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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 22, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the media. we will continue watching this live. you saw it break here on "studio b." we will continue now with your world. i'm trace gallagher. have a great day. the wait is over. kate middle son, the duchess of cambridge delivering an 8 pound 6 ounce boy at 4:24 p.m. local time in london at saint mary's hospital there. the infant is now third in line for the british throne behind prince charles and william. you are looking at buckingham palace and the crowds are gathering. the official announcement read and the duchess had been safely delivered of a son, rather archaic language they use over there. her royal heiness doing well and so too is her young son. both will stay overnight in the hospital there. you will not see them probably until tomorrow morning. you may see prince william emerge from the hospital to
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greet the onlookers. there are a lot of onlookers. of course at this po nie t we do not know the chosen name chosen by the couple. the queen, the monarch, must be informed first. that may take some time. amy kellogg is standing by with the latest. what do you have to add, amy? >> hi, stewart, not a lot as we don't have names yet. certainly the queen has been informed. i have to say we were a little nervous as night was approaching. you can't rouse the queen after 10:30. we were afraid if this announcement was delayed any longer we may have to wait until tomorrow. in any event, we got the announcement a short time ago that a healthy baby boy, as you pointed out the duchess was delivered of a healthy baby boy, interesting language, and it happened at 4:24 local time which was four and a half hours ago. it has to be said, stewart, that they were very good at keeping the story under wraps.
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now what did change in the whole plan was that there was an announcement before that easel was set up on the court of buckingham palace. the original plan would be for a member of the household staff to take the birth announcement and drive it with police escorts 10 or 15 minutes or so to buckingham palace at which point it would be placed in that easel and that would be the first knowledge that we would have that a baby had been born and we would learn the sex and the weight and the time of birth. i guess in this day and age, stewart, it is just too risky to stick to that kind of a plan when it is all too likely that someone who has some inside information is going to tweet the ?iews -- the news before the foot men get the notice on the easel. that being the case we had the announcement put out by e-mail. again the duchess is doing well, according to this announcement. this was a natural birth as
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far as we understand which was the way she wanted it. labor must have lasted -- i am struggling with the math here, but maybe eight or 10 hours or so. she apparently is doing well and prince william was in the delivery room with her and was present with her. they arrived here just after daybreak this morning. we did not get a picture of them entering. apparently they asked not to be photographed of that sensitive moment in this whole process. and we got alerted by the palace about an hour and a half later that she was in the early stages of labor and she will be spending the night here and we hope to see a picture tomorrow morning. >> amy, have you to be aware of royal protocol at moments like this, especially where pictures are concerned. i get the impression there are large crowds around you at the hospital. our viewers can see the large crowds developing outside buckingham palace. i get the impression they just want to be there to say i was
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there on this particular day when this happened. amy? >> you're so right, stewart. it is one thing to be camped out for the pomp and ceremony for a royal wedding with all that entails with horses and carriages, but there is really not much to see right now. there is the easel at buckingham palace and a lot of commotion and press. the duchess of cambridge and prince william and the baby won't emerge before tomorrow morning. there is nothing to see tonight, but it is a moment in history. as we have been pointing out and i don't know how you feel, stewart, but here the sense is that this royal couple is very well loved. part of that is because of the legacy of diana and people remember the painful moments that prince william and prince harry went through and part is because the duchess of cambridge, formerly kate middleton, has been a sunny, warm and active presence on the scene ever since they were
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engaged. she has embraced a number of charities. many involving the most vulnerable members of society, children particularly. obviously she is glamorous. it is a bit of good news for the country. the glamour actually translates into dollars and cents for the economy. the fashions she wears get bought up instantaneously. it has been a feel good moment. and the young prince, it is important to point out, are in the armed forces. prince william in afghanistan and prince harry a search and rescue pilot. there is a sense of pride behind what they are doing and happiness for william who seems to be genuinely in love, and a certain comfort for those who love the monarchy. that's not everyone it has to be said, but for those who love the idea of monarchy, the succession is guaranteed. it is extremely rare to have so many direct heirs to the throne alive at the same time. there is the queen, prince
