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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 17, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld, and bob beckel. this is "the five." there aren't many americans in this country who don't have an opinion on the verdict in the zimmerman murder trial. everyone, and i mean everyone, is now coming out of the woodwork to share them. >> no mother, no father should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the united states of america.
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>> until the stand your ground law is abolished in florida, i will never perform there again. >> i want to send this one out as a letter back home, for justice for trayvon martin. >> they want to give george zimmerman a gun now, the florida state law is that he can get his gun back. i tell you, if he gets a gun, casey anthony gets a baby. >> i think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented. >> it is not about trayvon martin, it is about the money. then the politicians use the poor boy's death to push gun control or whatever they want to push, so trayvon martin is being exploited now, all right? they're exploiting him. and it is wrong. >> speaking of politicizing the teen's death, here is al sharpton at the naacp convention today. >> i don't care how controversial you think we are, i realize when we come, the heat is on and you're speaking because we got you sweating.
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we cannot have our sons and daughters' lives on the line for anybody that wants to pursue them, follow them, and kill them and say it is in self defense. we didn't come to argue the jury verdict. the jury has spoken. now the people going to speak. it is time to march again. it is time to march again. it is time to march again. stand up. fight back. >> okay. i have some organ music in the background. last time i heard that -- they have organ and pizza. what do you think. a lot of people, strong comments on this across the board, he is giving a speech there at the naacp convention, o'reilly saying people are politicizing and profiting off trayvon. >> there's no doubt, but that's what he is. he is a race merchant. that's what he does. the only way reverend al stays relevant is by making sure
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racism in america thrives and survives. he is not the one -- it is in his worst interest for racism to go away, in his best interest to highlight it and make outrageous statements like that. did he even listen to the trial? did he even listen to the evidence? here is what he said. he said it is not okay for someone to track someone down with a gun and shoot him and kill him. he forgot the part about self defense where he was in fear of his life, george zimmerman, when he pulled his gun out. look, trayvon martin's death is a tragedy, no one is saying it is not, but it is a self defense law that's federal, it is in every state, and unless you rewrite every single law in the country, you're going to have to deal with it. and we don't have any evidence to suggest it was self defense. >> you said that yesterday, by the way, it is in 17 states. >> what's that? >> stand your ground. >> still carries in all 50 states. >> you have people talking about stand your ground law, but news flash, that didn't apply in case.
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>> do you think he could have done it without stand your ground law? >> bob, it wasn't used as defense in the case. they could have proceeded in front of the judge and did that defense and they didn't. they took to the jury and argued self defense. >> i understand, but i am asking in the state of florida, if you didn't have the stand your ground law, he couldn't have shot somebody because he was in fear of his life. >> that's incorrect. >> what is the stand your ground law? >> stand your ground law, he would have had a hearing and said i had a right to stand my ground because i was fearful. he elected not to, and they were right, i believe judge nelson would have denied that motion, would have had that out in the press that he lost on those grounds, so they made a strategic decision to proceed in front of a jury of his peers and in this case it was six women and go with the self defense claim. that's what happened in this case. >> i see. stand your ground, tell the judge i had to right to because of stand your ground. >> that's an oversimplification.
