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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 25, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ today. if kim could find it -- well -- >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it's police got a black zimmerman. the question would be whether they beat him to death. >> bill: after making those controversial remarks we wanted it talk to congressman rangel. he told me would coal on the factor but then he ran. however, jesse watters caught up with him. >> you are saying you don't think he got a fair trial? >> an intense interview with rangel tonight. >> i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. >> does private behavior matter anymore in politics and should it? we have a robust debate on that. >> ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee
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[cheers] >> also tonight victoria jackson how she went from "saturday night live" to the tea party. and dennis miller has some thoughts on the royal baby. >> i get it it. i have bad teeth. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. running from the truth. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on geraldo's radio program today i told him to let me know when president obama holds a press conference about the disintegration of the african-american family. i also asked geraldo when a seminar on the damage hip hop and rap is doing to unsupervised children will be held by sharpton and jackson, i'm looking forward to that, perhaps at that seminar. more positive entertainment might be encouraged and
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maybe an exposure like that would encourage president obama not to invite people like jay-z to the white house when he is putting out dubious material the children are absorbing. and finally i told geraldo that i feel sorry for black kids who don't have fathers and were born into poverty because their mothers become impregnated at a young age without any resources. it is america's shame and all politicians are responsible somewhat that we have not discouraged the astronomical out of wedlock birth rate in this country. as we stated early they're week that drives poverty, that drives crime. and that's what's causing the massive chaos in many black american precincts. now, this week we asked a number of prominent african-american people to discuss the situation on the factor. michelle alexander, for example, wrote a piece in "time" magazine all about the terrible injustices of the zimmerman/martin trial. well, she was just too busy to speak with us. brother cornell west very outspoken in the civil rights area too busy to talk with us.
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congressman clark from brooklyn said quote the lives of black men and women are not a quarter the same value of the lives of white americans. she couldn't make time for the factor. martin luther king iii simply wouldn't respond to us. jesse jackson appeared on a number of programs but couldn't make time for the factor. finally, congressman charles rangle, well, he didn't respond at all. i thought that was pretty strange because on the night the zimmerman verdict came in i spoke with mr. rangel personally and he assured me he wanted to come on the program, but then he ran. so it's clear that people pushing racial injustice, that they believed happened in the zimmerman trial, they don't really want to talk about complicated racial problems in general. what the grievance industry does want is to divide the country along racial lines because that's good for business. and they may be succeeding. "wall street journal" asked the folks about the state of race relations in the
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u.s.a. 52% say they are very good for fairly good. 44% say fairly bad or very bad. but in january of 2010, the number was 72% saying very good or fairly good, just 23% saying very bad or fairly bad. you can see the state of race in america seems to be getting worse. that's because problems are not being fixed. and many black americans continue to blame white americans for the poverty and crime they're facing. talking points believes that the collapse of the african-american traditional family is the primary reason the gap between blacks and whites is so large. and as i said at the top of this memo, our leadership simply will not deal with that issue. and that is why we have this problem. and that's the memo. now for the top story. since charles rangel would not come in here, we sent jesse watters out to find him. ♪ ♪
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>> congressman, jesse watters with the o'reilly factor -- zimmerman verdict came in and you dodged us. >> that's just not so and o'reilly knows it. i have still waiting for an invitation to get on the show. >> maybe your staff is not ceeching you in the loop. >> that could very well be. maybe. >> he even called you a number of times. >> it could very well be that i did not think that his interviews or his program was adding to the peace and harmony that i think our races should be seeking. >> you said about the verdict. >> i think it's possible that the police have got a black zimmerman the question would be whether they would have beat him to death. >> do you think that's adding to the peace and harmony? >> let me make no mistake that there is nobody that would believe that if martin was white he would not have been stopped and if zimmerman was black, he would have been locked up. whether or not they would have beaten him before they took him to the police
