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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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tonight, emergency in phoenix, arizona. the picture says to much. it is monsoon season but this wasn't expected. corpses and live stock on people's property. the water is moving at a fast clip through neighborhoods. homes under several feet of mud and stuff and you just hope people had time to get out of the way. elsewhere in our nation tonight, authorities dealing with what looks like the never-ending work after serial killer with a possibility that at any time they could uncover more victims. a registered sex offender who served time before, now back behind bars in connection with
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what police say played out in various parts of this house. three victims found, wrapped in plastic. now, the prime suspect is hinting he may have been inspired by a notorious serial killer. also, from a historic past of auto innovation, music and more, to a waste land. detroit's bankruptcy headlines, now triggering concerns about the potential for financial ruin in other big american cities. fox reports where this could happen next. and without warning, an earthquake rattling buildings, nerves and everything in between. all while the cameras are rolling. the royal heir to the british thrown will immediately have the title his or her royal
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highness. but this royal baby will be third in line it lead great britain. prince william, kate middleton, about to have the first child under the new law. their baby will rule the kingdom one day, whether a boy or girl. kate has been admitted to st. mary's in london. an announcement expected to take place once kate is already inside the hospital. as soon as we know, you'll know. the wait for some people is getting intense. >> i lay in my bed and i look up that that building and i think, any time. i get so excited, i can't speak. >> the hat gave it away. >> what we call, it is a hot stand by. meaning a great event is imminent. right outside st. mary's and
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gathered this for us from london. >> hey, we are still here outside the window wing waiting for the royal baby to be born. when someone shows ep up, they aren't likely to come in right behind me. they will probably pull up toward the back. one person who says she is on a bit of a time clock is queen elizabeth. she always goes to scotland this time of year. she says this would channot cha her plans. she possibly would not see the baby for two months or so. and there is a question of whether kate will be induced. unless she goes really late and there is a medical reason to induce her, it might be considered.
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but diana said years later she was induced with william. she was antsy, had the pressure of the world on her. and kate, given her wishes after child birth, may not. now prince harry, back in the news, plans to do another tour of duty in afghanistan we are learning after the beginning of 2014. we will see what happens with the war and whether or not he ends up going back. but as of right now wbt uncle who is very much looking forward to his niece or nephew being born, has big plans for later in the year. back to you, harris, in new york. >> you have a great seat. thank you very much. the british will make a public announcement when the new prince or princess is born. there will be a bulletin driven in a car with police escort to bumming ham palace and placed on an easel on the palace forcourt.
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the media will be formally notified by tweeter. we will find out gender, weight, birth and time but not the name. that comes within ten days. the delay due to royal protocol. let's turn now to new reaction to the down fall of what has once -- what was once the beacon of american innovation and industrial might, detroit. that once proud city, which has been hammered by decades of job losses and population decline has become the largest cities in u.s. history to claim bankruptcy. this doesn't even begin to tell the tale of what lies ahead for 750,000 people who still call the motor city home. elizabeth fran has more on what is next in detroit's uncertain future. >> hi, harris. now the city filed this historic bankruptcy case involving more than $18 billion in debt. what's next? the bankruptcy process will be a lengths thing one involving more than 100 thousand creditors
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including police and fire retirement system as well as city's 20,000 general retirees. emergency manager says all city workers, including current and retired, could see pension cuts. >> we will have a dialogue with the pension funds about what we can do. and there are two different funds. >> pension holders plan it make the argument that there cannot be a chapter 5 filings that would affect pensions. any federal resources, however, are already strained. the national debt remains well over 16 trillion and the federal government is struggling under automatic spending cuts. the mayor says the city has to set a benchmark on how to come back if this tragedy and they are monitoring the federal response. >> now that we've done our bankruptcy filing, i think we have to take a step back and see what's next. there is a lot of conversation, a lot of planning and negotiations that will go into
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fixing our city. >> the president and members of his team continue to closely monitor the situation in detroit. but they have given no indication a bailout is on the agenda. harris, back to you. >> thank you. while the bankruptcy on the tail of detroit, there are concerns that problems that doom that city could cripple another american city, chicago. fox senior business correspondent brenda butler has more. brenda? >> reporter: harris, yes. it is not the first, more likely the last. it is far overshadows other cities that have gone belly up since as vallejo and san bernardino in california. the fall out of the motor city was fuelled by similar crisis we see in larger cash-strapped cities across the country.
