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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 17, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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selling sausage. that is not what it is. all right? again, thanks for watching "the factor" tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. and this today, a fox news alert. our local station in orlando, florida, wofl fox 35 sat down for an exclusive interview with an alternate juror your in the george zimmerman murder trial. here's a portion of that interview. >> what did you think of the verdict? >> i was -- i supported the verdict. i agree with it. >> and was there anything in the evidence, in the testimony that really came out at you? >> i think the things that i focused on when i was -- when i was doing my own deliberation
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was the non-emergency phone call. picked up on things out of rachel jeantel's testimony. trayvon martin's phone records or her phone records when they were talking. the -- >> of course, rachel jeantel is the friend that trayvon martin was talking to right before the shooting on the cell phone. >> correct, yep. yep. i call them ear witnesses. the ones that heard the noises, the noises and they helped me fill the gap and then the eyewitnesss. and i think -- but i think the one thing that stands out the most is the injuries. just to mr. zimmerman. >> what did you think of neighbor john good's testimony? talked about mma style, ground and pound. >> yeah. i mean, you know, what i -- i got from that was just the motions he saw. you know? whether it was ground and pound or mma. you know, it didn't -- it wasn't relevant to me. it was just the motions and the
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fact of who he saw on top and who he thought was on the bottom. that's more relevant features to his testimony to me. >> did you think rachel jeantel was credible? >> i did pick up some credible information from her, so yeah, i think she was credible. >> whose voice do you think was on the 911 call? >> i -- personally, i can't tell you who it was. but from the witnesses' testimonies and from the injuries to george zimmerman, i believe it to be him. >> you believe that it was george zimmerman's voice? >> yes. >> you would have voted not guilty? >> correct. >> what did you think of b-37, the juror who spoke out? did you see that interview? >> i did. yep. to be honest with you, i was surprised that anybody could come out that quickly and talk about this. i know when i got done and released, and was asked about what i thought, i -- i, you know, i didn't know where to
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start. i didn't know what to say. and so, i was a little surprised that she came out as quickly as i'm not surprised that it might have been -- that it was her that came out but, you know, i just -- just think that was a little bit too soon. >> what is your reaction to all the protests, demonstrations and tas of a civil rights complaint now? >> yeah, you know, i just don't understand the civil right complaint. i didn't see the evidence there that -- in the courtroom that would make anybody believe there's a civil rights case for this. the protests, you know, the people are going to be angry no matter what the verdict was. and there's nothing we can do about that so i hope that they're peaceful and, you know, they just do it, you know, as calmly, as best they can. you know? and there's not destruction and not hatred and not, you know, a lot of anger towards the jurors. >> and so, when you heard the
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verdict, what was going through your mind and how did it make you feel? >> well, what went through my mind was first impression was that i thought that it was an accurate verdict. and the next thing i went through my mind was how hard i know that they -- the ladies worked to reach that verdict and to, you know, that they -- proud of them for putting -- looking at the evidence and doing what they had to do to come up with the verdict. >> and what was your reaction when you found out that you were a altn alternate? >> disappointed. i had a feeling that i might have been an alternate because of where i was sitting but i would have liked to have been in the room with the five ladies and had a chance to talk about it and, you know, you couldn't talk about it the whole time we were together and would have been a great time to sit down and get their thoughts and what did they see, what did i see, you know, to compare and
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deliberate. i wish i had an opportunity. >> fox 35 will air that interview in the entirety tonight. joining us now is fox 35 reporter valley boey who did the interview a few minutes ago. welcome back. joining us is doug burns and remy spencer. good interview. >> thank you. >> first of all, i am really impressed with the way that the jurors -- the seriousness with which they approached this case. >> certainly. they were very, very focused. >> yeah. >> well, what i -- you know, gave me a better understanding of how they looked at all this evidence and the testimony. you know, juror -- e-54, this middle aged man, he says the three things that stood out to him, the non-emergency call, the injuries as well as the testimony by rachel jeantel. he says that's because that call proved that trayvon martin was down by his father's house at the time and then had to go back
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up to where the shooting took place. that's why he believes trayvon martin attacked george zimmerman. >> yeah. by the way, all the other jurors believed that, too, according to the other juror that spoke out. any other information you got out of the interview, give us a little preview? >> yeah. b-37 said that george zimmerman should not have, you know, should have gone back to his car. however, e-54 disagrees. he says, you know what? he lived there. he had a right to stay wherever he wanted. he says he was not profiling trayvon martin and you know -- remember how the prosecutors trying to spin it, you know, in that sense of making him sound like a racist but he said, no, we didn't get that at all. >> this is interesting, remy, and i said the law, john good, the eyewitness to this case, the obviously -- the screams. every one of those jurors thought it was george zimmerman which makes sense. >> it does make sense. the prosecution wut on two witnesses that said it was
