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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 30, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for starting your day with us. hope you have a good one. massive explosions rocking a propane plant in florida. a massive fireball leaves 7 people injured 4 critically after the blast rips through the blue rhino propane gas plant. at the time there were 53,020 propane in the facility. residents said it sounded like bombs kept going off. >> it was huge. i thought that or railroad train that was carrying ammunition or something. the sky was lit up red and a huge plume ch smoke.
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>> all employees have been accounted for now and are alive. officials said roughly 50 houses in that area were evacuated. the evacuation zone was a 1 mile radius but had been reduced to half a mile radius. they will survey the damage when the sun comes up and will continue to investigate what caused the blast. >> aaron hernandez both connecticut and massachusetts authorities were out in full force searching a lake in its home town. investigators aren't saying what tsz looking for but it is believed to be the gun used to kill oden lloyd. hernandez is being investigated florida police for possible involvement in multiple shootings dating back to his freshman year in college. >>s one person is dead and nearly 3 dozen people injured after a train collides head on
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in switzerland. they are not sure how thenneded up on the same track colliding. this happens days after a speeding train in spain flew off the tracks killing people. >> could the answer we have been looking for what really happened in benghazi be on the way? a key military commander set to go before congress tomorrow. several law americas have been pressing the military to allow colonel george bristol to testify. the pentagon has been claiming he retired but turns out he was on active duty for the entire time. >> i find that a bit curious add it to the list some of the incompetence or deception from the pentagon it is one or the other. >> in a few hours the verdict will be handed down in the case
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against bradley manning. it is expected to come today at 1:00 p.m. he is leaking several hundred classified documents to wikileaks. if convicted he faces life in prison. >> downgraded to a tropical depression but winds and rains still battering hawaii and knocking out power to thousands of people on maui and the big island. maria molina is here with more for us. >> that's right. we have tropical depression flossie. maximum sustained winds 35 miles an hour. it weakened because there were conditions not conducive for strengthening. it is going to be producing more strong winds maximum 35 miles per hour with hire busts and also areas of heavy rain.
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while tropical storm warnings have been lifted across the hawaiian islands we have the flood threat in place. we will continue to track the depression eventually. it will continue to weaken and become an area of low pressure. we have been telling you how cool it is across the ohio valley and great lakes. it is warmer out in the midwest in chicago and minneapolis now temperatures in the 60s. you have been waking up with temperatures only in the 50s today in the afternoon minneapolis a beautiful day 80 degrees for your high 83 in new york city. they will enjoy a nice day then we have moisture into sections of the dakotas and montana and missouri and arkansas expecting heavy rain. some of the spots in red and maroon 4-6 inches of rain. something we will keep an eye on here in the central part of the country. >> be prepared for that.
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>> well more than 2 dozen dangerous terrorists are running free after a prison break in pakistan. hundreds more prisoners escaped after taliban militants stormed a prison armed with guns grenades and bombs. they battled for hours 6 police officers killed dozens more injured 9 prisoners have been recaptured. this is the third prison attack overseas in just a week. >> it look a b-- they say it wi be a big jobs generator. president obama down raidgraded number of jobs the keystone pipeline would create saying only put 2,000 people to work. that's a much different number than his own state department predicted. it found the pipeline would employ close to 40,000 annually. this news comes as president obama hits the road again today for yet another economic tour.
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what will the message this week be. >> that is a good question. the president travels to chat nude ga, tennessee to push at this point about the economy. he visits the amazon fulfillment center to talk about manufacturing. aids say he will focus on government spending. if we don't make the kind of investments we will see it in the top 1 percent and end up in a cycle that forces economic downturn. >> critics say the president is offering nothing new to help the economy. >> i find it astonishing he goes around making speeches in which he deploys the state of the economy the growing income and equality chronic unemployment stagnant middle class income and it's as if he has been a bystander, as if he has been out
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of the country for the last five years. it is his economy. >> wanted to add about the president's trip he is visiting amazon a company that is growing and hiring. amazon planning to add 7,000 jobs to meet the growth demand. also amazon says of that number 5,000 people will be full-time and 2,000 will be part-time workers. kelly wright joining us in dc. >> in washington, d.c. the nation's most historic landmark one woman behind bars they are investigating whether or not she is collected to other incidents in the national malls. there is more on this story. >> we are live in the nationalç cathedral one woman was arrested
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an woman green and white paint was discovered along with several other locations in dc here inside the bethlehem chapel and also inside the children's cap pal on an organ there. the paint was discovered while it was still wet. the 58-year-old woman was arrested on the cathedral grounds. she is not an employee of the cathedral. there was also green paint discovered on the statue of martin luther outside of luther place memorial church on lamont avenue northwest. there was also a trail outside and inside that church as well paint discovered ob an organ. a third place discovered paint splattered at the joseph henry statue on the national mall and of course this all comes three-days after paint was discovered at the lincoln
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memorial. crews working to clean it up. a 58-year-old woman raised and they are working to see whether she is lipped with anything other than just the national cathedral damage. back to you. >> thank you so much lauren. law americas busted handing out millions of dollars in tax payer money to dead people? hear a that and the other business news this morning is fox business network lauren simonetti. >> you cannot make this stuff up. government auditors say department of agriculture may obtain $36 million in aid to more than 6300 dead people. some got conservation aid crop insurance subsidies and disaster relief assistance when they died in 2008 to last year. they are questioning whether farm safety net programs are official.