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their book, with bills going unpaid, as pension obligations and debt grow. detroit is not alone in its money mess. one city to watch, another in the midwest, chicago, a steep credit rating agencies, moody's, cut the rating for the windy city by three notches. chicago has $36 billion deficit in just its pension fund. detroit's bankruptcy should be no surprise. it has been smoldering for decades as the auto industry was forced it change. pensions negotiated years before in its hay day could not be sustained and people drove right out of the motor city. slashing a tax revenue that would be accelerating. not surprising if other cities follow in its foot steps. especially in a bailout followes this bankruptcy. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. a lot going on in the uk
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with the royal baby bump watch and headline from the british open. and american won it today. phil mickelson, winning his first british open title. watching his drop, sealing his win in scotland. at 43 years old, he was the only golfer to finish the entire tournament under par. right now, massive flooding in phoenix. showing homes and people's belongingin belongings surrounded by muddy water. there is ground already saturated from recent storms. it is monsoon season and they do want the rain. but this is coming fast and it is dangerous, as you can see. there are people trapped inside their cars. we will keep an eye on the story and bring you any new developments as we get new reaction from down under. after that emergency situation forced two american fighter jets to drop bombs on one of the last
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places on earth you would expect it. australia's great barrier reef. we're told those weapons are in an unarmed state and should pose no immediate danger. tonight, more assurances are needed to ease worried minds. house speaker john boehner catching attention for something he said about congress. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of
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♪ an update for i now on the situation in australia. where our u.s. military was forced to drop four bombs in the great barrier reef. they are not a danger because the so-called practice bombs are in an unarmed state. this happened during training exercise.
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we are told the pilots were low on fuel and had to make the drops. the navy says they would not have been able to land without dropping their load. one lawmakers called the emergency drop outrageous. >> by letting the u.s. military drop bombs on the great barrier reef. i mean, have we gone completely mad? is this how we look at our world heritage areas now? lead world power drop bombs on us. >> the explosive pose minimal risk to the public. the marine environment or ships in the area. this map shows you where it happened. u.s. navy and marines working with authorities to investigate. two jets involved were 88-b harriers, taking a part in a joint training that lasted three weeks. drills bring together 21,000 u.s. and 7,000 australia defense force personnels.
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the purpose is to improve combat readiness. >> turning to reaction to the president's personal comments on race relations in the country. more than a week after the george zimmerman verdict. president obama speaking off the cuff for 19 minutes a one point saying 35 years ago trayvon martin could have been him. live for us in news in washington and steve more reaction. >> yeah. right, harris, a mixed reaction in the president's statements about race and trayvon martin case in particular. some republicans like john mccain say the president was impressive in calling for a greater dialogue for more conversation about race. others are saying simply we need to turn down the rhetoric when it comes to racial issues. >> those of us in leadership positions need to be looking for things that we can take out of the situation that will be helpful, not things that inflame the situation. that doesn't mean we shouldn't look carefully at all of our laws. we shouldn't look carefully at
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this verdict and at this outcome. make sure that everything has been done correctly. >> as for democrats, they mostly say justice was not done in the case of trayvon martin and they're demanding the department of justice file civil rights charges against george zimmerman and are pointing to what they see as widespread racial profiling. >> dr. carson, young men in -- my son and young men -- >> excuse me if i could finish, i would appreciate that. may i finish my comment and then -- >> i just want to say, dr. carson, you cannot ignore the fact that our young black men in fact are pro filed. i have a young man who works for me. you know, he is a college graduate. three times in this last month he has been stopped by law enforcement going to work. >> and one progressive talk show host, tavis smiley, claims the president didn't go far enough in his comments because he
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didn't answer this question, where do we go from here. harris? >> steve, thank you. there may be a new spot on the record books, right now lawmakers on capitol hill are likely to become the least productive congress since record keeping began in 1947. today house speaker john boehner said congress should not be judged by laws they pass but instead by the laws they repeal. >> we should not be judged>tvñ how many new laws we create. we aught to be judged on how many laws we repeal. we've got more laws than the administration could ever enforce. and so, we don't know commemorative bills on the floor. we deal with what the american people want us to deal with. >> on a side note, congress is set to go on summer vacation beginning august 5th. >> just months after three women were freed from captivity, in a cleveland ohio basement, police
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have returned to the same area to investigate another unreal crime scene. this time, to arrest a man they think was inspired by a notorious serial killer. also, pictures of this horror on a california highway shocked many of us. five women killed when they could not escape a limousine that caught fire in may. now a new claim about what the driver was actually doing in moment before flames engulfed that vehicle. take a look. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement
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in ohio tonight police are going door to door.
