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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪come fill me again live and at large, this is geraldo rivera putting the president's words to the test. >> with this endless parade of distractions and phoney scandal, washington has taken its eye off the ball, and i'm here to say it needs to stop. >> but how phoney is there a charge here. >> perhaps the cruellest most deceitful act of the administration have been perpetrated against the very ones fighting and dying to protect and defend it? >> how did their chopper get
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shot down? a lucky shot? were our warriors doomed by loose lips? >> they knew on this paperwork here that may 10th, 2011, that they were going to the valley with 100 taliban to shoot down the coalition force. they knew they were coming to kill my son. >> the most elite warriors in our nation's history, now unfortunately the not so secret s.e.a.l. team 6. >> and -- >> i was placed in the head lock and moved around as a rag doll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> and he heads to rehab. a candidate confesses. >> 6 to 10, i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what somebody else is going to consider inappropriate or not.
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>> carlos danger has issues. >> he was making campaign promises, that he totally changed and he was a better man now and he learned from his mace takes, and i am proof that that is not true. >> but what is with his long suffering spouse? >> i have for given him, and i believe in him, and as we had said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> karl rove claims she is no damsel in distress. >> in order to keep up the lifestyle, she was drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers and a larger check from a private firm at the same time she was in government services, just astonishing to me. >> tonight, perverts, and plus -- >> they will not deal with the question of inequality, and they only want to deal with anything other than the fact that we still have a challenge of racial injustice and profiling in this
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country. >> has the trayvon controversy backfired on black leadership. >> the black truth is from the president on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community and many are frightened to approach the issue, and that's because they have intimidated the so-called conversation, turning any valid criticism of african-american culture into charges of racial bias, and you want racism? that's racism. and demonstrations all across our country try to keep the post trayvon debate focused on racial profiling and income inequality and injustice, which are undeniable not issues, and they say the more urgent threat comes from other black men, and that can't be seriously debated either, and even in the president's hometown of chicago, because violence is so
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pervasive, local leaders there took to the streets today to focus attention on black on black crime. craig investigates. >> every 100 black boys that are shot and killed, 93% are done at the hands of other young black boys. and no one is outraged. where are all of the celebrities and where are all of the politicians when it comes to us taking our own lives, and where is jay-z? where is kanye, who raps about us? where are all of the celebrities when it comes to us taking our own lives? i say it's time for us to stand our own ground. >> frustrated with all of the national attention being paid to the trayvon martin case, pastor cory brook organized the let us live rally here in chicago to bring attention to the hundreds
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of murders that take place in their neighborhood. black on black crime. >> people feel like as long as its not my family and not in my neighborhood then it's not a issue, but what people have to understand is that we are all connected together, and that it's -- we're americans and it's an american issue, and it's not an neighborhood issue. >> when you look at the numbers, they are just staggering across the country, and there are 9,000 black men being killed each year, and 93% by another black man. why isn't this a focus? >> i think that sometimes people, the sensitivity behind the issue of black on black crime can be a sensitive issue, and it's very sensitive to me but because it's sensitive doesn't mean we should not address it. >> hundreds of community residents march down the mag mile, and they want to raise awareness to the violence ignored when compared to trayvon
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martin's death. >> i am tired of seeing young black people getting killed, perhaps for no reason. we talked for months about one gentleman down in florida, and we are having seven or eight kids killed a week here and nobody cares. get out and care. >> cops say violence is down but over 200 dead so far this year and many more wounded, and three teens were arrested for a shoot-out that almost killed a 6-year-old and eight more were struck down in shootings in the windy city in the past two days. >> you have seen a lot of violence i take it in your neighborhood? >> yes, i say yes. >> what do you think about it? >> it's horrible. i feel sorry for the kids that are losing their lives, but that's why we are doing this, it starts here. somebody got to stand where we are standing. >> but no words from condemnation from president obama who raised the profile of
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the trayvon martin case. >> if i had a son he would look like trayvon, and, you know, i think that they are right to expect that all of us as americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> what are you hearing from the government? what are you hearing from the white house on down to chicago politicians? >> i have heard from our governor, and i heard from our mayor, but for me, my focus is making sure that we do everything possible to build this community center so that it can enhance the lives of young people, so i tend to try and not badger them or beat up on them, and i have a saying that says i will gang up on the problem and not gang up on each other, so a lot of politicians do a lot of talking, but they don't do a lot of action, so it's up to us to make sure that we call them to action, and if there ever was a time that something needs to be
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done, it's definitely now. >> and on the third floor of the advocate children's hospital here in suburban chicago, the little 6-year-old fights for her life with a bullet hole through her chest, and mouthing the words i love you to her parents, and they told me they want america to see this violence for what it is, domestic terrorism. >> give our best wishes to the thompson family. and then the trayvon tragedy at the expense of these far more urgent realities. we will debate that and bring you the latest on the politics of perversion, and then baseball's bad boy will be here live to talk about race and steroids. ♪