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trayvon martin's voice but the defense put on seven. >> his brother and mother. >> seven from the defense and some from the state's case so it was a compelling argument that they made. and the jurors got to hear the tape. they got to hear what these witnesses were offering their opinion on so it's not surprising that the jurors believed it was, in fact, zimmerman's voice on that 911 call. >> but the law was clear here. you're a prosecutor here. >> yes. >> there's pros ecutorial abuse in this case. what's your thoughts? >> probably would have been well served to not charge it as high as they did. they could have come in with a criminally negligent homicide. didn't identify him, didn't say he's armed. swinging for the fences with murder 2. why do that? charge something lower. they came in at the last second. they said third-degree felony child abuse and felony murder. do it at the beginning.
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>> i agree. i don't think this is unique to this case. i think prosecutors across this country in cases we are not watching on the news every night overcharge as a matter of course and here we saw how it backfired. >> it's also but the justification of use of deadly force is clear in florida. and also, every juror -- nobody thought this was about race. trayvon martin family, they said it wasn't about race and the prosecutors said it and now the civil rights i think -- >> sean, there's too many discussions of different issues. i'm a lawyer. >> hey, sean. >> the case was never about race. okay? as you said, the family said it. so now they're trying to make it about that. makes no sense. >> valerie? >> i talked to state attorney corey a few days ago and said she never called george zimmerman a racist and never withhold evidence and gave them a dvd of the pictures and the text messages, however, the defense just didn't have the software to download it and she say this is's where the mistake
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happened. >> isn't it true, though, that they gave black and white photo which was very, very different. they didn't give the color photo, valerie? >> yes. that's what the defense was saying originally. but she swears that everything that they had was an that dvd and that if they had that proper software they would have gotten the same things that they had. >> why did she then fire the whistle-blower in the case who's now filing a lawsuit? >> i asked that. she said that ben was a trusted friend and that he violated their trust and that he could no longer work there because of that and said he wiped the laptop clean which was unacceptable. >> i'm not sure if that's believable because the defense is saying they didn't have this evidence. what do you think? >> yeah. absolutely. >> major, major problem. we know from the federal courts that bray versus maryland says anything to tend to exculpate the defendant, he might be innocent, has to be turned over to the defense. >> all expulpatory.
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>> after the verdict, takes to the podium. every prosecutor's taught, stay above the fray. there's the verdict. we respect it. sit down. not -- >> they were bitter? >> sore losers. >> i agree with all that. >> thank you. >> valerie, thank you both. valerie, great job as always and appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coming up next right here tonight on a busy night -- >> it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self defense and so dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods. >> when we come back, the nra lashing out at eric holder saying that self defense isn't a concept but a right. we'll debate that right after the break. dr. benjamin carson will join us. you get to pick the video of the day. it's real simple if you want to vote. the video you choose airs in its
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even a jury found him not guilty, the obama administration is not letting the case go against george zimmerman. attorney general holder tried to use the topic to push through the left wing anti-gun agenda. take a look. >> it is time to strengthen our collective resolve to combat gun violence, but also time to combat violence involving or directed toward our children. so we can prevent future tragedies. separate and apart from the case that's drawn the nation's attention, it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self defense and so dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods. ♪ these laws try to fix something that was never broken. there has always been a legal defense for using deadly force
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if and the if is important, if no safe retreat is available. >> safe retreat? i've never heard self defense described that way before but we're not the only ones concerned. the nra said, quote, the attorney general fails to understand that self-defense is not a concept. it is a fundamental right. to send a message that legitimate self-defense is to blame is demonstrating once again the administration will exploit tragedies to push their political agenda. joining me now with reaction, lanny davis. we have jay secular back with us. jay, first of all, safe retreat, it seems eric holder wants to embolden criminals and then shift the burden of proof on to the victims of crime to prove that they tried to -- everything they could do, they have to prove that they tried to retreat before they could defend themselves. do we want do go down that road?