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>> how about what happened. he said i defended myself, self defense. that's what happened. >> okay. >> dana? >> the political nature of it is of interest to me. so hillary clinton there, still a mystery whether she's going to run for president or not. >> it is? >> the dana perino haircut. >> i had that haircut once, great haircut, easy to manage. she will need the naacp endorsement, that's going to be -- even if she were to not have a primary opponent, that endorsement, correct me if i'm wrong, bob, very important. if she had gone through that event in florida yesterday and not said something -- >> it could be how she feels as well. she's passionate about it. partly because of social media, there's an undercurrent of discussion going on at a level that perhaps amongst people i wouldn't necessarily follow on
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my social media, and they don't necessarily follow me. so people are having a discussion about this, almost as if it is two different universes, then they're colliding at the political meeting. >> you gave me sound bites. jimmy carr for 100, please. he had the most effective statement. he said i think the jury made the right decision, liberal democrat, based on evidence presented because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high, the jury had to be convinced it was a deliberate act. clearly it was not a deliberate act. he says the jury was right. the president says a jury was right. that leads us to later in the show we will talk about where we go from here. >> he is also the least influential. everybody else is at the naacp meeting, he is doing an interview off camera off wherever. >> she was at the black sorority
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group. there is racism in america. >> what in the world are you talking about? >> you said if it wasn't for racism -- >> there is racism. that's why he gets to put on a show no one is watching at another network, he gets a girlfriend we will show you at the end of the show like that. that goes away. when is al sharpton going to tell us if race relations were 100% perfect? >> that's what his business is. bill o'reilly, throwing out propaganda, what do we do, we are not profiting? >> get out of here. >> this is a news network, we report the news. >> it gets good ratings,
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everybody is making a profit. what's the bill deal. >> we are doing it because people talk about it, because it is big news. i don't think we are unsetting the table. >> we still have to cover the news. >> can i make a point? here is how this went down. there are a thousand of these crimes like this or actually wasn't a crime, thousands of these issues go on every year in this country. the media decided to take it and blow this one up. it is a young 17-year-old black kid wearing a hoodie, a white guy with a gun. >> white hispanic. >> whatever you want to call it, it doesn't matter. the media chose this case to make it big. we didn't choose it, bob. >> four minors, three teens, a five-year-old were gunned down in chicago. >> fox did not bite into it early on, make a big deal out of it. other media outlets did. that's the reality of the world we live in.
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>> why are liberals so angry at hispanics? why are they so mad at hispanics? >> liberals aren't mad at hispanics. >> why the hate against george zimmerman? >> that was what you were talking about with o'reilly, george zimmerman will have a decent case to bring against nbc news. editing of the tape made it sound like he was a racist, which is how the whole pot stirring started. >> i wouldn't care if george zimmerman was chinese, i would think the guy killed the kid, simple as that. and he got away with it because the law was there and -- >> and do you think that al sharpton would have had a big show at the naacp meeting. >> if what. >> if it had been a chinese person that killed trayvon martin? >> i have no idea. >> or if trayvon martin killed a chinese person, or a white kid. >> you're making my point here. news is going to pick up on what they think is an important
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story. >> or create an important story -- >> nbc edited it to make it look like it was fully racially charged. if you listen to the whole sound bite, he actually -- >> for all due respect to my own show, did we not edit the riots, started the show with very few riots? >> i think there haven't been riots, i think the protests mostly have been peaceful. can i bring out my favorite outlandish example, jessie jam s jackson proposing investigation by the human rights apparatus of united nations, which includes congo, pakistan, venezuela, kazakhstan. really? you want the united nations human rights council and investigate after a trial in all
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those places no one ever gets a trial. >> they want anarchy, too. they wanted specific outcome, no matter what, they wanted to make scapegoat and example out of george zimmerman. it was inconvenient to call him a white hispanic, instead of letting the law apply. there are two viewpoints that are interesting when you contrast them. listen to tavis smiley on o'reilly, versus leo terrell. >> in this country sadly the life of a black child doesn't have the same worth and value of the life of a white child. black men are often viewed in this country as a menace to society. >> there was not a race case, the jury got it right. i don't want to mention names like melissa harris perry saying i am holding my black children tighter tonight. no, they're not, not at all. zimmerman was tried, he was found innocent of the charges, and that woman that said god is a racist, it is embarrassing as an african-american to hear juan
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williams, msnbc, cnn talk about this case as a race case. >> bam! smackdown one. >> that man is a disgrace to humanity. >> why? >> because he is a loud mouthed -- i know he is a loud mouth who cashes in on everything. >> i think tavis smiley says we don't care about black children, number one, and went on to compare what happened to newtown, i thought it was totally different. you have these tiny kids, almost preschoolers gunned down in a classroom, then you have a tragedy after a scuffle at nighttime in florida, how you can make comparison between the two is incredible, where you see race in that is unfathomable. >> what about black on black crime in urban neighborhoods people don't seem to be caring about, in chicago, in detroit,
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in los angeles, in new york city. yet it falls on deaf ears. they disparage the justice system and six women that served faithfully to do their duty. >> bob, you're defending al sharpton, sorry, eric. defending al sharpton to get between you. if al sharpton made that speech yesterday, fine. if he also is making 20 speeches in the middle of chicago in the middle of gun fights and gang fights, he has so much more credibility. >> not only that, president obama. perfect opportunity for him, for eric holder, al sharpton, all the other so-called civil rights leaders should be worried about, worry about black on black violence, crime, murder. stand your ground, okay. >> give any politician or public figure a piece of advice, don't say you want the u.n. to do anything.
