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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  July 27, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> no. i wouldn't take it. >> charles: and cost of freedom continues on the place for business, fox. number one business block continues with eric boling and cashin' in >> it is a green lig >> public unions and bankruptcy battle and "cashin' in" city counsel how to turn around. it won't cost taxpayers a dime. plus..., don't make you scream. maybe what it is about to your personal information will. and calls for the u.s.a. to boycott russia. that is for the news right now.
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>> eric: welcome to "cashin' in", wayne rogers jeonth noenig and jehmu greene and do you remember this. >> rerefuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way. detroit went bankrupt despite the bailout and before our "cashin' in" city council pipes in, what brought 79 mighty motown. >> world leader in auto manufacturing. jobs were plentiful. detroit economy was hot. and enter collective bargaining and unions begin to flex their muscles. in 1970, 400,000 gm workers walked off the auto lines for 67 days. they got what they wanted, a huge wage hike and big concessions. that single event helped seal
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the fate. motor city. over the next four decades, it drove the auto industry away. jobs went to non-union states. the ones vibrant economy is now $18 billion in the hole and unemployment sits at a mind-blowing 16.3%. detroit is bankrupt. largest u.s. system to go bankrupt in our country. it's perfect example when union demands prevails. >> we are here to find solutions. how can broke be fixed and many other states on the verge in america? >> they need to start by liquidating these public sector pensions. it's a progressive policies, $18 billion in liabilities on a city that has 700,000 people in it. there needs to be in my opinion, there needs to be a liquidation phase. these parasites, public sector unions, they suck the
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house dry. we need to liquidate those liabilities and privatize some of the city. art collection or land itself, detroit could thrive but you need to get the public sector unions out of the way. >> eric: i love that because infrastructure for detroit it was two million population was the peak in the 60s. now there is 700,000 people living there. do you have any solutions for bankrupt cities around the country? >> i agree with john on that point. i think they need to get rid of anti-business policies. they have the highest taxes for commercial properties and they have $13 minimum wage. you can't have policies and expected businesses to come in. if we want businesses to be there, we need to lower the regulatory burden on entrepreneurs and also lower taxes. >> eric: so we're here to
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solve the problem. you are bringing the liberal point of view. what should detroit do? >> i'll stay away with the pointing of fingers. calling these workers parasites. >> eric: i don't want to be mayor. here is the point. they are making positive recommendations. >> i thought it was positive ones. we together federal government and say 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country who are let's give them a program that fast tracks their citizenship if they move into detroit. detroit already has one of the most diverse immigrant populations and they are helping the communities they are in ways that are absolutely necessary. when you have first generation americans move into cities, crime goes down. we've seen that in brooklyn and philadelphia has benefited from this.
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>> eric: hold on michelle. this is city council. we have to work together to solve the problems. fast track immigration of a city that needs body right now. they need a tax base. >> eric, that is not going to do it. detroit is microcosm of what could happen to the entire united states. it's a fundamental part of this they have destroyed the inner city. you have 47% illiteracy rate among adults in detroit. you have allowed everybody in the world to vote for people who don't care. they have overtaxed and looted the city. the way to cure this, jonathan is right about his second one. privatize everything. take that art collection which is $3 billion, big number, then take all privatized the fire department and the police
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department. make them responsible. cut the budget down to what it can do and then go forward. >> i'll take it one step further. privatize the land. eric, you pointed out this is a city that has 700,000 people. you have hundreds and hundreds of uninhabited acreage. sell that to the villages and sell that to celebration florida. the police and fire and all those low regulation loans. >> maybe not privatize the full fire department and full police department. all public safety but just a portion of it. maybe sell some of the land. i think 140 square acres of land some of it could be sold off to private equity firms. dallas versus detroit. dallas that is the same budget that detroit has and dallas has 1.2725 million
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residents. are we talking about overtaxing people of detroit? >> exactly. the problem there aren't enough bodies. there is a reason there aren't bodies there. detroit has a highest taxes in anywhere in michigan. they pay so much money. that is driving people out. why are you going to stay in detroit when you you can go someplace else and pay less taxes. that is the symptom of the problem. >> one of big things is corporate tax welfare that has helped bankrupt the city. you have retirees that worked and saved. they are about to lose that $19,000 pension that is theirs. they are going to have it stolen from them yet at the same time we're going build $2733 million stadium? >> we've got to get rid of the corporate tax welfare
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system. >> eric: hold on. you are talking about increasing corporate taxes. >> i think there has to be a balance. detroit does not have that balance when it comes to providing welfare for the largest corporations. president obama in the opening clip said.... >> it was actually just the companies. >> eric: i have to get to wayne. she says raise corporate taxes. has it ever worked anywhere? >> no, it hasn't. that is part of the problem. they have driven all the private enterprise out of detroit so they have driven out the jobs. you talk about privatizing. a few years ago city of on thedale privatized their rates went down and list at the time at one of the highest and best fire risks in the united states. you can privatize the entire city. i don't care what you do,