9:17 pm
>> well, so, sean, first of all these are state law decisions. the attorney general is entitled to his opinion and discuss it but it's state law that controls this. 30 consolidates have stand your ground rules of some type and vary state to state but that's basically the basic concept. number two, the problem as you mentioned is burden shifting and that is if someone's using self-defense as a defense in their case, sometimes the burden becomes on the individual to show that there was a safe route out. with the stand your ground laws do is if you're attacked you can respond. so, i think that, you know, kind of blaming this tragedy -- this was a tragedy. no matter what side of case you're on, a jury made a decision here and the decision was the individual george zimmerman was not guilty. that doesn't mean it wasn't a horrific event. it was. but to blame the existing state laws on that, i think it's, again, the attorney general going outside of his jurisdiction.
9:18 pm
he wants to talk about it, sure, but it's a state law question, not the federal government's decision and there's politics in this. we can talk about that in a moment, sean. i think it's politicaldy traction of other news developing. >> that in a second. >> the trayvon martin case proves that the self-defense common law defense that you're allowed to kill when you believe that your life is threatened or serious harm, that's the self-defense defense is adequate because mr. zimmerman was acquitted. what attorney general holder is saying is you don't need more than that self-defense defense in this country. and that in the case of the hold your ground statutes, it allows the discretion even if it's not necessary to kill somebody which is what the flee issue is. if it's not necessary, you can still shoot to kill. i think self-defense by the trayvon martin case is all that
9:19 pm
we need. >> well, but i think the laws came out of -- >> actually not the -- >> go ahead, jay. >> that's not the standard, actually. because in the stand your ground, it doesn't mean you can at will kill. you can stand your ground and defend yourself. it is a burden shifting issue. i think it's an overstatement but again the attorney general wants to address it, address it but it's a state law decision. this is a state law discussion. >> as long as we do agree, historic moment when jay and i agree. there is not a big difference here. the attorney general, i think, is right as a matter of policy. jay is right that it's a state issue. and democracy can take place at the state level. when people understand that the stand your ground law does allow more discretion to shoot to kill, the right of self defense, which acquitted trayvon martin does allow you to shoot to kill if you can show you had no alternative than to shoot to kill to your own life.
9:20 pm
>> we have a lot of irregularities in this case. they withheld evidence, the prosecution in this case. they took this away from local enforcement and they appointed a special prosecutor. they bypassed the grand jury in this particular case. they overcharged. they lost, jay. and now, they want to come in with civil rights charges when there's no evidence that's been presented. what is your reaction to that? >> well, first of all, you know, the prosecution made a fundamental mistake in the beginning of the case and overcharged and they tried to save themselves at the end by trying to include a lesser included offense and didn't convince anybody on that jury. and that jury -- i don't think, you know, i believe in the jury system. sometimes i have had juries go my way and sometimes they don't but unless there's reversal error, and here there's not, if there's withholding of evidence but zimmerman's defense team didn't need that at the end of the day so we have the look at that's at stake here.
