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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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flop. and by fox report tonight i -- i bet all of this will change. see you later. >> party hardy. those obamacare exchanges are coming. welcome everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." shell brits. check. kids, check. house parties? check. that's right. break out the champagne, supporters of the president's healthcare law want you to throw a house party, but the group, get covered america, out with its own guide to promote the healthcare law with tips from picking locations to snapping photos, things like making sure you have good lighting and candid shots and pictures with all attendees smiling and making
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sure everything is holding a sign, hashing to -- that's two emmy award nominees. >> let's the be party started. >> listen, have a party. we're going to sign you up. that's the whole thing and that's to bring everybody to this obamacare exchange. you'll have millions of people trying to be convinced to join the party. exactly what you're being asked to do, that is the second part of the story. when you wake up with hangover, don't call me. >> if it's so darn good, why do we need house parties to promid- >> you want to make people confused. you want to get them all sort of wound up, and at the end of the day, this is like buying life insurance from your barber.
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that the hell does he know about life insurance? nothing. a lot of these people that are going out there to sign people up are going to try to convince them join certain plans, what is good for you ask your family. they don't know anything about healthcare. they don't know anything about chronic medical conditions, don't know anything about risk factors, so you can sign up for anything you want but when you see the doctor with your paper that says, i have insurance, half of the doctors may say,ow don't qualify. that doesn't cover that. >> i wonder if they'll point that out. "get covered america" is part of the obama wing. so it's not taxpayer funding for the parties or the guide. however they're going to spend $684 million of taxpayer money promoting this. >> they're going to use social media, the internet, a whole bunch of events around the country. let's put it -- this is a
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political campaign, plain and simple, on the backs of a federal legislation that has passed and is legal, but it is a political campaign to convince people to join the party becaus you'll be happened your own little -- and what will happen you'll wake up with a hangover and don't complain. >> a lot of unions are saying, wait a minute, we didn't buy into this. surprised? >> listen, i think that the unions really were not part of the solution at the beginning when people were trying to look for answers, and everybody is going to pay the price at the end of the day. a lot of confusion and a lot of hangovers. >> with the way, leadership in the house and senate will be on a cadillac plan while the rest of the staffers and whatnot on obamacare. now the white house hammering what it calls phony scandals.
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>> with an endless distraction of political post touring and phony seasonals. >> the phoney debates and nonsense. >> the phony scandals that consumed so much attention here. >> take scandals or things like that. >> if the president is dismissing the scandals as, quote, phony, does that mean investigators will be taking them seriously? that's a big attorney for this attorney who is representing groups suing the irs over targeting. how many of your 40 or so groups suing the irs have been contacted by investigators, investigating the possible targeting? >> zero. not one fbi investigator. and the president and jay carney keep repeating this phony scandal line. it was lois learner who said it was unsuspensional targeting
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illegal, inappropriate targeting of conservative groups, she apologized, and later took the fifth amendment when called to testify. you hat carter hull, theirser is lawyer involved in the case on a field level, saying it was directed by the office of chief counsel of the irs who is appoint bid the president of the united states. and then they gave this -- want to talk about something that is phony. their expedited review process to try to get the conservative groups to stop suing, but we filed a federal lawsuit. they w process. the process said if you'll agree that only 48% of your activity, rather than 49%, which is the law, meet a certain political standard, we'll geoff you expedited review. so your surrender nine or ten% of your constitutional rights and our response to the irs's
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offer. these are just seven of the applications and the paperwork we filed in response to the irs for exemptions thieves groups should have been exempted. the -- you got the fbi investigating the irs. so they're the ones who set a trap for themes. >> i'm trying to figure out if it's a phony scandal, why lois lerner would have to take the fifth amendment. not phony at awesome what's the next step? how soon before you bring this to court? >> it's in court now. i'm expecting to get as soon as possible from -- we -- we just rejected the irs' expedited review process. you have taxpayer advocates seeing each group should we compensated $1,000 for the aggravation, and that's not enough. we're in federal court. the government will respond. there will be extensions given. that's the normal course.