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the new low cost iphones the ones with the rumored colored cases have a name after all. the iphone 5 c. fe photos of the white plastic case the c supposedly stands for color. some stands for chief. although according to several reports the new iphone wouldn't be cheap selling for $350 when it comes out this fall. or so we think. we call them pastry pirates or doughnut copy cats. doughnut meets croissants. they have been copied and shipped overseas. favorites in japan and singapore duplicating the pro nucronuts. have you waited in line or had someone wait in line for you. >> oh, yeah, they are delicious. not very healthy i don't think but they are good. now we have the smore things
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that are just as good, too. >> i have to try it. >> see you later. >> still ahead part 2 of the series the hardest working americans waking up before the sunrises. >> heather nauert meets the doctors and the nurses making life or death decisions each and every day. >> remember yesterday when millions of dollars of precious jewels disappeared into the air? investigators found something today that makes it a whole lot worse. >> a look at the prices regular unleaded down one penny to 3.62 per gallon. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
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>> welcome back. as many as 7 workers hurt after a series of massive explosions at a florida propane plant. ryan elijah is live for us. >> it was just before 11:00 when the blue rhino llp had an explosion. 53,020 pound propane tanks exploding. we talked to witnesses who say they felt this as far away as 7 or 12 miles. one man was in a truck he said it felt like someone ran into his truck. all 34 workers are accounted for. four of the 7 people injured are listed in critical condition. they are men and have burns. amazing when you consider the explosion. there was an evacuation from a
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mile radius. about 3 am they were able to guy back to their homes. they will not say whether it was intentional or not. they told us as soon as the sun comes up they are going to take us back and see what the scene looks like. a very dramatic scene. 30 miles outside of orlando, florida. >> ryan elijah reporting live for us. >> this is an incredible story of survival. a woman trapped inside an suv for hours makes it out alive. it is upside down it landed on the roof. it landed in a ditch 20 feet below the road. it happened saturday night no one notices until the next morning at 9:00.
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they don't believe alcohol was a factor. >> more trouble for justin bieber u.s. border agents found pot on one of the pour buses. he performed his concert later that night. the bus driver was sited and the passengers were allowed to go. first it was nbc now cbn announce it had will be making a documentary film about hillary clinton. this ahead of the 2013 presidential election. she has not commented whether s whether or not she will be running. it will open in theaters then on air on the network. nbc announced it is producing a 4 hour mini series on her. lia michelle speaking out for the first time since the death of her boyfriend and glee co-star corey monteith. she expressed her gratitude for fans tweeting this. thank you all for helping me through this time with jiri another mouse love and support.
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corie will always be in my heart. she released this picture of them. monteith died of a heroin overdose two weeks ago. the heist of the century. more than doubling the estimated value of diamond jewelry from the carlton hotel in cannes. the $126 million previous 53 million worth of treasure in one minute in broad daylight. very brace sin there. >> the time is 18 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown caught on camera. the heart stopping moment of speed boats flying out of the water straight into a crowd of people. >> they are known for high drama nothing like this. they face 50 years in the
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for all of us.
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♪ >> good morning to you. the streets of new york city and the drama of the real housewives of new jersey right across the water spilling over into a courtroom for teresa judite the reality star and her husband set to face a judge this morning after getting slapped with 39 counts of bankruptcy and tax fraud charges. wnyw reporter matt alvarez has details. >> real housewives of new jersey stars joe and teresa guidice
2:23 am
have been indicted on 39 counts of fraud by the u.s. district court in newark. >> i was mad it's an italian thing and we do that. >> the couple has been charged in a conspiracy to defraud lenders and illegally obtain mortgages and other loans. on top of that the indictment also charges that joe guidice failed to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008 where he apparently earned $1 million. outside of the home fans are just learning of the news. >> wow. not probably surprising. we still like the show and we are still fans. >> she supports joe and wonderful husband and father. i am committed to my family. i will continue my career. the judd fish cal pr-- judicial process begins today.
