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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 24, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i am eric bolling with greg gutfeld, dana perino, andrea tantaros, and bob beckel. this is "the five." race relations in america. strained? derailing, improving? bill o'reilly has been fired up over the race debate. we have some of that tape in a minute. first, when eric holder and president obama went there last week, like it or not, they added fuel to the fire. i suggested they picked at our highly sensitive race scab, bob disagreed. but what is the state of race in america? not good if you believe yvette clark, dem from new york, black caucus spokesperson.
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>> it may seem that african-americans and other minorities achieved full equality in our civil society. profiling, in violation of our laws and our morals. the lives of black men and women are not accorded the same value as the lives of white americans. this is a reality for far too many black americans. >> wait a minute. america treats people equally. we have a black president, europe even has never had a black president nowhere. no other country on the planet offers the kind of opportunities this great nation affords all its citizens, regardless of race. so who are the real race baiters? sometimes those crying the foulest are the worst. president obama was going to be the first post racial president. then this all starts up. he, holder, now the cdc
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spokesperson. >> felt good to get your black president, say good, we have a black problem. this is what this woman said. one thing i agree with, one i don't. she talks about black people being profiled, whether it is in their cars, walking through stores, when they're followed around, all they want to do is shop. any number of -- the idea that somebody could believe there's no racism in america is silly. she said blacks are not of equal value as whites, i don't agree, i think they are accorded that. but the idea that racism is not around in america is crazy. >> go around the table. do you honestly believe president obama was racially profiled and followed in stores? >> sure. >> when? >> i don't know, he said it, i believe him. >> did they racially profile you? >> when he was at columbia or -- i don't know. greg? state of race in america. >> there's one country where race, they have absolutely no racial problems at all. they have no racial strife, no
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dependen dependency, the military in america, where discipline is married to results without a free pass and it works. and i'm not suggesting we should militarize america. yes, i am. we need a draft and need to draft everybody. seems to be the only way to make this disappear. we talk about black versus white. there's a much bigger world of discrimination going on, and it is the attractive versus the ugly. we sit here and talk about there are beautiful black people, beautiful white people. it is ugly people left behind. frankly somebody has to speak up for them. and it might be me. >> what about short people? >> i have given up on that. we are the lowest on the rung. >> you're an attractive people person, right? >> one of the few attractive that will stand up for ugly people. >> both camps, the shortest and
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the ugliest. >> you know, you are ugliest. >> dana, bring us back to president obama, eric holder and the congressional black caucus. are things getting better? >> i think there's no question. president obama said this in his speech friday. things are a lot better than they used to be, like bob, when your dad was fighting the civil rights movement, fighting over the ability for people to sit in the same restaurant together. so we have moved on, and everything is relative. i disagree on the value of life because remember the gosnell trial, this was the abortion clinic trial in philadelphia where that gosnell ended up getting life in prison for committing those murders. the outrage that's coming for the children, the babies, the life, and i think perhaps getting past that and feeling like life is not valued, then she could channel some of that energy and passion she had there to get some other things done.
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i'm going to add one other thing. i don't think it is just in the military where you have some equality and people working extra hard. look at academia. certainly there's a place where there's increased equality. however, when you look at how many african americans graduate from high school compared to hispanics and whites, the number is not good enough, and i think that's where if we focus on that for all our sakes, it would be -- >> i disagree. >> let's get andrea in. >> i'm sorry, i was too busy hearing how much he hates children. >> can you answer the question? state of race in america. >> i think her statement would have been accurate a couple decades ago. at one point in time she's absolutely right. however, that has changed. i think as a nation we have gone out of our way to overcompensate for those grievances. there was a supreme court case on this a couple weeks ago where
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they looked at saving special seats for minorities, giving them this opportunity over white kids. how much is that fair. i think that any time you have one race or even a gender, say women, pushing to be better or get special treatment, you're going to have real problems in society. is this really about equality, eric, or is it about special treatment? >> i'm not sure. it is about making sure there's a continued racial divide. in politics it works, especially for democrats. >> you are suggesting it is good to have racial divide? >> 90 plus percent. >> you think we sit around in the democratic party and want to have racial division? >> i do, yes. >> for people that did that for my dad and myself went down to register blacks in the south,
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wanted people to have equal chance, we didn't want divide, we wanted opportunity. >> it is different, bob, contemporary liberalism. i wanted to disagree about the academic piece. the media is responsible for racial division, they teach race warfare in classrooms. they have studies that tell you that the west sucks and also when you look at the college dropout rates, it is not helping minorities when they go to these colleges and take these crappy classes. racial warfare is the crack cocaine of cnn, msnbc, most college campuses. >> without a high school diploma. >> i am for the high school thing. >> not fair to generalize. i also feel there's a number in the black community feel they're lumped in with others in the black community and it is unfair. some blacks i talk to say look, i work hard, it is not fair to generalize all african americans. bob, the same with democrats.