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station is subjective. but, let me make it clear, zimmerman was a part of the family, the community down there. and they thought because of martin's complex that he was not. that's why it is so important that the attorney general and the department of justice as outsiders oversight the investigation. >> is that what you are saying that it wasn't a fair trial? >> i am saying that when a local community finds that it has affection for the defendant, fairness is subjective in the minds of the jury. >> have you spoken out publicly about the black on black crime that's wreaking havoc in chicago? >> i completely have. it's not just black on black. if you want to determine what are the other factors? one, they are young black people. two, they are in the most under medically under served. the highest unemployment, the highest poverty, the
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most that have been addicted to drugs. in other words, if you can find out the worst community that the government has not responded to, i'm afraid that you will find these crimes against each other. it's people without hope for the future is people that don't have education that do these things and we have to do all we can to eliminate it. not just by taking their guns off othe street but by improving the conditions in that community. >> because right now i believe 73% of black children are born out of wedlock. it's not the government's fault that that is happening. it's not the white man's fault that that's happening, is it? >> well, i hope you are not saying that the children are that are born out of wedlock are born with guns in their hands. >> i'm not saying that but. >> i hope you are not saying that. >> they're not killing people at the same rate as black teens are. >> i don't know why you are bringing up kids born out of wedlock. want to talk about the
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martin case, he was not born out of wedlock and so i don't see why you would raise that when we're talking about the killing of a young guy in florida by a fellow that was over zealous. >> my only point is that young black men are 10 times more likely to commit homicides than whites and hispanic men combined. >> well, that sounds like an invitation for the zimmermans of the world to start shooting them down. have a great day. >> you don't think that zimmerman is more of a threat to black america than some the other factors like high school dropout rates and narcotics? >> i didn't before but now that i have seen the results of the zimmerman trial, it could be that if he is thinking like you are thinking, yeah a lot of young blacks could be shot down just because they are black and suspected to be what you think they are. have a great day. >> thank you, congressman. >> all right, here now is jesse watters. i don't know, look, that's just ridiculous.
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he didn't want to talk about the out of wedlock birth rate. >> no, he did not. >> bill: did not want to talk about that at all. >> wanted to bring it back to zimmerman each time. i wanted to try to talk about that he wanted to dodge and deflect. i can understand why. it's very painful. the white community having trouble like the black community you wouldn't want to talk about it it's incredibly embarrassing. >> bill: the other thing is congressman rangel has no tract record at all in disournlging that or inviting a so-called conversation -- i hate that word. he just steers clear of it and that's why he wouldn't come in here. he was disingenuous uptop he knows we were trying to get him. >> asked point blank first he never then he said his staff never told him and then finally came around and said he actually seen your program didn't like the tone that's why so the story changed. >> not telling the truth there i like rangel personally. he is one of whom won't get to the heart of the problem. they don't understand, they being the grievance industry and the civil rights industry that that
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is driving all of the off chutes the unintended consequences of this chaos is leading to the zimmerman martin situations and -- >> -- if you are a leader in the black community you can get patronage, power, and a lot of money by exploiting these grievances. >> all right, watters. maybe the congressman will change his mind and come in here. >> we will see about that. >> bill: next on the rundown, instead of dealing how drugs are devastating many inner city communities, some liberal people blame it all on the justice system. we'll get to the bottom of that. and, later, miller on the royal baby. caution. this could be a real problem for u.s. british relations coming up. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. as we have been reporting there are a number of white americans enabling the chaos in places like chicago south side.