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make it all private. that is best thing to do. >> eric, when things are opened by the public, they are owned by no one. that is why all these public utilities and services in detroit are literally going to hell. have a private developer put up condos and take responsibility. make eight no property and no income tax zone, people can just pay an assessment as they do in celebration, as they do in the villages. you can see it happen. >> eric: no income tax in the city -- i misspoke, i said 1739 square acres, 139 square miles. i met. new threat from obama care. are your medical records about to get hacked? chances are,
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remarks at the korean war veterans memorial marking the 60th anniversary of the truce that ended the three-year conflict. more than 36,000 americans died in the fighting between u.s. and south korean forces and north korean and chinese troops. a formal peace treaty was never signed leaving the peninsula in a technical state of war to this day. the driver in that deadly train crash in spain now being held on suspicion of negligent homicide. here is video from wednesday. at least 78 people were killed and more than a 100 injured. driver is now out of the hospital. a judge has until tomorrow to press formal charges. i'm arthel nevil. get you back to "cashin' in" with eric boling. >> honey pot. that is what they are calling the healthcare data hub,
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store medical records on millions of americans. michelle, sounds like a pot of gold for hackers? >> yeah, we see hackers breaking into most sophisticated systems. this one will have so much information, your social security numbers, family size and income. what makes this troubling is that this system hasn't been completely built yet. they are estimate estimating it won't be open until one month before that. that doesn't sound good. >> eric: and talks about your status, health status. that sounds like a bad idea? >> the whole idea is bad. when you think about it, look at the amount of fraud that we already have in medicare. estimated somewhere around 75 bye. that enormous number. this thing is ripe for fraud. hackers will get in. who is going in charge of
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this, by the way? it's take the fifth, loigs, remember her at the irs? she is going to be administering this thing. >> and forget the hackers, maybe you have to worry about people inside the obamacare, even the navigators. we don't know where they are coming from. >> if there is a problem, we should have our leaders on work together to fix it before implementation. this is another effort to undermine and discredit and fear monger about a health care law in new york alone has decreased from.... >> fear amongster, jonathan, you are fear monger? >> one thing that may be a little scary, your health information isn't yours anymore. with government paying the bills. >> it hasn't been for a long time! all the information that corporations have.
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>> go ahead, jonathan. >> you are not forced to interact with any private company. obamacare is all about force. so to michelle's point, all your information, health records, medicine, your drug use, whether you are pregnant or not. your history, your income is all going to fit on a centralized government server and yes, private companies have credit card data hack all the time. >> eric: and i'm sure they will be able to get into this? >> exactly. people in the government have been using this information. irs scandal showed us that sometimes there are people in the government that will use devices at their disposal to go after people. i think that to me is very troubling. they're going to have navigators that will be community organizers having all of our information right
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there at their fingertips. >> eric: i have to see say, people, love them or hate them maybe says, i have a little chip who is an alcohol abuser, what is that worth? >> the whole thing, eric is as i said before. all the private enterprise and insurance companies have this information already. yes, they don't abuse it. you have medicare fraud with the government who is abusing taxpayers to extent of 75 billion dollars and it's going to get worse. >> not only do they abuse it but they sell it. you are talking about solutions. if solutions where republicans they want to shut the government if obamacare is not defunded. >> why do you explain that 53% of americans want to
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repeal the law? >> 20% don't think they didn't go far enough. those numbers are off. >> you asked for a solution and the solution is obvious. to go back to what existed in the government before the enactment of the entire medical stated. the reason it's not in constitution, individuals have a right to their own health care to provide for it, not to be obligated to take care of their neighbor. if we had a private health care system, it would be lower cost and higher quality. >> eric: coming up a "cashin' in" exclusive as calls to boycott russia, because he helped ed snowden and dad spoke to us and only us. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
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coming up. nsa leaker's dad talking with us. >> and not taking
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on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale, ends sunday at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> it's a "cashin' in" exclusive as the plot thickens in russia, what he thinks about lawmakers to boycott russia if they -- wayne, is he right? >> eric, i think it's foolish to introduce and start try toying boycott russia or punish russiar for something that they had nothing to do with. it's our own fault. our own security and ourou background checks and all of that are at fault. this guy spilled the beans on something. we did made the mistake of hiring him. it's our fault. it's nothing to do with the r russians.
