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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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spin stops right here as we are definitely looking out for you.
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but beyond hearings a number of lawmakers are also calling for new legislation to be passed they say would prevent future shooting deaths however, at least one house republican is accusing some on the left of politicizing tragedy for political gain and says all starts way at the top. sheer congressman steve king. >> my sympathy goes out to the martin family and zimmerman family for this ordeal. the evidence didn't support prosecution. the justice department engaged in thchl the president engaged in this and turned it into a political issue that should have been handled with law and order. >> sean: remember this?
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>> racial profiling has to stop, mr. speaker. just because someone wears a hoody does not make them a hoodlum. the bible teaches us, mrs. , in 668. >> member wilson, the member, wilson, the member wilson. >> sean: joining me now, republican congressman steve king and dressman bobby rush. welcome. >> thank you. >> sean: congressman rush you said racial profiling has to stop because someone wears a hoody doesn't make them a hoodlum. do you have evidence in the zimmerman case that whufs -- prove that's? or suggests that? >> well, yes.
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trayvon martin was not a criminal. and not been charged at all with a crime but yet and still we can agree is a young dead black boy, teenager. who was killed by a guy who did not, was not a law enforcement officer, did not attempt to arrest him at all but trayvon is laying in a grave now. so... that, that, he's he was not a hoodlum. there is no indication he was not even accusations. that he was a hoodlum. he was an innocent young man. leaving a convenience store
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with a hoody on with a snack and drink in his hand and he's dead. >> sean: congressman rush he broke george zimmerman's nose and viewed by an eye witness ground and pound, pounding this guy's head into the cement. you're saying now, a agree there is a misunderstanding but i understand this is about racial profiling you didn't give me evidence about that. do you have evidence on that case? >> well, well, there is certainly evidence that i would consider had i been on the jury. >> sean: what is it? >> that racial profiling exists in this nation that there are thousands of cases of racial profiling. >> do you have evidence in this case? any evidence in this case? >> if i had been on the jury,
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or seen it in any other reasonable person had been on the jury then that won't have been some of the experiences that i -- boy have utilized in terms miff decision. >> let me go to congressman steve king there is no evidence of racial profiling. the attorney for trayvon martin and family says this was not about race. so, what do you make of congressional action on this? >> well, i think there has been a lot here that has been focused on race. they held a hearing focusing on race. back about a year ago, boy guess trying to begin up prosecution on this. i point out i know of no federal law against profiling. it needs to be a component of good police work. the argument has been to try to find a thread of whatever george zimmerman might have said or thought in his life that could be used against him
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in this prosecution. we can't be punishing what goes on in someone's head. we can punish overt act. we can't punish the thought. so here we shouldn't be addressing this. this should be local law enforcement. >> steve that is one of the problems you cannot, all right, racial profiling is something that will not be in the evidence have to be different kind of evidence. if you're going to -- . >> suggesting that -- . >> under the profiling. >> mind set of this young -- of zimmerman was clearly established when he was told by the police who is, who do have some authority to stand down. but he refused to stand down. >> sean: congressman we've got to be accurate. the operator said where is he now? george zimmerman said we don't need to you follow him he was
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going back to the car. then he had a broken nose then an eye witness shown trayvon beating him. you keep glossing over that fact. why? why do you gloss over that? >> the fact is that i'm not glossing over any fact here. the fact is that trayvon martin is dead. all right? trayvon martin was accosted by george zimmerman. >> there is no evidence to that, sir. there is no evidence. >> and i'm mad. trayvon martin is -- there is evidence he's dead. there is evidence that trayvon -- george zimmerman had a gun on him. there is evidence that george zimmerman did in fact confront him. okay? >> sean: what is the evidence he confronted him? >> other than that there had to be interaction. all right? trayvon martin didn't have george zimmerman on his mind. george zimmerman had trayvon martin on his mind.