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these pundits and politicians make excuses for bad behavior and refuse to honestly confront the issues that drive violent crime. case in point, drug dealers have devastated many inner city neighborhoods, yet, the liberals scream that the justice system is unfair to black drug dealers and users. well, joining us now from irvine, california, heather mcdonald from the manhattan institute who has studied the situation. jason reilly the member of the "wall street journal" editorial board. the beef seems to be ms. reilly that blacks are being persecuted and incarcerated more than whites for the same crime and you say? >> the evidence does not support that claim at all. blacks are caught up in the criminal justice system for drugs and other crimes because of black behavior. and a lot of these studies leave out the most relevant factors and that's how they reach the conclusions they reach. for instance, they say that blacks committing the same crimes are higher rates. you and i commit the same crime but i have committed it 10 times before, i'm going to get a harcher sentence than you. >> bill: a lot of it is
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what has happened in the past. >> sure. >> bill: a lot of it is circumstance. is there any though, in your opinion, truth to, well, the black criminal defendants can't afford the better attorneys so they get hosed? >> no, i don't buy that at all. and it's feeding another myth, which is that incarceration rates among blacks are driven by drug crimes. blacks are aboutt. 13% of the population but they are about 38% of people incarcerated. if you through out all the people incarcerated because of drugs, the black incarceration would still be right around 37%. 38%. blacks are also overrepresented in violent crimes, in burglaries, property crimes, assault and battery and so forth. it is not drugs that is or the drug laws that are driving the black incarceration rate. >> bill: mr. mcdonald, as you listen to the aclu and msnbc the white power structure is running around and arresting black men for marijuana and putting them
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in the penitentiary for many years that's what they're pedaling, and you say. >> that's simply false. no one is going to the penitentiary for smoking marijuana. you have to have many convictions on your record and if it's a possession arrest, it's possession for sale. and, you know what in if you go to to central harlem police community meetings what they say is we want the dealers off the street. you arrest them and they're back there the next day. people understand that the outdoor drug trade is destroying their neighborhoods. as jason points out and i did this study, the drug offenses is not what's driving the black incarceration rate. can you take out all the drug offenses and you still have the same percentage of blacks in prison. this is something that is driven by violent crime and i love mr. rangel's complaint that the government is ignoring inner city problems. they are going nuts about new york city policing because it is managed to bring homicide down in black neighborhoods by 80% by stop and frisk and this is the government finally responding to black crime
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and saving lives. >> the grievance industry they don't want policing but they want safe streets which you can't have. here is the crux of the matter, there isn't anybody honestly reporting this story, that's what drives me crazy. the south side of chicago's violence, mr. reilly, is driven by drug gangs. they may not be selling drugs but they are killing other people who are or whatever. that's what's driving all of this stuff. all right. but, instead, the charles rangels, the jesse jacksons the al sharptons, they will never tell you that. therefore, they aren't protecting their own people. >> that's right. >> because it's blacks getting affected by it? >> the civil rights industry and this is what it is. >> bill: absolutely. >> has no vested interest in highlighting that aspect of what's going on. the whole point of the civil rights industry is to blame the problems of blacks on racism and particularly white racism. black-on-black crime doesn't fit that narrative. trayvon martin nonblack-on-black does fit.
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>> bill: what makes them invest all this energy into the martin case, the marches, the protests and everything and absolutely nothing into the disintegrations of the african-american family and the violence in places like chicago? it just -- >> -- it highlights the disconnect between the needs of the black community and the leadership that they have. it's a disconnect that has been growing for decades. another example of it. >> bill: we don't hear the groundswell of protests from the black community. they are not out there protesting. why do you think that is, heather? >> i think that the desire of victimology is very strong. there are protests sometimes for awful killings. >> bill: a few not many. >> by the way, this week we had an 8-year-old girl in oakland who was shot dead in her sleep by a gang banger shooting at her apartment building that also shot her grandmother and two other children. so, again, the the media has no interest in this. >> bill: why is that in your opinion? you have been doing this for a while. why does the media have no
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interest in it? why? >> because they are dedicated to the myth that the thing holding blacks back is white racism. whereas, in fact, as hard as it is for many people to believe this country has made remarkable progress and we did have a awful history. at this point the changes that need to come decisions to get married not have children out of wedlock it. it has to come from within. not much the government can do for that. >> bill: do you agree, mr. reilly that the national media is invested in the old racism whites persecuting blacks? >> of course. that is what the media does. they run to the al sharptons and the jezy jacksons sometimes they give them their own shows to talk about these things. that's what they do. there are blacks that want to talk about these issues. personal responsibility. bill cosby and ben carson wants to do it. they are not represented in the civil rights leadership. >> bill: i thank you both. directly ahead, anthony weiner big trouble again for texting sex stuff. does america really care anymore what their
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politician does in their private lives? then victoria jackson from "saturday night live" to the tea party. how did that happen? she will be here. those reports after these messages.