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the reason there is so much
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violence and chaos in the black precincts is the tkau sin tkpwraeugs of the raft aconamerican family, and when was the last time you saw a service ad for girls to avoid becoming pregnant. has president obama done such an ad? how about al sharpton? >> that is causing ripples all across the country, and we're joined by the host of his own show, and here in new york by a democratic strategist and former president of the women's media center. so welcome to both of you. and you say that it's a hunting season on young black males, but who are the hunters? >> unfortunately the hunters
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have been other black males. if you look at the history of lynching in this country, and in my lifetime, and i am not that young, but i am relatively young, 262,000 african-americans have been killed by other african-americans. we don't hear the type of outrage, we don't see the type of organizing resources, and we don't have the attention on this level of crime that we do when many young kids are killed in connecticut, when somebody who was attached to the inauguration is unfortunately killed, and it's not just civil rights leaders or the civil rights industry, this is all of us, and this is an american problem. i disagree with bill o'reilly when he only wants to hold the black community accountable for this, and he is accountable, and
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you are accountable, and the president as the first black president is accountable, and every white president is accountable in the same way, and we have to start giving as much attention to this as we do to some of the more unfortunate racial tensions. >> i didn't think that you would be agree with o'reilly, but essentially you are, that black on black crime is by far the more serious issue. >> i disagree with him that it's the responsibility of these civil rights leaders and where have they been and why have they been silent, and i return to o'reilly and say why you have been silent? where are these men the only men that should care about it? and not having accountability, and blacks can't be only responsible for blacks. this is an american problem. >> fair enough, larry. do you want to comment? do you believe reverend sharpton and jackson are race debaters?
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>> yeah, of course, but i want to get to the conversation here, and your guess is right. the issue is the breakdown of the black family. 7,000 homicides last year, geraldo, and that's half of the total, and they are committed primarily by young black people killing other black people and you look at the population of black people, 12%, and you throw out the women and old people because they are not committing the killings, and this is why people profile. so now let's get to the other question, and that's why? the answer is bad government social policy and bad fiscal policy. social policy is in 1955, lyndon johnson launches the war on poverty, and the percentage of black kids born out of wedlock tripled, and now they will be in a house without a dad, and you name your social ill whether it's crime, dropouts or
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unemployment or going to prison, and that's related of not having the values of a strong nuclear family. >> i totally get that. >> one more quick point, though, because a lot of people dismiss everything i say because i am a conservative, and you cite conservative stats, and i am quoting that well known tupac, where he said if i would have had a father i would have had more discipline and been more confident, end of quote. >> you are not saying the upset over trayvon's death is irrelevant or insignificant, because he was an unarmed kid killed on his way home from the 7-eleven. >> it was a tragedy, and it's also a miss direction to suggest that somehow black people need to be feared. the stats are 95% of the homicides are committed by other black people. when there are these violent
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interracial crimes between blacks and whites, 90% to 80% of the time it's a black perpetrator and white victim, and very rarely is the other way around and that's why the trayvon thing was such an aberration. >> we can walk and chew gum at the same time. we have to acknowledge the racial inequality in this country that led to conditions that create this type of crime situation in chicago, and we also have to acknowledge the criminal justice system and the bias, the racial and ethnic bias that exist in the kwrusice system, and they did a complete study and came up with specific recommendations on what this country needed to do to deal with racial and ethnic bias, and states have not acknowledged it and the department of justice has not looked at this or implemented these pieces, and that exists, and that's the issue that led to trayvon martin
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we're back live. just a heads up, coming up at the bottom of the hour, the politics of perversion, and then the shootdown of the chopper in afghanistan carrying the navy s.e.a.l.s was something that could have been prevented if people could have kept their mouths shut, and now we are continuing with a colleague of mine, and here in new york, the democratic strategist and former president of the women's media center. so the issue of energy is what one thing that i think really
10:22 pm
resinates very strongly. trayvon martin, callage campuses across the nation, and thousands flocking to the banner of whether it's reverend sharpton or another organizing group, a tremendous energy and passion, and it seems to feed into the old we are victims scenario rather than we are responsible in part for our own destiny, and would you agree it's almost a throwback and easier to be outraged by trayvon's tragedy than it is to be responsible and say, yes, when daniel patrick wrote his paper on the black community 25% of black families did not have a dad at home, now it's 75%, and that's an amazing deterioration that we were warned against 40 years ago, and now it has come to pass. when are we going to just stand up and say this is awful and we
10:23 pm
have to get together and let's march for this, let's protest against entitlement programs that encourage families to be slit up so that they can still get dependent children assistance and things of that nature? >> i think we all heard reverend sharpton take very specific credit for when trayvon martin's family was unable to get the attention they needed, he was responsible for rallying the troops, and he needs to rally the troops on this issue. >> but will the troops rally when there is not a bad guy? >> the bad guys is looking at the hundreds of thousands of deaths -- >> the bad guy is in the mirror. >> but the thing is, kim kardashian, and drew carry, and miley cyrus, the list is long of entertainers that came to the defense and the horror of the trayvon martin verdict, and they are also silent.