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charles and prince william and now the latest heir. that's a lot of people teed up for the job. there is a certain sense of security and a sense of joy right now. we are seeing champagne corks flying off overhead in the background. people are celebrating across the country from what i understand. >> amy, i sense you are searching for a name there and we don't know the name. we will not know the name for some time until the queen has approved it. amy koll log-in the they can of it in london. thank you, amy. let's get to the financial side of this. the royal baby is expected to deliver a big economic bump for the british economy. reports of as much as $380 million pumped into the economy because of the birth. retailers cashing in from baby items. adora in westminster now. adora, it strikes me that at this moment the pubs are filling and filling and
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filling. i am told an extra $95 million will be spent on alcohol just for this birth alone. am i right? >> you are absolutely right. the prince of cambridge is born. it is a time to isa global news story like this that is 100% positive? we have been waiting for the birth of this child since they gotten gauged. got engaged. >> i am going to break in for a second. let's listen to david cameron, the prime minister. >> but i suppose above all it is a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple. we have a brand-new baby boy. it has been a remarkable few years for our royal family. a royal wedding that captured people's hearts and the extraordinary and magnificent jubilee and now this royal birth. it is all from a family that has given this nation so much incredible service. they can know that a proud
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nation is celebrating with the proud and happy couple tonight. >> if i were a politician in britain, i too would jump on the baby ban wagon and get my two cents worth in front of a camera a couple hours after the birth. i'm sure you would too, correct? we may have lost adora. adora? >> i am still here. sorry. >> if i am a politician in britain, i would get my two cents in too, right? >> absolutely, but the thing is there is protocol. obviously once the baby was born prince william notified the queen and of course the prime minister david cameron. he has known for some time, and he is definitely expected to say something. >> what is this about $380 million, $400 million pumped into the economy because of this? sounds like a lot of money. >> it does. obviously the royal family have grown in popularity over
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the recent years. obviously kate becoming a duchess. she is fashionable and always being watched. this is a monumental time. we are watching history take place and unfold. mugs to booties to biscuits to plates. you name it, they will make it and the tourists will buy it. >> be honest, what are you buying? >> i might buy a commemorative mug or two with his name. once the name is announced then the sales will shoot up. right now obviously he is the prince of cambridge. when we know the name he will be his name, the prince of cambridge. exciting to find out his name. once the name is announced we can go buying. >> don't let me stop from you uncorking the champagne. thank you very much indeed. to imogen lloyd webber, another british accent sitting with us. joyous isn't it? >> it is a family event and a state event. it is the 43rd monarch who
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created our nation. >> i am fully americanized. can we get that cleared up? >> fine. this will be a moment of national celebration. >> it is a big party. >> absolutely. >> that's exactly what will happen. >> three million bottles of champagne are being drunk right now. a lot of that $400 million economy is that. it is fascinating. kate middleton when she married into the family provided a boost of $1.6 billion. she is obviously the gift that keeps on giving when she wears something it sells out. the same will happen to the baby. you have the kate affect and the baby affect. every time the baby is associated with a product it will sell out. >> do you think prince william and his bride, have they saved the monarchy? >> i think on many levelses, yes. that started with diana. diana was about making the monarchy approachable and successful. her sons in haired it that. inherited that. her sons have been front and
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center in rejuvenating the royal family brand. that's why the queen has been smiling more than we have ever seen her smile before. the queen's approval rating is 90% and william about 70%. this baby secures and symbolizes the future of the royal family for generations to come. >> i amen thralled with the way prince william and the duchess look. they are formal, but very modern and apparently very approachable. they are modern monarchs. >> they are about keeping it real, but keeping it royal as well. so kate middleton, the way she dresses high end designers, but main street brands. you have been seeing a lot of her in top shop maternity stores. it is main street and any girl can buy it. they are good at that. and this is key for william and harry, but they have jobs. they are both in the military. the new generation of royals all work. philips is an equestrian and
