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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 22, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned. that's powerful. verizon. get the samsung galaxy s3 for $49.99. hear ye. hear ye. the 22nd of july, the year 2013, welcome the first born of his royal highness the duke and duchess of cambridge, the first great grandchild of her majesty the queen.
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and first grandchild of the prince of wales. >> it's a boy. hello, everyone. it is 10:00 p.m. in london where there's a new prince in town, kate her royal highness, duchess of cambridge safely delivered a baby boy at 11:24 eastern. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. third in line to the british throne. here is david cameron reacting earlier. >> it is an important moment in the life of our nation. in a bubble it is wonderful for a warm and loving couple who have a brand new baby boy and they can know that a proud nation is celebrating with the tonight. >> let's go right to london where america's newsroom host
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martha maccallum is outside st. mary's hospital all day. i know you're as excited as i am about the birth of the new prince. very exciting. we want to hear some of the latest details from you. >> reporter: hey there, it has been a very exciting afternoon. we thought for awhile that we wouldn't get the news until morning, then all of a sudden we saw a lot of hospital employees standing in a bridge area between the two buildings behind me and they were watching and looking at the crowd. then got word originally the understanding was the letter would come out, be given to the courier who would come up in a car, take it to buckingham palace. moments before, got indication that the palace would put out a statement prior to that, and really the thinking was a, something was imminent, a statement was coming, and b, that things went okay. there was a feeling there was about to go good news coming
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shortly. so there was a lot of excitement that rippled through the crowd. then got the news it is a boy. everybody was expecting a girl. all of the odds makers, look at all of the betting in london, everybody was wrong, it is a boy. very exciting for the royal family, who even got statements from prince charles, camilla, overjoyed to be grandparents, the queen and prince philip put out a statement, so far a one liner from duke of cambridge saying we could not be happier. it is a very happy moment for them. we watched them get married two years ago, the world has clearly embraced them as sort of a new beginning for the royal family after some pretty rough years in the '90s. they put it together quite nicely and they're getting enormous reception. a lot of people say what's the big deal, who cares about the roy wi r royal family. they have huge approval ratings,
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the queen has a 90% approval rating. any president of the united states would envy those numbers. there's tremendous support for the institution, clearly here in london. i would venture to guess in the united states as well. >> it is an exciting time. you mention an important point. it is very poignant, of course, the passing of princess diana, imagine looking down from heaven excited for the new birth of the baby boy, the prince being love and warmth and connection to the family who has been through so much. we've got a table here of eager participants, martha, as you can imagine. one in particular greg gutfeld wants to weigh in. >> this is amazing to me, this is truly the real british open. i heard and want to you answer this question. ask true piers morgan security interview with the baby's umbilical cord? >> reporter: oh, certainly hope not.
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we certainly hope not. people say who cares about the royal family. who cares about piers morgan. >> martha, welcome to "the five." we're so glad to have you for your debut on "the five." i have a serious question. when do we find out the name of the baby? >> well, we could find out as early as tomorrow. i wouldn't be surprised if we find out tomorrow. they waited a week to announce william's name when he was born but he came a bit early. i think because there's been a bit of a wait, my guess is they'll stick with momentum and that tomorrow we will likely get announcement of the name. all the odds bet on george, queen elizabeth's father, and the king's speech about her father, king george, who wasn't supposed to be king at all,
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edward the viii was supposed to, it left king george in position to be king. weren't for that, queen elizabeth wouldn't be on the throne either for her father, phillip, arthur also likely choices in the mix. but george seems to be the number one bet here. >> you were favoring, i have been following your coverage in the past week, your top choice for names if it was a baby boy. you had some good names if it was a baby girl. she looked like she was having a boy, her face looked so much the same. they're easy on their moms in that sense. >> seriously, that was my experience. i think it is true, they say girls take away from your beauty and the boys don't. hard to think of anything take i
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away of her beauty. who could tell. she's such a great looking person. now looking back, yeah, she carried really well, didn't seem to take away anything from her, so hindsight is 20/20. of course it was a boy. >> we have a statement released from william. do you have that, saying he was very happy? >> reporter: yes. yeah. it is a one line statement. he says we could not be happier. and you know, this is a lovely couple. you think back to princess diana and prince charles and when william was born, there was already trouble in dodge at that point. there's no indication that's the situation here. they seem to be a happy, mature couple. they met in college. diana was only 20 when william was born, it was more frightening for her. not surrounded by her family. we know the duchess of cambridge