9:21 pm
i think this is, again, talking about a civil rights investigation, sean, what what i'm doing right now. this is our response that's going on out tonight to the internal revenue service in response to their request that they'll give expedited review to 41 groups targeted if they agree to surrender their now found out today that the chief counsel of the irs was involved in it. a lot of this, it's a horrible situation with martin's death. nobody questions that but a lot of this -- this is distraction. you have big testimony tomorrow. >> let's ask a specific question. >> you have a cheap counsel implicated. >> this is the same attorney general, eric holder, as far as i know, he never called brian terry's family, the same attorney general in the case of the new black panther party in front of a polling place didn't go after civil rights violations there. i got a question. don't you think this is over the top? there's been no evidence presented. as far as, a mountain of
9:22 pm
evidence that showed george zimmerman's not a racist. >> first of all, in your introduction to jay, you said they and lumped together the prosecutor and whatever was done in misconduct and i would not defend in the case in florida with the attorney general. i've known eric holder for 25 years. he was a great u.s. attorney, a law and order attorney general. >> the flan? didn't he support that? >> excuse me? >> the faln pardon, do you support that? lied under oath in recent years. >> buy your words and you have to let me speak mine without interrupting me. >> okay. >> the attorney general is a man of integrity. you can disagree with the position and that's fair and there can be a debate about what should be done at the state level but he's okay with me looking in to whether there's a civil rights violation here. i don't think there is. i think that the jury surprised me. i thought there was a manslaughter case here. i trust the jury system. but i would certainly want the attorney general -- >> last question. >> to look in to it.
9:23 pm
>> can you cite one bit of evidence this shows that george zimmerman has any racist thoughts, tendencies? >> no. i disagree with anyone using that. people on my side, the liberal democratic side, who are upset by this verdict -- >> eric holder's doing it. >> no. he never injected race. he is looking in to whether -- >> looked in to it for 16 months. >> you put words in his mouth which is unfair. >> he's looking into it for 16 months. interviewed 47 people. not one of them has said anything -- >> let's see the outcome. >> the outcome is you have the fbi investigating the irs and the department of justice investigating itself. >> we're back to the irs. invite me back on to debate my friend jay on the irs issue because he's mischaracterizing. >> i don't know if we like you enough. >> that's why you want me. you might want to beat up on me. >> i'm teasing. thank you for being with us. even though a jury has spoken, some members of the congressional black caucus
9:24 pm
saying trayvon martin's civil rights were violated the night he was killed. up next, reaction of dr. benjamin carson and a former member of the naacp. first, you get to select tonight's video of the day. option number two -- now this was road rage on the raceway. this past weekend in north carolina. if you want to see the rest of if you want to see the rest of this video, just log on goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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welcome back. while outrage continues to ensue regarding the acquittal, the congressional black caucus is chiming in. let's take a look. >> we all have heavy hearts concerning the martin case. but part of the problem is that we don't feel that the judicial system is fair. the main situation is that we do know that mr. martin's civil rights have been violated. we do know that. >> remember, this comes after the fbi documents revealed there's no evidence of racial bias related to this tragic event. members of the cbc are pushing forward and now preparing legislation in response to trayvon's death. now proposals are intended to
9:29 pm
rein in, quote, racial profiling, scrap stand-your-ground laws and promote training for neighborhood watch volunteers among other anti-violence measures. here with reaction to this and more, professor of pediatric neuro surgery, ben carson and michael bond. michael, welcome back. can you cite -- >> how are you doing, sean? >> -- any evidence there's racial an tiff think in george zimmerman, his life, his life, this case? the fbi looked in to 16 months and found nothing. do you know anything? >> well, i don't know anything specific. i don't believe that george zimmerman is a race ester prks say, but i believe that george zimmerman had prejudices that formed his assumptions about trayvon martin. >> do you have any evidence, though? >> to commit this horrendous act. i think the killing of trayvon martin is sufficient enough. you know, he was tried -- >> that has nothing -- wait, sir. with all due respect, that has
9:30 pm