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that is bad politics. >> united nations, we agree. we concur. >> exactly. cue the organ music. when we come back, the prosecutor, juror, and trayvon's attorney said the zimmerman trial wasn't about race. so why is the obama administration led by eric holder still looking at a civil rights case against zimmerman? is this about justice or political witch-hunt? that debate when we come back. ♪ members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent.
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♪ so the trayvon martin george zimmerman trial isn't about race, that's what we've been hearing from the state, the jury, and the family. >> this case has never been about race. >> i think all of us thought race did not play a role. >> this family does not want race as a part of this process and does not believe it should be a part of this process. >> i would like to be the optimist. i would like to think america is color blind. i would like to believe those closest to trayvon were being truthful. maybe they were. if it is not racism, why would the attorney general i eric holr say that. holder brought the group to bias boulevard and race road. listen for a second. >> the news of trayvon martin's
2:18 pm
death last year brought me back to a number of experiences i had as a young man when i was pulled over twice and my car searched on the new jersey turnpike, when i am sure i wasn't speeding, or when i was stopped by a police officer while simply running to catch a movie at night in georgetown in washington, d.c. i was at the time of the last incident a federal prosecutor. >> we will bring it around the table, starting with kimberly. don't want to go to bob first. >> the internal edge, no bob, no bob. >> he brought it there. the zimmerman trial, he was talking about zimmerman, recanted a time he was profiled, racially profiled. >> you know i am not a big fan of mr. holder, i didn't run to the white house to take a photo with him and you did. >> that's true. >> the problem is i feel he is head of the injustice
2:19 pm
department. there's a number of situations he uses the power of his office to political ends. he is politicizing that, he is not supposed to do that as head of justice department or injustice department. >> go ahead, big boy. >> this trial itself was not about race and the evidence was not about race. this is about race. plain and simple. it is about race. >> why does holder add racism to it after. according to the jury, the family lawyer you heard from and the state prosecutors, it wasn't race. all three of them, bob. >> dana? >> that's not fair, bob. all three say it is not race. >> i was thinking about it yesterday. my initial reaction to eric holder's speech was a negative one. greg said i said a bad word in the green room, i didn't, i
2:20 pm
never do. >> that's not true. >> but everybody in life brings their personal experiences to whatever job they currently have, so when we are here, i can talk about something from wyoming or my time in government and you can talk about time in business, bob has been on campaigns. everybody brings personal experiences. i think what eric holder experienced, talked about being stopped when he was running because he was late for a movie, those things do stick with you. president obama appointed him, a lot of us can disagree with some of the decisions he's made, on this one in particular, i disagree with what he did, i don't think they're going to bring a case ultimately, i think they had to say what they said because president obama had already inserted himself, and the anger against them had they so great, it would have clouded everything. i think in two weeks no one talks about it. >> the word you used in the green room? do you want to write it down? >> no.
2:21 pm
>> i am confused by eric holder, the speech, his own personal thing is interesting, it doesn't apply. the theme of the speech was stand up against stand your ground, which didn't even play a role here. >> wasn't applicable. >> i could use that word if i only went to law school. my feeling is why did he do it, why the distraction, moving it to the left? >> the jury spoke you want for the rest of us to shut up. we don't like the stand your ground law. >> why? >> it is ridiculous let a bunch of yahoo's carry guns. >> it is a constitutional right. >> the jury did not speak about stand your ground. >> i don't care what they spoke about stand your ground. >> that's the problem. >> your phone is ringing. doj set up a tip line for information that george zimmerman has had racial bias in
2:22 pm
the past. kimberly -- >> did that really just happen? >> sorry. anyway, where is the line for benghazi. >> what about benghazi, it has been folded under the tent, wipe it away, not going to talk about it. that's why they want to hype the thing with zimmerman. is it tragic a young man lost his life. do you think george zimmerman feels happy about it? no. do you think he was afraid for his life, the jury thought that. that's what matters. he had a right not to take the stand. and the six women evaluated the evidence. >> can you imagine the fbi doesn't investigate you, the jury takes this in, hours in testimony and go listen, anybody else see anything racist about him? they interviewed his ex-girlfriend and couldn't find anything. >> there's 101 ways to say no comment. i have never heard of anything like this, justice department
2:23 pm
doing that. >> can i say something about benghazi, want to talk about the evidence. reason you don't hear about benghazi, they came up with no evidence. wait until you see a man who has no fear of wrestling a seven foot shark to shore with his bare hands. ahead on "the five." >> that's hot. >> that's amazing. ♪ what makes a sleep number store different?