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has been with her mom and her family at their house. very, very different situation here. this is a couple that's been truly enthusiastic about having kids and i think a lot of people are sharing in their joy. they like them. they're a pretty likeable couple. >> bob? >> martha, first of all on behalf of "the five" i apologize for gutfeld's question. >> which one. >> which one. right. my question, the british monarchy has been subject of debate for several years. if i remember, listen to the poll numbers about the queen, there was a majority of british wanted the monarchy to stay in place, a lot that don't. do you think this changes that around? >> reporter: i think that the palace has done an amazing job of public relations over the past five years. look at william and harry. harry had his moments in las vegas, they handled those pretty
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well. in general, you think about the diana years, it was a mess. then you had andrew and sarah ferguson and their divorce, there was divorce all over the place. and at that point the approval ratings for the royal family were around 48%. now you have the general number of people that say we would be worse off without a monarchy at almost 70%. the approval numbers for the queen are at 90%. and i attribute it to they've gotten so much smarter about the way they presented royal family. during the jubilee, they showed pictures of queen elizabeth playing with charles on the beach. these are pictures we've never seen. the never pictures we saw were like getting off the train after a six week trip. now we're in a different chapter of that, they're handling it in a smart way. look at the material they have. they have the princes who fought
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for the country, and people respect that, and kate who appears to be a perfect combination of a commoner who is very regal. >> eric bolling has a question. >> not so much a question, more a comment. am i the only one in america on television now, what's the fascinating? it is the monarchy. this would never happen here. taxpayer funded monarchy, they would be out. this baby, whatever name will be his royal highness blank of cambridge will be a billionaire the minute he is named. >> you turned it into a financial segment. >> by the way, trace gallagher said the baby's name is critical. which is a lousy name. >> go ahead, martha. >> reporter: well, there's a joke today on a fake prince
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charles account kate's in labor? i could have sworn she was conservative. but you know -- >> that was gutfeld's joke. >> they would say -- anyway, in answer to the question about the money, they do bring in a lot of money. they expect about $400 million to be spent on souvenirs and royal goodies and things people bring home based on the royal baby alone, the tourism factor is huge where the royal family is concerned. they have cut back, you know, what they take from the taxpayers dramatically. they gave back some royal yachts. what more do you want? >> greg has something else. >> is it true that nancy grace is already implicated the royal baby in a string of unsolved homicides? >> oh, gosh. >> martha, don't answer!
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>> reporter: how did you know that? >> you have to live with him every day. >> we're never going to get martha back. she does a serious news show in the morning, now look what you've done. >> sorry. >> martha, a lot has changed over time with the royal family, prince charles and camilla and you know, the rest of the table go crazy, i know them both personally, they're very down to earth, gracious people, really warm. i can't say enough about them. one of the things i noticed was they are close and very much in love. don't touch me, bob. very much in love, a strong foundation. seems this is an extension of it of the relationship with william and kate.
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>> reporter: you know them, i don't. not everybody is parrotable about that, one under the bridge with the diana situation, but i think people have embraced camilla, and what helps it a lot is that harry and william made it very clear that they're glad their dad is happy. and kate has made an effort to spend time with camilla and to make her feel welcome and, you know, this is a family that whatever went in the past appears to really care about each other like most families do, and i think that shows. you know, there was a lot in the past. i think camilla is in better shape pr wise than before, and you helped her even more, kimberly. >> to be honest with you, i didn't know quite what to expect, i was a big fan of princess diana, and the charitable work and causes she supported for children, and when i met camilla, i was pleasantly
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surprised. i had an open mind. charles expressed to me how much he deeply loves her, and i think it is important that the boys support the father. prince william, very mature for his age, having lost his mother at a young age, has a big impact. had the same experience in my life. we will see, we wish them the best. the new prince, to have a new baby boy, regardless what family it is born into. greg has something that will probably ruin that. >> martha, does the baby have an opinion on heraldo? he turned 70 and looks great. >> reporter: he did turn 70 and looks great. the royal baby was tweeting about that moments ago. he is a big follower of heraldo. >> and dana perino. >> and this is a great story.