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>> factor follow up segment tonight, more trouble for anthony weiner as you know he had to resign from congress because of naked pictures he sent to a variety of women. after a short time mr. weiner reentered the political arena running for mayor of new york city. just in time for another scandal. as more naked pictures of him are surfacing. question: too voters really care what candidates and politicians do in private? joining us now from washington republican strategist kate obenshain and kirsten powers a democrat and fox news analyst. kirsten, a country like france, the electorate doesn't care what the politicians do. you know, everybody is a -- not everybody.
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but a lot of them. are we getting to that point here? >> um, i don't necessarily see that. i think that if we're going to take the anthony weiner example, i think there has been a pretty big freak out. i don't think that any democrats i know think that it's okay. the "new york times" editorial board completely excoriated him. the national organization for women said he should drop out it feels like people do seem upset about it. though i think it's probably more about the repeat offending and the like, frankly. >> bill: the internet and explicit nature of the thing and press is going to run wild with that look, i don't think, kate, i don't think weiner is going to -- he should drop out maybe he won't. is he not going to win. we have a list here of people who have done things in the most egregious example is mark sanford former governor of south korea who -- south carolina reelected to congress after did he all this crazy stuff it seems to me there is an
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attitude shift in america that, you know, well, we'll accept some things, punish them and then they can make a come back. >> i think the american people still generally are concerned about personal conduct because they know it reflects character there is a slew of fallen politicians in american, recent american history, john edwards being an obvious one, chris lee, mark foley, the list goes on and on. the mark sanford one is a perfect example, bill, i guarantee you the people of south carolina are extremely concerned about the fact that mark sanford had an extramarital affair, even more concerned about the fact that he lied about it. but was that enough for them to say okay, we are going to usher in stephen colbert's liberal democrat sister? no. it's one aspect that they consider but it's not the only thing they consider. it's nothing like france where they don't care at all. i mean, there was quite the extensive coverage of mark sanford. >> bill: all right. i think in a state like south carolina that's a
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conservative state to see him make this come back was pretty startling. now, there is an argument to be made, powers, that you shouldn't care about what these people do in their private time because they might be able to be good for the nation. john f. kennedy, killing kennedy if you read that book. you know, we are very tough on kennedy and what he did in his private time. yet, at the same time he was doing that, he was running the nation after the first year, which was a disaster, the second year and part of the third year were much, much better. so, some people are saying, you know what? if you are good and you can help the country, we'll give you a pass on the other stuff. >> that's actually my position. i mean, i tend to, you know, and i always have, you know, big disagreements. i know kate disagrees with it but i think that what matters the most is what kind of job you are doing and what their qualifications are. i think bill clinton was a good president. i don't think his private life anything to be super excited about.
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>> bill: what about the honesty factor when the president is maybe good bureaucrats but simply not honest. i'm not just signaling out mr. clinton there are plenty of presidents who weren't honest. >> yeah. i think people who are across the board dishonest, obviously are a problem. i do tend to think that people lie when they get caught cheating on their lives. when it becomes pathological, however, then i think you have to get concerned. and in the situation with anthony weiner, i think it has veered into that area. >> bill: yeah, it's a very -- look, but we're in new york here. new york city where -- i mean, i can't impress the people who live across the country and they don't live in new york city, this city is so insane but so is washington. marianne barry they caught him smoking crack and they reelect him. i just think that a lot of americans are going to vote their party line who -- no matter who it is. >> many of them do. strong tenancy for
1:28 am
americans to offer forgiveness. that is something we are going to see in the thorn weiner election, three quarters of african-americans are supporting him in part because there is that faith and forgiveness element but also because he is aggressively speaking to them. so, look, it's never just in a vacuum. bill clinton was able it to transcend his really egregious character problems, his, i think, consistent lying about a number of things, particularly about monica lewenski. a lot of people believe if you will lie to those closest to you in life, you are absolutely going to lie to your constituents. i promise you, new york city if you elect this guy, is he going to it lie to you fast and furiously. there is going to be no end to it they are going to get what they disoorve. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. juliet huddy will have more on whether weiner will stay in the race upcoming. victoria jackson once a star on "saturday night live." tea party member she will be here. dennis miller on the royal baby hysteria. and the city of detroit
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chancing. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight from "saturday night live" to the tea party along with dennis miller, victoria jackson was the star on "saturday night live" in the mid 1980s, but, after leaving that program, her life took an interesting turn. i talked with ms. jackson last week. so, ms. jackson, let's pick up your story in 1986. you get the job at "saturday night live." at that time you are not a
1:33 am
conservative person. are you? >> no. i was a christian. i'm a mother first and i'm a christian second. and i'm a wife/lover third. and i'm a housekeeper fourth. and fifth a news reporter. [ laughter ] >> in the 80's reagan was the president i was on the update desk doing a hand stand with a flag on my butt next to dennis miller ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on. [cheers] >> celebrating that the berlin wall was crashing and reagan was destroying communism in the cold war so i felt pretty safe being an american back then. >> bill: so you were a political -- when you say you were a christian. did people know you had faith? >> they knew. i didn't prosthetic will he advertise. i was very professional. i showed up on time.