nothing to do with race. >> well, it does have something to do with race and the assumptions that george zimmerman made that particular night. george zimmerman made a gross assumption of trayvon martin, that he was in that community up to no good and that predicated his actions. if he had not made those assumptions, he would have never have gotten out of the car and called the police. >> mr. bond? >> trayvon martin would be alive. >> mr. bond, you're making assumptions here yourself because what we know about the case is george zimmerman, there was a crime ridden neighborhood. had a lot of break-ins. he was part of a neighborhood watch. he saw somebody he didn't know and close to a home, seemingly looking in to a window. now, does that not sound suspicious and transcend the issue of race? >> well, i mean, when is it a crime to use your eyeballs while you're walking down the street to go home? when's it a crime for you to be
9:31 pm
somewhere that someone else is not familiar with you but you're actually in your home? >> you're assuming this is because of race. >> what george zimmerman should have done instead of pursuing him, i'm from the neighborhood watch, i would like to talk to you about what you're doing in this neighborhood. >> what do you think, dr. carson? any evidence you have heard in this case? >> first of all, let me just tell mr. bond that his father was one of my role models growing up. i was very impressed by his ability to express himself. >> dr. carson, you're a role model for my son, in turn. >> thank you. you know, when i look at a case like this, i try toy look at it from both points of view, and, you know, i grew up in the inner city detroit. boston. and inner city, if you're walking down a street by yourself late at night, and someone starts following you, you go in to a fight or flight mentality. and i'm sure that may have
9:32 pm
played some role in trayvon's actions. from the point of view of george zimmerman, you're the night watchman. there's been a lot of crime. you see somebody that you don't know. he did the appropriate thing by calling the police. perhaps not the appropriate thing by, you know, following him. however, it ended up in an altercation, a very unfortunate situation. and george zimmerman happened to have a gun. and so, it ended up in a tragedy. i'm thinking that there must be something that we can learn from this situation in addition to not, you know, creating a big racial divide. and the thing that i would suggest and i think we real he ought to start thinking about things like this, put -- give night watchmen a taser. if he has a taser, we wouldn't be talking about this right now.
9:33 pm
>> you know, doctor, i don't want to cut you off but if george zimmerman used something that we all have, his mouth. if he identified himself as a neighborhood watchman and said, who are you? what are you doing in this community? i'm the neighborhood watchman. i represent the neighborhood organization. i'm here to make sure -- there have been crimes in the neighborhood, crimes in the community. what are you doing here? and he would have given trayvon the opportunity to speak as opposed to the -- >> mr. bond -- >> pursuing him and creating a fight. neither of us would be here having this discussion. >> the problem is that according to george zimmerman, when he was confronted by trayvon, trayvon almost immediately threw the punch that broke his nose and jumped on top of him according to the eyewitness. >> yeah. he said that -- he approached his car. when george zimmerman was in his car before he got out, he could have simply identified himself then and trayvon martin wasn't in -- i guess swinging --
9:34 pm
>> i think that's reasonable. i agree. >> would be alive today. >> dr. carson? >> there are no winners in this situation. and, you know, part of the problem here is it looks like a travesty of justice because zimmerman gets away completely free. but, you know, the way i look at it, this was not a second-degree murder. this was a third-degree murder. this was a manslaughter. and if, in fact, that had been the case, he would have perhaps spent a year or two in jail. he would have come out an lived in peace and wouldn't be a fugitive. and people wouldn't feel so outraged. >> all right. we're going to come back and talk about the eric holder side of this and whether or not they should be pursuing civil rights charges against george zimmerman. more after the break. by the way, don't forget, log on to the special companion site. you get to vote for tonight's video of the day. this is option number three and we'll air the one you choose at
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welcome back. we continue with dr. benjamin carson and michael bond. michael, there's evidence in 16 months of investigation by the fbi of any racial animosity george zimmerman's part. he went to his prom with a black girlfriend. he's mentored black children in his spare time. he didn't have to do any of this. he stood up for a black homeless man against the sanford police department when they assaulted him. does that fit the profile of a racist that eric holder's looking in to? >> well, it doesn't fit the
9:40 pm
profile of a racist, necessarily, but it fit it is from file of someone capable of making a faulty assumption about a young african-american man that he saw not late at night. around 7:00 in the evening walking home. he made a terrible and awful mistake that cost trayvon martin his life. and a lot of people make those assumptions. >> so did trayvon martin because he punched him and jumped on him. >> but if someone -- >> he played a part in this. >> in all fairness -- >> in all fairness. >> i'm a law enforcement officer and have been a security guard. when i was in my early 20s. when i was in college. and i was trained to engage people when i saw someone who was suspicious. if george zimmerman made a huge mistake by not simply communicating with trayvon martin -- >> you're assuming he had that opportunity and george zimmerman is saying he got blindsided and had a broken nose and beaten up