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you're not like that at all. but what we see often times, members of the democratic party, sharptons, jesse jacksons that perpetuate the racial division that's so destructive. >> to make an obvious point, i give a lot of grief to congressional black caucus for having one point of view at the table, it is liberal, it is not black, it is liberal. at the same time, we are talking about it, there's five white people here. and fox should be hiring more black conservatives. they need to be here, they need to be everywhere. >> they do when they come across. >> that's fair and balanced. >> there are very successful blacks in america. i remember having a fight literally, almost a fight with jesse jackson about when jackson was complaining about in the minority communities the store at the end of each block was owned by jews, 40, 50 years ago. that's where we got ripped off. then the koreans came in.
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i said jessie, why doesn't somebody black buy that store, why not. >> access to capital. >> he couldn't make that argument, i knew he had access to capital. >> last night, talking to one of the leaders in the african-american movement, community. listen. >> we both want the same thing. you and i want the same thing. we want civility, safety, and prosperity for all americans. particularly those who are disadvantaged. >> absolutely. >> but i'm telling you that there's a hustle in the civil rights industry, a grievance industry that makes a lot of money off division, and it is not being challenged by anybody but me. i am taking a lot of heat doing it. last word. >> bill, let me say this, americans do have an opportunity
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to express themselves, to express their grievances against the government, against the nation, but we also have a responsibility to work to find common ground. you and i need to talk more because i'm sure we can find common ground. i think when people talk, they can find common ground, if we agree. >> lot of people dying while the chatting is going on. we appreciate you coming on. you're welcome any time you want to come on the broadcast. >> all right, bob. >> well, me, i -- >> he is the only one talking about it. the only one. >> i want bill to know, i can't be more excited of the fact he is taking this on by himself. bill o'reilly doesn't know anything more about being in the black community than anybody that's not been there. >> that's not what he is saying. >> he says there's a hustle in the race community. >> let's go back to the night before when he did his talking points memo which ended up being the most watched talking points memos ever, one of the most popular, most talked about.
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what he did through his platform, which is considerable, he said all right, i'll be the one who says some things that are uncomfortable to say in polite society that you don't want to necessarily bring up. i think what he did on that night was very successful. mark moriel, good point, let's get together, talk about it some more. i think what o'reilly was, he ripped the bandaid off, and the sore underneath. >> he said we will talk, people die. >> that's not what he said. he said while we're talking, all these young black americans are dying in the urban centers because of policies we've had in place are not working and that need to be changed. >> can i point something out, when bill o'reilly pointed it out, talk about what's going on, we have been talking about this a long time. president obama injected race into the argument, into the debate. he injected it when it wasn't there, according to trayvon martin's family, according to the state prosecutor, according to the defense.
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the trial wasn't about race. president obama and eric holder brought it in. instead of doing that, lead out of it, instead of inject more. >> it triggered a debate on race we have not been willing to have in this country. >> you're right. why? because every time somebody says we need to have a conversation about race, the translation is we must agree with you about it. if you were to talk about families, self reliance, that's construed as racist, expecting normal behavior is construed as bigoted who make a living off this. >> people are scared, and it is not just those that are black, people in the black community don't want to speak up like bill cosby. juan williams echoed what bill o'reilly said, gave great advice not just for blacks, but also for whites, wait to get married, don't have kids out of wedlock, it is the fastest path to
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poverty. eric holder and barack obama had every opportunity afforded to them. president obama's black father left him when he was two years old. his white mother raised him. he had every opportunity to go to school. yet he identifies with his father. he has an opportunity to step up as a role model because he is one and he should and he's missing his moment. >> he understood his life to be a black man in america at certain times with undercurrent of racism. >> the time has passed. >> no, it has not. >> leaving it there. when we come back, carlos danger, aka, anthony weiner, promises to stay in the new york mayoral race. his press conference next. ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here. now get the mercedes-benz you've always dreamed of. but hurry...because a good thing like this won't last forever.