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they are searching for bodies and say they may be dealing with a serial killer. police found the bodies of three women bound and wrapped in garbage bags. the police chief is wafrning there may be additional victims. up with suspect is in dust custody tonight. police napped him after a standoff on friday when they responded to complaints about a foul odor coming from a home. he reportedly told police he was influenced by another notorious serial killer, anthony soul who you may remember he was guilty of killing 11 women and hid the remains inside his cleveland home. there is a lot to get to. allison brown from wjw is in the town east of cleveland. allison, what's going on with the search right now? >> reporter: well based on statements made by madison to the east cleveland police chief, they are now looking for one or two more bodies. now i'm here at shaw and hayden.
4:23 pm
we've been here for the last several days because of what has happened. right now bci and the fbi, they are searching behind me. you can't see it from where we're at right now, but this brown building was where madison was staying and to the left of that, there's an empty lot where officials are searching right now. now they've been out in this area the last few hours. they appear to be focused in on an area of bushes just several feet away here. we do not know what has been found, if anything today. 35-year-old michael madison is their main suspect. we know he is in custody, giving some information to police. madison was arrested on friday after the body of a woman, the first woman, was found here on hayden and shaw. there was a standoff with police involving madison that ended at his mother's house. but then on saturday, two more bodies of women were found, one near the area where police are searching right now and the other in the base many of a vacant house nearby. all of these locations are extremely close together. today east clove land's mayor
4:24 pm
spoke about the safety of residents here and the fact that someone in the community brought police to this area on friday and helped make this chain of discoveries. as of right now, it is very intense situation out here. at this point bodies have not been identified. east cleveland police chief tells me they are too badly decomposed. we have also heard that these bodies may have been lying where they were for the last six to ten days. >> allison brown with our fox affiliate there. thank you very much. >> just a few miles away, a tornado ripped through an ohio college campus. that twister touched down at ursuline college. the tornado packing winds of 110 miles per hour. i should say ef-1. a wall at the school's student athletic center collapsed and several other buildings, including the science center and library, were damaged. only a few student on campus at
4:25 pm
the time. that was fortunate. nobody was hurt. >> royal baby bump watch. is in full effect. we are awaiting the inevitable birth of the next heir to the british throne. a lot of unknowns in the story, including what they will name that little one. but some names apparently are more likely than others. also, a massive sinkhole. threatening homes and forcing evacuations. we'll tell you why this happened. man made this time. plus, nature did cause this. a powerful 6.9 quake. more live video -- not live, but video, of natural disaster as it was unfolding in realtime. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ]
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4:30 pm
imagin. >> it is going to be the -- william the conquerer basically invented my home nation. i will now know who will be monarch when i die. that's a fairly big deal. added to witching with the queen is still figure head to 2 billion people. that's a third of the world. so this baby could be a figure head to a third of the world, which is also why there is such an amount of interest right now. >> and naming the baby too. we look at the odds. we can put words up on the screen for everybody. if it is a girl, most likely alexandra. you can see the odds for yourself. 8-1 for elizabeth. that would have historical meaning and diana, will's mom, would have historical meaning. victoria, charlotte. you see the names on the screen. i want to talk to you about the meaning of naming the baby in
4:31 pm
britain. >> it is huge. because it is the future monarch. it is going to be his or her royal highness, prince or princess of cambridge. we know that much. >> the minute the baby is born. >> yes. and then they are trying to decide on the name. there are multiple names. diana i think will only ever be a made el name. it is too controversial. there may be a name of a successful monarch such as victoria. and probably not elizabeth because there an elizabeth currently on the throne. >> charlotte? >> charlotte is a royal name. they may throw that one in there. but i think victoria is the safest bet. >> you will notice the theme here. i've been telling the audience that for the baby to be taking so long, it might be a girl. she is making us wait, like a typical woman. but on the flip side you have phillip which is a name everyone is talking about if it is a boy. >> we shall see.
