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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 27, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and then some. have a great weekend everybody. see you on the five. >> it's a phrase close to the heart of those in the lone star state, don't mess with texas. attorney general eric holder is not listening and he is targeting the state's voter i.d. laws. the crisis deepens in egypt. more protesters killed overnight. this as we learn new information about the future of mow ham
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morsi, and. >> hello, america's news headquarters live in the nation's capitol starts right now. >> over the past couple of years in particular, washington has taken its eye off the ball. an enled parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, shirt focus from what needs to be done. >> well, he is still at it. once again that is the message from president obama, taking aim at what he calls the so-called phony scandals and distractions. scandals that created quite a buzz, like the irs mess, and nsa surveillance, and the benghazi attack. apparently the president doesn't think they're such a big deal. instead mr. obama insists
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congress and the media are taking the focus of what really matters, issues like the economy, the debt, and other budget problems which are looming after congress returns from the august recess. joining news with more. >> president obama gave a couple of speeches this week trying to refocus the national discourse on the economy and jobs, and to his critics who may also want the president to answer questions on other issues as well. the president and his spokesperson had this to stay, starting with a line this morning on the president's weekly radio address. >> over the past couple of years in particular washington has taken its eye off the ball. an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandaled. shifts focus from. from what needs to be done. >> endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals, and lord knows what, washington keeps taking its awe off the -- eye off the ball and that needs to stop.
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>> phony scandals that have captured the attention of many here in washington. fake scandals or things like that. we have to keep focused on the north star here, the issues that the american people want us to be focused on. >> but run runs point to benghazi, and the irs going after conservative and tea part groups and the nsa surveillance program and the justice department targeting journalists. they say those are legitimate issues. they criticize president obama for adopting the phony scandals message. >> it is uninsulting and minimizing. it's not validating the turns people have. that's absolutely true. but it's two prongs herement one is diminish the manning that the other part is don't take personal responsibility. and again, we're not talking bat therapist. we're talking about the commander-in-chief, and these are serious issues. >> jay carney was pressed about whether the president believes the irs scandal, for example, is phony.
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carney says the president believes the irs activity was, quote, inappropriate, and he took steps to stop it. but carney says run runs are trying to turn that into a pigger issue than it is. >> thank you very much. the president is calling what he calls phony scandals are distracting the public from issues that he feels are far more important. what impact is this having in the arena of public opinion. inning us now, governor mike huckabee. >> the only thing that is phoney is the president's excuse. that's phony. it's phony for him to act lying these aren't real scandals because to to the four american whose are indiana benghazi and their families, it's very real. people targeted by ther is and is especially those whose identities were released and those who had their donor information illegally -- not
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just unethically but illegally releaseed their opponents. that's breaking the law. none of these issues are phony. the only thing is phony is the white house attempt to pretend they're really focused on the economy like a laser. it's more like a boy scout flashlight they're shining at the economy because for five years the president had a shot at and it not once has he done the kind of things that will actually get the economy back on track. >> expanding on this. the president has not specifically mentioned exactly which scandals he is describing as phony, whether it's the recent wave of the seasonals dog -- scandal r scandals which are dogging the white house, whether the irs mess or the benghazi issue. as you point out about the families, isn't this a slap in the face to mose who died and the survivors when the commander-in-chief calls it a distraction at a time when there's so many questions unanswered. >> absolutely. pat smith, the mother of sean smith, one of the father
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perioded in benghazi, it's been pointed out the death of her son is nothing phony to her and her comments are the most powerful and poignant, and she was promised in the ceremony, where the bodies were received at dover air base, personally, face-to-face, from the president, from leon panetta, from hillary clinton, every one of them promised there would be answered. she has not heard that from one of them. that's what is phony. the phoniness is the promise we're going to find out what is going on. the phoniness is being told that we're going to get to the bottom of ther is irscandal and when the fbi director is asked about the investigation, he is unaware there is one. the phoniness is being told the nsa scandal puts security at risk and then we're not going to worry about get this kid back. it doesn't matter. that is what is phony. >> take a look at the polls out there. the poll numbers are dropping for the president. and no administration wants to be seen as being mired in