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>> sean: with all due respect congressman, an eye witness in this case placed trayvon martin beating the day lights out of zimmerman we hear cries and screams for help. the. >> that is conjecture on your part. >> sean: it's an eye witness. very seen, look. let me say this, in trayvon martin was going to pound a man, then george zimmerman would have -- bruises and cuts that scratches on his head would have been much more severe. >> i'm ready any time, sean. >> congressman king? >> yes. >> what i think about this is that the facts that we saw and i think ask you i saw the same facts, sean and you dug into this more deeply but as i watched this move forward today a decision by the jury and i contemplated the thought of a conviction of george zimmerman, if you take facts presented in this case they were an altercation from what
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i see, it appears trayvon martin did assault george zimmerman that is the best thing we've got for testimony because in the end nobody saw that initial action f someone has you down on the ground threatening to kill you and say they're going to injury your life and you pull a gun out and you shoot to defend your life, you make a decision as to george zimmerman had been convicted then you'd have to wonder if you defend yourself if you're going to go to prison for life. that is a decision that the jury had before. >> sean? sean? no one knows what happened prior to them being on the ground. nobody knows that. and so, don't just assume that because you have a witness, that said that after they were on the ground, they looked at and they saw trayvon, trayvon, young 17-year-old man probably got the best of him but that -- but. >> he had a broken nose. >> well, we don't know how that nose was broken.
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no one testified yesterday how the nose was broken. >> do you think he broke it himself? >> what he -- what he -- surrounded trayvon and grabbed trayvon. he could have hit trayvon's shoulder, anything could have happened. he could have broken his nose on the sidewalk. cohave broke his nose anywhere. he might have broken his nose before he met trayvon. nobody knows. nobody knows. nobody knows. >> the jury rejected these arguments mr. bush has given. rejected them all. the greatest discussion needs to go is george zimmerman going to be subjected to double jeopardy by the justice department appearing to continue to politicize this case. they sent people down to florida to begin up demonstrations to try to bring about a prosecution of george zimmerman. we should not criticize the skplau justice system in the country.
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it needs to be objective. >> if trayvon -- . >> because of a political movement. let me just say this if trayvon martin had been a young white man, white teenager, and george zimmerman had been a black man, george zimmerman would be in jail today. >> sean: does it matter to you, congressman rush that there is a mountain evidence that show that's george zimmerman tutored minority children, black children free in his spare time took a black woman to the prom stood up for a black homeless man against police? there is no evidence of racial an moss ti in this thanman's heart. why do you ignore that? >> there is. because of what came out of his mouth. >> sean: what? what? >> he stereo types this, is what -- . >> what did he snai. >> this -- this racially
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stereo typing is all about. he is stereo typed trayvon martin. >> sean: what did he say? >> because trayvon martin was a young black man with a hood on. and he all of a sudden stereo typed that this guy they always get away. that is what he -- sean, they always get away. >> sean let me close this w if i can just get this piece in. what happened is that a young hispanic man shot a black man in self-defense was try bid a jury of women and somehow bobby rush thinks it's a white man's fault. >> sean: we've got to go. >> sean: gentlemen we're out of time very to go. >> thank you. thank you. >> sean: thank you both. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up next i'll speak live with naacp washington bureau directer and get his reaction to the tension across america in the wake of the verdict and quick programming note be sure to tune in tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern for a special edition of hannity. we'll be join bid a studio
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stand your ground is a bombsy that led to an increase in so called self-defense homicides by over 300%. there is a problem when the country is moving toward wild, wild west policies to be able to shoot first. >> you is say stalked and assaulted as if that was a fact. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> they're not, it wasn't fact presented in the case.