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♪ so as weiner's scandals rise from the dead like zombies from a horror flick, all we can do is
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stand and stare with exhaustion. we are tired. can the average american go about his business without seeing a politician's business? and do we have to witness the theater of therapy played out for all of us to see? if i want a romantic soap opera with perversion, i'll watch fox and friends. if anthony weiner can avoid real work, campaigning for jobs we pay for, all the while trolling for pathetic self gratification, why should we bother. if was no longer hold high status males to high standards before they're elected, what's the point of having standards for ourselves? clearly if we're okay as men with weiner, then it is because we assume we're just like him. are we? think about the average dude married with two kids, working his butt off all to support his family. for him it is never about power, it is about principle. compare it to the high living low life like weiner, living on a government salary in a
2:19 pm
mansion, cultivating a status that allows his fetishes to flourish. this is about accumulating power because he has no other talents. it isn't just about weiner's treatment of women, it is about men who need to grow up in general. if men started acting like men again, boys like wouldn't stand a chance. >> no german art films. >> i have been proud of those german art films, when they come out and they're embarrassing, i will be extremely happy. we have to find out what happened to the llama. are we just not talking about this story or are we talking about it? we have this. >> the behavior was problematic to say the least, destructive to say the most, caused many
2:20 pm
stresses and strains in my marriage. but i am pleased and blessed she has given me a second chance. >> anthony made some terrible mistakes both before he resigned from congress and after. we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so really what i want to say is i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him, as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> the guy in the back was my cousin carl. we call him too tall carl. wherever he goes, his head is overtowering. >> never happened to me. >> you're too short. >> andrea. he's got a problem. but do we have a worse problem in that we don't care? >> oh, i think we care, i think people care. i think people that don't care should care, and i'll tell you why. he's running for public service, okay, to be a public servant.
2:21 pm
is this conversation doing a service to the voters of new york every time one of these politicians get into a sex scandal? and you know what, his wife is standing by his side, i have to take issue with that, he says they were going through marital trouble. they posed for "people" magazine. and if she knew what he was doing, which he said they did, they were having trouble, then she's in it too, she wants to live in mansions, power, lust, personal gain, they don't care about anything else. >> bob, what do you think. you're a seasoned vet in both sides of this story. >> that's absolutely correct. let me just say a couple of things. one, what her motivation is, why she stands up there as many other wives have when their husbands have embarrassed them and themselves is beyond me, why they don't pull a lorena
2:22 pm
bobbitt, i don't understand. i had 113 candidates in the course of my political career. half had real problems, either money or sex. >> or drugs. >> drugs or alcohol. >> or all three. >> then you put them together, most of them won, that's the worst part of it. i mean, i would be -- they started out to be fine. we would have an interview, okay, you're hired. halfway through, i would say can we really put this idiot into congress and we did. >> and you work so hard, look at the policies that resulted. >> i had a guy that announced to me he was gay halfway through the campaign. i said you decided to tell me that now? he said yeah, but i don't want to tell anybody. >> you were living with him. >> i went and got his old high school girlfriend, say they were going to get married. and it worked. >> bob. >> new jersey governor -- >> jim mcgreedy. the wife stood by him, too, eliot spitzer, the wife stayed awhile. it is arrogance and power. you can just get away with it,
2:23 pm
get reelected. all it does is makes you more arrogant and desire the power more. i can't imagine this guy now. he is probably going to win, but can you imagine -- >> i don't think so. >> he is going to blow up both scandals and still become mayor? i would hate to deal with that guy. >> could be hilarious, though. "the five," we would have a story every day. dana you were saying in break before the mondologue that he i a hero. >> i look forward to the first interview with him exclusive here for fox. magazine and tv profiles about you are not because they like you, it is like at a carnival. when you have the freak show, everybody is waiting to see what kind of train wreck this is going to be. also i liked what pete wayner had to say. he said weiner is chronically unfaithful, reckless, impulsive, a serial liar. even if he has asked
2:24 pm
forgiveness, i don't think the important job of being mayor of new york, that we should put it with, because you know six months after he moves in the mansion we will be doing stories like this. >> let me say to close this block out, sorry. i want us to recognize there are an awful lot of elected officials that are good people, do their jobs, don't have these problems that actually are public servants, and there are a lot of public servants for government that do a very good job. you get weiner, to cast this over the people doing public service when there are a lot of good public servants. >> when you elect a mayor, you write out a check and send that man your money, your hard earned dollars to spend, and trust he is going to do things -- >> i wouldn't lose sleep. he has as much chance of winning as greg does. >> how much can you trust this guy. >> zero. >> nobody is going to hand it over. he is going to get beat bad. >> one thing he has done by a
2:25 pm
politician besides putting the sexual stuff aside, can anyone name something he accomplished. >> remember when the story first broke, he lied and said no, it is not true, but he actually convinced some of his congressional colleagues to lie for him. that was unseemly. >> putting it in the bank waiting to run for mayor. >> that's what his career is, always running. he is running for something and running from something. >> and from himself. >> from himself. >> what a nice way to end it. we need more public servants, not pubic servants. the baby formerly known as prince has a name. it will be worth the wait, people. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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♪ more on anthony weiner. just kidding. another day, another so-called major address from president obama at knox college in gainesville, illinois, hoping to distract attention from his scandals. he did bring them up, but said they're a figment of republicans's imagination. >> with the posturing, phony scandals, washington has taken its eye off the ball. and i'm here to say this needs to stop. our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you, the people we represent. >> now the president is about to deliver the same message to a crowd at the university of central missouri in warrensburg.