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scandals instead of moving ahead on bigger issues like solving the nation's economic woes but in doing this is president taking a risk at having people see this push on the economy right now as political posturing, to change the conversationway from that kind of news that obama doesn't have any desire to resolve right now? >> one of the problems the president faces he has not put anything on the table that isn't just warmed over, leftovers, from his campaign speech of five years ago, that absolutely just almost insufferable one hour and six minute speech he gave the other day, in which it was just amazing to watch people staying awake through it. the part that was most striking was that there was not one phrase, not one proposal,ing in nothing that he put forththat wasn't campaign rhetoric. he didn't say we're going to put a freeze on taxes, give business people some space to breathe. he didn't say we're going to
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role back parts of obamacare cause people to be cutting their hours from fulltime to parttime. nothing that would actually be a solution. just same old blame the republicans. i inherited a big mess, and now he has had five years and that big mess is getting bigger,. >> sure is. governor, great to see you asth. and before you go, give us a preview of what we can expect tonight on your show. >> we have a great show. we're going to have some segments with john whitehead. we'll talk about how many police agencies in this country have become like the military. they're breaking down doors. sometimes going into the wrong homes but putting people's lives in danger. we all support police but not to the point that they start acting like we're at war. we're serving warrants and doing things that some of the activities they're employing are way over the top. we'll talk about some of the more egregious examples of that and why it affects every single
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law-abiding citizen in america. >> governor, we look forward to that, and we thank you. >> thank you. >> turning to a heart wrenching story out of new york. a bride-to-be whose wedding was set to take place in two weeks and the best man are now missing and feared dead after a boat crash in the hudson river. both were in a speed boat that crashed into a construction barge yesterday. four others were also injured in the accident. some seriously. authorities are saying the mishap occurred shortly after the boat trip began with investigators resuming the search for those bodies today. >> a horrific scene in florida after a gunman kills six people in a south florida apartment complex. the gunman barricade himself into a build overnight for several hours before a s.w.a.t. team arrived and shot him after talks broke down with the gunman. investigators are still searching for a motive at this time. >> and we have new developments in that devastating train crash in spain that killed 78 people.
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news that the conductor is now facing charges of negligent homicide. that womans from the country's interior minister stays the conductor has just been released from the hospital and is now in police custody. it's not clear yet if anyone else, including a second, less experienced conductor, is also being investigated. authorities are still clearing wreckage from the scene of the crash. still not clear if brakes failed or were never used. what's clear is that the train was traveling far faster than the 50-miles-an-hour speed limit, though it hasn't been yet determined just how fast the train was speeding. >> the situation egypt continues to get worse, with dozens of people killed in violent protests, heavy clashes are heightening the deepening divide between supporters of egypt's former president mohammed morsi and the new regime, conner paul
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has more on the protests and what is hailed for morsi. -- what is ahead for morsi. >> there's a real sense the past few days this could be a very deadly and violent weekend in egypt as the top general commander called on supporters to take to the streets and give him a mandate to tackle terrorism. his statement is widely understood on his request to crack down on the muslim brotherhood which continues to protest the coup which ousted empty morsi. the military opened fire on a muslim brotherhood demonstration in cairo this morning. this is the second time the egyptian military has used deadly force to clear out pro morsi supporters. more than 100 people have been killed since the coup in clashes. the former president morsi remains in custody despite international demands he be
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released. he military back government is accusing him of conspiring with hamas. the obama administration has largely blessed the military coup despite u.s. law, continues to provide financial aid to egypt which overwhelmingly goes to the egyptian army and military, and any hope that egypt would move past this military coup and begin to transition to democracy is fading rapidly. the country is as divided as it has ever been. >> thank you for the update. back in this country, congress plans to take a closer look at the private military helicopter crash that killed 30 americans, including 22 members of the navy's elite seals team six fours nearly two years ago after it was shot down by afghan insurgents. despite spite assurances from the white house, families still don't have the answer from the administration on the specifics of the deadly attack.