2:24 am
as they move forward we look forward to vained indicating her. >> they are trying to make an example of these folks. they smelled more problems. they pursued it was referred to the u.s. attorney's office the charges were brought before a grand jury and we have the indictment. >> that is matt alvarez reporting. >> is anthony weiner getting added pressure to drop out of the race of new york city mayor. bill and hillary clinton are looking for him to exit because he may be a potential liability if hillary decides to run for president in 2016. now this comes as a brand new poll shows that he had slipped to 4th place in the race since his latest racy texts were made public. but wiener doesn't seem to be worried at a campaign event. he told reporters he is letting voters decide. tragedy striking the family a former major league baseball
2:25 am
player. he drowned while swimming in a lake near phoenix. he and a friend were on a upon tune boat he didn't come back up. they found hid body he pitched for 7 teams from 91 to 2005 including the cubs red sox and marlins. major league baseball may suspend alex rodriguez under the new collective bargaining agreement instead of the drug rules. this will prevent a rod from returning to the field even if he recovers from a quadricep injury. the mlb is trying to make a deal with the yankee's ace that would call for him to be suspended for the rest of the year and the entire 2014 season without pay. a rod would still have a chance to collect the $60 million the yankees would owe him for the 2015 to 2017 season. it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up our wake up with us
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>> it is july 30th. this is a fox news alert as a fireball explodes over floridaover night. a massive explosion rocking a propane gas plant. 2 dozen workers were inside. breaking details coming up. >> this heart stopping moment when this speed boat flying out of the water and straight into a crowd of people. part 2 of our series highlighting the hardest working americans waking up before the sunrises. >> heather nauert meets the doctors and nurses making life or death decisions each and every day.
2:31 am
fox and friends first starts right now. >> that song an alarm. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a fox news alert while you were sleeping hundreds of massive explosions rocking a propane plant in florida. >> lighting up the sky at least 7 workers were injured four of them critically after the blasts ripped through the blue rhino propane plant. at the time there were 53,020
2:32 am
pound cylinders like on your gas grill more than a million pounds in all. sounded like bombs kept going off. >> we were in the house and we didn't know what was going on. we started to hear booms and some of the doors knocking. we thought it was a house around the corner so we got in the car and took off. >> a crew of 24 to 26 people were working on the overnight ship when the explosion went off. all of the plies have been accounted for and they are alive. >> officials said roughly 50 houses were involved. they will survey the damage when the sun comes up and they will continue investigating what caused that blast. >> more vandalism is discovered monday. some of washington, d.c.'s most historic landmarks.
2:33 am
a woman is behind bars accused of splashing paint at a chap pal at the national cathedral. she is accused in other incidents on the national mall. green paint was found on the statue of the joseph henry outside of the smithsonian headquarters and on the martin luther statue outside of the luther place memorial church. all of this comes after green paint was found early friday morning on the lincoln memorial and another statue on the mall. they have a person of interest in that case. >> caught on camera the moment a jet boat crashes into a crowd in oregon. >> the sprint boat association org nierdz was just about to race himself when he saw this crash. >> i just saw, you know, the
2:34 am
boat coming out of the water. that was enough for me. i saw the speed he was traveling. >> was he going too fast? >> you can't go too fast it was the fastest boat i have seen hit a fence. >> young boy was grazed by the boat but no one was seriously injured not even that driver. a veteran is facing a $25 fine a day and possible legal action if he doesn't take down either his american flag or marine corps colors outside of his home. the decorated marine says he has been flying the flag for over two years but the homeowner's association now says only one flag can be flown per house. the veteran not backing down. >> if i let them push me a veteran around you are inviting those types of people to push all veterans around. these colors indeed don't run. >> he sent a lever asking them
2:35 am
to revakt the violation but has received no response. >> released to the last shuttle mission to space. the camera catching that breath taking footage of the rocket booster on the atlantis this is back in june of 2011 before it breaks away in the 150,000 foot back to earth. atlantis is on sdisplay at the kennedy space center in florida. >> now to an extreme weather alert overnight flossie do downgraded to a tropical depression. it knocked out power to thousands of people there on maui and on the big island. those winds kicking up the surf across the state. maria molina is here with more on what we can expect today that