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this will be in litigation for months. the government has acknowledged their wrong-doing. now they have to correct and modify their behave. >> i would certainly like to hear lois lerner actually testify. thank you very much. >> give her immunity. >> i'm not sure about that one. programs. >> you can get a lot of testimony. >> she operates a small virginia farm, recently found out she was being audit by the irs. here's the kicker. she says a county official knew about the audit before she is and now an irs watchdog is reported by looking into the case. martha, thank you for joining us. let's take this -- there a lot of groups who say they were targeted. you say you were targeted. how is your case different than the other groups? >> well, there's several aspects that are unique. one is, and what is absolutely
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daying -- terrifying, is we were told that an official in my county was disclosing and openly discussing my irs audit before i ever even received it. you can imagine that's terrifying to learn of that. >> i'm trying to figure out how that happened. but it look like you had some unlicensed events you were fined for. can you tell us about that? >> i don't consider having a birthday party on private property with eight little girls an unlicensed event, or pumpkin carving. so, those were the items that were disputed, among other things, on a private property, working farm, that we were cited with. >> farms are under a lot of rules and regulations and you have people fining you for birthday parties. do you think they were targeting
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you at the county level before the irs? >> absolutely. >> why would that be? >> that's an excellent question. i can tell you that it was my childhood dream to be a small family farmer in virginia, and i never dreamed that every step we would take to achieve that dream, we would confront so much government overregulation that would make it impossible to fulfill my childhood dream and to be economically viable. >> is it possible -- am i making a line i say the county shared some information with the feds, saying we have a conservative group -- you raised some money for conservatives earlier? >> yes. >> so is it possible to say, here's someone who has raised money for conservatives, maybe this would fit into your profile? >> absolutely that's possible. i mean, can't speak to that. it's currently an ongoing investigation now. but it's certainly very terrifying to learn that an
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official was openly disclosing my irs odd before i even was aware of it. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. keep us apprised how this moves on. >> should america's taxpayer be on the look for detroit? we called the. afl-cio for someone could come on. >> the san diego mayor accused of sexual harassment staying put. a candidate for new york mayor admitting to sexting both women, staying in the race. are both doing their people of the city a disservice. >> votes i want to make this information and they have plenty of information and i want to give them more every day.
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>> staying put despite mounting pressure to call it quits, san diego mayor bob filner saying he is headed to therapy. anthony weiner facing similar pressure to drop out of the mayoral race over his sexting scandal. any sign of that happening? >> anthony weiner or carlos danger is back on the campaign trail, despite calls to resign. he was forced to address his personal shortcomings. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people. this has been a big news storiment apparently. i'm hearing from a lot of people who are talking about it. but a lot of people have also said to me, this is something in the past, something that you talked about repeatedly, and something you have apologized for. >> and news conference after
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news conference this one with with wife today. it's been hard to keep up with the fuzzy math when he is saying how many he section -- sexted. >> it's not dozens and dozens. it is six to ten, i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> and then when asked how many have there been since his resignation, he said three. something is in the water the politics are drinking. san diego mayor is checking into a counseling clinic after being allegedded he ways kissing women, grope, placing them in head locks. i don't know what is wrong with
1:16 pm
these men. he continues to plan to be the mayor. there are personal issues they don't believe should get in the way of work. >> i watched the press conference and you saw anthony weiner say apparently this is a big story. really? he was very defiant and sounded almost put out by the press conference. >> he is annoyed that reporters are asking these questions, and at one point he did said, there's going to come a point where i'll stop answering the questions because i have said enough. the reporters kept saying, how do you expect people to take your sear you -- seriously? he said i understand but that's all in the past. >> are these men doing their constituents a disservice by not stepping down? to michelle and katy. you hear this -- i have to -- let's start with new york. it's anthony weiner who wants to
1:17 pm