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joining us now, charlie strange his son michael was killed and his attorney, larry clayman. charlie, let me begin with you. i know this is a very emotional story for you. this helicopter attack happened on the raid only the home of bin laden's compound in pakistan. the pentagon provided families with information that it doesn't believe the seals were targeted following the death of osama bin laden. why do you believe otherwise? >> i have information, i have what they gave me, i have it right here in front of me. what happened was they gave us a book with no ink in it. you can't read it. there's no toner. but aalso gave us a disk they wanted to ask back for. the next day. and -- >> specifically what is it that you -- the questions you are
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raising about the concerns you have about that night? >> well, they knew on this paperwork here that may 10, 2011, they were going to the valley with 100 taliban to shoot down the coalition force. and it's printed out. they knew. they knew they were coming to kill my son. >> the pentagon is saying that the documents it has, the evidence it has, says that there was no evidence that the helicopter was targeted by the insurgents. larry, what impact does this congressessal spotlight will have on this situation now and the families who are seeking answers? >> a huge impact. this is not another phony scandal. this is he death of 22 special ops forces, 16 of which were our valued navy seal team six members, yet these answers have never been forth coming from the president or from the
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administration. >> do you have specific evidence that says that those soldiers were not properly equipped with the right safety material, and also, the helicopter that was not properly equipped? >> yes, we do. in fact in that report that charlie is referring to they state that this helicopter was a chinook. not very maneuverable which put the special ops in harm's way, and we know the black box of the crash washed away in a flood there hasn't been a flood in that area of the world since noah's arc ark. so where is the black box. and that arely's son was cream mated yet his body was in intact. they claim that all the bodies were completely destroyed and therefore not able to be buried. what was the rush to do all of this? looks like there's a coverup and
9:16 am
i believe at the end of the day, given the fact that this appears to be retaliation from the death of inosama bin laden, given the fact that people knew there were taliban in the area, given the fact that seven afghanys were substituted out of the flight right before it took off, about that this may have been a setup by the afghan forces to kill these people. >> the pentagon continues to say it has no evidence to support these claims. i do know that jason chase and other congressional leaders are saying they do want to get to the bottom of this. they will hopefully hold a hearing shortly, and we look forward to hearing what comes out of that investigation. >> thank you. that's the reason for the hearing. thank you. >> we have the proof. we have 1300 pages that describes the setup, the ambush -- >> charlie, know. my heart goes tout you on your
9:17 am
loss and we'll be following the story. thank you very much. >> turning now to other news. the fate of army private bradley manning is now in the hands of a military judge. man is accused of ailing the enemy by giving over secret government information to wikileaks. manning admitted to handing over the documents but the judge needs to decide whether he knew al qaeda would get the information. >> stephen king making comments on immigration. congressman king will be here to answer his critics later in the show. >> we believe that the state of texas should be required to go through a preclearance process when it changes voting laws and approximates. >> the attorney general sitting hit sights on the voter i.d. laws in the lone star state.
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welcome back. pope francis has a message for bishops and cardinals reasons the world: get another of your churches and spread the word of faith to the world's faithful. he is getting ready to meet with cardinals and bishops in south america. later tonight he plans to hold a vigil on the beach we expect will draw huge crowds. protesters rushing through the crowd last night following an evening event. the group upset about the amount of money the brazilian government is spending on world youth day. >> 60 years ago today ther tan war ended not with a peace treaty but a with an armistice. to celebrate what it calls victory day, north korea is parading its military through
9:23 am
pyongyang main square and in south korea hundreds are gathering at a war memorial in sowl inch this country at the nation's capitol, president obama wrapping up event marking the nation's involved in the conflict. >> the president delivering his remarks at a ceremony at the korean war veterans memorial on the national mall. today marking marking the 60 in anniversary of the war that involved more than 20 countries, honoring the distinguished vas who lost more than 2.5 million comrades, 36,000 of them americans. president obama saying the war was the farthest thing from a tie. >> but here, today, we can say with confidence that war was no tie. korea was the victor. when 50 million south koreans live in freedom, a vibrant democracy, one of the world's
9:24 am
most dynamic economies, in stark contrast to the prescription comfort of the north. that's a vic and your legacy. >> the formal peace treaty was never signed, leaving the korean peninsula in a technical state of war. it's divided between the commune north and sought. pyongyang is ready to reposition troops at a border town. the warning comes after failure to re-open the site. the u.s. does continue its presence in the region. >> we remain committed to helping ensure peace and stability on the korean peninsula. more than 28,000 american soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serve in korea today. >> south korea has become a very close ally to the u.s., one of the world's largeest economies. >> back to you.