10:24 pm
i cannot sit here and say i rely only on reverend sharpton who has escorted -- >> i don't have the regard many of my colleagues do, but i think this is -- larry, i think this is just really kind of a -- that problem seems too big to be grasps by a sound bite or by a protest. >> you hit the nail on your head when you talked about how easy it is to yell and scream about race and racism. if it were about race and racism and poverty you would expect during jim crow and the great depression to be more crime now. and i was telling this to don lemon the other day, and cnn did a poll of black teenagers, and they asked whether racism was a major problem in america and they agree with your guest, mrs. green, that it was, and then they asked a follow-up, and that is that is race and racism a
10:25 pm
problem in your own daily hraoeuz, and 89% said no problem in their own daily lives. what is going on is black leaders find it easy to yell and scream about race and racism, and the root problems have to do with root policies they advanced, and -- >> larry, larry! wait a second, larry! when after school programs have been cut, and sports programs have been cut and when the gangs have become the baby sitters in these communities, and when head start has been decimated because of the sequester, it's not only the policies you are pointing to, it's when one set of the government is saying to cut all of these programs, and give them something else to do, and that's not the solution. also, when you have president obama in 2008 saying we need to focus on this issue specifically, on fathers being
10:26 pm
involved in their families, and you do have reverend jackson and others like telling him to be quiet and not go down that road, that's the responsible they should be held accountable for that. >> larry gets the final word. >> there is a simple formula to make it to the middle class according to the public professor, and finish high school, and don't have a kid. and those policies are rewarding people for making bad decisions and allowing men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. >> young boys are suspended from high schools for doing the same thing that white kids are doing --
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live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. another deadly day this egypt. saturday saw the worst blood shed since the former dictator was kicked out two years ago. egyptian security forces killed at least 55 protesters all support ares of muhammed morisy. john kerry saying leader there's must act to take the country back from the brink. meantime, the wife of secretary kerry is continuing to recover after a medical scare earlier this month. teresa heinz kerry left a boston rehab hospital on
10:31 pm
saturday. she was being treated for a seizure she suffered on july 7. a state department spokesperson say doctors have ruled out a brain tumor, heart attack or stroke as the cause of the diseur. she is expected to make a complete recovery. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large."