be mayor. the sexting scandal, he is surprised it's a big story, and eliot spitzer is happy anthony weiner is on the hot seat. >> yes, thank you, anthony weiner. i have to make a spreadsheet to keep track of the stories of these democratic men, sending pictures and they're doing themselves a disservice. filner is in charge of major city and is now going to. they that's great but when you're in therapy for rehab for your sexual behavior over the past ten years you can't run a city. so when people say this doesn't matter. it does because the focus has been changed from running the city on to his own sexual problems he said doesn't matter when they actually too. >> michelle, the thing about filner in san diego, he was physical with these women. he was putting his arms around them. he was physically touching them. that's a different story. that takes it to another level. >> certainly. putting women in a head lock and
1:18 pm
touching them and groping them? ridiculous. this is a complete distraction. how can you be a leader and run a city if you're deal with these allegations and also doing this to people. the democrats love to talk about this war on women that republicans are waging, but look at this. look at these men. the stunning arrogance they -- they're surprised that people are making this a big deal, as if it's not a big deal. they're very sick. >> sure. in fact, filner says he is not stepping down, is going to therapy for a couple weeks and will be briefed every day. let's go back to anthony weiner. his poll numbers have slid a little bit but still surprisingly strong given what he is up against, what we're finding out about the guy. the anthony weiner claim the went to rehab, and people are
1:19 pm
saying they don't want to support him because he lied about it. he is saying just get over it and has given himself some cover by saying more things might come out but they're in the past, we we know he was sexting and having relationships not only while his wife was pregnant but also a year after he resigned and that's something to take into consideration. you can't trust him when it comes come s to his personal life. how can you trust him? >> i was talking to a democratic voter in the hallway and said, what about bill clinton? she said, still voted for him. said, why. she said she wouldn't vote for anthony weiner. i said, why bill clinton? he is cute. >> his poll numbers are going down. i think more people will start coming out, and that's going to have an effect on it.
1:20 pm
the main point is this man is sick. he should not be running a city. the fact he thinks he can just come out and apologize, then pretend as if everything is case, spend do it again and come out and apologize, how can anyone trust you? there's no longer any trust win the voter and him. >> let's you this, weiner, filner, spitzer, one two, three. >> don't make me tight. i think filner is the worst because he said he is just a hugger and likes to hug people. but i also think that hire prostitutes when you're signing legislation that cracks done on prosecution is a problem, too. so i'll say weiner is the worst with spitzer at the top and filner in the middle. >> i'm going to say that spitzer is the worth. he broke the law, and i feel like when you are someone who is a leader, you shouldn't be breaking the law. and then probably the mayor of san diego for putting a woman in
1:21 pm
a head lock, and then anthony weiner. >> one more time around weiner. >> they're all terrible. they're horrible people. >> here's where i am. i've lived in this city for 20 years. it's a liberal wilderness here. they're going to caughtcut this guy some slack. >> i hope not. his wife is cutting him slack and shouldn't be and happy new yorkers don't, either. >> thank you both so much. the government is showing no love for the nsa surveillance. calling senator rand paul dangerous. who is right in this fight?
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>> new jersey's tough love gov is ring liberty tearanses over
1:25 pm
national security. >> this strain of libertarianism going through both parties and making big headlines is a dangerous thought. >> senator rand paul? >> you can name any number of people and he is one of them. >> rand paul quoting back: i worry about the danger of losing that freedom. spying without warrants is unconstitutional. who is right? lisa, i'm going to take issue with this. i was shocked when governor christie went after libertarians and the constitution. >> he is the governor of new jersey and i think the constitution is meant to protect us. i'm a constitutionalist as well. i'm about to contradict myself and say that threats, times change. i've been studying counterterrorism since 9/11 and before that and this is a major threat to us. the constitution is meant to protect us.
1:26 pm
the government is supposed to protect us against terrorism. >> fourth amendment to the constitution says what, sir? you need probable cause for searches and seizers. >> we have had a steady erosion of the fourth amendment over the last 40 years, and particular he the last ten and it's going 0 to take a lot of action not a just by courts but human beings to change their behaviors in the wake of this consistent onslaught. they're saying part of constitutionalism is having coequal branches of government and not to allow the executive branch to make its own rules to have justices making decisions they don't explain how they're interpreting the patriot act. >> how about a governor from a state defining -- >> i agree what if he is saying. >> what oh who is saying?