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the world is following this. don't you think it would have been a better story back in the day when there was going to be a coup, back in mary queen of scotts days. >> reporter: absolutely. that's why i am interested in it now, stories of british history of fascinating. when you read those stories about how difficult it was to continue the line in a family and in the monarchy, and the fact that they killed the young boy at the tower of london, things have been easier since then. this is a continuation of that line. that's why you have the big announcement and the importance of it among many of the people in britain that they see that family line continue. it is still important to them. >> martha, i know you're coming
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back, i hope you will. we will cut greg's microphone off. >> i am the only one asking the right questions. >> okay. we're going to be back. >> martha has been fantastic, solid, she put up with this. martha, don't go anywhere. we're going to come back to you when things develop. there's a chance we may hear from prince william. we got a one line statement earlier. stay with us. ♪
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♪ during the break a statement was released by the president and mrs. obama congratulating the royal highness, duke and duchess of cambridge, so plooead to congratulate, blah blah blah blah blah, child entered the world, has a great opportunity, blah blah blah. one question we have, the baby is 8 pounds 6 ounces.
2:21 pm
48 divided by 8 equals 6. the baby is third in line for the crown, third, three sixes. 666. raising the question. is the baby the anti-christ? odd question from the president. >> not that unusual from the president of the united states to the royal family. >> i think it is a little crass. he should be celebrating, not asking whether it is the anti-christ. >> using the baby to beat up on obama? >> so this baby, according to the press release, the duchess of cambridge has delivered a son. number three. notes to editors. number three, baby is third in line, yadda yadda, going to call him his royal prince of cambridge, should pronounce his royal prince barack obama blah blah. this is a monarchy. this is what president obama
2:22 pm
would want. >> you guys are so immature. >> didn't george washington lay it down, say guess what, britain, we're tired of taxation without representation, charity monarchy, we're done with that. >> let me ask you this. iraq and afghanistan, they always are -- >> a strong relationship. >> having said that, who wants to take a bet on the queen is going to live to be 105, like her mother. charles will be in a nursing home by the time he gets -- it is his time to go. anybody think he is going to by pass it -- >> do you think prince charles will live an nursing home? >> well, do you think he will pass it over and turn it over to william? anybody? >> somebody has to break it to the baby his teeth aren't going to get any better. >> you know, greg. >> i feel trapped.
2:23 pm
>> i lived in england for what, three years. i love england. it is a little hysterical for americans to have to deal with this, what we're getting at. i like the fact that they celebrate life, not celebrating pro-choice. >> running around in pink sneakers. >> it is absurdity. people are going crazy. a baby cam. and they're popping champagne, crying. >> they are excited about it. they like it. greg, did you go to the hyde park sunday and get on a soap box? >> i did not, i am very short. did you just insult me? >> i was piling on. >> dana, do you appreciate the historical significance here, having been a tremendous student of history, enjoy studying things like this? future world leader that's going to deal directly with the united states and hopefully this prince
2:24 pm
will stand with the united states and continue the relationship internationally that we have enjoyed with br britain, yes? >> yes. >> as i said in the show earlier in the week, i have been up every night waiting to hear about it, i am delighted to hear about it. >> he thought it was harry. >> that's right. >> the father. >> cost of all of this thing. i think martha may have underestimated, talking about the revenue from the baby being born, but the monarchy, when people go to england, what else are they going to look at? >> generate $400 million, right? >> saying they are going to generate through beer and alcohol sales and what not, that's not generating anything, it is making people spend their money. if they're worth what they are saying, where do they get paid, what do they provide? >> house of windsor has that money. >> no, but didn't i hear the
2:25 pm
queen mother reduced her salary from $36 million to $32 million this year, for what? >> she is the queen mother. >> paid $32 million a year to buy those hats? >> those are expensive hats. >> they're made out of kittens. >> put it this way. you're from new jersey. i can understand why you don't quite appreciate the pomp and circumstance of the british people when it comes to something like this. >> relate it to americans. what would be the equivalent. >> we don't have royalty here, we have celebrity. our royal family is the kardashians. when they pop out a baby, same thing pretty much. >> who gets the interview with -- >> martha maccallum isn't outside the hospital -- >> compare them to the kardashians? come on. >> they are america's royalty. >> both of the boys served and