2:36 am
area and others. >> we are tracking tropical storm flossie. we expect it over the next 24 to 48-hours. it could be stronger gusts but the biggest concern with flossie are flooding. we are talking several inches of rain possible because of the higher elevations in the mountains you could be lacking at flash flooding along those mountains. we have current temperatures on the cool side wake up to 58 degrees out there only 60 in chicago. not bad for the end of july. widespread 80s. city of san san antonio. severe weather i expected over the dakotas. south of that across the center of the country places like
2:37 am
missouri, arkansas and even parts of kansas could be picking up anywhere between 4-6 inches of ravenlt something to keep an eye on across parts of the mississippi valley. >> we will do that. thank you maria. >> a new round of peace talks getting underway in washington. but optimism is in short supply. doug luzader is live in dc with all of this. >> it took about 6 months to launch the talks but the difficult work is about to begin. u.s. secretary of state john kerry hosted a dinner to kickoff this latest round. he has spent months going back and forth to get palestinians and israelis to this table. that may be the eedz zee part. >> this was a difficult process. if it were easy it would have happened a long time ago. many difficult choices lie ahead
2:38 am
with the negotiators and for the leaders as we seek reasonable compromises in tough complicated emotional and symbolic issues. >> israel already agreed to release more than 100 palestinian prisoners to start the talks it was met with outrage of many israelis. the issues of borders, security, settlement construction. they have seen talks like this come and go for the years this is the smallest of steps. >> this is talk about how they are going to talk about talking. >> that just about sums it up. >> nothing is going to be fast about this process. it is expected to last at least 9 months. >> doug luzader is live for us in washington. thanks, doug. a textbook used in an advanced placement class is
2:39 am
under review by a florida school board this after allegations it favors islam at the expense of christianity. now outraged parents say the world history textbook rewrites islamic history praentds a biassed version of the muslim faith. it is on a state approved list and has been used by the school system for the last three years. a stunning new claim about the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a new tv show set to air this fall suggests a secret service agent accidentally fired one of those fatal bullets. the producers say there is forensic evidence and documents that back up the claims hickey hit kennedy. he was riding in the car behind the limo. it marks 50 years since the assassination. >> it is not easy getting up
2:40 am
this early in the morning. you are not line. we are highlighting some of the country's hardest workers who rise before the sunrise fwrus just like us. >> in the second installment with our wake up with us series heather nauert visited one spot where it is a matter of life or death around the block. >> i visited the emergency room in long island. they are saving lives while we are sleeping. >> it is 3:45 a.m. dr. johnstone is 6 hours into her shift. for her and her staff it's another day at the office. >> you have dozens of people working here. it is like a mini city. >> it's the middle of the night on a monday night but we are open 24-hours 7 days a week so we don't -- holidays weekend that doesn't apply. >> they certainly don't apply especially for elizabeth who
2:41 am
works until 7:00 a.m. sleeps for a few hours then it is time to take care of her two kids. actually soon to be three kids. >> you are set to deliver. >> in the morning. >> 7:00 a.m. >> 7:00 a.m. you are having your baby today. >> yes. >> liert? >> yes. >> you are going to finish your shift go up and have a baby. >> making sure the patients are okay has been a big part of tonight. doctor johns stone is making rounds to check up. all has been quiet in the er. >> you get a few quiet minutes here and there that's when you can do your paperwork and everything else. >> you don't do paperwork. >> oh, quiet. if people say it's quiet -- >> then all of a sudden that happens. >> just after 6:00 a.m. in the morning the emergency room
2:42 am
springs to life and a dozen staff members are ready to treat the victim of a gun shot wound. >> pretty amazing how quiet your evening can be and all of a sudden it turns into a really busy morning. >> that's an er. >> everyone does what they are supposed to do. we are all about taking care of the patient and trying to save the patient's life and doing what's right for the patient. so it's serious and to the point and get the work done. >> work on the night shift has disadvantages. >> when people are winding down for the day we are going to work. >> it certainly makes you curious about what life in reverse is really nice. >> when do you see your husband? do you notice when you are driving to work there's nobody else on the road. >> by the end of the day -- or should i say the end of the morning the question is would you rather have a 9-5 job? >> no. i like being able to take care of my kids during the day so it works out perfectly for my family life. i get the best of both worlds.