1:27 pm
>> chit city is saying. he said, come to new jersey and you'll realize what why the peat trot act was enacted. we need the tools. there's one difference -- between what wore saying is transparenciy. that's the balance between privacy and national security, and we did it under bush -- >> you know what in. >> allow -- there's places under the obama administration and still doing it but saying the war on terror is over. >> the world trade center, watch the planes fly into the world trade center, watch friends die, burn in the world trade center, of anyone who knows what it's like about the victims of the world trade center, die. i still support the fourth amendment. chris christie is wrong. targeting innocent americans, data minding them when they have nothing to do with terror is illegal. >> there has been no transparency. >> this is an appeal to emotion. you don't have people --
1:28 pm
>> terror emotion or -- >> as a political style of argumentation to say that thoughts are dangerous and you need to sit in front of widows -- >> argue about -- >> how long was the boston marathon bombing? how many -- >> that is not how you make a policy argument, based on raw appeal to emotion. this is how people have been trying to shut down the argument for 11 years, and we're seeing americans saying no. we're going to talk about policy. now how you can -- >> let me address one more thing. the data mining, ticks mentales of innocent americans, takes their information. we dead a segment talking about how the irs, the government used illegal he used their influence to specifically target certain groups. do you trust the government? all they're taking will be used -- >> you're misunderstanding what i'm saying. the system needs to be reformed, not abolished. we have to go after it with a tweezer and not an axe. the throat of terrorism exists. didn't exist during the time
1:29 pm
when the constitution was -- and now we have to make changes and i agree, there are problems with the system. not only problems with gathering information but problems with using the information. the the boston marathon bombings, those two brothers should have come under the radar. if we're collecting the right e-mails and phone calls, that information we gather needs to be interpreted properly and it's not. >> the principles of limited government are not just to be able to shout at teachers unions and to make points about obamacare. the principles of limited government and constitutionality are to protect ourselves and to recognize that humans are fallible, government humans are fallible and you give them too much power they're going to abuse it at the expenses of our rights. >> i'm not trying to beat up on you here but you mentioned the patriot, a. what the nsa is doing, using the fisa courts, exceeds the limitations of the patriot act. >> we have 0 go of the mix of right reform. they're using the -- >> let me ask you this.
1:30 pm
should the governor just shut up? >> what has come to light is the most uncommon friendships have been made regarding this debate. the very liberal democrats and conservative run runs -- run runs coming together chris christie is saying what he feel shoots be -- feels should be done. >> rand paul is winning the -- >> don't politicize this. >> i don't think matt -- >> we got to leave it there. lisa, thank you very much. detroit goes bankrupt. now the unions want to cough up its $18 billion in the hole. you feel like being on the hook? you are. ready for you first day, little brother?
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1:35 pm
the ute tomakees have ruled the city, there's been a corrupt, cozy relationship, and we're seeing that rome has fallen and we have to let it fail. >> now, mark, you say what? bail enemy out? -- bail them out? >> if agree there's absolutely been a system of corruption in detroit and that shouldn't be forgivable. but the assistants that should be going to detroit, and i think anybody, whether you're a democrat or republican, if you live in the state of michigan, have to realize these are people who have been working for years for 20 years, 30 years, public employees who have paid into a pension system and they're contractually entitled in a way to this money they've paid into. so, yes, we need to work on pension reform going forward. this is sort of -- >> what are you saying? bail out the pensions? >> we're talking about $18,000 a year to people who have paid into these pensions.