2:26 pm
served their country well, don't have meaningless lives. they're actually contributing as is kate. i think they're wonderful representatives. i hope it encourages young people to get involved in their community, to give back. >> i love the fact that those guys are in the military. they're actually doing something very important. >> i am not talking about that, i am talking about the hysteria, that we spend an hour on this. >> okay. >> the baby is adorable, the royal family, god love them, it is us on "the five." >> why do we look up to kate middleton? what did she do other than being attractive and meet the prince. >> gorgeous. >> i married up into royalty. i became a billionaire overnight. what does she do? >> you don't admire her, the way she conducts herself, in an important position, a great role model. i think the youth of america
2:27 pm
could learn a lot from her and the way she handles herself. >> there's a lot of prime ministers that come and go quickly in britain. the monarchy has been there, the consistent aspect. you have to give, queen elizabeth, when she became queen, she was down during the blitz of london going through neighborhoods bombed, she was trying to rally the country together. i think they do an important job. >> what? >> bombs are dropping. >> where are bombs dropping? >> i think it is nice to have. >> 60, 70 years ago, bombs dropped. >> she did. we still see the monarchy? >> dana has a nice comment. >> i said i like the tradition. i think it is nice to have one. i think i like ours better for us. but it is great they're having a baby. when it comes to the royals, i wish we could be there listening to will and kate, thinking i
2:28 pm
cannot believe people in america are doing live coverage 24/7 i think they bring a lot for britain. we could have worse role models. >> what about harry. >> i don't have much to say about this obviously. >> they clearly play this up. we sent martha maccallum a week early. >> i would take royal baby coverage over zimmerman trial coverage any day. >> i have to move. we are all doing this in good fun. we love england. they're one of our greatest allies and i was joking about the 666 thing. i don't believe that. i was having fun with numerology and i hate astrology. i was making fun of that. i don't believe the baby is secretly the devil for people at home that believed me. >> i am a numbers guy, i was buying into it. >> bob, you're a gambler.
2:29 pm
you love to gamble. >> that's true. >> the great thing about this, it is not going to end. we're going to have more on the royal baby. i'm excited. i love this stuff. >> i can tell. ♪ at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. they're the days to take care of business.. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure
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♪ they say politics makes for strange bed fellows. apparently so does the privacy debate. when "the five" talks privacy, the debate gets heated, never know who falls on what side of the debate. when i saw this in "the new york times" yesterday, i thought it was right up our alley. did you know 96% of all 2013 model year cars have black box data recorders embedded in them? neither did i. did you know that 14 states have
2:34 pm
given law enforcement, judges, lawyers, insurance companies access to your driving data? neither did i. in fact, the courts have concluded data produced by black boxes is actually your personal property. we ask, black box data on your driving, personal property or free for government access? hold gutfeld for the end, i know where he is going to go with this. kimberly, what do you think of this? this is a tough one. >> okay rk, i can answer it tho. to me, i feel very uncomfortable. i think it is a tricky privacy issue. whereas if there's an issue with cars and recalls, you may want the information to make cars safer and save lives. but i see a serious infringement where they would take advantage and use it for other things. they're able to turn your car off, make it stop, get all of the information without going through a warrant. the abuse of power could be tremendous. that's disconcerting.
2:35 pm
>> i didn't know they could turn off your car? where did that information come from? >> that's what i am talking about in the future of where we're headed, they will be able to control the vehicle like through gps and everything else. >> you're using where does it end default of debate rather than dealing with the reasonable question whether it can help you in the event of an accident. >> i try to stay in the reasonable area. >> so unreasonable? we know they floated the idea of patching every model. a black box can record every mile you drive. >> so could a speedometer. >> don't have access to that. >> they will now though. >> actually, you do, you have to record at certain point how much mileage is in the car at a certain point. >> why. >> for insurance. to get your 70,000 mile checkup. >> so -- >> i think it is a reach. i see you've got your handy book out there. a royal segment.