1:34 am
lauren michaels thought i was funny so he gave me the job. a cup peel people were kind of mean to me because they kind of hated god. >> bill: do you want to name the people who hated god on "saturday night live." [ laughter ] i have my suspicions. >> no. >> bill: okay. you get political. how did that happen? it was kind of weird in 2007 i go to l.a. and i stumble in this underground conservative group of people kind of an accident. they quickly educated me. i heard them say someone is running for president left of hillary. i went hillary is a socialist. what would be left of hillary? that would be communist. and i had a flashback when we had to read george orwell's book 1984. and they said our country will not be taken over by communism by force because of the second amendment. but by the breakup of the family unit and by sex, drugs, and rock and roll and immorality. i realize in my lifetime between the age of 12 and 50 it had happened. >> bill: that's the lincoln
1:35 am
crew, right in the friends of lincoln, the friends of abe out there in hollywood? >> it's a secret group. >> bill: no, it's not ms. jackson, everybody knows about the friends of abe. even abe and he has been dead for more than 150 years. [ laughter ] >> bill: so now, you are trying reignite your career and you become a conservative. that's not going to help you reignite your career. >> no. >> bill: right? >> no. you are right. and but no one is going to have a career when we're all communists, you know. [ laughter ] >> bill: wait. i'm not a communist and i have a career. i'm not so worried about the communist aspect of it but i understand there is a lot of social pressure in los angeles to conform to the liberal mind set. now you are a tea party person. is that right? are you a tea partier? >> i was at the first tea party on santa monica pier. it's the greatest people i have ever met. i have been very involved. and my passion is because i'm going to die soon because the first thing they do is they kill the christians or persecute
1:36 am
them or jail them. i believe them in jesus and i don't want them to happen to them. >> bill: i don't think we are real lease to that ms. jackson. lead me assure you i don't think we are going to die soon and be taken over by the heathen communists. you know what i would like to see? i would like to see you debate roseanne barr because she is a communist. maybe i will set that up some day here on the factor. we wish you the best in your career if we can help you out let us know. she has a book "is my bow too big" how i went from "saturday night live" to the tea party. moton desolving. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, if not for doing three bolder fresher shows with me last weekend, i'm sure miller would have been in london cheering on prince and kate william. the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. new baby is named george alexander lewis and be referred to as the prince of cambridge. and i say? >> i didn't know they had given it a name when i came over here. they still hadn't named it. i wanted to name it the factor. that's what i would have named it. i said spike. >> i have an affinity for the brits because, you know, they will eventually have a king with big ears
1:41 am
and we currently have a king with big ears and you know their leader carries a scepter, our new york mayoral candidates they often carry around their scepter. and, by the way, my congratulations to uma be a dean for standing by whitey bulger. is that the name he is using now? i don't even know. i think uma will leave anthony when he changes his party affiliation to a republican. that will be the only thing she considers a bit perverse. but, i would have named the baby the factor. i'm happy with a nice baby story. in a world gone mad where i have got to watch, you know, idiots like weiner on a day-to-day basis, that kid seems like a nice guy and the girl seems sweet and they have a lovely baby. good for them. i like those two. >> what about all the hoopla around it, was it over done or should people take to the streets in celebration of the new baby? >> y., yeah, sure should.