1:36 pm
we're not talking about major government -- >> what are you saying to do, the feds, the taxpayer, the u.s. taxpayer in kansas has to bail out detroit? >> because the entire american economy -- there's an -- germans are furious hey have the to chip in more tax dollars to help spain and italy but the entire european union benefits and it's important that a great american city -- >> i'm sympathetic. >> we're not saying they're not a great american city. we're saying they did everything completely wrong. >> i'm sympathetic to the workes but they have been robbed by their politics, their union lieders, been lied to kindly for years and yearses. we have all known the pension systems are unsustainable. the bigger problem is detroit has a history of picking winners
1:37 pm
and losers, and this is a city with the highest income tax in the state, the highest property tax in the country, we have a side rife with crime, fails schools and debt. we have to let it fail and hopefully someone hill pick up the peas. >> you look at dallas and other cities doing things right, they don't have a city income tax and their property tacks are lower than trying. >> should we make anymore who are working-class detroit residents who have been paying into the pension systems pay for the failures of the corruption by local politicians? i think the people who have -- >> okay, okay. >> maybe -- should the rest of the american taxpayers pick up the tab. >> detroit is in an emergency situation. when we bailed out the auto companies, bailed out wall street, bails another finance years and people who make six
1:38 pm
fig benefits. >> we bailed out the auto companies. >> and americans are done with bailouts. we still have high up employment. they're working hard, trying to make -- >> a 55-year-old, retiree in detroit, and tell them they can't get the $18,000 a year they've been paying into when their family needs that to eat. >> what about the young worker who is trying to bring up a family and saying, i can't afford that. it's not my fault these people were lied to. and what does it say to all the stays that are trying to be responsible? what does it say to a city like dallas? we're going to tax your taxpayers in order to help the people of detroit. >> we have to leave it there. there are at least 5 other american cities that may be on
1:39 pm
the brink of the same thing as detroit. we have to think about the bailouts, and cashing cashing in tomorrow morning will hit the topic. meantime, businesses are balking over a trend called backdoor unionization. >> they're known for helping fast food works and cab drivers and so forth. they'ring the labor secretary if they controlsed the line. they wrote... in the last decade the difference between worker centers and labor organizations has blurred. today maybe of the worker centers are dealing with employers directory on behalf of employees, since the centers are not a regulated but unions are, congress mane phil rowe is asking if they may be acting like unions. >> to behave like something else and not have the same reporting, requirements and transparency a labor union is, and that's all we are asking the secretary to
1:40 pm
do is clarify that. >> the ad from the center for union facts has been running it shows the afl-cio's and then him in a disguise and says, it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. >> worker centers are a mix of the good and bad. some of what they do, like providing job training and english as second language classes is wonderful, but some worker centers are also being used by unions as front organizations to advance their own agenda rather than looking at it as a -- >> the new york city fastfood worker group blasted the congressman for trying to silent workers. several of the organizations declined to speak with us. >> who is this mainstream media bias? did the president just give us proof? we report, you. >> a lot of reporters say that,
1:41 pm
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1:45 pm
wow. did a little victory lap there are didn't he? >> absolutely. and he can. when he looks out as he does the press conference and look tuesday white house press corps he is looking at 98 or 99% of people who voted obama twice. so, i mean, he can imply that everybody is on his team and he is probably not wrong but it ought to embarrass reporters because they're not supposed to tell him his ideas are fantastic. whether they're send sear or just -- sincere or just trying to suck up and get some interviews. >> what do you think it is? where are the tough questions? ms. president, you say irs is phony. why do you say it's phony? we're not sure how high it went. mr. president, benghazi, still four dead americans. we don't know what happened. who called for the standdown order. whe are those questions? >> that's right. wrote a book called "collusion"
1:46 pm
because these people are not interested in hold obama accountable. they're interested and invested in making a fairy tale for obama where we live happily ever after so you don't get tough questions and that's a problem and we're demanding answers on the irs. that's a scandal that demands scrutiny. we're demanding answers on benghazi. that demands the administration is held accountable for what they failed to do. we cannot count on abc, cbs, nbc, and these major newspapers to do the job here of getting those answers for us. that this problem we have. we just have to keep agitating. >> very smart man in this building said, don't go chasing rabbits. i think he meant is when the president says something like, -- weighs in on something like a murder trial -- rather than focusing on the real issues in america, like jobs, like
1:47 pm
scandals, that's what the media chases. >> if you're a white house reporter you have to report what the president is talking about. the problem we have sometimes is, when they report the pivots of the economy, there's sometimes sound to -- the broadcast where they say, the president said something glorious. there's no criticism of, he pivots game. dot that have anything to do with -- did it actually solve anything the last sometime just don't have that sound of skepticism as all and we could use that here at the second term. let's not just pretend we're on team team obama here. >> let's like a conga line when the line pivots and you're trying to catch up and make sure you're still on the line. tim, we have to leave it there.