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one is into art and the other one is in hedge funds. although they are royal and doing royal duties they are keeping it real. >> let me read you the statement announced from the prince of wales and that would be charles. he says both my wife and i are over joyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. it is an incredibly special moment for william and catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. he is not the popular royal, is he? >> no, he is not. but william will not listen to any suggestion that the monarchy goes from the queen direct to william and misses out exrarls. >> is -- charles. >> is there a strong feeling that charles should step aside and william the next king of england? >> there are mutterings. however, the queen is 87. if she lives as long as her mother who lived to 102, charles is not going to be on the throne for long. and william will never
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disrespect his father in that way. charles will have one of the shortest monarchies we have seen in a longtime. >> am i right in saying the monarch must approve of the name which the duke and duchess of cambridge want for their new son? >> but can you imagine william and kate choosing a name that she would disapprove of? they are hardly going to call the baby north west cambridge? this is going to be a proper name. william and kate have a short list of names and we will hear about that fairly quickly. >> what do you mean, queen imogen? you wouldn't say no to that. >> imogen is a share spear yen royal name -- shakespear yen royal name, but it is not a british family name. it is not going to be stuart. >> imogen, a great pleasure. thank you indeed. yes, everyone, it is a boy, 8 pounds and six ounces. hold here for a second. 8 pounds and 6 ounces.
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do you know what the betting was? >> what was the betting. i know they were betting on everything. >> yes, they were. i think that was on the high end of the weight expectation. >> but she was overdue, the poor love. like two-thirds of mothers she was overdue. >> poor love? >> yes. >> you kept that going in america, but you live here now. >> have i been here for three years, but i am feeling british at the moment. it is a moment of british celebration. >> popularity, charles not the most popular of the royals. how about the duke ofed din burrow? >> he just looked after the queen for so many years. the duke is called philip, of course. the book makers have got philip as a snake -- as a name for the royal baby and so we will see if the baby will be called that. that would be a huge tribute to him and the queen would definitely approve of that one i have a feeling. >> this is becoming a national event in britain. we are looking at the crowds
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who are uh assembling at buckingham palace in london. how long do you think the crowds will stay in they will be there all night. >> the queen came up from windsor this morning to buckingham palace. i think she might be kept awake all night. >> but she will not show herself . this is a moment for the duke and duchess of cambridge and the young prince. we are not expected to see them until tomorrow morning? >> we might see william tonight. that is a possibility. we may see him on the steps of the lindo wing. we will not see his royal heiness the prince of cambridge until tomorrow. >> the view now outside the hospital where the birth took place and where the duchess and her son are going to spend the night. but it is out of those doors that it is possible that prince william will appear. >> there is a possibility, and he did it just before the wedding. he and harry did a surprise walk about on the eve of the wedding. you never know. william has a bit of a smiling
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hatred of the media. he does recent them on some levels. he think they helped drive diana to their death. >> he plays the media. you play the media with big smiles and proud father. >> exactly. a few jokes as the press has been camped outside of the lindo wing for weeks. i can see william coming out jie. it would set him off on a good foot. >> absolutely. >> a new father, here we go. >> they will still beholding the front pages in the uk for as long as we can to get that shot of william. >> i want to know what you think will be the name for the boy. >> you are putting me on the spot. i want to go unusual so you will have to forgive me. did you see the king's speech? >> yes. >> the first name in "the king's speech" is albert. they couldn't use albert because we are at war with the germans and it was too germanic so he used the name george. it was king george the 6th so i will go with albert. >> you realize that there is a
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beatles song called "we are so sorry, uncle albert" and that will count out the name. >> i think berty is one of charles' many names. this baby will have multiple names. >> imogen, i think we can call it quits and you did well. thank you. don't let me interrupt your joy. former uk member of parliament john brown on the phone right now. did the duke and duchess of cambridge and their new prison, did they save the monarchy, john? >> i think it has gone a long way toward it. it will be a long way -- it will be highly popular, but two beautiful looking parents and chances are a good looking young chap and brought up in a thoroughly modern way which is really in the words of -- the words from the prince's mother, prince william's mother, she was a people's princess. i think he will be a people's