1:42 am
what are we going to pay attention to everything is crap. every time you open a news channel or paper it's all crap. at least this is fun. it's a baby. look at that guy. man, you think he gets to it wear that other than the patriot? no, of course he doesn't. >> so everybody benefits, it's a win, win, win for prince george of cambridge. >> yeah. it's bambino, it's beautiful, i love it. from buckingham palace to detroit to motor city which is bankrupt and nobody wants to live there and even though they have good sports teams, at least the tigers are good. it's kind of disaster. what do you think about this? >> look at it? parts of it look like dresden from motown to let down in 50 years you have got to blame the democrats. some people are going to try to tell you kwame kilpatrick is an old irish politician on the republican side. but the fact is the dems ran that into the ground. >> bill: yes, they drvettle they sucked it dry like gordon gecko, wanted to
1:43 am
suck blue star airlines dry before he got busted. and now they are going to try to get out of it it's a heart break. i have got detroit comedian friends like dave coule, mike binder, tim allen, they speak so highly of it. it yields a cat like kid rock it must have good stuff in it. but the dems ran it into the ground. >> bill: at one time it was a working class town as everybody knows because of the auto industry. the unions came in. and the democratic machine came. in then the drugs came. in and the drugs really wiped out the minority community, working class community, the crime went through the roof. but they stole, miller, the politicians stole and stole and stole and stole and then people started moving out and there was no tax base left and now it's collapsed. and that's what happened to detroit. there you go, bob seeger, that's what happened. >> well, modern liberalism, that's the yield of it. it looks like fire like sherman going through georgia for god's sakes. but the bailout will come. it's just the prez has to
1:44 am
wait until the midterm. they have got to get that election into the barn before they can start handing out the goodies. >> bill: detroit will never come back. it is out as a major city and will never come back. all right, we just saw you and victoria jackson in the mid 80's, the little hair deal w. was a little differently. >> yeah. >> bill: what do you remember about that time? i mean, i like victoria jackson. i don't think the communists are going to start executing the christians any time soon, but you never know, i guess, it could happen. but what do you think about this? >> well, i had great hair and she had better legs. >> bill: that's it, miller? that's all you are going to give me, man? how long did it take the hairdresser to do your hair there? you kind of look like natalie wood in that shot. >> i looked dreamy. you know that that's why you hired me. listen. >> bill: that's not why i hired you, miller. >> i had a great time there. i lubbock to i can't with all my heart. i believe in many things she believes in. some of the stuff is a
1:45 am
little -- i can't tell if it's quite cheeky for, you know, show biz purposes. i obviously don't believe that victoria feels they are about to start burning christians. but they are going to ridicule them so she is half way there. yeah, people like victoria and the tea party are going to be painted as the problems in this country. i happen to think more people like the occupy movement and anthony weiner are the problem. but you know he what? my side has lost. i have to shut up for a while. the other side is in. weiner might be the next mayor. spitzer might be the next comptroller. nothing is working. it's all crap. let's get back and look at more pictures of that baby. >> bill: all right, dennis miller, everybody. and did you see that on deck. is weiner finished? hope so. more damning evidence about what happened in benghazi, libya. juliet huddy moments away. announcer: sunday's your last chance
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see he that? i questioned this evening will anthony weiner have to drop out of the mayoral race in new york city? >> as i said in the past these things that i did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through many challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from congress. while some of the things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what i did was wrong. >> bill: so boring. it's just boring. >> are you kidding me? this is amazing. great tv. >> bill: we know what the guy is and so he should drop out and just get a regular job some place else, right? >> oh, yeah, you see that happening? i don't. is he so power hungry and so completely dis -- just so in this other world.