9:41 pm
and jumped on top of by trayvon and discounting all this. >> no, i'm discounting it because george zimmerman also said that he followed trayvon martin. >> 911 oerperator said, where i he now? >> followed him for some distance and told him not to get out of car. >> right. >> he could have said, hey you. hey fellow. turn around. >> i agree. i agreeing. i wish there was communication. i said it's a terrible tragedy and you seem to want to dismiss this. eric holder is going after civil rights violations here. and i think they're just -- i think he's mad that they didn't get the verdict they wanted. and i find this unjust. >> you know, i'm not exactly sure why we have to make everything in to a big confrontation or issue and divide ourselves up like this. these kinds of mistakes happen,
9:42 pm
unfortunately; a lot. i had an experience myself when we moved where we are now. my 14-year-old son was walking around with a bebe gun. unfortunately he walked on to somebody's property. >> huh oh. >> they didn't know what was going on. came out with a shotgun. >> oh boy. >> and another neighbor happened to see what was going on and came over and intervened and brought my son home. and we had a long talk with him after that. but that could have easily ended up -- these kinds of things happen but we don't have to always make it in to a racial issue or use it to further divide our society. let's look at ways that we can learn something from this and find a way that we can keep these things from happening. >> where's the president? isn't this -- >> we need to be realistic and have a conversation in this country about race, about class, about these issues surrounding these young black male that is
9:43 pm
are in communities that unfortunately are being targeted in these types of incidents. now, i'm a former correction officer. i was a -- i grew up in the toughest neighborhood here in atlanta. vine city. i was robbed at gun point when i was in the academy to be a correction officer. so i understand the dynamic of people being leary of strangers in their community but we have to be realistic. this isn't going to be a happy kind of go-lucky moment. there are real issues in america that we have to address. real issues around poverty. real issues around race. >> education. >> and faulty perceptions and education. >> i have no issue with anything you said. >> we have to have a conversation and not an easy one but as long as we keep saying, well, we wans to dance around this. not really about race and george zimmerman isn't that bad of a guy but the issue becomes how did he make the assumption? why didn't he communicate with
9:44 pm
the young man? why didn't he stop him? >> and you have to ask one other question, though, why did trayvon hit him? you don't want to bring that part in. >> he was probably fearing for his own life. i mean, when i was robbed, sean, right there at the corner of magnolia and vine, vine city, i had four black males approach me in a car. >> we are out of time here. >> if i had a place to run, i would have done it. put a 45 to the front and a .9 millimeter to the back. >> not helping with what eric holder is doing. >> compelling to have this conversation about race. class. education. >> appreciate you all being with us. dr. carson, i got in my trouble with my bebe gun than i can tell. thanks for being with us "roling stone" magazine under fire for putting a boston bombing suspect on their cover. michelle malkin is here to weigh
9:45 pm
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welcome back. one of the nation's most iconic magazines landed in hot water after an accused killer and terrorist on the cover. "rolling stone" magazine released the cover of the latest issue with a glam shot of the
9:49 pm
boston marathon bombing. needless to say, critics are blasting the magazine, questioning why the editors chose to honor such a monster but the editors of "rolling stone" are not the only one given the terrorist star treatment. in boston, the so-called groupies held up signs saying justice for dzhokhar and release dzhokhar. >>. is this the same magazine attacks a war hero and he get it is star treatment here? this is how we treat this guy, a killer? >> it sure is. and they really need to retitle this magazine because it's now tired beat for terrorists. and criminals and sociopaths and i really wonder -- i dread to know what's coming up next. are they going to put nidal
9:50 pm
hassan to understand more deeply his humanity and complexity? i mean, i really just want to throw up, especially -- not just looking at the cover, but the actual article itself. now, "rolling stone" is trying to cover its backside and explained that really people need to appreciate that this article falls within the traditions of journalism. but after consuming the entire article, all i came to the conclusion of is that the author as well as these editors are as muddle headed as ever about our war with islam and really this just serves the purposes of al qaeda prop gandists. >> how a popular promising student was failed by his family, fell in to a radical islam and became a monster.