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i followed it closely. facts in the case are george zimmerman is a community watch guy f he sees someone, if you see someone in your neighborhood you don't recognize would you call the police? >> let's talk about community watch. >> sean: that is not what i asked you. >> community watch poll says coming out of the justice department. naacp worked very closely. to get community organization involved in providing greater protection in neighborhoods included two points george zimmerman team seems to ignore. community watch are not supposed to engage in trying to stop crime from happening but to report them to the police. community watch never supposed to be armed but that is what happened in this case. if he was a community watch captain he had not read policies. >> sean: hillary it's not illegal to get out of the car. the gun was legal. and i'll read to you from -- from the justifiable use of deadly force skpin
9:19 pm
still under constructions to the jury. in the state of florida if george zimmerman was not engaged in unlawful activity and aked a.tacked in any place where he had a right to be he had no duty to retreat and had right to stand his ground and meet force with force including deadly force if he thought it was necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm. whether you like it or not that is the law. >> that is the law. let's take steps back. you said earlier in the show that you know george zimmerman had been watching trayvon martin and stalking him. he got in the car and started. >> sean: it's not true. >> watching is stalking. is stalking not following someone around? >> sean: no. >> he called into the police following him around. >> sean: they said where is he now? >> he told them, they said thanks we got it. we're sending out a cruiser
9:20 pm
because police know policies are not to interveeb convenient. everyone knows mr. zimmerman intervened. if you take a look at the testimony of trayvon martin's girlfriend she said she heard mr. zimmerman saying who are you? what are you doing here? >> sean: she said she believed trayvon punched him first and initiated contact. >> let me ask you this. if trayvon martin is walking alngt way and mr. zimmerman stood in front of him likely probably put his hands up and say stop he said wait. let me say this, if we're only going to go on the guy that shot him to death's testimony we have a real problem because you're not putting together 9 story oos the jury agreed. >> help walk through. the jury decided on narrow facts on the outcome of the
9:21 pm
case. >> sean: not narrow at all. >> the jury was not told he was being followed. >> sean: they were told. there is no denying that. you're mission a fact. let me help you out here. >> i looked at facts, sean, share with me. >> sean: i'm going help share with you because i think it was a terrible tragedy. >> absolutely. >> sean: this is a misunderstanding that went wrong. >> there is nobody in america that is not scared to death for our children. >> sean: what i think you're missing here is that george zimmerman had a right to be there. that gun was legal. and trayvon had a right -- . >> did he not have a right to intervene with trayvon martin he did not have that right. >> sean: we know trayvon martin punched him and broke his nose and the eye witness, one eye witness in this case has trayvon bam, bam, straddling mma ground and pound. why do you ignore that like
9:22 pm
congressman rush? >> i'm not ignoring that but not ignoring after what happened after moving to that point. at what point did george zimmerman intervene? >> sean: let me ask another question. >> help me with this. at what point did he intervene with trayvon martin? what point? >> sean: we'll never know the answer. >> based on conversation. >> sean: you don't know the answer. i don't know the answer. >> the girlfriend said she overhead. >> sean: you're like chris matthews. >> thank you so much. overhead asking trayvon who are you? what are you doing here? do you think -- . >> sean: you asked me a question and answered the question. >> go ahead, please. >> the same woman said yesterday that she believe that's trayvon initiated the fight. now, here is the problem. >> she did not say that. >> sean: george zimmerman screaming with a broken nose. an eye witness pulting trayvon beating the cram out of him the question becomes what the
9:23 pm
law is florida is. it's a terrible tragedy but here is the point. you don't like the verdict so now you want to pressure the president and eric holder to go after civil rights violations that sounds like people that disagree with the verdict being being sore losers and want to mike this guy's life a living hell. >> we've got 1.5 million and growing e mails from across the current tri of other people that we have real problem was their assessment of evidence and how it was applied in this particular case. i hear what you're saying. i understand very well. you and i both heard the one -- the jury. >> sean: one last question. >> sure, thank you. >> sean: there are 61 deaths in chicago. 61. deaths during just the time of the zimmerman trial. can you name one naern died in chicago? >> i cannot. i cannot. but i can tell you this. oogs oos zbt that tell you why? i don't want to see kids
9:24 pm