2:36 pm
>> i love this. >> it is something that -- what about the free market in this? if insurance companies are willing to give you $100 discount on car insurance if you have the black box, because if you get in an accident helps with claims against somebody else or to protect you or maybe implicate you, why not let the free market decide. >> doesn't free market give you the choice to opt out? this doesn't. this case, you don't even have the option. that black box goes in there. bob? >> i am so outraged by this, i cannot believe it. the fact the cops can get into black box of your car, tsa can break into the trunk, government into the telephone line. what is this? this is not nazi germany in the 1930s. this is a country built on privacy and the right, sorry, excuse me. it is outrageous! you show me one thing about this that makes this country safer and the hell with the insurance
2:37 pm
company. they overcharge you anyway. >> can we -- there's another story came out, don't have a lot of time. i wanted to get to it. hope we have the graphics. the nsa, remember the fisa court that allows them to data mine, we talked about it on and on, that fisa court data mining permit ran out friday night. no one talked about it. guess what happened sunday? they reupped the go ahead to give them the opportunity -- >> until congress tells them differently, the nsa has an obligation to do so because they have been told to do it by congress, overseen by a judge. so if y'all want to do a lobbying thing, tell the nsa to stop and defund the nsa -- >> they don't go into your phone records, bob. there's a difference. they take the number and duration of the call and then in order to look into it, they have to then go back and look, that's what makes it a search. it is not a search if you gather data. and you will lose.
2:38 pm
if you take that little red book into the supreme court, you will lose because accumulation of supreme court information says it is not unreasonable to gather that data. >> they originally got it. bush administration originally got the ability to do that under the patriot act and they made sure that at least one of the parties that they were data mining wasted states. >> you cannot search. you don't even have a name. all you have is a number. you can't get a name without going back to the court. there were 300 -- do you know how many they looked for? 300. out of 300 million, 300 calls in one year. >> guy was mowing his lawn. had 2,000 requests and only one was turned down. >> they know how to ask for it. it is proforma. here is the information. the judge says we will let you continue to do what congress asked you to do. >> we have to go. they said like this we have to
2:39 pm
go. >> more royal baby! >> martha maccallum outside st. mary's hospital. a prince has arrived. there's a chance we could hear from prince william at any moment. stick around. ♪
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♪ most parents try to teach the kids to play nicely. here in new york, some hire other people to do that for them. new york post reports that some well to do moms and dads are forking out $400 a month for recreation experts to organize play dates for their children,
2:44 pm
comes down to 800 grand a year. they try to get them into elite private schools. bob, this is clearly something your parents did for you. do you think it was worth the investment. >> didn't work. >> my father taught me to play by kicking my butt. this is one of the most elitist stories, $400. >> what are those kids going to do. >> most go to harvard. >> go to harvard, drug addicts, drop out. >> where are the statistics from the beckel institute? >> and waiters. >> who is charging 400? i pay 600? clearly i got ripped off! >> i can't believe it. >> play dates for kids in new york? >> part of the process for pre-k, you go to like a play
2:45 pm
date, a scientific lab rat observation. they put them in with five other kids, see how they interact, if they're properly socialized. when the kid gets in a fight with another kid, it is not a good situation. >> what school? >> horace mann, dalton, adlai stevenson -- >> kids need to learn to play and interact with each other on their own. they don't need adults to tell them how to play and -- this is the worst thing. they're sending them on the wrong path, probably the entitlement kids that i think need government to tell them what to do the rest of their lives. >> a lot of extra money hanging around, do you want to organize a play date with your ferret and jasper for 400 bucks? >> it shows the elitests and the rest of america, these are people that can afford america's
2:46 pm
decline, don't care about high taxes or regulation, they can pay the 400 bucks. >> not enough spots in schools in new york, then they have legacies. if you're brother or sister went, you're automatically in. i applied to one school, they said great, we have one spot for a girl. i said i have a boy. they're like oh, well, that's not going to work. >> when i was in play school, they would say you shouldn't have thrown that punch. >> that would have been great advice. >> up next, we go back to london, martha maccallum is outside st. mary's hospital where another prince was born today. stay right here. ♪ [ female announcer ] imagine a match made in skin heaven. with venus and olay. olay moisture bars help lock in moisture for less dryness while five blades get venus close. revealing smooth. and goddess skin begins. only from venus and olay.