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college grads are struggling to find jobs, many put off having families because their education put them deep in debt. the consumer protection bureau announced the amount they owe in student loans, $1 trillion. and the number will skyrocket. interest rates went from 3.4 to 6.8% july 1st, because the republicans and democrats didn't come to an agreement. the republicans have an offer and president obama had a meeting at the white house and told the democrats to knock it off. >> can i make a comment? >> to me or about the story. >> you're already gone. you started off like snow white, now you're down there with whatever. >> what does that mean? >> what does it say? ask yourself that question. >> peer pressure. >> i happened to co-sign student loans for a couple of people, one of whom died for sally mae.
2:29 pm
they are busting my chops every day to pay it back. i am not paying it back. >> you co-signed a loan. aren't you responsible? >> i didn't know that at the time. >> stop it. that's the definition of co-signing. you're being responsible. >> what outcome did you expect in that situation? >> i thought when they died they would feel bad about it and not charge. >> if you have a student loan, you're not having kids because you don't feel like having sex. that's exactly it. you don't want to start a family. >> what are you talking about? >> that is your problem. >> i am debt free. >> but even when they don't start families, because they feel they're not financially secure enough to start a family yet, not that they're not having s-e-x. >> how do you have a family? >> a lot of times they don't feel like having s-e-x. >> what would you do? >> the philosophy from the
2:30 pm
yellow couch seeped in here. >> you bring your personal life to this show? you're the guest here. >> it applies to the talking point, i am moving it forward. >> let me ask somebody who knows something maybe more about this. you said people don't feel like having s-e-x, starting families -- it is not because -- because they used protection. >> i have one. >> immaculate conception. >> with one of the five husbands you had. >> bob -- >> if you're starting off a new job, is a student loan holding everybody back because they're worried about making that payment every month? >> from mortgage mitigation to
2:31 pm
bailing companies out, kids think they're going to get -- they probably will, scary thing is, they're probably going to get bailed out. all they're hearing is president obama, get me a phone. >> birth control. i live with my parents. >> next shoe to drop. obama administration will say we have to take care of this huge next balloon or bubble that's going to burst. we're going to bail out student loan debt. they will come with some mitigation, student loan debt. >> because it doesn't work, bob. never bailing people out of stuff works. it is anti-capitalism. they take on more debt and then they won't be able to have is sex. >> kimberly hasn't had a chance. >> i got yelled at once. >> stop talking. you're in timeout. kimberly, one thing i thought about earlier today so i am asking you, the problem is student loan debt, but also a problem of jobs.
2:32 pm
the unemployment rate -- we need job growth, we need fracking and other things to get the -- it moving. >> you have children staying home with their parents forever, even if they have jobs, even if you know somebody, bob beckel can't help you get ansh internship, they don't have enough positions to go to. you have kids going to vocational training, get a certificate. >> what's wrong with that? >> it is not a bad idea. >> some certificate programs are ones you won't have to go into a lot of debt to get them. then there are jobs for it. but bob, what were you doing there? >> no, i was following. she talks with her hands. i was trying to do it. >> then he comes out here, tries to smell me all the time. >> for example, airline mechanics make a lot of money, you can get that certificate, you don't have to get --
2:33 pm
>> a lot of companies help you pay for a four-year degree. >> you could probably take it up yourself. especially when you -- >> is that the kind of advise you give them? >> i could have answered the way kimberly or i answered. >> the road less traveled. >> yes. >> could have won either way. >> rolling stone puts the bombing suspect on the cover like a rock star, then make apologies, don't understand why people are mad. we will explain when we come back. all business purchases.