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prince and future king. >> at this moment the royal family and the young prince and his parents are wildly popular. aim over doing it? >> not at all. you are quite right. they had a popularity contest in england last summer, and david attinbourough came first, but the queen came second. there wasn't a single politician in the top 15. dave beckham was up there. i am i think i am right in saying prince william was 6th and kate was seventh. the queen being second was fan it is fantastic. it was amazing. she thoroughly deserved -- personally i think she will go down in history as elizabeth the great. she has managed -- >> i have to tell you, our viewers are looking at an electronic signal out of london where there is a giant stork flying across the sky
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and the announcement it's a boy. it looks like it is the top of the post office tower in london. imogen, do you know what it is? >> the bt tower. >> that is what it looks like. john, how long will it take to get you out of our studio and uncork the champagne? >> about six minutes. i am very near my home. just taken my dog to the vet and rushing home to open a bottle. >> i take it the rest of england is about to engage in one long party. >> i think so. i think people will be absolutely thrilled. parents, grandparents, great grand parents and a popular young prince. >> john, i have been doing some math. i am told that the brits will consume an extra $95 million worth of alcohol because of this birth. i am looking at the relative population, 55 million english men and 3 million american --
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300 million americans. if it was translated to america, we in america would spend a half billion dollars extra on booze to celebrate this arrival. >> i knew there was -- >> you can't separate the english from the drink now, can you? >> no, you can't. i thew there was no need -- i knew there was no need for the fed to get this economy going. this will be easy in a quantity. >> thank you very much indeed, john. i will switch to martha who has done duty waiting for this birth. i think she has been there for 10 days. finally, martha, it has happened. what can you tell us? we are trying to establish contact with martha. she has been doing sterling work there in fox in the middle of london, there for 10 days. we always say a watched pot never boils.
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we thought if she ever made a reservation on the plane to come back to america, that would be the moment in which the boy or the child is born. it has now happened. 8 pounds and 6 ounces and took place at 4:24 local time in britain. you can see now that the crowd is outside the saint mary's hospital. martha, you are now with us. how does it feel? >> you know, stewart, very exciting. so many people came by here tonight just waiting. when they were part of the news that rippled through the crowd and then we got the inkling that we were getting a statement and it sounded like something was happening and then all of a sudden it was a boy, it was a boy, it was a boy. everybody was thinking it was going to be a girl. it is very exciting. now we are waiting. there is a chance william may come out here tonight. his father did come out on the night william was born to soak it all in and to be the proud
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papa. we may see that from prince william. we expect to see the duchess in the morning. let's see what we have over my shoulder. there is a lot of stuff going on tonight. people have been coming out throughout the evening. i am looking to see if there is anything we need to tell you about. we saw the courrier pull up and whisk off to buckingham palace and then the easel came out jie. we are -- >> we are trying to identify the people coming out. imogen was with me and staring at the screen trying to figure that out. >> i think it looks like the guy gnaw koll gist who delivered the baby. i don't know if you can confirm it but it looks like it was possibly him. he is the royal gynocologist who postponed retirement to deliver this baby. >> people say what is going on over there? you have all of this national excitement and a national party for the birth of a
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child. it is to some obscure, to some americans, royal. you are an american and what do you make of this? you are swept up in it, aren't you? >> well, who doesn't enjoy the birth of a child? a lot of people are enthusiastic about it. i know there is a mixed bag out therement 134 people could care less and some don't know why there is a royal family. but let me tell you something. this royal family has high population numbers and much higher than the president of the united states would ever hope to enjoy. the queen has a 90% approval rate in britain right now. they are doing something right. you would know obviously from a much more personal experience that there is a connection with this in terms of the culture. you look at western culture and you look at tradition in this family and there is something people like. think of the hollywood stars.