4:32 pm
a great tribute it prince phillip who is elizabeth's husband. so who knows. i think the at the moment everyone just hopes she has a healthy, happy within safe delivery. diana always talked about the great pressure of giving birth. you have to feel sorry for kate right now. first time mom. a lot of pressure. all eyes in the world are on her. i think william will be very protective of his wife right now. >> well, diana felt so much pressure, she was induced, just so she could have the baby. kate and will, are so popular with the media there. very different. in fact, they've been able to boost the whole popularity of the royal family. >> absolutely. they have rejuvenated the monarchy. interestingly, kate middleton when she arrived in the royal family boosted the british economy by about $1.6 billion. this is a gift that keeps on
4:33 pm
gifting. she is always wearing the nude heels by lk bennett. lk bennett has undergone massive u.s. expansion. it is very valuable to great britain. >> i was reading recently about popularity of the royals. even when princess diana was part of the family, her popularity was like 40% range and with wills and kate's, it is above 70. that's huge. >> i think so. also because william works. >> they are normal people. >> yes. doing good things and being u usef useful. harry got away with the shenanigans in las vegas because he was next week in afghanistan. and diana was always about that, making the monarchy more approachable and accessible. william and harry followed that through. >> so good to have you here tonight. we will see, the announcement will come with the formal, she's good not to the hospital.
4:34 pm
not until she labors and the baby is born. >> exactly. >> will there be watch parties across, it is like the super bowl of babies. >> we will will know when there is a proclamation on an easel in buckingham palace. that's when we know. >> okay. we can tweet each other on that. >> if it breaks in the next 22 minutes or so, we will bring you back. >> okay. >> thank you. >> sea of royalty, this is interesting, belgium has a new king. king phillip, or philipe in this case. the first. now the seventh monarch. he took the oath at the parliament after his 79-year-old father, albert, signed away his rights as as the largest ceremonial ruler. there was a little time to turn the occasion into a huge international event. which it did not happen. and since the royal transition
4:35 pm
coincided with belgium's national day celebrations, military parade though, had already been planned. so at heat of they had that. back on u.s. soil now, a teenager held captive for six weeks makes a daring escape. we told but it earlier. massive flooding in arizona. we want to go back to that. those are our top two stories as we go across america. texas, s.w.a.t. team surrounding the house in lubbock where a girl escaped through a window. she ran to mcdonald's, telling 911 the man she ran away from was holding her captive. >> she gave us the address. last night, about 9:30, she escaped from this address. initial investigation showed us that we believe her to be credible in her claims. >> police arrested three people. >> arizona, children rescued after getting caught in a flash
4:36 pm
flood in tucson. >> they were just out playing and all of a sudden they realize they are surrounded by water. >> rain from the mountain caused river waters rise quickly. three kids got stuck on a sand bar and couldn't get off. not in was hurt. >> california, a massive sinkhole opening up forcing people to leave their homes. the mess blamed on a watermain break that sent a river gushing into the laguna hills neighborhood. >> all of a sudden, we looked down the embankment and there's a river. >> with about 20 houses in its path. >> it was just like crazy. water was everywhere. >> repairs are expect to be complete tomorrow. >> illinois, this bibby just could not wait to be born. meet adam, he came into the world at the international terminal at chicago's o'hare airport after his mom's flight landed from be a abu dhabi. little adam wasn't supposed to arrive until september.