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♪ 21 minutes before the top of the hour. bob, it is not you. welcome back, everyone. when you think of rolling stone magazine covers, names like bruce springsteen come to mind, paul mccartney, bob dillon, lady gaga. on august 3rd, they chose the terrorist suspected of killing four, wounding over 260 at the boston marathon during the days that followed. outrage has been widespread, i am heartened by that, with some chains like cvs and walgreen's refusing to sell it. rolling stone editor's responded, i will give you a brief look at it, the story is important to examine complexity of the issue and gain a more complete understanding how a tragedy like this happened. eric, you auditioned during the break, you're fired up about this as well. >> it is outrageous. kid, make k
2:39 pm
like jim morrison, bob dillon. >> look at the side by side. >> if you had it, pull it up. so they're glorifying the bomber. every kid in the country is going i am not good enough to play guitar or drums and get on the cover of rolling stone, maybe i can blow something up, get on the cover of rolling stone. ultra liberal, don't read it. they do good journalistic work. they take about how he became a monster. >> rolling stone is trying to get attention, sell magazines. it is hard hitting and kron kels where he was and what is going on. >> the story was to get reaction and be memorable. if they want to sell magazines, call laurel harper and harper's
2:40 pm
bizarre. this is full you know what. one of the things that the media critics said today was they say he is a monster on the cover, we don't really understand the problem. the point is the image. remember glamour shots. i wanted to get glamour shots so much. that's what they've just done. nobody reads rolling stone for those articles. >> bob, you cannot be happy about that. >> let me tell you what i am happy about. on the bus with willie nelson, i have been on that, it is a great ride. let me put it this way, who cares? >> how about the families that had people died. 32 people that lost limbs. is there a way to do the story and not glamorize him? no way to put him on the cover and not glamorize him.
2:41 pm
>> why put him on the cover. why is this the face of terrible tragedy for americans that were maimed, you want to write about it, write it inside. >> i have the answer. you want that shot on there, not many head shots coming out of there, better be split with a jump suit, if you don't have it, wheelchairs, people without legs and arms. on the other side, how did a guy get so bad, do so much damage, hurt so many. that's anti-american. >> nobody should call him a kid, he is a terrorist and he is a monster. in america when you're 17 years old, you can sign up to be in the military when you turn 18. that's when a lot of our young people who have decided to go overseas, they have done three or four tours of duty to help stamp out what rolling stone is glamorizing. >> one more point about brian being here, started for fox and friends at 2:00 in the morning. if i were you, i wouldn't drink so much coffee before you come
2:42 pm
on this show. whatever you do, i don't know, methamphetamines that keeps you going all day, loosen it down a little. >> okay, this kid that they glamorized, monster, killed an eight-year-old kid. >> put him on the cover. >> make sure they know how it is done. >> people are mad, what, we called him a monster. >> don't go buy it to read it, it reinforces behavior, run from it, make sure people don't buy it. >> i am going to buy it. >> cvs, walgreen's, others should follow. >> it is glamorizing terrorism. i think it inspires others to join the jihadist movement. >> supposed to get out of here. 17 before the top of the hour. princess kate could give birth at any moment, bob is literally losing sleep, he is so excited.
2:43 pm
look at him, he is splitting the screen with me, he has been on round the clock baby watch the last three days. he has a monitor in london that will tell us about it when we return, right, bob? ♪ [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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♪ folks, i got to tell you something. little tired today. you know why? i was up all night listening to bbc whether kate's baby was born. that's the big news happening this year. i for one am so overwhelmed about it. i have a ticket to go to london. queen elizabeth gets it first, then i am second. we are already over there. >> martha is there. >> please, you're interrupting my opening. please. let me go this way, say this. if you're not excited about this, you're not human. dana, what do you think? >> i am very excited, on pins and needles.
2:48 pm
yeah. >> how can that be? >> i was fascinated. there's a protocol who gets to know first. >> the queen. >> if the baby is born in the middle of the night, you can't wake the queen. she gets to sleep the night. >> someone broke into the bedroom when she was sleeping, they did. i would have been scared of that myself. anyway, they let the camera know, let the queen know, then heads of state. >> this is fascinating. >> talk about zimmerman, you get excited about that. this is something to be excited about. >> it is going to unite the world. >> third in line to be king or queen. >> fourth, third, william -- harry gets bumped. >> he is king of fun! >> everybody wants to be harry!