2:31 pm
bob, he gave a number of statistics in the speech, let's be real, 9.5 million americans dropped out of the work force, 15 million more on food stamps, 1.6 million more collecting disability insurance. what is this? will you admit this is a political speech? >> no, i won't at all. the economy is far stronger than when he took over the presidency than it was then. there have been since they passed a stimulus package, there have been millions of jobs created, inflation stayed low. there's a lot of good things about the economy. i also -- he put an infrastructure bill in front of the house, republicans -- they didn't do a damn thing about it as usual. >> bob, why do you think his numbers are then in decline? we have a poll that shows now 41% of americans disapprove of the president's performance. >> you mean approve. >> i think it is a combination of a lot of bad news. this is about the scandals. i agree completely. if issa doesn't come up with
2:32 pm
something, he should shut his mouth and shut his door. the irs thing is important. >> you say that it is important. >> it is important. >> eric, nothing new in the speeches, if you were playing a drinking game every time he said investment, you would be on the floor passed out. >> hour and seven minutes, at the end, same old campaign speech, obviously what he wants to do, he said he wanted to transform america. i have two problems, two things he said. i'm going to read them. he said deficits are falling at the fastest rate in history. that's a lie. he said we cut the deficit by nearly half a share of the economy since i took office. here are the real numbers, president obama, not sure what numbers you're looking at. here are president bush's deficits last two years. 167 billion, in '08, 459
2:33 pm
billion. president obama is elected, $1.4 trillion, $1.29 trillion, $1.3 trillion, $1.09 trillion. deficits aren't falling, deficits aren't getting cut, he exploded the deficit side of the ledger. >> if you had any idea how things worked in washington. >> if i had any idea -- what don't you get? >> $1.41 trillion was the last bush submission, goes to october of 2008 to october, 2009. >> 1.29 trillion, 1.09 trillion. they're not dropping at the fastest rate in history. he has more debt than all presidents combined. >> he said they're figu-- >> he did an unprecedented live appearance in the east room to say the irs scandal was one of the most disturbing things he has seen and heard about, he was going to get to the bottom of
2:34 pm
it. we're not at the bottom of it yet, greg talked about yesterday, his chief counsel at the irs, one of the political appointees, needs to be answers there. quick summation on the seech, aimless, directionless, an hour and seven minutes, he would have been better off visiting small business, getting a picture and talking about it. he had a good message, nothing to back it up. he is talking about growing the middle class. one of the things hurting the middle class, unwillingness of people in washington to do something about entitlement spending. that's squeezing everything. the other thing he could do is the keystone pipeline. for the life of me, i can't understand why he wouldn't go ahead and get it done. >> his signature piece of legislation, obama care, quickly, disapprove, 54% of americans disapprove. greg thinks so much he has to enlist celebrities, oprah winfrey and others. >> they look like rotten celery from a brooklyn vegan
2:35 pm
restaurant. he has the celebrities doing this. celebrities love to embrace destructive programs because they don't need them. you don't think john bon jovi is using public assistance when he visits his obgyn. bottom line for obama, stars matter more than doctors. he doesn't realize oprah will not do a hip replacement, doctors are leaving in droves. we are losing doctors. >> there are about 6 million young people on their parents' insurance policy, allowed to under this bill. another 2 million. >> they don't need it. >> had pre-existing conditions. i got insurance because i had a pre-existing condition. >> you could have paid out of pocket. >> i could have, that's right. there's a lot of pluses. name one thing in real terms. >> part-time workers. >> where? >> all across the country, bob. >> the last jobs number was somewhere around 150, 160,000
2:36 pm
jobs created. 100% of in you jobs were in part-time work. >> i also have one other one. it sucks. obama care. >> and that's been proved. >> bob, premiums have gone up an average of $2500 per family. >> you keep saying this. premiums, insurance companies have been raising premiums every year. >> the first road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. >> no, i know something about that. >> they ought to get rid of insurance companies, they're a bunch of crooks. >> get to what they really want. national health care system. >> i am all for that. >> let's leave it up to aetna. that's a good idea. >> what did kate and william decide? the royal announcement coming up. uh-oh! guess what day it is??
