52 pm
have continued conducting transcribed interviews, one with thomas pickering, wrote the administrative review board report, they've done others. there's more questions being asked on the intelligence side about why we haven't gotten these guys who do it. fox has reported repeatedly we know who many of the attackers were, many participants in the attack were. attack were. a story that's a lot happening underneath the surface right now but it's not going away. >> bret: a.b., where is speaker boehner on all of this? wolf is calling for a select committee as have others. where is he? >> well, he took a real interest in this investigation early on and was highlighting it in his remarks, reporters and very supportive of the investigations and the oversight activity it. i think right now he is generally speaking in a bit of a retreat from
3:53 pm
filibuster comments on anything. he is really trying to sort of stay in the background as they figure out how to handle their approach on immigration and what most critically they are going to do in the fall about some kind of deal to divert fault. that's what is consuming capitol hill. what you see congressman wolf doing is because i disagree with steve, there might be something going on in the background but it's disappearing from the news and the focus and the obama administration as he points out has been able to diffuse controversies and address them later. darrell issa's committee, the house oversight committee will be holding a very interesting hearing about what the account the arb accountability review board report did and did not do. what truth it uncovered and what it failed to look into. in between, i think blockbusters, like gregory hick's testimony, who spoke with ambassador stevens the
3:54 pm
night he was in tripoli, their tends to be a focus on everything consuming the news. and john boehner might be interested in some white house republicans. you are dealing with an nansa leerk a zimmerman trial. and all of these tend to take over the focus of the day. >> on the diplomatic security front. one the things that the accountability review board said is that certain people in the state department essentially had faults. they named them. they are now on paid leave. the assistant secretary, acting assistant secretary was asked about that today. what's up with these people? >> it is complex because there are says of rules and procedures within the foreign service about disciplining people. it is my clear understanding that this entire issue is at the secretary of state's level, that he is getting recommendations on how to deal with this and he will finally make the decision on what is going to be the outcome with the four people there. >> so, they are still
3:55 pm
getting paid and they are still on board. >> this has to do with very complicated and protective civil service laws that make it almost impossible to get anybody fired or demoted. and that happens across the board. the major stonewall is about information. we haven't gotten anything out of the white house, the state department, the media aren't interested and the democrats in the house and the senate aren't interested either. against all of that the speaker strategy is one scandal at a time. he is going to do irs tomorrow and work behind the teens on benghazi, hopefully they are going to get some kind of major testimony that will shift public opinion on this. >> this media is interested. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a case of mistaken identity. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> bret: finally tonight, major league baseball's mid summer classic is tonight. the all-star game in new york. the starting pitcher for the national league all stars, new york mets
3:59 pm
sensation matt harvey. apparently he is not exactly the most high profile player as matt harvey found out on the streets of new york. >> what do you think about matt harvey? >> i think he is decent but he hasn't proven enough he has gone a couple months to you. >> what kind of advice would you give him if he was standing right here next to you. >> i would tell him not the to blow his arm out and not to go through many innings and not go over 100 innings. >> that's great advice. do you think he will start the all-star game? >> no. >> you don't? who do you think will start? >> kershaw, i think. >> do you think kershaw will. >> yeah. >> he is a great pitcher. >> we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm matt harvey by the way. >> wait. [ laughter ] whoa, the all-star game airs tonight on fox broadcast network the big network at 7:30 eastern. and there you have a live look city field in new
4:00 pm
york. looks like it's going up already. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, shepard's there, unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, live at city field in new york city. for the all-star game. where it is like an oven, a scorching summer heat wave and now dozens of american cities are under heat advisories. plus, the big city mayor who admits he intimidated women who worked for him. >> bob builder is to blame. >> shepard: the mayor admits he needs help. >> i begin today by apologizing to you. i have diminished the office to which you have elected me. >> and his critics say it's time to governmental this is an egregious abuse of power. >> shepard: but he will not step down. >> i'm not going to resign,