2:49 pm
>> i am, but bob is ruining, destroying it, doesn't know the name of anybody. is it harry's baby? >> give me a break. i always do the last segment, that's my place, i don't care about opening. doesn't bother me. brian, you're probably as excited as anybody else, aren't you? >> exactly, so excited i can't put it into words. any time someone gives birth, they call me. this time i know i am fourth or fifth. >> birth of your child? >> anybody around me. i am fascinated that someone one day will be king and i feel bad for the grandfather that's still waiting to be king because his grandmother won't give up the throne. charles. >> charles is going to be inaugurated king and just die. not going to go anywhere. if the mother lives to 110 -- listen, no, she's queen.
2:50 pm
sunsetting on the british empire. i got you!
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breaking my will. all right. it is time for one more thing. i said it nice and sweet. i am starting with this, it is amazing, a shark wrestling video. this is a 24-year-old guy, elliott sadal, wrestling a shark in nantucket, massachusetts, originally from florida, said it is his favorite hobby. he wrestled 100 sharks. he was fishing for blue fish, noticed they were getting chomped up. >> doesn't that look like me? >> he is an alpha male. >> that guy's a jerk. leave the shark alone! >> you're jealous. and he has a better tan. >> that guy, that 24-year-old stud you like, will be on fox and friends tomorrow. >> anybody does anything is on fox and friends the next day. >> tell him i said he is an idiot for doing that.
2:55 pm
>> he was a sand shark. >> al sharpton will be representing the shark soon. dana, up next. >> so history is going to be made tonight, our friend greg gutfeld is not here, not there for red eye. somehow he is allowing me to guest host for him. this happened last january, had to pull it back up. hoping to get revenge after this sound bite. >> dancing with the president, now you're telling us about how to wipe your butt, and watching cat videos and commenting. you used to be one of those powerful people in the country. what happened? what happened? you realize greg is going to see
2:56 pm
it in the morning. >> that guy has to be on the show. >> red eye is unlike any show on cable news. hopefully i can rise to the occasion. >> you have a surprise tonight? >> surprise package because i moved into greg's office earlier today, brought in all my pictures. >> you should leave them there. >> couldn't mention a whole show without mentioning jasper. >> cannot. >> it was less than a week ago this happened. oh, man. >> i think he felt bad. live tv. when i punch greg in the face -- >> you felt bad. >> i think he felt bad for the kid. >> so i listened on satellite radio as all my good friends on "the five" destroyed me, and listened to the whole station and the whole show destroy me. there was one woman that defended me, and she's right here. dana perino is my hero, used to defending people.
2:57 pm
>> i think you felt bad. didn't you feel bad? >> i don't like beating up a two-year-old. i did not beat up a two-year-old. it bounced past him, he got it no problem. >> s't a knock on the door from social welfare. >> dana, thank you. >> brian, i am trying for eric's one more thing. >> ready? so under the category of no wonder. no wonder al sharpton is so passionate. man has responsibilities. take a look, here is a picture of mr. al sharpton, 58-year-old al with his 35-year-old girlfriend. personal stylist -- if she's a personal stylist, al, the hair! >> has sharpton got his groove back. >> the things we could say. all righty.
2:58 pm
bob? >> we didn't have enough time to discuss, this baby is coming. now look, just wait a second. we didn't get to point out the baby will have 60 gun salute. by the way, you're not going to be anywhere near the baby, you'll probably beat it up, seriously, that was a terrible thing to do, terrible. did you see what he did? unbelievable. look at her. doesn't she look good? was she pregnant when she got married? no, i'm sorry. listen to bbc tonight. you're going to love it. wait. >> are we out of time? >> we have to go. >> "special report" is next. high stakes poker as house republicans again go after obama care, this time by seeing the president's proposal and raising him one. this is "special report."
2:59 pm
good evening, i'm bret baier. it has taken years, but house republicans at last find themselves in synch with president obama on his health care law. it is the kind of endorsement the obama white house would rather live without, one that actually prompted a veto threat. chief washington correspondent james rosen is following the unfolding action on capitol


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