9:51 pm
>> yeah. >> making excuses for him and his friends. i didn't know he was a radical islamist. there was evidence that he was moving in that direction. >> yeah. that's right. it's always all our fault. the other thing i found wildly amusing is the explanation from the magazine that the reason why they put him on the cover, that people need to understand is that he's young and they wanted to appeal to other young readers. in other words, american youth, this accused boston bomber who's accused of using pressure cookers that ended up killing many people including an 8-year-old boy, is just like you! it's flabber gasting if you look at it on its face and i'm encouraged by the backlash. it is not just us racist islamicphobic conservatives appalled by this. pretty much everyone in mainstream hollywood from bands like one republic and tommy lee from motley crue.
9:52 pm
many actors including ralph macchio and chris evans and when you've got captain america and the cakarate kid against you, y should reassess yourself. >> there's a big boston supermarket chain, walgreens, stop n shop, cvs said, no, we won't sell this. i applaud the decision. your reaction? >> that's right. yes. a number of retail chains decided they're not going to carry the article because they have seen what's gob smackingly obvious, it's glorifying an accused terrorist. that's what people have to understand. separate and apart from the dimmy whitewashing article is any time you put somebody on "rolling stone," that is prime celebrity real estate. and it does nothing but celeb-rify people including in accused terrorist and comes in the context as you mentioned at the beginning that you have got all of these free dzhokhar group
9:53 pm
pis. >> what's wrong with these people? >> what is wrong with these people? i said there's a significant portion of america that has a sociopath fetish and we really need to understand that it isn't our job just to educate people and inform them and put knowledge into their heads. we have to inculcate good values, decency and humanity and trump things like getting eyeballs for your magazine. >> what are your thoughts, where are you now on the -- we have talked a lot about the zimmerman case. where do you stand on it? >> i'm very concerned. i understand that a lot of people want to tamp down the fact there's been outbursts of violence and quote/unquote social unrest in places like oakland and other urban areas and like to look the other way and pretend this is some sort of marginal reaction. but i think that a lot of the divisiveness that we're seeing out to lie -- the blame ought to
9:54 pm
lie at the feet of the white house with grievance mongers and making the divisions larger and not healing them and you have got a lot of these demagogues, racial demagogues like al sharpton who are now plotting even more unrest and fomting agitation. where the leaders in true civil right leaders. there's brave, brave black conservatives speaking up now. they're trying to get some sense in to the black community on this. but, you know, there's a sense that a lot of this is untethered and i fear that. >> all right. michelle malkin, always good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. coming up, what you selected as tonight's video of the day. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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hello. welcome back. time to reveal what you the viewers have chosen as tonight's video of the day and selected the outrageous clip of a racetrack dust-up when one driver went on a wild ride he will not soon forget. let's take a look. you know the old saying.
10:00 pm
rubbing is racing. that's what they say. as always, thank you for being with us. with us. >> rubbing is racing. that's what they say. we will see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert a. alternate juror telling all. all about the george zimmerman trial. tonight, you will hear what you have never heard before. but first, did alternate juror e-54 agree with the verdict? he spoke exclusively with fox orlando's valerie boey. >> thank you so much for being here today. first of all, what did you think of the verdict? >> well, i was -- i supported the verdict. i agree with it. >> and was there anything in the evidence, in the system that really came out at you? >> i think the things that i focused on when i was -- when i was doing my own


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