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>> thank you very much. now, we shift the focus and take time out for a chance for you to pick the story that is making headlines as we let or viewers decide from a list of stories that caught our attention. here's a less to choose from. the first one, doggone it. the story of one dog named hank who proofed his skeptics wrong. or jail bird free. and trash million. a couple throws out a winning lotto ticket, find out if they were able to cash it in. to vote, log on to the show page at and we'll read the winner at the end of the show. >> the battle over obamacare heats up as some republicans look to defund the president's health care law and to block the irs from enforcing it. >> doctors office is the last place anyone would want to find the irs.
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welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour and here's the top stories making news right now. at this hour the conductor in the deadly treason crash in spain is in a police station, facing charges of neglect negligent homicide. 78 people were killed in the crash. investigators have not determined if the brakes failed or the conductor was going too fast. it appears the train was traveling almost twice as fast as the 50-miles-an-hour speed limit. florida police are looking for a motive in the shooting spree that left seven people dead, including the gunman. the suspect barricaded himself
9:31 am
in a florida apartment complex. last night negotiations with police broke down. six people were murdered before s.w.a.t. teams took out the shooter. >> a military judge says she will give the media a day's notice before she announces her decision conditioning the fate of army private bradley manning. he has already admitted to stealing information and the judge now must decide if he knew al qaeda would see it. >> a cargo ship full of supplies will leave earth bound for the international space station. the ship will take hardware, food and water to the astronauts and will launch from kazakhstan this afternoon and will dock later tonight. >> while republican leaders are calling out can be of their own over comments about illegal immigrants. in a recent interview, republican congressman steve king says that children
9:32 am
immigranting illegally are often used as drug mules. this comes the same week as the house judiciary committee holding a hearing about ways to find a path toward citizenship for illegal immigrants brought in as children. joining us now to talk more about this, congressman steven king. nice to have you here. talk to me about your choice of words there. many people are upset by the way that you used the language to describe these children, drug mules? >> well, we should remember that i said, my heart strings are tugged by the valedictorians brought over by their parents and were not aware they were breaking the law. those are parents that caused them to do that. that's all the preface to this. and remember, for every val valedictorian, the people that are for this dream act am in the city are characterizing is at valedictorians get benefits, so i put the perspective on it -- >> i want to pull the full quote
9:33 am
up for you. do that right now. that would be great. in your words, this is what you said: for everyone who is a valedictorian there's another 100 out there who weigh 130-pounds and have calfs the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert? i mean, do you have evidence to back that up? >> sure, i do. i have spent a lot of time down on the southern border and made multiple trips down there. ivorieden for days with the border patrol. i've sat on the border at night in the dark no night vision, and had illegals coming across the border on both sides. you can count the shadows and the noises you hear are real. i have been in a ranch house as border patrol agents will talk to me in civilian clothes, one at a time, and ask nod to be identified and hand me documents without names, dates or places
9:34 am
so the narrative they tell me cannot be identified back to them. i have unloaded illegal drugs with my own hands town on the boredder in arizona. this is hands, on, eyes on from the border patrol as well. i got a call from them yesterday and i said die need to come back down and refresh myself? the said no, you're spot on with what you're saying but maybe you got the weight ten pounds up. that was for the conversation yesterday from a call that came to me unsolicited as a border patrol, someone i understood, standing around there listening to the conversation. i have said this every way i can think of and nobody paid tapings. now they're paying attention and are confronted by the reality. >> nobody else -- no one necessary your party or otherwise saying the same thing. how too you account for that? >> well, no one has challenged me on the facts of the statement i have made. and i think that is telling. and there is an article out there now that goes back and does the analysis, and the
9:35 am
calculation that is in there shows that 10% of those coming across the southern border are carrying drugs, we know from jan brewer, government of arizona's statement, that the drug cartels are in the people smuggling business and by definition, if drug cartels are smuggling people, they're smuggling drugs. we know that. so what is their number? what do the critics have to say about the number or description? they have no hands on no eyes on, they don't have any data. i'm factually right and they are offended by the reality because they have an agenda. >> does it upset you your colleagues are not standing by you in the g.o.p. >> they are stand big me. they come up to me -- >> republicans are not standing with you, not saying they agree with your comments. >> but is the description such they have to go out to the press or can they come and tell me i know you're right, support you? they can do that privately. they have a lot of stake here. there's a leverage within the house of representatives and they all need to be concerned