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people get married after they have babies. here is a young couple that did everything in the same order that people traditionally did in the fast. and everybody seems to enjoy it. i think there is something there and people do connect with it and they seem to enjoy and support them in big numbers out here. >> in the age of celebrity worship, these are pretty good celebrities to be taking note of. thanks, martha. hold on for a second. i have nile with us. he is with the heritage foundation. nile is a long-term resident of the united states of america. nile, this is not a mere birth of a child. this is the birth of the heir to the throne of england. a youngster who will be the head of state of 16 countries. this counts, doesn't it? >> absolutely, stewart. it is a fantastic day for britain and a great day for the monarchy. as you mentioned earlier, the royal family is hugely popular in britain with an approval
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rating of 90% at the moment. it is very popular in the united states. the last i checked actually the queen's approval rating was higher than president obama. americans love the royal family as well. that is a great tradition for britain. it establishes once again why britain is such a great nation. the whole country is rallying around the royal family. it is a fantastic day for the monarchy and the british people and also of course for the anglo-american special relationship. this royal birth seems to be celebrated widely in the united states with wall to wall coverage on every u.s. news network. it is a big story on this side of the atlantic as well. >> i think what most -- well not most, but some americans i have come in contact with today especially said, look, wait a minute. we are joyous over the birth of a child. mom and child are doing well. we are happy for them. but nobody should be royal. nobody is born above somebody
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else. i don't think americans can or should get to grips with the idea of monarchy. it is alien to americans. they respect the celebrity and enjoying the coverage, but they don't quite get and approve of the concept of royalty. do you agree with me? >> well, that is certainly a good point and there is no doubt that i think americans would accept a royal family ruling over this country. that was partly what the revolution was all about of course hundreds of years ago. but i think at the same time though there is tremendous admiration for the royal family here in the united states, and i think that is -- americans really have tremendous respect for the queen who has done an absolutely fantastic job. whenever she has been to the united states she has been surrounded by huge crowds here as have any member of the royal family in the united states. a tremendous fascination among the american people for the
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monarchy. i don't think the people of the united states would be welcoming the idea of a royal family ruling over this country. i think those days are i'm afraid long gone. >> yes, sir. for the last hour we have been showing you great theater coming out of london. the top right hand corner of your screen and there is the town cryer making the official announcement in a very loud voice. he is in his regalia. earlier we saw the golden easel being erected outside buckingham palace. and then two people from the palace coming out and posting the official announcement of the birth. the crowds were gathering around to see that. it is all great theater. i think, imogen, the one thing the brits do well is huge occasion of state with pomp, circumstance, special uniforms and parades and what have you. this is a perfect example of how they do things well in that respect.
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>> the show business of royalty. he said the baby is a wonderful baby, a beautiful baby. that's tremendously good news. >> so he is a made man. you are the man who delivers the heir to the throne, you can reach no higher pinnacle in the medical profession. >> and william and kate spent time bonding with their newborn son before they told their families. they had that little qoi yet family time. quiet family time. it is the balance between being a family event and a state event. you say the wonderful show business and theatrics of the royal family. >> that's what people relate to. that's what ordinary couples do with a bonding moment. the mom holds the baby and the dad looks on probably in tears, and that is what has happened there in saint mary's hospital. it is normal. there is great joy at royals being normal in this sense. >> it is relatable and it is a good news story and we spend
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so much time covering the awful news in the world. this is a moment of celebration. sometimes we need light in our lives. if it is this, that's all good. >> have you your smart phone in front of you. you have been tweeting away. what are your friends in england saying? >> they are busy drinking some of the bottles of champagne. do you really think they are on twitter right now? they are in the partly sunny. -. >> joyous news. the news was given roughly one hour ago. it was publicly announced by that gentleman right there, the town cryer, and the news is the duke and duchess of cambridge have delivered as they say in the official announcement, the duchess had been safely delivered of a son. they will stay in the hospital overnight. we may see prince william appear which takes me to martha. martha, are you outside the saint mary's hospital and it is possible, just possible prince william will appear there, is that correct?