1:50 am
>> bill: narcissist. >> great word. not adverse to risking his career and his family for power. for his sexual escapades. 100% is he going to stay in unless his poll numbers plummet which as we have stay in. >> his money's going to dry up. he's not going to get the money. he's not going win. >> i don't know. i really don't know. >> i'll grant you, the field is weak, but he's not going to win. >> you see the polls. half the polls say it's christine quinn and after this anthony weiner. he gets a lot of press and think people get to the polls and say we're going to vote for "the new york times." >> no. even "the new york times" has turned on him now. >> would you like to wager on this? >> you know, you and kelly don't pay your debts. >> not doing well financially? i'm sorry. >> i'm oklahoma. >> i'm sorry to hear. >> on the benghazi front, this
1:51 am
is another frustrating situation. we know there was a giant screw up but nobody will admit they screwed up and nobody will explain what handed. now, the guy in charge of the forces that could have rescued the four americans that were killed is general carter hamm and he recently addressed the issue in colorado. roll the tape. >> it became apparent to all of us after it happened pretty quickly that this was not a demonstration. this was a violent attack. >> did you think it was a terrorist attack? >> i don't know that that was my first reaction, but pretty quickly as we started to gain understanding within the hours after the initiation of the attack, yes. and i don't anybody thought -- at the command, i don't think anyone thought any differently. >> carter could have ordered air strikes and stuff like that. he said he didn't know, didn't have enough dmofgs it
1:52 am
responsibly. but the fact of this matter is this story is wrong. it's wrong. and we're not going to get because most of the mainstream media doesn't care. we're not going to find out what happened there. >> no, we're not. this is a man speaking in front of a homeland security conference, big wigs, people in that industry, people in finance. very, very influential people and he was basically saying, look, hands were tied. we knew what was going on but we went with that story. >> for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. >> and the state department treating it like it was old news. they were asked on monday and she said we're not going to litigate this anymore. this is not a courtroom trial. people are interested in this. >> people follow the news and care about the country. i mean they're interested in fast and furious, but we're not going to get to the bottom of that. they're interested in benghazi. we're not going to get to the bottom of that. that's the way it is. unless the press gets behind it
1:53 am
-- i mean you'll know more about weiner in eight or ten hours but not benghazi. nice to see you, honey. >> no wager? >> no. i'm going to win and i don't want to take your money. tip of the day. three books that might amuse you on the beach or in the mountains of summer. the tip, two minutes away.
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if american leader had listened then. we would have. i want to thank you on the true comment. russell mcgregor froms by bon. it must be frustrated to answer the talking points by personally attacking you. that's all they have, russ. that's all they ever have. and the more they do it the more they expose themselves as phony and dishonest, from liam schmidt, you are wrong about your solution to problems like violence and immigration. more punishment is not needed. rehabilitation is the answer. dave miller from iowa. you're the only person trying to help with the black crime problem. it's real and the leaders including president refuse to deal with it. bob, you're correct about black children. in this city 50% drop out and many who graduate can't read. what chance do they have in life? not much, bob.
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1:58 am
saturday. both shows are going to sell out. tickets going fast, word to the wise. that will be it for 2013 and '14. we'll have a whole new roster because we like to come out and see everybody, meet you guys and find out what's on your mind. it's a lot of fun. when i first started these shows with glenn beck, if you remember that, i didn't know how it was going go. it went along really well. we're going do it for '14 and two more for '13. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stoppings right here because we're definitely looking out for you. phony scandals are preventing him from focusing on the economy. republicans striking back. there is nothing phony about
1:59 am
four murdered americans in benghazi. there's nothing phony about irs targeting people based on ideology. >> do these really sound like just distractions? we report, you decide. >> there still may be more to come. brand new reports out that there could be more bomb shells in the anthony weiner scandal. this as reports as the woman involved may actually come forward today. >> are you about to talk a morning vitamin. new research may have you thinking twice. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ good morning to you as we take a live look outside our building in midtown manhattan. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday morning.
2:00 am
>> i'm patty ann browne. >> there are reports the woman with whom anthony weiner ex changed photos online a year after he resigned from congress may come forward today. this after he's been asked to drop out of the race. one coming from a former colleague, congressman gerald in addition letter. he said "i think he should withdraw. he needs serious psychiatric help. he should take care of his own problems and let new york figure out its own policies and mayor. in an e-mail, they blamed the irs scandal on the rocky patch in his marriage. caught fire because of a natural gas well ruptured. at this hour, crews are still fighting that fire that broke out on tuesday. 60 miles off the coast of louisiana. they're also preparing to drill a relief well in order to se


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