4:37 pm
and weighs 3 pounds 7 ounces. he is expected to be hospitalized for a bit. that's the fox live from across america. fox wildfire alert. flames in mountains near palm springs already burning 27,000 acres. firefighters managing, though, to get ahead of this fire. and now people who have been forced out of their homes, thousands of them, are able to at least go back tonight. live in hemet, california, i know some are hoping to spend the night if they can. will? >> reporter: that's right. it is and looking like they can, harris. this area has seen a lot of rain in the last 24 hours. some firefighters on the ground we have spoken with said that has helped them out tremendously. now right now, a little bit earlier today, thousands of people were able to go back into their community. because they now have about 50% containment on this fire. and the firefighters tell us this weather has really helped play a major role in getting the
4:38 pm
upper hand on this foyer. fire /*. >> moisture in the air gives firefighters the ability to get on the line, get there, lower the fire intensity and give us the ability to make large strides in containment. >> and as people are coming back into their communities, many people are going to find that their homes are okay. that's a testament to the great job the foyer fighters have done. but some will see a lot of damage. damage like this is actually a storage shed next to a summer camp. you can see there's a bench here. it is charred, crumbled up. check out these steps. they lead up to what is left. they shed a lot of rubble and debris. there's an adjacent building here. this is a refrigerator. it is charred. next to the refrigerator is the stove. you will see what people will see when they return home. harris, residents told us that their top priority is that no one died and no major injuries.
4:39 pm
with everything else they with rebuild and press forward. harris? >> i know they were concerned, will, that some of the down draft situation from unsettled air as you have rainstorms coming through, how active are those storms right now? >> well, about an hour ago we did have those thunderstorms come and race through. like you said, people were concerned about the lightning. and i'm going to set this aside so you can see more of this damage. lightning, as far as we can tell, did not strike this area. that's good. nobody wanted another fire here. we also have found out that at this point, they are saying this was human caused. and that lightning did not start this fire. so that's under investigation. right now we don't know if it was arson or accidental but people who we spoke to in the area told us they would like to know exactly who caused this and potentially why as they continue to move forward, harris? >> will carr, thank you very
4:40 pm
much. rattling nerves, as you can imagine, a massive earthquake. where this happens, and we will take a look at the damage. and following a limousine fire where the bridal party was trapped in flames. now they want to talk about what the driver was doing.
4:41 pm
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honey, is he too into this car thing? [ mumbling ] definitely the quattro. ♪ honey? huh? a5. what? [ sighs ] did you say something? ♪ new information about a limousine ride that killed a bride and four of her friend in california. you may remember that tragedy. it was back in may. now the san jose mercury news reports the wife of the driver says she was arguing with him on the phone. the driver turned the music up
4:44 pm
loud so the riders in the back couldn't hear him. the limousine filled was smoke and the riders were pounding on the windows. the driver and four women managed to escape. the cameras capturing an earthquake. we go around the world in 80 second. new zealand. the 6.9 magnitude quake rattled the capital city, wellington. we could see workers ducking for cover as the room swayed. it struck about 40 miles off-shore. new zealand is part of the pacific rim of fire that receives regular seismic activity. two years ago a quake killed 185 people. syria, new amateur video reportedly shows antigovernment fighters on the offensive in the
4:45 pm
capital, damascus. their target, allegedly an ammunition depot belonging to pro assad military forces. the u.n. says more than 100,000 people have kid to in the 2-year-old civil war. china, emergency crews working to save a don struks worker trapped under a collapsed wall. firefighters using hydraulic tools to lift the wall just enough to pull him to safety. now he is hospitalized with injuries to his arms and legs. france, people in paris bringing a taste of the surf to the city of lights. a small man made beach complete with sand and palm trees going up along a riverfront. sun seekers love the idea. especially those who can't get away to the coast. that's it for the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. americans are living a lot longer than they did in the past generations. but a new medical study says while we have a few years tacked
4:46 pm
on to the end of our life expectancy, they may not be the healthiest years because we are losing the battle with obesity. brian? >> hi, harris. there is a catch 22. americans are living longer but not necessarilythier. the journal american medical association measured data in 127 countries. showing life expectancy in the u.s. rose from 75.2 years in 1990 to 28.2 years in to 10. but they are suffering from depression, anxiety, bone and joint disease and chronic illness like diabetes and alzheimer's. >> the combination of all those disabling conditions means people are spending more time with chronic disorder. and that's something that we all need to deal with, both as individuals and for the healthcare system. >> doctors blame obesity which
4:47 pm