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>> it is possible, steb warrant. as -- stewart. prince charles came out the night william came out and he may want to honor that tradition and no doubt the buttons on his blazer are bursting. she a very proud papa right now. we had a lovely statement from prince charles and camilla. he said, my wife and i are over joyed at the birth of a grandson. very careful wording in that press released. obviously the missing person here is the grandmother, princess diana. she is not here to witness this joyous day. and that is not lost on anyone who is part of this celebration. william may come out. you talk about twitter and the town cryer and the easel are the original social media of a time gone by. there was other social media to make the announcement. there is buzz that william may come out. as soon as we know anything we will let you know back there.
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there is one other note on the american relationship with royalty. stewart, as you well know the brits love the united states. they love to come to america. they love to meet with the president. they love to come to the white house. diana was dancing at the white house. i think all is forgotten, is it not? >> it is a special relationship. you are quite right. i am proud to be in america as an english man born and raised over there, but americanized now. we have to take a quick break. there is a lot more on this in a moment. >> the queen and the prince of wales. on this happy and joyous monday, god save the queen.
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the croids disart -- the crowds started gathering a couple hours ago. and now the crowds are moving toward buckingham palace. that's what you are looking at right now. that is the scene outside buckingham palace, and that was the scene a little earlier. the scene on your left is now. darkness is falling in london. it is 9:35 p.m. over there. but the crowds are there. there are lots of them. let's bring in european parliament member daniel hanon who is very, very english i
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might add. daniel, welcome to the program. apart from this being an heir to the throne, what does this birth mean to the average person in britain? >> thanks. i am not entirely english. scottish on one side and irish on the other and very english in the sense that is how most of us are one way or another. we follow the customs of our tribe, don't we? and part of identifying with your nation is you celebrate the things that mark it out from other countries. >> and this is a wildly popular event? >> in the sense that it is uncontroversial. how can you not be happy about a baby, and because it will be a royal baby rather than a politician there is no one out there who on principal will say we don't like this guy. it will be a lot cheaper than having the obamas as our first family. i was reading somewhere that they cost more than all of the
1:37 pm
royals in europe put together which is something to think about. >> you are such a politician. you had to get your shot in there. >> none of these expensive flights out to hawaii and back for vacation. i tell you, they are a lot more cheap flying monarchers around. >> a lot of americans are asking, wait a minute. we are spending all of this money on the monarchy in britain? you pay the queen, what, $58 million a year? what are the brits getting for this? what is your answer to that question? >> we get a pretty good deal. the monarchy makes over to the state the revenues of the private -- what are called the crown estate land which are worth more than the civil list. if you look at it in the round, if they just went back to being private property owners and didn't do this deal, we would be as taxpayers worse off. i think we get a good deal from that point of view. >> some years ago, 15 or 20, there was some republican feeling in britain.
