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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  July 20, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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to it drop next year. >> boy, you guys are good. eric bowling will continue.bow >> why is capitalism under attack here. uncle sam trekking yourer move by zooming in on your license plate. and they are storing your into. cashin' in putting you in the driver's seat right now. >> wayne, and johnathon and bob and jamushgs.
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capitalism under attack. others lotting walmart and others bank businesses. >> if i see any violence, i will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to trayvon martin. >> and now protestors are urging a boycott of florida. johnathon, these businesses had nothing to do with this. why is capitalism always under attack? >> it is frustrating, eric. the zimmerman case and occupy movie and nato "protest". just interested in destruction. the total destruction of values. not like they want to take over and make money. they want to see the business owner lose that business. they want to so other people fail. and it is just the hatred of the good. and private businesses for being the good and calling them
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protestors is generous. they are vandals and these are riots and they should be treated as such. >> we have two liberals on the set. wayne, hang in there. you are shaking your head. what did capitalism have to do with the murder trial. >> i missed your she and now i am on with johnathon. he is fine for a right- wing capitalist. i agree with the shouldn't call them protestors. there is very now people what you did. you took a few isolated incidents. most demonstrations are peaceful and we forget about the verdict. we are after florida for their ridiculous what they call that law. mandatory stand your ground law.
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>> let me get to wayne. bob said they have a right to protest. we are looking at mashed windows and a walmart shut down because of protest and it looks more like vandalism to me. >> it is, eric. they don't care. it is against the status quo. any time there is an issue that they want to take and make a thing out of it, it is against the status quo. we are a capitalist society. they so a structure there that represents something they are against and they destroy it. and it is crazy. by the way, the thing about our system that is so wonderful, we always talk about the majority rules. but the majority rules with the consent of the minority.
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the minority consents. they don't consent. they want to go out and raise hell. people like sharpton who is a total irresponsible bum. they want a moral issue to turn in a political thing. >> what about it ja mu? why the businesses and why target them spectacularly? >> a small number of criminals rob a store, that is not an attack on capitalism. talk approximate the boycott in florida. we have a rich history of boycotts in america from the mo boycotts to the boycott against companies that supported south africa. this is the fabric of our country and it has worked. protestors and stevie wonder and
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protest florida and not going to diny world and time son. >> ja mu makes an important distinction. i don't agree but i support. if stovy wonder and deion war wick don't want to go to disny world or florida that's their business. but smashing a window and looting a walmart and destructing a private business is not a protest. martin luther king protested, but when you throw a brick against star bucks that is not. >> i will put up what stove wonder. >> i decided until the stand your ground law is abolished in florida, i will never perform there again. bob, you and i have gone back and forth. stevie wonder is he going to pull out of 23 states and boycott them? >> i don't know. he picked out florida. i will go back to what johnathon
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said. people who broke the windows were a small minority of the people protesting? >> it is a small mierpity, bob. but by does it seem when they get up set they tock it out on a small business? we saw it with the nato protest and occupy movement. individual business owners get hurt by the business. >> it is criminals from the left. >> and wayne, johnathon points out the occupy movement and let's attack businesses and what is so evil about a business that employs a lot of people? >> eric this is all irrational. they are outraged. they can take it out on anything that is in their way.
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in the los angeles riot. they destroyed part of the businesses to support the community. they are not protesting. and martin luther king. and gha ndi. it was always nonviolent. >> okay, we have spent how many minutes talking about something that says. >> remember the arizona boycott. nguys, roll video for ja mu. here is the video. this is not 5 or 10. these are cities in the country. and folks in south florida. it is. >> that is a hell of a editing
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job. we rerun the scones 15 times. >> why not put it on. >> and why should we find vandalism to a business in >> did you notice there was a tea party rally and the guy was caught being a racist on tape in >> no. i would refer you to. >> i don't think he represents the te authority a party. >> john? >> i deplo re racism. you can reason with people and trade with them as businesses do or throw a brick through the window and the so- called occupy protestors.
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>> hello, everybody. trailblazer reporter helen thomas has died. covering the white house all the way back to the kennedy administration. the 92-year-old passed away today. she was the first woman to join the association. trayvon martin's parents are set to be in rallies in new york and miami. organizers are calling on the justice department to bring federal civil rights against george zimmerman, a man accused of killing 17 year old trayvon martin. we are in full baby watch mode. the world media camped out in front of the hospital in preparation for the royal birth. we'll hear from congressman goudy on the battle.
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and join us for america's news headquarters coming your way, next. >> think about this. the government may be tracking your every move in your car. the aclu showing how law enforcement is collecting and storing digital records on you so they know where you are and where you have been. bad news, johnathon? >> it is so -- this monitoring and snooping on innocent americans is so new to this country. unless you are committing or suspected of committing a crime, governments tend to leave you alone. going through your mail and movements and looking at reporters e-mails a like. there is a quality about that and monitoring innocent people and making friends with the muslim brotherhood? >> and for no reason, take
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maryland. 29 in the five- month period. they took 29 million license plates they took. of those, there were less than one percent. one in 500 was suspicious. nen percent of those were technical and that is to say somebody violating a parking ticket or something like that. that's all it was. they are amazing an enormous amount of evidence to a cows people are something and people are not guilty of it. it is crazy and costs a lot of money. nbob, you and i, this is probably the only thing we see eye to eye on this. >> i agree with wayne. this is unamerican activity as you can possibly do. there was a time when they targeted people who were criminals and people. and now they are targeting all of us. where the hell do they have the
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right to take my license plate? it is none of their damn business. what do they use it for? like maryland, ten percent or five percent of the people had parking ticket violation. they stay out of my damn car or tsa agents can go through the trunk of your car without a warrant. it is back to the patriot act. >> i am not sure it goes beyond that. >> it is total tarrism. njamu are you okay with this? >> i don't have a problem with us using technology to keep us safer especially think if there was an attack and we didn't employ this technology all of the complaints and the outrage. and think if your child is taken and there is an amber alert. nhang on, fair enough. there is a problem. >> what in >> checks and balances.