dying. >> i appreciate this talking point. >> sean: it's not a talking point. >> share with me a case of someone being shot to death in chicago if the perpetrator was apprehended they were not fully prosecuted. >> sean: why is the naacp focus on this and not -- look how much black on black crime that is now an epidemic in chicago? and the jury acquitted this man you guys want to go after him. you don't like the verdict. why not focus on chicago? >> sean, i wish you remember naacp and knew as much us. naacp had been going after the issue of african american children since the beginning. >> sean: you don't know the name of one of them. >> i happen to know african american children 15-19 gun violence is the number one violence of death. will you support gun control legislation to thaend violence. >> sean: no. >> if you are look, you problgly
9:25 pm
know homicide gun related rates went down and eliminate ntd use of assault weapons but you're not going support that. >> sean: no. >> let's talk about what works. >>. >> sean: i think law abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves. we'll invite you back and get into a deeper discussion. >> even mr. zimmerman said he was looking for a black person because he heard black people were in the neighborhood. word got out. listen. >> sean: it's not true. you're making that up. >> the word is out some african americans robbed houses. >> sean: coming up... >> let's go back and look at him. >> is he black, white or hispanic? >> sean: i've got to go. demonstrations in over 100 cities planned for the weekend what is being called a national day of action for trayvon martin. i'll be joined live and later tonight a classic debate. karl rove and austin goldsby
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planned this weekend. nbc news host al sharpton says saturday will be a day of action. it's all in an attempt to encourage the justice department into filing civil rights charges against george zimmerman. joining me now is michael hardy. he's helping organize saturday's event and he'll be attending a vigil in new york city with trayvon's mother sybrina fulton and michael skoal nick is with us. he's also participating this week. i've known you for a long time, right? >> yes, sir. >> you don't like the verdict. reverend al sharpton says he wants justice. bring it before a jury. it was brought before a jury and you didn't like the jury. it's double jeopardy. >> it's not double jeopardy. when they went down to do the original march, they had met with the u.s. attorney at this
9:31 pm
time. the u.s. attorney said we will open the investigation, we will keep it at bay until we see what happens in the florida trial. >> and after 16 months the fbi found nothing, no racial animus in george zimmerman's past. >> i don't know if that's a fact, sean because the fbi still has more work to do on that case, and right now, you know, at the beginning here people say, you know, what brought this case to where it is in some respects, if you want to talk about the race issue, is the fact that had the florida authorities in the very first instance investigated this case fully -- >> they did. >> no, they didn't. -- arrested george zimmerman, investigate the case fully, deal with the parents, you may never have had the coming together of forces. they came together because justice was denied originally, because it was not enough attention paid to the fact that trayvon martin was a teenager, unarmed, and killed by george
9:32 pm
zimmerman. >> i asked hilary. 61 kids died in chicago during the trial. do you know any of the names of any of them. >> you have the young lady who died right after -- >> what's her name? >> i believe her name is rachel -- i don't have her last name. >> interesting. michael. let me ask you this question. >> sure. >> i understand you don't like the verdict. that's fine. people are going to have an honest disagreement. >> sean, hang on. >> i want to make sure that we get. >> you cannot deny justice was served. >> go ahead. >> a jury of his peers rendered a verdict not guilty. why won't you respect the verdict? >> sure. sean. you cannot deny in this country race relations are so raw. you're a protector of the amendments. there's a first amendment that says people have the rile to peaceful petition.
9:33 pm
this is something that they need to do. not just this verdict. so many young black men are profiled in this country and shot and killed and the killer walks free every time. >> you're not answering my question. the verdict was not guilty. the fbi says no evidence. as a matter of fact, a mountain of evidence that says george zimmerman had nonanimosity. why are you insisting on it? >> i'll be honest. keep investigating. leash no stone unturned. is there a basis for -- they need to make sure the investigation is complete. >> he's absolutely right, sean. i mean there has to be a full vetting of this. >> 16 months. >> what is the value of trayvon's citizenship? i mean a lot of people question verdicts. you had a lot of people question
9:34 pm
the verdict in the o.j. simpson case but people continued to pursue justice. you have to always pursue justice. the family has a right to pursue justice. >> they do? that's a whole different -- >> there was profiling in this case. >> give me the evidence of profiling. what's the evidence. >> george zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. >> based on race? >> everything that george zimmerman did during the course of this case was based on trayvon being black. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. give me evidence to back that statement of. what evidence? >> look at the whole discussion he had on the 911 tape. >> what about it? what did he say. >> one of the most interesting factors. he's a black guy and he's going for his waistband. >> that's racial? that's racial? >> you're profiling him because he's a blackman, he's going for his waistband and he must have a