9:36 am
about their own leverage. so i'm not asking them to step forward. i wouldn't ask them to step forward. i don't want them to take repercussions. i want the rule of law preserved and we can still have compassion for every human person who has a right to their dignity. >> thank you for joining us today. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> republicans are not holding back when it comes week in disdain for obamacare. eric cantor talks about the, quote, unholy union between the irs and people's health information. president obama says repealing health care is not the way to go, although republicans have tried to repeal or replace it more than three dozen times now. >> the few weeks ago the white house announced it would delay the employer mandate under obamacare. the evidence is clear this law is threatening job growth and turning fulltime jobs into parttime jobs. repealing obama care, gutting
9:37 am
critical investments in our future, threatening to default on the bills this country has already racked up or shutting down the government because i'm for keeping it open? none of those things add up to an economic plan. >> now, the republican senators led by utah senator mike lee, vowing to vote down any government funding bill that includes money for obamacare. senator lee will talk more about the plan live on fox news sunday. tomorrow. check your local listings for the time and the channel. texas congressman lieu we gohmert says despite the supreme court striking down a portion of the voting rights act the obama administration is finding ways to punish states that didn't vote for him. we'll explain after the break. all business purchases.
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welcome book. we're back with a story generate something buzz now. it's just the obama administration's punishing state that didn't vote for him and that has texas congressman lou we gohmert's -- this after the supreme court strikes down a portion of the voting rights act and congressman gohmert is joining us now live with more on his thoughts about the issue. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. always good to be with you. >> tell me why you're so upset with the way this is being handled. >> the supreme court made very clear in their opinion that the section 4 formula that under the voting rights act said you can keep punishing states that had a problem 50 years ago but have cleanedded it up and now have a better election scenario than
9:43 am
the country -- the entire country in general. we had it pointed out that massachusetts has more racial discrimination, more racial disparity, than texas does. california has some problems. wisconsin, other places have problems. and the supreme court made this very clear. the data, the factual data make it very clear there was a problem in the south. the voting rights act was extremely helpful. we cleaned up our act. through most all of the south. we're better off than the country in general, and yet this attorney general wants to keep coming back and trying to overrule the supreme court because, for no other reason than to punish states that actually did not vote for the president, and when you look at what he has done by preventing having a photo i.d., some kind of accountability to make sure voters who are allowed to vote, a law that texas modeled after
9:44 am
indiana's law upheld 6-3 by the supreme court and 2008. he is still coming after us. still making -- >> in fact, the attorney general actually in his words says, quote, we believe that the state of texas should be required to go through a preclearance process whenever it changes it voting laws and practices. anytime you want to make a change they want preclearance. >> right. and that's the punitive part of the voting rights act that was punitive to punish states and to try to get them in line. well, it's worked. it's done its job. and now there's racial discrimination in other parts of the country. we cleaned up our act. and what he is upset about is wt fraud. voter fraud. the disenfranchisement of every legitimate voter in texas, and he is coming in, aid and abetting voter fraud by preventing us from having any
9:45 am
way to make sure there's accountability, and when i first heard there were international observers going to come watch, i as upset and we found out what they said. they were aghast that our country does not require really accountability to make sure that people are allowed to vote. in texas, with the attorney general of the united states being complicit in the voter fraud, we have no way -- you can just fill out a voter registration form, it's not checked. there's no security, and because of his action in the last election you couldn't even ask for a photo i.d. talk to conseco about the people that were encouraged to come vote illegally. i mean, this is a problem and our attorney general in addition -- this is in order to practice as an attorney, you're supposed to be a member in good standing. you have an attorney general who is in contempt of congress? who has lied either to the congress --
9:46 am
>> well -- >> or perpetuated a fraud upon the court with regard to james rosen and he is coming into texas with dirty hands, demanding action? i think he needs to clean up his act, gate new attorney general, and -- >> the bottom line is, the bottom line as far as you're concerned it don't mess with texas, as we know and understand that phrase in a big way. let me -- >> it was a good thing they came in and messed with texas when there was racial discrimination but we cleaned up our act and now they need to go where the discrimination is to maces like massachusetts. >> let me talk about a subject you are involvedy. you have met survivors from the benghazi attack who we have not heard from, and in some reports we're hearing they have been told to stay silent and sign nondisclosure forms so they do not speak out. what did you come away with from the meetings? >> that we had, like in -- the
