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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 20, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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own hit or miss send it to us. be sure to follow us on twitter. jer@fnc. hope to see you right here next week. i don't like when race gets out in the media because i don't think the medias has pure heart. >> media come under attack polling the coverage of the zimmerman trial and verdict. accused of overplaying the race card and making the situation worse. >> some seem to think this law is about me. it is not. >> mr. obama tries again to convince us obama care is the real deal. and media continues to push his bill of goods. with the boston bombings still fresh in our minds rolling stone puts the accused on the magazine's cover. journalism? or a cheap sales ploy?
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one angry cop answer has with photos of his own. the court-martial for the man responsible for the ft. hood massacre is set to start. but probably didn't know that because the media don't seem to care. reporters shows how doing this can save your life. on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. syndicated columnist cal thomas. jim pinker ton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine. and daily beast columnist kirsten powers. fox news contributor rick grinnell. "fox news watch" is on now. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. so say we all, foreperson. >> this case has never been about race nor has it ever been about the right to bear arms.
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>> i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> almost all white jury. almost never get justice in that situation especially in the south. you about even show i was expecting -- still numbed because taking back to emmett till where we understand black life means a little bit less than white life in america. >> did you see or think when the incident happened that it was racial? >> absolutely not. >> be honest with me. do you think that that was racially motivated or more a case of somebody you thought was a young thug, black or white? >> you believe this was racial profiling and this happened because of that? >> we didn't know details about the case. >> with the verdict we lost the battle. but the war is not over. and we intend to fight.
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>> a small sampling of the media coverage following the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. rick, to you first. we heard the prosecutor, angela corey, say this was never about race. so why have the media made it about race? >> it is because it is their agenda. much of the time media bias is not just about what is written. it is about what is not written. here we saw the huffington post live doing an interview with raichel admitted ray vonn threw the first pitch. it is a live video coverage. in the followup written piece they don't even mention it. there is a lot of trying to push the real story aside. chris matthews on msnbc apologized for white people. where's all this going? >> well, mine, let's take another example. most flagrant. nancy grace gets up and uses two
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words, bleep, bleep you couldn't put on the air and i couldn't say on the air. we would both be fired momentarily. instead she sails right on having completely defamed zimmerman and -- >> claimed those words came out of his mouth. >> incorrectly. >> right. still evidence that they did. >> look, it goes and on. "washington post," giant style section article on trayvon martin as another emmett till victim. it is -- the only problem is the media are failing to sell us to the country. the country thinks the verdict is right. media sails on. they are pursuing an agenda. >> does it tarnish the memory of emmett till and medgar evars? >> a lot has happened since then but it is interesting to me the president in his statement about the trayvon martin tragedy did not use the word race.
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did it not come into his discussion of this. he talked about gun violence and he talked about the stand your ground law. he did not talk about race. >> eric holder do it for him. >> stand your ground. >> the justice department is still going after george zimmerman or potentially looking at the case as -- if they may intend to charge him under federal law. >> yeah. i don't think there is anything unusual about that. after the dash riots in the rodney king riots, you will remember the first george bush also -- pursued federal action. >> there is something unusual about it, though, if -- if one crime -- i mean, murders happen every day and black on black crime is the far bigger problem. >> look, i don't think that -- i thinking the fact george bush did it demonstrates that it is not that unusual when there is -- a situation that has -- sort of captured the country's attention and people feel justice was not served. the verdict can be right and justice cannot be served. i think that's what some people
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are missing. i don't see how bringing race up as an issue is -- look, there are people who are race mongering, no question. i don't think nancy grace is a great example of somebody to look to for reason to debate. you know, there are people trying to have reasonable conversation about this. >> al sharpton is pushing for the justice department to further charge zimmerman and congressional black caucus wants the same. >> they stir the pot. they have an interest in stirring the pot. what i'm glad of is there are other african-american voices besides jesse jackson, besides al sharpton speaking out. bill cosby a great icon in the african-american community for a bunch much reasons, said he didn't think race was the primary factor in this or even a factor at all. in fact, he said he stopped watching these high-profile cases since -- what's her name? the woman who was accused of killing her kid. he is tired of them.