is overtaking tobacco as the most important factor. poor physical activity, high blood pressure and alcohol drinking increase the possibility of being unhealthy as you age. in the last 20 years, the u.s. has spent more per capita on healthcare than any other nation. while during time, america's rank fell on every major category including life expectancy from 20 to 27 out of 34 other real wael think nations. fox news helped senior editing manage dr. alvarez. >> the responsibility becomes very important in other nations. you've got to show up for your appointments. you've got to take your medication. you've got to follow the instructions when it comes to lifestyle issues. >> caring for obesity is half of the cost of the u.s. healthcare. hair snrri harris? >> in ncaa, there is a lawsuit. if they lose the suit, it could
4:48 pm
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this just in. "the wall street journal" is reporting the u.s. marshal service has reportedly made a huge mistake. they've lost track of thousands of encrypted two way radios. the service is responsible for guarding federal courthouses and running the witness protection program and "the wall street
4:52 pm
journal" reports some people within the agency say the mistake is creating a security -- in some key court cases. they're worried if the radios fall into the wrong hands, criminals can listen in and learn details of secrets of law enforcement operations. as we learn more, we'll report it to you. for now, a new lawsuit against the ncaa could mean big changes in college sports. former players say the athletic association is cashing in big on their names and faces while the student athletes don't see a dime of it. jim gray is in our west coast news room. how could this really change things? >> well, these guys don't share in any of the billions of dollars of revenue they're generating from television and ticket sales and so forth from basketball and football and if it changes because their names are used, then some of that
4:53 pm
would have to go out toryoç som the players. not only the current players, but the past players. it would alter drastically how it sports. >> and we're talking about a lot of money because really, they can use those faces and names to sell tickets, so as you said, if so and so played in 1952, they can just keep using it. i want to move on now to an american winning the british open and phil mickelson doing what no one else did in the tournament. came under par. >> 3 under par. shot a 66 today. the average score was 73 out there today. he was five strokes behind when he started the day. it's the first time he's won the british open. the first man to win is scottish open and british open in ba back-to-back weeks. he had such disappointment at merion. said he was devastated, for him, heart praeking to have lost that tournament. he's finished six times twice,
4:54 pm
six times, he's finished second in the u.s. open. try saying that. that's what he's done, so that was devastating to him and but today, he's able to win the british open, so he's now won the masters three times, british open once and of course, pga, so he has five major championships. only 12 guys have won more majors than phil mickelson. >> i think what you're trying to say is he's been a bridesmaid. when i tuned into this at one point where tiger woods was in a head on head and that was actually yesterday. what happened to tiger woods? >> well, tiger woods never got on track today. he shot a 74. he finished five strokes behind phil mickelson and couldn't get the putter going. so well all week, but really struggled today. never good get on track early on, but was very close.
4:55 pm
he was within a stroke or two going down the back nine. phil mickelson was just astounding today, he said it was his best and best putting he had had. >> i love hearing him talking about how he's been balancing his home life with golf and how he travels back for different things. good to have you. thank you very much. >> thanks. pree appreciate it. pope francis, about to embark on a homecoming of sorts. the first latin american pope about to make his first overseas trip to brazil, officially. and more than a million people are expected to flock to see him.
4:56 pm
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only to have the fish exact some revenge and capsize.
4:59 pm
the fisherman nabbed a 235 tuna. in fact, it was so big that when they got it on the boat, the boat flipped and as the boat went down, the man's leg got caught in the fishing line and he was dragged under. he freed himself under water then called his wife for help. she called the coast guard. when they arrived, he's been air lifted out of the water and then they had to try to buck the boat back up and managed to take it back to shore. looking ahead to some big stories on monday, pope francis will begin his first overseas trip with a visit to brazil. the trip is drawing catholics from around the world, especially south america and on tuesday, immigration reform takes its next step forward when the republican controlled households its first hearing. on its own version of the legislation. we'll of course cover that for you and bring you every detail.
5:00 pm
that's how fox reports on this sunday. thanks for watching. have a great week. i'll see you tomorrow night, same time. for now, huckabee. here's huckab >> tonight on here's huckab tonight -- >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> why is the president inserting himself in the george zimmerman case again? and -- >> to all of you here, politicians get up and talk about having a sign of steal, i actually have one. >> he sued the obama administration over two dozen times. now, he's running for governor of texas. greg abbott on how he continues to fight obama care. plus, he's an '80s teen


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