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>> here is the problem. before they data mine you. and they violates the constitution. i keep it in the pocket for a reason. no unreasonable searches and seizures and if you do this activity, there is two words. probable cause. >> i in a state of shock my liberal sister would take this position. where do they get off doing this? for what? >> it is the 21st century. >> and we know a kid picked up and general idea that is legitimate. but ib discriminately takedown license plate. >> justification. going to keep us safe. we need to keep us safe. we are looking for a need will in the haystack. what is ironic.
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we don't need the haystack. we know where it is. it is militant islam and jihad. and we placate and make innocent citizens the enemy by looking at e-mails and license. >> the problem is bob pointed it out exactly. it is a totalitarian point of view. the fact of the matter, there is no reason for the government to intrude. it is another extension of the federal government trying to get in the private lives of the people in the united states and it is wrong. >> coming up. going from license plates and a license to steal, and how the health care law may be leaving youul vulnerable to fraud and theft. rrn did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly.
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ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. coming up. why the health care law could make you a victim of a crime
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skchlt terrorist rock
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to another healthcare scare. now there's concern the president's law could leave americans vulnerable to theft and fraud at the hands of the healthcare navigators. the councils supposed to help people enroll but the california insurance commissioner, democrat, is warning that no one is make sure that navigators are being properly screened and monitored. these people will have access to
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four financial and medical records. we should all be worried. >> oh, yes, comes back to what bob was talking about earlier, the intrusion of somebody into your private life. and we don't know anything about these navigators. they're not going to necessarily be investigated for their background. they're going to have absolute access to your personal information. they said the report of healthcare fraud in 2012, in the fbi reports that between 75 and 250 million. rand report supported that. in other words, healthcare fraud is going to be rampant. it's a bad shot. >> 200 billion but go ahead, bob. >> you're right. >> the thing i don't -- who do you think we're going to leave it in the hands of. insurance companies? those are the great frauds, take advantage of obamacare and raising rates and they have access to your medical and records.
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insurance case? they should all be locked up. >> we know know these healthcare nagivators will know everything about us and they could be criminals. >> well, they will be fraudulent, eric, just like every major -- every government program is full of fraud. 20% plus. it's not just in medicine. it's in housing, it's in student in proprocurement. sub days in bob asked whose hands should we leave it? the in the hands of individuals. individuals, and including companies, they watch the bottom line, they have every insenttive to stamp out fraud. when you're the government and getting tax dollars year after year you have no innocenttive to cut fraud. >> this commissioner is a dem contracted but the g.o.p. saying, be wary of this. >> they could be felons but they're churches, they're nonprofits. this is what is so messed up
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about washington. you have the loyist for the agents who don't want this competition, going to republicans and saying, please help us. please stop this competition from affecting our businesses. when actually the competition in and transparent si of the affordable healthcare act its bringing healthcare costs down for americans. >> hold on. >> eric is this fair practice? >> we work hard, they're cashing in. these navigators are cashing in. we're going to spend billions of dollars paying them and we don't know who they are. and the record -- i'm not sure i want them with my medical records. >> i think, eric, we have a hike crow comp -- microcosm in this in detroit. you have so many people on the public dole who are using that information ill illegally to get at private enterprise.
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and the as long as there's competition this insuran companies will compete and they have to obey the law. so if they they're caught they can be punished. these individuals can get away with it before you know it happened. >> the insurance industry is the only one besides major league baseball exempt from antitrust laws. the fact that every insurance company can know about my medical records drives me crazy. >> last thought. >> i agree, drives me crazy, too. i'm not disagreeing about the knowledge. it's the mis use. >> what -- nothing about the obamacare that is competitive because it's all based on force. forcing you to comply, and of course it will be chock-full of fraud. the question is why do we pursue policies we know are going to waste hundreds and billion0s dollars a year. it's bad philosophy. sacrifice yourself for everybody else. >> we have to go. thank you for joining us. coming up, glorifying terrorist,
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is it also a symbol of an even bigger problem in america? we'll explain.
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time for what die need to know for next week. wayne you had a big winner, up about 20% in a couple of months. what was it? >> pcrx. i like it very much. i own it. i think -- it provens 40, be careful around that area, but it's got a lot less in it. >> smashed, good looking, and makes us money. jonathan? >> capitol was very proud to be the first heavenly fund to advertise in 80 years. last week the sec actually struck down the cruel the hedge fund operating companies and the investing public are going to benefit. ozm is on my list. >> stay hot, jonathan. thank you, guys, and here's mine. every once in a while somebody does something so egregious it causes an uproar.
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a bipartisan uproar. young people and old, actors, bloggers, journalists, parking back hard on "rolling stone." what message are they sending our kid that it if you're not a rock star you can still earn your 15 minutes of cover fame by killing and maiming innocence people. i'm a free market guy and i never condone boycotting but "rolling stone" you owe america an apology. stop glorifying hate for the sake of selling a magazine or continue at your own financial peril. have a great weekend. >> after day ofs angry protest and mounting public pressure, president obama reacts to a highly controversial verdict in the george zimmerman trial. at this hour, many are reacting to the verdict as well in support of a man who died after fighting george zimmerman. you're looking live right now at
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downtown manhattan. one of 100 cities where rallies are being held to ask americans to remember trayvon martin. is the president forcing attorney general eric holder's hand in new testimony charges the irs may have been involved. congress money trey gowdy says the scandal goes way beyond accusati


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