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there is a double standard when it comes to race. the myriad of dale jirnal in georgia report order four african-american gang members that attacked a white man coming out after convenience store, like trayvon martin, and he -- was forced to plea and fled into the street and was run over, hit by a car and killed. there's been no national attention to that. that's a double standard. >> piers morgan on cnn. he had rachel jeantel. the next day she said he was one smart cookie. the conservative radio host larry elder reacted with this tweet. he said -- piers morgan describes rachel jeantel as one smart cookie. sure, it certainly explains why the 19-year-old is still in high school. elder also accused morgan of condescendingly trying to convince her that she's a victim and when they got into it on morgan's program, it was interesting television. >> it was. again, there are voices out there and let's hope that --
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look, media trying to drive an agenda. let's hope, though, in their desire for conflict put on jesse jackson versus larryeleder and let them duke it out. >> too much racial hype? or is it appropriate? >> i think there is an excellent piece by rich who writes for the national review. he had a piece in politico he said okay, let's talk about race. let's talk about black on black violence. let's talk about the other issues that aren't being talked about because we are all enjoying this one so much. i really think that there is a place for calm, reasoned debate. we are having some of it but not enough of it. >> i want to say if conservatives are so concerned about black on black crime, it is concerning the only time i hear them talking about it is when they want to stick it to the black community zpi that's what it seems like. right now that's the favorite topic. tomorrow i can a among conservatives is to talk about black on black crime. black on black crime is a -- year-round problem but now let's -- everyone is obsessing about it because they can push,
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you know -- >> let me just judgment in here for a second. the day after when we had all the pro-trayvon rallies in los angeles, we had crime during and after the rally. and yet the "los angeles times" didn't produce one single story covering that crime. there was no separate story on it. they ignored it. >> the crime that didn't happen -- >> no, it did. i watched it live. >> the one that went to the gas station? >> no. there was -- i watched it for 15 minutes live on our cbs affiliate. >> they were talking about a different -- >> no. it was the first night and media ignored it. >> what was the crime? >> four nights of crime in hollywood. >> what was the crime? >> jumping on cars, vandalism. one guy was belted in the face, bystander. we had multiple -- you didn't hear about it because the "los angeles times," paper of record, didn't write one single story on it. >> the question is how much of this is being -- by media
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coverage. are the media still ignoring the problems with obama care? >> congress passed a law. the president signed a law. >> the white house standing the ground on obama care despite democrats 'sxae key union backers pointing out failures and pending disassers from the law. are the media still onboard for potential train wreck? find out next on "news watch." t. i made you something. ♪ i made you something, too. ♪ see you next summer. ♪ [ male announcer ] get exceptional values on the highest quality cars at the summer of audi sales event. ♪ do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise.
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hi. i'm rich trumka. i just came off the hill lob wrestling undecided members on the health care bill. guess what. we are going to get health care reform bill done because of your efforts. we are about to take an historic step towards our goal of providing quality health care to every american. this bill is a great step forward. >> that's a big union president there delivering big news about health care reform to his union members. that was about that 2010.
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now as concerns over the flaws in obama care are growing, the big unions have big problems. in a letter to democratic leaders, union head james hoffa and others wrote -- when you and the president sought our support for the affordable care act, you pledged if we liked the health plans we have now, we could keep them. sadly, that promise is under threat. congress wrote wrote, this law we voted for we have a problem. you need to fix it. we can no longer stand silent in the face of elements of the affordable care that will destroy the very health and well-being of our members along with millions of other hard-working americans. how would you assess, jim the coverage had turnaround receive. >>? >> i don't think it got as much tanks as trayvon martin. a few people like cal thomas went all the way toning land to report on the national health service and when a fiasco it has been. those stories get a little bit of play. for the most part media are
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doubling down. david gregory attacked republicans, how dare you challenge the law of the land here on this. leave us alone and let us continue with this fiasco. >> thank you for that mention, jim. yeah. this is the 65th anniversary of the national health service in britain. it is falling apart. daily mail and the uk daily telegraph have stories almost every day on government reports and other evidence of government -- how government run health care in the uk is not working. this should be a template for the united states to look at. have you people in ambulances waiting up to eight hours to get into the hospital because the doctors aren't available. they are quitting or never go to medical school because of government control. hospitals with inordinate number of people die because of lack of care or malfeasance by nurses could committing euthanasia. >> i'm always suspicious any time i see a president and -- presidents in both parties doing this, rick, they trot out a bunch of people to stand behind them in the east room at that time press conferences. the president did this week when
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he talked about the been pits that would accrue to american people if we only get this obama care under way. >> yeah. i bet threw were no union members in that picture. here is the thing. you know, if i was in a union i would be furious that just in this last election, millions of dollars were spent to elect local, congressional, senate candidates. even the president of the united states. over the fact that health care reform was coming all to find in less than six months we are going to pull it back and all that money was a waste. imagine if the koch brothers sent a letter to president obama that we are for obama care now. it is completely being ignored. >> did it get the coverage you expected? >> yes. not any.