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♪ okay. did you notice the song matches the segment. are you a morning person or night owl? what type of sleep -- >> it is morning. >> it is not morning. it is 5:00 p.m. very important segment. i studied all day. listen. night owls tend to be -- i am so embarrassed. >> you started it. >> tend to be smarter, more successful, wealthier than early birds, famous ones, president obama, elvis, bob beckel, greg gutfeld, there are successful early risers, george w. bush.
2:42 pm
he used to be asleep by 10:00 p.m. thomas edison, and ernest hemingway. >> shot himself with a shotgun. he went to bed early. >> very important segment. eric, what i couldn't figure out, are you one of those margaret thatcher types? do you not need sleep? >> sleep is overrated. most five, less than five i can function all right. >> bob, i will try to show at the republican national convention, we have a picture of you, this is how you get through the day. that was bob, actually asleep. you don't sleep a lot at night, but you take cat naps. >> i sleep three hours a night on average, couple nights a week i go all night. when i was using drugs, i would go all night long for weeks. i did. so i think my brain got rewired, seriously. i agree with the premise, those of us stay up late night are much richer, much more happy than the rest of you.
2:43 pm
who goes to bed 9:00, 10:00. >> you fall asleep on breaks. >> i cat nap. it is better for you. >> i am afraid to nap. >> tell us what time. >> i would like to be asleep by 10:30. used to be 9:30. you have early morning radio show. >> i am a night owl. i would sleep and sleep, but i can't, so i am up at 5:00 a.m., in the gym, have to prep prep prep. >> what time? >> i force to go to sleep before 11:00 or i can't function. and red eye is not an easy shift. >> it is not. it is hard for me to sleep through the night with sven and his restraints. we're not supposed to sleep through the night. before electricity, you went to bed when you got tired, woke up when you were awake.
2:44 pm
didn't lie in bed. now we have electricity, you think you need eight or nine. now the internet changed that, people are in bed with laptops until 4:00, 5:00 in the morning, walking around like zombies. get rid of all sleeping schedules. fall when you fall. >> what about places way north where it stays dark for 24 hours, then dark for 24 hours. when it is dark for 24 hours, babies are bred. >> i was going to ask dana if she's a morning person on the weekend. >> yeah. >> you don't go to bed 9 and 10:00 on the weekends? >> no, up 6:00 a.m. every day. >> on saturday morning? >> yes. i get up early, i can read the paper, get tea. >> you know where you find a lot of morning people? funerals. why would you laugh at a joke like that. >> why do i laugh at anything you say. >> i could never understand. i would come out of bars after
2:45 pm
drinking all night, see earthlings walking -- >> i like to make excuses for saturday morning. >> i love saturday mornings. >> capture the day. >> fox and friends? you have to be up 2:30, quarter to 3:00. driving through times square, 3:30, 4:00, bob is still there. >> you can do that. >> i was honored to do that segment today, i hope everyone learns a lot. still to come, the world's number two golfer won a bunch of money after winning the british open. the tax man coming for phil mickelson. hear how much he has to fork over for a couple of weeks' work. >> stay up a couple hours, learn some things about sports. ♪ (girl) what does that say?