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it's up to us. >> john, i want to get to you in a second. i we're both big time constitutionalist fourth amendment activists.wher michelle, where do you stand on ed snowden leaking the secrets? >> i think that he needs to come back and face the charges. if you do an act of civilsobe disobedience, have the courage to stay and face the charges. but i don't think that we shoule take it out on russia and ruin the olympics for all the people who worked so hard to get theul opportunity to go there.rtun but i don't think we should take it out on russia and use the olympics as a diplomatic tool. >> john, yesterday eric holder i said the doj will not seek the deatho penalty? m >> i feel bad for him. he's got to live in russia right now and i already boycott them. the average per capita is $14,000. it's 50,000 in the u.s. so i feel bad for him that he'sh not able to live in this great
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country. but i don't think to their point, i don't think boycotting russia is the best idea, is the right idea. all it does is hurt people who want to buy vodka and calf i can't., it's -- of caviar. >> let's talk about what they're talk being boycotting. the 2014 olympics. 25% of americans disagree. where do you stand? >> as they should, why would we allow this punk snowden, if he wants to be a hero, i agree michelle. bring your bullet back to the south and stand up to these charges. why would -- >> did you see the numbers we're putting up here if there is -- there is an overwhelming majority that say don't boycottd the olympics. >> he can come back and face those charges. but the hopes and dreams of the greatest americans to be dashedo because of him and because of president putin trying to sticks it to us the way he does onit
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every issue, not on this watch. >> trying to get a little news in here. did you hear the shot that -- going back and forth between chris christie and rand paul over some of the stuff. thoughts?f? >> well, i think it's widely debated. there is a lot of division even within so-called conservative republican circles on this. it will be interesting how it plays out. i think wayne makes the crucial point here. the issue is our own policies, our own lack of protection ofdi individualvi rights, that's whac this country should focusou on.t >> got to be., fourth amendment, read it. thank you for joining us this week. coming up, return to sender. why that may be taxpayers message for the post office new ad campaign. >> ever wond what are this cost you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? car noticingle cents.
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time for a quick what die need to know for next week. wayne? >> i own something called it's had a heck of a run, but i think there is something still
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left in it. >> very good. jonathan? >> i like senior loans like snln. i own it. >> great. thanks for hanging out with us.s that's it. before w e go,of have you seen s commercial? the post office saying it doesn't cost taxpayers a single cent. i almost lost it when i saw it. the usps lost a lot, $16 billioe last year. $5 billion the year before. you get the picture. so who back stops all thoses losses? the u.s. treasury does and our taxes finance the treasury. so they can claim all they want that the taxpayers aren't on the hook, but we are. that brings me to this, i was running at the local highhe school, kids playing, adults walking, a mail truck came barreling down the road, blew the stop sign and pulled into the library. when i ran over to the nice mailman and asked himshould be h all these kids around, here is the response i got.ll that's nice. and we finance those pensions
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and then some. have a great weekend, everybody. see you on "the five." hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. and this is "the five". >> with an eye on 2016, one question looms large. should the party be more conservative or libertarian? chris christie and rand paul, the new jersey governor was asked about national security and he fired this shot. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think is a very dangerous thought. president obama has done nothing to change


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