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i -- this coudeserves coverage. most will get sorted out in the long run, lot of problems with medicare when it was implemented and lot of people upbeat it. now people love medicare. it is still a story now. it is not just republicans that are criticizing it. have you obama's own people talking about it and should be covered. >> when the president, you know -- hears the bad news about the unions not supporting the program, that they used to support, then it comes out into the east room and makes that statement as he will try on sell it again. >> well, that may not do a lot, persuade the undecide. >> media love it. >> yeah, the media love it. this is part of how we came to -- obama care came to pass. the fact of the matter is this is a terribly difficult issue that's very hard to write about and write about well. therefore, reporters don't do it because you have to know a lot. this is a political story which is one reason why i'm surprised it hasn't gotten more coverage.
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making obama care work, that's hard to report on. >> all right. next on "news watch," controversy over the cover of "rolling stone." >> the boston bombings still fresh on our minds, rolling stone makes an outrageous decision. putting the accused bomber on the magazine's famed cover. the court-martial, man responsible for the ft. hood massacre is set to begin. will the media give it the attention it deserves? all next on "news watch." [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist. details are really important during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i . [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled sim or linguini with shrimp and scallops. then finish with dessert. your four course seafood feast, just $14.99. [ mortazavi ] everything needs to be picture perfect. i'm rezaculinary manager.
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♪ >> tom: famous cover of rolling stone magazine has been an iconic place to display people that achieved success. great influence on pop culture. current issue featuring boston bomber dzhokar
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tsarnaev. cover story, how a promising student was failed by his family and fell into radical islam and became a monster. it has stirred up all kinds of reaction. rick, is it warranted? >> i think so. i know mainly this signals that rolling stone is about to fold. every single time a magazine starts to get desperate like newsweek did with their cover shot, this signals they are in financial trouble. we know the owner is a big liberal. he chose the most sympathetic picture they could find. when the "new york times" editorial board says time put adolf hitler on the cover. there is a huge difference between the magazines. rolling stone has never put something like this on the cover. this is a sympathetic view of bomber. >> jon: are they glamorizing the terrorist? >> they could have used a
11:53 am
different picture. he could be a rock star or movie star. as the magazine, you consider blam rouse or not or about to fold i have no idea. they say it made it clear i think you look at him and he looks like a handsome young man versus what he did. >> jon: "new york times" used that photo. >> everybody used that photo and this is magazine that put charles manson on the cover back in 1970. this is what this magazine is about. the story itself by janet is absolutely riveting. >> it is great. >> jon: one of cops they're released photos of his own what he really looked like when they dragged him out of the boat. that was his response to what the magazine had done. let's turn our attention to another story. a jury was selected on
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tuesday, a panel they call it in the military for the court-martial of major nadal hassan. accused of the fort hood massacre. he is charged with 13 counts of plea pre meditated murder and 31 counts attempted in premeditated murder, trial date august 6th. have you seen much coverage? >> not much. i think the media has an intrinsic fear to report anything that relates to radical islam. several wire stories refer to him as a militant. this is true tral word that has nothing to do with what he did and saying he is was inspired by the koran and god to do this. the media shrinks from this but be forced to cover it. >> the shooting was november 5th, 2009. no doubt when he killed those people he violated their civil rights.
11:55 am
now, the obama administration is beginning this prosecution. >> jon: they are still not calling it a terrorist attack? >> workplace rudy guliani did riveting testimony he said this is an example of political correctness run amok. i happen to agree with him. >> jon: we'll keep on an eye on it. next to news watch, a story you might say is kind of grin and bear it. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
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♪ >> jon: according to the jumper of wildlife management over the past three years there has been increase in fatal bear attack west side ten deaths. recent report of a close call in rhode island. julie was assigned to give viewers a few expert tips on how to react to a bear encounter. >> according to experts, you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear, don't run away. back off slowly. wave your arms. don't yell and stay quiet unless the bear attacks. if the bear attacks can you recall up to a ball or lay flat on your stomach. >> jon: as you probably guessed, that video went viral. i have some sympathy for her.
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[ laughter ] >> jon: that is wrap this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next week. >> gregg: vigils going on right now as demonstrators make their voices heard nearly one week after the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. hello, i'm kelly wright in for gregg jarrett. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. those demonstrations have been going on all day in a hundred cities. and in miami, showing you new york, atlanta and philadelphia. look at the screen. numbers have multiplied a florida jury


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