9:35 pm
weapon. he was saying that all along to 911. >> sean. >> including fact that he always says that they get away, he used whatever term he used. >> it's a crime-ridden neighborhood. they had five break-ins. >> he did nothing. he was walking home and george zimmerman believed in his mind. >> michael, quick. >> sean, if i can say this, what troubles me about you, sean, is you have two people in this case. one is live and one is dead. he lied to you. he lied to your face, and you're still going to believe him. >> the evidence -- the eyewitness evidence for ground and pound -- >> there is no eyewitness evidence. >> excuse me. there is a witness. his name was john good. he saw him continue to beat him. >> no, he did not. >> yes, he did. >> john good said he could not tell if any touches were being thrown. >> the injuries were consistent with -- >> you guys -- >> i thought you said john good saw it. >> the jurors agreed with me and
9:36 pm
you can't accept the verdict. >> one juror has spoke snoon and agreed with me. >> one juror has voted -- >> leave this man alone at this point. that's why -- let the system work. >> that's why we're mobilizing across the country. >> you're not accepting the verdict. >> it's not a question of accepting the verdict. it's a question of ensuring justice sneel wrks trayvon also contributed to this. shouldn't have punched him in the nose and beat him. >> zimmerman shouldn't have profiled him, stalked him, approached him, and shot him. he did that not because he had to but because he wanted to. >> i'll give you the evidence. sean, i'll give you the evidence. >> i watched the whole trial. i've got go. coming up, fireworks on capitol hill as a high-level obama employee is involved. when we come back, austan
9:37 pm
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>> and tonight a high-level obama appointee appears to have been involved in the targeting of groups. it happened at a hearing early lower today. the explosive dplags was leveled by carter hall. he's a retired tax law specialist with 48 years' experience and according to hall he was instructed to send turn tea party applications directly to an obama employee named william wilkins who's a chief counsel of the irs. surprisingly the weekly standard is saying he had appointees. joining me cakarl rove and aust
9:42 pm
goolsbee. it goes all the way back to the plt's pointee. shocker. >> well, don't -- you know, the other appointee was a bush guy. i'm a little nervous here, shean. i've got karl rove and sean hannity coming at me. this is going to be a tough day for me. the fact that they briefed and talked to the general counsel was in the original general inspector report from two months ago so i didn't see what the big shocker was. >> carl rovkarl rove,s withn't original one in cincinnati? >> yes. what we learned is carl hall who served for 48 years was asked to look at the two cases, determine thad one organization should be approved, another organization should be dyisapproved and he ws
9:43 pm
told to turn the case over to general counsel and sit on them and later suggest that those organizations sit on the paperwork. we didn't know that before. it shows the pattern where the general counsel's office at the irs literally took away from a career person. we also learned they wanted him to send all the tea party groups the same letter and he objected to it, that each case ought to be looked at and examined independently and there should. be a general blanket letter sent out saying we're denying all of you as one group. we learn add lot today. professor gools bee ought to be paying more attention to the hearing. >> just be a little careful because at the same hearing, i don't know how many times they repeatedly asked both carter hull and the other witness dhad see any evidence that it was
9:44 pm
politically motivated or there was any political or partisan bias in the selection of the search terms or who they went after, and in every case both of those witnesses kept saying no. and we found out the list of additional terms they grave scrutiny to. it wasn't just tea party. it was marijuana, open source software. they were just try dog their jobs which they're required to do. part of the organizations are not allowed to be tax exempt. >> let's go to the record here. we learned earlier from mr. george i guess a couple of weeks ago that this represents the 19 progressive groups whose names were swept up as a result of the search terms. six of those 19 were denied. this is sort of the vacuum of the progressive groups. there were 292 -- there were 292
9:45 pm
conservative groups who were swept up and every single one of them was held in abeyance. 16 of 19 groups. >> no, they were not. only the progressive groups were denied. >> pardon me? 292 conservative -- >> they were denied tax exempt status. >> no, no. it was worse. they were held in abeyance so they could hold them past the 2012 election. they would have had a right to 'peel had they been denied. 292 groups held in abay minneapolis. 19 groups -- that's political bias on the face of it. >> you say that, but carter hull said he saw no evidence of political bias. >> i appreciate it. i appreciate it. but here, let me show you -- >> why are they investigating medical marijuana and open door software. >> 229 conservative groups, none of whom are approved, every one of who is held in abeyance.