10:32 pm
anthony wiener is resisting pressure that he quit the mayor's race here in new york city but should the scandals have been a fatal blow to their political careers? among my panelists tonight councilman and former washington, d.c. mayor joins us. his scandal much worse. videotaped smoke what the feds alleged was crack cocaine. plead guilty and did is six months in federal prison and reelected mayor anyway. welcome. >> you are actual wrong about that. >> what am i wrong about, mayor? >> wrong about the fact that i got convicted of smoke crack. that didn't happen. they spent $7 million to $10 million trying to entrap me
10:33 pm
and we had an eight week trial and nine of the jurors said they ought to acquit me on all charges and three white ones said they ought to convict me on all charges. the fbi spent all this money trying to is set me up. 7 million today's $8 million. >> mayor betterly. time out. you are not rewriting history here. you were -- >> i am. i know -- >> in fact i didn't. at the trial the federal government refused to produce evidence of what was in the pipe. in fact, they were trying to kill me because they had a paramedic come into the room at the same time. >> geraldo: what were you smoking? >> i never smoked crack. i don't know what it was. >> geraldo: bought crack from crack dealers and didn't know what -- >> i don't want to -- listen to me, geraldo. [ bleep ] >> cop the [ bleep ] about me doing something that is not factual. i have not bought crack on the
10:34 pm
corner or from anybody because i have not smoked it sem many as that and that is a fact. >> geraldo: first you want to apologize to the viewers for the obscenity you just uttered. >> i'm sorry, i got upset. when people lie like you just did. >> geraldo: since 1990 the world has been told that you smoked crack. >> because the united states government set me up and set the videotape around the world and in the trial they wouldn't produce evidence of what was in the pipe. >> what did you plead guilty to. >> a misdemeanor that happened at the mayflower hotel. a lady brought in powder cocaine and took one hit and she brought it there and that is what happened. >> geraldo: as a person who has been through the mill do you feel sim pa they for anthony wiener and or bob filner? >> any time you go through you life you will have downfall yous and things that happen to you that kicks you in the
10:35 pm
behind. you are going to find somebody that kicks you and somebody that puts you in a hole or put yourself in a hole. that happens to all of us there weather it is a divorce orchids or alcohol or finances is you two through that. i have to identify with any one not necessarily what they did but the fact that they went through all of this. when you go through you this you embarrass, you feel some lack of self-worth and all this kind of thing. now in terms of congressman wiener i certainly understand not what he did but what happens after that. the family suffers from it. your wife suffers from it. i was on an earlier show. >> geraldo: should he stay in the race, mayor? >> i'm not in politics in new york. i know a lot about politics in new york. that is a decision he has to make and supporters have to make. one bit of advice to the congressman is stop talking so much about now and start talking about what you did for
10:36 pm
seven terms while he was in the congress. a good democrat and also the same thing with attorney general. he doesn't talk about this thing. he talks about his record. >> let me get a quick comment about what mayor berry said from a another of the panelist the syndicated columnist and cohost of the pod cast. putting aside the mayor recounting of his own personal history. do you have a particular favorite or -- between weiner and filner? two of a kind of tran gregs, one virtual and the other old style sex harassment. >> are you you asking me that question? o. >> with filner he fisted himself upon the -- foisted
10:37 pm
himself upon the women. >> what is he doing on all of these websites? i understand twitter but form spring. he needs to take a computer out of his house. i don't think at all that he has any intention at all of stopping this behavior and for that reason i think he should drop out of the race. i would love to live in a world where someone's sexual predelictions don't have an effect on their policy. it shouldn't. when i look at him and wiener
10:38 pm
all i think is the embare embarrassment and humiliation. they seem to lecherous. just eew. >> geraldo: and why do the wifes stay with these men? and then the shootdown of the seals helicopter in afghanistan in 2011. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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ethics problem, in order to keep up the lifestyle of she and her husband, anthony weiner, and she was drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers and a larger check from the private firm as the same time she was in government services, just astonishing to me. >> karl rove, making a legit point that maybe weiner's wife is more than just a victim, that her standing by her man may be as much of a political and practical and professional decision as it is a personal choice, and to continue with the guest, the former d.c. guest, mayor marion barry, and then gayle is the wife of pastor ted haggard, who stepped down after
10:43 pm
his homosexually, and then of course, to you, penny, what do you think about uma staying by her man? is that that a noble aspect? what is it? >> first i need to say, we're missing a really important point and that's character counts. as much as we have got to reach out to folks that are struggling, there is hope for all of your viewers struggling with addictions or infidelity in a marriage, and there is hope for you and god forgives you, and there are people that want to help you. and these guys are asking how do i survive a scandal, instead of asking how do i become a man of character and what do i do to change my life? i would point them to the founder of prison fellowship
10:44 pm
ministries that went to prison for watergate and came out and spe spent of rest of his life talking to millions of prisoners and he died a hero in 2011. that, my friend, is redemption, and that is real power and that's what these guys should be looking for. >> good point. >> i am sick of the guys that just want to live in mansions and be large and in charge. if you really care about your community, go do something that counts. be the guy from great britain who was the secretary of war who was in the scandal and cared for the poor of london for 40 years. >> excellent point. let me go to gayle before we lose time. penny, excellent time. she stayed with her husband, and she chronicled the family's crisis in the book, "why i stayed," and she has written "courageous grace." why did you stay with ted?