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♪ i have no idea who did that song and my colleagues here talking and trying to interrupt the block i get at the end of the show which is always a minute and a half. you won't find much sympathy for
2:50 pm
phil mickelson. i must admit, even i felt bad after he won twice in scotland, has to pay 61% in taxes between europe and california. i am for taxing the rich like eric, but this is ridiculous. turn to the rich man at the table, eric, what do you think? >> i think that's exactly the problem with what's going on in the european society, that's what they do, tax it. remember we talked about the 75% tax they floated for awhile. peter, is it still here, is it gone? >> he doesn't want to talk to a right winger. >> the point, you drive people away, tax them at 61%, i am sure phil mickelson would still like to win whatever purpose, but high taxes drive businesses away. >> but really, bob, is that work? >> no, it's not. i would pay 61% on that. one thing drives me crazy, damn democrats keep raising taxes.
2:51 pm
i had to go to tax lawyers. 450 bucks an hour to get out -- >> you're coming around, beckel. you're going to be the conservative voice of the show. >> greg, you pay 78% in taxes. >> pretty damn close. you know what they should do when this happens, more people around the world understand what it means when you get 61% of your money taken away. the trophy he gets, immediately they should cut 61% of the trophy off, hand him that. even though he won the trophy, this is all you get. >> andrea, you're from the country that started this downfall, greece. >> it is all my fault. >> everybody was doing fine until greece decided to go into the tank. now we've all had problems. >> greece did not sink the world and i will not take responsibility for my ancestors. what about the person that's not the golfer has to pay that in taxes, what about folks in european countries or big cities like new york city, even you, bob, have come around. phil mickelson has how many
2:52 pm
endorsement deals? what about the people that don't have endorsement deals. >> they're not living bad. eric is one of the richest people i know. >> stop saying that. >> you offered to paint the white house for a year. >> a week. he is a pauper. he is cheap, too. am i supposed to -- >> keep going. >> anyone else to insult? you haven't gotten dana or greg. the greeks, eric is too rich. >> how about the other day when you said i would be a bad person to be married to. >> you would. i love you as a friend, i mean, i couldn't imagine the stares. first of all -- >> and you would be a dream. >> that's why i got divorced after a few years. you don't want to move the stuff around. why peter is staying. look at him. if you could have a camera on him, that poor guy looks like he came out of an insane asylum.
2:53 pm
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♪ all right, time for one more thing. greg kicks off. >> i don't normally do serious, sentimental stories. president george herbert walker bush joined members of secret service detail shaving his head
2:57 pm
in solidarity with the two-year-old son of a member of his detail, his name is patrick, he was a member of bush protective division. they launched a website called patrick's pals, which will assist with patrick's medical bills. check it out if you can. >> very nice. >> dana said it is not a big deal if an 89-year-old shaved his head. >> mr. president, i did not say that. >> somebody that's a great public servant. now, you have been waiting for this, i know you have. calm down, everybody. don't go to the bathroom yet. the royal baby has been named. i been waiting for it all night. the baby will be named his royal highness prince george alexander louis of cambridge. now, i wanted them to name him robert bruce. good luck, kid, going to have a
2:58 pm
tough like, going to be king. probably get a lot of women. >> oh, my god. >> on that note. >> you are the king. >> remember this guy from the birth announcement, we played him on fox news. >> he is funny. >> the first born of the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> what did he say? >> apparently he crashed the party, had nothing to do with the royal family. >> he is not part of the deal? >> we were watching him read the announcement. i thought that's very formal. tony appleton, 72 years old, decided to show up. >> that was cool, man. >> oh, my god, he's world famous. >> that's great. >> that wasn't official. >> i thought it was. >> i did too. >> something a little serious. remember sequestration and parade of horribles supposed to
2:59 pm
happen, none of those things happened. however, there's some serious consequences, that includes civilian employees of the defense department, starting soon, i think next week, have to take one day off a week, so they get a 20% cut in day, dod civilians that work hard, a lot married to one another. if you have two people working, you get 20% cut in pay, something needs to be done. there's two congressmen, congressman forbes and rob wittman. try to support them, get back pay for furloughed workers. >> quickly last night, went to d.c., hung out with important people last night and this morning. senator cruz there. senator wilson from florida. steve king and louie gohmert. paul ryan, pat leahy. >> you made the rounds.
3:00 pm
>> something consistent with every one of those, you were in it. >> all right. go to the facebook page. "special report" is up next. president obama makes what's billed as a major address on the economy, an address many white house watchers say he could have delivered on the 2012 campaign, with the addition of one now popular white house phrase, phony scandals. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama is looking to put the past scandals behind him with a major series of economic speeches that white house officials say will chart the way forward. the speech had the length of the state of the union address, didn't contain many specifics, and while it wasn't supposed to be a campaign speech, it did


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