2:43 am
>> they all do it both very well. i would like to thank the entire staff for letting us watch them work. this do an amazing job>> i want to say that is a hard worker lady is going to have a baby and is working. >> finishing out the shift and going up stairs to have a baby. >> i take on the task of making and preparing hundreds of bagels. >> we expect to have some of those onset tomorrow. >> i don't know if you want to meet those. >> scientists say it does not exist but a group of hieshgs say their video tells a different story. >> nothing worse than a woman scorned and one husband learning that to be pretty true.
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>> it's light outside here in new york. good morning to you and your family. headlines this morning. we have brand new video this morning about a young boy buried alive under the sand dunes. this is nathan and his family at church this past sunday. his ma'am and dad say -- mom and dad say he was 100 percent healed. he was buried 11 feet under for hours before crews were finally able to find him. pennsylvania is known for wildlife. nothing like this. take a look. a bunch of teenagers were out fishing when they spotted and
2:48 am
caught a 5 foot alligator. >> first thing that went through my head i didn't want to die i was too young. >> adrenaline was pumping hard. you don't normally go dry to grab a gator. >> the state game commission picks the gator up. no one is sure exactly where it came from. >> the keystone pipeline would not create as many jobs as once thought mavenlt knee are saying the president's comments are just not true. here to explain is joan kemp. >> the debate rages on over the weekend. he tells new york times he believes the 875 mile keystone pipeline would only create 2,000 temporary jobs and 50 to 100 permanent ones. it caused backlash in washington with gridlock of supporters of the pipeline saying his assessment might not be
2:49 am
accurate. they took a look at the draft study by the state department. it was published in march of this year and says more temporarily jobs would be created quote the proposed project would potentially support approximately 42,100 average annual jobs across the you stooifrts a 1-2 year construction period. of which approximately 3900 would be directly employed in construction activities. in a separate statement to the hill the state department came out in support of the president's projections even though the numbers were different calling it neglect legable impact on the overall u.s. job market. they are discussing long-term jobs. this is just the latest in the contentious fight on the controversial proposal. the final decision is not expected until the end of the
2:50 am
year or even early 2014. back to you. >> not over yet. >> the time is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour already. are you a night owl or a morning person? what science says it reveals about your personality. >> forget the koran. the terrorists of gitmo cannot get enough of 50 shades of grey. steamy information from inside the walls of the prison. >> what is coming up on fox and friends. >> sooner or later you are going to tell me if you are reading 50 shades of grey. >> i hear you are starring in it. >> i would love to be cast. robots that can draw your blood guy began tore putting a needle in my arm. specializes in robotic surgery takes a look. laura ingram is here cheryl casone is here. john walsh is here talking about
2:51 am
families telling their kids before they go back to school what to do. steve manash live wants to be a soccer star. this lake is filling in on the rest of the body. who is behind the heel. that story coming your way. no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> she went swimming at a water park and then developed a rare and deadly brain-eating disease. a 12-year-old now in critical condition in arkansas's children's hospital. the c.d.'s -- the c.d.c. says she contracted a form of meningitis, which usually causes death in five days. the water park where it is believed she was exposed has been shut down. >> wake up lake and feel cranky in the morning? there is something to that.
2:55 am
night owls tend to be jerks. the study found the so-called night owls have a higher sense of entitlement, self-importance and a little bit of tphars seufpl. -- narcissim. democratic congressman detainee toured the facility and was told prisoners prefer that series. >> is big foot wandering wilderness of canada? check out this video shot by hikers in british colombia. see this figure emerging from the trees and disappear from sight. the video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times on youtube, although it is unclear where it was filmed. >> it could be a man?
2:56 am
>> i don't know. you decide, we report. still ahead, they are known for hydra ma but nothing like this. real housewives facing 50 real housewives facing 50 years in the slammer. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> it is one minute before the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. seven workers injured after a massive explosion at a propane plant in florida. a verdict will be read this afternoon in the case against bradley manning. if convicted he faces life in prison. a real housewives stars will be in court later today facing charges on tax fraud. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a six-year-old little leaguer hitting not one but five home runs. the bad, a couple of pranksters in the streets of london with a water gun disguised as a cam rafplt check out tourists in their
3:00 am
unsuspecting responses when they're hit. finally the ugly, this woman teeing off on her husband's s.u.v. with a golf club. the guy who uploaded the video to youtube not offering details. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. great to be with you. it is tuesday, the 30th of july, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. a florida town exploding overnight as a massive gas pwhrapbt -- plant blows up. we have a live report ahead. >>steve: disgraced ex-governor eliott spitzer judging anthony weiner and giving advice to voters who are considering giving him a third chance. you've got to hear this one to believe it. oh, elliott. >>brian: forget about the koran. the number of


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