9:46 pm
>> we don't need to get in a yelling match. >> look. i want to correct the record on one other thing austan said. the first thick out of his mouth was is that the thoefd irs was a bush appointee. yes, he was appointed by george w. bush but let's set the record state. i was 2008. the commissioner came to the end of his tell. the commissioner can onto serve a number of years. senator max baucus, a democrat, said i will refuse to allow another appointee from bush who accepts another term. the bush administration said we're not inclined do that because the acting commissioner can only serve two months. we'll have to find two acting commissioners in order to have somebody serving in that position until the next president comes in. the bush administration reached an agreement with senator baucas that would pick a democrat technocrat from k street. so i appreciate your trying to
9:47 pm
blame this on president bush which seems to be a rather obnoxious trait of everybody on the obama committee. >> by the way, i didn't know that, and that's fair point. >> we'll end it on a fair point. can't we all get along. thank you both for being on "hannity." a special zimmerman edition next. [ male announcer ] let's say you had an accident. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future. actually, more like insurance for the modern world. thank you! esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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welcome back to hannity. time for media mash. tonight we review the most outrageous bias after the acquittal of george zimmerman and here to help us, the president of media research center, brother brent bozell. let's look at al sharpton. he's an activist and nbc news anchor. watch this. >> you wanted zimmerman to have a fair trial. you were pushing for that before charges were filed. was this not a fair trial? >> the trial happened, the verdict came in. it does not exhaust the legal options of this family. and the bigger community issue of civil rights. we now have a position on the books in the state of florida where an unarmed teenager who committed no crime can be killed and the killer can say
9:52 pm
self-defense. that is dangerous. that is an atrocity. i think that must be addressed. i think every american ought to be afraid. >> what do you make of the activist's role and anchor role rolled up into one? >> well, i think it's more than an activist role. look, when philip griffin announced president philip griffin of nbc announced al sharpton in 2011, he said anything sharpton does on the streets he can talk about on the air. we won't hide anything. but in fact, they have hidden an awful lot about al sharpton. they won't talk about his record. they won't talk about crown heights and the racial discord that he stirred that led to the death of a young jewish man. they won't talk about what he's never apologized for. this is what made this man a millionaire celebrity steering the flames of racial discord. i'm going to say it right now. it is a form of racism. i believe that al sharpton is a
9:53 pm
racist. his question should not have been was this not a fair friel. the question to him should have been who are you to pass judgment on this trial. >> that's a big charge you're going to make. why do you say that? i will look-- i've debated him on the controversial things he's said. we've had a fiery debate over the years. do you think this case shows that? do you believe he has a racist heart? >> i believe when you are trying to pit one race against another race, he is trying to pit blacks against whites. there is a racist element, not just a racial element, there is a racist element there. this is some dangerous, dangerous stuff and he needs to be denounced by the black community. if he were david duke, we'd all be denouncing him. >> are you comparing him to david duke. look, i think i understand why he's involved.
9:54 pm
i tell you, the problem is, the way i see it, is that reverend sharpton, he misses his opportunity to ever bring people together. i don't think these rallies will bring the country together this weekend, do you? >> no. if the purpose was to bring the two parties together, i'd be the first one applauding him because there are some tensions out there. but estefaning those tensions, he's pouring gasoline. he's not trying to resolve anything. >> now they're trying to getter i can holder and i think who is pandering to a political base of the left wing, of the democratic party. they're pandering there to try and get support. it's not good for the country because it's dividing the country. we got to take a break. more about brent bozell. >> okay. [ male announcer ] susan writes children's books.
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there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. what heck is the value of us celebrating a black president? just say he's the first person of color. all this hoopla about his being the first black president, if it doesn't in a meaningful way and your babies shot dead in the street, if it doesn't in some meaningful way, what's the value of having a black president? >> what's your reaction to that? >> bottom line, the fbi investigated for months george zimmerman. they didn't find an ounce of racism. the trial didn't produce an ounce of racism. no one made the charge of racism. no one has a drop of evidence of raci racism, yet they're all accusing zimmerman and the white community of being racist. what does that tell you, sean hannity?
10:00 pm
>> i got to tell you, this is not helping the country come together. brent bozell, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is one studio over to go on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. greta? >> tonight, if you're looking to squeeze blood out of the irs, you just may get your chance. the irs is in more trouble tonight. also right now, on the record investigation. what you have never heard about the prosecution of george zimmerman. >> i thought surely that he would be found guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter at the least. but i just knew that they would see that this was a teenager just trying to get home. >> i didn't think -- there's no evidence to support that. >> it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense


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