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♪ welcome back to "the five." we are talking about the royal baby and martha maccallum. martha, you have been there a week, i watched your coverage, it is amazing how much news you made of it. i mean, what did you do? they didn't give you much to work with, right? >> reporter: well, you know, we did the normal shows from her, normal news through the course
2:51 pm
of week, sprinkled in what we learned along the way, then got most of the news we waited for all week today, and once it started coming, it came fast and furious, the baby was born at 4:24 our time this afternoon. found out about it about four hours later, that indeed the duke and duchess of cambridge had a boy, the name yet to be decided. tomorrow there will be a couple of gun salutes, 21 gun salute, 62 gun salute, sort of heralding the birth of the child. some excitement tomorrow. we expect we will see prince william and his wife, the duchess of cambridge, better known as kate come down the steps behind me, show off the baby for the first time. that will be some of the excitement coming in the morning. greg is especially excited, i know eric bolling is on the edge of his seat waiting for that moment. i will be sure to say hi to them when they come out. >> a quick follow-up, martha. where are they going to live,
2:52 pm
are they living in the castle? no, really, the palace? >> really, bob? >> yes, they will. they're going to be living at kensington palace. they have been renovating an apartment there. they will be living at the palace. where else would they live? >> everyone is making fun of me. >> greg, we're not letting you talk. >> martha, do you think that we're going to hear, we had a one line statement from prince william. do you believe he will make a public comment like his father, prince charles, did? >> i think not. the message is that he will stay with kate and the baby tonight, they're enjoying some family time. we expect to see them early morning out here tomorrow. it will likely be their first appearance, kimberly. >> we have to wrap up here, martha. thank you very much for putting up with us, and i want to
2:53 pm
congratulate you on behalf of "the five," seriously, the new prince. i wish them the best, i hope he becomes king sooner than his grandpa. anyway, it was great. congratulations to you all from "the five." one more thing is up next! it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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if y have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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♪ this is some day, you think
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maybe, i don't know. time now for one more thing. we will not disappoint you in this special segment on monday. we begin with mr. bolling. >> remember friday president obama came out and he brought stand your ground law into the george zimmerman trayvon martin case issue? listen to this. >> if we're sending a message as a society in our communities that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms, even if there's a way for them to exit from a situation, is that really going to be contributing to the kind of peace and security and order that we'd like to see? >> sounds like the stand your ground law. pull up full screen. this is when it was state senator barack obama, illinois on top showing him as co-sponsor of a bill that expands stand your ground to the state of
2:58 pm
illinois, underneath you can see under votes, then state senator obama said yea, i am for this stand your ground law. exactly the same thing, wanted to expand it in the state of illinois. >> file that under oops i did it again. all right. i want to do happy birthday to bob dole, he is 90 today. a wonderful gentleman, american senate gop leader, a presidential candidate in 1996. served his country amazingly from his military service all the way through his political career, and bob, do you know where he used to sit on the senate balcony? >> yes. >> on my first day of work in washington i got a tour of the capitol. as i went by, he waved and i got to have a diet coke with him. >> one of the nicest men. >> a lot of people like comic strips, don't have time to look
2:59 pm
at them. i would like to read the latest dennis the menace. he is flexing in front of his girlfriend. she says you might be a he man when you grow up, for now you're just a he-boy. >> you're lucky, she's your laugh track. it is perfect. >> last night, had a chance to pay tribute to the funniest man in new york for aspca, our own janice dean won the contest, you were very, very funny. some of the other people were funny, too. like the beginning of the show today. >> i heard bolling helped her out. >> bolling helped her. >> my favorite part before one more thing, bob said dana, are you bringing in martha dean? >> martha dean. >> he said paula, paula. i said what did she do now? >> janice dean.
3:00 pm
>> really quick. >> let's recap. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is next. the president, the economy, and a familiar script. what's different now? plus a royal baby. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. by now you heard the news, it has been the focus all afternoon, the line of succession to the english throne is secured. more on the baby boy who will be the king of england in a bit. here in the u.s., the challenge for most second terms, establishing a legacy of a different kind than over in england. to do so, president obama will need to pivot from


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