1:38 pm
republican feeling being anti-monarchy, abolish the monarchyment let's go to a republic with a president. i feel that sentiment is gone almost come pleatly? >> it has always been a minority view. there are some people who put it in a sour killjoy way and talk about the paris lights. there are even one or two on twitter wining about a newborn baby which is a little undignified. there are honorable republicans who talk about being independent and standing on your own two feet. it is a minority opinion. if you are a democrat, you have to accept the reality that the overwhelming majority of the public are happier to have the present system than an elected head of state. >> it is 9:30 your time in london and i take it the pubs are jammed and will be absolutely over flowing before closing time. have i got that one right? >> you remembered that well enough, yes. people will be raising a
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dwhras or two. a glass or two. >> always a pleasure. thank you very much. a big day for the brits. thank you very much. imogen lloyd webber is still with us. we talked a moment ago about these being a modern royal couple. and so they are. i want to ask you about the likely up bringing of the young prince. >> the queen mum called monarchy an intolerable privilege. it is very tough because this prince on some levels knows his future. he is going to be the 43rd monarch we have had in britain since 1066. the blueprint for his up bringing will be kate's up bringing and not william's. william had an unstable childhood. he was caught up in the war of the wales. one reason william was so attracted to kate was her stability and her family background. he loves spending time with middleton and even broke with tradition and didn't go to christmas with the rest of the royals. he spent christmas with the middleton. he calls michael middleton dad
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sometimes. he loves the nuclear family. you will see this baby during all of the normal things as much as possible. >> but his life is tightly constrained. there are all kinds of things he absolutely can't do. he can't go into business. he can't run a corporation. he can't become a lawyer. he can't become a doctor. he is the future king of england, that's it. >> you can see that difference between william and harry. harry is the naughty one and harry gets away with things and goes to vegas and gets to fight in afghanistan. william was never able to do any of that. there is that burden, as the queen says an intolerable privilege. >> i think william is more restrained than harry, would you agree? >> just a little bit. to real housewife of beverly hills cast member and royal watcher lisa vanderpump on the phone. hi, lisa. you are a real housewife of
1:41 pm
beverly hills. you lived in america some time. i don't think you are an american. you certainly have a british accent. what do you think about the british royal birth? >> it makes me feel so homesick. to be honest i was a thousand percent sure it was a girl. i don't know why. i was tweeting it will be pink. i think this woman hasn't put a foot wrong. kate middleton has been exemplary and she will carry on the way she raises her child. it is a very happy occasion. >> lisa, i have to ask, did you cry when you heard the noise did you cry? the news did you cry? >> i did shed a tear and raise a glass in my restaurant in beverly hills right now and having a glass of champagne to celebrate. you do feel proud to be a brit and i feel a bit homesick not being there and kind of with everyone congregating in the streets in this wonderful moment. having been through the whole mourning and the death of diana, i think a lot of people did want a girl, but now we have the news and we are just
1:42 pm
going to celebrate. it is wonderful news. >> it seems to me the duke and duchess and this young prince have restored the monarchy to a position of respect if i can put it like that. i think you would agree with that? >> i think. it was just such a shame at one time, and kate has been very aware. like even the wedding, i was the spokesperson for cnn and watched the wedding closely. the way she handled herself and the fact that they were pretty conservative with the wedding when we had just kind of in the middle of a tough recession. people want to celebrate and i stick my finger up to the anti-royalists. i think they bring so much to the country and set us apart. not every country has a royal family. they bring in so much tourism and what she has done, and she is down to earth and they have moved on with the times. as did diana really. she broke so many traditions and william is very much his mother's son. i absolutely salute them and
1:43 pm
congratulate them. >> lisa, i'm sorry. you know about hard breaks. i have one coming up. we will release you back to the champagne at your restaurant and thanks for joining us. you are looking now outside saint mary's hospital, london. that's where the birth occurred, mother and son are inside that building. so too is prince william. there is a possibility that he will appear later on tonight to greet the onlookers. we shall see. back in a moment.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
it rippled through the crowd. that was the cheer when the word went through the crowd outside the hospital. yes, it was a boy. a ripple went through the crowd right there. then came the full announcement that it was a boy and 8 pounds and six ounces. the announcement was made one
1:47 pm