9:47 am
reason i've been silent -- he is a wonderful man, great family, a real patriot, real hero, and he had to ask his identification be kept private, and i've honored that for a number of months, but catherine herridge had gotten information from others and i e-mailed david and said they want me to make a statement, and he said, well, i want to remain private but use your judgment. but he is a here, and he should be recognized as such. he went up on the rooftop with ty woods and glen dougherty and the went up there not seeking cover as the administration reported about their deaths. they went up there to give cover. to help. to protect. they were patriots. and as a result, two laid down their lives and as we know, jesus said greater love than no one have that a man lay down his life for hi friends. ty did nat. david was willing, lost a big
9:48 am
hunk of his right leg and has paid a price since then. >> well, will we be able to hopefully hear from him when the hearing resumes this fall? >> well, we'll see about that. he is still going through rehabilitation. but he has just such a small picture of just the areas when they came under attack and it was an attack, but what we need are the people with the big picture, why did it take 20 hours to get a plane there to get them out? why didn't we get the military in there? the people that know what the transmissions were, why there wasn't things done? anything at although rumor that egypt was helping push for this to try to kidnap chris stevens for -- >> not substantiated at this
9:49 am
point. >> that's right. ball they withheld the evidence. they're preventing people from coming forward. david is not being prevent from coming forward. just he is going through rehab and wants to remain private. >> all right. >> other people have been re-assigned. >> sure, we appreciate your comments comments and your insights about this. thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> looking for a bride to be who disappeared after the boat she was on crashed into a barge. the latest details on the tragedy unfolding on the hudson river in new york. and bald is beautiful. pressure's act of -- president bush's act of kindness touches off interest around the world. an update coming your way next. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that.
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welcome back. bride-to-be and best man are missing after their boat crashes into a barge in the hudson river. divers searching the waters for their bodies. brian has the latest. >> reporter: police are still actively searching for lindsey stewart, bride-to-be, and one of
9:54 am
her friends set to be the best man. the two have been missing since late friday night. this boat carrying six people crashed into a barge on the hudson river in new york city. severely damaging the vessel and the vote hit the barge around 10:40 p.m. friday. about 200 feet south of the tappan zee bridge in new york. the 57-year-old bridge is receiving renovations. the four other passengers were injured, including lindsey's fiance and taken to a new york hospital. >> four people remaining on the boat when the boat was located south of the tappan zee bridge. they had various head injuries and one party was unconscious. >> reporter: lindsey's mom was emotional talking about her missing daughter who is supposed to be getting married in august. >> i don't know the details about it. she didn't motel me where she was going. no. she is supposed to be married
9:55 am
two weeks from today. it can't end like this. >> we will have further developments as we get them throughout the day. >> such a sad story the putt. it is last call for you, our viewers, to pick the news in our viewers' choice poll. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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a wonderful act of
9:59 am
solidarity when a boy with leukemia was seen in a photo around the world. president bush's freshly saved head brought attention. we love to tell our loyal viewers how to get involved. here is the website that was set up to raise money for patrick's treatment. patrick's and we wish him the best. here's the story you at home picked. trash million. close call for massachusetts couple who accidentally threw out $1 million trash lotto ticket. they bought the $5 ticket while grocery shopping and stuck it in one of the bags and forgot about it until they heard there was a big winner and dug threw the trash and found and it now claimed the big million dollar prize. good for them. that's going to do it for me in washington. we invite to you stay with fox news throughout the day. headlines and breaking news. before we go happy birthday to one of our own associate producer, ashley alderman. thanks for what you do. we appreciate it.
10:00 am
thanks for watching. make it a great day. foksz news alert on the crisis in egypt. deadly violence overnight and into today. and cairo as police clashed with supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. police reportedly firing tear gas and live ammunition in attempts to disperse the crowd. reports of up to 70 people killed and makeshift hospitals overwhelmed with the wounded. we have a live report coming up. first, new controversy as president obama continues calling the wave of scandals engulf his administration, quote, phony. this time using his


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