1:48 pm
thank you. >> thanks. >> confusing times leading to parking fines. how cities everywhere are turning your parking spot into a cash cow. of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause rious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right ay if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in md or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores friabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't ink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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you park, you likely pay. citied nationwide turning to parking tickets for revenue and that has some drivers slamming their brakes. >> this is aggravating slips of paper are helping cash-strapped cities find a cash cow and all the signs point to a tough time for people trying to park their car. >> i just got a ticket. >> expensive fines, cop fusing signs, and army0s of meter
1:52 pm
maids. cities rolling in the dough. >> they think of them as the new atm machine. >> in los angeles, parking tickets bring in three times more revenue than parking meters. >> they want to make them high enough to make money but it's not worth a day giving up and going to court. >> since 2005 ticket prices doubled in l.a. now starting at $63. >> almost an entire day's wage, and people can't afford that. >> in washington, dc, handed out nearly two million tickets and $100 million in fines. >> they substituted the parking tickets for their welcome mat. >> some cities even charge for sunday parking, including san francisco, which sits atop the list for highest ticket prices. whyot just obey the signs? what do they mean? >> i have a graduate degree and i can't read these signs. >> the signs are clear, according to the department of
1:53 pm
transportation. who told us, quote, we frequently have multiple parking regulations that require more than one sign. the public is responsible for reading all posted ions and complying with the regulations in effect. the critics say there's got to be a better way for cities to raise money. >> it would be better for our democracy if the city's realistically said this is what is going to cost to us provide these services, and these are the ways we think we are. >> eric, making things even more aggravating for parkers, stays are outsourcing the collection so if you fight them you don't get a response. >> parking fees on sunday. when does it end. hurricane sandy knacks them down but people mace not picking them up. denying federal assistance to fav-bathe -- based organizations because of their religious ties.
1:54 pm
is this a case of separation of church and state going too far? let's go to remi. and stacy thinks otherwise. >> the irony here is these are the same organizations who volunteered to help. help the victims. help the first responders, brought food, clothing, shelter, and now fema is saying because of their religious affiliation they're not getting any grant money. this is going too far. what does the constitution say it? prevents excessive entanglement between the government and religion. that's not what we're dealing with here. i they otherwise qualify anywhere people -- fema, let them rebuild. >> you don't have coal in your heart? >> the constitution says separation of church and state and religious enconstitutions are tax exempt and they want to demand taxpayer money from
1:55 pm
federal programs and you can't have it both ways. so while we feel sorry for them they can't rebuild don't think the government should get involved in financing the rebuilding of religious -- wire year watching the pictures right now. that's somebody's faith-based group. >> they suffered. i'm a resident in new jersey and i've seen what has happened, and i think it's perhaps a normal thought that because they don't pay taxes, they should get the benefit. but that has nothing to do with the constitution, and in fact, many secular, nonprofits, meaning they don't pay taxes, have been receiving fema grants. so it has nothing to do with the fact they're nonprofit. the fema -- >> can i take exception with -- whether or not they're paying tax as a watermark whether they get fema help. a lot of families in america that don't pay any federal income tax and they're getting help from fema. >> if you're taking taxpayer
1:56 pm
dollars to fund the rebuilding of religious institutions your saying to the taxpayer, your financing religions that you may or may not support. and that's not what the constitution set us up to have happen. so, i just don't think even though it's sympathetic situation, and, sure, everyone would like to help the centers rebuild cut doesn't fit with the law. >> has no control over what happens with the check. i if they give a person money to rebuild their house and they want to make a shrine, that's permitted. there's another angle. it's like the white house is saying, we're going to pick and choose and we think that the church and state distinction is important because look at obamacare. they are required -- they're requiring birth control and morning after pills dish. >> we have to leave it there. thank you to stacy and remmity. big debate. big discussion. thank you, everybody.
1:57 pm
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