hour and twenty minutes ago. of course we do not yet know the name, the intended name of the young prince. the queen has be informed first and has to give her approval of the name chosen by the duke and duchess of cambridge. imogen lloyd webber is still with me. they changed the succession law and it doesn't matter because it is a boy jie. exactly that. -- >> exactly that. the 1701 act of settlement did state that if kate had a daughter and then a son, the son would have super seeded and would have leap frogged over the daughter. we all know that history mocks that. women make great monarchs. so they thought about changing the rules in the uk, but all of the commonwealth countries have not caught up yet. they don't need to bother so much now. >> do you approve of this change? >> clearly i approve of the change and dh -- this is a good example how the monarchy
1:48 pm
has to adapt to survive jie. it takes a thousand years to adapt to this particular item though. >> it does. it does have to move with the times. the queen, james bond, you wouldn't have seen her doing that at the olympics 10 years ago. that is an example of the monarchy becoming approachable as diana wanted. >> you said the queen drove up from windsor to buckingham palace. don't tell me she drove herself. >> i don't believe so today. i think she was driven today. but she does still drive at the age of 87. >> she does? >> yes. >> how do you know that? >> kahn see her pictures of -- you can see her pictures of driving places? >> where. >> in scotland. >> that is a 40,000 acre estate. plenty of room to maneuver with the jeep. >> she only owns two houses personally. the rest are held in trust. >> so we are going to be looking for the rest of the evening at the crowds outside buckingham palace and
1:49 pm
champagne corks and the pubs spilling over with $905 million of extra -- with $95 million extra alcohol. it is a joyous occasion. i keep saying that, but it is. >> and we need. it as you know the uk is going through a tough economic time at the moment. this is that psychological boost and we had it in 2011 with the royal wedding and we had it last year with the london olympics. to have this as well is lovely. it is the hottest day of the year so far today. >> no air conditioning? >> no. >> and we did have david cameron, he put in a brief appearance, but it was very, very brief because nobody wants politicians appearing at the royal birth, right? >> no. certainly not. politicians used to be present until 1948, i believe it was when they scraped that rule to make sure there was no funny business with the birthing. >> up until 1948? >> yes. they used to have to be there to make sure no little baby was snuck in. >> this is a revelation. i didn't know that.
1:50 pm
>> william was the first to be born in a hospital. she was born where kate just had her baby. >> it takes time to adapt. >> this is it. >> we will have an update from saint mary's hospital outside there of in just a moment. we have to take a in a moment. we have to take a break. we will be back. the royal birth has occurred, it is a boy. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. no name yet. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
it's a boy, 8 pounds, 6 ounces. announced about an hour and a half ago roughly. the crowds are gathering on the left of your screen, that's what you're watching, crowds gathering outside buckingham palace. it is dark there now. you can see camera flashes, lots of people, lots of
1:54 pm
>> sir, i believe that you've spent a great deal of time in kensington palace, you may have stayed there and lived there awhile at least, and that will be the future home of this family, the duke and duchess and princess of cambridge.
1:55 pm
can you tell us a little what this palace is like? >> well, it has a number of apartments, members of the royal family living there, cousins of the queen, and william and katherine live in a fairly small cottage, very nice inside, been inside several times. friend of mine used to live there, i have been there for dinner. very comfortable but quite small. what they're going to be moving into is princess margaret's old apartment which is very big and it is a good family accommodation, and it is something they will be able to spread out, establish a nursery for baby cambridge and future baby cambridges, so they will be living in a very secure complex. there's no garden, there is a walled garden further inside the complex. there's a very large field, open
1:56 pm
space. they have kensington gardens if they want it. within the secure area of the palace there's a large open space and small walled garden. >> hold on. breaking news from imogen lloyd webber. >> they gave a short statement saying they could not be happier, he will be staying the night in the hospital with kate. >> you're in front of st. mary's hospital. we understand the prince could appear. if you were giving advice, would you tell him to appear? >> no, i wouldn't. i would tell him to stay put. i think his wife needs him more than the media. there is going to be an appearance, an appearance tomorrow when they leave. diana was in the hospital 22 hours. william and katherine could leave tomorrow after a good night's sleep, a strenuous day, not just for william who sort of had the mental strength but for katherine who had the physical and mental strength. what they need is down time, shut eye, be fresh when they
1:57 pm
leave the hospital. should you appear now, no, get some sleep. >> well said. imogen, many things. it is a boy, 8 pounds 6 ounces,♪ announced roughly an hour and a half ago. good news, "the five" is next. ♪ come in, cats ♪ and check your hats ♪ i mean this joint ijumpin' [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones osteo bi-fle n help your joints. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint. now in joint and muscle formula for people that demand even more for their bodies.
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