10:45 pm
>> i stayed with ted, first of all, because i love him and i knew that he was so much more than the accusations that were being leveled against him. if i could just set the record straight, there were accusations of some homosexual activity that took place, but it was nowhere near the description that has been given him. my husband did have an issue that took place that he faced and dealt with and got back up from it. so i just want to say something about people who face their issues in life. we know that every human being has to deal with their human condition, whether it's sickness and disease or being trapped by addiction or whatever it is, no human is immune, and it's not shocking to any of us that we have issues, and so i wrote my book to address the fact that we needed to bring more
10:46 pm
understanding to the issues -- >> so bringing that understanding to these cases, what about anthony weiner and his wife, do you feel compassion for them? should the disgraced former congressman be allowed to run or should he drop out of the race? >> i think absolutely he needs to get back up. my hat is off to uma, because she knows the situation better than any of us, and she has chosen to stay with him, and so there is no reason for us to be, you know, from the side calling the shots for his life. let him live another day and get up and keep going. that's what the human experience should be about, rather than us telling people that they are no longer qualified. let them face their human condition, and their issues, we all have to do that and get back up, and that's what my back "courageous grace" is all about.
10:47 pm
>> thank you, and alison, sorry we did not have time to get back to you, and penny and mayor, marion barry, a very interesting exchange. we will be back with the exposé where you will meet the family involved in the s.e.a.l. -- the tragic s.e.a.l. chopper shootdown in 2011. we'll be back. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app.
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that was something that was absolutely violating every single principle of
10:52 pm
so this is something billy and i have been working towards for about a year and a half now. we are very edge couraged -- encouraged right now, yes. >> geraldo: i'm so delighted you are on board. what do you see as the most egregious misrepresentation of
10:53 pm
it being shot by one lone military fighter who got off a shot with a lucky rpg. >> it would be hard to pinpoint one thing egregious about it. it would take you and i sitting down for days to discuss the issues that is how serious it is. and i want to point out to everybody lessoning tonight and again thank you so much for giving us this platform and your time. i know that you have a heart for the military. one thing that i want you to know is that' congress made the decision to launch the investigation they did about a month's worth of research on the documentation we valentine's day had given them them.hahad given congress agreed it definitely needs an investigation. >> geraldo: billy, before i get to the man who broke the story of the the congressional investigation do you think there is a government coverup of what really happend that awful night? >> there is a coverup.
10:54 pm
maybe not about what really happened, but there was no preassault fear and you heard congressman allen west say there had been a three and a half hour operation going on. we have testimony from military men in the theater that night that say it is almost impossible to get permission for preassault fire, the chopper was is sent into a hot zone an antiqueiated shopper because we don't have enough special operations choppers available because of the stepped up missions by this administration, 1960 something model ch 47 chinook belt and retrofitted in the 1980s. >> geraldo: i spent plenty of time of those old birds. they leak hydraulic stuff from the ceiling. you hold your breathe when you
10:55 pm
go up in them. let me bring in bob cusack the managing editor of "the hill .com. they broke the story that congress decided to investigate the horrible crash. have you made an amessment of the concerns of the parents or merely -- not nearly, i don't want to denigrate your story, saying they are really going to probe this thing with an eye of really finding out what happened in. >> i look at documentation and photos of it and the pentagon would not answer a dozen questions that i asked them. they never recovered the black box. they say a flash flood happened. the bodies were creamiated even though jason chaffetz said he saw a photo that didn't show
10:56 pm
that the bodies needed to be creamiated. one of the key factors is the soldiers themselves were concerned about the leaks from the obama administration about the raid from bin laden. one of the fathers i talked to charlie strange who lost his son michael said that michael came up with a will after the bin laden raid because he was nervous and that was something that charlie said strange for his son to say and then, of course, michael went back into afghanistan. >> geraldo: are you saying by revealing it was seal team six that took out bin laden it placed seal team is six in greater peril going forward but would the enemy really know how to find seal team six to kill them? >> seven afghani soldiers on the manifest list at the last second were changed. who were the is seven that got onboard there. >> that is interesting that someone might have taken down
10:57 pm
the chopper to kill the seals as part of a suicide mission. i hadn't figuredd that one. very interesting. i want to tell you and karen and billy, i want to promise that we will stay on the story. i'm very involved with the military. this issue of, you know, the pat tillman thing really shook official'sce with official's story particularly under these murky circumstances and because seal team section has done so much for this country and history i promise we will stay on the story as it unfolds. thank you for being with us tonight. i really appreciate it. label, thank you as well for tuning in. i hope you have a great week. see you on social media and the radio. good night. what makes a sleep number store different?
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welcome to red eye. it says men on the outside, so i thought it was a club. anyway, we're skipping the pre-game report this evening because andy levy was killed. so let's welcome our guest. i'm here with lorie rothman. oh, that's a nice smile. le's so sharp, he could dice tomatoes with his eyes.


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